Guess Who?!

Published: Saturday 3rd Aug 2013 by David

Guess which mezzo-soprano rocked the Ditch Fridays at Ditch Pool & Dayclub at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday!

Hint: Her voice boasts of 2 octaves, 3 notes and one semitone.

Still not sure?

OK. One more hint.

She first entered the industry as one third of a girl group.

Find out who she is below!

It’s Ciara!!

Arriving in Vegas to serve a scorching set at the aforementioned resort, the former ‘Hearsay’ member wowed her audience as promo on her self titled album resumes, following the short vacation she shared with ‘Love Song’ writer, Future!

Are we the only ones looking forward to how the rest of her campaign will pan out?!

For, as one member of the ‘CSquad’ put it, ‘Ciara’ only has to sell around 20,000 units each week to go Gold before its first birthday swings by… an impressive for any R&B release if scored.

So, until we learn of Epic’s plan to ensure that happens, tell us….

Who did you think it was?

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  1. Alex August 3, 2013

    Ohh please don’t make me laugh! The album opened with 57,000 copies and sold 13,000 copies the following week…it looks like ‘Talk A Good Game’ will be outselling it this week based on physical units along with digital sales. Kelly hasn’t got off her ass to promote her album yet it STILL outsells Ciara. BYE.

    • BeyWhoUWanna August 3, 2013

      2 is not a giant just because it stands next to 1. Kelly is flopping and so is Ciara but at least Ciara has top 20 hit to her name this era.
      What does Kelly have?
      Kelly’s been in the game 20 years and has NEVER had an era which she slayed in. Ciara had Goodies And TE and they both sold like crazy. In fact, Goodies sold more around the world than Kelly’s entire discography combined.

      Has Kelly ever sold more than 100k first week?
      Do her US sales even come to 1 million after all these years?

    • davidcccc August 3, 2013

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  2. Beyawnce August 3, 2013

    She looks alright

  3. noflyzone August 3, 2013

    What girl group

  4. lil mo stan and trey burkes husband (Kendrick wasnt hitting it right) August 3, 2013

    Chile, it’s too early for shade!

  5. #Hive August 3, 2013

    Lmao sam she’ll never sell 20 k a week so stop.

  6. POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 3, 2013

    what girl group , @sam ?

  7. katy kat August 3, 2013

    Ciara a mezzo soprano? Gurrll pleeeease!!

    • cake like lady gaga August 3, 2013

      A katy stan talking about vocals? Lol I have seen it all…

  8. Omari August 3, 2013

    GirlBye! You tellin me Ciara is in the same vocal category (mezzo soprano) as Whitney Houston, Beyonce and Leona Lewis? BYEEEEE!

  9. POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 3, 2013

    i thought It Was Michelle Williams tbh.

  10. Valerie (Barb) August 3, 2013

    Tgj yall can’t be that delusional… like forreals? mezzo soprano? Ciara can bearly hit a note her vocals are as weak as they come..

    • cake like lady gaga August 3, 2013

      Because Nicki is the best vocalist right? Oh ok

  11. LAWWWWWWD August 3, 2013

    Actually, yes…

    Ciara is a MEZZO SOPRANO.

    A singer’s voice isn’t judged by the notes they can hit but by the tone of their voice, how heavy or light it is and their range. Diana Ross, Janet Jackson and Jazmine Sullivan are mezzo sopranos but they don’t possess the same power as Aretha, Whitney and Natalie Cole do but they are mezzo sopranos too. Learn about voices before y’alls go n judge.

    • Higher learning August 3, 2013

      Ciara ain’t nobodies mezzo soprano. Judging by her CHEST VOICE, she is an alto. She is a soubrette (like Janet and Britney) in her head voice. Britney is also an alto. Jazmine Sullivan is a contralto like Brandy (shes more of a coloratura contralto–very unique tone and range). Diana Ross sings in her head voice a lot too. She may be a mezzo, idk. I’m no vocal expert, but I sang in & directed a church choir for like 10 years so I know my notes lol.

      • LAWWWWWWD August 3, 2013

        Ok… Guurrd critique but still girl…

        She is prolly a Soubrette like j lo, Britney & them. I deffo don’t think she’s a alto – altos don’t rly exist in Operatic music and that is by wat we judge pop singers by. Ciara is deffo a Soubrette or just a rly light mezzo like Diana although Diana has more control of her voice.

  12. TeamBreezy August 3, 2013

    TGJ shady as hell! Ya’ll stay trying Ciara , knowing damn well she aint even sell no 20k in her second week smh

  13. PeacefulCici August 3, 2013

    I love how passionate they are when they write about Ci.

  14. GoodiesForCiara August 3, 2013

    Thank you for schooling these h***. Ciara is a mezzo. If you don’t know, do your research.

  15. Woman2Woman August 3, 2013

    Kelly’s stans have such low standards it’s sad.
    Homegirl is a veteran and you think 60k and NO NUMBER ONE SINGLES is anything to be proud of.

  16. cake like lady gaga August 3, 2013

    Ciara, keeping TGJ h*** pressed as usual!!

    Lol Ciara runs your lives you stupid f***.. You just can’t stop talking about her. While you f*** are online talking about her, she is running to the bank to cash her check.


  17. TallB August 3, 2013

    why do so many people hate on her vocals? her voice is smooth and nice. not as strong as beyonces for sure but better than so many others!

  18. Bey Is Grown August 3, 2013

    Ciara is gorgeous of late,very beautiful,that Future d*** must be very good.

  19. FAF August 3, 2013

    Gawjus !!!!

  20. jump August 3, 2013

    I dont get it, if your fave aint hating on CICI why are you?!?!

    kelly and cici are friends!


    • Diamond August 3, 2013

      Friends? Just because Kelly poses with a fan (Ciara) It doesn’t mean there’s a friendship

  21. rita whora f****** TI; leaving roc nation for Grand Hustle August 3, 2013

    It is not gonna sell 20 k per week. 20K is enough to get u in top 10 on itunes, but ciara is not even in the top 100. SHE is not even selling 1000k per week. Look at her vegas set! hardly anyone is checking for her. You should see when an EDM DJ plays vegas, 100% sell out

    • jump August 3, 2013

      and ciara is r&b…obviously more would turn out for avicii.

      haha but we all know it would be empty for your fave!

      • rita whora f****** TI; leaving roc nation for Grand Hustle August 3, 2013

        My fave is rihanna and she breaks records in the USA. She launched the career on the biggest EDM dj, producer, Calvin Harris, the f*** you mean?

        HEARD OF WFL?

      • rita whora f****** TI; leaving roc nation for Grand Hustle August 3, 2013

        EDM is european; rih sells out stadiums in EUROPE, including in the home of the king of EDM, David Guetta, who thanked Rih for allowing him to play Stade De france in his own country.

        Rih would shut this down. Rih does not need to play a little half empty pool part, she would headline an arena in VEGAS, MGM GRAND and shut s*** down sell out show.

        I know u are not comparing Rih, to this 32 year old flop ass.

      • jump August 3, 2013

        lol u mad tho?

        commenting paragraphs!

        when will riri have first week sales of 330k?


  22. Slayrita Legendora August 3, 2013

    Oh PLEASE. Stop making excuses for this glorified back up dancer. Her career is over. Her vocal ability was never there. Her backbends are 2005. And everyone is over Sicki Garbage collabs since 2010. She brings nothing to this industry, and will leave it with nothing.

  23. Wikipedia August 3, 2013

    Actually Ciara is a soubrette soprano meaning her voice is very sweet , gentle , agile , airy

  24. stop! August 3, 2013

    All Ciara post are just a joke

  25. Lisa August 3, 2013

    Ciara album is fire every song on there is good best I’ve heard this year nobody can touch it!

  26. Brazilian Beyonce!!! August 3, 2013

    Gorgeous tbh

  27. Dev August 3, 2013

    “Her voice boasts of 2 octaves, 3 notes and one semitone”

    LIES!!!!!! I enjoy some Ciara’s music, but be honest, she boasts 1 note and one semi note.

  28. RihBoy August 3, 2013

    Its cute to see her still trying tho…..

  29. Nayyy August 3, 2013

    ciara always has a reason to get these h*** upset, yall need to go out, get some d*** maybe lose some weight, regardless if Ciara is a flop or not which she is not, This girl looks happy as f*** her skin is beautiful that smile lights up a room and lawd jesus that body in that tight dress got n***** doin tripletakes. Ciara really has yall upset and its a shame to see how much time ya’ll invest in her even though she is “irrelevant and a flop” s*** do ya thang Ci

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