TGJ Update: ‘The Greatest Song Of The Decade Is’…

Published: Thursday 25th Jul 2013 by David

Two years after 81,762 crowned Britney Spears That Grape Juice’s ‘Queen of Pop‘, two days ago saw us ask you to vote for the song you feel is ‘The Greatest Song of the Decade‘.

Compiled using song submissions sent in through the TGJ comment section and our various social media accounts, votes for the list available have now reached a total of 44,893….in 48 hours.

So, as to keep you updated with what’s been going on the poll, we’ve pulled stats from the current scores and have them waiting for you below!

As you read this, the following votes have been awarded by you to the Top 6.

1. Michael Jackson – ‘You Rock My World (14,390 votes)’

2.  Britney Spears – ‘Toxic (11,853 votes)’

3. Beyonce – ‘Single Ladies (4,674)’

4. Mariah Carey – ‘We Belong Together (3,912)’

5. Rihanna – ‘We Found Love (3,827)’

6. Lady GaGa – ‘Born This Way (2,531)’

With voting closing on August 23rd, there’s still time to have your say and take your favourite act to the top!

So, with the above figures in mind, let us know…

Who do you think’s going to win?! 

Vote here!

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  1. Suicide Blonde July 25, 2013

    You Rock My World must have been one of MJ less succesful singles, no impact at all.

    Why that video of vocals?, we all know Beyonce can sing, a vocals battle would be better if the contenders were Mariah and Whitney Houston, wait, now that i think, do a post like that, please!, please!..Sam please!…
    i’m begging you….Please, Please Me.

    • ^AKA^ July 25, 2013

      LOL don’t take it seriously honey. The poll is joke. You can vote as much as you want if you keep refleshing page. Only lifeless people will spend so much time doing it. 😀

      A song for toy and Stephy 🙂

      • Suicide Blonde July 25, 2013


    • cxzvzxverty547 July 25, 2013

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    • stephy the lambily July 25, 2013

      YOU ROCK MY WORLD was a better so than MUSIC. The only reason Invincible flopped was because Mj went crazy & f***** up his face & became addicted to drugs & did I mention crazy…
      Invincible actually was a very good album. Its just that Michael Jackson personal life made everything & anything he did since Dangerous be ignored and or flop
      BUT YOU ROCK MY WORLD beat is crazy and its one of Mjs best songs ever imo

    • JOHNVIDAL July 26, 2013

      What a f****** joke of poll lol

  2. Tash July 25, 2013

    MJ the King! But lets be real it was not the greatest song of the decade. Love the song but…..

  3. SheMeHer July 25, 2013

    Of what decade exactly? It is 2013 after all…3 yrs into a new decade?? Ami missing something here?

    • Mary-Ann Tatum July 25, 2013

      It is That Grape Juice’s FLAWED logic. They need that Schoolin Life. Dumb kween Sam is.

    • Lady gargoyle July 25, 2013

      dec•ade (ˈdɛk eɪd; Brit. also dɪˈkeɪd)

      1. a period of ten years.

    • Mya July 25, 2013

      You only made yourself sound dumb trying to be smart. A decade does not have to literally be from 00-10. Its TEN years.

      • SHEMEHER July 25, 2013

        Please do tell, how many of these “Greatest” lists have you seen that span a time period of ’03-’13? …I’ll wait! Ooh ooh hold on, I think i remember a Rolling Stone article that lists the top selling albums from 1998-2008. Smh..find some logic sweetheart!

    • JanetXone July 25, 2013

      Reading comprehension is key boo boo, didn’t they explain it was actually 13 years yesterday.

      • SHEMEHER July 25, 2013

        As is grammar comprehension my love! Figure it out!

    • GoldenBoy J July 26, 2013

      Actually, “You Rock My World” was released in 2001, so apparently they’re talking about the “decade” from 2001 to 2013. Ha!

  4. Mary-Ann Tatum July 25, 2013

    LOL MJ and Britney fan sites posted a link to the vote hence the wins. Mariah got song of the decade officially so who cares. She’s the QUEEN of music.

    • Tash July 25, 2013

      Wrong technically Beyonce has the crown because shes been crowned it by more than just Billboard (which is just for the States)

      • Mary-Ann Tatum July 25, 2013

        Tash you need to step away before we bring out the IQ stats on Beyonce fans! Dumb f***!

      • Tash July 25, 2013

        Weak. You don’t know me so that’s irrelevant shade. And does that change the fact in my original comment? No.

      • Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) July 25, 2013

        Well they but have the biggest hits of the decade, Queen Bey with Crazy In Love and MC with We Belong Together

      • zking July 25, 2013

        Mariah Carey has awards Beyoncé wishes she had, lol
        We Belong Together was already declared Song of the Decade by Billboard in 2009!
        Mariah also got Song of the Decade of the 90’s too, for her song One Sweet Day!!

        Mariah Carey is the most successful female artist of all time, proven fact; look it up!

      • Tash July 25, 2013

        We are not talking about awards. Crazy in Love technically is a bigger hit than We Belong Together #FACT. Its more successful WORLD WIDE and has been quoted the song of the decade by more sources. So deal with it. Where does One Sweet Day come into it? Last time I checked it was out in the 90s? Why do you lambs get so defensive I’m not dissing Mariah and her legacy just deal with facts.

      • Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) July 25, 2013

        @Zking Whitney had the best song of the 90’s decade have you ever hear of I will always love you???? All three of her movie soundtracks went Diamond! Did Mariah, no!

  5. Jayla July 25, 2013

    This is so pointless & irrelevant. Billboard already declared “Mariah Carey – We Belong Together” as the song of the decade, Get over it, accept it….

    • Mary-Ann Tatum July 25, 2013


    • Nana Yaw July 25, 2013

      Fool! Billboard’s declaration was only for the USA

      • Common Sense July 25, 2013

        And? The US is the world’s largest music market by far. Ergo it’s the only declaration that matters.

    • Huh July 25, 2013

      um, that song is only song of the decade to Billboard by how many weeks it was nuumber 1. Not by critical opinion, such as NME, Spin, Rollingstone, Vh1, Pitchfork and countless other credible and critical music publication which have all ranked Crazy in Love as #1 or within the top 5 greatest songs of the 00s

  6. BeyWhoUWanna July 25, 2013

    Where was Rihanna in the vocal battle?

    • Mary-Ann Tatum July 25, 2013

      LMFAO!!! It was her Hero performance!

  7. Jayla July 25, 2013

    and we ALL know 44,893 people did NOT vote on this struggle website, please

    • NaviKissKiss July 25, 2013

      Ok really. They may be a lot of things but they are not struggling.

    • ^AKA^ July 25, 2013

      REFLESH and VOTE AS MUCH AS YOU WANT are the key words 🙂

    • MCThePlaceToBe July 25, 2013

      @Jayla You’d be surprised.

    • PIU July 25, 2013

      Not because you don’t like them means that they’re flops. Everybody knows that this is a major site but we drag them because their asses can be shady to the people they don’t like.

    • Mary-Ann Tatum July 25, 2013

      Sam has his Opera browser on refresh!

      • PIU July 25, 2013

        I hate to do this, but you look real pressed right now. They are shady as f*** but they do get a lot of hits because of the Queen. It’s a fact of life.

  8. Fierce & Flawless & All July 25, 2013

    MJ’s song YRMW did not have any impact. I think ppl
    Voted for that cuz MJ is iconic. But I loooove that song tho.
    Anyways, this list is s***.

  9. Suicide Blonde July 25, 2013

    The vocal battle was changed. 🙂

  10. BEYSUS OVER JESUS July 25, 2013


    • zking July 25, 2013

      We Belong Together was bigger.
      It was already crowned Song of the Decade by Billboard in 09!

      • Jas July 25, 2013

        Actually, Crazy in Love was crowned Song of the Decade by billboard. And Single Ladies went #1 in more countries than We Belong Together did…Either way they’re all popular songs tho.

  11. BeachHouseBritney July 25, 2013

    I see the losers are still pressed. Even if you can vote as many times as you want you still have to refresh the page before you vote.

  12. Lolax July 25, 2013

    Queen B and king MJ slays the decade

    • BEYSUS OVER JESUS July 25, 2013


      • Lolax July 25, 2013

        Who is beyonce

      • BEYSUS OVER JESUS July 25, 2013

        AT THE VMA’S 2011

    • BEYSUS OVER JESUS July 25, 2013


      • Suicide Blonde July 25, 2013

        When the legendary Ms. Britney Spears bowed to Beyonce?

      • ^AKA^ July 25, 2013

        The one whose debut album your fav has been struggling to outsell for 10 years???

      • RICHIE_RICH July 25, 2013

        She bowed to Beyonce at the 2011 VMA’s

  13. Rosie July 25, 2013

    A mess. Like I said in the voting post none of those songs except Single Ladies and maybe Toxic would even be considered on any other website.
    And how did MJ’s least remembered song jump in first place? Rigging? The struggle for That Mess Juice.

  14. Mya July 25, 2013

    The most impactful songs out of the six listed there (in my unbiased opinion) were Toxic and Single Ladies.

  15. Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) July 25, 2013

    MJ shouldn’t have won, yes he is tha kang but that song didn’t have any culture impact like thriller, bad, man in the mirror, beat it and etc.

  16. Lady gargoyle July 25, 2013

    I think they forgot to add this song tbh

  17. zking July 25, 2013

    LOOK IT UP!!


    • Suicide Blonde July 25, 2013

      I disagree, i hate Single Ladies but that song alone had more impact in a glabal scale than We Belong…and let’s not talk about Toxic, We Belong’ is one of my fav. Mariah’s song but it was more a huge US hit than a worldwide smash.

      • ^AKA^ July 25, 2013

        True. Hung Up hit #1 spot in 41 countries while WBT was #1just in the USA and Australia. It has yet to crack 2 million copies in the USA with all that radio support. And this poll was about impact that WBt didn’t have. Billboard is based on chart success, not on impact that song makes on pop culture and I still fail to see what WBT brought to it.

        Lose Yourself desrved to be in this poll too.

      • Suicide Blonde July 25, 2013

        Charts sometimes didn’t match the impact of a song.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 25, 2013

        Likica is such a f****** liar. WBT sold OVER 2 million in the US. Stop rushing to wikipedia to get your number hun. Gosh, Your more annoying than Rosie sometimes. smh

  18. ratedxxx(tic toc) July 25, 2013

    michael and britney..king and princess of pop….

    not mad…

  19. Pour It Up July 25, 2013

    This list is irrelevant though. And MJ and Britney are at the top because the link was posted on their fan sites.

  20. JOSE July 25, 2013

    LMAO. Damn I know yall hurt! Voting all day and night and the KOP stole the poll effortlessly. This is an irrelevant poll but still funny!

  21. CandyWarhol July 25, 2013

    Are we still pretending that Grape Juice don’t get hits?

    • Woman2Woman July 25, 2013

      I’ve been saying though.

    • StripClubsAndTacoBell July 25, 2013

      I want to say something so bad but I know the other Navy gworls will call me a traitor.

    • MarinasDiamonds July 25, 2013

      But nobody said that hun, even the Navy wouldn’t have said that.

    • NickisPinkBeachHouse July 25, 2013

      The only one who said that was that new girl Mary Anne.

  22. Gays love Gaga & Rih July 25, 2013

    Yaaas for queen b aka Britney shes that b**** tbh

  23. Yeah I Said It July 25, 2013

    The only songs that deserve to be on that list in terms of REAL IMPACT is the Britney song and the Beyonce song. Change the Gaga song to Poker Face and Rihanna song to Umbrella and it will make more sense.

  24. Lovebird (come ride a train on me) July 25, 2013

    It’s a b******* list anyway.

    • Gays love Gaga & Rih July 25, 2013

      You mad katy didn’t even make the list huh boo?

  25. ratedxxx(tic toc) July 25, 2013

    it doesnt matter if the link was posted on britneys or michael’s fan site, because according to the beyonce stans, beyonce is the biggest singer/entertainer of this decade

    so that means she should have a bigger stans base than britney..and that grape juice is beyonce’s number 1 stan site

    just take the d*** and shut the f*** up…this poll is irrelevant and yet yall getting mad over the result..

    • Slayara July 25, 2013

      No lies were detected, the Hive are throwing shade at Grape because they thought they owned it but they don’t.

    • Yeah I Said It July 25, 2013

      Honey why are you Beyonce obsessed all the time? You are really basing stan base on a poll for TGJ? Getcholife.

      • ratedxxx(tic toc) July 25, 2013

        Im beyonce obsessed? i don’t even comment on all her post SO FAIL

        me not liking beyonce is affecting you personally?

        its ok when you stans bash people you dont like 24/7

        but when its beyonce whos getting the bashing people are obsessed?

        I bash the beyonce stan base because you guys are so full of s***….if my comments bothers you, come fight my keyboard

      • Yeah I Said It July 25, 2013

        You dont have to comment on her post all the time. Its an observation, yeah we’re full of s*** bla bla bla heard it all before. Because none of the other stans do the equivalent (biased). If Beyonces not on your mind why did you dedicate that whole comment to her when it wasnt even a Hive that said that? It was IRONICALLY a Rihanna fan. Who, if we apply the stan theory you judged on TGJ should have even more votes because she is ‘the #1 b****’ right? And there is a reply section so when I read, I will reply whenever I want.

      • Yeah I Said It July 25, 2013

        Actually it was a MARIAH fan first, then a Rihanna fan that posted about it. I did not see a Beyonce stan talking about that.

    • Yeah I Said It July 25, 2013

      And it wasn’t even a HIVE member that made that comment lmao!!….. It was a Rihanna stan.

    • Jas July 25, 2013

      Um, Grape isn’t her biggest fan site. And it wasn’t a hive member that stated that either…just saying.

    • RICHIE_RICH July 25, 2013

      stfu sometimes like damn…..

      • ratedxxx(tic toc) July 25, 2013

        that grape juice is her biggest stan site…..while she has other blogs in her pockets, some of them do post the negative s*** that beyonce does

        that grape juice always post only positive things when it comes to beyonce…

        hence the biggest stan blog

        actually the person that first made a comment about britney having a link to her fan site wasnt a rihanna stan..

        because that same person said something negative about nice try

        rolls eyes…

      • Jas July 25, 2013

        They’ve also said negative things about Beyonce *rolls eyes* nice try.

      • ratedxxx(tic toc) July 25, 2013


        reading fundamental is key…..

        yea i said claimed the first person that brought up the britney only won because this poll was linked to her fan site, was a rihanna stan

        which i respond, that person bashed rihanna..

        so what the f*** does that person bashing beyonce has to do with the comment about the rihanna stans was the first to bash britney?

        pathetic…trying to drag people cant even comprehend s***…stay with the licking beyonces asshole or learn how to f****** read..

      • ratedxxx(tic toc) July 25, 2013

        post a link to that grape juice posting negative s*** about beyonce

        ill wait..please that grape juice has been licking beyonces asshole for years

        show me the proof with that grape juice bashing beyonce

        they post all the negative s*** about rihanna, mariah, and everybody else

        like i said you guys are trying so damn bad to drag people, but never do your f****** research, all that s*** talking but never anything to back it up

      • Jas July 25, 2013

        I never said that Grape Juice did post negative stuff about Beyonce. I’m not delusional. I said that that individual bashed Beyonce because it seemed like you were implying that the person bringing up the “britney only won because this poll was linked to her fan site” b.s. was apart of the Hive when they aren’t. Nobody from the hive was even making a big deal out of the “link”. Which is why I was curious as to why you stated ” it doesnt matter if the link was posted on britneys or michael’s fan site, because according to the beyonce stans, beyonce is the biggest singer/entertainer of this decade”. When its not even relevant to the argument at hand since Beyonce’s fans weren’t even complaining about Britney winning this poll.

      • Jas July 25, 2013

        And really? Was that even necessary? I didn’t address you in an insulting way nor did I resort to name calling. So feel free to miss me with that rude b*******.

  26. Lovebird (come ride a train on me) July 25, 2013

    Suicide, single ladies was LOCAL.

    • Gays love Gaga & Rih July 25, 2013

      No b**** that would be Part of me last Friday night & wide awake

    • Suicide Blonde July 25, 2013

      No as much as We Belong Together, i mean everyone knows those Oh Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh 🙂

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 25, 2013

        Sorry, but neither of them are local. They’re pretty much equal in terms of worldwide success.

    • Lydia July 25, 2013

      LOL you tried AGAIN. Single Ladies didn’t even chart at #1 in the where I am from but it had more IMPACT than majority of songs that have charted at #1 since then. Sorry.

  27. ratedxxx(tic toc) July 25, 2013

    I admit single ladies did have a bigger impact than we belong together worlwide..

    but umbrella had a much bigger impact worldwide…

    beyonce is a bigger star than mariah worlwide..but she’s not as big as rihanna worlwide

    when you break down the album sales/singles sales and certification rihanna has a bigger impact outside of the U.S…

    beyonce’s majority of album sales comes from the U’S..

    hence why I remember boht stan base going at it years ago, saying the U’S should be the only relevant music market, because beyonce’s biggest sales came from the U.s

    • Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) July 25, 2013

      Ok, i’ll give you this. But can I ask you something? Can you please give Bey her props when there due just like what you did know. For instance I don’t like Rih’s personality but I like some of her songs. Just don’t be biased.

  28. Lydia July 25, 2013

    I love MJ so I don’t care if he wins or not. It will save the stan war if Beyonce, Rihanna or Mariah won.

  29. Tyler July 25, 2013

    Suicide I agree, but I have mad respect for Britney also. So its all good.

    • Suicide Blonde July 25, 2013


  30. Cici Slaaaays July 25, 2013

    Wait i thought beyonce was the king? Why didn’t she win i thought single ladies was the 2nd coming of jesus the way they hype that b******* up glad her and generic r**** didn’t win…

    • Tyler July 25, 2013


      Tthe operative question is why didn’t you go purchase Ciara’s 65k album? That’s what you should be asking yourself.

      • Rosie July 25, 2013

        Sis that album didn’t even do 60k first week.

      • Tyler July 25, 2013

        Really? DAMN!!! lololol.

  31. QueenCeline July 25, 2013

    Instead of a basic dragging session, let’s play a nice game. If you had your own label who would you sign?

    • SummertimeSadness July 25, 2013

      What a nice idea.
      My label would be called Lana Land and I would sign Marina, Lana, Natalia, Azealia and Iggy.

      • OVODasher July 25, 2013

        Dashing Records and I’m signing Drizzy, Ferg, Mos Def, Nas and my girl Jhene.

      • Rosie July 25, 2013

        Such a flawless label.

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 25, 2013

      Everybody besides Celine, Nicki, and Christina.

      • FentySoSnatched July 25, 2013

        The first person I would sign is Beyonce, just so I could drop her on the same day.

    • Cici Slaaaays July 25, 2013

      Queen Ciara & Janet

      • Tyler July 25, 2013

        Why are you still posting under this fake ass user name??? You’ve already been EXPOSED.

    • VisionOfMimi July 25, 2013

      Name: Butterfly Records.
      My singers would be Kelly Price, Sevyn, Latoya London and Kelis because I think she has potential.

    • Tyler July 25, 2013

      Mariah, Beyonce, JCole, Kendrick Lamar, and Azealia.

    • Rosie July 25, 2013

      I would probably call it Wanderlust.
      I would sign Lana, Marina, Charli, Ellie Goulding, Icona Pop, Florence + The Machine, Robyn, Lily Allen, Tegan & Sara, artists like that.
      Plus a bunch of bands that absolutely no one on this site has heard of (but are still pretty popular among “indie” people).

    • DOSSOME July 25, 2013


  32. Cici Slaaaays July 25, 2013

    We belong together = Overrated

    • DOSSOME July 25, 2013

      Bye xtinaalove/queen barb/cici slaaaays…

  33. Suicide Blonde July 25, 2013

    DOSSOME comment was deleted, damn i wanted to know about the enemy site.

    • Rosie July 25, 2013

      What enemy?

      • Suicide Blonde July 25, 2013

        I’m clueless too.

    • 1D>>>>>YourLife July 25, 2013

      @SuicideBlonde Are you hot in real life? I think I have crush on you.

      • Suicide Blonde July 25, 2013

        You have to see me, i don’t think is nice say good things about yourself, i think the comments from others are more flattering, all i can say is that I’m not a big deal.

    • DOSSOME July 25, 2013

      Kiiiiii….samantha don’t waste time deleting such comments,i’m dying of laughter here

      • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 25, 2013

        Sometimes I feel Sam Treat me in a Luxurious Way, i rarely get moderated and I know I say Stupid S***.

        I don’t get the fascination with “the other” Website, It is BS Tbh, But Cooked well, a Well-cooked BS, like he’s biased as hell when it comes to MC and Beyonce.

        And I just Dislike they “I know It all” Kind of people!!!! 🙄

        let Alone that Mickey Mouse Voice ……………… And Let alone he Shades Whitney constantly in favor of mariah.

        B****, Please……… Both are awesome singers, No need to bring one down to let the other rise.

        I know @sam Will delete this, Or not if he still easy on me… but hope this sees the light. 😆

      • Suicide Blonde July 25, 2013

        What is the f****** name of the site?

    • DOSSOME July 25, 2013

      @Pop,that is what i was wondering before i got deleted,that other guy stays bringing up mariah’s name on every post and blatantly refuses to give beyonce props,unnecessarily shading her while sam does the complete opposite…coincidence????

      • Tyler July 25, 2013

        I noticed that too.

      • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 26, 2013

        They Are Like Oil And Water, We need a Surfactant ASAP. 😉

  34. Lydia July 25, 2013

    Beyonces name alone is STAR power where I am from. Her stats may not be as good as some but she is Beyonce no one cares about that. If you’re taking into account impact Beyonces flop Run the World had more impact (with it lyrics and message) than some #1s. So stats are hype to me these days. *Does Single Ladies dance* arguably the biggest pop dance trend of the 21st Century!

    • MuiMui July 25, 2013

      Best Songs of the 21st Century

      Best Selling 100 Singles of the 21 Century

      Best Selling 150 Songs of the 21 Century

  35. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 25, 2013

    What’s the point of that vocal battle? We all know Mariah slays all of those girls, so please let us not. + I noticed Sam picked a video that doesn’t include vocals from Mariah’s prime unlike the clips shown of Whitney. Shady Delusional biotch.

  36. Tyler July 25, 2013

    I don’t think that “You Rock My World” had that big of an impact. But its the King Of Pops song so what do you expect? Lmfao. Other than that, the list looks about right. I can’t really complain.

  37. Sass July 25, 2013

    Wasn’t this the same list that ‘The Motto’ was on?

    • Rosie July 25, 2013

      Mess. Shows you how terrible people on this site’s taste is.

      • Jas July 25, 2013

        Exactly. I knew it was basic when I saw “Goodies” on the list. That song had 0 impact smh.

      • Rosie July 25, 2013

        Not “Goodies.” I had to look that song up because I forgot it. They should’ve just copied and pasted Pitchfork’s list.

      • Common Sense July 25, 2013

        Pitchfork is pretentious garbage that wannabe hipsters follow. They foam at the mouth anytime Radiohead releases anything.

  38. DOSSOME July 25, 2013

    You rock my world tho…the only thing i remember about Invincible era was Michael asking fans to boycott anything Sony & calling Mottola a racist that should be terminated for not promoting his album…then Al Sharpton,Bobby Brown,Destiny’s Child and other black celebrities defending And supporting Mottola instead.MESSY MESSY MESSY.I don’t remember that song & why would sam use janet’s doesn’t really matter when all for you was a bigger hit with more impact?

    • Tyler July 25, 2013

      I was thinking the same thing the other day. Why didn’t he choose All For You?

    • JOSE July 25, 2013

      Album still sold 10 million worldwide tho

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 25, 2013

      Sam didn’t select these songs.

      • DOSSOME July 25, 2013

        Who did then,because i doubt Janet fans would pick doesn’t really matter over all for you..even the hive wouldn’t have picked single ladies over crazy in love judging by the comments…he made the shortlist and the song selection was utter mess

  39. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 25, 2013

    And I love Britney, but I wont sit back and pretend that ‘Toxic” song wasn’t basic AF, like a lot of her music. #Next

    • Suicide Blonde July 25, 2013

      What!!!!!!!!….Toxic is ICONIC, its futuristic sound would still be hot in 100 years.

  40. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 25, 2013

    alright then , My Vote Will go To Mariah, Sorry Robyn, Sorry navy, “WFL” is overrated, yes I Said It, I F*****’ SAID it, NOW what ? 😛

    “you Rock My World” ?!! 😯


    *Plays Anytime you need a Friend Remix from the REMIX Album*

    • DOSSOME July 25, 2013

      I already love you for just playing that particular song

      • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 26, 2013


  41. J-Mar July 25, 2013

    Whitney houston will always love you slayed them all including micheal


    Gaga Should be #1 who in the actual f*** is Michael Jackson?

    • Jas July 25, 2013

      Whoa…uhuh. Don’t do that to Gaga. You can insult a lot of people, but MJ isn’t one of them.

  43. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 25, 2013

    The fact that people think that a song not hitting #1 in every single country means it’s local <<<<<<


      How is Mariah’s new song doing on the charts doll?

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 25, 2013

        It’s doing well. Thanks for asking…

    • Tyler July 25, 2013

      Exactly. We Belong Together and Single Ladies were far from “local” in my opinion but, whatever.

    • Lydia July 25, 2013

      Ikr. That’s my point. I mean, Single Ladies local? That s*** is a WW phenomena whether people like it or not. There’s a video of African orphans doing the f****** dance. And Idk much about WBT it was a big hit here in England at the time I remember everyone singing it soo…

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 25, 2013

        Exactly, and I don’t even like Beyonce but I can admit Single Ladies was a smash hit. WBT peaked at #2 in the UK but knowing a particular person on this blog, he/she would call it a Flop/Moderate hit because it didn’t hit number one.

      • Lydia July 25, 2013


      • Lydia July 25, 2013

        See.. I’ve always thought WBT together was a #1 because it was everywhere and everyone sang it. Point justified even further.

      • DOSSOME July 25, 2013

        That-particular-person-on-this-blog ‘s opinion is null and void…he/she downplays mj,whitney,mc yet stans for xtina,avril lavigne and kelly clarkson

      • Jas July 25, 2013

        @ Dossome

        Don’t forget Rihanna…of all people.

      • RICHIE_RICH July 25, 2013

        Child they are talking about Lovebird aka dirty bird from the slums of east london.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 25, 2013

        Actually, I wasn’t talking about Lovebird. lol

      • Lydia July 25, 2013

        I know who you are talking about Slayriah I have been in debates with that person myself.

      • Lydia July 25, 2013

        But Lovebird did call SL local.

      • Jas July 25, 2013

        All this time I thought you were talking about Lovebird because he did call it that lol.

      • RICHIE_RICH July 25, 2013

        I get it now….I know who your talking about@Slayriah….

        A mess

  44. MJStan July 25, 2013

    Long Live the Kang!

  45. Tyler July 25, 2013

    I still don’t get why “All for You” by Janet Jackson wasn’t featured on the list either. That was my song lol.

  46. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 25, 2013

    OH, and Ciara album sold 75k to date.

    • Jas July 25, 2013

      HAHAHAHAHA and her stans had the audacity to try and drag Beyonce earlier…I can’t.

      • RICHIE_RICH July 25, 2013

        The IRONY of it all.

      • Super cisus July 25, 2013

        Stfu b****** we’ll drag that h** again

      • Tyler July 25, 2013

        @Super Ciscus

        Again? You might want to check today’s earlier post AGAIN. Besides, you and what army? The Z-Squad only consist of two stans. Don’t think your fave can’t get dragged just because she’s a body builder h**.

  47. RICHIE_RICH July 25, 2013

    I must say toxic was a hot song….

    I think SL and WBT maybe tied in the States but SL was bigger WW.

    What is the purpose of this list again?

  48. Super cisus July 25, 2013

    Goodies shoulda made top 6 that’s some b*******.

    • Tyler July 25, 2013

      That’s humanely impossible…Ciara only has one stan.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 25, 2013


  49. JER July 25, 2013

    Um the 3 biggest pop songs of the last 10 years are “All For You,” “Beautiful,” “Toxic,” “We Belong Together,” and “Poke Face” what am I missing?

    • Lydia July 25, 2013

      Crazy in Love, Single Ladies and Umbrella 😉

      • Ke$has Crazy Kid July 25, 2013

        & Tik Tok

    • Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) July 25, 2013

      and…… Crazy In love!!

      • JER July 26, 2013

        Crazy in Love yes. Tik Tok no.

  50. Super cisus July 25, 2013

    3 Songs on there are generic overrated trash aka We found A*** , S***** ladies & Born this gay.

    • Super Cisus July 25, 2013

      Good impersonation but you will neva be ME!!!

  51. RICHIE_RICH July 25, 2013

    Question ? How did the Hive and lamb start beefing? Cause most of the Beyhive likes Mariah and most of the Lambs like Beyonce. Is this just on TGJ cause I don’t see it any where else. TBH

    As A Beyhive I have no issue with Mariah.

    We need to stop putting ours girls up against each others. At the end of the day there all great in their own way.

    The only BLACK girls holding it down no shade no tee. Some might not like Mariah, hate Beyonce, Rihanna or Nicki,but they all hold their own.

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 25, 2013

      I wont lie, I started that little issue on this site. I just really don’t like Bey at all. #Sorry

      • RICHIE_RICH July 25, 2013

        That’s fine doll. Beyonce isn’t for everyone just like Mariah isn’t.

    • Tyler July 25, 2013

      IDK for sure but I think so. Mariah and Beyonce are my favorite singers. That’s why when I started coming on TGJ I was kinda shocked when I saw that they didn’t get along.

      • RICHIE_RICH July 25, 2013

        Me too hun

    • Lydia July 25, 2013

      I have NO problem with Mariah majority of normal Beyoncé stans don’t. But I’ve noticed many trolls hiding behind the Hive are faster on Mariah posts than they are their own supposed ‘fave’. People hide as Beyonce fans because its the easiest. One was exposed for forgetting to change its name while calling Beyoncé ‘floppyonce’.

      • RICHIE_RICH July 25, 2013

        Most of them or KIDS <18

    • Kim Kardashian Stan July 25, 2013

      Mariah black? Gurrrl please only black people look at Mariah as being black she A white woman who sings r&b & pop in the rest of the worlds eyes..

      • RICHIE_RICH July 25, 2013

        ignorance is bliss

    • DOSSOME July 25, 2013

      Sam stans for bey,that other guy for mimi…when sam shades mimi,the other shades bey…sam praises ariana,the other guy shades her.i think it’s love gone sour,lol…but outside these blogs,majority don’t care

      • RICHIE_RICH July 25, 2013

        I got it now. See I came right when the other guy left.

      • Jas July 25, 2013

        What site are you talking about?

      • Jas July 25, 2013

        Is it someone from another blog or within TGJ?

      • DOSSOME July 25, 2013

        @jas,an ex-employee who runs his own blog and stays shading sam and his blog especially on twitter while sam has this usual habit if borrowing his articles without permission

    • Yaz July 25, 2013

      I don’t particularly use Mariah like that I am much more into and influenced by other divas but I wont diss her unnecessarily. The genuine Hive members only throw shade out of defence. You shoulda seen the way this @Slayriah Carey was melting down on the Beyonce ‘Flaunt’ magazine post.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 25, 2013

        Yes, We all know i dislike Beyonce. #Next

      • Yaz July 25, 2013

        Ok but was I talking to you though?

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 25, 2013

        Well, It was unnecessary to point that out since every one on this blog is aware and aren’t bothered so let’s not get out of line hun.

      • Yaz July 25, 2013

        But I pointed it out so don’t be mad. Its an example of why the Hive go in on Mariah.

      • Tyler July 25, 2013

        @Slayriaiah and Yaz.

        Can’t we all just get along ? I like both. So don’t ruin this from me!!! LMFAO.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 25, 2013

        Whatever, Just Keep it cute.

      • Yaz July 25, 2013

        Or what? You’ll have another breakdown?

      • Yaz July 25, 2013

        @Tyler Sorry but the person could’ve easily ignored my comment since I only pointed something relevant to what @Rich was asking.

  52. Kim Kardashian Stan July 25, 2013

    Yea I dont f****** agree.. Toxic? Single ladies? Uhm those are so basic & gay only f*** would like that crap.

    My top 5 would be
    Maroon 5 – Moves like Jagger
    Katy Perry- ET
    Rihanna- S&M
    Kanye – all of the lights
    Amy winehouse- rehab

  53. DOSSOME July 25, 2013

    Making michael no.1 was just a ploy to make this list look legit just like forbes keep pinning oprah’s name at the top 3 of their POWER lists everytime.PROPAGANDA

  54. RICHIE_RICH July 25, 2013

    Why are the Ciara stans here? How can y’all drag anyone when your fav latest LP has only sold 75k worldwide. Now that’s the kiiiiii of the YR.

  55. Tyler July 25, 2013

    Generic? Ciara-man fans are mad just mad because there fave is the epitome of a flop.

    @Super Ciscus
    Aye, if it helps I think you’d like to know that my favorite Ciara song is “One, Two Step”. The best part is when the man in the intro yells:

    “The Prince Is Here! HEara!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO

    • Kim Kardashian Stan July 25, 2013

      Lol ur funny tbh

      • Tyler July 25, 2013

        Thanks boo. I don’t have too much against Kim K but when you try to come for Beyonce….Child! lmfao.

    • RICHIE_RICH July 25, 2013

      stop it I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • FAF July 25, 2013

      Get back at me once Beyonce finally gets some originality …

      • Tyler July 25, 2013

        What? Originality? Girl, get at me when Ciara stops ripping off Aaliyah’s and Janet Jackson’s style.

  56. Yaz July 25, 2013

    Rock my World? No shade to MJ but wtf?

  57. Kim Kardashian Stan July 25, 2013

    Favorite Song from these 5 Artist

    Mariah – Fly like a bird

    Beyonce – Scared Of Lonely

    Britney- Criminal

    Rihanna – Drunk On Love

    Katy Perry – Waking up in Vegas

    Whats your fav songs from those 5?

    • Jas July 25, 2013

      Scared of Lonely and Fly Like a Bird

  58. Rosie July 25, 2013

    Didn’t Cedric’s album only do 1K outside of the US this week? Kii.

    • Yaz July 25, 2013


    • Kim Kardashian Stan July 25, 2013

      Lmao b**** you lying.

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 25, 2013

      LOOL. Not even Lana would struggle like that.

  59. kimbella July 25, 2013

    Who Cedric tho?

    • Tyler July 25, 2013

      Cedric is a synonym for Ciara lmfao.

  60. Ms.Campbell July 25, 2013

    Rihanna does’nt belong up there

    • CiCi July 25, 2013


      • Natalie nunn July 25, 2013

        Well she on there b**** #Deal

  61. Natalie nunn July 25, 2013

    We belong together>>> the rest

  62. FAF July 25, 2013

    Dead at the lonely lana stan thirsty broke navy & following illiterate H**.. Yall so damn obsessed over Ciara like she stay on yall minds she own you f** 😉

    • Rosie July 25, 2013

      I’m a female, and you probably wished the Z-Squad put as much effort into actually buying Cedric (zip files don’t count) as you all do trying to drag everyone.

      • FAF July 25, 2013

        I bet your a fat ass white d*** thats why your so f****** miserable and depressed you Stan for Lana because you have no friends your life is sad lol

      • Rosie July 25, 2013

        No I’m a straight female in Toronto who has a life and a boyfriend unlike the obsessive f****** on this site who throw insults at people they will never meet and are completely jealous of.
        Do me a favor and let me know when Cedric sells 4 million worldwide or can even out a Tim Horton’s restroom in 2013.

      • FAF July 25, 2013

        Hahaha yea b**** please you have no man or life as seeing as you be on this site 24/7 dumb h** your fingers aren’t you boyfriend you fat smelly c*** now gtfoh here you f****** reject to society.

      • Rosie July 25, 2013

        That’s more than you’ll ever have you fat ass f****** f*****. Get back to your expired Lean Cuisine and waiting for me on your old ass Windows 98 you got from free when the public library replaced it, just like every b**** in the game replaced your transvestite fave.

    • Tyler July 25, 2013

      You weren’t saying that when the One Person Army took it upon themselves to bombard the Beyonce post earlier today or the Rihanna post the other day. And idk how you can talk about Lana, when even her sales s*** on Ciara-man’s SMDH.

    • Common Sense July 25, 2013

      Girl no one is obsessed with Ciara. Haven’t you seen her sales? Definition of irrelevant.

  63. FAF July 25, 2013

    Get at me when Mariah Rihanna & Beyonce can sell a record without using Payola haha cici got money shes no industry s**** like y’all fave btw Lana a non factor no one would want here her music on radio It might make you attempt suicide tbh

    • Tyler July 25, 2013

      Well if that’s the case then Ciara should start using payola. Maybe then she’d actually be able to sell over 6k in the first week.

      • Cici Slaaaays July 25, 2013

        Shut your f****** mouth s*** face…

      • Tyler July 25, 2013

        Shut your IDENTITY THIEVING ASS UP XTINALOVE. Don’t get mad at me just because Ciara’s been in the game for 10 years and was only relevant for 2 of them.

    • babymonster July 25, 2013

      lol b**** u mad cus ciara has been irrelevant since 2007?

  64. Daniel Teflon July 25, 2013

    I like all the songs but Britney? Ill pass that’s a mess to me but loved the song!! Single Lady’s Beat & Vocals were kinda cute!!

  65. Tyler July 25, 2013

    FAF I don’t think its possible for Ciara to stay on anybody’s mind. She was only relevant for 2 seconds.

  66. Common Sense July 25, 2013

    Well at least we lambs managed to position Mimi ahead of that fraudulent Madonna impersonator.

  67. ciara is eeverything July 25, 2013

    The list is a complete joke.

  68. ciara is eeverything July 25, 2013

    @Tyler calm down you no life having bottom

  69. Tyler July 25, 2013

    @Ciara Is Everything

    You would know a lot about being a bottom. I mean, you stand for a damn man in women’s clothing.

    • ciara is eeverything July 25, 2013

      Honey please Ciaras more of a woman then your mom & fav could ever be… now run along little bottom boy.

      • Tyler July 25, 2013

        Really? Is that why Ciara has pecks?

      • ciara is everything July 25, 2013

        is that why ur mom has a d*** & a***?

      • Tyler July 25, 2013

        Oh, you wanna talking about mothers LMFAO!!!!! Well to answer your question, unlike your mom, mine isn’t a diseased infested hermaphrodite…So no.

  70. ratedxxx(tic toc) July 25, 2013

    after bashing mariah on every single post, now you morons are wondering why the mariah fans and beyonce stans doesnt get along…

    you guys bash rihanna all the time and rihanna actually is the only one making money for roc nation..the label your fav’s husband owns

    you guys bash gaga all the time, even though beyonce was stanning hard for gaga for years, praising her all the time….

    you guys bashed adele, even though she claimed she stans for beyonce

    bottom its not about stan bases getting along..its about bitter bishes who cant stand to see when other people are doing better than their favs…

    • Yeah I Said It July 26, 2013

      Hahah again. Its all the Hives fault. When a lamb openly admitted to starting it. I cant with you.

  71. ciara is everything July 25, 2013

    Bye Felicia!!

    • Tyler July 25, 2013


  72. ratedxxx(tic toc) July 25, 2013

    maybe because you morons are also two faced when it comes to beyonce and other people, it doesnt matter if that person gets along with beyonce

    you guys hate when somebody else is doing better…

    case and point kelly..when motivation became number 1 on the r&b charts, you guys claimed the r&b charts wasnt relevant

    but as soon as beyonce got a number 1 hit on the r&b and dance charts you guys were bragging about it..

    when both gaga and britney spears hit singles became number one the itunes charts without any promotions..then it became,having a number 1 on the itunes charts doesnt mean s***

    or rihanna got all those number 1 hits on the billboard charts, having number 1 hits doesnt mean s***

    or when rihanna was getting all those number 1 hits outside of the U.S. it became the u.s charts is the only relevant charts..

    you guys prove over and over how bitter and insecure yall are..hence why people hates beyonce so much

    • Yeah I Said It July 26, 2013

      All irrelevant to the point. It was a simple question. You cant answer properly. And stop calling us names, so dont call me a moron.

  73. Queen Brit Britg July 25, 2013

    Queen Brit Brit and King MJ <3

  74. Super Cisus July 25, 2013

    Get your own f***** name and stop stealing mine p****! Drag these b****** FAF!!!

  75. stephy the lambily July 25, 2013

    Just because We Belong Together didn’t go number 1 worldwide.. It still sold 5 million singles & charted in the top 10 worldwide. Even tho Mariah is hated worldwide. Think about it Mariah Carey don’t even have worldwide hits actually. The only worldwide hit she had was WITHOUT YOU & I hate that damn song. It soooo depressive. Fantasy, Emotions, Vision Of Love, Someday, Always Be My Baby, When You Believe, All I want for Christmas is you… All are iconic songs but did not chart like Hung Up or Papa Don’t Preach Simple because Mariah is not Entertaining enouf for Worldwide I guess. Even tho her songs are very legendary. BUT she really don’t need worldwide help. She damn near sold 100 million singles albums & videos in America & not to mention 15 million records in Japan

  76. . : : h 2 o : : . July 26, 2013

    Rebecca Black – Friday.

  77. Micks July 26, 2013

    Single Ladies and Toxic would be the only ones in the running realistically.

  78. JOHNVIDAL July 26, 2013

    This is a joke! A couple of days ago Born This Way was winning (which was already weird) and now those two songs by Michael and Britney are leading??? LOL Nobody believes this s***. Well, maybe it is happening like that but it has not any relevance cos from what I´m reading people can vote as many times as they want… so any basic stan base (kids) come to this blog (even if they never visited it before)and vote like crazy. The first day I voted for We Belong Together and have not done it again since then. What for? These 15 years old kids are unbeatable when it comes to sad manipulation thinking these polls have any credibility… you know, the type of polls Justin Beiber and One Direction usually win thanks to the votes of the public (LOL).

  79. JOHNVIDAL July 26, 2013

    Whitney Houston is the vocal queen when it comes to LIVE performances. I mean, it is as clear as day. A f****** beast. The others dream they could be like her on that front. Telling it like it is.

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