Epic: Tamar Braxton Flies Flag For R&B Live At iTunes Festival (Full Performance)

‘What’s up iTunes, who’s ready to get slayed?‘.


With sales that make her one of the last decade’s fastest selling R&B entertainers, and a credibility factor that’s seen her win fans from all walks of life, Tamar Braxton‘s run at the top is truly a sight to behold.

Now, as her new single ‘The One’ gears up to dominate British radio in the coming week, the Grammy hopeful made her way to London’s ‘Roundhouse’ to perform at the iTunes Festival, serving a showing that stands as nothing short of phenomenal…proving that when it comes to live skills, very few do it better than her.

LQ footage courtesy of YouTuber Ashley Williams below!

Keep it locked on TGJ for HQ footage in the coming hour!

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  1. Emmi3 September 29, 2013

    <3 it if you gonna come and hate here..please dont …otherwise go choke on a d*ck or throw your self away

  2. miley cyrus,lady gaga,beyonce,rita ora,justin bieber,j cole,teyana taylor,drake,lil wayne and kelly rowland fan,,(blue ivy writing rihannas checkz with her crayonz.. September 29, 2013

    tamar is tha resarector of rnb,she rose rnb from tha dead,thank u t for forgiving these rnb hasbeens sinz,….the saviour is here,let ur flop favez bow

  3. miley cyrus,lady gaga,beyonce,rita ora,justin bieber,j cole,teyana taylor,drake,lil wayne and kelly rowland fan,,(blue ivy writing rihannas checkz with her crayonz.. September 29, 2013

    tamar is tha resarector of rnb,she rose rnb from tha dead,thank u t for forgiving these rnb hasbeens sinz,….the saviour is here,let ur flop favez bow for those who believe in tamars voice shall not perish but have everlasting careers…

  4. JJJ September 29, 2013

    I love me some Tamar but I watched her live and it wasn’t good. She thee her looked frightened throughout and seemed out out of shape vocally. About 15 mins in she got a bit better. Not her best showcase though! Get it together Tay Tay!

    • Emmi3 September 29, 2013

      i agree it was not her best but she will get there …she needs more stage experience ..on her own..without toni…still comparing to others who have been touring for years and have more stage experience it was great..give her a year and she’ll be better with the track over sings better with the breathing and i agree also that sometimes she looked a lil bit frigtened but on the other hand she went out with those notes she took it there so overall i am happy and i liked it 😀

      • Digger Bey September 29, 2013

        She’s had 13 years to perfect her craft..no excuses. Tamar is not cut out to be a star. Most of her performances are average or below average. Truth tea

    • Jason September 29, 2013

      She’s still healing up her throat after that incident two weeks ago. We all know what she’s capable of live though and she’s an incredible singer. It’s like people don’t take the time to see her past live performances throughout this year/ braxton family values/her performances from the 90s. She’s an incredible singer but she needs to rest up.

      I will say I praise Tamar for singing live even though her throat is still recovering from the burst vessels.

  5. Digger Bey September 29, 2013

    I have yet to be blown away by a performance of hers. She has been around for 20 years (13 years solo). Either you have IT or you don’t and she doesn’t!!! It’s funny because she used to always brag and compare herself to Bey on her show, but she’s not even 1/8 close to Beys performing.

    • #1Tamartian September 29, 2013

      You obviously never watched her because she NEVER compared herself to Beyonce. You just made that up :/ Why!? I’ve watched every episode and never once heard her bring up Beyonce. You blatantly lied :/ :/ :/ Shame on you

      • Digger Bey September 29, 2013

        How many times did she drop it like its hot And say she could do it like Beyonce? Maybe it was BFV but she’s said it plenty of times. Plenty! Maybe you’re not a “tamartian” after all kii

    • Joey September 29, 2013

      Please! She has been behind the scenes for the majority of those years, and Miss Rowland who has remained in the limelight still cant get it together (no shade, just fact) Tamar could’ve done better but she was singing to an audience in the U.K where her show isn’t aired and they probably don’t know her that well, she is clearly showing less confidence than when you see her preform on home soil.
      I look forward to good things if only music.

  6. Core September 29, 2013

    I love love love Tamar and her album…BUT…this performance seems a bit dated. I don’t know, can’t quite put my finger on it. Her talent is undeniable though.

  7. ash September 29, 2013

    I like the production on this performance, i think she needs to practice sinnging running or whatever it just seems she runs out of breath alot. she needs to be able to sing , dance and MAINTAIN the strength in her voice. i liked the effort of this performance though and loveeeee the album so…

  8. yooooooooo (keristan) September 29, 2013

    To me a performance Is about SINGING!!!!!! I don’t care about anyone’s dancing. Singers need to focus more on there vocals. Although, the vids are low quality, you cannot deny that Tamar Braxton can SAAAAAAANNNNNNNGGGGG!!!! Her pure emotion, combined with powerful vocals and beautiful upper regitsry are just WOOOOOOOOW!! Some people may not enjoy her style of singing but they cannot deny her talent. And dayuuuummmm she completely slayed that performance of WHITE CANDLE, JUST AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the high notes and that authentic emotion oh my god. I loved ‘all the way home’ and ‘love and war’ as well. I don’t need her to sing any of the ratchet up-beat tracks or dance because she is WAAAAYYYY too talented of a singer to resort to that

  9. Emmi3 September 29, 2013

    Listen y’all act like there are other stars out there who sound perfect when they sing…a lot of you dont even know the difference btween track over singing and live…so thats 1 …2nd name other who sound good when they are singing live…Beyonce sings 60% live 40 % track over. Adele sings great but doesnt move at all in her case she doesnt have to cause she is a real singer only and not a performer. Gaga almost everything she does sounds horrible live and she gets away with alot of it due to the crazy shows she puts on…britney the queen of live…rihanna horrible at live singing…even the gratests suck live..michael jackson amazing performer but have you ever tried to listen to the performances…alot is prerecorded…whitney houston slow songs amazing but up tempo couldnt keep up with…these are all artists i have live …. so in case you thought tamar wasnt good name me one who is …giving the performance and singing…if its only singing you care about wait for an acoustic aol performances or something…at least respect for tamar her percentage of track over sing was 80 % live 20 track…. so dont come up here and talk crap like you know what you are talking about…these are facts..if u got facts come and share otherwise shut it…and if she is not a star..its funny you know about her show ..its funny you take your time to come here and write about her…so she obviously is a star and yall are a bunch of jealous b******…Tamar is gonna be around for a long time..face it !!

    • Digger Bey September 29, 2013

      Lol at you mentioning everyone else. She sounds a mess most of the time now deal!!! She is a studio singer

      • yooooooooo (keristan) September 29, 2013

        How is she a studio singer?? You must be dillusional to think that. Listen to her ‘White candle’ performance, it is amazing!!!!! She can hit the big notes, which a lot of singers shy away from!!!!! Plus her vocals are overall controlled very well, and are LIVE. I don’t think you know the difference, Tamar is a REAL singer. Ciara and Cassie and STUDIO isingers (albeit, Ciara being more capable at singing than cassie) {just my opinion though}

      • yooooooooo (keristan) September 29, 2013

        *are studio singers

      • Emmi3 September 29, 2013

        most of the time ? you act like she has been doing gigas all year everywhere :s you should be ashamed you are just a hater and thats all ..i love B 2 death she the queen i love riri allday and i actually love all these artists i mentioned up here…but what i am saying is your hating is based on just a gig ..wait till she has done the tour with John Legend..and the next time you think an artist is singing live…listen twice and check their lips … and studio singer…uhm this is a real raw singer i dont know if you need to get your ears cleaned..this is what makes her authentic and not just a karaoke singer…

  10. Charlie September 29, 2013

    Let me start with saying that i loved those’s chocolate soldiers on stage. Werk!

    Secondly, i hope Alexandra Burke at this moment is listening to Tamar Braxton, Fantasia, Brandy, Kelly Rowland (best bits) while crafting her album because that rachet mixtape wasn’t the one. This is the musical route is where she needs to take.

  11. Liesyoutell September 29, 2013

    I love tamar too but vocally these performances were not good and the performances itself seemed very corny like she’s trying to be something she’s not.. But she did say her voice was gone 2 days before and she almost cancelled but she needs more vocal lessons and vocal rest also.. Btw this event seemed way too big for her

  12. xtina warrior September 29, 2013

    She sounds a f****** mess!!!! I hear her voice cracking all thru these performances.

    • Lucia September 29, 2013

      Lol….this coming from an Xtina stan?

      • Artpop September 29, 2013

        but aren’t you a Rihanna stan sis ^^^^

      • Lucia September 29, 2013

        I like her music, yes but Beyonce is my favorite female artist. Anymore questions?

      • Artpop September 29, 2013

        Well Rihanna cant sing 50% of the time …. and all Beyonce does is yelll.

      • Lucia September 29, 2013

        That performance alone destroys any and everything your gimmicky fave has done. Do you need me to disinfect a few seats for you?

      • Molly September 29, 2013

        overrated vocalist boo

      • Lucia September 29, 2013

        You stan for Ciara. She can’t even sing while seated, yet alone standing. I think your opinion is null and void.

    • Emmi3 September 29, 2013

      i love xtina so much so i am ashamed that you use her name and then share hate here…cause of you people gonna shade on xtina..not necesarry at all..why cant you love them both..i can share over 100 performances here of christina where her voice cracks…where people say she needs to stfu with the screaming…where it sounds like a cat is being killed…and this is the same for all the other artists outthere…when they trying to keep it pure live and perform all of them crack at some point…and someone mentioned her being out of shape….how ?cause the girl has to catch her breath after going hard at it …others just go hard at it and take a break or the band break ..she her tamar keeps it going on

      • Artpop September 29, 2013

        Xtina has lots of great performance…. theres times Xtina sounds a mess but Tamar always sounds a mess ive yet to see Tamar really deliver live.

  13. Iconic cici September 29, 2013

    Sam yall really need to start telling the truth about these singers and there performances these vocals sound so bad shes more pitchy than Rihanna was singing what now on Carr…

    • notadummy September 30, 2013

      AND when she’s not PITCHY, she’s LIPSYNCHING!! Who the heck do people think we are? So fake!

  14. Iconic cici September 29, 2013

    And she looks outta shape… Get it together girl

    • Jason September 29, 2013

      She just had a child…my goodness

  15. Lucia September 29, 2013

    She looks and sounds a mess. Sorry.

  16. Artpop September 29, 2013

    That was so bad……… she looked uncomfortable….. keep practicing girl

  17. Melanie Fiona September 29, 2013

    Leave the singing to Toni sis. F****** Mess!!!!

    • Artpop September 29, 2013


  18. Molly September 29, 2013


  19. fatusankoh September 29, 2013

    hot mess she will never beToni bey is born star she work hard on her craft don’t talk trash hate on other

  20. ryan phillips September 29, 2013

    i feel like tamar was struggling on the stage at times it looked very forced and awkward , i feel perhaps she needs more stage practice because it really wasnt a good performance

  21. Navy Nick September 29, 2013

    Tamar is an AMAZING singer, she just so extra though, hahaha love her haha

  22. Junior in Jamaica September 29, 2013

    LOL that poster couldn’t upload the video directly from the device? Instead she recorded the screen of a tablet? Damn…

  23. FAF September 29, 2013


  24. Iva September 29, 2013

    Everyone isn’t meant to be a star, and Tamar is one of them. Her performances suck. I haven’t seen one good performance from her. Her vocals are good SOMETIMES but she never looks comfortable onstage. Where’s the fierce, outspoken, confident drag queen that she portrays on her show?

  25. denise black September 29, 2013

    ys yes yes love Tammar Braxton she is doing a great job keep it up

  26. Theman September 29, 2013

    She sounded great. Bey fans are threatened..

  27. yooooooooo (keristan) September 29, 2013

    Everyone saying she can’t sing aren’t even giving proper reasons, except ‘she sounds bad’, which is probably due to the low quality of the videos, not Tamar’s vocal performance!!!! And why are people telling her to get her appearance together?? Physical appearance does not change one’s vocal performance, so stop being so judgemental!!!

  28. Cookie – Rihanna – Toni Braxton September 30, 2013

    My ears! Tamar can not sing. Yet you keep critiquing others. Keep doing reality TV stay away from music. She struggles to do a simple falsetto. Where is Keke Wyatt!!

  29. REPUBLICAN September 30, 2013

    She’s lucky she married Fat ass Vince because she’s a train wreck. Her stage presence, hair, outfit, vocals FAIL!!!!

  30. They Always Reaching September 30, 2013

    I knew I’ve seen that outfit before!!!

  31. cocobutta September 30, 2013

    Now that I’ve got over that WIG (No MAM, let’s break it down.

    CLEARLY less is more when it comes to Tamar and singing.
    When she sat on that chair and sung White Candle she did excellent.

    When she sung Pieces and All the way home she tried to be overly emotive stage presence wise, that it made her vocals too shaky and then she hit the wrong type of runs and notes.

    Love and war she was just to tired, so stamina vocally will improve the more she does more shows with more than a couple songs.

    Tip for future is build the vocal stability by focussing on vocals first rather than moving so much and also stick to the phrasing structure of the songs until fully comfortable doing them live and then play around with notations once seasoned into performing regularly.

    Tamar is a naturally gifted vocalist but just pushes a bit too hard live, which actually is hurting her overall delivery.
    Simplify and shine Tay Tay

    (Sideeye is for THAT TING pun she head over most things)

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