Frank Ocean Pulls Out Of Drake Festival Following Vocal Chord Tear

Published: Tuesday 30th Jul 2013 by David

Frank Ocean has been forced to part way with Drake‘s annual ‘OVO Fest’ this year, after suffering a vocal chord tear during the Australian leg of his world tour last week.

Full story below…

Scheduled to perform at the opening night of the two day event, the tear in Ocean’s chords have forced him to bow out- joining Drake in refunding the tickets of any who had paid to see him.

Had he been well enough, the baritone would have performed at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre on August 4th, one day before Nas took to the same stage.

Alas, in putting his health first, the performer has taken the advice of doctors and put himself on vocal rest, cancelling all performances in the foreseeable future.

As a result, the first night of the ‘Fest’ has officially been cancelled, giving James Blake– who was to perform on this night- no choice but to join the August 5th showing.


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  1. CzarM July 30, 2013

    LOLx10@”Frank Ocean Pulls Out Of Drake”. Admit it, you did that s*** on purpose. Both of them strike me as “bottoms” though.

    • artPOOP July 30, 2013

      i’ve heard plenty of rumors regarding drake’s midnight twerk sessions.

    • 444111 July 30, 2013

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    • cvbvcbery July 31, 2013

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  2. Stawp Thiefing July 30, 2013

    Like he could sing to begin with. He was horrible at the Grammy’s!

    • artPOOP July 30, 2013

      so was your momma but that didn’t stop her from tearing her vocal chords with a bunch of random dudes right?

  3. Monstarebel July 30, 2013

    Not like anyone was going there to see him anyways Drake is the main attraction thanks.

  4. Rosie July 30, 2013

    Oh well, I would rather hear James Blake instead, though. Overgrown is one of the best releases of 2013.

  5. see what i see July 30, 2013

    weird pic.

    • Blackstud July 31, 2013

      Why ? i like hairy tighs its very masculine, im sure his bo oty is tight hm hm *i wanna do bad things with you*

  6. Molly July 30, 2013

    She needs to shave them legs tho

  7. Cream July 30, 2013

    Pre order artpop and buy 4 on ituns now

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 30, 2013

      F*** u

    • XoMoDe July 30, 2013

      lol I’m not buying that gay s***.

  8. Mj_swagg July 30, 2013

    guess he was deep throating all the dudes on the tour with them too much? perhaps? he was thinking about keeping that d*** down his throat forever…whooo! thats what u call a remix frank ocean get on it

  9. Queen Blackgirl July 30, 2013

    Good for him. After writing that s*** about Chris Brown KARMA is a b****. Although he can’t sing anyway I pray his voice never comes back

    • GrandGrande July 30, 2013

      Well thats mean!!!!!

    • Rosie July 30, 2013

      And how’s Fist doing on the charts? Last time I checked CO outsold Unfortunate.

  10. mj_swagg July 30, 2013

    He probably jus was mad because chris wasn’t going or he did go but didn’t want anymore lol who knows but I’m not a big fan of either so I mean…

  11. Binky July 30, 2013

    hahahahahahahah the head line thought……Im done

  12. Binky July 30, 2013


  13. Suicide Blonde July 30, 2013

    Plays: Trey Songz – Bottoms Up.

  14. rig rox July 30, 2013

    eeewww do all bettors have thos ugly discolored legs?

  15. rig rox July 30, 2013

    eeewww do all negroes have those ugly discolored legs?

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 30, 2013


  16. JER July 30, 2013


    …………….. those queens need to get it togetha. Aint NOTHIN would stop me from touring and getting paid. I’d pop in my BeYAWNce certified pre-recorded vocal track and press play honeT and get paid

  17. rig rox July 31, 2013

    f*** Chris brown and his ugly negroe ass. nobody likes that stupid b**** I can’t believe these ghetto hos like that p**** n**** hope he beats yall dumbasses up

  18. cake like lady gaga July 31, 2013

    King of Gimmick!!!!!!

    • The Boy Toy July 31, 2013

      Says the Gaga stan 😆

  19. rih rox July 31, 2013

    Damn she needs shave her legs and take singing lessons

  20. Miss Divine July 31, 2013

    Love you Frankie Baby! Hairy legs and all.

  21. A Boy Like Me August 1, 2013

    What is it with everyone saying he need to shave his legs, like he aint a man or something. Yeah, he mighta had feelings for men before a.k.a. still gay but hes still a dude nonetheless. I know you females who are saying that s*** would be the first to have a problem with ur dude if he started doin that s***…riiiiggghhhhhttttt? lmao

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