Hot Shots: Adele Hits London’s Notting Hill Ahead Of Third Studio Album

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 Cop a gander at ‘Love Song’ icon Adele, out and about in London’s Notting Hill on Saturday.

Marking one of her  first public sightings since she graced the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, the performer was spotted shopping at Ruth Chapman‘s ‘Matches’ sans her son Angelo, shortly after sales of her second LP ‘21′ surpassed sales of 25 million units worldwide.

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Her appearance also comes after anticipation for her third studio album reached fever pitch as reports indicated she has eyed a 2014 release date to drop the project.

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  1. sniff my balls April 29, 2013

    Go Slaydele. I can’t wait for new music.

    • cici slaaaaaaays April 29, 2013


  2. cici slaaaaaaays April 29, 2013

    Ugly fat overrated b**** cant stand her

    • STONY April 29, 2013


    • Common Sense April 29, 2013

      Looks like someone’s is mad that Adele sold more albums than some irrelevant man-woman ever will while sitting on her couch feeding her kid.

      • Toodles April 29, 2013

        And it looks like your name is well chosen, Common Sense! The jealousy of some of these posters is really hilarious.

  3. . : : h 2 o : : . April 29, 2013


  4. LaurieBlue. April 29, 2013

    Cant wait! The QUEEN is coming back to SLAYYYYY! ERRRRBODY!!! Yall better duck for cover!!

    • cici slaaaaaaays April 29, 2013


      • LaurieBlue. April 29, 2013

        LOOL! Why u mad?? Cause ciara will never see a number 1 hit on billboard ever again?? LOOOOL!!

      • Mother Monster April 29, 2013

        Ciara may be a flop but atleast she isn’t a boring ass performer like you cubby funky fav

    • Mother Monster April 29, 2013

      The Queen? Girl one successful album doesn’t make u a Queen

      • Mother Monster April 29, 2013

        We all know gaga is the QUEEN

      • Common Sense April 29, 2013

        LOL I love watching monsters act completely the opposite of what their fake fave promotes. Adele may be fat, but the look suits her. Unlike Gaga’s fatass in those fishnets. She looked like a f****** captured whale. And Adele’s 21> All of Gaga’s plagiarised discography.



  6. Super Cisus April 29, 2013


    • cici slaaaaaaays April 29, 2013

      Hahahaha okay n she’s so ugly without make up

    • Common Sense April 29, 2013

      Some people are happy with their natural skin tone.



    • Common Sense April 29, 2013

      Singles don’t mean anything if you’re not the writer. And Adele’s 21 came out in 2011 and still outsold everything Rihanna has ever and will ever do. Stay mad.

  8. the original . : : h 2 o : : . with a gravatar, slapping every one and last gram of p*** outta my clones April 29, 2013

    ^^^ I see someone who’s pressed though.

    Get them 25M+ ALBUMS Adele.

    • cici slaaaaaaays April 29, 2013

      Adele is overrated her next album won’t sell well mark my words

      • Common Sense April 29, 2013

        It will sell off her name alone. If it has another Rolling in the Deep then it will be another massive success. Not everyone is as forgettable as C-Error.

      • Toodles April 29, 2013

        Doesn’t matter – when your previous two have sold 35 million between them, and you’ve got 9 Grammys, a Golden Globe and an Oscar you can pretty much retire right there.

  9. Navy Sailor!!! April 29, 2013

    Why are the CIARA STANS always the first to throw shade? Like c’mon it’s just toooooo easy 😆

  10. Pour It Up April 29, 2013

    I bet this album wont do half as well as that one hit wonder 21.

    • cici slaaaaaaays April 29, 2013

      Rihanna wishes she had a successful album like 21

      • Likica April 29, 2013

        Which pop gurl had a huge album like 21? The only one is legendary Britney Spears. Other gurls don’t come close. So it’s not just Rihanna honey.

      • cici slaaaaaaays April 29, 2013

        But I thought Trannyhanna was the biggest pop star in the world the b**** can’t even sell 4 million in the us with one album

      • Navy Sailor!!! April 29, 2013

        Ciara wishes she had success in this decade period…. 😆

      • Likica April 29, 2013

        Trannyhanna? LoL Ciara is the one who looks like a man, not Rihanna who topped many lists for world’s most beautiful woman 😉
        Does she have to sell 4 million? Nope. Doesn’t Beyonce call herself a king but she doesn’t have a diamond album like MJ? Yes. But both are big in tours/endorsements and Rihanna is very successful in fashion industry. It’s not just about their sales sweetie 😉 Rihanna and Beyonce get more headlines than Adele, they are more talked and present in media.

      • Fran April 29, 2013

        @Likica why must you always bring Beyonce into everything in defense of Rihanna? Just stay on topic. Youre not even talking to a Beyonce fan. Shes not the only other pop girl with Rihanna, yet you always seem to talk about her.

      • MuiMui April 29, 2013

        What is going to be interesting is who is going to be the in that magic number of the top ten best of the best for females in music at the end of the year in money, sales and service.
        Talk all you want to Adele has already proven herself, ciara is good and rihanna is still booking stages and beyonce is on the move again this is going to be very interesting.
        And beside that everybody and their pet is dropping new music and CLEARLY beyonce has the edge because of her contract with the pepsico deal, we shall see whos who of the female persuasion by the end of the year or shortly.

  11. Ariana April 29, 2013

    21 sold 25 million worldwide
    Any questions? Yes, when will your fav who’s been out for 15 years?

    • MuiMui April 29, 2013

      Adele has made a dent in music that many artist can only dream of and you’d think that as much as people praise some of the others they would have something like adele accomplishment to lean back on, but they don’t.

  12. . : : h 2 o : : . April 29, 2013

    ^^^^^^^ Lol my fav has a world tour that will earn her at least $100M, so she would be laughing at the delusion if she read your “question” now.

    • Common Sense April 29, 2013

      LOL the only delusional one here is you. The tour itself may earn $100M, but that won’t all go to her. Do you think the dancers, band, backup singers (all 50 of them), stage crew, lighting crew, arena owners, buses, etc pay themselves?

  13. Loyalty April 29, 2013

    Cant wait to hear the result!

  14. Likica April 29, 2013

    Nice. Hope her next album will slay like 21.

  15. JARED (WHITE DUDE) April 29, 2013

    I’m excited!!!

    • Mother Monster April 29, 2013

      For what she just puts people to sleep zzzzz

      • Common Sense April 29, 2013

        Opinions are like assholes. Gaga puts me to sleep with her fake tryhard empowerment music while Adele entertains me for hours.

  16. Mother Monster April 29, 2013

    Girl f*** adelephant !!! B**** needs to lose a good 30 lbs before she even thinks about dropping another album..

      • Mother Monster April 29, 2013

        Yes its HAWT girl!! Im sure Queen Gaga & Princess RiRi would have slayed this s*** it would shoot straight to number 1

    • Common Sense April 29, 2013

      Unlike Gaga, Adele doesn’t rely on tricks to get her hits. Poor that 🙁 . How many times did Stefani Germanatta fail as a normal artist before needing to transform herself into a clown to gain attention?

  17. imherefor April 29, 2013

    cici slayyyss and supercisus are the same person and they ARE NOT ciara stans. THEY ARE FAKE!

  18. JOHNVIDAL April 29, 2013

    Damn… so many kids here. Adele just did what only people like Michael, Whitney, Madonna, Mariah or Celine could do… and all these stans still talking s***? Unbelievable
    And of course she probably won´t do 25 million numbers again but I´m sure she´ll sell a few millions at least. Stop acting as if that is being a one hit wonder. When will your faves ever do that? What are they? Never were wonders? 🙂

    • Likica April 29, 2013

      Not just them, don’t forget legendary Britney Spears and Shania Twain as well. 😉

      • JOHNVIDAL April 29, 2013

        That´s right Shania Twain did it once. The rest did it more than once though.
        But sorry I can´t accept Britney in that club. It was based on teen phenomenom. N Sync, Back Street, Britney and Spice Girls sales don´t mean the same as the others. The others did it appealing to all ages thanks to their amazing talents. These teen sensations did it cos parents bought that for their children while they were hot cos they had a nice public image. Like Taylor Swift now too. The moment any of them tried to evolve, the huge sales weren´t there. It was not about the music honey 🙂

    • MuiMui April 29, 2013

      JOHNVIDAL You are telling the truth and it has been a long time since some one like adele has took the music world by storm . Beyonce won six grammy and so did adele all in one night,, and adele is rather new to the game and still will bring it even the next time around i believe.

  19. DOSSOME April 29, 2013

    Why are people angry????LMAO…Hope her next album will be as great as 19.

  20. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) April 29, 2013

    I’m excited for her next album!! I am a bit concerned with the direction she will go in though. Her albums have always been based off heartbreak and trials she went through in her past relationships. Now she’s married, has a kid, rich etc, what is she going to sing about now? We saw what happened to Keyshia when she changed her sound…

    • MuiMui April 29, 2013

      Maybe she will do a album like beyonce album “4” you know married and settled in and all. Shows you how much i keep up i did not know adele got married, slow me.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) April 29, 2013

        Lol! Yah she got married. Very true, but Beyonce’s brand was based off heartbreak, more woman empowerment really. it’ll be an interesting transition.. I’ll support either way because I love her musicianship.

  21. Just to Say April 29, 2013

    I highly doubt she will see 21 numbers again. That was all hype and wasnt even that great. Shes talented though.

  22. This P**** April 29, 2013

    Beyonce could NEVER
    Rihanna could NEVER
    #QueenAdele 😉

    • JOHNVIDAL April 29, 2013

      That´s true. Finally someone who is not biased. It´s hilarious reading Rihanna stans, Beyonce stans or Gaga stans comments using the others to downplay the one they hate when their fave has not done it either lol

  23. uncle si April 29, 2013

    Listen JACK !! Adele is the s*** !! love how she not showing her son to the public at all

    • MuiMui April 29, 2013

      That is the way you are supposed to do it keep your children off limit to the press and prying eyes who want to know everything.

  24. Suicide Blonde April 29, 2013

    I’m not a fan of her but at least she’s not Beyonce or Rihanna, i still think Linkin Park’s cover of “Rolling in the Deep” is so much better than her version but that is just the opinion of a Rock fan so i guess most people will disagree with that 🙂

  25. Likica April 29, 2013

    Lets choose the most iconic song by a female artist (only divas allowed this time). I chose 5 biggest female artists of all time, 5 legends.

    1.Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On
    2.Mariah Carey – Hero
    3.Whitney Houston – All The Man That I Need
    4.Janet Jackson – All For You
    5.Madonna – Like a Prayer

    Take in consideration everything beside charts amd sales:

    Vocal performance of their songs/live performances/music video/quality of arrangement/lyrics/impact on music *legacy*, covers and accolades (awards)/impact they made on your life and thoughts/critical reception and reactions to song/the feeling they make in you when you hear them.

    P.S. I didn’t put I Will Always Love You because it is originally Dolly Praton’s song, but anyway it is in top 5 most iconic songs of all time. I could put Without You by Mariah as well, but to be fair I used their original songs.

    Don’t vote for your fav, be realistic! I will put videos so that you can make a choice.

  26. ShitGotReal April 29, 2013

    Need new music from this stunning woman. Adele slay them all and make a duet with Rihanna. It would slay them all.

  27. soulmusiclover April 29, 2013

    HA! b****** will deal!

  28. mr.m April 29, 2013

    20 million copies of “21” album were sold due to:
    H-Y-P-E .. spell it!!
    Unfortunately, SO OVERRATED!!
    The album is just good
    At least she deserved 5 million copies sold
    I’ll give her that .. But, for example
    Lotus which just sold 500k WW is >>>>>>>>>>>>>> 21

    • Common Sense April 29, 2013

      LOL Lotus is garbage and I’m surprised that 500k would waste money on it. It has no cohesiveness and is just all over the place. 21 is nowhere near as good as 19, but is still leagues better than Lotus.

      • mr.m April 29, 2013

        Gurl Lotus >>>> Adele’s whole fatness life
        Cowdele will be be NOTHIN 2 years from now ..
        Joss Stone, Norah Jones, Adele .. Ummm
        Bye h**

  29. Where’s the real music? April 30, 2013

    LMAO..I can’t believe you called her “Adelephant”

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