Teyana Taylor Slams Rihanna On ‘Hot 97’: ‘I Clapped Back’

Published: Wednesday 25th Sep 2013 by David

One night after forcing Rihanna to end the Twitter feud she started with this video, Teyana Taylor made her way to Emmis’ ‘Hot 97’ via telephone to dish on the nasty spat- labelling the star a ‘cyber-bully’.

Her estimation of the ‘fight’ below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Yazmine September 25, 2013

    Yessssssss Teyana I’m with her 100% EVERYTHING she spoke was the TRUTH. Rihanna is petty, spiteful (ironically) jealous little bully b****. And her fans encourage her and put on her high horse, so she deserved to get dragged.

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) September 25, 2013

      gets popcorn…this is going to b goooood!!!!

    • KING RIH September 25, 2013

      F**** like you love Tyrone because of Gay exploitation. She uses words like Mova and Fava like the kweens do GURL BYE

      These f**** love this t*****

      I CANT

      • Yazmine September 25, 2013

        I’m a female boo boo so try again.

    • RunIt September 25, 2013

      Finally some in the industry spills the REAL tea and speaks the truth. In this last week alone Riri has dragged 3 people on socail networking (the director and now Teyanna) for NO REASON. Rihanna needs to be humbled and exposed once and for all, tired of her bulling s***.

      • #IndustryPussy September 25, 2013

        F*** the humbling, she needs another Breezy-Style black eye #industrypussy

  2. HERE’S TO NEVER GROWING UP September 25, 2013

    This ugly m***** looking w**** should shut up. No one cares about her flop ass. She tries to get some publicity thanks to Rihanna, but her 5 minutes are already over.

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) September 25, 2013

      Stfu h**

      • HERE’S TO NEVER GROWING UP September 25, 2013

        Go die you repulsive worthless piece of trash.

    • Jeff September 25, 2013

      You call TT ugly m*****? No TT is a very beautiful young woman. Now TT called Rihanna pretty, I can’t see why because her behavior makes Rihanna look ugly. We will see Dislikes on here because these young kids haven’t a clue that cyber bullying is a crime also.

    • Bravo!! September 25, 2013

      The piont being Teyana Taylor going to whoop that ass!didn’t see Rihanna clap back yet. Rihanna know Teyana would get in that ass.

  3. Jeff September 25, 2013

    Heard TT is not letting up. Someone who knows her very well said Rihanna better watch her back because TT has nothing to lose. People are saying that TT is a loose cannon that will hurt you if you come after her. Now where will the Navy be at then? Rihanna’s fans need to tell her that this kind of behavior is not cool. We listen to this all the time on the news “cyber bullying” This is no joke people.

  4. Yazmine September 25, 2013

    And how the F*** can the Navi have the AUDACITY to say she was looking for publicity when their goat fav started throwing shade to start with? What did you expect her to do not say anything? No! why the F*** should she?

  5. jozi September 25, 2013

    yasssss honey u better enjoy this free publicity u got from rihanna!! you betta send her a big ass giftbasket this xmas!!!

    • JanBey September 25, 2013

      U need to accept that rihanna started this! She is a cyber bully

  6. truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) September 25, 2013

    This girl aint pl-LAYN huntyc!

    • Jeff September 25, 2013

      No TT is not playing at all. Rihanna picked the wrong one this time. Someone on another site who is from Harlem and knows of her said one word LORD!

  7. LA LA September 25, 2013

    This girl had Rihanna shaken that last night on her concert she completely forgot how to sing and perform “Rude Boy” on stage. DAMN!


    Now that’s a damn shame! SMH at Rihanna.

  8. brenda jenkins September 25, 2013

    she looks good in the pic above……retouching is a f****** lifesaver!!

  9. Rowland Stone September 25, 2013

    Rihfund met her match. She needed someone to park her cocky ass right back into place.

    • Riri’s Hoeish & Bully A$$ September 25, 2013

      Someone really needs to call Breezy on that b**** so she can stfu already. Tired of her e-bully ass. #industrypussy

      • Mark111 September 25, 2013

        But look at your name. Isn’t that ebullying as well?

  10. LA LA September 25, 2013

    Teyana and her mom is like Tiffany Pollard (New York) and her mom. LOL

    THEY GON BEAT RIHANNA’s ASS and Drag her weave from her scalp.

  11. Ms92 September 25, 2013

    Rihanna fans can go on about free publicity and how irrelevant Teyana is but at the end of it, she READ her for FILTH with little to her name while Rihanna just looked like the weak little playground bully. So yes Teyana! Put that little s*** right back into place!

  12. MuiMui September 25, 2013

    Teyana need to spend that energy trying to find her career.She know she was friends with Rih and took sides with Chris Brown and is now best friends with Kae. She had better cherish this time in the spot light, because it will be over asap.
    And she might have been shaky to some one last night, but last night is over and with Rihanna its on to the next one.
    Rihanna got Tayana b*** talking with radio stations while Rihanna move on to her next tour destination.

    • Dave September 25, 2013

      Rihanna did not move nowhere. The b**** is scared because she thought Teyana was going to be easy like Ciara, Keri, Karruche and a few others. The Navy need to tell her that there are kids out here be bullied by people like her. I don’t know why this bullying that Rihanna did not hit the media yet. Oh wait E-News will probably put her on blast like BET did.

  13. harry September 25, 2013

    where was all this love for teyana when google me was out???

    • sharon September 25, 2013

      They love Teyana because she got Rihanna

      • FAF September 25, 2013

        ok? She was 16 then where was this love for Rihanna when Pon the Replay was out?

    • harry September 25, 2013

      pon de replay #2 hot 100
      google me # 1 on the hot 100 bubbling under charts


  14. Jeff September 25, 2013

    But the funny part of this whole this Drake & Chris has crushed their beef. I’m not sure but I’m hearing Drake will be on X. Glad they made up and came to their senses about f****** Rihanna. Drake even watch Chris whole show at the Iheart Radio Show two nights ago where they talked and had a few drinks.

    • Jeff September 25, 2013

      had a few drinks after the show^^^^^

  15. Molly September 25, 2013

    Ok Teyana your a hoodrat we expected you to clap back… So now she’ll be using this story to get attention i swear Rihanna can be so f****** stupid tf are you worried about her for anyways. Dumb b****** stay off Twitter. But Teyana can try to attack Rihanna but she has to go thru her bodyguards first then melssia and that fat mexican b**** to get to Rihanna so good luck to all these NIGGGERS!! #ImOut

    • Jeff September 25, 2013

      STFU Rihanna loves clubbing and TT has how you say it hoodrat friends that go to the same clubs. She don’t know who’s who now because TT is well liked also in the clubs

  16. How Many Drinks (Miguels Wifey) September 25, 2013

    I know Rihanna might actually be scared lol. She tried it and got dealt with. She thought she was going to have another Ciara part 2 but nooo maam. She was wrong. Don’t f*** with the Harlem chick. Your bad gyal ‘persona’ will only take you so far RiRi.

  17. Kim Kardashian Stan September 25, 2013

    If Teyana was smart she’d be dropping music with all the publicity.. Rihanna can hire as many security guards as she wants sweetie no fight will go down..

    • openbook September 25, 2013

      No fight will go down between Rihanna & Teyana but who’s to say it will be Teyana fighting her anyway. Think kids

      • Riri’s Hoeish & Bully A$$ September 25, 2013

        Whether its Teyana, Ci-Error or Breezy knocking her upside the head again; Ri clearly needs another black eye or 2 cuz b**** is tripping too much on this e-bullying s***. Everyone was sooo quick to prosecute Breezy but its becoming INCREASINGLY CLEAR that b**** deserved all of those bruises years ago. #industrypussy

      • FAF September 25, 2013

        ^ “Ci error” read R**** for filth like a classy ADULT woman & Ri couldnt take she sat her ass in the corner like the dog she resembles.. LMMFAO

        “Ci Error” > Rishitta


  18. SLAY_HIVE September 25, 2013

    Wow Teyana was NOT going! She can shut up about it now though! It’s over! Looool

  19. Riri’s Hoeish & Bully A$$ September 25, 2013

    My money is on Teyana. She seems like her bite is definitely BIGGER than her bark; unlike Riri’s childish & bully ass who likes picking e-fights with b****** cuz she’s too chicken s*** to do anything in person. Now she’s gonna hire security and show her fans how much of a coward her alien-head self is! Last time she tried she got put in her nasty ass place; btw, thanks Breezy. Riri is a BULLY & is definitely a huge ho. Don’t like what i have to say, then go & confront your the ho you stan for about the truth’s i speak cuz my words ain’t your problem.. That b**** you stan for CLEARLY IS….. tell her m***** ass to stop bullying b****** online and try something in person. S***, I wish Riri was in front of me so I could smack her my self with a dollar bill while screaming “this is what your music is REALLY WORTH YOU island hood rat b****!” f*** Ri

  20. VSOP September 25, 2013

    We all know Rihannas bad b**** persona is fake as f***.

    Watch the b**** hire extra security for NY. Teyana is the real bad b****.

    And let her talk about it. Rihanna was the one who went looking for a fight in the first place. I know Teyana is just doing this so Rihanna can know don’t ever f*** with her again.

    I seriously think Rihanna has some mental issues with anything that concerns Breezy.

  21. VSOP September 25, 2013

    And where is Rihannas clap back? She said she wasn’t gonna give her no more free promo but changed her header and ended reading herself with it. What bad b**** DELETES their tweets?

    • Riri’s Hoeish & Bully A$$ September 25, 2013

      cowardly hos who get put in their place delete tweets. i’m so done with Ri and whatever f***** Navi she got. talk s*** in person Ri! ain’t NOBODY like Teyana got time for silly hos like you that hide behind phones, keyboards, computer screens and demented tween stan bases THAT HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO. bring that s*** in person and stop being the gaping p**** you got in between those legs that stay OPEN! now listening to: TLC “Silly Ho”

  22. GAGATHETRUTH September 25, 2013





  23. christinastherealtalent September 25, 2013

    Rihanna and her fans can dish it out but cant take the heat. All of them are lil punk ass b******.

  24. #dirtylaundry September 25, 2013

    People still talking bout this? I have a life I could careless about either of them hoodrats tbh.

    • VSOP September 25, 2013

      But b**** did you or did you not click on the article to read and comment?

    • openbook September 25, 2013

      If you have a life then why on earth did you take the time and post your comment. Now that was f****** dumb.

  25. Kristy September 25, 2013

    You people saying the same exact s*** as yesterday neither of these b****** are about that life take them h*** to Compton they wouldn’t know what to do..

    • openbook September 25, 2013

      Heard Teyana hangs out in Compton also. So your point is?

  26. K September 25, 2013

    i got love for Riri but taylor is in the right with this one,Riri need to stop that childish sh-t she on and stop picking and bullying people,and her fan are behind her 100% i bet they all are terrorizing teylor right about now and they know that riri is in the wrong,they could have left teyana alone but now they are going to attack her like she rondomly attack riri..no love lost for riri though i just think what she did is mess up and to say her and teyana was cool like that.

    • Angryfan September 25, 2013

      No her fans can be stopped. Once the media finds out about Rihanna and her bullying fans. What Rihanna needs to do it tell her fans it’s over let this bullying I started go and that she needs no more of this. Last night Rihanna’s performance was just horrible. You can tell something was bothering her.

  27. Hot Sugar September 25, 2013

    #TeamTeyana #FuckIndustryPussy

    • GAGATHETRUTH September 25, 2013






  28. GAGATHETRUTH September 25, 2013




    • Ciara (The Female MJ) September 25, 2013

      Didn’t Gaga sleep with Rob Fusari to get her deal?

  29. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 25, 2013

    Congrats nobody, you’ve got your first interview thanks to Rihanna.

    Do we still have to Google this b****? Whenever I try, Rihanna shading this NOlebrity is the only thing that pops up.

    Ask Ciara how name dropping Rihanna panned out b****.

  30. BeyWhoUWanna September 25, 2013

    Am i the only one who remembers a Teyana Taylor stan dragging Rihanna here last week. Something tells me there’s more to this story and this girl isn’t as innocent as she is pretending to be.

    • Miss Breezy September 25, 2013

      She has links with Chris Brown, Rihanna is insecure when it comes to anything concerning him. I seriously think she needs help.

      • Riri’s Hoeish & Bully A$$ September 25, 2013

        What #industrypussy really needs is another black eye.. b**** stay talking madd s*** cuz THATS ALL SHE ABOUT besides letting every dude in the industry HIT!

  31. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) September 25, 2013

    Teyana ain’t the one and Rihanna surely got the message loud and clear after she was read for blood yesterday lol. You reap what you sow Rihanna…#Period

  32. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 25, 2013

    Yes, now I remember there was a Stan for this nobody b**** shading Rihanna, and I mistook this nobody bitxh Stan for a CUMlor Swift Stan. There’s obviously more to this, Riri, tea please.

  33. Miss Breezy September 25, 2013

    Rihanna is very insecure. Shes shaded just about everyone in CB inner circle. I think shes mad Teyana may have got some…
    But I know Teyana knows Rihanna VERY well so if anyone has tea, it her. After all, everyone would rather tea on Rihanna. And sorry but Tey spoke nothing but the truth here. Rihanna and her fans are alike, they can dish but cant take it back. Stop with the lame ‘publicity’ drags. Rihanna started that s*** so if anyone’s being attention seeking its her.

  34. ShitGotReal September 25, 2013

    People are forgetting about last year when TT said Rih eas stealing her style. But when Rih attacks first she’s the bully. You guys are so biased. Same s*** happened with Ciara she started and then played the victim.

    • Miss Breezy September 25, 2013

      Key words ‘LAST YEAR’

      • ShitGotReal September 25, 2013

        It doesn’t matter. Everyone knows that Rih doesn’t forget s*** like that. If you talk s*** about her she’ll drag you even if it’s 1 or 3 years late.

      • Miss Breezy September 25, 2013

        Please stop with the excuses. It wasn’t a drag. If you got a problem with them, take it up with them face to face. Not trolling their IG years later. Just proves my point. Shes insecure af. And best believe theres more to the Teyana/Rihanna thing that meets the eye.

      • Riri’s Hoeish & Bully A$$ September 25, 2013

        Oh well, what is #industrypussy gonna do by holding onto that grudge? Talk s*** online again? F***** e-bully needs to man the f*** up and take these beefs into reality like a grown ass woman. Sick & tired of her coward ass hiding behind the internet’s veil. What she needs to do is spring those 2 Thai men outta jail since her stupid ass got them locked up! f***** irresponsible ass cyber bully.

    • ShitGotReal September 25, 2013

      I know that the beef between them has more than this stupid fight. But you’re saying that Rih is insecure and should talk face to face with TT but last year she went to the media to talk about rih stealing her looks so your argument is not valid.

      • Miss Breezy September 25, 2013

        A whole YEAR later and Rihanna decided to sit on IG and shade these girls with the lame backhanded shade. Sorry its petty and she needs to get over it and stop trolling. There could be much worse and shes holding stupid grudges like that? And don’t tell me Rihanna doesn’t do it because she knows she has higher status, and her little sidekick Melissa encouraging her, so uses it against them.

    • ShitGotReal September 25, 2013

      You’re also a cyberbully and you have the nerves to call Rih bully. And I didn’t see the other girl who she had beef talking face to face with Rihanna. But of course you need to talk s*** about queen rih cause the others are irrelevant.

      • #IndustryPussy September 25, 2013

        f*** that ho and you. she’s just Queen of the internet bullies. I wish Breezy would knock her ass upside the head some more

    • ShitGotReal September 25, 2013

      It doesn’t matter cuz once you got a beef with someone you won’t forget and you’ll wait to talk s*** about the other person. and TT (who I didn’t even knew) should be greatful cuz she had free promo.

      • #IndustryPussy September 25, 2013

        online cowards and tweens with no life experience pull that p**** ass s***. Real b****** handle s*** LIVE/ Riri aint a real b****. she’s a fake ass singer, wack ass performer, huge HO and the industry’s head CHICKEN HEAD.

    • ShitGotReal September 25, 2013

      The amount of hate that you people have on Rihanna. Don’t you have a life??? And you have the nerves to call Rih a bully when you spend all day on this site talking bad things about her. This is the last coment I’ll do in this post cuz I have a life unlike you. Oh and #IndustryPussy get an education cuz your language is the worst.

  35. Omari September 25, 2013

    Teyana went there. Rihanna, this is not another chick you can bully into the ground with stats hun, grow up and learn how to read a b**** properly if you want to go there.

  36. CHINEYWHALE September 25, 2013

    Even the radio personalities acknowledged she got the publicity from Rihanna…lol…dum broad

    • #industryPUSSY September 25, 2013

      dumb broad > cyber bullying industry p****

  37. #IndustryPussy September 25, 2013

    Looks like sunny days ahead cuz Riri’s reign is finally letting up. good for that fkn cyber bullying, alien-head shaped looking ho.

  38. Libra Star September 25, 2013

    Rihanna is annoying. She acts like a bored teenager on social networking. The broad is 25 she needs to grow up. The whole idgaf thing was cute at first because she wanted to differentiate herself from Beyonce but now her tea is getting clock’d way too often.

    • #IndustryPussy September 25, 2013

      just like that crack in between her legs is getting clock’d WAYYyy too often.. she’s a HO and a cyber bully and i’m done supporting immature b****** like that.

  39. Rihanna # 1 Fan T September 25, 2013

    As much as i love rihanna i totally agree with teyana taylor on this one , rihanna really need to get it together okay great your worth 90 million and teyana taylor is worth 4 million and thats exactly why you shouldnt even be worried about her. thats one thing i respect about beyonce no matter what the media or people say about her she will pay you no mind, rihanna needs to get that mindset.

    • #IndustryPussy September 25, 2013

      Riri is too busy growing her #industrypussy brand to worry about what people think about

      • Rihanna # 1 Fan T September 25, 2013


  40. RICHIE_RICH September 25, 2013

    I hope it doesn’t go any further then this. Hopefully this will teach riri a lesson.
    What’s really fcuk up is the navy supports this type of behavior from riri. She most def barked up the wrong tree with this one.

    I must say TT read riri for the GAWDS hunty. Rihanna nor a** looking ass MF was reading for that.

    NO NEED FOR ME TO SHADE RIRI cause TT already did.

  41. WTH September 25, 2013

    I hope the best for Teyana. She’s always been about positivity and supporting EVERYONE (even to include Chris Brown during that whole mess, who I’m not fond of but still she stuck by). Teyana doesnt shade or come after anyone unless she’s attacked. I find it funny how a lot of Navy members are coming after Teyana’s rising career when they seemingly forget that it took 3 albums for Rihanna to get noticed and 7… I repeat SEVEN albums for her to get BB #1. Much less, she’s more known for her singles that goes along with radio-friendly trends with the general public rather than create them. But back to Teyana, I only hope the best for her and hope that she takes the advice and not ride on this feud for publicity but let her talent/music make that publicity for her. Dont be like Rihanna who relies on feuds/personal life/gimmicks just to get people’s attention.

    • Angel Haze September 25, 2013

      Hi Teyana. By the way Rihanna got her first #1 single with her second album 🙂

      • WTH September 25, 2013

        Hey Melissa Forde.

        By the way, I was speaking in regards to success as in, everyone started from somewhere. Now off my d*** <3

  42. Pour It Up September 25, 2013

    Bith you coulda jus left it how it ended yesterday. Now I love Ri but Im not gonna waffle on with excuses. She got dragged. End of. But now Tittyana is just making herself look desperate calling up the Radio Station b**** SIT YO THIRSTY ASS DOWN!

  43. . : : h 2 o : : . September 25, 2013

    What is going on ?

    WTF is she doing ??

    Rihanna …………….. Is that really you ?


    Why you doing that ?

    Why are you mad, pressed and IRATE at everything you see in sight ?

    Why’re you mocking people who did nothing to you ? Why’re you re-igniting feuds from years ago ?

    Why’re are you bragging about your stats and acting like you just sold more albums than The Beatles or raised America’s GDP by 100s of billions while in fact 9000% your achievements are SINGLES, VEVO views, and whatever costs between $0—1.29 ?

    And the KII is you’re not even winning s*** ….

    – First, you lied about that Maghreb concert attendance and said it pulled 150K, and got CLOCKED by reports that it wasn’t even 50% of that!

    – Then, you throw a tired, and f****** FLOPPED shade at Beyonce because she wasn’t touring stadiums, but Beyonce is slapping the p*** outta you on tour charts?

    – Then you wanna treat your stans like DOGS who pay $80+ for tickets to your DISASTROUS tour where they wait for 2-6 hours for your high, wasted and drunk ass ONLY to get treated like PURE s***.

    – EVEN a random fan/follower telling you to grow your hair had to be dragged DOWN with one of the ugliest, most racist comments known to a man, human or f****** ALIEN ..

    – Then the SAME thing happens to Singapore show: getting busted for doubling your numbers.

    – Then getting into (creating) a Twitter fight with some nobody and letting yourself get dragged to the point of comparing NETWORTHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LIke ……… YOU ARE NOT a bad b****, you’re a f****** TRAGEDY dear Rihanna.

  44. KING RIH September 25, 2013

    this h** above posted a wall. B**** are you that emotionally invested in this???? Calm the f*** downT. T***** Tyrone aint hard. Just because she got a deep voice and can crump don’t mean she hard LOLOLOL

    • . : : h 2 o : : . September 25, 2013

      The words “H**” and “Emotionally invested” coming from a Rihanna stan ?

      This’s n0T happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      And it’s not YOUR wall, I can post whatever the hell I want and can only watch seethe about it.

    • #industryPUSSY September 25, 2013

      wrong, she’s the real Bad B**** Ri gotta worry about. I seriously cannot wait to see her rip out Ri’s mullet and smack her silly. you stan for a cyber ho with too much time on her hands and too much “I wish I were Bey” anxiety that to funnel online at good people. she’s a mean girl and its about time a bus hit her plastic ass.. SOMEBODY CALL CHRIS PLEASE. she needs mo sense knocked into that alien shaped head….

  45. JER September 25, 2013

    And once again the H** and the Z-squad latch onto anything to hate Rihanna. Meanwhile Rihanna is perched at the top while BeYAWNce is hustling to be relevant again and C-error is… well I’m sure she’s getting tips from all the bathrooms she’s singing in/cleaning

    • . : : h 2 o : : . September 25, 2013

      As if Rihanna stans are not 24/7 perched in between Beyonce’s p**** lips day and night … LOL please.

      And what top are you talking about ?

      Have you checked tour charts ? Beyonce is beating the s*** out of Rihanna without you knowing !!!

      Hell, everybody’s beating the s*** out of Rihanna!

      Perched at the top ? .. My ass b**** 😆 My whole ASS!

      • FAF September 25, 2013

        U mad no one respects the real life punching bag known as R****? LOOOOOOOOOOOL

    • #industryPUSSY September 25, 2013

      don’t joke about H**. thats just evil

  46. Mark111 September 25, 2013

    GIRL!!!!! Tweet Rihanna a thank you letter, cause NO ONE was checking for you. I googled you baby and got nothing.

    • #industryPUSSY September 25, 2013

      oh look, a ballroom tween arrived with her 2 cents. a few hours late girl, wobble your ass back home and let T whip the STANK industry p**** of Ri’s backside… oh & please expand your vocabulary.

      • Mark111 September 26, 2013

        One can not teach me vocabulary with run on sentences and grammar errors. Maybe instead of having your face in Rihanna’s p****, you’ll put it in a few books.

  47. Irv September 25, 2013

    Whats funny is how all ya’ll sayinn RiRi is making Teyana more famous… Lets keep it real, RiRi wasn’t s*** until that Chris Brown incident got exploited; then she became “badgal” .. See Teyana has a bark and a bite and read RiRi and her 2 best friends til Jesus came home. Teyana been had money and was already respected in the industry. RiRi can’t bark bark bark.. but when Teyana ready to bite b****** drop it… Teyana ain’t letting this go, cause ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  48. MISHKA September 26, 2013

    The clap back was overdue on this one. Thanks, Teyana

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