Jennifer Lopez Announces Album Release….For November?!

Published: Friday 31st May 2013 by Rashad

Fans hoping to live it up with pop songstress Jennifer Lopez‘s tenth album this summer might have to pump the brakes on that thought for a minute, if her recent Graham Norton interview is anything to go by.

The triple threat diva was on our side of the pond today making a splash in promotion of her latest ventures.  When quizzed on when fans should expect the parent album of her recent Pitbull-assisted hit ‘Live It Up’, Lopez lent somewhat of an unexpected response:

{Video removed as requested}

Well…(insert crickets here).

Unless Lopez and co. intend on unveiling a killer yearlong campaign for the project, the ball is clearly back in Mimi’s court.  On one hand, music buyers (and sellers) know that the year’s 4th quarter is generally where sales are strongest given consumers Christmas shopping, etc.

However, for a single with full promotional video and accompanying appearances presently in tow, most fans probably expect a full album follow-up at least within two months’ time.  An artist in the diva dancer’s shoes are not afforded many missteps at this stage in the game given the fairly lukewarm reception of her third-time-round with rapper Pitbull and the strength of 4th quarter competitors.

As keen supporters of Miss J to the L.O., here’s hoping she unleashes at least two more singles between now and then to keep consumers gauged and hungry for what her Chris Brown-enlisted tenth album has to offer.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lovebird May 31, 2013

    First cannot wait for J.Lo’s new album. Secondly why is everyone releasing in RIHvember? Lastly, Willow Smith’s new song is amazing.

    • Lovebird May 31, 2013


    • abbieuei99 June 1, 2013

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    • Stav June 1, 2013

      First, in addition to being a troll, you’re a also a dork. Second, I’d be threatened too if a big name act like Jennifer Lopez was releasing an album during a month when my favorite usually floundered in. Lastly, Willow Smith? Again, what a dork.

  2. Hive May 31, 2013

    Who cares it will flop like the rest…

  3. King May 31, 2013

    In other news, Mariah’s album will be out the first week of July.

  4. #DIRTYLAUNDRY May 31, 2013

    But whos buying….. #NoOne besides corny flopbird

    • Lovebird May 31, 2013

      Key word, BUYING, and don’t forget it honey.

  5. Super Cisus May 31, 2013

    F L O PPPP

  6. King B>Rihanna June 1, 2013

    “Live It Up” grew on me but the second single would either sell me or not on buying the album.

  7. Rosie June 1, 2013

    LOL it will flop just like Live It Up (in 2011) is doing right now. No one is here for that tired ass electro pop sound anymore which we all know will be all over the album, people want music like Lana’s and others, original, fresh, different. Not On The Floor Part 43.
    Besides has Dance Again been certified 1x Costco Toilet Paper Pack yet?

    • Bob July 9, 2013

      Dude just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean the rest of the world doesn’t.

  8. MariahIsMusic1 June 1, 2013

    POP anthems.
    shes not really creative with her music.
    Goodluck though 🙂

  9. WH&MCFOYOMAMA June 1, 2013

    LMAO… JLo not ready to flop it up!!

  10. JER June 1, 2013

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. This b****. Grrrrl get it together. Nobody was gonna buy this album, so you pushed it back now literally nobody is gonna buy it.

  11. Steph June 1, 2013

    J-lo should just release singles! Her albums all suck. Nothing about her music SCREAMS LEGENDARY. Her first album was mediocre. Jennifer is a visual artist not a Mariah Carey!

    Interviewer: What about J-lo?

    MC: I don’t know her. *Shakes Her Head & Smiles*

  12. Tiffany8474505 June 1, 2013

    This b**** entire MUSICAL career is terrible. She is not a real artist, that’s why her albums stay flopping. She is only good for slaying RED CARPETS. Also, she is a follower. In the late 90s Latino music was popular so she did Latin/pop music. In the early 2000’s black music was really popping so all of a sudden she “JENNY FROM THA BLOCK” & “IM REAL”. So now, its all about dance shitty music so she want to “LIVE IT UP” & GET “ONE THE FLOOR”…


  13. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 1, 2013

    I Like her , But she is not a major Album seller , like i don’t see Why the label waste their money on a whole new Project!

    I suggest her to start release just Plain Singles and call them whatever she wants , because her career as a pop artist depends on how hot was her Latest hit.

    Personally, I’m not gonna buy her Album if it is just like LOVE? ” bunch of singles + album fillers” , Unless her next album is on the level of J.Lo/Onthe6 or even “Rebirth”/”Brave” , then I’m buying.

  14. RoyalKev June 1, 2013

    November is such a long wait from now for Jenny! I think this could be a mistake. I think Jlo should shoot for August and continue pushing/promoting LIU til June’s end. July would have been perfect to drop an urban-pop single, just show more of J’s range. She’s a versatile star and one of the best video artists in the game! I hope this plan works for her. I’m definitely looking to support this album if I like it.

  15. iamdexxx June 1, 2013

    love her

  16. Toto June 1, 2013

    J to the HO J-HO

  17. jlove June 1, 2013

    im gonna buy her album ….i love her in every way lets get jenny

  18. Heauxsitdown June 1, 2013

    Honestly, is anyone even checking for J. Lo’s music?

    • jlove June 1, 2013

      yes there is a lot of people ,,but the problem is that she is not working hard enough to brink it ,,,,so for me ill keeping checking on till she serves ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,for example look at on the floor

  19. jlove June 1, 2013

    dance again is a nice song too but it was a little too short

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