Vote: The Best of Music Biopics

(From left to right:  Beyonce as Etta James,  Angela Bassett as Tina Turner, Jennifer Lopez as Selena)


Usher, Justin Timberlake, Nina Simone, and Marvin Gaye are just some of the many known names in music who will see themselves involved to some capacity in a biopic this year. 

Indeed, the coveted biopic role has launched many-an-act to stardom in its tenure by bringing to light the real personal lives of celebrated public figures. 

Most recently, VH1 has taken the reins in preparation of a TLC biopic and continues to tease fans with snaps from the set of the highly anticipated film (like the one seen here).  With many great biopics of yesteryear to live up to, our excitement for the venture leads us to ask you – That Grape Juice faithful:

Whose biopic has been the best so far?

Just ask actors Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Lopez and Angela Bassett and they will attest to the power of the music biopic as it has arguably lent their most memorable performances yet (portraying Ray Charles, Selena and Tina Turner respectively). 

Singers, on the other hand, have found the mighty musical memoir to be just as valuable as it has afforded them the platform to demonstrate their acting chops.  One needn’t look any further than Diana Ross’s legendary depiction of ‘Lady Day’ – iconic jazz singer Billie Holliday – in the Academy Award nominated ‘Lady Sings the Blues’.

But, while some have earned critical and commercial acclaim for bringing to life the tales of other figures affront movie screens, talents like Prince, Fantasia, and 50 Cent prove that sometimes the best person to tell the tale is the one who lived it.

Whatever the presentation format,  history has imparted movie lovers its fair share of new views on some of their favorite music acts via the biopic.

We have our favorites, but now you tell us:

Your thoughts?

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  1. TruthSpeaker May 6, 2013

    just voted and Selena is currently topping the polls with 33.3% while Cadillac Records falls behind with a close 0%! Guess the Bey-Hive thought Bey sucked in that movie too. lol her acting is as bad as Kristen Stewart’s

    • Rach May 6, 2013

      Not any more!

      • @Fashionjunkiee May 7, 2013

        ^ F*** outta here.

  2. bam bam May 6, 2013

    Hard choices because Angela Bassett played the hell out of Tina and Jaime played the hell out of Ray decisions decisions……….

    • HALF AMAZIN May 6, 2013

      And those two ARE the best hands down. Lets not cloud judgement with anything else the “actor” may do professionally ( sing, dance, c****** pop, whatever)

      Beyonce, Diana Ross, and JLo are marginal actresses. Angela SLAYED with portrayal and emotion!! actually….Angela wins!

  3. king z May 6, 2013

    it’s no contest! ‘WHAT LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT’ is the best biopic ever. i can still watch tht movie over and over.

    angela killed that role!

  4. Rach May 6, 2013

    I absolutely loved Ray!

  5. Daddy2Rough May 6, 2013

    Angela as Tina

  6. Suicide Blonde May 6, 2013

    “Ray” as for interpretation, hands down, Halley Berry did a wonderful job in “The Dorothy Dandridge Story”, Angela Bassett too and J.Lo was Selena like even the Quintanilla’s say they cried every time they saw her cuz she was identical to Selena, it’s a really touching movie. Beyonce doesn’t deserve a mention in this case.

  7. HoneyChildPlease May 6, 2013

    Beyonce in Cadillac records though LMFAOOOoo i can’t!

    • . : : h 2 o : : . May 6, 2013

      Your favs can never and will never so . . . .

    • Jewell May 6, 2013

      Glitter. Battleshit.

      • Drew May 6, 2013


    • Rosie May 6, 2013

      Did as good as the goat you stan for in Animal Farm.

  8. WhoGonCheckMe May 6, 2013

    Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and 8 Mile should not even be mentioned.

  9. Georgia May 6, 2013

    My top:
    – Whats love got to do with it
    – Lady Sings the Blues
    – Ray
    But Beyoncé did a decent job in Cadillac Records, no it doesn’t touch the most of the others I don’t stan for her but I was impressed with her in that film.

  10. Markell May 6, 2013


  11. Tried It May 6, 2013

    WTF is get rich or die tryin doing there lmao.

  12. Kayla May 6, 2013

    8 Mile, Cadillac Records, The Temptations,What’s Love Got to Do with It, Ray, Little Richard Story, Selena, Why Do Fools Fall In Love,and Purple Rain!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 I LOVE THESE!!!!

  13. Likica May 6, 2013

    J. Lo as Selena ofc.

  14. Yaz May 6, 2013

    Dorothy Dandridge and Whats Love got to do with it! So many good films!

  15. Silvy May 6, 2013

    My favs:
    -What’s love got to do with it
    -Purple Rain
    -Cadillac Records
    -8 mile (it isn’t really a biopic, but love it anyway)

  16. rihking (GODFATHER) May 6, 2013

    Cadillac records?? Major KIIIIIII. What’s love got to do with it FTW.

    • Drew May 6, 2013

      She did better than your razzie winning fav. I wouldn’t be kiiiii’ing when you stan for that!

  17. Drew May 6, 2013

    Ray! Mr Foxx did that!

    • Mike May 6, 2013


      Beyonce’s performance can’t hold a candle to Jamie Foxx’s

  18. Lmao May 6, 2013

    I liked Dreamgirls, but Ray was a good one also. I love Jamie Foxx

  19. DOSSOME May 6, 2013

    I adore everything Angela Basset does and she played Tina flawlessly…She’s always my favorite African American actress

    • MuiMui May 6, 2013

      I always loved that movie and angela did a good job,but in the back of my mind i always wondered if they ever asked Beyonce to do that movie since she loves Tina so much.

      • Drew May 6, 2013

        Beyonce was too young when that movie came out lolololol!

      • LilKimsOldFace May 6, 2013

        Not to mention Beyonce Cant act and she sounds like shes reading a script even when shes talking regular.

  20. quetta May 6, 2013

    Wow, this is a tough one. But angelina as tina is probably my fav.

  21. Jackieyonce May 6, 2013

    I will never forget this day when I saw beyonce perform I’d rather go blind>>> and he dies. One of the saddest movies ever

  22. Jackieyonce May 6, 2013

    Cadillac and what’s love got to do with it. My faves.
    Rihanna fans shouldn’t be commenting. Atleast bey got a GOLDEN GLOBE nomination for this role not a razzi so king basic sit your alien forehead down boo

    • HALF AMAZIN May 6, 2013

      Gurl, stop. Rihanna has never been in a biopic so remind me again why this comparison is relevant.

      if you’d like to compare…Beyonces acting debut was a made for tv musical. Rihannas was a big budget movie. And sure, Battleship wasn’t as successful as anticipated, but WAY to start when nobody’s seen you act except for clownin on SNL

      • Lol May 7, 2013

        Are we just gonna forget that ratchet ass mess that was rihanna in the 2006 TV movie bring it on?

  23. Loyalty May 6, 2013

    Omg so hard. Some brilliant movies. My faves have got to be Angela Basset/Tina, Jamie Foxx/Ray and Halle Berry/Dorothy. I also love Purple Rain omg. And quit shading Bey. She wasn’t even bad in that movie. She actually did a great job and really showed up and showed out vocally and acting wise. Some people just love to hate because her name is there.

  24. Jackieyonce May 6, 2013

    Honeychildplease sweety 🙂 you’re a rihanna stan you shouldn’t be commenting. This post is for real talented musicians and legends. I suggest that you take a sit 🙂

    • NΛVI May 6, 2013

      This post has abosultely nothing to do with Rihanna yet you’re the only one who find some strange stupid how to bring her into the mix…and what’s even worst you don’t even ilke her. idgi!! this chick really has your mind lol.

  25. HOWYOULIKEIT May 6, 2013

    Cadillac records slayed everybody. Beyonce’s voice was full of soul.
    All I could do was cry
    Trust in me
    I’d rather go blind
    Once in a lifetime
    At last

  26. RoyalKev May 6, 2013

    I have to declare What’s Love Got To Do With It the winner! Hands Down! Angela was Tina, it was just memorable and so powerful!

    Although I haven’t seen Lady Sings The Blues in it’s entirety I’m convinced Diana Ross has to be the best singer/actress that ever lived(or at least in the top 3 of all time).

    Selena was also a great film. I thoroughly enjoyed it, Jlo did a great job.

    I haven’t seen Ray, but you can tell J. Foxx likely did an outstanding job. I probably didn’t bother supporting it because Jamie irks me.

    As for Beyonce, she was on point playing Etta! She’s shown great improvement in her acting by that time. I personally think her role in Dreams Girls was a bit underrated. If that movie is loosely based off the life of The Supremes than she nailed her portrayal of Diana! I thought her body language and small gestures were really well thought out!

    • bey fan May 6, 2013

      ohhh yeah….Bey has came a long way…. she still has growing to do as an actor, but I thought her role as Etta was really good.

  27. Dev May 6, 2013

    People need to be real. the best are Diana Ross – The lady sings the blues. Angela Basset – Whats love… Jamie – Ray and the a mention for J-Lo om Selena, and Fantasia. The rest didnt really dop it for me and the best thing out of the jacksons was Jason Weaver ans the young Michael

  28. Clear28 May 6, 2013

    J-lo as Salena
    Jamie foxx as Ray
    Angela as Tina

    An as for Cadillac Records Beyonce was ok But the other
    Actors made the movie for what it was like Jeffrey Wright
    As Muddy Waters and I love Columbus Short as little
    Walter and Mos Def who killed his part as Chuck Berry.The
    Only problem with Beyonce part was it had nothing to do with who she
    Was playing it was really about her ( she used her voice in the singing parts
    Instead of Etta and she never met her until she seen her on the red carpet) it came out in her acting
    If she would sat down and talk to Etta like Jamie fox did with Ray Charles or followed her around a few
    Days and got to know who Miss Etta was she would have did a better job.

    Temtations was my movie but I didn’t like the actor that they
    Choose to play Otis he sucked foreal

  29. bey fan May 6, 2013

    Angela Bassett hands down….. Ray was good too

  30. mc the place to be! May 6, 2013

    Temptations!!!! and what’s love got to do with it mostly because people quote the lines off of that movie ALOT!!! i can’t really choose because i love lady sings the blues and selena also and did you put the FIVE HEARTBEATS on here?! shame of you sam!

  31. Jackieyonce May 6, 2013

    Angie killed it too. She was tina turner

  32. LilKimsOldFace May 6, 2013

    Whats Love got to do with it and Selena are by far the BEST! Angela and Jennifer both played the hell out those roles!

  33. DIGGER BEY THE KING May 6, 2013

    Its out of Jamie playing Ray or The Temptations or Angela playing Tina. And I’m gonna say, hands down Angela playing Tina Turner! Luv her homage to The Mother of THE QUEEEEEEEEEN!

  34. Blue May 6, 2013

    Is there even a question?

    Angela as tina
    only movie that still brings me to tears… Got me to eally appreciate the women tina was

  35. Maestro J May 6, 2013

    These are movies that had great soundtracks with actors in movies that was ‘LOOSELY BASED’ lol… y’all cuttin up if yall thought PURPLE RAIN was a BIO PIC lol…Princes dad was NOT abusive lol and his Mother was not crazy lol.. and CURTIS JACKSON AINT NOBODIES GANGSTA BITCHBOOBYE

  36. Maestro J May 6, 2013

    Oh but hands down the BEST BIO PIC is WHATS LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT … it not only launched ANGELA BASSETT into SUPERSTARDOM but it also revived Tina’s already successful career…
    for me #2 is THE JACKSONS AMERICAN DREAM- SO many actors so much story in so little time

  37. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 6, 2013



    • Likica May 6, 2013

      LOL LOL LOL I can’t. 😀

      • @Fashionjunkiee May 7, 2013


    • MC May 6, 2013


      I mean what type of snub?

      Glitter the best movie created by the best actress of all the, Messiah Christ.

  38. Navy Nick May 6, 2013

    RoyalKev said it perfect! HANDS DOWN ANGELA WINS THIS!

  39. Latrell4Bey May 6, 2013

    n**** it was hard to chose between Whats Love Got To do With It and Why Do Fools Fall In Love.

  40. NΛVI May 6, 2013

    To this day i don’t understand how Angela Bassett didn’t win an Oscar for portraying Tina turner, it’s beyond me.

  41. Sass May 6, 2013

    Whats love got do with it and Temptations are my favorites!

  42. mark111 May 6, 2013

    All the actors/actress looked like the person they played, except Beyonce, she just looked like Beyonce with a wig in Cadillac Records, but I thought she looked great in Dream Girls and had Ross body movements down to the t. But ANGELA was TINA! All the movies are great tho and Salena was J.lo’s best acting. Let’s not forget the guy who played MJ in the Jacksons movie. I can’t wait til they find the perfect actress to play Aaliyah, but until then, the TLC movie will be a great made for tv film.

  43. Kevin_Lee_1985 May 6, 2013

    LaBamba is my shiiizzzzz! i watch that and Selena back to back every once and a while =) #RitchieValens

  44. mr.m May 6, 2013

    Cadillac Records won the “Glitter” award for:
    Selena is the best .. That movie + J.Lo >>>>>>>>

    • MC May 6, 2013

      Hey lamb!

      Did you enjoy #Beautiful? I know you’d be the first to buy it.

  45. Kent May 6, 2013

    I love every song bey sang on cadillac records esp once in a lifetime(golden globe nom) all i could was cry etc and d performance was best av seen from her so far

  46. MC May 6, 2013

    As Pop already mentioned, the iconic Glitter takes the cake.

    When will your faves have that type of iconic, legendary movie? That iconic era? That iconic soundtrack? That iconic mental break down? Neva. 😥

  47. BashBased May 6, 2013

    Angela,Jamie, and J-Lo take the cake here.
    Despite what people from this generation say, Diana Ross was snubbed because Liza was Judy Garlands daughter…If you know anything about old school Hollywood..connections often earned you an Academy Award..Plus Diana was a solid actress. Who actually remembers that terrible ass cabaret movie anyway? While its over 30 yrs later and Diana Ross’s portrayal of Queen Billie are still being talked about till this day.
    I love Mariah but only a stan(very few) would say glitter was a great movie.
    As far as Beyonce in Cadillac Records…Her acting got better.. But like any movie she plays in, its always the music I like more than her actual acting performance.
    Some of her best work musically are on soundtracks

  48. NYC May 6, 2013

    Selena and Whats love got to do with it. hands down!

  49. ccfan007 May 6, 2013

    Selena of course! such a touching movie. RIP!

  50. Sundayluv May 7, 2013


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