Watch: Rihanna Performs ‘Mother Mary’ & More At ‘Diamonds World Tour’

Published: Tuesday 12th Mar 2013 by David

As reports surrounding more cancelled dates on the tour intensify, fresh fan footage pulled from the first night of Rihanna‘s ‘Diamonds’ Tour has surfaced online, giving fans an indication of what they can expect when it hits their city.

Thinking of getting tickets to an upcoming show? Check Live-Riri out in action below!

With a large number of her fans taking to YouTube to praise the show, here’s hoping she gets better soon and continues on as scheduled.

So, until we find out when the tour will get back on the road for sure, let’s all enjoy Ciara’s new single ‘Body Party’ together!

Get your copy here!

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  1. QueenBarb March 12, 2013

    Searching all day on YouTube for more concert footage of this girl i see..

  2. TurntUp4Cici March 12, 2013

    Chile, TGJ are so slick. Posting Ciara’s new video to get views on a Rihanna thread after the new BB rules. YAASSSSS. Sneaky promo I love it!

    • BitchyBey March 12, 2013

      You’re not ashamed theyre using Rihanna’s name to get your flops video views up?

    • Hive March 12, 2013

      lol Um that’s nothing to be proud of that makes ciara look to lame to get views on her own so they have to use Rihannas name to get her views….. smh you stans can’t be that BASIC

    • Pink Print March 12, 2013

      Such a fool you are

      • THEPINKPRINT (FAF) March 12, 2013

        How does that even work? Doesn’t it have to be an official video from the artists vevo ?and this girl is obviously trolling… The PRESSED nature of y’all over Ciara is ridiculous if she such a flop tell your fave to stop consuming her existence w/ her .. EH ?

  3. chloe March 12, 2013

    These performances are a f****** joke! Boring ass concert boring ass performer.

    • Ballsy March 12, 2013

      You realise that this is a fan taking a amateur video right? I was there! That’s right along with 17,999 other peopel and it was AWE FrIcken AWeSOME. Ask anyone. So GO SIT and listen to that Body Party stuff that they shoving down our throat with Rihanna’s name. As if Rihanna hasnt done enough to help Ciara with her promo of Body Flop!

    • Ballsy March 12, 2013

      You wish! You realise that it is an unofficial video taken by a fan on a camera with shaky hands right? Right! And Rihanna’s shaky camera performance live still slays that Body flop studio done crap that they are trying to shove down our throats… how you feel eh?

      I was there! Yes that’s right I drove my 1 hour and 25 mins to be there along with 17,999 others (when will your fav?) and it was an awesome experience. Every song was a hit and we all sang til we got hoarse (sorry Rih) Fun times. I have tickets to go again for the SFL leg!

      • Danielle March 12, 2013

        Don’t matter whether it was taken by Peter Paul Mary or Joseph, you can still tell when a performance is good or not. Why dont others sound terrible on amateur videos? Ive seen Rihanna live (not on this tour) and she was really just average. It was the whole production that held her up. Smoke and Mirrors. When you go to various concerts you notice these things.

      • Common Sense March 13, 2013

        And maybe one day you’ll realize that your standards are so low that you’ll use any excuse to defend Rihanna’s sub-par performances.

  4. HausMuthaAdele March 12, 2013

    Grape really wants this song to slay don’t they? I can’t be too mad, we all wish we sell as much as Slaydele don’t we?

  5. Lana Del Slay March 12, 2013

    S***!! The only good thing about this post was Slayara 2bh.

    • Likica March 12, 2013

      Still better than any Lana del Rey performance. Stay pressd.

      • Lana Del Slay March 12, 2013

        A seat awaits you at couchville honey. Lana has a unique performance style and you will deal.

      • Likica March 12, 2013

        Of yes, that’s why her SNL perfoemance is one of the worst performances of all time. There’s nothing unique about Lana’s performing, she is boring, can’t sing live to save her life. Rihanna is not the best vocalist for sure, but she sings better than you fav 100 %. Hell, even Lana’s ass admitted that she is a studio singer.

      • Lana Del Slay March 12, 2013

        How would you feel if I told you to stick a spiked aubergine up your hiney?

    • Hive March 12, 2013

      Lana del rey stans cant talk about live vocals when Lana sounds like a dying cow

  6. kim March 12, 2013

    Ha, I wouldn’t pay to see that. That’s robbery, but she cares about her fans. Now she is left with no voice. Making fun. Of ciara wasn’t good afterall.

    • THAT PRUNE JUICE!! March 12, 2013

      Yet she has 4 world tours!! When will cinever?

  7. TheDanceTrainsComingBackAgain March 12, 2013

    I live for this underhand promotional tactic. Slay Juice.

    • Ballsy March 12, 2013

      You should be ashamed. Ciara has to resort to Rihanna to keep her career on life support!

  8. FentySoSnatched March 12, 2013

    What kind of sneaky Billboard fuckery is this TGJ?

  9. truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 12, 2013


  10. CSquadUp March 12, 2013

    OMFG. Watch Ciara make the S50 because of this! YAYAYAYAYAYYAAYAYAYA!

  11. Rihyonce March 12, 2013

    Didn’t you upload these the other day? Smh. The girl has cancelled two shows and yall are still posting old footage. Get well soon Rih boo! See you on May 5 for the second of your TWO sold out shows at Barclays Center!

    • Likica March 12, 2013

      Instead of posting about her album going back to Top 5 again, this b**** is trying to make stan wars with these performances. Poordat.

      • Rihyonce March 12, 2013

        Honey I know right. It’s cool though. I won’t even shade Miss Ciara because she needs all the promo she can get. 🙂

  12. AQueenLikeB March 12, 2013

    Like construction noise to my ears.

  13. Kim4Papers March 12, 2013

    I REALLY can’t handle this s***** noise right now, i deadass feel like I walked in on a goat being castrated by Edward Sizzorhands.

    • QueenBarb March 12, 2013

      Whats s***** is that pour it up remix from Kim…. now that s*** was a tragedy f**

    • NickiSaidDis March 12, 2013


    • OnikaSlay March 12, 2013

      Guards, get this peasant outta here!

    • RomansAuPair March 12, 2013

      Who left the door open?

    • Pink Pretty P**** March 12, 2013


    • ItsBarbieBitch March 12, 2013

      Argghhhhh it’s a Krimlin, make it go away!

    • HotSexWithMinaj March 12, 2013

      Ugh Your Fav Is The Shittyest Thing Ever To Be In The Music Industry… F*** Off &Go Help Kim Fix Her S***** Face….

    • Pink Print March 12, 2013

      b**** have a mutha f***** seat no one respects kim or her fans so you & opinion is irrelevant

    • XoMinajXo March 12, 2013

      Gurl Stfu & Sit!!!!!!!


      • THEPINKPRINT (FAF) March 12, 2013

        ^ Now this is fake as f***… where did 10 Nicki stans come from? #IPaddressCheck

  14. AguilerasHeart March 12, 2013

    I like the Ciara song. Rihanna sounds a hot mess.

  15. Hive March 12, 2013

    Using rihannas name to get ciara exposure #pathetic

  16. Lolz March 12, 2013

    She sounds terrible, but then, that’s nothing new there.

  17. WomanToWoman March 12, 2013

    I am so here for the way TGJ stans for Ci. Yall know how the new charts work right? GET. THOSE. VIEWS!

  18. Marple March 12, 2013

    So her illness cant have been that serious then. Lazy ass.

  19. QueenOfTheNavi March 12, 2013

    I see the haters are mad but I have two questions.

    1. Where is Lardyonce’s new single.
    2. Where is Cinever on the main charts?

    • Rihyonce March 12, 2013


      • THEPINKPRINT (FAF) March 12, 2013

        That was cornier than Rishitta’s excuse of LaRIHngitis, F***…

    • Teah March 12, 2013

      I have one question…What the f*** does that have to do with RihSplice sounding like a cat in heat?

      Idc about singles or charts. At this point in her career RihSplice should sound way better than she does. I don’t even stan for Ciara or Beyonce but in all honest, they’re more talented than her. Rihanna is merely a singles artist. She’s not an amazing dancer, flawless vocalist, or an exceptional overall live performer. In the end, raw talent always prevails and is more respected. Despite, how many hits you may have.

      Give credit where its due. In Rihanna’s regard she gets none because she is a horrible live performer. There’s really no need to shade others when Rihanna’s lack of vocal control and horrible stage presence is the topic at hand. Be honest and look at the vid above… not a good look.

  20. Pink Pretty P**** March 12, 2013

    Using other people’s name to sell smh next

  21. Likica March 12, 2013

    This is one of the best Rihanna performances (even though she didn’t sing live) I like her dancing and charisma on the scene. #waiting for Suicide Blone to make a comment since this is a song from his fav artist (and one of Madge best singles).

    • Ha March 12, 2013


    • Suicide Blonde March 12, 2013

      I like it, i approve.

    • REALLY March 12, 2013

      You had to go and find a good performance???? #POORDAT LMMAO still wasn’t f****** good. #TRUEDAT

  22. MIMI Carey March 12, 2013


    • THEPINKPRINT (FAF) March 12, 2013

      Lets talk about Mooriah’s last 2 FLOP singles.. And she had videos for BOTH SMH ! And this new one is pop& Autotuned & still flopping!

      • Rihyonce March 12, 2013

        Baby, Mariah has been in the game for 23 years. 10 albums. All of which were certified multiplatinum….whens Ciara gonna do it sis?

  23. Ha March 12, 2013

    Oh gosh really? Are all these amateur Rihanna videos necessary? I know shes gonna be s***** already I don’t even need to watch but lay of the obsession. You just want her to get dragged, how lame. Why don’t you post something relevant in NEWS like all them celebs getting their accounts hacked and s*** not Rihanna walking up and down yelling like a goat as ususal! Like damn.

  24. Pink Print March 12, 2013

    The site is to obsessed with this chick…. zzzzzzz this s*** is tired TGJ…..

  25. Nicole Thompson March 12, 2013

    I was at the Buffalo concert…Rihanna ROCKED IT OUT!! Rihanna loved BUFFALO & BUFFALO LOVES RIHANNA!! She even got a little emotional towards the end & appreciated all the BUFFALO LOVE she received during her visit…TO ALL THE HATERS…BUFFALO WAS A SOLD OUT SUCCESS…STANDING ROOM ONLY from the minute she started to the minute she finished..WAY TO GO RIHANNA!! #RIHANNAFAN

    • Ballsy March 12, 2013

      Tell it to them. The section I was in had barely breathing space and the coolest thing was that everyone knew all the word to the songs old and new. Rih Rocked it out.

      Ci-Error will not win like this. I didnt even click to view!

  26. Micks March 12, 2013

    But she has time to post pictures of her posing suggestively in a comic relief T Shirt?

    • Ballsy March 12, 2013

      Dont be a dummy, that was done before the concert and you do know that laryngitis affect s the throat not the fabulousness of that body mass that engulfs the souls of Rihanna Robyn Fenty.

      So stay fricken PRESSED!

  27. Whitney Houston March 12, 2013

    TGJ thinks there being shady when they just look DESPERATE honey…

    • MUSIC March 12, 2013

      Rihanna’s vocals are DESPERATE honey

      • Whitney Houston March 12, 2013

        lol ok sam did i strike a nerve? ?

      • Ballsy March 12, 2013

        Well get me that deperate voice because I love it and so do count less MILLIONS! LMAO this shady b*** promo that you are giving Ciara is just a confirmation that the single is a flop. Kelly’s Kisses down low was not even trying and already it is a surety that it severed the head off Body Flop!

  28. THAT PRUNE JUICE!! March 12, 2013




    • Jessi March 12, 2013

      Yup, Bey&Rhi are my girls!!!!

    • Ballsy March 12, 2013

      Yes I am here for Mrs Baddie Bey Carter and Robyn Rihanna Fenty!

    • Riqueen March 15, 2013


  29. Suicide Blonde March 12, 2013

    I like Rihanna, i think she’s s*** and has a cool personality, good fashion sense and some catchy songs but she’s definitely not a good performer at all, she has tried but it just seem so complicated to her to be on stage aside from Voguing her v***** every two seconds. the Navy needs to accept the fact that she’s not a good performer, Black Madonna my ASS, her Madgesty is a beast on stage still at her age, Rihanna has the hits, the charisma, yet lack of motivation on stage, is not just about her awful sounding but she doesn’t dance either, no themed for her shows or any other trick that could make her more respectable as a showgirl, she just don’t care about her live shows as she does for her private shows which ain’t nobody’s business.

    • Kendall March 12, 2013

      It pisses me off when they call her black Madonna because not only what you just said, she does not have the ARTISTRY and INNOVATION that Madonna was all about. Sorry its a joke.

    • Teah March 12, 2013

      Finally, some objectivity! Idc why that’s so hard for her fans to admit or comprehend. Rihanna has an amazing sense of style and she is a cute girl. But she’s merely a singles artist and definitely no Madonna. Her fans want to claim how much she “cares about them” but she has yet to prove it through her performances. Idc how much she supposedly loves us… give us our money’s worth damn it LOL. In the mean time, I think Rihanna makes dope music but I don’t respect her as an artist. Which is why she will never be able to obtain legendary status like Madonna’s for example.

    • Danielle March 12, 2013

      I see you’ve got arrowed down for only speaking the truth.

      • Jas March 12, 2013

        Preach Bro!

    • Ti$ March 12, 2013

      You speak the truth but I hope your ready because when the real delusional Navy stans come their gonna go on BEAST MODE hahahaha. Good luck 😀

  30. BITCHE BARB March 12, 2013


  31. STONY March 12, 2013

    shame on you rihanna people write songs give you to sing but you’re not able to sing them live. you don’t have anything to do except take songs for people and claiming your songs are numbers 1 but when it comes to serve them to people you can’t!!! really b****!!! that’s the reason why i’ll ne ver never respect you you’re not an artist just an idiot with a mic

    • Jas March 12, 2013

      I will never respect her artistry. Her fans wanna drag Ciara and Beyonce (who I respect 10x more by the way, since they actually have raw talent) left and right for being flops or boring. When they’re fave can’t put on a decent show let alone stay on key smdh. No matter how hard I try I just can’t admire or respect her. Rihanna’s 2 damn inconsistent.

      • Franz March 12, 2013

        I wouldn’t even mind but Beyoncé? A flop? Oh ok lol. People just sound ridiculously stupid when they call her that. A successful career is not all about #1s, the kids need to learn.

      • Jas March 12, 2013

        LOL I couldn’t even read your reply to my comment. It cuts off at a certain point. Could you repeat that? Submit the comment regularly without pressing the reply button.

      • STONY March 12, 2013

        co-sign preach girl

    • Franz March 12, 2013

      I wouldn’t even mind but Beyoncé? A flop? Oh ok lol. People just sound ridiculously stupid when they call her that. A successful career is not all about #1s, the kids need to learn.

      • Jas March 12, 2013

        Oh no. I don’t think that Beyonce’s a flop. I actually think she’s a good performer and think she has talent. I was simply refering to the names that the people who relentlessly shade her have used (flop&boring). In my opinion, Beyonce is far from it. She has accomplished too much and received way too many accolades to be considered a flop. I don’t even dislike Rihanna. I even like a few of her songs but do I respect her. No. Especially not when in comparison to someone who’s been in the industry as long as Beyonce. Beyonce is obviously the better artist when comparing the two and one of the best performers out right now. As for Ciara, well vocally she’s not the best either. However, she is one one of the best dancer’s in the biz right now and can at least put on a decent show. She can at least bring some talent to the table. She might not be slaying the charts but I respect talent more than I do hit singles. To sum it all up.

    • Franz March 12, 2013

      No I know you don’t lol! I was talking about everyone else in reference to your comment. I like your comment, agree totally.

      • Jas March 12, 2013

        Oh, okay lol:)

  32. Franz March 12, 2013

    Smh. Im sure there are other things you could’ve blogged about instead of this. This was from the first night anyway!

    • Jas March 12, 2013

      LOL I couldn’t even read your reply to my comment. It cuts off at a certain point. Could you repeat that? Submit the comment again regularly without pressing the reply button.

  33. Mika March 12, 2013

    Unapologetic is Top 5 selling album in the U.S. this week and also the World Chart 🙂 Go Navy!

  34. CoCo Beauty March 12, 2013

    Comparing Beyonce to Rihanna is foolish. All Beyonce KNOWS is singing & performing. She’s been doing it NONSTOP since the age of what…6 or 7? She was MADE to be an entertainer. She takes her craft seriously.

    Meanwhile, we have a cute, small island girl who was snatched up and turned into a megastar overnight. This girl has done 7 albums, countless endorsements, a movie, fashion line and FOUR world tours in eight years. I think it’s time for her to chill & actually dedicate herself to her craft. I don’t think she takes herself too seriously as an artist. But at the end of the day, people love her. Her current tour has sold out almost every major city in America. Her fashion line has sold out. Man if Rihanna had Beyonce’s passion & work ethic, she’d be a force to reckon with!

    Ciara….I don’t know. She just doesn’t excite me. Her voice is pretty annoying and her music does nothing for me. I’m just keeping it real. I was a big fan of hers around the “Goodies” era, but she lost me after that. I wish her the best of luck because I know she’s been struggling for a few years now…

    • Jas March 12, 2013

      I feel you and your’re right Beyonce has definitely mastered her craft. I can’t say the same for Rih. I think she should take a break and chill for a while.

  35. Teacher March 12, 2013

    Mother Mary>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  36. Kate Middleton March 12, 2013

    Just stop!!!

  37. JER March 12, 2013

    oh my f****** God. That RATCHET ass first part is life in every way. Serve your ratchet ass fans that ratchet 101 HELL YESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. . : : h 2 o : : . March 13, 2013

    Embarrassing, disappointing.

  39. Olumide March 13, 2013

    Body Part is going to be a hit. i can feel it.

  40. Riqueen March 14, 2013

    Every beyonce stans needs to shut the f*** up and face the truth rihanna is 100 times better than beybleaching.Rihanna’s voice is unique and thin but beyonces is so boring deep and too much.

    • Jasi March 15, 2013

      B******* Your a Rihanna stan. You have no right to hate on anyone…not even Ciara because she’s 100 times more talented too. She’s not the best singer but at least the b**** can dance her ass off. Rihdrugattick fans need to realize that yeah Rihanna makes good music but she is NOT more talented than Beyonce. The whole f****** music industry knows that. What f*** do you mean unique? HAHA That’s a matter of opinion not factual. Because Beyonce’s voice is 100 time more unique to me. How can Rhianna have a better voice than Beyonce when she’s not even a better vocal technician lol? Uniqueness can’t be determined its SUBJECTIVE genius. What is factual is that Beyonce has a better tone, wider range, and 10times more vocal control than Rihanna. So stop it !

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