John Legend Loves His Way To The Top With New Album

Published: Wednesday 4th Sep 2013 by David

 With 9 Grammy awards to his name, it’d be silly to say John Legend is any stranger to critical success.

However, there’s no doubt he’ll be humbled by the commercial support he’s been afford this week, following the September 3rd unlocking of his new LP ‘Love in the Future’.

Good news for the maestro below…

One day after its release, the LP has skyrocketed to #4 on iTunes USA, pushed to the coveted Top 5 position by the budding hit that is ‘All of Me‘.

As you read this, ‘Me’ occupies the #1 spot on the iTunes R&B, while its haunting sibling ‘Made To Love’ resides at #23, extending the performer’s digital domination this week.

A domination, whose waves stand so strong they crash against British chart shores also, seeing ‘Future’ hold court at #23 on iTunes UK while it rocks iTunes Canada at #12!

Looking for ‘Love’?

Pick it up here!

Your thoughts?

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  1. JanetXone September 4, 2013

    He’s amazing.

    • Dana September 4, 2013

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  2. KissesForKelly September 4, 2013

    Made to Slay 2bh.

  3. TruthAboutPink September 4, 2013

    What kind of random slayage?

  4. TurntUp4Cici September 4, 2013

    Ok Legend, I see you coming for dem wigs.

  5. BarbzRUs September 4, 2013

    I didn’t even know he was that popular anymore. Good for him.

  6. Ciara (The Female MJ) September 4, 2013

    Really? That’s good.

    • TeenageDreamer September 4, 2013

      Female MJ? Just no.

  7. HausMuthaAdele September 4, 2013

    NOT John coming for those 21 sales though.

  8. KendraSlaymar September 4, 2013

    Yall been hyping him up so much Imma buy the album and hope your asses were right.

  9. FentySoSnatched September 4, 2013

    I will cry if he outsells Flopara.

    • Ciara (The Female MJ) September 4, 2013

      Shush w****.

    • Lana Del Slay September 4, 2013

      You should be crying that Unapologetic isn’t even on the charts anymore dear. Has it even been a year?

  10. JT>>>>JC>>>JB September 4, 2013

    He’s the only one to stick with R&B like Justin did, all the other ones jumped ship.

    • RoyalNavi September 4, 2013

      Please stop, Justin can do R&B because he knows everyone will buy anything he sells. John does R&B because he loves it and I know you’re not paying Ms. Robina Thickette dust with the ‘other ones jumped ship’.

    • JT>>>>JC>>>JB September 4, 2013

      Can you tell me why T22E has sold more in less than a year than UPL has in one year?

      Can you tell me when Rihanna will ever win a Vanguard award? Oh she won’t? Sorry about it b****.

      • TurntUp4Cici September 4, 2013

        Good question. Is it because Rihanna is a flop?

  11. JOHNVIDAL September 4, 2013

    The album is amazing, and obviously he and his voice are in general.
    It really deserves to sell more than the other releases this week, he is just superior. Sorry for Tamar or Ariana or other releases I don´t know about this week. He is better and deserves the #1 album. Seeing how the best has been rarely topping the charts in the last 10 years, probably it won´t happen.

  12. Kingstown September 4, 2013

    The album is fantastic. He’s truly r&b legend.

  13. JER September 4, 2013

    Ok we get it, you are cashing John Legend’s checks. Enough already. It doesn’t mean he’s popular or relevant still. With his tired ass songs

  14. FAF September 4, 2013

    I love artists who write their own music

  15. pat September 4, 2013

    No shade, but wasn’t Ciara like number two on ITunes. So what does this mean?

  16. 1D>>>YourLife September 4, 2013

    I honestly would have thought he was flopping if I hadn’t had read this, has anyone heard it?

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