New Song: Fifth Harmony – ‘Me And My Girls’

Published: Saturday 13th Jul 2013 by David


They’re the fun filled Pop Princesses with a growing fan base behind them!

That’s right, we’re talking about Fifth Harmony– the girls behind the brand new single ‘Me And My Girls‘, the follow up to the feel good anthem ‘Miss Movin’ On‘.

Released before the launch of their ‘Harmonize America Mall Tour’, the song is enough to turn ‘Harmony’ critics into hardcore fans…Pop perfection to say the least.

Check it out!

Tour dates:

15 Saugus, MA Square One Mall – Saugus 4pm
16 Paramus, NJ Garden State Plaza 4pm
18 Fairless, PA Best Buy Oxfard Valley 4pm
19 Meridien, CT Meridian Westfield 4pm
22 Annapolis, MD Westfield Annapolis 4pm
24 Alpharetta, GA North Point Mall 4pm
28 Goodlettsville, TN Rivergate Mall 2pm
29 Chesterfield, MO Chesterfield Mall 4pm
30 Aurora, IL Westfield Mall 4pm
31 Strongsville, OH South Park Center 12pm

1 Pittsburgh, PA Mall at Robertson 4pm
4 Lake Grove, NY Smith Haven Mall 2pm
7 Houston, TX Pearland Mall 4pm
9 San Antonio South Park Mall 4pm
10 San Bruno, CA Shops at Tanforan 5pm
14 Portland, OR Clackamas Town Ctr 4pm
15 Seattle, WA South Centre Mall 4pm

 Your thoughts?

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  1. bow down b****** July 13, 2013


    • refdxcbxcbxbfd43 July 13, 2013

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  2. nobitchassness July 13, 2013

    Miss Movin’ On >

  3. DaYiel Teflon July 13, 2013

    Hmmm not really into there kinda music but wish them the best!!!

  4. DaYiel Teflon July 13, 2013

    Hmmm not really into there kinda music but wish them the best!!!

  5. Meena July 13, 2013

    They can actually sing but why they singing this type of crap

  6. the real cake like lady gaga July 13, 2013

    Mall tour? I have NEVER in my entire existence….

    • toohotfortv July 13, 2013

      bc you’re a toddler on the net. It’s a very old marketing tool. Back in the day debbie gibson, tiffany and nkotb all did it… all of the boy bands of the 90’s did it. so gtfoh with your no reference point having ass.

      • Team Tasia July 13, 2013

        I also recall Rihanna doing mall tours in the beginning of her career also. You have to start somewhere. Who’s gonna pay to see an unknown artist?

    • Carlitos July 13, 2013

      A lot of first timers do the mall tours. It’s a way to establish a fan base. And it’s still very common. It’s an old school approach that is still used frequently.

  7. dustin July 13, 2013

    “taking duckface selfies right and left”

    this song is like a beautiful poem

  8. Dev July 13, 2013

    Both of their songs thus far have been dated and generic, i dont understand how these girls came from xfactor which had LA Reid and Simon Cowell and several US states with great songwriters and producers and this is the best material that they could come with? How is it that Little Mix are from the UK and have more exciting songs than them?
    This prom queen look x5 is not cute

    • Carlitos July 13, 2013

      You need to take a few steps back. I believe your comment may be a little biased, considering it sounds like you’re a Mixer. You can have a several seats, and while you’re at it, watch and enjoy 5H take over the world.

      • Dev July 13, 2013

        Why is it that because people have an opinion they have to stan for an artist? You believe wrong, i like music, and although i dont actually like Little mixes music i find it more tolerable that this tripe that i heard from 5th Harmony. Now, in order to base my opinion i listen to all music by all artist’s from different genres hence my ability to make a comment on this post about this song.
        In future when you see my name and read my comments stay several seats further back from where you think i should be, and the seats you suggested i sit on… they’re all yours as i wont be watching 5th anyone taking over anything because i have already moved on. I wish them the best and i hope you can afford the gas to drive to all these mall dates so you can cheer and buy merchandise

      • Carlitos July 13, 2013


        Listen here, you cheap and pathetic knock off version of yo’ momma. Don’t think by your “amateur” throw of shade at me is going to stop me, because B****, I WILL GO HARD AND HARDER each time. But boo (hah), you can try me… it’s not going to happen, so stop trying to make it happen. If my b****-ass wants to travel around the COUNTRY to see my girls, I WILL. Not that I need to explain that to your incoherent, incompetent self.

      • Dev July 14, 2013

        @Carlitos “its not going to happen, stop trying to make it happen” are you talking about your attempts to make 5th Harmony happen?
        You wanna go hard? Go ahead! If it makes you feel better typing from behind a screen being anonymous and making lame threats i’m happy for you and your delusional mental health stan status. I await your next reply. Ciao

      • Wow… August 10, 2013

        I think the point is just that this song has little or no meaning and has absolutely no poetry to it. I personally don’t like songs like that, and while I think Fifth Harmony is very talented, they had an opportunity by getting signed to make at least halfway decent music. I thought Miss Movin’ On was okay and at least had a good message, but this song is nothing more than a generic pop song. I think they could go far, but they could have done better music. I wish them all the best.

  9. the real cake like lady gaga July 13, 2013

    @TOOHOT grandma, I’m gonna need you to find your way back to the museum, WHERE YOU BELONG YOU FOSSIL!!!

  10. My Body Hasn’t Been Invited To Any Parties July 13, 2013

    I like it. I think they can pull off singing R&B, and is that Lauren saying “Watch me now”? Haha, love it.

    • the real cake like lady gaga July 13, 2013

      Sis, your name theaux??

      Your “shade” is as non-existent as Riherpes vocals

      • My Body Hasn’t Been Invited To Any Parties July 13, 2013

        Lol, what? And what “shade”? And why do you spell ‘though’ like “theaux”?

  11. Rosie July 13, 2013

    They are so basic but I’m not really gonna drag them since one of them is a Lana stan.

  12. Slaydy Gaga July 13, 2013

    I actually like them, I would like that Dinah would sing a bit more in the songs THAT GURL CAN SAAANG!

  13. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 13, 2013

    Who? Kii

  14. the real cake like lady gaga July 13, 2013

    Don’t show us how stupid you are, everybody knows Fifth Harmony. Oh I forgot, you aint from earth, your from Brazil. Y’all don’t have satellite tv in that part of the universe.

    • Rosie July 13, 2013

      Dead. If everyone knows Fifth Harmony then why are try being forced to go on a free suburban mall tour?

      • Carlitos July 13, 2013

        They aren’t being forced. It’s a marketing/promo strategy that has proven to build a bigger and stronger fan base. They’re new in the industry, their single hasn’t even hit iTunes yet, and they already have a HUGE fan base. You just wait and see, you’ll be jamming to their music in just no time, asking yourself “why did I even make that irrelevant comment?”

  15. the real cake like lady gaga July 13, 2013

    That was directed to the brazilian t*********

  16. JER July 13, 2013

    Sounds like Demi Lovato BS

    • Carlitos July 13, 2013

      You’re BS! GTFO!

  17. Carlitos July 13, 2013

    These girls are the bomb dot com. They’re amazing. Every single one of them can SANNNNNG. I can guarantee you that they will make it to compete to be the next all time best selling girl group…in the world.

    • JML July 13, 2013

      Carla why are you up on everyones comments defending them and insisting that we will be fans and love them?
      Gurl get a grip and go twirl

      • Carlitos July 13, 2013

        B****, DO NOT come at me like you’re my GYNO. I will snatch and break that nappy piece of Kmart weave of yours, you FUGLY prostitution w****!

      • JML July 14, 2013

        Carla, oh Carla, your weak laughable threats do not concern me

  18. gio88 July 13, 2013

    with this generic pop the won’t do anything….

    • SHANIQUA July 14, 2013


  19. beyfierce July 14, 2013

    sounds good but somehow very disney

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