New Song: Kelis – ‘Jerk Ribs’

Published: Sunday 28th Apr 2013 by Rashad

‘Copycat’ creator Kelis is giving fans something new to go alongside her “Milkshake” with the surfacing of her new Dave Sitek-produced tune  “Jerk Ribs” (formerly believed to be titled “Call On Me”).

Delivering another taste of what fans can expect from her highly anticipated sixth album (due on Sitek’s Federal Prism label later this year), tuck in to see if you’re feeling the newest from the “Young, Fresh, and New” singer below:


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  1. HoneychildPlease April 28, 2013

    Oh hunty….*Waits for next post*

  2. Kyle April 28, 2013

    Isn’t this the song “Call On Me” that premiered last week?

  3. Monstarebel April 28, 2013

    lmao i can’t


      Is it okay if I want to marry Mariah Carey?

      • Monstarebel April 28, 2013

        Yes its fine lol b**** i wanna marry J.Cole

      • Monstarebel April 28, 2013

        Or atleast suck his d*** one good time 😉

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (SUPERIOR DIVA) April 28, 2013

        J. Cole is really cute. I still have an undying love for Chris brown though. Rihanna and Karachooki better watch out. OMG and tyga is too cute. skinny but still a cutie.

      • DOSSOME April 28, 2013

        LOL…you 2 are a MESS

      • Monstarebel April 28, 2013

        @Slayriah Yaaaas gurl!!! Chris is cute but not as cute as he used to be, RiRi & Karuche obviously dont mind sharing chris so i think you have a shot hun lol n yes tyga is s*** but the n**** is so damn small n skinny he probably gotta big d*** tho

        @Dossome hahaha yes we are but you love it 🙂

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (SUPERIOR DIVA) April 28, 2013

        Lol… Omarion has a nice booty too. 😀
        I can see myself in a Chris Brown Trey Songz sandwich. #Delicious

  4. lewis April 28, 2013

    well this is awkward..

    • Monstarebel April 28, 2013

      okaaay xo


    she’s pretty…..

  6. Darren April 28, 2013

    perfection! yall are quite late with the news, though. This was originally premiered with the name “call on me” but Kelis confirmed via twitter it is in fact called “jerk ribs” because she brought the producers jerk ribs while creating the track.

    • king z April 28, 2013

      they actually posted this last week. looks like that version got snatched and kelis upped an official version. idk…

  7. Marcus April 28, 2013


  8. DOSSOME April 28, 2013

    I like her ALTO voice

    • The B****** Child Of Prince (Sterling Infinity) April 28, 2013

      Pay your child support! Lol but I’m feeling this joint minus the name!

  9. DaHotNig April 28, 2013

    Pharrell and Neptunes please come save this h**!

  10. navy Nick April 28, 2013

    ummmmm kool kool song, but jerk ribs?! no mam!!! hahahahaha call on me suits it very well., great song tho

  11. monkchina April 29, 2013

    the video to this gotta be bangin to sign the deal…

  12. sheltop April 29, 2013

    THIS IS HOT! im a lover of music and a fan of Kelis this is a whole new direction from what i thought she was gonna release i’m very surprised. Its s***, its modern with an old skool twist, and it makes you want to move. I like it.

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