Stars React To Kelly Rowland’s ‘Dirty Laundry’

Published: Thursday 16th May 2013 by Sam

Kelly Rowland is the hottest of topics following the debut of her new single ‘Dirty Laundry’ yesterday.

The truth-baring cut, which sees the singer wax honest about an abusive relationship and her friendship with Beyonce, has trended three times on Twitter and ignited mass debate.

Not limited to fans and critics, Rowland’s industry contemporaries are also raving about The-Dream penned number – which serves as the second single to be lifted from her aptly titled album ‘Talk A Good Game’ (due June 18th).

Their words after the jump…

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  1. Mk May 16, 2013

    Got agree wit Gab, it’s a game changer. She definitely gon’ get dat respect she deserves

    • amina May 16, 2013

      totaly agree with Gab too

      i think she has a own classic like for real.

      Back to “SIMPLY DEEP” this is what she need to be respected. it’s a game changer, tell your story tru deep songs

      i hope more surprises on her album.

  2. amy May 16, 2013

    Love this song,kudos to kelly for speaking abt her problems

    • truth(icki’s B**** ASS STANS can EAT ME honey!! Yall b**** is a STANK P**** FLOP chile! (puckers lips like Drake)) May 16, 2013

      sam y haven’t you posted Beyonce coming out on stage last night and apologizing for cancelling a show and telling how the doctors told her not to perform lastnight but she did anyways. She really loves her fans and its clear she not pregnant bcus she wouldn’t risk her unborn baby purposely. They have footage of her apologizing last night

  3. slimsexy May 16, 2013

    Good to see she is using Queen Bey’s name to get attention

    • STONY May 16, 2013

      toatally agree with you by the way she will flop the song is boring no substance except talking about her life who care? like really and she’s going to Wonder why Beyonce succeeds? simply because she has albums full of hits music . if it’s really all the dream can offer to her she needs to make up her mind and get it together cause he gave umbrella to Rihanna and that’s the kind of song which makes u a star get it Kelly rowland? now go back to work .iam tired of those people praising you without telling you the truth.

    • Cupcake May 16, 2013

      The song wasn’t about BeySCAMcè.
      Have some seats with that. It was about her trying to find her own identity since people always placed her in that scheming thief’s shadow.
      It was also about her going through an abusive relationship with her ex.

      • whyugottahate May 26, 2013

        really how is beyonce scheming? because she getting paid? or because you not? was beyonce’s name not mentioned more than once in the song? i could have sworn it was…the song is about kelly being jealous of bey like so many others and her abusive relationship which went back to beyonce name being mentioned. im sure its a great song but dnt bash bey by praising kelly. they are both great, but beyonce is better. stop hating. and im sure kelly is still jealous of her “sister.”

    • cocobutta May 16, 2013

      Just like when love takes over and motivation did?

      Go Sleep because you are clearly tired.

    • TheTruth Will Set You Free May 16, 2013

      Shut the f*** up.

    • RIRI SLAY May 16, 2013

      Miss things farewell.

    • Learik May 16, 2013

      REALLY!! SO you honestly think thats the only reason you think this song was noticed.. because her Cousin mentioned her in a song…O OK!! cause her getting beat and going through depression was nothing… Please take your faces advice Be a Grown Woman and Bow Down.

  4. amy May 16, 2013

    It must have been hard for kelly seeing beyonce reach superstardom and ppl not knowiing who Kelly was,at least she has the balls to come clean now,she and beyonce seem to have a friendship nw but a few yrs back it did actually seem like they had become distant.beyonce prob only cared about herself,,mayb the superbowl was beyonce way of making it up to her.

    • Mhmm May 16, 2013

      You’re so ignorant, even after listening to the song you want to potrait Beyoncé has a nasty,selfish and self-centered person but at the end of the day their friendship/sisterhood has always been strong so regardless of your foolish remarks their still friends bettet yet sisters. And you need to go back,listen to the song clearly,listen to Girl and know that Beyoncé is always there for Kelly no matter what.

      • Mhmm May 16, 2013


      • amy May 16, 2013

        Where did I say Beyonce was nasty? I never called her self centred either,if I wanted to diss beyonce I would have said that she is only as big as she is now because of who she is laying down with and she had the best start in her career the better deals,etc beyonce is as fake as her weaveand if we are all honest with ourslf we kno she is all me me me

    • amina May 16, 2013

      it’s not because you are friend or even sister that you don’t have issues with each other but it doesn’t means the end of the relationship.
      do you have any friend or family?

    • Mhmm May 16, 2013

      It seems like you already have your opinions on Beyonce anyway, and you clearly made a comment saying “beyonce prob only cared about herself” that is insinuating that Beyonce is self-centered and you are coming off as if Beyonce is a nasty person.

      Last time i checked Beyonce is not the only friend or family that Kelly has and when you listen to the song she says “I was mad at everybody”. when being abused, The abuser tries to isolate you from your family and friends, psychologically your beaten down, controlled, and physically threatened. so who are we to say Beyonce never cared and can’t it be that Kelly maybe pushed her loves ones away when all they wanted to do is help her. Just don’t let your hate/dislikes on Beyonce make you feel the need to always try to pinpoint her as the bad guy in every situation.

    • James227 May 16, 2013

      WOW!! I wonder if Kelly was takling about Nelly? I’m glad she here and able to talk about it. Beyonce’s father was something else also. For years Kelly could not get away from Bey’s father. Wonder if it was him also. Damn

      • James227 May 16, 2013

        Y I said something about Beys father because was she not living in his house? Also Kelly spoke about the industry.

  5. Kiiii May 16, 2013

    Game changer this game changer that. Blablabla
    Ya’ll need to stop.
    I love the song tho!

    GO KELLY!!

  6. KELIS May 16, 2013

    Love the song, reminds of Rose Colored glasses,another of my fave songs by Kelly

  7. Tiffany22534 May 16, 2013


    • Cupcake May 16, 2013

      Are you talking about the pig in your avie?

    • Learik May 16, 2013

      How is it a flop and everyone is talking about it?? I’ll wait….

  8. JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 16, 2013

    This song is amazing.

    Very honest & emotional…

    Good luck Kelly.

  9. May 16, 2013

    All these kids who know nothing about real music should please go someplace and sit down. She definately changed thee game. Music… Well real music has substance. Their used to bubble gum s*** that aint talkin bout anything but get stuck n yo head do to childlike catch praises. Kelly did the damn thang KUDOS to kelly. Cant wait to hear the entire album. I think thee problem is all these people born after 89 dnt know how to be original they follow crowds and doesnt know how to be or what authentic means. Excuse typos if any but these kids need to go to bed then wake up. GAME CHANGER FA SHO KELLY KEEP GOING. MAD RESPECT. REAL MUSIC NO BUBB
    LE GUM

    • IDK May 16, 2013

      Say it again! Please!!!!

    • Stans Make Me LOL May 16, 2013

      And dats the!

    • Denise May 16, 2013

      I dont understand how this song is a game changer. Personally i like so called real music but i don’t think much of this song. Yes, its a sensitive subject matter but to be honest i find the deliverance really dull and draggy. W

  10. j May 16, 2013


    I’m Still waiting for Keyshia’s Cole reaction tho

    • amina May 16, 2013

      me too lol

      • AbzLovesBey May 16, 2013

        Me three…. Silly B****!!!!!

  11. Cupcake May 16, 2013

    Good for Kelly!
    I really can’t tell you how much I replayed that song over & over last night.
    I am really feeling this era tbh and I just might buy the CD. I want her to win so bad. It takes a lot to talk about how low you felt about yourself because you were in someone elses shadow, along with being in a physically abusive relationship.

  12. FAF May 16, 2013

    FLOP 😆

  13. Alex May 16, 2013

    I love the song so much!

  14. KeNUDiGME May 16, 2013

    This is her story and I HAVE SO MUCH respect for spilling her personal dealings into a song and sharing it with the world. It definitely attacked me emotionally, and every time I listen to it, it reminds me just how human these celebrities really are.

    Kelly Rowland , babe girL – I love you FOR THIS!

  15. fatusankoh May 16, 2013

    hatemongers will come for bey now bey is good hearted persion that is why she is loved no matter what you hatters throw at her she will go on she was good friend to Kelly long live queen bey you are love by good people god and we your fans for lufe

  16. I.D. May 16, 2013

    Let’s see what Keyshia Cole’s got to say about this now…. *side eye*

  17. Super Cisus May 16, 2013

    Where are the stars?

  18. Bri May 16, 2013

    Kelly song was good she just song how she felt and some of y’all should know. Bey don’t give a damn about nobody she all for her self she can care less if she has fans or not . When Kelly Rowland try to be heard Beyonce always want to stop her shine in trying to come out with a new album in put the attention on her. Don’t get me wrong bey is a singer but she needs to have some respect for Kelly because Beyonce is not the only artist out there that can sing

    • RICHANDBLACK11 May 16, 2013

      That made no sense nonwhatsoever.

    • RoyalKev May 16, 2013

      Hang it up! B supports Kelly! Bey promoted I Was Here in interviews, she had Kel joined her at the superbowl, she even opened for Kelly at the BET Awards (when Kelly performed Like This)! Stop with all the hate already, its 2013! Kel’s not in DC, she’s not managed by Matthew, it’s all about her getting her solo shine. Let s*** go!

  19. JER May 16, 2013

    IMMINENT DEATH @gamechanger. GURLBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Dray May 16, 2013

    The Hood Hive makes me sick like their ratchet mother the Queen Mosquito of them all claiming the Navy doesn’t like Kelendria–we don’t like BEY. . .the Navy has no problem with Kelly. I want to see Kelly SHINE if anything because she was the better singer of the group until Ms. Hog-All-The-Spotlight-Bey kept shading her and she deserves some recognition. I like this song and may even purchase it but Kelly still needs to distance herself from Bey and grow a backbone because Bey is toxic for her career. Kelly has a lot to be bitter about. If I was her, I would feel the same way. She was abused all kinds of ways. Kelly, I wish her the best

  21. jason May 16, 2013

    This just feels like a big ole pity party and I’m not here for it at all!

  22. Holy Hive May 16, 2013

    I just cant at her using Beyonce to get noticed

  23. PAT May 16, 2013

    people keep saying she’s using Bey’s name…..Matthew basically snatched her up as his scottie pippen to his MJ and allowed her to be nothing more than an assist to Beyonce all through her adolecense and early adulthood. If she’s gonna sing about her life, how can that not include Bey?????

    • myrl22 May 29, 2013

      Best comment of them all

  24. mc the place to be! May 16, 2013

    um it’s her life why not talk about beyonce she’s a huge part of her life DAMN stans don’t make no sense! and atleast she was honest about it something you and your fave fail to do ALL the time!

  25. SMH May 16, 2013

    What’s this crap about her using Bey to get some shine. Even Stevie Wonder could see that Kelly was/is trapped by the mega success of Beyonce. Go back and re-listen to the song. Kelly has been achieved alot on her own in the last few years. Motivation, Love Takes Over, Never End, plus reality shows on the X Factor UK, Fashion Show, etc etc. She’s telling her story. Everybody knows that every interview she does, the INTERVIEWER asks her how Bey is doing. If I was her, I’d be just as annoyed even though I’m happy for Bey’s success. I’m not a Beyhive or a Kelly fan, but I understand her story.

    • May 16, 2013

      Additionally, they started at the same time. You can’t deny that Matthew pushed Bey’s platform. He was her father. Kelly can sing and dance but he made Beyonce lead on every song. When Kelly did her first couple of solo projects under the management of Matthew, they flopped because he didn’t invest the same amount of time in her project as he did Bey’s. When she left Matthew, she started to achieve much more success while Kelly (and Michelle) were left do fight for their solo careers. I’m not at all saying Bey doesn’t deserve her success is one of the most talented people out there, but so is Kelly.

    • Dray May 16, 2013

      Exactly. .I actually bought all of Kelly’s albums. .YES ME–A NAVY MEMBER and she was so underrated. Every single time she should have got the shine she deserved, here comes another Bey album or single dropping the same damn time. . .I said it was more than a coincidence after about the third time. that’s when I really started disliking that overblown blonde fraud Beyonce. Then the Hive has the audacity to say Kelly uses Bey or Kelly was never as this or that than Bey. . .chhhhhh. .she was always better.

  26. RIRI SLAY May 16, 2013

    Stars huh…. who are they stars on that list Plsss.

  27. miss thang May 16, 2013

    no wonder Beyonce cancelled her concert she knew Kelly was coming with this track and uno beyonce doesnt want to be outshone she has to stay in the news somehow. and to the ppl saying kelly is using beyonce name to promote this track that is utter nonsense,the song is called dirty laundry not beyonces dirty stinking laundry,i really hope kelly finally gets the recognition she deserves

  28. stephanie May 16, 2013

    I’ve had this on replay since yesterday!!! It’s awesome and so good to hear you sing RnB again!! Great job @The Dream and Kelly R! Looking forward to the album and seeing both of you in Toronto on your tour! xoxo

  29. fatusankoh May 16, 2013

    hatters have a sit you all have throwso much hate on bey for her god given you hatters will never win because you all are not god who dont know kell is jeolous of bey it was well know god continue to bless protect bey and her family from this hate mongers long live queen bey you are loved

  30. GAJE May 16, 2013


  31. TheHive May 16, 2013

    But why she tryin get noticed off bey name. Like she could of let the beyonce part out and saved it for an interview or something girl get cho life!.

  32. HoneychildPlease May 16, 2013

    Everything Kelly mentioned we all ready knew except the abuse part! We knew she was Beyfrauds subordinate all these years….I hope more people come out, an tell their stories! How they were abused by this b****! * sips tea*

  33. HoneychildPlease May 16, 2013

    Everything Kelly mentioned we all ready knew except the abuse part! We knew she was Beyfrauds subordinate all these years….I hope more people come out, an tell their stories! How they were abused by this b****! * sips tea*

  34. HoneychildPlease May 16, 2013

    If only kelly was rihanna…She would have given that fat fraud lot’s of competition especially if she would have left matty early in her career! Rihanna was the only real person to put that fraud in her place, and knock her fat ass off her high horse!!! I bet kelly wishes deep down inside she could have done the same thing…..

  35. beyonces weave May 16, 2013

    Honey child please I agree with everything you just said,its about time ppl stopped licking beyonces ass,she aint no one special,if she went on staged fully clothed no one would be interested in her,all she does is make sexual movements ons stage she belongs in a lapdancing club,tbh I’m getting sick of beyonce now,she gets on my nerves,she’s fake and not real

  36. Musik_Lover May 16, 2013

    Reading some of these comments is truly disgusting & shameful. I still applaud Kelly for even mustering up enough strength and courage to sing about her personal feelings and struggles. This song is not about Bey. It’s about how she felt about herself and the effects of a bad relationship. For years, throughout her solo career people have said she didn’t have enough confidence or that she would never make it as a solo act. Society as well as the industry placed her in Bey’s shadow which drove this mindset within herself to feel she would never be good enough. She reveals in the song that her ex turned her against her sister and I’m very sure everyone else. Kelly’s fans have always believed in her and knew she was just as talented as Bey and could carve out her own lane in this industry and be successful. That she has done over the past few years. I mean for people to call her a flop is ridiculous when she was in Destiny’s Child. This was her story & it is a game changer for Kelly because it sheds light on what happens behind closed doors of closed doors. I’ve always supported her and will continue to do that.

    • Dray May 16, 2013

      I predict that IF. . .ONLY IF.. .Kelly can start distancing herself from Beyonce in what ever means necessary then will she start seeing success. She needs to put Kelly first and forget this sister thing with her–she was only a sister climbing on her back to solohood . .it amuses me when people say Beyonce had no control over anything but now she’s QUEEN & KING. She wanted to see Kelly’s downfall and karma is THE KING BISH of them all.

      • HoneychildPlease May 16, 2013

        Facts!!!!!! you said that hun!!

      • myrl22 May 29, 2013

        I agree, Kelly needs to keep that sister thing PRIVATE. I don’t mean she shouldn’t have a sisterhood with bey but she shouldn’t be proclaiming it from every roof top. WHEN DO U EVER SEE BEY REFER TO KELLY AS “HER SISTER?” NEVER! the more she would say is that “we grew up together and she is LIKE FAMILY” I love the song and believe that it hits all the right note but I hope when she does promotion for it, she ask not to be asked about Bey but the abuse and how therapeutic this song. BUT WE KNOW KELLY, ALL PROMO GONNA BE ABOUT BEYONCE N SHE WOULD SIT AND PRAISE HER SISTER WHO NEVER RETURN THE FAVOR


  37. Shawn May 16, 2013

    If u stil hv a prblm wth Bey ai shem ur wastin ur time bcz dt woman dd her best nd if she wnt to quit releasin albums she cn do it anytym nd her tours tickets wl always sell in 7minutes anada ting dt women she is nt like Rihanna, she dsnt nid to release album evry yr bcz if she release album dis yr it wl always b playd i mean evn in 4yrs to c** u wont cy ahh dis song is old nd out of fashion just like Rihanna’s songs, wen lst dd u play Got me Bodied or End of time myb yestaday nd im definetly sure u danced ur butts off nd Whn lst dd u play Umbrella,You da one or Stay ahh myb u ddnt evn finish playn thm cz al u tink abt is fresh music frm Rihanna

  38. DIGGER BEY May 16, 2013

    Bwahahahaah @ this stupid c*nt @ Honey Child & Dray. U b****** mad that no one will never take R**** serious? And please….R**** wishes she could knock THE QUEEN OF HER THRONE! NEVER B******! @ beyonce Weave……Yessssssssssssss C*nt, STAY MAD BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. U mad that THE QUEEN can stand on an stage with clothes on and still critics will say, how she slayed vocally bwahahahahahahaha. B**** u mad, that ur Raggedy Ass Non Singing Favs can’t do that. B**** why don’t u go and wash ur ass crack and stop worrying about THE QUEEN! #BOW DOWN H***

  39. DIGGER BEY May 16, 2013

    Bwahahhaahaha These delusional Rihtarted B****** don’t have an brain bwahahahahahahahahah. When did Kelly say THE QUEEN was selfish? When did she say anything bad about her???? Just wondering delusional f***. Please learn how to intercept things. Stanning for Hoeianna has fried u b****** brain, worser than any drug could do bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahah

  40. DIGGER BEY May 16, 2013

    Lmao I cant…..with these delusional Rihc*nts. @ Dray….Chile? And who are u? Who gives a damn who the Gavy likes or dislikes. Rihoeanna doesn’t even like u Dumb Delusional C*nts lmao. The H** is always on twitter callin u all dumb and telling u all to get an life bwahahhahahahha. Goodbye, cause u all are delusional low life miserable no life c*nts.

  41. Shawn May 16, 2013

    Dirty laundry is very gd nd nawadays we hv many artists, many songs we listen to difrnt genre electro,rnb nd pop we gt bored wen we listen to 1 song it gets out of fashion dsnt top de chats 4 lng but every1 start sumwer wth a hit dt evry1 wl rememba nd nxt tym wen ppl hear ur voice again dy b like wow i knw dis artist is dt 1 hu sings Dirty laundry, wt im tryn to cy is Kelly Rowland dd dt song 4 hr self nd 4 public it dsnt matter weda ur a fan or not bt as lng as u heard it nd it dsnt matter hw u fil abt it wat matters is dt her career as solo artist is growin wth dos kind of a song, wt she sings abt its wat she feels same applys to Bey wen she started singn she ws crazy in love dts y most of her songs ws abt hw dangerously in love is she hw she wnt Jayz to pay her bills nd hw she wnt to cater 4 hm it ws hapi tyms dos days wth DC nd nw its Kelly she could hv came clean afta simply deep album jst like hw Adele felt wn she released 21 its obvious dt she ws heart broken afta 19 bt in case kelly kept quite nd dd music to pls us wth songs like motivation etc. Now out of topic lets tok abt Nicki Minaj hu started collaboratin wth lil kim bcz she saw lil kim as a brave girl hu dsnt hv jealous etc den nicki signed to YMCM started releasin mixtapes den Kim felt jealous dt hr songs r being liked by evry young girl den she startd beefin wth nicki bt jst bcz nicki dsnt care weda u hv been in dis industry 4 lng or nt den she put hr dwn, ppl started talkn dt nicki is disrespectful in ada wrd wen a persn hv been in dis industry 4 lng tyk u like ur sum kind of a s*** u mst beg hr NO WAYS evn nicki said dt u cnt respect jst bcz she hv been in dis industry 4 lng nd dsnt respect u, beef wth u fil jealous of u same applys to Mariah she tot nicki wl tyk hr spot in AI nd started beefin wth nicki den nicki ddnt buy it she tld hr s*** ppl started cyn nicki is disrespectful c** on guys its nt lyk nicki hired hr self in AI nd she ddnt knew mariah wl fil jealous of hr bcz dy hv collaborated its obvious dts y al dis artists beefin wth nicki r jealous bcz she toppd chats in short of a tym nd she bcm famous fast again its new generation artist cums nw in 6mnths she/he bcm famous in past yrs it ws hard to bcm famous bcz social netwrks ws nt dt popular like now dts y most of old artist started in church or disco bt nawadays artists dy jst do demo den sent it if u like it dy myks u famous so jealousy is borin. Do u knw dt if anada young boy hu sings jst like Bieber cums den bieber wl start beefin wth hr

  42. tera May 16, 2013

    first of all kelly shld ave limb of the boy rass hand them bc obviously hes not a man sec i dont think its nelly she woudnt sing anymore songs with him thirdly bey is just that self centred selfish covetous badmind b****!!!!!!!!!!!! rem when they cut the mike on kelly when bey finish performed cld this get any better the vale is finally comin of kellys face to c what kind of snake she is satan lock him gate on mattew and beyonce when him c them comin

  43. tera May 16, 2013

    dont worry kelly u will overcome ur obstacles and problems god is there for every1 girl ur the head and not the tail u will prevail

  44. DIGGER BEY May 16, 2013

    ^^^^^^B**** STFU!

    • tera May 17, 2013

      thats the only 1 word in ur vocabulary ### u and u muma a di bloodcloth b****!!!!!!! suck u mada u mouth stink like toilet

  45. Nelly May 17, 2013

    You go my girl Kelly! All these people hating on you are 11 year-olds who know nothing and understand nothing about nothing in real life! Which one of you on here feels like Mathew had a lot to do with this abuse? Mathew abused Kelly Emotionaly and as for Beyonce i can’t really talk about her because this is about Kelly and what Kelly wants us her fans to know! I just wish and hope that she be promoted just like they promote many other artists! And to you all oh here dissing Rihana you better get a sit hence Riri is the s*** here in Europe! She is on each and every radio station every 15 minutes! I travelled last month through five countries by car and i noticed Rihana and Alicias songs were being played in all of these countries but Rihana leads…. She is not just loved by hney boys but by every age group! People talk of her voice not the way she dances or dresses! Kelly is my girl and i wish she had someone strong behund her career! Someone like Jay Z and many other strong producers….

  46. tera May 17, 2013

    @nelly i do

  47. Shanice May 17, 2013

    SMH. The whole purpose of the song completely went over the heads of most if not all of you. You will find any excuse in the world to badmouth Beyonce. In the song, Kelly says her sister told her to leave, how is that being selfish? What the hell does Mathew have to do with this? Beyonce and Kelly are sisters because they grew up together, in the same house, shared a bedroom, mostly raised by the same two people.

    Kelly, I applaud you for finally being strong enough to tell us about what happened to you, even though you tried on Destiny Fulfilled and Rose Colored Glasses

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