Vote: The Greatest Song Of The Last Decade Is…

Published: Wednesday 31st Jul 2013 by David

Last month, we asked you to name a song released between the year 2000 and now- using the impact you feel made it on Pop culture (and not its sales) as the basis for your decision.

Now, after collecting answers posted in TGJ’s ever ‘eventful’ comment sections and answers submitted to us via Twitter and Facebook, we’ve compiled a list made up of the Top 20 most named songs.

Sure to surprise some, the poll you’ll see below is now ready to accept votes and will close one month from now (August 23rd), before the winning song is announced.

Ready to play?

Get voting below!

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  1. BeyBeta July 23, 2013

    Kelly Rowland- Motivation

    • HerNameIsSasha July 23, 2013

      Beyonce has 35 and R**** only has 14.
      Poor dat.

      • Im goin numb July 23, 2013

        Boo Rihanna at 650 votes while Beyonce is at 169 votes lmao

      • Davi333 July 23, 2013

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      • Tyler July 23, 2013

        Aww looks like Beyonce has 2,000 votes which means Rihanna comes in 2nd again b****. The same thing happened on a similar poll on not too long ago lol.

    • rowland stone July 23, 2013

      LOL. I would agree with that!

      • Butterflies July 23, 2013

        Has anyone seen Ariana’s votes?

      • IHeartMiguel July 23, 2013

        Adorn isn’t there so I’ll vote for Mariah.

      • ArianaBiebette July 23, 2013

        Has anyone seen Mariah’s relevancy?

    • vbnvnryrey July 23, 2013

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    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) July 23, 2013

      LOL! I like that song but not song of the decade worthy..

  2. Daniel Teflon July 23, 2013

    I Voted For Mama Whitney That song means so much during the time it came out & as I looked down the list of all the songs it stands out the most to me…R.I.P Mama Whitney Houston…..

  3. CiCi Slaaaays July 23, 2013

    Goodies duh!!!!!

  4. HOWYOULIKEIT July 23, 2013

    Chile please it is crazy in love and it it OFFICIAL b******

  5. No need to vote. July 23, 2013

    Everyone and their grandmother knows that Crazy in love is the
    Best song of the 00s.

    Look it up!

    • Ever.Green July 23, 2013

      I did and ummm… We Belong Together came up as top search.

  6. CiCi Slaaaays July 23, 2013

    Motivation? Single Ladies? & We Found Crack? Smh all basic & generic.

    • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 23, 2013

      yes, Goodies is legendary, those deep Lyrics……….

    • Oh Yeah!!! July 25, 2013

      I agree i think the song should be called “We Found Crack in a Hopeless Place”!

  7. CiCi Slaaaays July 23, 2013

    Awwww lana didn’t make the cut lol

    & Crazy in love is overrated the s*** didn’t make this list because its as basic as you can get.

    • rednig July 23, 2013

      lol ok lets not get ahead of ourselves here. I’m a big cici fan as well, but u voted for Goodies and called Crazy In Love basic lol some of yal stans need to get ur heads checked lol even Cici said that anybody could have sang Goodies cuz it was one note all the way thru lol

    • Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) July 23, 2013

      Crazy in love>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>all of Ciara’s singles.

  8. Lolz July 23, 2013

    Crazy in Love! Its already confirmed.

    • iconic cici July 23, 2013


      • Lolz July 23, 2013

        Honey. Google is your friend.

    • huh July 25, 2013

      Umm exactly,

      You chose Single Ladies over Crazy in Love?? Matter of fact, you chose all these songs to choose from over Crazy in Love?? This list is quickly invalidated.

  9. iconic cici July 23, 2013

    Goodies hands down was the best song of the decade.

    • Ballsy July 23, 2013

      lol.. You funny.. Dont you see that BTW , WFL , WBT and SL are on the list? Seriously????

  10. Jon July 23, 2013

    Crazy in love and single ladies made more impact in the 2000s than
    any other song. I am not some crazy beyoncé fan. But
    This is a fact!
    What other songs from last decade are still played at birthdays, weddings
    In the club, on the radio ect apart from those two?
    And they both had MAJOR dance crazes. This is not debatable

    • Common Sense July 23, 2013

      No it is not a fact; it is your opinion. Those songs had no impact as far as I’m concerned.

      • channel_ROMAN July 23, 2013

        LOL. Delusional.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . July 23, 2013

        They may not have had the most impact but saying CIL and SL had zero impact is pretty much delusional ..

      • Fran July 23, 2013

        Lol @ Common Sense. If CIL and SL had no impact then WTF was WBT?

    • emma July 25, 2013

      We Belong Together- second longest running number 1 in chart history, biggest radio play in history, official song of the decade. Influence a whole tied of modern ballads ever since.

  11. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 23, 2013

    Adele – Rolling In The Deep.


    • Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 23, 2013

      All I see is dollar signs!!!

      Rihanna Pour It Up>>

      • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 23, 2013

        Not a Great fan of “PIU” , but it is your opinion. 😉


  12. Ke$has Crazy Kid July 23, 2013

    Really sam? F*** you for not putting Tik Tok on the list but you put Justin bieber b**** ass on there?

    • Beyawnce July 23, 2013

      F*** that generic song

  13. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 23, 2013

    August 23 is my ……………………….. 😉

    • rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) July 23, 2013

      You’ve posted this on the 23rd of July, so august the 23rd is your birthday? And you’ll be 23? Interesting numbers.

      Lucky you mine was June 5th

  14. Twerk 4 Miley July 23, 2013

    Party In The USA- From Twerk Queen Miley.

  15. ^AKA^ July 23, 2013

    I can’t pick just 1 from that messy list.

    In no particular order (the most impactful songs):

    Crazy In Love
    Poker Face
    Hung Up

    • Twerk 4 Miley July 23, 2013

      B**** please hung up? From oldanna?

      • ^AKA^ July 23, 2013

        Yes, the one that hold record for being #1 in 41 countries worldwide and the one that popularized dance trend that your fav has followed.

    • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 23, 2013

      I will Pick “Poker face” , the Music video for it is My Everything……

      the way she gets Up from that pool and s*** >>>>>

      That was Great.

      Good picks. 😉

  16. SOS July 23, 2013

    None of these songs can be described as “Best songs” of anything..

    • Baby Blanco July 23, 2013

      mad SOS didn’t make it? lol

  17. RealShyt July 23, 2013

    This list is so off, u mean to tell me u think these are the top 20 songs of the last decade?

  18. Baby Blanco July 23, 2013

    Climax is the best song on the list.

  19. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 23, 2013

    I feel like “Bad Romance>>Poker Face”
    I don’t know maybe I’m wrong aka 🙂

    • ^AKA^ July 23, 2013

      Hm I don’t know, Both were huge but I feel like people know her because of Poker Face better.

      • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 23, 2013


        BR is more gaga-ICONIC tho.

      • ^AKA^ July 23, 2013

        It’s a little bit overrated by her fans. Especially when they brag about it’s huge impact that never happened tbh. None of her singles had as big impact as Umbrella that changed the weather in The Uk in the summer of 2007, made people bringing umbrellas at RihRih’s concerts and dancing with them. 😀

  20. xtinamaxim2013 July 23, 2013

    beautiful of.course..always xtina doing.maxim 2013 again. Gonna….

  21. Yolanda adams Stan July 23, 2013

    Trash…. I coulda made a better list.

    • ARTPOPPINIT July 23, 2013

      Dumbass, they didn’t make list. Don’t be mad that Gaga is gonna win.

      • jim July 25, 2013

        gaga is gonna win?gurl bye

  22. Draggin4MrsCarter July 23, 2013

    Kiii at Beyonce beating WFL.

    • Molly July 23, 2013

      Yet beyond wack is getting beat by gaga n nicki Minaj two jokes

      • Draggin4MrsCarter July 23, 2013

        Oh boo, let me borrow your GPS so I can locate the F**** I don’t have to give you.

    • Ciara is everything July 23, 2013


      We found love – 607
      Single Ladies – 166

  23. RealShyt July 23, 2013

    How about instead of Usher-Climax u do Usher ‘Confessions’ that song was waaaay bigger than Climax. Instead of Rihanna-WFL why didn’t you do ‘Umbrella’?? these need to be revised

    • Sarah July 24, 2013

      Agreed!!! Confessions shits on all of these songs in my humble opinion

  24. Boss July 23, 2013

    We Belong Together – the biggest. Some of these songs dnt deserve to be up here.

    • ^AKA^ July 23, 2013

      What impact did We Belong Together actually have? It was a local hit and went #1 thanks to radio support (Pon De Replay was ahead of it in digital sales).

      • stephy the lambily July 23, 2013

        We Belong Together sold 6 million copies. Stayed at number 1 on the usa hot 100 for 14 weeks. Number 1 in other places as well. It was a huge hit. Mariah Carey is not a worldwide artist like Madonna. Due to her lack of dance music but she is the biggest selling non japan artist in japan. Also, the top international artist in Asia. She also is big in Canada with 11 number 1 hits. But she is not successful in EUROPE they hate her in UK & MOST EUROPEAN COUNTRIES. But the usa hot 100 is the oldest & most important charts in music history imo. USA is the biggest market for music sales & ENTERTAINMENT. Mariah & Madonna & Rihanna biggest market is USA. Most of thier record sales are right here in the STATES. Madonna sold a certified 85 million records in the staes out of a certified 160 million records. Mariah Carey sold a certified 88 million records in america out of a certified 125 million reocrds. Also, 14 million copies in Japan for Mariah. 25 million in the UK for Madge. We Belong Togeher was a huge it regarless of it going number in 1000000 countries like Hung Up did. Hung Up did not sell more copies than We Belong Together or win a grammy. AKA I like you but you p*** me off a whole lot.

  25. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 23, 2013

    To be honest
    Lana Del Rey is the best thing to ever happen to music!!
    Born To Die>>
    Video _ Games>>
    Young and Beautiful>>

    I’m really digging her music right now

    • Beyawnce July 23, 2013

      Yes me too , I wouldn’t say the best thing but her music is different if you look at the other singers charting right now.

  26. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 23, 2013


    one direction tho ? 😯

    And Adele didn’t make the List but Justina and One Direction made it ?

    Now you know you gotta revise this shady list!


  27. The Boy Toy July 23, 2013

    From the looks of it, this list should only feature songs from 2000-2009…. Janet? Celine? Christina?

  28. Molly July 23, 2013

    Ciara- Goodies
    Mariah- We Belong Together

    The rest are trash bag songs especially single ladies

  29. Ms92 July 23, 2013

    Goodies? Lmao

    • Molly July 23, 2013

      yes b**** goodies

  30. CandyWarhol July 23, 2013

    So much hate because Stefani is winning.
    We’re the ones who voted and now she’s winning the Navy trolls are pressed and distressed.

  31. Molly July 23, 2013

    First of all yall need to know what a decade is… Goodies, Single Ladies, Beautiful, We belong together are not from the same decade as We found love, The Way, Motivation, & Born this way

    • SdotB July 25, 2013

      I guess what they initially meant was “the last decade”, the past 10 years…but there are songs on there that came before 2003, so…

  32. Iz (Queen Adele) July 23, 2013

    How the f*** is The Motto and Goodies there and yet no SOMEONE LIKE YOU?

    • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 23, 2013

      Exactly. 🙄

    • Ciara is everything July 23, 2013

      Goodies is a classic b**** Adele overrated and fat as hell… next

    • ^AKA^ July 23, 2013

      Rolling In The Deep is better than SLY and it’s definitely more memorable/with bigger impact. And absolute death at that Express Yourself rip off having the most votes. :/

  33. BeyWhoUWanna July 23, 2013

    We know Beyonce is gonna win, so yall might as well stop voting. #Loserbitches

    • Ciara is everything July 23, 2013

      Is that why t***** caca is number 1

      • Tyler July 23, 2013

        No, that’s why she’s #4 and Heara is almost in last place b****!

  34. Ciara is everything July 23, 2013


  35. Lovebird (hungry for p****) July 23, 2013

    It will rain by Bruno Mars is the greatest song ever, that song makes me cry and made me start stanning for him.

    His music is next to what angels sing in heaven, his voice is smooth, powerful and godly. His song writing skills are heavenly and almost the best of the past decade, second only to Emeli Sande.

    The only time I’ve fallen this in love with an artist’s music is with Usher. Bruno Mars is my passion and inspiration. I love listening to his music so much, he speaks to me on a personal level, I simply truly love him, with everything.

  36. Lovebird (hungry for p****) July 23, 2013

    Greatest album of the 00s period has to be Emeli Sande’s Our version of events. This album is simply amazing, nothing comes close. It is an album you can listen to from start to finish without skipping a song and has some ultra complex songs like “daddy” which talks about drug addiction. It took me months to figure out the meaning behind that song.

    Emeli Sande and Bruno Mars are God sent.

  37. 1D>>>>YourLife July 23, 2013

    The boys will be winning soon. I’ve gone onto all the forums and told them to vote here so get ready to deal.

    • Beyawnce July 23, 2013


  38. The Boy Toy July 23, 2013

    LOL Born This Way and Super Bass are in the lead. GaGas earlier material >>>BTW

    • ^AKA^ July 23, 2013

      I can’t at the fact that BTW has over 200 votes with less than 100 comments here 😀

      • JanetXone July 23, 2013

        It means more people read than comment.

  39. Ernest July 23, 2013

    These choices suck but I went with Beyonce

  40. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 23, 2013

    You & I is one of lady gaga’s best vocal ballads she killed that s*** :/

    • cake like lady gaga July 23, 2013

      But you just voted for BTW, so your opinion is null & void, bye

  41. nicko July 23, 2013

    Born This Way is pure TRASH

    • Chung July 24, 2013

      I couldn’t agree more 🙂

  42. Beyawnce July 23, 2013

    I dont like the song choices , TGJ Should have added different songs from different years , All those songs are from 2005 and onwards

    • Beyawnce July 23, 2013

      *Besides a few songs

  43. cake like lady gaga July 23, 2013

    Just voted!!!!

    Lady GaGa – Born This Way…

    We all know that the H** will create multiple accounts and vote for T*********, just like their fav, cheating is in their blood!!

  44. cake like lady gaga July 23, 2013

    Queen GaGa SLAYING 😀 😀

  45. Beyawnce July 23, 2013

    The Motto and Superbass are trash , Shouldn’t even be on the list.

    • FAF July 23, 2013

      Ellen Degeneres is still quoting nicki 3 yrs later!

      • Beyawnce July 23, 2013

        Thats Ellen , The song is still trash

  46. Ariana’sGrand July 23, 2013

    I hope the Lambs vote for Ariana 🙂

    • Ciara is everything July 23, 2013

      why would they when Mariahs on the list gurl tried

    • stephy the lambily July 23, 2013

      Awww I would’ve voted for Mariah Careys child but I had to vote for Arianas mother insteed. If Arianas mother (Mariah Carey) was not on the list I would’ve voted for Ms Grande.

  47. jux July 23, 2013

    This list made my day, I needed a good laugh. 🙂

  48. Os July 23, 2013

    Nicki minaj.

  49. KING KIM July 23, 2013


  50. HausMuthaAdele July 23, 2013

    I don’t care that Adele didn’t make the list because she hasn’t got many stans here, but I know Rosie will be having a breakdown about Lana not being here.

    • ^AKA^ July 23, 2013

      LOL at Rosie part.

      Rollin In The Deep is the best song of this decade tbh. It deserves to be in the poll. 🙂

      What are your fav songs from 2010 till today (aka of this decade)?

      • HausMuthaAdele July 23, 2013

        Someone Like You and Chasing Pavements. What about you sister?

      • FAF July 23, 2013

        Lana made a diss that recently leaked. Rosie is having meltdowns & seizures.

      • Beyawnce July 23, 2013

        She dissed Gaga but that song is 4 yrs old

  51. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 23, 2013

    Single Ladies and We Belong Together.

    • Jesse July 23, 2013


  52. Dev July 23, 2013

    A whole 10 years and this is what i have to choose from. Who compiled this list!?

    • AzealiaBankable July 23, 2013

      We did lol. You don’t remember the thread a few weeks ago.

      • Dev July 23, 2013

        Did we?…really? did we?

        i must’ve been on holiday…. damn holidays! Look what happens when you take time off. 10 years of overrated music.

  53. Trinarockstarr July 23, 2013

    Voted Mariah Carey – ‘We Belong Together’ -claps-

  54. Britney Stan July 23, 2013

    Arianas votes tho Lmao

    Anyway toxic slayed the f****** world

  55. Britney Stan July 23, 2013


  56. FAF July 23, 2013

    What type of FLOP list? But I picked Single Ladies I didn’t see ‘Beautiful’.

    • Britney Stan July 23, 2013

      You picked single ladies why cause you knew Ci-Error didn’t stand a chance? Lmao

      • FAF July 23, 2013

        ^ Wheres britney WAYYYYY down therre, though 😆

        And Goodies is not the song of the decade, though ti did slay ur fave 😆

        I’m a REALEST & I present FACTS! Dont get me to dragging Brit by her Zoloft prescription 😆 😆

  57. cake like lady gaga July 23, 2013

    LOL at @Shitbird voting for the Queen, SLAYdy GODga instead of his fave, Riherpes..

    I always knew the b**** was an undercover monster, b**** better STAN for the mother fvckin QUEEN!!!!!…


    • PhuckYoTour July 23, 2013

      Keep laughing, the Beliebers are spamming my tl with this link so Witchga won’t be number one for long.

  58. artPOOP July 23, 2013

    Aaliyah was SHADED.

    • The Boy Toy July 23, 2013

      Aaliyah passed in 2001…but then again, this list is all over the place so she could’ve been included

      • artPOOP July 23, 2013

        OMG, i had no idea that she passed. Thank you Boy Toy for those breaking news. ::insert sarcasm::

        no s*** Sherlock; she was still shaded!

      • The Boy Toy July 23, 2013

        DECADE: TEN YEARS…. 2003-2013

        Even though it SHOULD be 2000-2009 but whatever. Now twirl on THAT! 😆

  59. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 23, 2013

    You can’t fight Single Ladies impact though

  60. artPOOP July 23, 2013

    celine dion, ariana grande, one direction? REALLY? who the f*** put this list together, a horny tween and her grandmother? i’m not voting on this fkn poll. Where’s Aaliyah? SHE WAS MENTIONED PLENTY IN THAT RIGGED POST THAT LED TO THIS POLL!

  61. artPOOP July 23, 2013

    wait, adele’s not even on here? HA, exiting this ridiculous poll & post immediately

    • ARTPOPPINIT July 23, 2013

      You won’t be missed.

  62. cake like lady gaga July 23, 2013

    You people are wasting your internet bundles, everyone knows SLAYdy GODga will do what she always does, SHE WILL SLAY ALL OF YOUR FAVES!!!!!

    So save your bundles and go read a book or something, stop voting because we ALL know who will win

    • CandyWarhol July 23, 2013

      Yes honey and that’s why they are seething. This poll is getting 100 votes every five minutes because of the Monsters.

  63. 212Thuggin July 23, 2013

    Poor Rosie. She spent so much time shading our faves she forgot to vote for our one. *Votes for We Found Love.

    • Sassy s*** July 23, 2013

      I don’t see Azealia on the list either.

  64. Sassy s*** July 23, 2013

    Ariana only has 1 vote? Lmao how funny as seeing how much hype she gets on this site.

  65. Rob July 23, 2013

    Y’all are f****** UGLY.

    *Christina Aguilera- Beautiful

  66. JER July 23, 2013

    Samantha. Samantha. Just stop. You do a variation on this same subject every other month.

  67. Sassy s*** July 23, 2013

    How is Baby beating Toxic & Beautiful.

  68. MC13 July 23, 2013

    Let’s be honest here, “We Belong Together” is the best song of the past decade whether people want to admit it or not. It got insane air play on the radio, and stayed on top of the charts for the longest of all these other songs. Not too mention the song is a complete classic and not a washed out pop song that will be forgotten like many other songs. When you think of Mariah Carey, “We Belong Together” usually first comes to mind for most people. The song is amazing, therefore y’all need to be voting for that jam because “We Found Love” is more like the song of the year… and “Born This Way”? I love Gaga, but no, that’s more like the best song of the month. Bye felicia.

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 23, 2013

      I agree.
      *Waits for Likica or AKA or whatever to attack you and try to shade the queen*

    • Drew July 23, 2013

      I love the song but it was only used to that extreme in the US.

  69. Sassy s*** July 23, 2013

    Wbu J.lo on the floor? this list sucks.

  70. Slayrita Legendora July 23, 2013

    Queen Rita – Party and B*******

    • Sassy s*** July 23, 2013

      Never heard of that song.

    • MC13 July 23, 2013

      Love Rita, but no honey… no.

      • #HIVE July 23, 2013


  71. Sassy s*** July 23, 2013

    Born this way doesn’t deserve to win it its beyond generic & just plain lame.

  72. ACEISS July 23, 2013

    Billboard already named “We Belong Together” as the song of the decade.

    • MC13 July 23, 2013

      THANK YOU. **everybody that ain’t here for Mariah takes seats***

    • cake like lady gaga July 23, 2013

      So? No one voted. It was a decision taken for us by one man who was bias, so it doesn’t count. And BB only covers USA

      And besides here everyone from around the world has a voice, not only americans

    • Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) July 23, 2013

      I though crazy in love was, what happend???

  73. Bey Fan July 23, 2013

    NO Gaga or Mariah Carey??? I dunno about this list…

    I would probably go with Toxic, Single Ladies, Grenade…

    Single Ladies, lyrically, was weak…. but the video was a phenomenon…

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 23, 2013

      LOL. Gaga and Mariah are on the list. Born this way and We Belong Together.

    • Sassy s*** July 23, 2013

      are you blind gaga & Mariah are in top 3 right now

    • Bey Fan July 23, 2013

      Ohhh what the hell was I reading….. smh. And I scanned tje list I know at least 3 times….wow

      Well We Belong Together definitely should definitely be in the running… not sure about Born This Way… maybe Bad Romance, Paparazzi, Love Game….

  74. Lana the legend July 23, 2013

    Well born this gay is guna win smh even tho its the lamest song on the list next to goodies & single ladies

    *Votes for We Belong Together*

  75. Lana the legend July 23, 2013

    Dead at the Female Mj not being on the list @KatyKats

  76. Slayrita Legendora July 23, 2013

    Its a shame that Beyfraudulent and Cee-no-Vaginerr fans have to live in their past glories and cling to these blog polls. The H** and Z Squad know that both their lame favourites will never be relevant again. When was the last time they got a top 10?

    • Lana the legend July 23, 2013


    • #Hive July 23, 2013

      Uhm its a shame Rita still hasn’t got any US success the big done sucked over 50 D**** & still ain’t been put on.

      • #Hive July 23, 2013


    • Savannah July 23, 2013

      D*** sucking Rita will NEVER! And by the way, Bey OWNS your fave so I’d keep it cute if I were you. 🙂

  77. Savannah July 23, 2013

    Born This Way? Really? That’s one of the most forgettable songs on the list. I would’ve chosen Bad Romance over that. Anywhoo I went with WBT….

    • Lana the legend July 23, 2013

      I agree babes love your name btw.

      • Savannah July 23, 2013

        Thank you love 🙂

  78. just….moi July 23, 2013

    This list is trash. No umbrella or adele, and what the hell is nicki doing on here and we found love too. Sam is a shady b****
    P.s. No Lady gaga song holds a candle against umbrella.

  79. #Hive July 23, 2013

    Born this way is not the T who’s really still listening to that weak ass song.

  80. KissesForKelly July 23, 2013

    Goodies was Ciara’s last hit and it was out in 2004, so please tell me why the CSquad are happy.

    • #Hive July 23, 2013


    • Promisara July 23, 2013

      My dear, don’t be mad that Kelly’s US sales don’t even come to 1 million yet.

      • Ferguson July 23, 2013

        Ooooooop!!!! #Clocked

  81. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 23, 2013

    Irreplaceable is missing!! That song was a anthem

    • Savannah July 23, 2013

      Oh yesssss babe!

  82. DollarS$gns July 23, 2013

    I was gonna say this poll was rigged, but then I noticed their promiscuous fav Rita isn’t there.

  83. aynon July 23, 2013

    should have been Crazy In Love for Beyonce, Umbrella for Rihanna and Poker Face for Lady GaGa…

    • Savannah July 23, 2013


  84. Ferguson July 23, 2013

    This list is all types of f***** up.

  85. fatusankoh July 23, 2013

    bey crazy in love hallo single lady

  86. just….moi July 23, 2013

    LMAO at ciara’s fans clinging to goodies like it’s thier life support. Anyway if crazy in love and umbrella was here you know where the they would have been. And dead at lazy haha stans trying to make her happen again voting a million times when you know this poll is nonsense. Rita- aborts, rita will never happen, ok you just have to deal.

    • Savannah July 23, 2013


  87. LittleScheisse July 23, 2013


    • Chung July 25, 2013

      You need a cure tbh!

  88. Phill July 23, 2013

    Lose Yourself

    and nothing eles

  89. Kim The REAL QUEEN BEE July 23, 2013

    Funny how the hive was just gloating about Rihanna being behind of Beyonce… & Now Rihanna is slaughtering Beyonce in votes. lol

    • Tyler July 24, 2013

      Looks like Beyonce’s slaughtering RihHOE now. Jokes on you lol…#BOW DOWN B****

  90. . : : h 2 o : : . July 23, 2013

    LMAO some of these choices………

    They’re all s***** except for BTW and WFL .. I voted for BTW anyway

  91. just….moi July 23, 2013

    @little scheisse. We found love charted more than umbrella in the US doesn’t make it greater than umbrella. Umbrella is rih’s signature song and had a greater impact than umbrella. K dearie.

  92. kingb July 23, 2013


  93. Beyhive July 23, 2013

    Crazy in love, single ladies, we belong together >>>> the rest DUH.

  94. Maxie July 23, 2013

    Gaga fans got no lives.

  95. Common Sense July 23, 2013

    well I guess this list shows that gays love being pandered to by a copycat “artist.” SMDH Can’t believe that gimmick is at #1…

    • Maxie July 23, 2013

      I agree atleast Mariah top 3 daddy

  96. QueenOfTheNavy July 23, 2013

    Kiii at TGJ showing off how many hits they get. If this poll is already on 3k they must be getting around 100,000 views a day and it’s all because of the Queen’s impact.

    • FentySoSnatched July 23, 2013

      Rihanna gives them all those hits and they know it.

    • Anon July 23, 2013

      You read my mind. I did a double take when I saw the votes.

    • Queen Ci July 23, 2013

      B**** stfu

  97. Drew July 23, 2013

    Damn yall going at eachother over votes on TGJ? Beyonce already has the votes and the title for Crazy in Love from sources that actually matter.

    • Chung July 25, 2013

      who cares?

  98. Hadley July 23, 2013

    Toxic and Single Ladies impact>>>>>

    And those votes are a bit, erm, unrealistic.

    • FentySoSnatched July 23, 2013

      Why do you say that? They’re a big site above everything else.

  99. Hassan July 23, 2013

    didn’t billboard label We Belong Together song of the decade though?

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 23, 2013

      Yes, but that’s only for the US

  100. Queen Ci July 23, 2013

    Dead a beyonce losing to r**** & caca i thought bey was the king.

    Kelly hoeland stans are the biggest non factors

  101. Slaylor Swift July 23, 2013

    These votes have to be fake… Smh

    • TaylorWins July 23, 2013

      They’re actually not. We think they don’t get a lot of viewers because only a few of us comment everyday.

      • MCThePlaceToBe July 23, 2013

        I thought they were flops until my friend who works for another site told me what their Alexa ranking is.

      • Slaylor Swift July 23, 2013


  102. Slaylor Swift July 23, 2013

    Born this way is trash

  103. Jazmine (Jazzy) July 23, 2013

    Honey not when you can click and your vote counts every time you click. Half these votes are probably from the same 30 people.

    • Slaylor Swift July 23, 2013

      spill it hun

    • DiscoHeaven July 23, 2013

      Common sense would tell you that you have to refresh the page each time to vote so those equal INDIVIDUAL hits. If you think that 30 people have voted almost 4000 times in the last few hours you are either deluded or jealous.

    • Dance4U July 23, 2013

      @Jazmine No. The votes are real and Gaga is winning.

    • Jazmine (Jazzy) July 23, 2013

      All you have to do is try it for yourself if you don’t believe me^ I did it to see how legit it was.

      • DiscoHeaven July 23, 2013

        Girl bye, everybody knows you can vote as many times as you want but I’m asking you if you believe that only 30 people voted over 4,000 times.
        If your fandom is too lazy to support their fave then that’s on you, don’t rain on our parade because we’re on top.

      • Jazmine (Jazzy) July 23, 2013

        Its called metaphorically speaking dumbass. Catch up. And yes by the amount of time some of the commentators are on this site I do believe its possible.

  104. DiscoHeaven July 23, 2013

    The Monsters are loyal and the other girls can’t take it. What kind of delusion tells you that only 30 people can vote around 4000 times.
    Whether you like it or not, TGJ are a major web site and the Monsters are going to win this. Own it and accept it.

    • Chung July 25, 2013

      you’re just delusional 🙂

  105. OVODasher July 23, 2013

    Yall really not showing TM any love are you?

  106. BeyBeyKing July 23, 2013

    Rihanna is only winning because the Navy have too much time on their hands.

    • RoyalNavi July 23, 2013

      Shush. Shush. Strength in numbers HEAUX.

    • RihBoy July 23, 2013

      whatever excuses…

  107. Jazmine (Jazzy) July 23, 2013

    I cant at people getting defensive. Just click on your faves song more than once and see how the vote next to their name changes.

    • OVODasher July 23, 2013

      I’m not seeing your point, I voted for Aubrey and it was legit.

      • Iz (Queen Adele) July 23, 2013

        No you’re not seeing my point.

  108. channel_ROMAN July 23, 2013

    What type of list is this? Wrong Direction? The Motto? Baby? Climax? The Way? LOL! Only songs that made an impact was Single Ladies and Born This Way and maybe We Belong Together because that song slays lyrically and vocally

  109. Jazmine (Jazzy) July 23, 2013

    If you think that nearly 4000 people have voted individually on this poll you are delusional.

    • NaviKisskiss July 23, 2013

      I like you sis but you do seem pressed. 4,000 people might not have voted individually but enough are to get that many votes so why the drama.

      • Jazmine (Jazzy) July 23, 2013

        It was just an observation you peoole are getting defensive because I spilled tea, ironically because your faves are at the top I wonder why its the Navy and Monsters that keep responding? Its not that serious is it?

  110. Navy Nick July 23, 2013


  111. HausMuthaAdele July 23, 2013

    So Jazmine just got exposed as a troll.

    • KissesForKelly July 23, 2013

      LMFAO. I just saw. Shame on ha.

  112. Grande The Way July 23, 2013

    This list is a mess. I just can’t.

  113. bam bam July 23, 2013

    WHere is Usher’s Yeah!

  114. James July 23, 2013

    Half of the songs on here don’t deserve it! The Way by Ariana, sorry, it is a sweet song, but the best song of the decade….I do not think so.
    GAGA TO WIN!!!!

  115. Heavy Metal Lover July 23, 2013

    The Navy are such losers they sit on the site re submitting votes. Gagas votes stand still and Rihannas goes up by like 300 in the same space of time.

    • Justin>>>>JC>>>>JB July 23, 2013

      They’re refreshing every 10 seconds just so they can beat her.

  116. BeachHouseBritney July 23, 2013

    OMG WFL is gaining on BTW.

  117. Rosie July 23, 2013

    None of these songs except for Crazy In Love would even be considered in the running on any other website.

  118. Heavy Metal Lover July 23, 2013

    Yes Navy keep refreshing that page in desperation lmfao

  119. JOHNVIDAL July 23, 2013

    So surprised A New Day has Come is here! So good.
    But does anybody take this seriously? lol TGJ could have made any list they would have wanted. Plus even if it were the TGJ readers real votes it wouldn´t mean anything since there are mostly Rihanna fans in here. Surprised Born This Way is #1 though with all the hate the girl gets from most commenters in TGJ. Oh wait! Like I said it is probably fixed anyway 🙂

  120. Slayty Perry (Killer Queen) July 23, 2013

    I can’t with Plagiarize This Way in the lead followed by We Found A Generic Dance Song From the 90s. None of these songs are worthy to be on this list except Single Ladies, Beautiful,We Belong Together and Toxic. The rest are a mess.

  121. Jake July 23, 2013

    Kelly Rowland and David Guetta’s When Love Takes Over has had so much impact on the Pop scene , after than pretty much every pop artist went with the dance thing , even rappers like Flo Rida , Nicki Minaj and co … The only one who didn’t follow that trend to this day is still Beyoncé which shows she ain’t no follower but a creative mind that thinks ahead and most importantly by herself …

    • Rosie July 23, 2013

      Dead. It that’s true then I could say the same for Lana bringing alternative music back to the mainstream since dance-pop is basically gone on the charts.

  122. Jake July 23, 2013

    On an other note who thinks Beyoncé and Adele should do a duet ? But not on a boring song like Someone like you or Broké Hearted girl , but something groovy like Love On Top … Spread the word and request people , this could be the best duet since Mariah & Whitney!

  123. boy July 23, 2013

    Uhmmm people that er saying that WBT was only big in the USA are kind of stupid. Because I live in Holland and I was Introduced to Mariah Carey with this song. It’s was playing on radiom tv etc… the whole summer her. And I don’t know but half of these songs or from after 2010 wright? And if I’m not wrong… with the song of the decade they mean from 2000 to 2010 wright? LOL…

  124. DOSSOME July 23, 2013

    I choose Billboard’s 9th greatest song of all time,song of the decade & ASCAP song of the decade WE BELONG TOGETHER …You notice it’s only Likica who thinks this song made no impact…WBT was a hit all over the world,it topped charts in more than seventeen countries and ranked very high in many others…When a song is played 8BILLION times on US Radio (the biggest radio hit of all time) which is still more than the number of times all these songs have played all over the world,denying its impact is…let’s use STUPID for lack of a better word.

  125. rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) July 23, 2013

    My one and only favourite song of the “decade“ is

    Green Day: Boulevards of broken dreams.

    Beautiful song with great message that speaks to me, nice music, nice video and a hot lead singer.

    Instantly fell in love with that song and still in love.

    • Suicide Blonde July 23, 2013


    • Chung July 25, 2013

      Who cares???

  126. Fran July 23, 2013

    Single Ladies had the most impact out of all the songs on the whole list. But I still think Crazy in Love shits all over it.

  127. rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) July 23, 2013

    Boulevard of broken dreams is an eventful song to me it started to make more sense when I was going through puberty and wanted to be alone Lol!!!

    Still jamming to it.


    • tapie July 23, 2013

      liar now u’re jamming ciara Im OUT

  128. Miss M July 23, 2013

    Mariah & Beyonce! <3

  129. AzealiaBankable July 23, 2013

    Beyonce is winning again! Has Rosie had her melt down yet.

    • Rosie July 23, 2013

      I actually voted for Beyonce.
      Go worry about Azeal.izard being #1378 on Kworb.

  130. beyo July 23, 2013

    i voted for bey 10 times in a row, the hive must win this…

  131. Marcella July 23, 2013

    I am trying to help Mariah catch up with Bey and Gaga. She has overtaken Rihanna my hand is hurting!

  132. Marcella July 23, 2013

    Lol the Lambs, Hive and Navy are racing eachother

  133. boy July 23, 2013


  134. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 23, 2013

    To the BEYHIVE

    You all need to go to SOUNDCLOUD and Search for beyonce’s “Standing on the SUN” (SOS reggae Mix) , it is the same version she performed live. ( you remember ?)

    you gonna Find it posted by @beyonceDiario In soundcloud maybe….

    If TGJ gonna post It, Please remember to credit them and ME.

    *Leaves this Messy Unwanted Post*

    • . : : h 2 o : : . July 23, 2013

      Thanks XOXO and all but there’s no access to SoundCloud in my ghetto ass country … I’ll give it a try though I LIVEEE for that Rihmix!

      • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 23, 2013

        Thank You. 😀

        Try Google, youtube, ANY F***** THING, Trust a Navy, it is Worth The wait. Trust MEEEEEE.

        if you Loved the Revel Live version of baby Boy, you gonna for sure love it. 😉

        Good Luck.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . July 23, 2013

        I just heard it on SoundCloud / beyonceDiario and it’s very good!!!!!! It gave SOS so much life, now it sounds more like a pop classic than an R&B song with Carrebian influences..

        This just goes to show that Beyonce is not only a perfect vocalist, but a very versatile singer.

        Hope SOS(RM) makes it on the album!

  135. BOOM July 23, 2013

    The Monsters, Lambs, Hive and Navy better work overtime for those petty votes LMAO.

  136. Enni July 23, 2013

    I mean Billboard already gave that title to ‘We Belong Together’. TGJ just made these article so the ignorant stans can flock here and argue with the false receipts of their so called faves. Anyway carry on.

  137. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. July 23, 2013

    Single Ladies is the last time THIEVINGonce had a hit song…how sad!! T***** Caca failed with Born this way

    The winner is QUEEN RIH!!!!!!!!!! She has more legendary songs this past decade then anyone else. WFL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


    Cedrics album drops 2-20 in the second week LMAO! 13K FLOP FLOP FLOP 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  138. Micks July 23, 2013

    Billboard is just for US. Beyonce holds the Official title internationally from various sources from VH1 to NME with Crazy in Love so she already has the crown. There are some random songs on this list.

    • ^AKA^ July 23, 2013

      Exactly. 😀 Crazy In Love and Umbrella are the most critically acclaimed songs of 2000s and both had huge cultural impact – coreographies, catchy hooks – ella ella eh eh and uh oh uh oh oh, million covers/parodies/usage in media – films/talent shows. People can think whatever they want, in my opinion We Belong Together didn’t have any impact. If we go by sales and charts, Rihanna must be the most impactful female ever. 🙂 And their receipts are only for the USA, outside of it it was a moderate/flop hit 😀

      • Micks July 23, 2013

        I know. WBT was big don’t get me wrong I love Mariah but they are reaching with WBT just because its Mariah Carey. Because in terms of POP impact Crazy in Love & Umbrella>>>>>>>>>>> We Belong Together

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 23, 2013

        If only GGBB (or any other Rihanna album) could have sold as than the Emancipation of Mimi…

        Lol @ you calling WBT a flop outside of the US when it was a top 5/top 10 hit in many countries.

  139. boy July 23, 2013

    Don’t call it a comeback 😉 Just an indication how Mariah Carey will snatch all of your favo’s wigs. Rejoice Lambs. The silence of the lambs HAHAHA. We come, We see and we snatch your wigs LOLLLLLL

    • Pour It Up July 23, 2013

      You did all that for some stupid TGJ poll?

      • boy July 23, 2013


      • Pour It Up July 23, 2013

        B**** please you know your ass was sitting at that computer voting by the second

      • boy July 23, 2013


      • Pour It Up July 23, 2013

        B? Can you not read my name?

      • boy July 23, 2013

        Yeah I can read but I can’t believe that you support the girl that murdered hero back in the day. LOL

        And Ri’s (love her more then miley and gaga though) ship was sinking so hard that I tought you might be a little bit thankfull and supporting the wife of your fave’s PIMP HAHAHA.

      • Pour It Up July 23, 2013

        Funny… NOT.

  140. Slaylor Swift July 23, 2013

    Look how thirsty the hive & lambs are for petty votes

  141. The Truth July 23, 2013

    What kind of mickey Mouse operation is this? Why is Super Bass on this list? This list is all sorts of WRONG! So many relevant songs from talented artists are missing from this list.

  142. DOSSOME July 23, 2013


    Heck,even that lousy MTV>>>>VH1…If you’re going to challenge Billboard & ASCAP,don’t use VH1 as receipt

    I think Billboard has more opinion on hits than VH1…& Considering VH1 ranked Adele,Beyonce & Gaga higher than Whitney,Janet,Celine in their list of the Greatest women in music last year,I think an accidental encounter with common sense won’t even be necessary to realize their lists are plain BS…

    *Plays We Belong Together (at number 1)*

    • Pour It Up July 23, 2013

      But Billboard is only based on the US sorry hunzo.

  143. Pour It Up July 23, 2013

    The list is useless. The thirsty ass lambs really needed their fave to be at the top of this. The desperation. And you’re supposed to stan for a legend.

  144. Pour It Up July 23, 2013

    We belong together is not the greatest pop song of the last decade by a mile. I don’t even see it as pop. Umbrella, Toxic, Crazy in Love, Beautiful (NO #)slay it into the ground.

  145. Suicide Blonde July 23, 2013

    The list is a Joke, i didn’t vote, the song that topped the charts in most countries didn’t make the cut, meanwhile Ciara’s Goodies is in there…..okay.

  146. Britney Stan July 23, 2013

    The desperation of the lambs tho

  147. IM A FREE B*TCH July 23, 2013

    shouldnt the songs on the list be from 2000 – 2009 tho? i mean the title after all said “The Greatest Song Of The LAST Decade Is…”

  148. Gilberto July 23, 2013

    None of them. Crazy In Love is the GREATEST song of the decade. NME, Rolling Stones, Pitchfork Media and myself, of course, are saying that CIL was the best track of 00’s, so you b****** have to DEAL.

    • Rosie July 23, 2013

      And Gaga can’t stay relevant with any group other than bullied underage homosexuals anymore without breaking her hip.
      + LOL @ someone with a Nicki avi trying to disown single sales for albums.

    • Rosie July 23, 2013

      This stupid comments board. This wasn’t a reply to you, sorry.

  149. Suicide Blonde July 23, 2013

    Ciara – ‘Goodies’
    Rihanna – ‘We Found Love’
    Bruno Mars – ‘Grenade’
    Christina Aguilera – ‘Beautiful’
    Drake – ‘The Motto’
    One Direction – ‘What Makes You Beautiful’
    Beyonce – ‘Single Ladies’
    Janet Jackson – ‘Doesn’t Really Matter’
    Britney Spears – ‘Toxic’
    Kelly Rowland – ‘Motivation’
    Usher – ‘Climax’
    Celine Dion – ‘A New Day Has Come’
    Ariana Grande – ‘The Way’
    Nicki Minaj – ‘Super Bass’
    Mariah Carey – ‘We Belong Together’
    Lady GaGa – ‘Born This Way’
    Michael Jackson – ‘You Rock My World’
    Whitney Houston – ‘I Look To You’
    Justin Bieber – ‘Baby’

    Do you really think all this song have a much cultural impact than this.

    Coldplay – Yellow – In My Place – Clocks – Viva La Vida

    The Killers – Mr. Brithgside – All These Things That I’ve Done – Human

    Green Day – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams – American Idiot – Wake Me Up When September Ends

    U2 – Beautiful Day – Elevation – Vertigo

    And those songs are from bands, imagine all the one hit wonders that their song had much more impact, example ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ by Gotye but then again this is ThatGrapeJuice.

  150. xedos July 23, 2013

    this is a stupid list over half the song should not be on that list. why umbrella not on it . why motivation is on it and not Diamond. motivation was a hood anthem not a world wide hit. did not have any impact . these three rihanna songs have more impact worldwide than most of the songs on the list.

  151. ratedxxx(tic toc) July 23, 2013

    actually according to rolling stones, the best song of the decade is Gnarls Barkley, ‘Crazy’…..

    pitchfork..outkast “B.O.B


  152. Lovebird (I want to eat Cassie’s poonani) July 23, 2013

    I voted for “We belong together” only because I couldn’t escape that song. If we were being totally honest and non biased, “grenade” by Bruno Mars would be topping that biased ass poll.

  153. ratedxxx(tic toc) July 23, 2013

    and Usher has the best number 1 hits of the decade, beyonce comes second…

    and eminem is billboard artist of the decade

    usher comes in second

    nelly the rapper comes at third

    beyonce is number 4

    so I wouldnt be on here making false statements if i were you stans……

    especially when you have haters like me, who knows alot about music, deals with music every day, makes money off music

    • Hadley July 24, 2013

      Why are you obsessed with degrading Beyonce. She has the song quoted by most sources as song of the decade and billboard AND RIAA crowned her artist of the decade so why are you grasping for straws? Just deal.

  154. HOWYOULIKEIT July 23, 2013

    we found s***

  155. Lovebird (I want to eat Cassie’s poonani) July 23, 2013

    So I previewed Selena Gomez’s new album and it sucks. It is a watered down, microwave version attempt at re-creating Rihanna’s “LOUD” album and it fails miserably.

    I am so disappointed.

  156. Lovebird (I want to eat Cassie’s poonani) July 23, 2013

    Some songs are “conveniently” missing though, I “wonder” why **rolls eyes**

  157. LittleScheisse July 23, 2013


  158. LittleScheisse July 23, 2013


  159. ratedxxx(tic toc) July 23, 2013

    having a number 1 hit means what?

    for people like mariah, celine dion, michael jackson, britney spears…

    what does having a number 1 hit proves? it proves nothing..because they actually sold albums when digital sales didnt exist…..they actually sold albums when adding singles sales didnt exist

    you bitter b****** stan for people that needs hit singles, that needs digital sales to stay relevant, and you’re coming for mariah?

    legends are made never created….talk that s*** when your fav has at least 1 album that sold over 25 million, without all the single sales..

    • LittleScheisse July 23, 2013


  160. Rosie July 23, 2013

    And Gaga can’t stay relevant with any group other than bullied underage homosexuals anymore without breaking her hip.
    + LOL @ someone with a Nicki avi trying to disown single sales for albums.

    • LittleScheisse July 23, 2013


      • Rosie July 23, 2013

        Sounds like you’ve got some issues. I don’t think Mother Monster helped you enough on the Born Brave Bus.

    • miao July 24, 2013

      Honey, you need help!

  161. ratedxxx(tic toc) July 23, 2013

    I don’t even waste my time voting in these dumb polls….

    the majority of the song on there are garbage….

    umbrella actually made a bigger impact world wide than both single ladies and crazy in love…

    outside of the U.S rihanna is actually a bigger seller

    the secret to making you seem bigger than you are is re releasing your albums over and over again..when you have a bunch of morons stan for you, they will buy the same album over and over again, just add a remix, or one new song

    • Jesse July 23, 2013

      Not according to billboard. As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago and they had a “What’s the Most Popular Song of the Past Summers” poll on and Crazy in Love came in at #1 with over 7,000 votes. Umbrella, came in second with 4,000 votes. The general majority of people think that Crazy In Love is more impactful. Not that Umbrella wasn’t either. Because in my opinion its Rihanna’s most influential song to date, even more than We Found Love. But I don’t think that its made more of an impact than Crazy in Love and especially not Singles Ladies, despite the fact that Crazy in Love wasn’t released during the digital era. I like both though(:

      • Lovebird (I want to eat Cassie’s poonani) July 23, 2013

        “popular” and “impact” have different meanings, “impactful” is not a word Fantasia.

        Plus Billboard is MOSTLY US only. They track US performance.

      • Jesse July 23, 2013

        You are absolutely right, “popular” and “impact” are two completely different things. Which is exactly why I don’t think that Umbrella made more of an impact than Single Ladies or Crazy in Love. “impactful” is not a word Fantasia.” What was the purpose of that remark? And why are you being rude and bitter? What, am I not entitled to state my opinion? When I watched you give an artist a verbal beat down I didn’t say: “You need to calm down Baby Fist Brown.” So there’s really no need for your smart ass remarks…” Plus Billboard is MOSTLY US only. They track US performance.” Exactly the operative word is MOSTLY the U.S., not ONLY the U.S. So miss me with that rude B.S.

  162. Jesse July 23, 2013

    I voted for Single Ladies….its either between that and Crazy in Love for me. I mean, it wasn’t voted the Song of the Decade for nothing. I was even on a few weeks ago and they had a “What’s the Most Popular Song of the Past Summers” poll and Crazy in Love came in at #1 with over 7,000 votes. Umbrella, which has made more of an impact than We found Love in my opinion, came in second with 4,000 votes. Singles Ladies was my s*** when it came out though. I was even a Single Lady for Halloween lmfao.

  163. lolax July 23, 2013


    • Jas July 23, 2013

      The artists most popular songs are listed, Goodies is Ciara’s, Single Ladies is Beyonce’s, Motivation is Kelly’s, and We Found Love is Rihanna’s. That’s why Umbrella isn’t up there.

    • Rosie July 23, 2013

      Screaming. Every. single. one. of these songs are absolute trash and are at the bottom of the barrel of pop music except for maybe No One.

  164. Jesse July 23, 2013

    Actually, We Belong Together was my s*** too back in the day lol. Single Ladies, Crazy in Love, and We Belong Together were my jams ha!

  165. Björn July 23, 2013

    In my opinion, I Look To You with our angel in heaven!

  166. Hadley July 24, 2013

    Crazy in Love according to most sources

  167. Sarah July 24, 2013

    Love these artists..BUT WHERE IS USHER!!!!!!!????? You Remind SHITSSSS on all of these songs!!

  168. Kerrie July 24, 2013

    Britney Spears Toxic!!! Xxx

  169. Rihanna killed beyho’s career July 24, 2013

    Let me know when these h*** can slay a whole era without dancing and without big vocals (Rated R).

  170. Tash July 24, 2013

    Let me know when these h*** can slay a whole era without an identity change each time^^^

    I see MJ is winning #KING!

    • Rihanna killed beyho’s career July 25, 2013

      A girl like me/Talk that Talk.

      • Tash July 25, 2013

        Lies detected.

      • Tash July 25, 2013

        I said slay dahling.

  171. what July 24, 2013

    independent woman ,say my name , surviver ,bootilycious ,crazy in love, irreplaceble,single ladies,halo,

  172. Nina July 24, 2013

    Michael! I love you! You’re th BEST!

  173. VOGUEVML July 24, 2013

    You Rock My World is a beautiful song. Up there as one of MJ’s best.

  174. Os July 24, 2013

    mj and nicki.

  175. Jake July 24, 2013

    Rosie , Rosie , I love Lana and all Young&Beautiful gives me life , but let’s be real Florence & The Machines was here before her so she bring back that ish. Y’all need to stop acting like your faves created the world in 6 days and rested the 7th . I’m only here for the music that pleases my ears , I have a fave cause I think she’s the best but I don’t diminuate others to make her look good , she needs to make her shine herself cause putting your energy in doing this won’t bring you a cent . And s*** it must be exhausting as F

  176. Keira July 24, 2013

    At the end of the day, Britney’s Toxic will win this poll so don’t bother voting for your faves. K.THX.BYE!

  177. bibi93 July 24, 2013

    Michael Jackson – ‘You Rock My World’

  178. Devinn Edwards July 24, 2013

    I had to go with The Voice! I Look To You inspires me beyond belief! RIP Queen!

  179. PMV July 24, 2013

    I Look to You – Whitney Houston

  180. MusicFreak July 24, 2013

    It is an insult to place people like Ariana Grande and One Direction in a poll with the greats. Their RECENTLY released songs that have not shown success or even faced the test of time do not even deserve recognition here.

    And putting Lady Gaga’s BTW on the list but not Bad Romance?! Who made this poll?!?! And Rihanna’s We Found Love but not Umbrella? smh.

    I am a huge Britney stan so the clear choice for me is the pop masterpiece Toxic, but honestly We Belong Together is one of the greatest songs ever. Mariah is a genius.

    Still, Britney slays lives and you basic b****** will deal. #Album8

  181. Mak July 25, 2013

    Hands and Asses down! TOXIC!

  182. jim July 25, 2013


  183. TOXIC July 25, 2013

    TOXIC of course! It had the greatest impact and proved Britney as the QUEEN OF POP !!!

  184. yooooooooo (keristan) July 25, 2013

    ‘knock you down’ by Keri should be here lol oh well

  185. Dawo July 25, 2013

    Janet Jackson – ‘Doesn’t Really Matter’

  186. Slayrita Legendora July 25, 2013

    Cause when the sun sets baby
    On me avenue
    I give that drunk s-x spinning
    Yeah I’m with you
    So put your arms around me baby
    We’re tearing down the town
    Cause that’s just how we do
    How we do, that’s just how we do
    How we do, that’s just how we do

  187. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 25, 2013

    We Belong Together and Single Ladies tbh

  188. KAMEHAMEHA B**** July 25, 2013

    *twerks for Toxic*

  189. leo July 25, 2013

    Ofc toxic by britney spears
    most iconic song of the decade
    who can forget her naked diamond glued body

  190. Lolax July 25, 2013

    Go #BArmy

  191. lena July 25, 2013

    The King of POP is #UNBEATABLE!!

  192. Maddie July 25, 2013

    MJ & Britney!!!

  193. Selam July 25, 2013

    MJ- You Rock My World… Always…

  194. Karan July 25, 2013

    Whitney Houston – I Look To You

  195. Jack July 25, 2013

    Michael Jackson & Britney Spears 4sure.

  196. Deangelo July 25, 2013

    Britney Spears “Toxic” NEEDS to win! As much respect I have for MJ I feel like Britney spears “toxic” made a bigger impact THIS last decade!

  197. Best of World July 26, 2013

    Christina Aguilera is the best one she is incredible,flawless,unforgettable and irreplaceable in a word she is a king of Music

    • Chung July 26, 2013

      Or you’re just delusional !

  198. ALESSANDRO July 26, 2013

    regardlessof which song wins, we belong together is the best of all them

  199. Elise July 26, 2013

    Michael Jackson. Legend lives on

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