Must See: Beyonce Moves Sao Paulo With ‘I Care’

Published: Thursday 19th Sep 2013 by David

Honest. Emotive. Gripping.

These, being just three words to describe Beyonce‘s delivery of ‘4′s ‘I Care’ in Sao Paulo last week, performed to the star’s Brazilians fans with a passion so many hope to hear on her forthcoming studio album.

Watch the ‘Gift From Virgo’ performer give it her all and then some after the jump!


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  1. baby nixon September 19, 2013

    why wont you come visit me big sis??

    • xcbxcbetueru8 September 20, 2013

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  2. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 19, 2013

    I’m certain if I listened to this is me…then, I would find a song very similar to this, we all know this b**** is obsessed.

    • ratedxxx(bitter b****** always first) September 19, 2013 just noticed beyonce obsession with everything jennifer lopez?

      same hair, accept jennifer actually washes her hair, same out fits..

      she even tried to steal jlo’s dance moves…..

      I noticed this since 2003-2004….

      jlo may not be a great singer, but the bish is a great entertainer…she’s a dont see her do the same tired old moves over and over again

      and the bish can actually act…

      i would pick jlo over this fake lying, stealing,wanna be a legend b****

      • Miss M September 19, 2013

        The only obsession I see here is with BEYONCE. Di you really think Beyonce sat and watched that floppy Tour when they have the same creative director? Yall are deficated tho

      • Marcellas September 20, 2013

        @rated xxx no ones is asking your obsessive ass to pick. Although I doubt you would really because you stay worrying about Beyonce in almost all your f****** comments. I cant take anything you say seriously anyway when you all that and stan for Lady Gaga f****** hypocritucal b****. Too obsessed with Beyonce.

  3. Molly September 19, 2013

    I care? To bad i dont pretty sure shes yelling thru the whole performance.

    • jay September 19, 2013

      you cared enough to comment

  4. Bey Advocate September 19, 2013

    Give me vocals boo!!

    • Unapologetic September 20, 2013

      The only thing she is going to give you is h***** boo.

      • Marcellas September 20, 2013

        That would be Rihanna. The nerve.

  5. NT September 19, 2013

    It was nice …

  6. SLAY_HIVE September 19, 2013

    THOSE VOCALS>>>>>>> Enough said! 🙂 🙂

  7. New Life September 19, 2013

    this b**** probably stole this song too.

    • New Life September 19, 2013

      tired ass h**

  8. ILOVEBEYONCE September 19, 2013

    i love her.theres no entertainer like her.she’s just the best.I could watch her shows til the end of time <3

  9. Anne September 19, 2013

    I love that song! That was a great performance! She really puts so much into her performances that I don’t get tired of watching her perform the same songs over and over. Of course I’ll be excited when the new music comes out though.

  10. Quin’003 September 19, 2013

    Omg those vocals were everything !!!

  11. Bey Fan September 19, 2013

    Great performance…. great vocals….

  12. TheHive September 19, 2013

    YASSSSSSSSSS BEYONCE! I can’t even express how much life I got from them vocals!

  13. Kingbey September 19, 2013

    She did that …

  14. fatusankoh September 19, 2013

    Yes bey you are the best in what you do amazing voice their is no one like you thanks Sam keep it coming you given us life long live queen bey

  15. Miss M September 19, 2013

    I love the defication from some people. I really do. And no Im not talking about her fans.

    • Miss M September 19, 2013


  16. Bitchyonce September 19, 2013

    Still same old tired ass performance this wanna be tina turner I’m sorry Beyfraudce has felloff completely girl its been almost a year and this lion king nappy lace front looking b**** still hasn’t put out any new music I flop sounds better on the cd then live I’m sorry but this b**** can’t sing at all

    • Marcellas September 19, 2013

      Jajaja b**** bye! And quit trollin

  17. Marcellas September 19, 2013

    I care vocals>>>>>>>Riherpes entire vocal discography

    • Unapologetic September 20, 2013

      B**** that song is dated tired and phuckin boring, rihanna’s ballads are far more intersting and melodic than this c*** crazed bimbo.

      • Marcellas September 20, 2013

        Melodic has nothing to do with vocals. I wouldnt expect you to know as a Rihanna stan though. Now be gone!

  18. Tyler September 20, 2013


    Shut ur reductive ass up! Beyonce slays Jlo just as much as she slays Rihanna’s wannabe Kelis, scientific looking ass. She’s not some f****** Janet Jackson, back up dancing, reject…or an extra terrestrial muse with a mic. She has a substantial amount of singing AND dancing talent. And in all honesty, Shits on every auto tuned electro pop b**** you stan for on stage. What part of THEY HAVE THE SAME CREATIVE DIRECTOR don’t you understand??? But you know, even if that was the case it woudnt matter. Because with the exception of the staging, Beyonce and Jlo’s sounds are NOTHING alike….especially this era. So feel free to sit your burnt ass down.

    Obsessed my ass! Show us a pic of you b****….and I’ll show you who you wanna be. Because you sure do enjoy obsessing over Beyonce and her exceptional performances. And stole Jlo’s hair? How the f*** do you steal a hair style? Jlo does not own that hair style nor was she born with curly blonde hair. And not wash her hair??? No black person washes their hair on a regular basis. People with coarse hair aren’t supposed to…ass hole!

  19. Unapologetic September 20, 2013

    We got it already stop posting every phuckin performance of hers! she is recycling those songs for 2 years and that s*** is damn tired.yawnnnnnnn

    • Marcellas September 20, 2013

      F*** off and warch Rihannas shitty performances then!

      • Unapologetic September 20, 2013

        B**** at least she doesnt get her hair stuck in a fan and constantly falls of the stage and s*** like that. Next time she is going to fall after she steps on her ball sack.

      • Marcellas September 20, 2013

        And at least my fan doesn’t get chips thrown at her, Rihannas name chanted her show, hitting her fans and turning up late.

      • Marcellas September 20, 2013

        my fav*

  20. Snoop stan September 20, 2013

    I would be okay if I never saw another Beyonce or Rihanna tour clip

  21. Tash September 20, 2013

    Brilliant! Amazing song

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