Thai Men Jailed Over Rihanna Instagram Snap

Two Thai locals have found themselves on the wrong side of the law this week, thanks to Instagram snaps posted by hit making Pop performer Rihanna.

What happened?

An unfortunate story below…

Touching down in Asia to serve three dates on her ‘Diamonds World Tour’ , the star arrived in Thailand three days ago- sharing the above pic with fans during her time at Phucket hotspot ‘Bangla Road’.

The problem?

Well, pictured alongside the entertainer is loris- an endangered species native to Southeast Asia.

So endangered, that is illegal for anyone to charge tourists to take photographs with them, forcing the nation’s government to employ the Ministry of Natural Resources to launch a raid in the local area to discover just who had allowed- and likely charged Rihanna– to pose with the primate.

Hours ago, one 16 year old and another 20 year old man were arrested and taken to the local police station, where they were presented to local media who were informed that the pair could face up to four years in prison for possessing the endangered species.

 Your thoughts?

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  1. Ciara is everything September 23, 2013

    So stupid.

  2. DICKPOLISHER September 23, 2013


  3. Xtinas above your fav September 23, 2013


  4. Tallb September 23, 2013

    oh my god, don’t they have other things to care about. endangered species yes i totally understand but 4 years?!

  5. xedos September 23, 2013

    how can you look at that picture and see who own the animal? make no sense. don’t see how that pic could give them away someone rat them out. they could never use that pic in court to convict anyone.

    • Common Sense September 23, 2013

      Thailand isn’t the US. They have their own laws. As for the primate, when an animal is at that level of extinction every one of them is accounted for, so it isn’t difficult to find out who let Rihanna take a pic with one.

  6. great storih September 23, 2013

    wtf. it’s a m*****. and not good lookin’ one. i’d rather do a jack on pirates. they’re kinda slick race. 😉

    btw… the pic looks weird.


  7. CONFUSED September 23, 2013

    I’m confused who was the endangered animal here? was it the One on top on the shoulder or the one with a big FOREHEAD? hmmmmmmmmm

    • Common Sense September 23, 2013

      The one that offers a contribution to the world. The small grey one in case you’re still wondering.

  8. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] September 23, 2013

    I Fail to See how that is Rihanna’s fault ?!!! She Took pics With this Animal and they charged her, paid, left with Pics, posted them on IG.
    She didn’t Know anything about the Animal’s story, and The Pic Can not reveal Anyone of those Men, So..

    and if we are going to talk about Disasters, Let’s open that Video game mess of a Diva That caused Some Men to lose their jobs and got their Lives Ruined, now that Was Direct and People’s Lives were Ruined because of the Diva Antics, Also the Hospital Story. 😉

    • etone September 23, 2013

      that lawsuit was settled out of court for millions. It wasn’t dropped that is why some say the mrs.carter rip off tour was a waste and Rihanna will pocket more .

      yahoo: beyonce settles 100 million lawsuit

    • Hadley September 24, 2013

      Typical navy trying to distract from their favs stupid antics. Has Rihanna paid that funeral dorector yet? Or that other outstanding lawsuits? (Waits for excuses)

  9. etone September 23, 2013

    She isn’t gonna have to be part of a trial or anything but Rihanna looks gorgeous in the pic though.

  10. Tisha September 23, 2013

    I’m not going to bash Rihanna because frankly I’m sure she barely knew what the animal was let alone that it was endangered, but she needs to stop snapping pics of every doggone thing she does, lol.

    You know those men are in a cell right now pissed as hell they decided to send the slow loris to her. Thai prison ain’t no joke.

  11. just moi September 24, 2013

    Love rih. Hahahahaha

  12. just moi September 24, 2013

    Love rih <3. Hahahahaha

  13. I Stan For Myself September 24, 2013

    Stupid b****.
    Educate yourself before trying too hard. Just like when she called God a n*****. Shes 25 yet acts 15.

  14. Bionic September 24, 2013

    That picture is really weird/ugly

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