Rihanna’s ‘Pour It Up’ Slides Nearer To Double Platinum

….and Rihanna‘s just scored herself another hit.

As her critically panned ‘Diamonds World Tour’ continues to rock many a stadium/arena across the globe, the performer has seen her Urban single ‘Pour It Up’ extend her lead as one of the fastest selling singles from the genre in the last year.

Fill up on more details below…


Thanks to a consistent run on Urban radio, and the hype whipped up by its Pop sisters, ‘Pour‘ sold 13,306 copies in the last week bringing its combined US sales to 1,183,915.

A testament to the influence she currently has over Joe Public, the single now sits no more than 1 million units from hitting the 2 million mark, before the release of its music video and after sales of her ballad ‘Stay’ edged nearer to the 5 million sold worldwide milestone last week.

Quite interestingly, ‘Pour’ is now on course to become one of the highest selling singles of the year and- believe it or not- is outperforming her Pop number ‘Right Now (186,205)‘ and less than 1 million copies away from outpacing Pink‘s Greg Kurstin produced ‘Try‘, which has now 2,012,873 copies since October 30th of last year.

With Ciara‘s ‘Body Party’ rising on the Billboard Hot 100’s Top 40 and Frank Ocean now hailed as Pop’s favorite R&B male, Rihanna‘s success with ‘Pour It Up‘ has us hoping Top 40 radio finds space in its playlist for more Urban cuts, helping to push the field back into the proverbial mainstream.

More importantly, we hope it encourages the writers and producers in the field to forge material that could fit into ‘Top 40’, armed with catchy hooks and the same Pop ‘flava’ Rihanna’s material oft brings to the table.

Maybe then, labels would be more inclined to completely get behind these jams and their supporting albums, and bring the world new R&B success stories!

See below for a few cuts that get it right….


Your thoughts? 

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  1. CBDumpedRiHoe July 7, 2013

    how come you havent reported about what she has just tweeted that Stay surpassed Nallo by Beyonce??

    • DavidBrown July 7, 2013

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    • zxvxzvery July 7, 2013

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    • Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy July 7, 2013

      Hi all! Check out this vid just put www in front of it lol


  2. CBDumpedRiHoe July 7, 2013

    how come you havent reported about what she has just tweeted that Stay surpassed Hallo by Beyonce??

    • Etone July 7, 2013

      Stay by Rihanna has outsold Halo
      That was beyonces biggest hit and Rihanna has OUT SOLD THAT TOO. ha ha done Rih Rih .

  3. KING RIH July 7, 2013

    B**** you had me thinking the sales was 1.8 million or something. 1.1 million? IM DONE

    • SdotB July 7, 2013

      lmao I said the same thing when I clicked on this post…i’m surprised Sam actually exaggerated that much, being that he dislikes her so much lol

      • Bey-Minaj July 7, 2013

        Or maybe that’s Sam’s actual shade. Lol 1.1

  4. Quinn July 7, 2013

    What no shade? Finally just a needed factual post 🙂

  5. PRINCE CARTER FENTY July 7, 2013

    That Reign !!! Is Body Party even platinum yet?

    • SdotB July 7, 2013

      really? just can’t keep Ci Ci off ya mind huh…btw, Body Party has only been out since the end of April, PIU has been played on the radio since early this year

      • Navy Sailor July 7, 2013

        Well Ciara IS mentioned in the post soooooo lol

  6. Mark111 July 7, 2013


  7. JARED (WHITE DUDE) July 7, 2013

    The ‘real’ irony of this post is @TGJ placing a ‘Ciara’ video underneath that of ‘Janet’s’ – the same artist of which she desperately tries to duplicate.

    Anyway, congratulations Rihanna. 😉

    But I’m failing to see the “Double Platinum” status with just sales of 1.1 Million. Oh well…

    • SdotB July 7, 2013

      why is that ironic?? how is Ciara duplicating Janet?? Their music styles are nothing alike…clearly Ciara has said Janet is one of her biggest inspirations, just like MJ has inspired so many entertainers, especially those who use his dance moves and sample his music…so why does Janet’s influence on Ciara bother you so much? They don’t even dance or perform alike…the only similarities I see are that they are great dancers/performers with limited vocal abilities, but make great R&B/Pop music…

    • MuiMui July 7, 2013

      The Negativiy is turning many off.

  8. beyfan July 7, 2013

    I’m so happy for my girl riri#that rihanna reign just won’t let up. Coming from a beyonce stan.

  9. Cassie lover July 7, 2013

    Was shocked you didn’t shade her.

  10. That Reign tho>>>>>>>>>> July 7, 2013

    Sam is prolly reaching as usual but this chick stay #winning!
    I didn’t know that Halo was Beyonce’s biggest hit…how many hits (#1’s) does Beyonce have?

    • JARED (WHITE DUDE) July 7, 2013

      Technically speaking, it was her last “Top 5” hit.

      It peaked at #4 in Spring 2009.

      But who cares? Her current, sell-out, world tour speaks, entirely, for itself.

      • Lovebird July 7, 2013

        That tour is not sold out.

  11. RiRi bad July 7, 2013

    Maybe it will hit 2 million when she finally releases the video.

    • Navy Sailor July 7, 2013

      She said that she was watching two edits of the video the other day, so HOPEFULLY the s*** is coming ASAP lol.

  12. rita and beyonce scared of rihanna July 7, 2013

    Nope. Stay is not edging closer to 5 m – IT IS AT 5. 5 WW so there! Ha! Diamonds was written by Sia and it sold 7. 5 These singles are on course to outselle beyonce’s biggest singles.

    She just tweeted that she Stay has outsold beyonce’s halo, making it the biggest digital song for a black female. Every day, she is erasing beyonce’s legacy. I though beyonce was a legend? how come her legacy is slipping by the minute?

    It is at 1.1, but once the video comes on monday, it will be double platinum and the remix of pour it up is gold. The remix of wale Bad with rih, is also gold. That Rihanna reign. I though , last year, Rita whora was gonna end rihanna’s career?

    • rita and beyonce scared of rihanna July 7, 2013

      I just looked on wikepedia list of biggest selling acts.

      In the acts that have sold 100 million. Emimen, Rihanna, Britney etc.

      Beyonce is the acts that have sold 75 million.

      So, Rih is now the biggest black singer. Only Donna summer at estimated 130 and Whitney who was in the 200 mill are ahead of her. She will outsell whitney and be the biggest black singer after Micheal jackson.

      Beyonce is at 75 mill, according to wiki and she will never sell big a gain. I dont even think she will release albums. WOW, and they said she was a one hit wonder

      I have just seen Rita flop whora on twitter, big talking about her second album will shut it down. You, see….rih does not need to go on twitter to brag, she already knows she is 4 biggest selling black act.



      Donna summer ( est )




      These are biggest black acts in HISTORY.

      LOL LOL NOW WHO’S THE LEGEND? Now who should bow down!

  13. Navy Sailor July 7, 2013

    I wanna know what the hell is taking the video so long?! Fantasia filmed the WM video after Rih and it was released last week! WHAT’S THE HOLD UP? 🙁

  14. STAY>>>>halo July 7, 2013

    I like how Rih switches up her tours. New arrangements & themes. It doesn’t feel like the same show over and over again. She doesn’t even perform some of her earlier songs. She already slaaaays when it comes to singles if she put more effort into her shows as far as vocals and choreography she would be highly respected as a performer. I’ve seen some reviews of her show and they’re pretty good.

    • rita and beyonce scared of rihanna July 7, 2013

      Respect is subjective; some even say talent is too. It does not matter who respects her or not…..She is the 3rd best selling black female after Whit and Donna Summer.


  15. rita and beyonce scared of rihanna July 7, 2013

    In terms of biggest black females in History, only Donna sumer and Whiney are ahead of rih. Donna is 130, but the said est, so it could be less. Whit, is naturally at sky high 200 mill range. But, 25 Rih is 100 and counting, so outsell Donna summer with ease and go head to head with Whit’s record. Within 10 years she will outsell Whit to be the biggest selling black women OF ALL TIME; this makes her a legend, she already is nearing legend status; In Barbados, she is legend and icon; in fact, she, like Bob marley are icons of the west indies.

    She is bigger seller than bob marley and is bonafied legend – who never won a grammy. For all those ” beyonce has 17 grammy’s criers ” Bob’s music actual moves the world. Beyonce does not.

    This is amazing cos, this time last year, everyone said that Beyonce’s buddy, Whora would end her career. Then, in 2013, around jan, they said that beyonce would come back and snatch Rih’s wig. But ” they ” do not know what they f*** ” they ” are talking about.

    HA KARMA! With the power of being the 3r best selling black singer in history, rih can have ROC NATION, DEF JAM sucking up to her. She is Def jam biggest act in HISTORY – in fact, she is the only DEF JAM ACT TO HAVE SOLD OVER 100 MILL. No one in def jam history has done that before. Does look likely anyone will. As roc nation? lol lol You might as well call them ” Rihnahation ” Cos she runs that label, it is her name keeping the lights on.

    HA HA HA But yeah…..before Rih got signed, Beyonce was on course to be the Big black female, but that has all come to an end.

    • rita and beyonce scared of rihanna July 7, 2013

      EM is the only rapper to have sold 100 mill. 2 pac has sold 75 mill making the biggest selling ‘ black ‘ rapper. HA HA HA JAYZ is non f****** factor in terms of sales, so no wonder, Rih ” runs ” roc nation. Jay z knows he cannot dare p*** A WOMAN LIKE RIH OFF. She keeps his ” label ” alive.

    • MuiMui July 7, 2013

      Many let the chips fall where they may and many like Rihanna
      know how to arrange her chips in neat little piles.

    • MuiMui July 7, 2013

      Rihanna is the biggest by far this Generation with age and performances/popularity and no one not even Beyonce would have ever expected this to happen.
      I keep saying that what is for us we will get no matter how people try to say you are not as good are better than another.

      When you think about it since the beginning of time there has always been one artist who will always appears to be the better artist ,that’s life.

      People love each one of all the artist differently and the more they try to tear Rihanna down , who is still in the learning stages of her career and has made a huge impact on Music this last decade, the more people will gravitate toward Rihanna.

      They are both great great in their own way, and People will realize that you can’t just up and make people not like Rihanna because there are just as many who love Rihanna as love Beyonce just as well.

      And Rihanna get love with all of her Dirty /clean Laundry put out there for the world to see and dissect just think how sweet it would be if Rihanna wasn’t hated as much as she is.
      And just think Beyonce is always called Great, Beautiful and Praised to high heaven and Rihanna is the one who always get dealt the bad hand, called Talentless,Ugly,S**** but through it all Rihanna still seem to take it all in strides and don’t take herself serious at all and she is slowly gaining in miles and she still have miles and miles to go.

      Rihanna will keep right on making her walk into the History of music proudly and without shame or regret.

  16. what? July 7, 2013

    1.2 and 13k per week. this will double plat in… wait…

    well… probably never? *shrugs*


  17. HOTSTUFF July 7, 2013

    A part from a technical point of view ( writers, the production etc )….Pour it up is also selling because of Rihanna’s persona and star power. For instance I sure bet that Rihanna would make C-error’s ‘i’m out’ a hit…. #DATREIGN

    • rita and beyonce scared of rihanna July 7, 2013

      She would of made RIP a hit

      She would of made ‘ who run the world ‘ a Hit.

  18. I stan for Myself July 7, 2013

    Thanks to PAYOLA! And its not even double platinum so why the post?

    • MuiMui July 7, 2013

      If that is what it take for others then why begrudge Rihanna for doing it,shut all the way up.
      What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  19. rih rox July 7, 2013

    So very sorry…. I as rih rox … I made that above statement…

    I ended up with Jay’s account. I apologize.

  20. パーカー 万年筆 インク August 18, 2013

    万年筆 インク

  21. Navy commander December 30, 2013

    But Sam , I thought this was a song by an unknown artist?

    thatgrapejuice .net/2013/12/top-5-songs-2013/#comment-4334086

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