Watch: TLC Join Drake For ‘FanMail’ Performance

Published: Tuesday 6th Aug 2013 by David

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that very few can command a stage quite like Drake.

Packing a passion that so many contemporary male acts are afraid to embrace, the performer showcased the best of his live muscle during last night’s  annual ‘OVO Fest‘, birthed this time to support his brand new album ‘Nothing Was The Same.’

While there, he served a moving rendition of TLC‘s Dallas Austin penned ‘FanMail‘, going onto surprise his audience with an appearance from the ladies themselves!

Were they any good?

As long time supporters of the group, it kills us to say that this performance just wasn’t it.

For, while the effort was there, the ‘CD quality’ vocals had us wondering why the ladies are yet to record ‘live versions’ of their set list, as to give the illusion that they’re performing them live.

Time consuming? Yes- but well worth it and sure to be undetectable if produced correctly (see Drake’s performance above and Janet’s below.)

Perhaps, if time permits, the ladies should call in Kim Burse to aid them in polishing their moves and developing a show that’s authentically ‘TLC‘ without seeming dated…as the above did at times.

 Your thoughts?

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  1. MOLLY August 6, 2013

    I want him inside of me.

    • FentySoSnatched August 6, 2013

      You’ll never have him pig.

      • hallala August 6, 2013

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      • MOLLY August 6, 2013

        ill get em before you w****.

  2. Damo August 6, 2013

    TLC are Legends End off! They’ve got nothing to prove to anyone!

    • BrandNuStar August 6, 2013

      Erm no. They have EVERYTHING to prove if they want to book any more shows.

      • ThirdWardTrill August 6, 2013

        ^THIS. They don’t have the fanbase of Britney who can be lazy, lipsync, and dance-half ass. Their main fanbase are their age, those who grew up with them, and not the 21-30 set that frequents shows and buys albums.

  3. ThirdWardTrill August 6, 2013

    They are lipsyching to a prerecorded track.

    Honestly, TLC was a novelty act, a good one, but one nonetheless. T-Boz tried to do solo work,; it was not that great. Left Eye tried to have a solo career and it never took off. Chilli was always never that unique or special as the other two. Without Left Eye and the great songwriting and production including Debra Killings, a background vocalist, who blended Chilli and T-Boz together, I don’t see how they can have a successful career.

  4. G.Owl August 6, 2013

    Drake was singing live and TLC sung waterfalls live. I couldn’t see or hear scrubs accurately enough to gauge if they sung that live. Im a vocal engineer, if ANYONE can tell the difference it’s me.

  5. Jayla August 6, 2013

    Yes for the LEGENDS! TLC >>>>> EVERY girl group after them

  6. Jayla August 6, 2013

    And what was the point of posting the Janet performance? Yes it’s the same song title as Drake/TLC but it’s NOT the same song. This site is so damn DUMB & QUEENISH

    • JanetXone August 6, 2013

      They used it as an example of how to mime. Something TLC cannot do.

  7. Robert August 6, 2013

    Hang it up T DEAD C… This lackster performance wasn’t called for. Where is Destiny’s Child? Rather watch Drake do Girls Love Beyonce and Destiny’s Child come out singing Say My Name and their iconic hits. The Super Bowl performance proves that they still got it.

  8. Kim Kardashian Stan August 6, 2013

    They look so tired. They need to stop

  9. rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) August 6, 2013

    Drake is soooo HOT…he is way better looking than Chris Brown.

  10. Daniel Teflon August 6, 2013

    Lawdy where do I start I NEVER FOUND TLC2 be a great singing group in my opinion they were more like TALENT SHOW SINGERS, I like to hear singers that SANG LIKE DC3 THEY HAVE VOCAL ABILITY THAT JUST SERVES!!

  11. Loyalty August 6, 2013

    Stop discrediting TLC aka the second bestselling girl group of all time with songs like ‘Waterfalls’ and ‘Unpretty’ that will remain as classics in the R&B time vault forever. The act that influenced some of the biggest stars who came after them. The girl group who shone the brightest in an era of African American R&B girl groups. Why? Because they were the s***. TLC are veterans of R&B. I was born in the early 90s but know their impact.

    • FAF August 6, 2013

      Ppl on this site don’t know s*** about music before 2007 they’re mostly A*** infested Rihanna fans

      • Mark111 August 6, 2013

        I’m a HUGE Rih Rih fan, and I respect TLC the the fullest. I remember when they ruled the charts, radio and MTV (mind you, when they played music videos). So don’t throw Rihanna fans under the bus… well at least not this one. lol

  12. Navy Nick August 6, 2013

    THEY SOUND GOOD TO ME- They were never strong singers, BUT DEF AMAZING ENTERTAINERS!

  13. eric August 6, 2013

    They look great though.

  14. Mark111 August 6, 2013

    Waterfall was LIVE, so I don’t get where the lipping is coming from. Maybe today’s listeners are used to bad LIVE acts.

  15. georg August 7, 2013

    What they should have sang is Creep then went into Scrubs Drake may be the hottest but seeing him live is a no no. He is just awful that after a while you start getting bored. But Canada loves this Jewish boy tho

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