New Song: Michelle Williams – ‘If We Had Your Eyes’

Published: Monday 24th Jun 2013 by Rashad

After days of teasers, powerhouse songstress Michelle Williams lifts the lid on the full version of her highly anticipated new tune ‘If We Had Your Eyes’.

The leading number from her yet-titled 4th solo LP (and first solo offering since 2008’s ‘Unexpected’), the tune found its way to Itunes moments ago much to fan delight.

Was it worth the wait? Listen in full below to the Harmony Samuels-produced cut and tell us:


Buy ‘If We Had Your Eyes’ on Itunes!

Now, this is what we’re talking about!

Packing the expected powerful vocal punch that assists most of Michelle’s solo numbers, the old school/throwback accompaniment really helps bring to life the narrative.  As you listen, you can clearly see a story unfolding – one that almost allows you to envision what its accompanying music video will look before you actually see it.

As we anxiously await its premiere, we do tip our hats to Miss Michelle on this one.  Vocally, sonically, and lyrically, this package is A+.  If this is indication of the direction her newest gospel project will be going, well ma’am, we are all ears!

Your thoughts?


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  1. Lovebird June 24, 2013

    I really like this song, she sounds so good and this song sounds better than anything Kelly Rowland has put out lately. Plus Michelle is a better singer than Kelly.

    • Mimi Carey June 24, 2013

      Michelle is a better vocalist than Bey & Kelly the hive will never admit it tho

      • JazThatBoi June 24, 2013

        Why does it always have to be a competition. They actually all sound pretty different and have different styles. And they do what they do well. Competition isnt needed.

      • Lovebird June 24, 2013

        I agree, Michelle slays the both of them on vocals.

      • RoyalNavi June 24, 2013

        I woke up this morning, played this and now I feel inspired to make the most of my day. Thank you Michelle.

      • Truthspeaker June 24, 2013

        This is true, including the hive’s denial of this truth..

    • alonzowilson #BeyHive June 25, 2013

      I love Michelle but let’s not go there comparing her to bey.

  2. Janessa June 24, 2013

    I just listened and all i got to say is: CHILLS

    I even got teary eyed, lyrics so real and Michelle was sangin’.

    Thank you, Michelle.. I really needed to hear this message. Bless you.

  3. Johnny June 24, 2013

    I’m loving this song!!!!!

  4. JJFan1814 June 24, 2013

    So Kelly & Michelle put out official singles…

    Where’s Beyonce? Oh.

  5. CiCi Slaaaaays June 24, 2013


    • JazThatBoi June 24, 2013

      You know who Michelle is….dont even trip!! ..if u know Ciara, u DEFINITELY know who Michelle is…lol (No shade

  6. CiCi Slaaaaays June 24, 2013

    Im sorry i do know her shes one of two of Beyonces ass lickers

  7. CiCi Slaaaaays June 24, 2013

    You can’t keep your hands off me
    Touch me right there, rock my body
    I can’t keep my hands off you
    Your body is my party

    • CiCi Slaaaaays June 24, 2013

      Been twerking all day to this

      • JazThatBoi June 24, 2013

        Ur sad…who replies on their own comment. #getyalife

  8. EdwardPonton June 24, 2013

    This about to be a smash for its genre

  9. Jonte June 24, 2013


  10. Mimi Carey June 24, 2013

    Honey baby Ms.Michelle is bringing IT!!!!!! Loves it

  11. Marcus June 24, 2013

    PURCHASED this song! She MURDERED this! SLAYS your favorite with the vocals!! GO MICHELLE!

  12. Lee June 24, 2013

    The song is absolutely amazing, Urban Inspiration totally ready for mainstream beyond the gospel charts. Vocally confident and beautiful, composition is so powerful! Couldn’t have imagined better!

  13. Lemme P*** in Your B**** June 24, 2013

    I like it

  14. Lemme P*** in Your B**** June 24, 2013

    Loved It…Come and R*** My Itunes Michelle

    • toohotfortv June 24, 2013

      did you know you were commenting on a gospel song here?

  15. wha wha June 24, 2013

    And as soon as Bey drops something, the comments will be… ” she can’t let Kelly and Michelle get no shine, she is always stealing the spot light.” When it comes to Bey, she is damned if she do damned if she don’t. Smh!

    • Bey Fan June 24, 2013


  16. DIGGER BEY June 24, 2013

    I luv it Michelle! And lol @ the Mooooooooooooriah stan. I guess ur mad every female singer n the game shits on Sponge Bob vocals rite now, even Katy Perry. The songbird days are all over for her. Now she sounds like the beach outshape walrus she is.

    • Mimi Carey June 24, 2013

      B**** shut that s*** up Beyonce could never compete with Mariah in her prime

    • Mariah>Bey&Rih June 24, 2013

      Hahahaha dude just shut up Mariah made yo h** ass fave want to be a singer remember that Beyonce is nothing compared to QUEEN MARIAH

  17. DanYiel Teflon June 24, 2013

    Tenitra Michelle William’s Vocalz are always slay’n 2 Me!! Go in Tenitra Let The Fans Have!!

  18. Molly June 24, 2013

    Amazing navy & hive lets all support yes?

  19. QueenKhia June 24, 2013

    Michelle did that, she’s so slept on. Her last cd gave me life and before that Unexpected album I wasn’t even a fan. U better go off Michelle!!!!!! I gotta get rachette just for a 2nd…. U better let them h0es know your talented too

    • #Hive June 24, 2013

      that name tho….Ewwwww

  20. #Hive June 24, 2013

    Michelle omg YAAAAAAAAASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE IT GWORL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SLAY !

  21. Lovebird June 24, 2013

    Man Michelle is such a professional singer, she sounds so good on this song. She is 100% a better singer than Kelly Rowland and Beyonce.

    Like Michelle girl we need to talk, where have you been hiding those amazing vocals??? You were clearly robbed of the spotlight in Destiny’s Child seeing that you were clearly the best singer in the group.

    • #rowlandstone June 24, 2013

      Okay I understand u r a fan of Michelle n every1 has a right to their own opinion but theirs no need to put down her sisters! I luv all DC girls but Ima Kelly stann… if u knew any better you would not come on these blogs n talk smack! Do you not know that Kelly stans are on twitter letting ppl know to support and buy Michelles single! Alot if not most Kelly fans are supporting Michelle as well… not sure about Bey fans… but Kelly stans go hard for Chelle too! I’m so sick of u ppl tryn to pend these ladies against each other it’s stupid n its childish! Im seeing comments saying Kelly can’t sing or Beyonce wasn’t the best in the group and Michelle can out sing both of them! The fact of the matter is Bey had the strongest voice in DC back then to carry the group. So if that wasn’t the case she would have been lead. Things happen for a reason… They all have great vocal talent … if u r a DC fan period u should support all 3 of them! Thats what real fans do!

  22. ExpectTheUnexpected June 24, 2013

    HIT ME! This is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard MICHELLE do since her days in DC3!

  23. Lewey June 24, 2013

    instead of putting these females against each other let recognize how much talent was in DC3. I mean they are so talented, how many other groups can put out amazing music solo. 10 years later we still hear from all three of the members not including latoya! This is amazing! Good job michelle.. If i had Gods eyes i wouldn’t be putting down other artist. Take note of the message of this song.

    • Lovebird June 24, 2013

      Not all of them had talent though. I wouldn’t be lying if I stated Kelly Rowland had no talent then and still has no talent today.

    • Miley fab June 24, 2013

      Kelly can’t sing tho

  24. SO FRESH June 24, 2013


    I’M STUNNED!!!!

  25. Malachi June 24, 2013

    Yass Tenitra Michelle Williams Slayed *does holy twerk*

  26. Malachi June 24, 2013

    And for the ones who say Kelly can’t sing \_ <<<<<< sit that ass down

    • Miley fab June 24, 2013

      the b**** can’t <<<< next

    • Mariah>Bey&Rih June 24, 2013

      Kelly is no ones VOCALIST never was never will be.

  27. The Queen Bey June 24, 2013

    I love this song! I wish Michelle all the success she deserves with her new project!

  28. Miley fab June 24, 2013

    Next f*** this heaux

    • Absolutely Amazing June 24, 2013

      Miley is a h**

  29. Janessa June 24, 2013

    Such negativity. Can we all enjoy their voices? K. Row, Michelle and Beyoncé have specials and amazing voices in their own right. You can’t compare them, you just can’t.

  30. TaylorSwift1Stan June 24, 2013

    Mariah Stans shouldn’t be talking about vocals even Kesha& Katy sound better than Mooriah.
    the song is better than Kellys song. Michelle>>Kelly.
    If you look at DC michelle was the talented one but “Beyonce” was always the top one followed by kelly and they paid dust to Michelle.
    Its your turn to slay michelle. I’d love her to destroy Kelly in Sales.

    • Miley fab June 24, 2013

      Watch your mouth Shitlor stan

    • Mother Mariah June 24, 2013

      But Mariah still sounds 100 times better than Taylor I stay flat &off key swift…. Don’t come for the Queen especially when your fav can NEVER measure up to her!!

    • Mariah>Bey&Rih June 24, 2013

      B**** you need to be hung you Stan for a joke smh your taste in music must be so bad since you can stan for such S*** as Taylor bye b**** eat s*** & swallow a d*** your favs a pro at it kiiiii f****** kiiiiiiiiii 😉

  31. mona June 24, 2013

    I love this song a lot!!! I’m soooooooo going to buy this song

  32. Codey June 24, 2013

    ‘powerhouse songstress’
    ‘highly anticipated new tune’

    I cant at the reach..u know nobodies checking for this

    • Daisy June 24, 2013

      Agreed shes a nobody

  33. TaylorSwift1Stan June 24, 2013

    @miley fab
    I would be dragging you for life but since I’m a huge HannaH Montana fan I’ll squash this babe 🙂

    • Miley Fab June 24, 2013

      Kay baby!Btw I love 22 & I knew you were trouble


  34. Mother Mariah June 24, 2013

    This song>Talk a good game

  35. Mother Mariah June 24, 2013

    Michelle really did her thing with this song I will support Michelle 80% of the time that’s already 40 more percent than id support Kelly n her bs

  36. Damo June 24, 2013

    10/10 is all that needs to be said! Slaaaayed! You betta sanf for your life Michelle Williams!

  37. Daisy June 24, 2013

    Basic beyond words

    (Selena Gomez – Come & Get it)

  38. VvSaphVv June 24, 2013

    Absolutely Amazing! She is slaying with those vocals and that Album Cover!! Wow! That bridge was everything!

  39. Absolutely Amazing June 24, 2013

    Its ok but its not Absolutely Amazing.

  40. Mariah>Bey&Rih June 24, 2013

    I don’t know it

  41. Mariah>Bey&Rih June 24, 2013

    Taylor & Beyonce ha two LESSORS LEGENDARY CAREY their fans need to get respect for a true LEGEND

    • Mariah>Bey&Rih June 24, 2013


  42. Mickey101 June 24, 2013

    Dead @ These comments you f*** will gather in swarms to.attack and downplay Beyoncé … When has Michelle EVER been the best vocalist of dc3 when she can’t even.excute a decent live vocal. When has she always been the most talented when Beyoncé was the one arranging her and Kelly’s parts. Y’all need to really stop with the B******* because you dislike Someone put Beyoncé on stage with Michelle and she will sing circles around her.

    With that said this a beautiful song Michelle did her thing and I hope all of you talking smack actually support it.

  43. Mickey101 June 24, 2013

    Dead @ These comments you f*** will gather in swarms to.attack and downplay Beyoncé … When has Michelle EVER been the best vocalist of dc3 when she can’t even.excute a decent live vocal. When has she always been the most talented when Beyoncé was the one arranging her and Kelly’s parts. Y’all need to really stop with the B******* because you dislike Someone put Beyoncé on stage with Michelle and she will sing circles around her.

    With that said this a beautiful song Michelle did her thing and I hope all of you talking smack actually support it.

    • pat June 24, 2013

      they all have their strong points..Kelly the best tone, michelle the widest range and arguably technique, and beyonce the most control and best pitch

      • #rowlandstone June 24, 2013


        I so agree with what you said! I’ve been saying this for years!!! It’s always been that way… Kelly always had the best tone in the group but her vocals lacked control and pitch at times. Beyonce never had the best tone but she have always been persistent with her control & pitch and Michelle always had tht raspy unique voice and does have the widest range out of all of them.

  44. boo boo jones June 24, 2013

    she should of left the talking off other than that it’s nice for a gospel record

  45. Dev June 24, 2013

    I think the real props have to go to Harmony for his production ect. He hit up Fantasia with a bad ass album, Produced Kelly Rowland’s only real crossover/chart promising song from this album (Gone) i’m interested to see what he has next up his sleeve
    Instead of the 20 Rihanna, Beyonce and Elijah Blake posts, maybe TGI should start interviewing producers and songwriters? I would love to haer what Harmony, Mike Will Make It and other are working on and with who

  46. Caramelboi June 24, 2013

    Yasssssssss Michelle Williams u betta sang it sista. Y’all betta quit sleepin on her. I support all my DC3 ladies.

  47. Super Cisus June 24, 2013


  48. Hey June 24, 2013

    Beautiful, she’s such a big vocalist. She needs to slay the airwaves !


  49. 6ft2andTatted June 24, 2013

    Michelle, I’m always proud of you and this just takes it to a higher level #IWHYE = SLAYAGE

  50. Ryan June 24, 2013

    Let the Church say…………….AMEN!!!!

  51. pat June 24, 2013

    late listening because I love her range and technique, but hate her tone..however I must say, mama slayed those vocals…her voice sounds better with age

  52. Michellefan June 24, 2013

    This is great Michelle is coming back hard with this album!

  53. Savannah June 24, 2013

    I don’t like it, and I’m a gospel fan. I don’t see this fitting in with contemporary gospel.

  54. Stfu-to-da-f*** June 24, 2013

    Too many f*** on this plane- fake as their femininity and delerious as their f***** lifestyles-

    1. Only fans of Michelle say she is the best vocalist of DC

    2. Beyonce is and will always be the queen- Michelle or Kelly will never have her following- so shut the f*** up.

    3. Kelly Rowland is more mainstream and was a founding member of DC over Michelle. Stop the stupid ass denial that Michelle could possibly be more popular or known,

    Vocally they all are different and STF up with comparisons.

    But, according to numbers, overall accomplishments, and REALITY

    BEYONCE>>>>>> KELLY>>>>>>>>>>MICHELLE

    That’s how it was, how it is, and how it’ll always be

    sorry f***!

  55. Jonathan Gardner June 24, 2013


    Yesss @RealMichelleW served VOCALSSS, VOCALS, VOCALS!! Harmony slayed the production and the lyrics are beautiful too!


  56. DIGGER BEY June 24, 2013

    Why is that Fat Sour B**** @ Lovebird here talking about vocals? Chile neither one of ur favs are vocals. Citranny still sounds like she hasn’t had the s** change. Can’t whole an flawless note or showcase range. And Worthlessianna? Lmao bwahahahahahahahhaahhahaha.

  57. DIGGER BEY June 24, 2013

    I see Walrus’s stans are still stuck n the days when Walrus was actually an vocalist lmao. This isn’t the early 1900s anymore lmao. That b**** wishes she’s slays THE QUEEN! I do have to admit, that Walrus voice is louder, cause she can sure whale and whine like she’s bac on the beach, trying to catch fish bwahahahahhhahahahahahahah. #POOR WALRUSIAH

  58. Jonathan Gardner June 24, 2013

    Follow Michelle @RealMichelleW and let her know how much you love the song #IfWeHadYourEyes

    Let’s get this TRENDING AGAIN!

  59. Iammichellefan June 24, 2013

    Hate or love it I never seen dis many comments on Michelle great! This means more ppl or watching n pay attention to her music can’t wait to hear that track she got wit fantasia ik it’s gone be fire! Great look Michelle keep it up!

  60. Michellefan June 25, 2013

    This song is fire!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear more from the album!

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