Watch: Beyonce & Madonna Hit ‘The Today Show’ For ‘Chime For Change’

Published: Thursday 6th Jun 2013 by David

As two of the show’s strongest magnets, Beyonce & Madonna‘s contributions to ‘The Sound of Change’ last Saturday still has viewers from all the around buzzing with excitement.

What these fans may not know, is that before the show kicked off at London’s Twickenham Stadium, both ladies caught up with ‘The Today Show’ to explain their relationship with the empowering cause and why they feel giving girls the tools to succeed is anything beneficial to all of us.

Watch below…

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  1. CiCi Slaaaaays June 6, 2013

    Madonna >>> Beyonce

    • PRINCE CARTER FENTY June 6, 2013

      Madonna is a legend, Beyonce is iconic. You can’t compare the two. Kelly Rowland >>> Ciara

      • MIMI I’M FIRST June 6, 2013

        shud up, beyonce is not an iconic nor a legend and never will be. copying and stealing people s*** dosen’t equate to those status, she didn’t do it any revolutionary or new through out her entire carrer unlike Madoona so keep it cute.

      • Miss M June 6, 2013

        Beyonce is already seen as a young legend by many (although she isnt one yet) like it or not she inspires and influences a lot of people already and is a big force in pop. She will be a legend to the younger generation in the future. No one is saying she is on Madonnas level.

      • pat June 6, 2013

        MADONNA is a legend, icon, and queen …and i’m not even a stan…ur delusional

      • Miss M June 6, 2013

        I didn’t dispute that though so wtf?

    • Gabriel June 6, 2013

      PRINCE CARTER FENTY is right.
      We can’t compare Madonna to Beyoncé ’cause there’s not even able to be done…
      And Beyoncé is an icon and we all know that!
      A lot of interviews we can see people asking other youngest “divas” what they think about Beyoncé and they do this ’cause Beyoncé is an icon. They don’t ask what they think about Ke$ha or Rihanna, for example…
      So be honest to yourselves… Beyoncé is going to be a legend in the future. She’s not a legend ’cause her carreer is still new.
      People will remember Beyoncé 4ever and she won’t be reminded like Madonna, for example. Beyoncé is classy, she’s going to be reminded kinda Aretha, for example… We have some “divas categories”: like that ones who will be remembered not only by their music but problems in their personal lives like Amy, Whitney… Some will be reminded for their behavior, for their scandals like Madonna, Britney… So let’s not compare diferent kinds of divas…

    • RoyalKev June 6, 2013

      copying and stealing people s*** dosen’t equate to those status,
      How does anyone state this ^ then go on to praise Madonna? Beyonce and Madonna are 2 totally different artists and I understand that people respect them for totally different reasons. It’s cool, but NEWSFLASH, Bey is a young legend… Another 10 years don’t have to go by to say the say thing you know today!

      • Jewell June 6, 2013

        Exactly I find it funny when people say that like shes the only one. Even Elvis stole. The Beatles stole. I could go on. But it shows that in the long term, people wont care. Everyone faces backlash and criticism at some point in their career. Beyonce is already garner a respectable name for herself shes one of the most quoted stars these days. And people also should remeber that different singers stand out and will be remebered for different reasons. And as much as it may be a big a step majority of young people dont remember Madonna or even respect her in the way they do Beyonce so its all about the change in times. Im not dissing her she will always be the queen of pop in my estimation but it is the way it is. Every generation has its iconic figures whether they appeal to you or not.

    • xcbxcnwetwey437 June 6, 2013

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  2. Its tieesha bytch June 6, 2013

    Im tired of beyonces stunt queen moves. Release your god damn single or have another baby with the camel.

    • Oh B**** stop June 6, 2013

      I Belive that TGJ is faking these thumbs up and thumbs down to add more fuel to the stan war Samantha is so pathetic

      • Yamannn June 6, 2013

        I agree with you “OH B**** STOP”, I just hit thumbs up on this statement and it added a thumbs down!!! This is some b******* Sam! EVERYBODY DOESN’T WANT TO SEE BEYONCE ALL THE DAMN TIME!!!! WE LIKE HER YES BUT DAMN…..SHE IS NOT A GOD!!!!!!!

  3. PRINCE CARTER FENTY June 6, 2013

    Queen Bey looks amazing, Rise Up is such a beautiful song, I absolutely love it. Madonna is just iconic. I also really want Bey to release Grown Woman, that song is sooooo perfect, The video would be so incredible. I can just imagine Bey slaying every aspect of the video.

    • MIMI I’M FIRST June 6, 2013

      the songs are wack.

  4. blue June 6, 2013

    Again GW and SOTS are not hits…bey needs something hard hitting a crazy in love not freakum dress, they may be fun and she might kill the video but they are fan favourifes no GP pullers.

  5. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 6, 2013

    Does Anyone know the Progress of That Project ?

  6. Nahla June 6, 2013

    Beyonce looks beautiful. Go girl!

  7. Miss M June 6, 2013

    Chime for change was a great concert and touching aswell.

  8. kim June 6, 2013

    I thought these songs were released for commercial purposes. What is the issue? Anyway didn’t know chime for change would be so successful. The ladies did a great job. I see you bey spreading your wings. Slaying without music out. Take your time, too much at once is not good. When you ready to share your body of work you will. Btw I have a feeling beyonce will be touring for more than two years because if her new album coming.

  9. Nahjee June 6, 2013


  10. Kressia June 6, 2013

    Why were people dragging Madonna for her face being puffy? Didnt look too bad there. And Beyonce looks pretty. Nice concert with a nice message and purpose. I like her song ‘Rise Up’ aswell.

  11. JARED (WHITE DUDE) June 6, 2013


    Please, HURRY UP, and release ‘Standing in the Sun’ and/or ‘Grown Woman’.

    Macklemore, Robin Thicke, Daft Punk, Imagine Dragon’s, Icona Pop, Florida Georgia Campbell, Pink etc… are vying for “hits” this Summer. If you want yours, these songs need a digital output and heavy promotion now.

    The songs have recieved such bold Media/Performance exposure… What’s the problem?


    In due time, I suppose. >>>

  12. Aquarius June 6, 2013

    I was there it was great. J Lo got the party started although it was a bit of a mess and Beyonce shut it down as usual. It was surreal to see Madonna in the flesh. I felt like the crowd was only there for Beyonce though and not the actual purpose behind it since they were talking like it was her concert and chanting for her. I was one of them at first but the video interludes about women were really touching and inspiring. So Im glad my money went there.

  13. Nats June 6, 2013

    Nice. The crem de la crem for sure.

  14. Jewell June 6, 2013

    Yes the Queen of POP and my Queen! Love them. This concert was great aswell.

  15. Victor June 6, 2013

    Beyoncé is absolutely a icon. It’s clear especially by now. I don’t know what you people think an Icon is but so many other artists aspire to have a career like hers. 16 Grammys Sold out worldwide tours when your album is 2 yrs old? Undeniable

    • when will old beyonce play stadiums in europe? June 6, 2013

      Beyonce is not an icon. She is not even big in some continents or countries. In Asia, gaga and mariah beat. IN france, she barely has hits and she has never played their biggest, most important stadium. Only tina T, celine dion, madonna, gaga and rih have played there. Single ladies peaked 69.

      In, the UK,Kylie is bigger than she will ever be, as is madonna. She cannot compete with record sales in the UK like Adele or Sade, Annie lennox – tons of singers in the UK ( madonna) have shitted on her in the UK. She cannot fill stadiums in the UK ( wembley) or break records. Adele and Emeli sande have some of the biggest selling UK albums – more than beyonce whole career.

      AFrica? She has never played a major stadium in africa like Gaga, madonna, tina and rih. Even the tofo tofo dancers said that had never even heard of beyonce.

      Latin America? Shakira , JLO and gloria estefan. Enough said. Even still madonna and gaga are bigger and more importan in Latin world than she ever was.

      Germany: Nope Rih and gaga are the biggest singers in the last 10 years.

      USA: Britney destroys her legacy in the USA. As does cher, Shania Twain, Janet, Whit, mariah etc. Rih has more number 1’s than her at 25 years old. In fact, even Taylor swift and adele have come on the scene and outsold her in the USA. Alicia keys has sold more grammy’s in the USA than her

      She is icon to black americans, But that is where it ends. having all these grammy’s does not mean s***. Madonna got her 1st in 1998 and most of her grammy’s are in the black catergory. She never slays the pop ones.

      Whether u want to admit or not, Her career is over in the USA. So, she is no legend of icon. Sngle ladies dance was nowhere near iconic as gangnam style or the macarena and none of her songs are America classic like say …….. Born in the by the boss or Hotel California by the eagles or even Madonna like a prayer – even bRITNEY hit me baby is more iconic in American pop culture than anything from beyonce.

      You wanna know what iconic really is?

      Britney at 17 on the cover of rolling stone with the tellytubby doll >>>>>>>>>>>beyonce whole life. Beyonce is not even a fashion icon. JLO green versace dress personfies icon status. JLO dating ben affleck and doing the whole Bennifer was iconic.


      • eqvilim June 6, 2013

        It is really easy to list a bunch of arbitrary facts. A simple google search easily disproves many of your so called “facts.” A good other portion are just your tired old tgirl opinions. White girls, asian girls, black girls all look up to Beyonce. Look at all the blonde haired white girls that glorify, compliment and praise her EVERY DAY. Do your research, get your facts straight please. smh

    • when will old beyonce play stadiums in europe? June 6, 2013

      Only black american women aspire to have a career like hers. i doubt the average blonde see’s beyonce as the beacon of global success.

      • eqvilim June 6, 2013

        how can this be when the greatest celebrities from EVERY country that have EVER LIVED have always said that there is NOTHING LIKE fame in america. It is the greatest country, and our obsession with the stars is unparalleled. And I think having more grammies than you have fingers is a good start to legendary status. when britney is forgotten, and her tired crazy b*** will be, beyonce’s name will still stand the test of time, for her grammys, her affiliations and friendship with the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD. Beyonce’s not an icon? Yea because no one ever says “your got beyonce hair” or “you’re giving me beyonce” LMAO kenya moore on the HIGHEST RATED housewives series (yes higher than the white housewives, or the italian housewives) feels like she looks like BEYONCE.

        NOT RIHANNA.

        not madonna. 🙁

        not adelle 🙁

        KING BEY.

        so get ya life. pick it up. then have several seats.

      • Aquarius June 6, 2013

        Only black women aspire to have careers like hers? You should google all the young stars that have cited Beyonce an insipration the darling. Even Simon Cowell said she is an inspiration so sit down.

      • Aquarius June 6, 2013

        If you attend Beyonces shows, in London majority of the audience is actually white so try again. My mother is white and dad is mixed raced and I love Beyonce so stop with dumb theories of yours.

      • Te$$a:) June 6, 2013

        You do realize that America is the biggest music market in the world right???? Beyonce is very known over here. Especially since her “single ladies” era…so if she isn’t “global” then idk who the f*** is…because you sound foolish smdh.

  16. Mark111 June 6, 2013

    I swear Madonna is that 40+ year old mom in the bar that wears her 18 year old daughter clothes and thinks she still got it.

  17. DIGGER BEY June 6, 2013

    Lmao I see an Rihc*nt is mad that KING B is an Icon and not their fav bwahahahahahhahahahahaahahahahahah Yessssssssssssss C*nt SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETH and Stay so Mad that u burst some blood vessels and pass out. That’s one less Rihc*nt n The World bwahahahaahahahhahahhahahahahahahhahahahaahahha

  18. DIGGER BEY June 6, 2013

    Awww look @ the old Queen of Pop and THE NEW QUEEN OF POP! I luv when celebrities come togather for good causes! Such an great thing! It would of been so Great to see the old Queen and the new QUEEN perform togather! Just waiting for THE QUEEN to drop that first Smash #1 hit! Yeah b******, ITS COMING! #BEST BEYLIEVE

  19. Bey Fan June 6, 2013

    If you ppl think Beyonce wont be remember 10+ years from now…you’re delusional. Icon on her way to legendary status….

    Bey isn’t as innovative as MJ or Madonna, but her ability to entertain and maintain her brand will definitely put her on legendary status…not to mention the woman can actually sing and dance.

    She will be referenced and remember until her dying days.

  20. DIGGER BEY June 6, 2013

    Yessssssss @ Bey Fan! U betta spill that hot boiling steaming tea on those Rihc*nts bwahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah

  21. Bow Down B****** June 6, 2013

    “Oh..and JLO was there too” BEST COMMENT OF THE VIDEO.


  22. Sterling Infinity #SexDrone June 6, 2013

    Great, beyonce seemed really relaxed and s*** as ever

  23. Suicide Blonde June 6, 2013

    Calm down folks, Beyonce is an Icon, she will be a Legend, she’s not yet like Britney tho, Rihanna, J.Lo, Xtina, Gaga maybe, all of them will be legends of this generation, another thing is being a Legend in the league of The Beatles, Elvis, Madonna and MJ, such a thing has been impossible for other Legends like Whitney, Mariah, Janet, ect, ect…Don’t get me wrong they are legends but not in the same league of those mentioned above. Every celebrity these days is an Icon, regardless of whether their fame lasts much or little.

    Fame gets you in the door, but it doesn’t keep you in the room

    Madonna on the Anderson Cooper show in 2012 while asked about the Kardashians.

    • Pour It Up June 6, 2013

      I don’t see Britney as a legend yet. Shes had lots of impact but I would not call her a legend.

      • Suicide Blonde June 6, 2013

        She is but like i said, there are Legends and LEGENDS, of course she’s not in the league of Whitney or Mariah, Janet ect, ect…..

    • Jess June 6, 2013

      No. Now I was with you until you mentioned Rihanna and Jlo lol. Brit will definitely be a legend in years to come….But I don’t think so when in regards to Rihanna. I doubt that the general public will ever respect her as an entertainer. Or even her artistry for that matter. And Jlo idk either. Jlo doesn’t even have a substantial amount of talent. Don’t get me wrong, she can dance her b*** off but her talent is not singing and she’s barely entertaining…she sells her s** appeal, and she does look very good…her talent has never been singing.. people have said this for years other artists have said this for years. So I wouldn’t even hold her to the same standard as Xtina Brit ( although Brit has regressed over the years she has done “enough” in her career) or Bey. Jlo has been in the industry for over 20 years. She should be as respected as Janet by now but she isn’t because she hasn’t made much of an impact. Nor has her material left as big of a legacy. Xtina, Brit, Bey, Alicia Keys, and even Gaga are by far the most talented musically, vocally, and dance wise, of my generation. I’m only 18 years old and I already have the upmost respect for them as entertainers. I think they will be legends in the near future.

      • Suicide Blonde June 6, 2013

        J.Lo will be a legen , are you kidding me, talent has nothing to do with legacy or legend status, J.Lo is a fashion Icon, she’s a hell of an entertainer, she has done enough for Pop Culture, if you ask me, she is already in a superior level among the others, during 1999 to 2005, J.Lo was the it’ girl in AMERICA, she is the most influential Hispanic performer in the United States, she is widely credited with breaking barriers in the entertainment industry for Hispanic people, 40 million albums worldwide, LEGEND.

  24. REALITY CHECK June 6, 2013

    You’re stupid when you think an artist having #1 singles are already considered as an icon. Rihanna stans are so f***** delusional! SINGLES. SINGLES. SINGLES. that’s all Rihanna, the talentless s*** can offer. She is an icon? DEFINITELY NO.

  25. DIGGER BEY June 6, 2013

    Yesssssss! The only reason R**** gets mention with legends, are because of her many hits. She’s tied with Whitney for #1 hits. So that’s the only way her name comes up with there’s. But KING B gets mention for her sales and most important, her talent along side legends. Even Christina for her talent. That is what make legends! True talent with huge sales! Not sales like R****.

  26. Gilberto June 6, 2013

    LOL @ “J.No was there too”.

    B****’s forgettable. The whole thing was about Beyoncé and her iconic performance. J.Ho was only worthy of a f****** mention in the end and nobody gave any flying f**** about it. It’s funny that after saying J.Lo was there (they didn’t say that she performed nor her “duet” with Mary J Fries), they brought Beyoncé back to the topic.

  27. MariahIsMusic1 June 7, 2013

    Amazing. They’re both Legendary.

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