Christina Aguilera To Return To “The Voice” With Hefty Pay Raise As Shakira Exits

Published: Tuesday 14th May 2013 by Rashad

Like FOX with the judging panel of ‘American Idol’, NBC is playing musical chairs with some of those seated behind the buzzers on their hit singing competition ‘The Voice‘.

And, just like FOX, NBC is shelling out the big bucks to get a certain big named diva back on their team…

‘What A Girl Wants’ is clearly $17 million.

For, as recent reports indicate, that’s exactly what Grammy winning songstress Christina Aguilera is going to get upon her return to ‘The Voice’ for its season 5 – nearly double her season 3 take home.  The report follows news that she will replace its only female judge Shakira (whose exit, after just one season, is due this summer).

Like Aguilera with ‘Lotus‘, Shakira will take the next season off to finish recording and promote her next, yet-titled project.  Fans of #teamShakira will have until the show’s finale on June 18th to enjoy the ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ hitmaker before she makes her departure.

UpdateReports now indicate Christina’s raise will be to $12 million.

Your thoughts?


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    I prefer Shakira though.

    • Hive May 13, 2013

      & i prefer Whitney over Mariah. #Deal. 😉

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 13, 2013

        & i prefer Rihanna over Beyonce. #Deal 😀

      • Hive May 13, 2013

        LMAO b**** looks like i win i f**** with the b**** with more talent than the ones you f*** with kiii

        Mariah- had a great voice but lost it over time she can bearly hit the most simple notes now the struggle is definitely real for mimi who knew gimmick minaj would be more RELEVANT than Mariah these days.. sad

        Rihanna- The most untalented piece of s*** out there she can bearly sing and hardly dance shes pretty much pathetic 😉

      • Mother Monster May 13, 2013

        Yaaaaas @Hive READ this h** @Slayriah sick of her ugly ass

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 13, 2013

        How is Nicki more relevant when she still doesn’t have any major accomplishments in the music business?

        Beyonce has been using the same tired method for years now hun. She wouldn’t know what innovation meant if it slapped her in the face

      • Rob May 13, 2013

        Oh, yeah and Whitney’s cracked out voice was soo amazing. Please Whitney’s struggle with her vocal decline was wayyyy worse than Mariah’s. The receipts are in the graveyard.

    • LTM May 13, 2013

      I lived for Xtina’s shade. The season with Tony Lucca from Team Adam>>>

      • Oh Yeah!!! May 14, 2013

        @rob- HOW DISRESPECTFUL TO WHINTEY TO SAY Receipts are in the Graveyard, you are an idiot!

      • Rob May 14, 2013

        I see no lies though in what I wrote. Don’t come for Mimi with Whitney or I will drag her from the grave.

  2. Hive May 13, 2013

    Of course fatina needs her job back a music career isnt even an option anymore for that hag

    • Mike May 14, 2013

      The saddest thing is, she doesn’t even seem to WANT to have a music career

      She didn’t even perform her lead single from ‘Lotus’ and did nothing for 4 months after leaving ‘The Voice’, even if she had just released a new album

  3. LTM May 13, 2013

    Well this is great news. The Voice is the best way to promote her music since she refuses to do so herself for some reason. I felt like she gave up on Your Body quickly and paid the rest of the Lotus era dust. That album had songs like Let There Be Love that pop radio would’ve eaten up. She didn’t seem into that album. But she’s losing more weight and seems happy so maybe the next album will do better

    • Hive May 13, 2013

      b**** please she had the voice when lotus came out and was promoting yet still couldn’t sell over 100k first week why is that hun? Oh because no one gives a F*** about HER OR HER MUSIC LOL.

      • LTM May 13, 2013

        Lol your so desperate to start a stan war it’s sad.

      • FJuly May 14, 2013

        yeah cause Beyonce is doing incredibly well…b**** stfu..-_-

    • Mike May 14, 2013

      She doesn’t seem to be into ANY album since 2010

      She is a lazy ass

      Takes long breaks in between albums and then comes back, does a little promo for two weeks and then disappears…

      I mean, a singer who doesn’t even want to be singing and performing?

      She clearly prefers to sit in a chair, she has no drive to perform anymore.

      Plus, she doesn’t give a fVck about her fans. A billionaire gives her 500,000USD to perform at a private party, she accepts. Hundreds of thousands of fans want her to tour and perform her new material, she couldn’t care less about them. All she cares about is easy money nowadays… “The Voice” and perfumes. Such a waste of talent

  4. XtinaRebirth May 13, 2013

    This is great news! At least we’ll get to see her every week on television and get a few more tweets lol… love her! Maybe she’ll drop a new album and promote it and tour… hmm that may be pushing it lol!

    • Hive May 13, 2013


    • Common Sense May 13, 2013

      And maybe pigs will fly LOL!

  5. Legendtina May 13, 2013

    I liked Shakira as a judge but it seemed boring this season. Xtina made the show interesting.

    • Hive May 13, 2013

      Honey xtina needs that show for any type of relevance its so sad to see how much her career declined she had so much potential smh


      I’m dying at your username TBH. too many delusions from your fan base.

      • LTM May 13, 2013

        Im dying at you lurking on an Xtina post trying to start stuff. Sad.

      • Mother Monster May 13, 2013

        Bahahahahahahahahaha ok legend? xtina? Guuuuurl please!

    • Legendtina May 13, 2013

      You vultures forever have Godtina on your minds. I love your the first ones to comment. It’s cute. Xoxoxo.

    • XtinaaLovee May 13, 2013

      Xtina is a f****** LEGEND

      • Common Sense May 13, 2013

        YES a legendary FLOP!

  6. Mother Monster May 13, 2013

    Is LOTUS still STRUGGLING to go GOLD? Kiiiiii

    • Legendtina May 13, 2013

      Is Gaga’s vocal range STILL nonexistent? Kiiii

      • Britney Stan May 13, 2013

        Gurl atleast gaga can sell a record b****…

      • Legendtina May 13, 2013

        Darling you stan for a useless crack head who is probably incapable of wiping her own ass. Please remove yourself from the equation. Sales are the only thing Britney has on anyone.

      • Common Sense May 14, 2013

        True, but so is Xtincta’s LOL!

      • irene46 May 15, 2013

        yeah, and britney’s big sales were pre 2003 when she was the ‘teen queen.’ she been nothing but a bunch of media b******* hype every since. just when is this alleged $200 million run in vegas supposed to begin…when glaciers form in hell?

  7. Bow Down May 13, 2013



    • XtinaaLovee May 13, 2013

      Yet beyonce scared to release music ahahahahaha her career is over all over the world.

    • JOHNVIDAL May 14, 2013

      Oh you are ridiculously saying all these last days that the “lambs” (as if everybody were the same) are hateful and hate on Lana, etc (all those ridiculous things) and look the proof: you are a hateful b****. If you had dignity you wouldn´t say a word to anybody on here anymore about behaviour (especially when you are inventing that supposed bad behaviour in others)

  8. LTM May 13, 2013

    I can’t with Slayriah and Hive trying to start a stan war. You obviously don’t like Xtina but your one of the 1st 5 to comment. Ok.


      Xtina stans came rushing to that last Mariah post though so do not go there. I didn’t even say anything bad about her (yet). All i said was that i prefer Shakira. Simple as that.

      • LTM May 13, 2013

        Lol you know exactly what you’re doing. Those Xtina stans were probably just trolls trying to start something. Can’t we all just get along?

      • DOSSOME May 13, 2013

        they said you and i are the same person on that Mimi post…..OK,Could it be true @Slayriah?

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 13, 2013

        No Hun, I doubt we could ever get along. Wish we could. #Sorry

        LOL. I was laughing at those comments. I don’t know, Maybe we’re twins. 😀

  9. Britney Stan May 13, 2013

    Christina? whos that?


      Britney’s lesser.

      • XtinaaLovee May 13, 2013

        Like Mariah is Whitney’s lesser hahaha

      • Legendtina May 13, 2013

        Yes! @XtinaaLovee

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 13, 2013

        I think you meant to say Christina is Mariah and Whitney’s lesser. She’s forever copying there vocal runs and forcing to hit notes in the whistle register like Mariah.

      • Legendtina May 13, 2013

        You can’t copy something that isn’t original.

      • XtinaaLovee May 13, 2013

        Kiiiii no lies @LegendTina ^^^

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 13, 2013

        So whitney and Mariah aren’t original?
        What does that make xtina then?

      • Legendtina May 13, 2013

        Never said Whitney was unoriginal. But your delusional if you believe she or Mariah invented a style of singing. And Chrissy was not struggling when she nailed that whistle during What A Girl Wants when I saw her live 😉

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 13, 2013

        I never said they invented a style of signing. Don’t put words into my mouth. Whitney and Mariah were inspired by other vocalist just like Christina was inspired by them. The difference is that Mariah and whitney did things differently and not just straight up try and copy what they heard. If you listened to the way Minnie Riperton uses the whistle register and then listen to the way Mariah uses it you’ll get what I mean. Mariah was inspired by Minnie as a child but she new her voice and did what was right for her as oppose to straining to sound like someone else.

        Listen to this and tell me those vocal runs don’t sound familiar:

      • mr.m May 14, 2013


    • Legendtina May 13, 2013

      Christina left Britney is the dust years ago darling. Britney has no credibility as an artist and now as a performer. As I said before, she is useless.

      • DOSSOME May 13, 2013

        I agree

    • Rob May 14, 2013

      Did you forgot to take your anti-psychotic med?

      • Rob May 14, 2013

        The troll that commented above is not the real “Rob”. Idk who this lessor is.

    • Rob May 14, 2013


      Bish, I’m not pretending to be like you. My real name is Rob, guess what you’re not the only ROB in the world.

  10. XtinaaLovee May 13, 2013

    Dead at the lambs hive & monsters a bunch of pathetic thirsty jealous b****** keep checking for Xtina.

    I think its great shes coming back she makes the show.

    • DOSSOME May 13, 2013

      @XTINAALOVE…You are just as pathetic as HIVE,MIMI CAREY,CICI SLAAAAYS AND SUPER CISUS…You idiots never praise your faves without insulting someone else

      • XtinaaLovee May 13, 2013

        B**** bye ive gave Mariah praise before her stans start s*** to much look at messy Slayriah.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 13, 2013

        B**** zip your crusty over sized lips. What did I start? Your fellow fighters came rushing to that mariah post to shade her so let’s not….

  11. DOSSOME May 13, 2013

    Xtina was very good on the voice,Shakira as well but i prefer Xtina.

  12. voiceseason5 May 13, 2013

    Jelouse Haters. 17 million for next season wow. She’ll be shooting a video in coming weeks. Anyone check out her duet with alejandro fernandez. Blows mariah careys duet out of the water.

  13. BEYSUS OVER JESUS May 13, 2013



      YES B****! YES >>>>>>>>

    • Legendtina May 13, 2013

      So does your fav. She enjoys imitating Shakira. Xtina’s range>>>>>Shakira’s

    • Rob May 14, 2013

      Coming from a NEGRO-YAWN-ce fans. Your fave has thunders thigh you bish.

      • Rob May 14, 2013

        The comment above is not from the real “Rob”. Stupid piece of trash. Probably Sam’s dumb ass trying to start drama. I can do that on my own if someone comes for a fave of mine.

  14. Cupcake May 13, 2013

    This fat piggy realized show was the only thing keeping her in the spotlight.
    Once that spotlight almost went out, she fought tooth & nail to come back.
    How dare her.
    Shakira was the better judge, sorry Beastina.

    • DOSSOME May 13, 2013

      She’s actually lost weight,those weight jokes are tired now..

      • Cupcake May 13, 2013

        She lost weight? Well not enough.
        Sorry, I guess everybody has a different opinion of what’s fat and what’s not.

    • Legendtina May 13, 2013

      But wasn’t she just honored by Time Magazine? She didn’t fight tooth and nail for that. And she’s lost most of the weight. Try again.

      • Cupcake May 13, 2013

        Honey, Time magazine = the media.
        The media ≠ The public opinion of the masses. If that was the case then don’t you think “Lotus” would’ve sold way more than 80k in it’s first week?
        As I said above, I guess everybody has different opinions of what’s considered fat and what’s not. She can stand to lose about 10 more lbs in my honest opinion.
        Sorry, you don’t have to like it.

      • Common Sense May 14, 2013

        Gurl please. If Xtincta has lost most of the weight then Mimi is an anorexic fashion model.

      • irene46 May 15, 2013

        @ cupcake…

        christina has always said she was coming back to ‘the voice’ for the 5th season so just stop the crazy talk!

  15. voiceseason5 May 13, 2013

    B****** keep calling her fat. Isn’t it me or she is get back in-shape. Plus I love shakira, but come on she isn’t a beast at vocals. I find her judging really boring and xtina was way better at giving advice and being honest.

  16. CiCi Slaaaaays May 13, 2013


    • Legendtina May 13, 2013

      Ciara’s bathroom Body Party acapella . Need I say more?

  17. Legendtina May 13, 2013

    Yawn. The haters and trolls are doing the most tonight. Xtina lost most of the weight so the recycled fat jokes don’t work and the “flop” reads are just tired now. And we all know Xtina is not irrelevant seeing how quickly you all were to comment. Christina is forever occupying your free time. Goodnight.

    • DOSSOME May 13, 2013

      BIONIC was such a powerful record,LOTUS too…Hope she makes good albums like those but improve on promotion…I said the same thing,she’s lost weight,so i have no idea where those stupid jokes come from

      • Legendtina May 13, 2013

        I prefer Bionic over Lotus but Lotus was another solid album, alot netter than most pop albums released that year. I wish Just A Fool got the proper treatment because it could’ve done well.

      • DOSSOME May 13, 2013

        @LEGENDTINA I prefer BIONIC as well…I always believe can only do so much,it’s her label at fault here…YOUR BODY was top 5 material and LET THERE BE LOVE & JUST A FOOL were bonafide hits as well…As for BIONIC,that record is EPIC.She’s really been mismanaged.SMH

  18. CiCi Slaaaaays May 13, 2013

    Messy Mariah stans are here

    • DOSSOME May 13, 2013

      B**** you just insulted Xtina in a prior comment, and now you think others are the messy ones…chile


    It’s funny how when Xtina hits the stage she’ll be barking and screaming as if someone threatened to close down her local McDonald’s.

    • DOSSOME May 13, 2013

      From one lamb to another…you really need to listen to Xtina’s music…you won’t say that about her….She’s a great singer who has had bad days just like everyone else.give her a break

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 13, 2013

        LOL. Sorry Lamb. #Never. I can’t deal with her and those messy, forced, lifeless Vocal runs she does. She’s never been about the music. It’s always about showing off her voice which she didn’t even know how to use properly in the first place.

      • Common Sense May 14, 2013

        Xtincta even strains in studio recordings… How can anyone listen to her?

    • Legendtina May 13, 2013

      Its funny how your watching Xtina hit the stage though. And how you think this shade is funny. Which forum did you copy and paste this from? Surely you can do better.

      *Plays Obsessed for you*

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 13, 2013

        Well it’s only obvious that I’ve seen her performances. That’s why I don’t like her. I don’t copy and paste shade, I invent them, the same way Christina invents those whale sounds she unfortunately mistakes for singing.

        Yes b****. Keep playing ‘obsessed’ and keep in mind that it charted higher than ‘your tired fat sloppy body’.

  20. JESSICA SIMPSON STAN May 13, 2013


    • Likica May 14, 2013

      LOOL she doesn’t need to because she inspired a lot of people worldwide, she’s #Beautiful. But it’s good that Jessica did it since she was always in Britney/Xtina shadow.

  21. Rob May 13, 2013

    That’s very interesting. Why did she leave in the first place only to come back? I’ve never watched the show, but I am a fan of Christina’s so I hope she comes up with a NEW image, attitude, media training and good music. There was way tooo much screaming on Lotus and Bionic was just confusing.

    • voiceseason5 May 13, 2013

      wtf too much screaming on lotus and bionic. Um did we both listen to the same cds cause i didn’t hear screaming on either cd. why don’t you spin around on her middle, middle finger. Both of those cds are f***** awesome.

      • Rob May 14, 2013

        Reading comprehension apparently is a struggle for Christian stans. I said Bionic was confusing and she screamed on the entire Lotus cd. Most of the critics agreed and apparently music buyers which is why it went certified dust. Be seated.

  22. . : : h 2 o : : . May 13, 2013



    I never said they invented a style of signing. Don’t put words into my mouth. Whitney and Mariah were inspired by other vocalist just like Christina was inspired by them. The difference is that Mariah and whitney did things differently and not just straight up try and copy what they heard. If you listened to the way Minnie Riperton uses the whistle register and then listen to the way Mariah uses it you’ll get what I mean. Mariah was inspired by Minnie as a child but she new her voice and did what was right for her as oppose to straining to sound like someone else.

    Listen to this and tell me those vocal runs don’t sound familiar:

  24. Slaylor Swift May 13, 2013

    It must suck being a fatina stan she can never win

    • Rob May 14, 2013

      Right?! Everybody hates her. She’s a joke. All the new girls > her. Taylor, Selena, Demi, hell even Ariana Grande. I mean, if I were a Christina fan I would be so humble after two back to back flop albums. How are you supposed to be a major girl and have that happen?

  25. Gaga 4 Gaga May 13, 2013

    Christina fans are sad they need to just join the monsters already

    • mr.m May 14, 2013

      Sorry honey, fighter don’t like sh!t music
      REAL music is what we always stand for
      Gaga is a gimmick flop drag artist ..
      If it wasn’t for her playing “a crazy freak w****”

      *sips tea*
      *plays I Am*

  26. Common Sense May 14, 2013

    I hope she’s lost as much of that wannabe diva attitude as she’s lost weight.

    • Gaga 4 Gaga May 14, 2013

      To bad cowriah is getting the boot off idol kiiiiii

      • Rob May 14, 2013

        And she still got paid more than Christina and a hit song. How did that work for Chirstina? I guess she thinks 2nd times the charm. Hahahaha

    • LOTUS May 14, 2013

      Tell Mariah to get a shoulder reduction mk

  27. Gaga 4 Gaga May 14, 2013


    • Rob May 14, 2013

      Madonna > Gaga
      You tried it

  28. LOTUS May 14, 2013

    @Slayriah is the most annoying lamb she needs to be hung.

  29. My Forehead Tho May 14, 2013

    F*** the Lambs

    The New Muppet’s Movie > Oz the Great and Powerful

    Kermit > Nick Cannon


    • LOTUS May 14, 2013

      Hahahahaha Yaaaaaas the lambs aint s***

      • Rob May 14, 2013

        At least the lambs can get our faves 2nd Christmas cd to outsell your faves last release! The struggle!

  30. Cory_d May 14, 2013

    Shakira fans stay pressed we told you all season she just keeping her seat warm #truth

  31. mr.m May 14, 2013

    She’s getting back for a 17 MILLION $$ DEAL
    *Plays Lotus Intro*

    • Rob May 14, 2013

      Preach boo! These b****** need GODTINA GODUILERA.

      • Rob May 14, 2013

        Lol. You are a phony and a fraud and will never be the real Rob. This site is so phony. People pretending to be me!

    • Rob May 14, 2013


      Why would I pretend to be like you. Like who the f*** are you? I don’t even know what you look like. Are you famous? Lmao! Well, you’re not the only ROB living in this world.

  32. Rob May 14, 2013

    Ha! “Lotus Intro”…..checks playlist….I don’t know that song. What year did it come out? Is it from a major release or an underground unsigned artist?

    • Rob May 14, 2013


  33. Likica May 14, 2013

    Love love Legend X! Leave her alone. I don’t care if she’s flopping or not until she makes great music. She’s the voice of generation with the best ballads among other pop girls, a great songwriter and very beautiful woman. I can’t at people coming for her weight when she looks amazing now, she lost it. She’s #Fighter #Beautiful #Genie In a Bottle and you’re #Just a Fool!

  34. justsomekid May 14, 2013

    I’ve been meaning to get a bigger TV to watch The Voice on. I can never fit Floptina’s entire face on my 42″. Does anybody else have the same problem?
    *goes back to listening to Femme Fatale*

  35. Music Soul Harmony May 14, 2013

    Dossome, lotus and bionic were powerful records? Actually those were her weakest.
    I found so much of the material on those albums uninspiring and lacking.
    IMO B2B and Stripped were 10x better. The songs on Bionic sounded like a try hard mess
    And Lotus I was disappointed in cuz her voice sounded pretty damaged and most of the songs
    Were boring. Also, with the lack of promo it seemed like Xtina had really given up on herself and didnt believe in her work anymore. I really wasn’t in love with them like her 2nd and 3rd albums but yeah.

  36. christinastherealtalent May 14, 2013

    Meanwhile your faves Britney and Mariah were fired after only 1 season due to low ratings and disappointing performances as judges.

    • justsomekid May 14, 2013

      Except Britney wasn’t fired. Nor does she need to be there, her career is doing just fine (unlike Floptina’s). Her contract simply ended and neither her nor the show’s producers wanted to renew it so she just went on to have a little side-project you may remember as one of the biggest hits of the decade so far with “Scream & Shout” before recording her upcoming 8th studio album, because she’s an icon whose purpose is to make music that showcases to all these lesser flops how pop should be done rather than be a flop herself. When Aguilera’s music career sees any kind of success whatsoever again, by all means let her fat ass judge other artists, but in the mean time she can have all the undeserved TV ratings she likes, it still doesn’t change the fact that nobody checks for her sickeningly egotistical fat ass and the proof is in the pudding (the pudding being the utter piles of post-digestion KFC chicken that were Bionic and Lotus).

  37. Nichole May 14, 2013

    Christina ain’t gettin no damn $17 million.

    Why in the hell would NBC TV producers pay her that much money when she can’t even sell her own albums?

    This is the reason why Christina fans are the most deluded out of any fan base.

    No way would she ever get that much money.

  38. jason May 14, 2013

    It’s actually 12.5 Million!

    Not 17 million!


  39. Bass May 14, 2013

    XTina is in. Niki Queen of Hoodrats is out

  40. JOHNVIDAL May 14, 2013

    Can people leave Mariah Carey alone please? lol The struggle of the haters is being really serious this last week 🙂
    About Xtina: I´ve read she´s getting 12 mill, 17 are the millions she wanted. That amount of money is still HUGE so I´m not saying it as shade or something

  41. Steve May 14, 2013

    This is not news. It was said at the start of the season that Usher and Shakira only signed for just this season & that Cee-Lo & Christina would return next season.

    HOWEVER….I actually prefer Usher and Shakira. I love them on the panel a whole lot better. Hopefully Idol picks em up since they dropping the whole panel because they’re great mentors.

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