Epic: Ciara Tops Urban Radio With ‘Body Party’ / Outperforms Rihanna’s ‘Pour It Up’

Published: Friday 28th Jun 2013 by David

She may not have gone anywhere to her fans….but to the rest of the world, Ciara is well and truly back!

That’s right, by way of her seductive new number ‘Body Party‘, the Southern Belle has topped Urban radio this week- scoring more spins than any other act- kicking dust in the face of Rihanna‘s ‘Pour It Up‘.

Details below…

With over 200,000 units sold its release, the cut scored 3,923 impressions on Urban stations across the country- helping to push its sales even further to the 300,000 mark, without the benefit of an aired televised performance!

Quite interestingly, despite now selling over 1 million units, Rihanna‘s ‘Pour It Up’ was simply no match for Ciara’s ‘Party’ this week, scoring only 1,917 plays- forcing it one spot down to #10 as momentum for the club cut dies down.

However, the real winner in this airplay battle is producer Mike Will– responsible for producing both cuts.

Indeed, after watching ‘Pour’ peak at #19 on the Billboard Hot 100, he now enjoys more fruits of his labor as ‘Party’ continues to rise on the very same chart, marking one the fastest rising R&B jams from a female act since Kelly Rowland‘s ‘Motivation’ and Beyonce‘s feel good classic ‘Love On Top‘, which peaked at #20.

Be sure to pick up Cici’s self titled new album when it drops, July 9th!


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  1. Super Cisus June 28, 2013

    WHERE THEM HATERS AT? Waiting for them hahahahahahaha!!!

    • TurntUp4Cici June 28, 2013

      I can’t wait till my b**** Rosie gets here. She finna drag all those Navi heauxs till infinity and beyond.

      • NaviKissKiss June 28, 2013

        But Rosie’s flop ass drags you everyday so what are you talking about b****.

      • Draggin4MrsCarter June 28, 2013

        Oh look, the Queen of the loose p**** brigade is here. How many could you fit in this time Navi?

      • NaviKissKiss June 28, 2013

        Sweetie, if anybody’s p**** is loose here it’s you. You remind me of one randy s*** I went to school with, she was part of the Hoodhive too.

      • VisionOfMimi June 28, 2013

        What a bunch of crass girls you are.

      • HerNameIsSasha June 28, 2013

        Girls! What’s the tea on Christina’s homegirl Red, she stay coming for Rihanna on Instagram.

      • Lovebird June 28, 2013

        I cannot stand that Rosie b****.

    • ZXVVZQWRWQR June 28, 2013

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    • TruthSpeaker June 28, 2013

      all i have to say is a big LOL

    • WHO GIVES A F*** June 28, 2013

      Compare Body Party to Diamonds… LOL

  2. CC June 28, 2013

    That´s my girl !!!!!!!!!!

  3. JJFan1814 June 28, 2013

    Well, I would hope so that Body Party would outperform Pour It Up. PIU never released as an official single nor does it have a video unlike BP…..So, nice try trying to downplay Rihanna though Sam.

    Congrats to Ci though.

    • TurntUp4Cici June 28, 2013

      Shut up trick and go and find Janet a new hit.

      • WHO GIVES A F*** June 28, 2013

        body party had to WORRKKK hard as f*** to get where it is.. pour it up needed no effort to become platinum HAHAHA try again c-squad nappy heads!

    • Ball So Hard June 28, 2013

      I wanna squeal @jjfan1814 because I totally agree. The bottom line is that PIU has outsold BP going platinum without no promo nor a video. The struggle for Ciara to get a number 1 on the urban charts was real painful to watch. she must be exhausted!

    • Chiiild June 28, 2013

      Not only that Rihanna’s PIU has been out longer then Ciara’s BP and has been certified platinum without that video and it being an official single. So let’s be honest Rihanna is winning> no shade at all!

  4. BeyWhoUWanna June 28, 2013


    • Super Cisus June 28, 2013

      NO LIE

  5. Lana Del Slay June 28, 2013

    Rihanna’s about to go off on Instagram because of this. She’s childish like that.

  6. . : : h 2 o : : . June 28, 2013

    Ahahahahaha FLOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!

  7. RitasLipstick June 28, 2013

    Haha yes b******. Now what?!

    • ItsCheryl2bh June 28, 2013

      Rita still shagging for beats?

      • BrunoMartian June 28, 2013


      • RitasLipstick June 28, 2013

        Cheryl still chasing after Vibrashley?

      • ItsCheryl2bh June 28, 2013

        Was it 20 or 21 guys she banged. I always forget.

      • MarinaWantsTheD June 28, 2013


  8. Princess Roman June 28, 2013

    The Queen Of R&B is here!!

  9. BeachHouseBritney June 28, 2013

    What kind of wig snatch?

  10. JARED (WHITE DUDE) June 28, 2013


    Seriously @Samantha/TGJ? Seriously…? Clearly, you cerated this post to induce a stan war.

    So are we seriously going to compare a ‘1 Million’ selling single, that was NOT officially released, to a song that WAS and IS your fave’s biggest ‘hit’ in over four years?

    The sales of Rihanna’s “Diamonds and Stay” records, alone, both domestically and internationally outsell Ciara’s entire discography anyway.


    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • NAVYQUEEN June 28, 2013


      & Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

    • FentySoSnatched June 28, 2013

      They know what they’re doing. They know PIU is slaying BP but want another hit thread.

      • CIARA’S NEW ALBUM June 28, 2013

        He’s mad because PIU is 10x better than Body Building Party Ha!

    • LOU June 28, 2013


      Dis site is a mess @Jared.

      Dey r truly delusional ya’ll and these Cory stans are worst.

      • AudienceOfTwo June 28, 2013

        Aww, I see the Titanic girls are mingling amongst yourselves. Don’t mingle for too long though, cos we coming for LACEFRONTS this year.

    • YouEvenKnowIt until IToldIt June 28, 2013

      Um Rihanna did release this on iTunes and the remix to it on iTunes. The only thing she has not release is the video. Plus her album is out so those one million plus comes from people buying it from her album. She’s on tour so really her ass should have sold more then two million by now. Now let me hear Navy and RihTarded excuses. 30 million Twitter followers and 7 to 8 million on instagram. But only get this much sales???? HILARIOUS

      • Navy Sailor June 28, 2013

        Wrong! If that’s the case why is Love Song only gold? That got airplay and wasn’t a single at all. Over one million people purchased the single…….DEAL!!!!

      • YouEvenKnowIt until IToldIt June 28, 2013

        No you deal her numbers don’t add up sweetie. Numbers never lie right??? Then explain why she haven’t at least hit three million on every single she release. I will wait…… tapping my fingers

    • MuiMui June 28, 2013

      Rihanna diamonds went number one in twenty countries.

  11. MYMIMI June 28, 2013

    LMAO!!! Pour It Up slayed Struggle Party for filth! PIU started losing momentum a month ago but it peaked at #19 without promo, a video or televised performance! 1.2 million sold. Tranny Party can’t even get into the top 30 nor will it go gold!!! Beautiful also slayed FLOPdy Party!

    • Ball So Hard June 28, 2013

      Beautiful had to slay. Mariah in anything will slay. Dont compare Mariah to this flop Ciara!

    • Stop! June 28, 2013


  12. OVODasher June 28, 2013

    Mike is doing the damn thing.

  13. WaitUrTurn88 June 28, 2013

    GTFOHWTBS. …..talk to me when body party can cme close to selling what pour it up did…..I got white boys at wrk singing pour it up….I am damn sure they r not gonna be singing body party!!!

  14. Jay Jay June 28, 2013

    She’s truly back this round. If she was “irrelevant” she wouldn’t have charted on the Billboard 100 let alone on the top 40 and be #1 on Urban Radio. Yes sorry and got me good flopped but at the end of day she rediscovered her lane that put her back on the map. Do I think ciara can reach Rihanna’s recent success or even the goodies and evolution days…possibly but her team and her has to be consistent. Overdose would be a World Wide hit and LIU so her team might want to release those as the next singles.

    S/N – Her look & sound has been right this era.

    And TGJ I love y’all but y’all didn’t have to make this post as ciara vs Rihanna post

    • blue June 28, 2013

      the chances of cici reliving her glory (wanna say days but it was soo short lived) day…is about 0 to never.

      it doesnt happen for anyone unless you are robbie williams

  15. NAVYQUEEN June 28, 2013


    A MESS GIRL!!!

    I won’t with Samuella today,,,,,,,,


  16. Shauwndapooh June 28, 2013

    Pour it up went 19 on billboard with no promo no.video at all body party debut top 40 because rihanna a little attention to ciara but still its a good thing for ciara good job

  17. Jay Jay June 28, 2013

    Looooooooooooooooooooool the desperation is incredibly real! Not Pour It Up selling a million copies despite it not having a video or promo. And body party only selling a measly 300,000 copies despite being an official singles and benifirting from a video and promo as well as televised performances. The struggle! Kiiiii. Sam you really tried it!

    • steph June 28, 2013

      Body Party hasn’t had not ONE single TV performance! So sit your ass down and Pour it Up has been out way long so that’s why it’s sold more!

      • Molly June 28, 2013

        pour it up wasn’t pushed as a single tho

    • YouEvenKnowIt until IToldIt June 28, 2013

      Why are you all saying it wasn’t release as a single. It was and she tried to push it to more with that not needed remix with all the male rappers on it. She put it on her Twitter account and told fans it was on iTunes. Rihanna fans can y’all stop lying. Damn she sell singles everybody know this I mean I beginning to see why the call y’all RihTarted now and not the Navy. Y’all dumb as hell lmao!

      • Navy Sailor June 28, 2013

        But where was the promo sis? The performances? The video? Yes, it was SENT to urban radio but it slayed on its OWN. #PayHomage

      • YouEvenKnowIt until IToldIt June 28, 2013

        Navy Sailor go on and change your name to Lost At Sea. She is on tour right? Do she perform this on tour? Did she not release it on iTunes? She did shoot the video for it, right? Do she not tweet it? And they released it on radio right? So she has diamonds piu stay and love song all release to radio because they are singles. If they wasn’t then her other songs would be on radio from unapologetic right? I don’t know who the hell some of you are trying to fool be it ain’t me! HILARIOUS well not anymore Rihanna Stan Base is kind of 🙁 to me now. Wait I forgot some of you ride the mini bus so let me break it down to you Rihtarded fans are SAD 🙁 LMAO 🙂

      • Navy Sailor June 28, 2013

        When was Love Song released as a single? Ill wait! Even Future stated that he wanted it to be a single, but Rihanna paid it dust. She NEVER performed PIU on TELEVISION. She virtually IGNORED the song. She shot the video after the song died. Even SAM (a known Rihanna hater) acknowledged the fact that it SLAYED with zero promo! And FYI “Pour It Up” was SLAYING before it was even SENT to radio….so they had no choice but to officially release it. 😆 keep seething!

      • YouEvenKnowIt until IToldIt June 28, 2013

        Boo Boo you can’t say she had no promo for it if the label release these four songs on the radio. And she not performing on tv because she is on tour. Hello that’s another way she is promoting it. Get out her ass and use common sense. Again Future is talking about a video love song have already went gold or on its way to being gold. How is that POSSIBLE if it’s not release as a single on the radio???? She is performing love song at her concert right??? So people hear it and they like it nine out of ten they going to go and do what………. come on I know you know the answer. Show me you can get off that short yellow bus 🙂 There’s many ways to promoting these singles without doing a video or performing it live on tv. And Rihanna management did it through releasing the singles on radio which is so smart. LMAO let me know when you had enough because I can make you look this – < big all day. 🙂

      • kayyyyySlayyyy June 28, 2013

        LMFAO YounGot the Navy Fired! Rihanna got snatched and these b****** can’t take a loss. Isn’t Rihanna overhaul Winning? Why you b****** mad then?

      • MuiMui June 28, 2013

        Rihannas Loud Craps and spites on many albums
        as quiet as its kept with Sales,tour , number one hits, and endorsements and helped Rihanna make it to the music top heavy Hitters.
        And Rihanna had a 25 Million Dollar Endorsement deal and Sponsorship with Nivea, Remember.
        And Loud also helped Rihanna make it to that number 7 spot of the pollstar 25 top tours of 2011 and when did any one her age of 23 do as well because looking back Rihanna at 223 beat Beyonce who was in a group at the time she was 23 years young, lol.

      • MuiMui June 28, 2013

        Rihanna at the age of 23 beat Beyone in tour for that age and many others who are supposed to be bigger and better than she is.

      • quetta June 28, 2013

        Rofl…he dragged that R******…haha

  18. KING RIH June 28, 2013

    She was also back with Ride and well, we know how that turned out. She wont sell over 65k first week. hell, prolly wont sell 50k first week.

  19. Mk June 28, 2013

    You tried it sam with rihanna. Pour it has been #1 for like how long? It is dying bds death hence why it’s going down. LEAVE RIHANNA ALONE!!

  20. AzealiaBankable June 28, 2013

    23 comments in half an hour. Ciara’s impact though.

  21. TaylorSwift1Stan June 28, 2013

    Euwww! I prefer Pour It Up. Ciara is TRASH!!!

  22. Nay June 28, 2013

    Well you guys can do this stan s*** back and forth i dont give a f*** congrats to ciara im glad shes back on the map
    make sure you catch her this month and the next.
    ***Ciaras promo schedule***
    6/30 – BET Awards
    7/2 – Chelsea Lately
    7/2 – Kimmel
    7/8-12 – 106&park (performance everyday for 4 days)
    7/9 – GMA
    7/10 – Live!
    7/11 – Wendy
    7/12 – Fallon


  23. Jace June 28, 2013

    You guys really reached for this. Unapologetic has been released since nov 2012 and pour it up was never a real single. Body party was released late march and as big of Ciara as I am I won’t her to do it the right way! Lets not have ciara stoop to immature antics to prove herself. Let the no talent controversial “cough” singer have her shine as I listen to what Rihanna should be afraid is Ciara’s infectious overdose. Shade to Rihanna included

  24. Mk June 28, 2013

    Besides dat b**** is dead even b4 her lp drops. Want proof? Check her last lp opening sales. HORRIBLE!!

  25. Mk June 28, 2013

    Pour it up is my jam nt the Bp crap!!

  26. BitchyBey June 28, 2013

    Girl, Rihanna is still mad that Future chose Ci over her.

    • CIARA IS QUEEN……..OF THE FLOPS!!! June 28, 2013


      • BitchyBey June 28, 2013

        How can Future be mad when LS is making him money that Rihanna doesn’t see. #Publishing #LazyBitch #YoMamaTwerksForIcedTeaAndCheetos

      • Navy Sailor June 28, 2013

        I think you may want to check those writing credits again boo 😆

  27. CIARA IS QUEEN……..OF THE FLOPS!!! June 28, 2013

    Body Party – 238k #THEPHUCKINSTRUGGLE

  28. RiRi bad June 28, 2013

    When body parts sell a million copies without a video then get back at me….oh wait.

  29. Britney Stan June 28, 2013

    Body party been out over 3 months and hasn’t gone gold yet Sam what are you bragging for?

  30. DOSSOME June 28, 2013

    y’all need to chill here…Bodyguard Party is far from a flop.An urban song doing great on urban radio.Well the sales could’ve been better but the airplay has been solid thus far…So many of you predicted the song would fall off the Hot 100 the week after debut but it’s been steady..

  31. Draggin4MrsCarter June 28, 2013

    Chris’ s*** best friend Red dissed the f*** out of Rihanna on IG. He said she bangs too many n*****. How does that make you feel Navy?

    • Navy Sailor June 28, 2013

      Lol who cares about what Chris ‘ leeches say? He should be worried about his nonstop lawsuits

    • MuiMui June 28, 2013

      DRAGGIN4MRSCARTES is such a lonely soul, lossed
      and always on her spot trying to make herself happy.
      Why is it right for your broke a^s to get paid and not alright for Rihanna,and all the things your broke booty says about Rihanna Right Back atcha,broke bitter bird.
      Who gives a f*&% about another worthless piece of crap like yourself dissing Rihanna,so what, broke bitter F*****.

      The reason you bring up others dissing her is because you are broke ,bitter love the mean things people say about her you are always mad over Rihanna awards and paper big time that is why you keep trying to put her down u broke f**.

  32. Bow down b****** June 28, 2013

    Not with BP struggling to sell 300k after being out since march…Sam you must want the gurls to drag Ciara

  33. BarbzRUs June 28, 2013

    It’s not even 5 am where I’m at and TGJ already have 30 comments in this thread. Kii kiii.

  34. Molly June 28, 2013

    Pour it up peaked at 19 & sold million with no video

    Body Party peaked at 35 with 238k sold with a video & performances

    The struggle to make shade Rihanna when Ciara will be lucky if body party goes gold.

    • YouEvenKnowIt until IToldIt June 28, 2013

      What performance she did live on tv???? That has not been shown yet so actually her first live performance of the song will be on BET AWARDS. Nice try though 🙂 BTW pour it up was on radio back when her album dropped and it’s now selling over a million. You all be TRYING IT in my Tamar voice with these half ass facts. 🙂

  35. JER June 28, 2013



    Pour It Up has already slayed months before it was released and months after. No video. No promotion. Just hot ratchet mess snatching your life.

    When will your fave sell a million copies of anything?

    The thirst

    The reach

    The desperation

    Foaming at the mouth


    Stay pressed imploded concave c****.

    BTW wheres BeYAWNce’s single Bow Down i mean Grown Woman wait i mean Rise Up wait no Flopping in the Sun. I dont see all her scratched singles slaying anything but the cutting room floor. Baii

    • KingBey/QueenOnika June 28, 2013

      Why don’t you worry about Rihanna making less money than girls who didn’t even work last year, ok boo boo.

    • Hadley June 28, 2013

      How can her singles slay when they are not even released #DUMB

  36. Navy Sailor June 28, 2013

    Lmao PIU came, slayed and left. Good for Ciara though…. 😆

  37. hellioss June 28, 2013

    WHAT A SHAME she presented nearly every song of her album before it came out cause it is good actually. No big potential hit (maybe Overdose?) but very cohesive and addictive.

  38. YouEvenKnowIt until IToldIt June 28, 2013

    Alright CiCi getting body party to number one on urban radio. I saw her tweet her fans to get it to number one and they responded. People on here can say what they want but Rihanna suppose to have all these followers yet her numbers never are good. I’m not going to even count Twitter because obviously they bought 24 million of those accounts. So let’s go to instagram over 7million followers I believe and she sold how many records with unapologetic and how many singles with pour it up???? If I was a Rihtarded Stan I would keep my mouth shut because she is not doing as great as she should. Adele and Pink will always be better than her! LMAO

    • JER June 28, 2013



      flop a bit ho

    • YouDidn’tEvenKnowIt Until IToldIt June 28, 2013

      Your momma flop on d**** all the time but you don’t hear me talking about her 🙂

  39. BeyLikeMe June 28, 2013

    Kiii I’m on Red’s instagram and he went in on Rihanna again.

    • Molly June 28, 2013

      dead at you stalking irrelevant peoples IGs tho she been a h** we know dat

      • Navy Sailor June 28, 2013

        I want to know who shes f***** besides Chris, Drake and Matt Kemp. And I need receipts.

      • BeyLikeMe June 28, 2013

        dead at you wiping from back to front.

      • BeyLikeMe June 28, 2013

        Why would Chris’ best friend say it if it wasn’t true.

      • Navy Sailor June 28, 2013

        My question is still unanswered

      • blue June 28, 2013

        better question why would a grown man be so interested in the love life of his friend’s ex? sounds to me like that queen is mad chris never recognised him as his official c*** sucker in public and instead went with the all female, smoking hot and richer then chris and his leeches put together rihanna

  40. Lana the legend June 28, 2013

    The struggle is real for this ugly tranny if her selling 200k after 3 months with a 1 dollar single is a comeback then wow how low the standards are for some of you people…

    • CandyWarhol June 28, 2013

      But how much has VG sold. Hmmm, I thought so.

  41. standing on the sun June 28, 2013

    Didn’t her album leak already? Smh 238k is how much she can sell with a $ 1.29 single i can only imagine how much the album will sell goodluck you’ll need it cici

    • t June 28, 2013

      oh she doesnt need that

  42. Bey Fan June 28, 2013

    Ohhhh well congrats… I like Body Party and Pour It Up…

    • YouEvenKnowIt until IToldIt June 28, 2013

      Exactly and do you know why you like both of them???? BECAUSE MIKE WILL MADE IT clearly they are focus on the wrong people. If it wasn’t for the producer and writers of these songs one of these artist wouldn’t have a hit. Hmmmm I wonder which one 🙂

      • Navy Sailor June 28, 2013

        4. “Pour It Up”
        Fenty Michael Williams Theron Thomas Timothy Thomas
        Mike Will Made-It J-Bo (co.)

        Body Party
        Ciara Harris Nayvadius Wilburn Michael L. Williams II Pierre Ramon Slaughter Carlton Mahone Rodney Terry

        Idk sis you may have to drop names 😆

      • YouEvenKnowIt until IToldIt June 28, 2013

        Rihanna. And clap clap for you, you found one song that she help write 🙂 Now let’s go through all her hits and let’s go through all Ciara hits. Hmmmm who wrote and produce more of their hits come on Lost At Sea tell me. I will wait for you to go Google it or huddle up with your friends on here. Lmao don’t come for me because I will sink that ass 🙂

      • Navy Sailor June 28, 2013

        She has credits on damn near every track on RR, TT & UNA 😆 I don’t have to google when I have all of her albums. 😆 LMAOOO boo you can go through Ciara’s 2004 hits if you please. Go through the 11 or 12 FLOP singles she had before BP. 😆 😆 😆

      • Navy Sailor June 28, 2013

        And before you even respond, I have no beef with Ciara. Only with her delusional ass stans. Y’all are jumping down the Navy’s throat in this post, when the Hive are the MAIN ones dissing Ciara on twitter. 😆 *backbends and 1, 2 steps out of post*

      • YouEvenKnowIt until IToldIt June 28, 2013

        LMAO she has credit!!!!! Wow lmao HILARIOUS 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank You for the good laugh BLAHAAAAAAAAA 🙂 Credit!!!!! That s*** is FUNNY 🙂

      • YouEvenKnowIt until IToldIt June 28, 2013

        Actually I like all of them I just can’t stand stupidity! I support good music what’s good to me but some Rihanna fans need to be brought back to earth. I can name a lot more artist that is doing what she do and don’t be all on twitter and INSTAGRAM cutting up to sell their brand or souls.

  43. Zenovia June 28, 2013

    Ciara will sell no more than Kelly Rowland. Her album is cheesy fluff. Is she 27 or 17? She’s been a fail since 2006. First album sold 3 million, second album 1 million #fad

  44. Lovebird June 28, 2013

    Cici is coming to slay this era, where them haters at, where? Cannot wait for her to SMASH with Overdose.

  45. Chillin June 28, 2013

    Congrats Cici!!!!

    • Navy Sailor June 28, 2013

      Will you marry me? You’re so nice and positive. I’m a little rough around the edges, but ill never bore you! 😆

    • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] June 28, 2013

      she’s Sane and Nice, I will give her that.

  46. cake like lady gaga June 28, 2013

    Epic indeed. The ratchet Navi is so pressed though.

    Goodies > Riherpes entire “musical career”

    #TRUTH #DEAL!!!!!

    • Navy Sailor June 28, 2013

      In what universe?

  47. Lovebird June 28, 2013

    Why are the NAZI coming for Ciara when all the other FLOPS you stan for have failed to chart. I mean I do not see Brandy nor Kelly Rowland on the Billboard Hot 100, where are they??

    Keep on seething you salty NAVI and HIVE whores who only stan for sales and Beyonce’s money because your illiterate asses don’t have money of your own. Ciara can slay those overrated b****** on and off the stage.

    Wait for Overdose to get LA Reid’s blessing and finally come out, your faves will be looking for their lacefronts to glue on with industrial strength superglue.

    • Chillin June 28, 2013

      Why does it matter where anyone else is on the Hot 100..be happy for CiCi and move on..You claim to say f*** the haters..yet in your previous comment you just said “where them haters at, where? ” Clearly you are looking for the drama..sigh..some people are so pathetic

    • Navy Sailor June 28, 2013

      Kiiiiiiiiii lovebird I love you, but I will drag you in two weeks! Muuuahhhh

    • MuiMui June 28, 2013


    • CIARA’S NEW ALBUM June 28, 2013


  48. Lovebird June 28, 2013

    All you NAVI whores and HIVE whores are so petty. You stan for a non singing crack w**** and a b**** who can barely read.

    What you need to do is get BeyILLITERATEyonce to buy a projector and project the alphabet on Rihanna’s forehead, maybe then she might be able to get through a children’s story book with her basic non reading, non writing ass, and the other non singing, non dancing b****. Bunch of salty bitter whores.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 28, 2013

      you still bitter Rihanna blocked you?

    • CIARA’S NEW ALBUM June 28, 2013


  49. Lovebird June 28, 2013

    Anyway you better warn your favs, Overdose is coming. Hurricane Ciara is almost upon us so you better stack up on that industrial strength superglue.

    Glad Cici is doing so well.

    • MuiMui June 28, 2013

      Me to i wish Ciara well and all of them whoworks as
      hard as she and Rihanna does. They don’t ever have to be on topbut as long as they are in the game and all this other petty mess don’t count.

  50. HOWYOULIKEIT June 28, 2013

    It looks like rihanna is tired these days. Even ciara is coming for her? girl go back to studio and pen more hits

    • YouEvenKnowIt until IToldIt June 28, 2013

      Yeah because unapologetic has ran it’s course. This is why she drops one every year once people like two or three of her songs she has to go back in the studio and release another album. I wish she stop making albums and just drop singles every three months. Makes sense to me.

  51. IDK June 28, 2013

    Motherfuckas on here Mad today!!! Haaaa Haaaa! Side note: Go CiCi!!!!

  52. Prettyonce June 28, 2013

    And the C Squad has the nerve to constantly come for the Hive and Navy with these basic a** accomplishments? Ciara been in the game for ten years and has left no impact. I am hive all the way. But Ciara could never ever Like her song said lol

  53. ETONE June 28, 2013

    Rihanna has officially surpassed Justin Bieber as the most-viewed artist on You Tube. The singer’s official VEVO page and its 77 videos have a combined total of 3.784 billion views, surpassing Justin Bieber’s official VEVO page which houses 79 videos and has a combined total of 3.798 billion views.



    Rihanna thanked her fans via Instagram, saying “Navy we did it again… most viewed EVER

    • YouEvenKnowIt until IToldIt June 28, 2013

      So LOL

    • Krissy June 28, 2013

      Youtube? LOOOOL.

  54. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] June 28, 2013

    WOW , A non-promoted non-video having Urban Song off Rihanna’s album got topped by a Heavily promoted video-having SINGLE by CIARA ?

    the real Truth is “Body party” is not Platinum Yet…..

    “body party” is a semi-hit after all that promotion. 🙄

  55. Eboysmith June 28, 2013

    Congrats Ciara!!!

    But clearly Sam made this to start a Stan war rihanna was not needed for this post, but don’t act like y’all wouldn’t have brought her up anyway!

  56. xedos June 28, 2013

    We need to stop comparing Ciara and Rihanna. Ciara will not and is not in Rihanna’s league. It like comparing a division 1 football team to a division 2. It doesn’t make sense. Compare Ciara to Kelly, brandy,fantasia and the rest of these chitlin circuit artist

    How are you going to compare a stadium status artist someone who could not sellout
    Macdonalds even with a free happy meal. Stop the madness. Rihanna made 43 mill last year ciara has b
    Made that in her whole career

    • MuiMui June 28, 2013

      XEDOS You are always right on time with your comments.

      • CIARA’S NEW ALBUM June 28, 2013

        He is right. Rihanna is way better than Ciara-man. Ciara-man can’t even be compared to Beyonce. Because she’s not in their league. She needs to stick to the Ashanti’s and Keri Hilson’s that she’s used to.

  57. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 28, 2013

    I just hope this urban radio “success” of BP translates into actual album sales when that CD drops. And dead at Samantha trying to start stan wars. #NotHereForItSamantha

  58. Smh June 28, 2013

    This blog is soo messy. Ciara outperformed JCole. Always trying to involve Ciara with Rihanna. Ciara is over it and wished her well. So why keep the beef going? Goddamn

  59. Smh June 28, 2013

    And Rihannas black fan base only support her by bullying people and comparing stats. Its the white ones who is at her shows and buying her albums

    • YouDidn’tEvenKnowIt Until IToldIt June 28, 2013


  60. Savannah June 28, 2013

    Lol! The desperation to start a stan war. The post was even bumped up to the top. Why couldn’t you guys just congratulate Ciara on her #1 single without bringing Rihanna into the equation? Anyway you look at it, “Pour It Up” outperformed Body Party x100000….but congrats to Ciara. The biggest R&B single so far this year! 🙂

  61. t June 28, 2013


  62. t June 28, 2013

    but wait till riri release the video for pour it up i bet that will be a number one hit by then

  63. MuiMui June 28, 2013

    Why do it always break down to who is the best,biggest and who has the most money,Why?
    Why is the artist always compared to each other, Why do some artist get compared more than others? Why is life always about trying to hurt others feelings and ALWAYS about trying to BELITTLE MANY to keep the Big names and the Big money Artist on top all of the time.
    Why do people want Beyonce to be the only one to get paid for work that they seem to all still do on and off stage.
    Nobody gives a dam about them WIG WORSHIPPERS because its clear they are heavy medicated and still stuck on phonics and going no place but to the funny farm because misery love company and they stay reaching.
    Explain how it is that Rihanna has a 7xPlatinum and a 6x Platinum and then some more Platinum for her Ft with Em song one of the biggest selling singles in the Us as compared to other so called huge songs in the Us.

    • MuiMui June 28, 2013

      Many of you will spend your whole entire lives as a real life clown and company and none sense blogger to try and keep people upset and mad , But its not working just so you know hate on and see where it get you broke booty’s.

  64. RIHKING/BEYQUEEN June 28, 2013

    Why are rih and cifloppa being compared?? Cifloppa will never have even half the success as rih and y’all know it.

  65. Suicide Blonde June 28, 2013

    This is a great achievement for Carlos, congrats.

  66. JER June 28, 2013

    I can’t at the same 9 C-error stans trying…. just trying at all…. trying anything. Just let it go. C-errors mixtap i mean album leaked weeks ago and nobody DL it. Nobody is gonna buy it either. She’ll be giving Nelly Furtado T’s for her debut week sales. I’ll see you gorls for the final numbers 🙂 Her, Dream, will.a.mina, and Kelly Rowland better get together. I mean their albums this year will sell a combined 200k. SLAY!!!

  67. MimiNavy June 28, 2013

    What a stupid post. While I’m happy for Ciara’s success with “Body Party,” you can’t compare its success to a song that first charted (on the Hot 100) six months ago. Of course “Body Party” is going to outperform “Pour it Up” on a week-to-week basis from here on out because it’s newer. TGJ, I’m on to you, you dramamama.

  68. caribbean native June 28, 2013

    HAHA b**** bye!!!!, when body party goes platinum and peak in the top twenty hot 100 call my trinidad and tobago landline to rub it in, lmao and Rihanna did this with no promo and it wasnt even a singe never had a vid, oh the IMPACT! of my caribbean #QUEEEN!

    • Keegan Parker June 28, 2013


  69. Keegan Parker June 28, 2013

    Thatgrapejuice stop the madness.I mean really!!! Pour it up is freaking platinum and has been out how long??Without a video without a televised performance.Ciara’s Body Party is amazing but lets be real! it is not even close to platinum.None of her singles so far “promo” or not have chartes significantly.I understand you live for Ciara and I like her to but truth is the truth.Check the Hot 100 charts for the two and we will see who wins..RI RI

  70. Val June 28, 2013

    LOL!!! at Sam having to go dig at the bottom of the barrel to go find a win for Ci-Error!!! how desperate is this? Hilarious.

  71. CIARA’S NEW ALBUM June 28, 2013


  72. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 28, 2013

    DEAD @Lovebird and her depression over Rihanna blocking her lol! Rihanna doesn’t give a d*mn about the navy, as long ass you keep buying those singles she could careless how she treats you guys. Didn’t she JUST beat one of ya’ll with a mic last week at a show??

  73. BITCHPLEASEEEEE June 28, 2013


  74. quetta June 28, 2013

    Congrats cici boo. And please stop with that piu had no promo..they played thatshit out

    • YouDidn’tEvenKnowIt Until IToldIt June 28, 2013

      Exactly R****** fans always in denial.

  75. smh June 28, 2013

    I’m not a Ciara fan at all, but i think she has generated more fans. Not enough fans to put her on Rhi Rhi level but to keep her in the game for another album at least. I have never seen an artist struggle this hard to stay relevant or to sell an album. Especially since she has been in the game for 10 years. I can’t wait for album sale predictions for her album. I say at least 80k or more. This may be because she picked of some of Future fans and Nicki’s fans.

  76. Brianna June 28, 2013

    Damn I know you don’t like Rihanna but you can’t be serious with this post. Lol this article is a perfect example of why Rihanna fans should never argue with Ciara ‘fans’ and Rihanna shouldn’t waste her time on Ciara. Rihanna is clearly winning in every aspect of the word. While Ciara is getting served with court papers at Gay Nightclubs, Rihanna is selling out stadiums. Goodbye!

  77. Mark111 June 28, 2013

    LOL! Navi, let the c-squash have this one. Lawd knows they waited years for something to brag about. So fellow Navi crew, don’t bring up Stay and Diamonds on the top 100 chart, let’s give them a moment… they deSERVED it.

  78. Rihanna # 1 Fan T June 28, 2013



  79. Rihanna # 1 Fan T June 28, 2013



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