Beyonce’s Father Mathew Knowles Gets Married

Published: Saturday 6th Jul 2013 by Sam

Wedding bells rung once again for Beyonce‘s father and former manager, Mathew Knowles.

In a surprise statement to The Associated Press, reps for 61-year-old (famed for steering his daughter and Destiny’s Child to the top of the charts) announced that he tied the knot last week.

All the details after the jump…

According to the report, Knowles wed Gena Charmaine Avery in Houston, Texas last Sunday after a year and a half of engagement.

Relatively unknown, 48-year-old Avery is a realtor — a career path she pursued after a stint as a model.

The wedding revelation marks a return to the headlines for Knowles, who has maintained a low profile since first wife (and Beyonce’s mother) Tina Knowles filed for divorce after he fathered a child with his secretary Alexsandra Wright in 2009. Beyonce parted ways with him as a manager two years later.

In any case, we guess congrats are in order….right? You know, “second chances, fresh starts” and all that jazz? Clearly, Ms. Gena thinks so.

Peep pics of the happy couple below…

Your thoughts? 

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  1. Suicide Blonde July 6, 2013

    If he is happy then good 4 him, btw, Beyonce looked radiant in the pic.

    • steph July 6, 2013

      Goodnight baby boy.

    • xcbetwyfh July 6, 2013

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  2. Smurf July 6, 2013

    Probably all excited that Beyonce is her step daughter but step daughter ain’t checking for her.

  3. danyboo July 6, 2013

    Oo so messy… I guess he living life
    to the fullest huh

  4. Gregg July 6, 2013

    This Dude…..smh

  5. DanYiel Teflon July 6, 2013

    Lol is this a joke? I thought he was still married to The Lovely Tina Knowles ~LAWDY IM GLAD SHE ACTUALLY LEFT THAT LOSER CUZ HE WAS NO-GOOD HAVING A BABY OUT OF WED-LOCK & expected to remained in LOVE WITH TINA~ TINA SAID HELL NAH YOU HAVE GOT TO GO!! PRAISE GOD FOR MAMA TINA!!

  6. rih rox July 6, 2013

    She looks younger and prettier than Tina the box face tranny.

    Beyonce looks closer to her parents in age. B**** looks freaking old.

    • steph July 6, 2013

      The shade will come back to haunt you…

    • Juliette July 6, 2013

      Jealousy is an ugly trait …

  7. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) July 6, 2013

    Ok, yes she’s a beautiful woman but Tina is still better. Matthew is messy. Good luck regardless..

    • Jen July 6, 2013

      “Tina is still better.” What does that even mean? Better than what or better than whom? Do you know either of these woman? What gives you the right or authority to decide who is ‘better’? Jeez.

  8. Lovebird July 6, 2013

    I have a lot of respect for Matthew Knowles, mostly because of his educational credentials. Matthew Knowles has got a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and used his superior education to steer his ungrateful, hateful and resentful thief of a daughter to stardom.

    Matthew Knowles is solely responsible for the “Beyonce” brand empire, an empire the semi-illiterate drug dealers (who most likely didn’t graduate High School)at Roc Nation are destroying.

    If only some of that above average education Matthew Knowles worked tirelessly hard for rubbed off on his daughter.

    Anyway so happy for him, congratulations.

    • K***. July 6, 2013

      “Life’s a game but is not fair, I break the rules so I don’t care”

    • Brandys Starr July 6, 2013

      Plays: Schoolin Life

    • GOGO July 6, 2013

      Your comment was mean and I cant stand Matthew but you made some VALID Good points. LOL

    • Mademoiselle7 July 6, 2013

      You got it right, Lovebird–hit it dead on the head. I have nothing more to add except, thank you for your insight!

    • Jen July 6, 2013

      “Matthew Knowles has got a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and used his superior education…” LOL. Since when is a BS in Business a ‘superior’ education? Way too funny. Now if he had a PhD and had written a couple of books that are actually used in education by some elite schools, then I might refer to his ‘superior education’. But come on, an undergraduate degree is now almost akin to a HS diploma. Sure he built a great brand, but there is no ‘superior education’ involved. I have a graduate degree and I don’t even consider that a ‘superior education’.

    • HoustonTXTruth July 8, 2013

      by the way Mathew Knowles introduced Beyonce to the semi-illiterate drug dealer who didn’t graduate from high school. Also, you really need to look at your life before you judge someone else. I been knowing the knowles for years and B has always thanked her dad for everything he has taught her and made her to be. Just put your foot in there shoes and let your dad cheat on your mother and have a baby. Lets see how you will react if that happened to you! I give Mr. Knowles props on his business but for who he is as a husband and father , sorry . I am glade beyonce and Solange forgave him and moved on with there lives.

  9. mc the place to be!! July 6, 2013

    Hi five for getting a dark skinned sista!

  10. PRINCE CARTER FENTY July 6, 2013

    Congrats Matthew ^_^ Also Mama Tina has a new boyfriend also.

    • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 6, 2013

      this family and their messy southern ways tho. 😆

      Even solange got Pregnant at 14 ?!

  11. BEYSUS OVER JESUS July 6, 2013


    • Ballsy July 6, 2013

      Las I checked Beyonce has her love in Jay Z

      Let Matthew live his truth and be happy.

      • Mwah July 6, 2013

        Matty broke her mothers heart of course beyonces going to be hurt tho

    • etone July 6, 2013

      be glad Mathew married a professional woman not a thief and w**** like beyonce, b****

      btw….BURN IN HELL

  12. steph July 6, 2013

    Beyoncé is so beautiful. It’s like she took all the best parts of her mother & father looks. Her sister got the left over. LOL but she still pretty but not beautiful like B.

    • HoneychildPlease July 6, 2013

      Damn that’s f***** up…SMH

  13. B****** ARE A MESS July 6, 2013

    WEll at least she is better looking trantina…Wow he married a chocolate sister though..Well go head brother! You can not hate this man, because without him thiefyonce would not exist so get over it! He messed up, but life moves on, SO get over it!!

  14. Savt1st July 6, 2013

    She got that kelly rowland flavor. In the words of theskorpion I see Matthew is giving himself a class in Matthews media traing. This marriage makes him look better than being the single divorced cheater, but to me he could of stayed in this relationship without marriage….I mean once a cheater always a cheater

  15. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 6, 2013

    Congrats papa knowles. 😀 😀 😀

    everyone should remember that he is her father and he’s still alive, i don’t know if you are not good to your parents then how are good with anyone else.

    This Man Risked it All to launch the careers of DC members, he believed in beyonce and did whatever it takes to make her dreams come true, i have mad respect for him. ” not so much respect for his shady ways, but hey, life requires that. “not-so-smart/mean good people with good intentions go no where in real life, they are used by others usually.”

    Poor mama Tina. 🙁

    • MuiMui July 6, 2013


  16. Brandys Starr July 6, 2013

    Mathew is so f***** up. And its sad that people still blame Beyonce for his doings with DC when she was only 17. I dont like him but congrats. And Beyonces mother was beautiful before she messed up the surgery! I heard she has a new man though.

  17. mildred July 6, 2013

    Congrats, but I was just wondering why he did not marry the woman who gave him a son & why beyonce has not said anything about her step brother. Even if she is mad at her father for cheating, he is still her only brother.#harsh

    • Fran July 6, 2013

      Why does she have to publicly say something?

  18. Fran July 6, 2013

    Wow that was fast

  19. Fran July 6, 2013

    Beyonce sill loves her father of course she does and she always thanks him for her career and teaching her about work ethic. But there’s definitely dark areas in their relationship both personally and professionally I am glad she grew away from him for her own sake. But I think she needs a proper manager.

  20. RICHIE_RICH July 6, 2013

    Congrats….They have family issues just like the rest of the world.

  21. Golf Claps July 6, 2013

    Golf claps for this golddiggin’ hooch.
    That is the smile of a woman who just found the key to a GOLD MINE!

    • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 6, 2013

      I thought I was the only one who got that Vibe about this smile. 😆

      we need a zoom in too.

  22. B. Ashanti Davis July 6, 2013

    Congrats to Matthew Knowles and his lovely new wife. I respect that he laid low and got his life together. He was engaged for a year and then got married so I think he is on a good path.

    I felt sorry for him being with Tina Knowles because one can look at her and tell she is all about the “money”. When I read their history and saw that she left him when he quit his job to focus on managing “Destiny Child”, then returned once the group started making money I saw her true character. Once Bey became a bigger money maker than her dad, it seems she “left” again, [rumors of separation BEFORE the rumors of a baby]. Then she wants to be the victim when a baby is produced.

    Having a baby out of wedlock is wrong, getting in a sexual relationship before the divorce papers are signed is wrong however I do not feel sorry for Tina Knowles at all.

    She shuns Solange because she is not the money maker that Bey is and that is a sad shame. When I read one magazine article entitled “Mommie’s Girl” or something like which was all about her relationship with Bey, my heart screamed, “you have TWO daughters, you sick, gold digging woman”. How this must have hurt Solange.

    No, I don’t feel sorry for Tina K, and I pray the Lord blesses Matthew K in his new marriage. I pray he has the peace, joy, love and happiness that he never had with Tina K. Blessings to the new couple.

    PS…i feel sorry for any man that would get with Tina K. If he doesn’t have a lot of money, it wouldn’t last long…smh!

    • @psychostoner_ July 6, 2013

      Wow you talk with such conviction, as thought you have the inside scoop and regularly visit the Knowles household, please relax boo boo, its not that serious, and nobody wants your random inaccurate opinions

      • B. Ashanti Davis July 6, 2013

        Naw…I just pay attention to ALL sides of the stories and not just one side because I am not a “fan of Beyonce and her money hungry mother”.

        Maybe if you pay attention, you may learn something.

  23. JARED (WHITE DUDE) July 6, 2013

    She is Gorgeous and that picture of them two, together, is cute. 😉

  24. etone July 6, 2013

    congrats to him and his new wife.

  25. fatusankoh July 6, 2013

    go away mr knowles I cant stand him I am glad bey cut you off and miss Tina have the courage to let you go all you do is run around with every woman you see what comes around goes around

  26. Team Tasia July 6, 2013

    Damn shes beautiful! She reminds me of Foxy Brown and does NOT look 48! Congrats to them! I don’t think Matthew and Tina were happy anyway. Everyone deserves happiness. 🙂

  27. JER July 6, 2013

    Next, thatbasicjuice will be posting things about her, her solo career, and its relation to BeYAWNce.

  28. @psychostoner_ July 6, 2013

    can you imagine a movie where the wife turns out to be some psycho and has jay and bey over for dinner and then drops “I’m so looking forward to becoming a part of this family” *psycho smile* I’d pay to see that film, but in all honesty I know when bey found out she called matthew and was like, seriously do not bring that woman near me, I want nothing to do with her etc etc, you know bey loves ms tina

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