P!nk Named Billboard 'Woman of the Year' / Slams Miley Cyrus For "Tacky" Twerking

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Fans of “Raise Your Glass” songstress P!nk are doing just that after learning the songstress was named Billboard”s “Woman of the Year”.  Adding her name to a long-list of fellow chart-toppers like Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift, the Grammy-winning mom of one has seen the last year gift her with a host of career milestones.

Aside from landing a Grammy nod for her first #1 album on Billboard 200 (“The Truth About Love”), the year also brought with it her 4th #1 stint on the Hot 100 with “Give Me A Reason”.

Now, to top it off, the songstress is taking a leap into acting with “Thanks For Sharing” – her big screen debut.  But, while chatting with E! News recently to promote it, P!nk shared thoughts on serial twerker Miley Cyrus that left some of the “We Can”t Stop” singer”s fans in an uproar…

P!nk on Miley Cyrus (via :

“I think it”s tacky.  She”s really freaking talented.” “She”s beautiful. She can sing her ass off and to go up there and do that? She”s cheating herself and she”s cheating the rest of us…She can do what she wants. People can like it if they want. I”m not going to buy it. She can do better. I”ve seen her do better.”

“I”m a performer and I take my craft very, very seriously and I always try to evolve and be better and I never just kind of phone it in, because I believe if people are going to get up and get out of bed and go to work and spend their hard-earned money on me to entertain their family, I”m going to do it well.

And, I”m going to do it interestingly and with class and creativity.”

Your thoughts?

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  1. Blue ivy September 17, 2013

    I see no lies but wasn’t pink making drugs when she was Miley’s age…

    • pink da truth September 18, 2013

      i see no lies but pink wasnt in the limelight then when she was making drugs was she? she was a nobody and just being young and partying (not that i agree with drugs)

      miley is in the limelight has young hanna montanna fans
      and shes dumbing down her talent pinks point

  2. eric September 17, 2013

    It was actually very respectful the way she said it. Now if she would learn to be just as constructive in her criticism of Christina.

    • grownwoman September 18, 2013

      @eric they have personal beef (p! Nk and xtina) and when people have personal one on one beef they tend to not give a f***. Keep in mind she a Philly girl…we here in the( 215) dont give two shits about a b**** we dont like on a personal tip

  3. rih rox((…and so does Steve-O)) September 17, 2013

    Were they separated at birth???

  4. Lovebird (PRISM – 10.22.13)) September 17, 2013

    I’m not a Miley fan but P!nk needs to STFU, she has got such a big mouth, I don’t know why she cannot say anything constructive.

    If Miley wants to grop and twerk her cardboard ass on Robin Perv, let her, it is clearly working seeing that Wrecking Ball (a good song BTW) is slaying worldwide.

    Come on P!nk, we’ve seen this whole “black phase” faux before with you, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez…etc, we all know that once that image is “revamped” and you pop a titty at the Superbowl, you’ll be running with your tail tucked in back to Suburbia with your image intact whilst the black by-stander gets the media bashing.

    Let the rappers get what they want from Miley Cyrus (Pu$$y and Money) and then when she’s ready to let it go (which she will after this album), everyone would have made their coin from her (see Mike Will made it).

    It’s all about money P!nk.

  5. Valerie (barb) September 17, 2013

    Everyone keeps shading Miley leave her alone before she has a mental breakdown.

  6. Stop the drama Start the music September 17, 2013

    Pink is right. I wouldn’t say Miley is VERY talented but her voice isn’t bad. I’ve seen her sing a couple ballads live and she does have a pretty big range and power. But she’s being tacky for publicity in order to sell. And it can really hurt her once the novelty wears off…

    • Lovebird (PRISM – 10.22.13)) September 17, 2013

      But we still have to remind the Miley fans that this happened though (300K), which explains the desperation;


      • NT September 17, 2013

        album moved 1.5 million WW

      • Lovebird (PRISM – 10.22.13)) September 17, 2013

        And 300K in the US, it’s not even GOLD yet.

      • XXX September 18, 2013

        @lovebird – so what? she still made money out of it… it’s not like she needs a big seller to pay her bills… she never needs to work another day in her life, if she doesn’t want to…

  7. JARED (WHITE DUDE) September 17, 2013


    Now, I absolutely adore Pink and she has proven herself to be a much more credible vocalist, musician and, overall, artist than Miley will ever be, but… I am sensing a dyer bout of hypocrisy.

    She, too, has gone ‘Nude… Been pictured prancing provocatively, and making out, with Strippers in various clubs over the years – including Christina Aguilera – Flashed her Ass… Done risque videos & perfromances… Worn skimpy outfits and taken Drugs too – all of this as of 2011 – And who can forget the infamous ‘Lady Marmalade’ & ‘You Make Me Sick’ videos?

    If Adele, Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood had proposed the exact same, or similar, sentiments, it would have been perfect and I would have felt comfortable in truly agreeing with them.

    • LANADELLEGEND September 17, 2013

      YAAASSS. Exactly… SMFH.

      • irene46 September 17, 2013

        it’s not so upsetting that miley was twerking but it’s the fact it was such a lousy job of it. she looked a boiling mess with her flapping sagging flat ass bubbling beneath those waay too tight pleather shorts. gaga was all but naked but her performance and her body were both tight. i love ‘applause’ and don’t understand why it not doing so well on the billboard chart. pink and christina got a standing ovation for their performance of lady marmalade at the 2002 grammys (yes the grammys). the vma audience looked at miley like… wtf?! she may be naked in her ‘wrecking ball’ video but it’s way far and above that hellishly trashy exhibit she put on at the vmas.

    • Rose September 30, 2016

      First of all she stop doing drugs in ’95 so what are you talking about the only thing she hadn’t stop was smoking. She stoped that once she got pregnant with her little girl. So get your facts straight or don’t say anything at all. Bye!

  8. Rosie September 17, 2013

    I think it’s ironic that she tries to drag her contemporaries when she’s one of the most generic acts in pop. She releases the same 3 songs from each album.

    • fucl September 19, 2013

      Ugh, all her songs sound exactly the same. The faux-earnestness “rock ballads” written to appeal to 45 year old soccer moms.

  9. Cali September 17, 2013

    Why is pink talking? She’s been talking a lot since she landed that dude dat felt sorry for her enough to have a child with her manly self…..she talked about Kanye(and nobody talks about my man), sorry kim. Then she loves to talk Aguilera(who is better than her in every way possible) and now Miley?

    • FuckYoLife September 17, 2013

      fall back there all s***.

  10. KING B September 17, 2013

    PINK I LIKE YOU A LOT BUT WE ALL KNOW YOU WERE IN THE SAME PHASE WHEN YOU WERE about her AGE! SO STOP IT! I’m not defending miley but stop acting now! how come yall artist don’t say s*** to rihanna? cuz she will come after your mother f****** head!

  11. NT September 17, 2013

    Miley is extremely talented , but P!nk did her own stint as an “Urban Tinged” postar

  12. Peepee September 17, 2013

    Miley Cyrus is white trash trying to act like black trash.

  13. Lovebird (PRISM – 10.22.13)) September 17, 2013

    The hive should explain their fav


    • Stav September 18, 2013

      Your mother should explain your birth. Seriously, would Medicaid not pay for the abortion, even after she explained to the physicians that you would be born both crack-addicted and missing a few chromosomes due to the incest?

    • XXX September 18, 2013

      Nothing new… Beyonce always copied Jennifer Lopez

    • ABC September 18, 2013

      B**** please they have the same creative director

  14. Calling all hearts September 17, 2013

    Pink irks me who is she to say anything shes still white trailer trash.

  15. christinatherealtalent September 17, 2013

    Here comes Pink. She receives another accolade, becomes even cockier and arrogant then proceeds to diss somebody.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 18, 2013

      At least she did it with some talentless trash this time lol

  16. BuffMark September 18, 2013

    This is why P!ink been around this long… she is no bullsh*t tell it like it is. Miley looked like straight up garbage. P!nk knows how to be risque while still letting your talent shine through.

  17. JOHNVIDAL September 18, 2013

    I thought I was going to love what she had to say about this… but she lost me when she said Milye is “talented and can sing her ass of”. What the actual f***? LOL No Pink you should know better, you are talented. Very bland to me, your music doesn´t evolve, but you are talented.

    • Amber Holcomb September 18, 2013


  18. ABC September 18, 2013

    This is who Miley is more like… Not Rihlama

    • PrettiBITCH September 19, 2013

      omg bye at your dry taste in music.

  19. pat September 18, 2013

    thanks for being honest pink…too many brown nosers in this industry…..pink, Rihanna, Madonna, have all done risqué things in their careers…..miley’s however wreaked of desperation…..if you’re desperate at least don’t let it show

  20. Tisha September 18, 2013

    No one would give a f*** if it was just Miley trying a new urban style, the problem is her idea of urban is that black people are Molly-popping, twerking fiends who are ’bout that life’.

    Her entire performance at the VMAs was just twerking till the point the notch couldn’t even sing, that’s not the same as Pink. B**** is spitting in folks faces and it’s funny to see who lines up to shuck and jive.

  21. Betty boop September 18, 2013

    I’m too drunk for this…

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