Watch: Ciara Performs ‘Keep On Lookin’ On 106 & Park

Published: Wednesday 10th Jul 2013 by Sam

R&B star Ciara continued her 106 & Park takeover today, serving up a performance of ‘Keep On Lookin” from her new self-titled album.

The ‘Body Party’ led set is on-course to debut at #2 on the Billboard 200, a feat her residency on BET‘s flagship show will no doubt give a boost to.

Peep the performance after the jump…

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  1. Hey July 10, 2013

    Lol smh.. Whether her vocals are live or pre-recorded, they sound horrible. Smh cici needs to just stick to dancing lol

    • P!nk Stan July 10, 2013

      SHE CANT SING!!!

    • xcberyrey July 10, 2013

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    • Music July 10, 2013

      She’s hardly singing tho. So how could it sound horrible?? More like fast rap singing like Beyonce does in Diva.

    • Reallyreal July 10, 2013

      Monica (New Life) 69k

      Kelly Rowland (T.A.G.G.) 68k

      Brandy (Two Eleven) 65k

      Ciara (Self Titled) 55-65 Pending final #

      SMH- its all yalls fault- broke asses!!

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 11, 2013

      Omg That was awful! Cici Stans caint judge rhi performance Annymore cause thats all she done here was walk Around.

  2. Rosie July 10, 2013

    All this promo + the #1 song on Urban radio and she can only open with 55-65k.
    F L O P

    • jump July 10, 2013

      flop? lol@you

      body party is 25 on billboard
      im out is 50 on billboard and 14 on itunes

      think again….

      • harris boy July 10, 2013

        wow that is really something to brag about……..

      • Rosie July 10, 2013

        25? Haha Young & Beautiful out peaked it with no airplay.
        Two hits and still can’t beat Paradise’s first week. Hang it up.

      • Lana the legend July 10, 2013

        Let em know rosie

    • Music July 10, 2013

      You aint neva lied. Anyways, I knew she was gonna do these numbers anyway. Didn’t want her to but ohwell…least it’s better than 37k but still disappointing obviously. She will still be called a flop no matter what so her stans should good over it…

  3. Mother Monster July 10, 2013

    Shes such a flop

  4. Meena July 10, 2013

    Havent heard this song before , sound’s good.

  5. Mother Monster July 10, 2013

    She sounds a f****** mess

  6. SuperTurnt July 10, 2013

    Love Ci, love this song. HATE this perforamnce

  7. Suicide Blonde July 10, 2013

    Carlos give it up, 3 flop albums in a row without never having a successfull international album, send a curriculum to Madonna, she might needs new dancers for her 2014 tour, hurry up!, before Kelly Rowland get a job first than you, as one of Beyonce’s backup singer.

  8. JARED (WHITE DUDE) July 10, 2013

    I see she was channeling “Janet Jackson’s: Alright, I Get Lonely & So Excited” video’s/live performances here.

    I’m expecting 80K+ this week, in spite of what was predicted…

    • harris boy July 10, 2013


    • COMMON July 10, 2013


      This tired B*tch is always catting from Ms. Jackson…

      2 Bad she’ll never see her iconic status or sales.


      • Mimi Carey July 10, 2013


    • DESPERATION July 10, 2013


      I clocked the sly shade… lmao.

      But no, she’s not even gonna do 60K… She’s done.

      DONE I TELL YOU, DONE!!!!!!!

      • JARED (WHITE DUDE) July 10, 2013


        I’m just trying to relieve the tension, somehow…


    • miao July 11, 2013

      Your faves are FLOPS, deal with that!

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 11, 2013

      @jared U loose booty EXTRA f**!! Too bad yo ass doesnt have Any tention. Go do some squats b****

  9. Mimi Carey July 10, 2013

    How sad shes promoting her ass off n won’t even see 70 k Lmao

  10. harris boy July 10, 2013


  11. P!nk Stan July 10, 2013


  12. Lolz July 10, 2013

    Welp looks like everyones back to dragging Ciara. The glory and high hopes amongst everyone didn’t last long.

  13. P!nk Stan July 10, 2013

    B**** sit down with yo flopping ass.

  14. P!nk Stan July 10, 2013

    You know you a disappointment when your promoting like your Beyonce yet cant even do 100k first week obviously people are seriously over this chick smh maybe she can become a singles artist like ke$ha.

  15. P!nk Stan July 10, 2013

    MassiveFlopAra b**** ya time is up girl byeeee t***** lolol

  16. Lovebird July 10, 2013

    Oh please, Bruno Mars’ Doo-Woops and Hooligans album (which I love) opened with 50K and he got on to sell 5 million+ copies Worldwide, Ciara is far from flop, it is selling very well. So far it has two Billboard Top 50 hits and a major hit awaiting to be unleashed on the public (Overdose).

    Ciara won’t Flop, LA Reid won’t allow it. Should we unravel LA Reid’s resume?

    LA Reid is responsible for Usher (Confessions), Mariah Carey (Emancipation of Mimi), Pink, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Toni Braxton, TLC to name a few, this album won’t flop with him running the show.

    • Lana the legend July 10, 2013

      The struggle is real for Ciara flop h** cake t***** ass

    • Nate July 10, 2013

      Yeah, but LA Reid has definitely been having a dry spell since about 2009. His entire stint at Epic Records so far has been embarrassing. And remember when he said he was going to make Amerie as big a star as Rihanna?

      Let’s face it… LA has lost his touch.

  17. Lana the legend July 10, 2013

    She cant sing for s*** her vocals are BASIC so glad she’s guna flop yaay

      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 11, 2013


  18. Lovebird July 10, 2013

    If she does flop, which she won’t, then it’s all down to 1.) The state of R&B music today (name one R&B artist besides Justin Timberlake who are doing big today) and 2.) The sheer fact that Black people aren’t buying music anymore, they are pirating it in drones.

    Rap is doing so well most likely because it’s being bought by white people who like Rap music, as for R&B, it is in a sorry state and this proves it once again. All the R&B acts have all debuted in the same window and non of them besides Justin Timberlake have got a platinum plaque, not even Alicia Keys. So ya, Black people are too blame, but don’t give up Cici, you still have a cross over hit (Overdose) that can push some units.

    • Lolz July 10, 2013

      Blaaaa the excuses the other day you said she was going to do 100k despite the state of r&b

      • Lovebird July 10, 2013

        It isn’t how you start, it’s how you finish. Her album is doing well, it will remain strong on the charts.

        Bruno Mars Doo-woops and hooligans started wtih 50,000, it went on to sell 5 million WW.

      • harris boy July 10, 2013

        bruno mars is rnb too!!

      • Lovebird July 10, 2013

        Bruno Mars’ albums on iTunes are categorized as “POP”.

      • Lolz July 10, 2013

        How can you compare her to Bruno Mars who is big and relevant everywhere now. His music is everywhere. Ciara is not even that big in the Urban scene anymore let alone pop. I dont wish her failure but people are reaching here.

      • Lovebird July 10, 2013

        Ciara is still promoting, once she releases overdose and heads to Europe, you’ll be eating the egg that will be on your face.

      • Lolz July 10, 2013

        K i’ll remember you said that. And you still cant compare her to Bruno Mars.

    • slaylor swift July 10, 2013

      B**** save the excuses this ugly t***** is a MAJOR FLOP

      • Lovebird July 10, 2013

        At least she has talent, the same cannot be said about the c** bucket you stan for. How many STDs has she spread today or have you lost count?

      • slaylor swift July 10, 2013

        She has no vocal talent b**** Taylors vocals are way better you know it

      • Lovebird July 10, 2013

        Taylor has got no vocals, her vocal chords are filled with so much c** that she can hardly sing.

  19. Lana the legend July 10, 2013


  20. Team Tasia July 10, 2013

    Her vocals 🙁

    • slaylor swift July 10, 2013

      Horrible aren’t they?

  21. Lovebird July 10, 2013

    This album isn’t flopping, it will sell 3 million WorldWide, mark my words and quote me if you like. It isn’t flopping.

    • Mania July 10, 2013

      Not when shes a non factor besides the US

      • Lovebird July 10, 2013

        #5 in Canada

        #22 in UK (with no promo) and will climb in the top ten once overdose is released. Just look at how well Jason Derulo is doing in the UK, his single is in the top ten.

        #23 South Africa and climbing

        #19 Hong Kong and climbing

        #44 Singapore and climbing

        and in the TOP 50 in every other country

        The album is doing well and once overdose is released, it will continue selling.

      • Lolz July 10, 2013

        Is that on the POP charts or R&B?

      • Lovebird July 10, 2013

        That’s on the main charts, she’s just promoted in the US and she’s in the TOP 50 of multiple countries, once she releases overdose and goes to promote in Europe, she is going to shift even more albums.

        Jason Derulo’s new single is flopping the US but is doing very well in Europe, especially the UK, Ciara will just need to promote there and she’ll have a 3 million+ record.

      • Lolz July 10, 2013

        3 million+ you are really reaching for the gods is that arm still attached? But I’ll leave you too it.

      • Lovebird July 10, 2013

        It will, you just watch.

    • Rosie July 10, 2013

      Not when Local Party has only charted in 1.5 countries.

      • Lovebird July 10, 2013

        Your point being??

      • Rosie July 10, 2013

        You obviously don’t have one either, bragging above about charting in countries where it literally takes 2 copies to hit #1 on iTunes.

      • Lovebird July 10, 2013

        I asked you what your point is and you don’t have one.

      • Rosie July 10, 2013

        Neither do you. I cannot at the excuses you’re making for Cedric doing 40k less than you said she was gonna do.

      • Lovebird July 10, 2013

        Again, it’s not how you start, it is how you finish, that is my point. Now what is yours??

      • Rosie July 10, 2013

        Mine is if Local Party only charted in the US and in half of Belgium, and she can only sell 65k with a major comeback hit, how do you expect Cedric to sell 3 million worldwide?

      • Lovebird July 10, 2013

        First of all, she didn’t sell 65K, she is predicted to sell that much based on Tuesday’s sells, and yet her promo campaign is not done, so that point is redundant because there is a difference between a prediction and a fact.

        Secondly, there are many albums that go on to do well despite not have a strong starting point, Bruno Mars’ Doo-woops and Hooligans is one of them, Emeli Sande’s Our Version of Events is also one of them, some albums can even start as low as 40K and go on to sell millions with a strong promo campaign which is clearly one Ciara has.

        The album is doing well worldwide and is climbing, Ciara will be fine. Any other nonsensical points?

      • Rosie July 10, 2013

        The excuses. Doesn’t matter, all this promo and Cedric can’t even do Fantasy Ride’s first week prediction wise. We’ll see next week when Cedric fails to reach Paradise’s debut.

  22. slaylor swift July 10, 2013

    She’ll never have a platinum album again hahaha

  23. harris boy July 10, 2013

    i hope tgj promotes letoya and jazmine sullivan’s third lps like they did ciara

  24. slaylor swift July 10, 2013

    Lovebird why you over stanning for flops dog?

  25. Mania July 10, 2013

    Poor dat.

  26. Rosie July 10, 2013

    That denial! Bruno is 10x more global than Cedric ever will be. Just The Way You Are is bigger than Ciara’s entire career. And Body Party only charted in 1 1/2 countries.

    • slaylor swift July 10, 2013

      Bruno can’t be compared to Ciara ghetto flop ass

      • Rosie July 10, 2013

        Tell that to Flopbird.

  27. slaylor swift July 10, 2013

    When flop party reaches top 10 then get at me.

    • Lovebird July 10, 2013

      When Taylor Swift stops sucking d*** and letting guys ride a train on her, then get at me.

      Also when Taylor Swift actually develops a talent, maybe your opinion will be valid then, but only in the slight bit.

      • Britney stan July 10, 2013

        Taylor is winning while cici flopping boo boo

      • Lovebird July 10, 2013

        Taylor is winning at c** guzzling, yes. Taylor is winning at being a no talent industry w****.

  28. Varnerific July 10, 2013

    Ciara cannot be compared to Bruno. His debut album was full of POP HITS!! He was a new artist. People love fresh talent. Whereas, Ciara has been around for ten years, and stagnant for about five or six! The general public isn’t very forgiving when it comes to flops, and they have washed their hands of her. If shes ever gonna make a “comeback,” it will not be this year.

    • Lovebird July 10, 2013

      We shall see, the album is selling strongly and it’s never how you start but how you finish. You cannot predict the album will flop when it is loaded is some awesome material.

      The promo has not ended, Ciara is here to stay and you can remain salty all you want but she’s not going anywhere.

      • Varnerific July 10, 2013

        Selling strongly? Well I am glad you’re remaining optimistic because it isn’t looking too good for Ciara.

  29. Britney stan July 10, 2013

    I could never Stan for such.a flop lovebird im disappointed in you

    • Lovebird July 10, 2013

      No one asked you to, you’re not special honey.

  30. Mya July 10, 2013

    If Cerror is flopping so hard in the US with all this promo what makes you think the rest of the world will have time? Promo or not? The struggle to convince (even yourself) is real.

    • Lovebird July 10, 2013

      She is not flopping, she is rather building her brand once again, her numbers are better than her previous release, and “I’m out” as well as “body party” is climbing on the charts all over the world.

      She just needs to keep on pushing and she’ll be fine, her album is doing well. That 60K is just a prediction, a prediction is not fact, use some common sense.

  31. Suicide Blonde July 10, 2013

    LOVEBIRD are you a boy or a girl?

  32. Rosie July 10, 2013

    This bandwagon Cedric stan and her denial. Your fave can’t even outsell mine’s first week in her worst market and you really expect her to sell 3 million worldwide?

    • Lovebird July 10, 2013

      But who is talking about your fav? No one right, Ciara is selling well and will be fine whether it starts with 50K or not, it will go on to sell strongly based on a strong promo campaign that Ciara is on.

      • Rosie July 10, 2013

        And who is talking about Cedric outside of BET? Bookmarking this post for when Cedric only sells 500k worldwide by the end of the year.

      • Lovebird July 10, 2013

        You’re most definitely a cretin, this post is about Ciara and so it makes sense to talk about Ciara. You’re most definitely exposing your intellectual deficiencies. You’re a doltish, imbecilic, insensate moron, who’s ideal goal is to spread unsolicited drivel with mind numbing conjecture.

        When you develop an ounce of intellectual ability, then come attempt to address me again and I might respond, until then, keep your dross opinions to yourself.

      • Rosie July 10, 2013

        A pretentious mess. I bet you used a thesaurus for that post.
        Anyways like I said, I was being on topic, Cedric is a flop no matter how many excuses you post and is on it’s way to debuting with Kelly Rowland numbers with a bigger hit.

      • Lovebird July 10, 2013

        Ok, I’ll use simpleton lingo for you, you’re a dumb ass and your recent postings show this.

        And like I said, debut numbers are not a clear indication of how an album will perform in the long run, Ciara is doing very well.

      • Rosie July 10, 2013

        If that’s true then why do you continue to call my own fave a flop on a daily basis? She did 68-78k both times (EXTREMELY well for an artist with no hits at that point) and her album is at almost 4 million worldwide. Cedric has a top 25 hit, another single coming up, TONS of airplay, lots and LOTS of promo, and a ton of hype and still can’t do 70k on predictions. The definition of a flop.

      • Lovebird July 11, 2013

        I called her a non factor in the US and that is a fact, there’s a difference. Once again you continue to expose your intellectual handicaps.

      • Rosie July 11, 2013

        But you didn’t in this post, going off topic again. And we all know the US is one of her worst markets but if she’s a total flop here, what does that make Cedric? She can’t even do 70k with her major comeback hit.
        P.S. Lana’s new single Summertime Sadness outsold Body Party as of yesterday.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . July 11, 2013

      “Born to Die” is already over 4 million though

  33. Lovebird July 10, 2013

    Lana Del Rey can sell 100 million copies of her non singing album all she wants, that will not stop people from buying Ciara.

    She is doing very well in Canada, Europe and Asia and yet has had ZERO promo over there. She so far has the strongest R&B release and the album is climbing.

    It was in the 100s yesterday in South Africa, today it’s in the top 20, it was in the 100s in Germany, yesterday, today it’s in the Top 50, it is doing well.

    • Rosie July 10, 2013

      Not bragging about being top 20 in South Africa. Mess.

      • Lovebird July 10, 2013

        South Africa is one of the biggest music markets in the world, but of course you’re ignorant and wouldn’t know this.

      • Rosie July 10, 2013

        Like your fellow (former?) Navi, you don’t even trust IFPI so I would expect you to think that.
        South Africa isn’t even top 10. Keep reaching.

      • Lovebird July 10, 2013

        “Like your fellow (former?) Navi, you don’t even trust IFPI so I would expect you to think that.”

        Receipts of me not trusting IFPI

        “South Africa isn’t even top 10. Keep reaching.”

        Doesn’t matter, it is still one of the worlds biggest music markets, which is why artists are going on tour there. The sheer fact that it’s not in the top ten does not discredit my assertion dumb ass.

      • Rosie July 10, 2013

        Why the f*** are you calling me a dumbass when you’re the one talking about how South Africa is one of the biggest markets? It isn’t even top 20 according to IFPI, which you and the Navi attempt to drag every year when you all cling to Mediatraffic for receipts on a daily basis.

      • ^AKA^ July 11, 2013

        IPFI is the biggest joke of all time. I mean, who uses them? If you look carefully at Digital Report for 2010 you will see that CrushCrushCrusg song by Paramore (which was released in 2007) making the list of the best selling singles. The song has 0 certifications and it was flop everywhere, yet it made their list. Even Mediatraffic numbers look more accurate than SHITFI.

      • Lovebird July 11, 2013

        Again receipts of me denying IFPI numbers?

        Secondly, being one of the biggest music market is not based on rank but sales volume and value of transactions, you’re too dumb to grasp that concept and so I won’t bother to try and explain it.

      • Rosie July 11, 2013

        @Lovebird The rankings are based on both of those exactly, and in 2013, South Africa is top 20 in neither of those. One again you spitting lies. South Africa is second rate at MOST.
        @^AKA^ Saying that because your fave didn’t make it last year. Whether you like it or not IFPI are the only legitimate receipts, there’s a reason why every major publication uses them instead of the other site with the two Germans and a dog. Stay clinging to Mediatraffic and Musicharts.

  34. Mark111 July 10, 2013

    This performance is ALRIGHT WITH ME. Love the album.

  35. Ahhh_Mess! July 10, 2013

    Maybe the reason why Ciara has been an non factor for the past 9 years is because she is always jocking Janet Jackson. What Ciara need to do is sit down and repeat Janet Jackson school of Arts. Take time and know who she is. Get deeper, write some inspiration shits and stop doing the same damn moves. Just maybe then she’ll atleast sell Discipline #’s. Lol!

  36. LTM July 11, 2013

    Its just sad at how many of you stan for numbers instead of the actual music. Slaylor Swift, Britney Stan, Pink Stan, etc. I can’t with the trolls.

  37. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 11, 2013

    As I said it b****** BEYONCE is the only b**** that can push PLATINUM with a fully RnB album in the states…
    Ciara did a good job tho..

    Don’t you dare come for SA b****!!! WorldWide Global entertainers are touring there… So bye! Having a Top 20 single is very good for cici there which means she can actually sell out Stadiums there.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . July 11, 2013

      More like… Stadiums’ public bathrooms…..

  38. Quan July 11, 2013

    I have one thing to say:

    “Talk A Good Game” in stores and on Itunes today. A much better album and definitely worth your money. Get the 15 track copy off Itunes you won’t be disappointed.



    • Talk A Good Game July 11, 2013

      LOL yesss @ your name

  40. Chillin July 11, 2013

    Where is superCisus or whatever his/her name is..bwahahah..I love Ciara and i am highly disappointed just as with Kelly sales..but this joke is onyou boo-boo…keep hiding

  41. Navy Nick July 11, 2013

    I dont get it, CIARA is really a good artist, THIS SONG actually grew on me, from this performance (i would have liked more dancing), BUT it was somethign chill-s*** about it.. the album itself, IDK, it just lacks something: GOODIES & EVOLUTION KILLED IT! since, its been like 3 songs maybe on each album, BUT regardless, these sales are krazy! her & Kelly should have done better, KELLYS ALBUM IS AMAZING!!!

  42. Love. July 11, 2013

    55k to 65k? I refuse to believe this, seeing as to how the album has skyrocketed iTunes not once but TWICE since its been available on iTunes preorders since May.. Then again, it’s only a prediction.. A shady, SHADY prediction.. I’m glad Ci is still the underdog.. Regardless of how Ciara sells, I still got her album and its still a banger.. Read My Lips..

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