Watch: Jennifer Hudson Performs ‘And I Am Telling You’

Grammy’s, Oscars, and Golden Globes. It’s amazing how far Jennifer Hudson has come in just six years. Even more exciting, though, is the  ground the Dreamgirls star has yet to cover.

As she gears up to strut over it with her third studio album, the singer-actress flexed her vocal muscle at Megafest’s Women of Purpose concert over the weekend, thrilling the audience with the song that effectively started it all – Jennifer Holliday’s ‘And I Am Telling You’.

Watch J.Hud wow after the jump…

Stellar! Bring on that new album!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Molly September 2, 2013

    Vocal phenomenon!!!! Mrs.Carter could never.

    • Omari September 2, 2013

      She could and has though.

      • Molly September 2, 2013


      • MUSIC September 2, 2013

        Basically. Lol. And What again did this performance have to do with Bey? She keeps them bothered.

      • Omari September 2, 2013

        Tell my does Jhud sound like a mess next to Beyonce then?

      • Omari September 2, 2013

        tell me why***

      • ETONE September 2, 2013

        beyonce is a lip sync studio artist.


        that’s why.

        Jennifer is all live even on American Idol,

      • Omari September 2, 2013

        Sit down with that b*******. Beyoncé can sing live and you will deal. Studio artist my back foot. And if you used your common sense, this a MIC FEED so how the hell can she be lip syncing?

    • _NoFucksGiven_1 September 2, 2013

      @Molly sit yo uneducated ass down. Say this woman can sang better than Beyonce. Lol please.

      • rih rox((beyonce insecure about unflattering pictures)) September 2, 2013

        BeYAWNce lip syncs.. when not she sound’s like an aggressive man.

      • Drew September 3, 2013

        Maybe your fav should take notes she sounds like a goat live.

    • xcbxcbery577 September 2, 2013

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  2. Omari September 2, 2013

    She looks good!

  3. Lovebird (PRISM – 10.22.13)) September 2, 2013

    It was good but kind of messy on a lot of parts. Jennifer Hudson needs to go the Whitney Houston route and have someone write pop ballads for her, the “where you at” era was too RnB for popular radio.

    She has a good voice and a lot of potential, she needs a different direction, more pop ballads IMO.

  4. TeamBreezy September 2, 2013

    What happened to the American Idol judge position?

  5. Marsha September 2, 2013

    Jenifer can belt she has a great voice but sometimes its painful to listen to when she gets carried away. There is a difference between having a voice and being able to use it properly. Being able to use it right is a talent in itself.

  6. #Hive September 2, 2013

    @Molly SHUT YO B**** ASS UP!

  7. Kingstown September 2, 2013

    Beytrannyonce could NEVER

    Jhuds vocals>>>>>beytannt

    • Drew September 2, 2013

      You know nothing about vocals when you stan for Rihanna b****. The only thing she has over Beyonce is VOLUME.

      • Kingstown September 2, 2013

        Trying to be apart of majority I see. Unless you’ve been to a rihanna concert you can’t talk about her them vocals durlinggg she’s great. Ps. I don’t only Stan for rih.

      • Drew September 3, 2013

        Yes i have actually. LOUD tour. And she was good but she is no ones vocalist. And your name usdd to Rihking butch stop lying.

      • Drew September 3, 2013

        Used to be*

  8. ETONE September 2, 2013

    Fat chicks take lessons from Jennifer Hudson
    on how to dress and stop wearing skinny b**** clothes

    • rih rox((beyonce insecure about unflattering pictures)) September 2, 2013

      Tell that to beyFATce when she mimicks Rihanna.

  9. Drew September 2, 2013

    I cannot at people who stan for non voclists aka Rihanna and Ciara with Beyonces vocals on their mind. But then again I wouldn’t expect you know much.

    Jennifer Hudson has a Louder voice and she shouts her way to the top. Some may prefer her tone but thats down to personal taste because I dont. Beyoncé has better resonance, range, control and versatility so she will always beat her. Their Oscar performance just showed that. Just because you can shout like a Church Singer does not make you a better vocalist.

    • FAF September 2, 2013

      But Ciara ? What are u talking about f***

      Don’t group Ciara fans in with Rihanna fans. I don’t see anyone in here who likes Ciara talking about Beyonce.

      • Drew September 3, 2013


  10. LAVONC2002 September 2, 2013

    This girl’s voice is f****** horrible. I dont know how people go on about this f****** YELLING

  11. pat September 2, 2013

    she shouts at times and her control isn’t the greatest, but the girl has a phenomenal voice….I can’t think of anybody in her generation who can hit the high notes she belts (and she actually belted it nicely here) so quit hating.

  12. Mark111 September 2, 2013

    She has done NOTHING in music for people to say she’s this and that. Clive and her want to make her this huge singer, but she never had a hit, nor sold a lot of albums. As soon as Whitney passed, JHUGE couldn’t wait a day trying to grab the title and the star power WH had. Fanny is and will be the bigger artist, because Fanny puts in the work and has her own sound and look.

    Ok, she won an Oscar, what has she done lately in films? JHud is trash and is nothing more then Jennifer Holiday of this gen, only known for that ONE song.

    • FAF September 2, 2013

      Now, I disagree

      It don’t matter she has a Grammy & an oscar, the two LARGEST entertainment achievements. Quit hating. Most people (especially black women) don’t get more than 1 Oscar in a lifetime.

  13. rih rox((beyonce insecure about unflattering pictures)) September 2, 2013

    Wooop wooop! I have fallen in love with her when she got the awards.. beyFATce thought she was gonna win…HAHAHAHA!!!!

    • anonymous September 3, 2013

      Beyonce, Jammie Fox and Eddie Murphy was robbed of that award. jenn is nothing original.

  14. C no need to finish the rest of the name September 2, 2013

    not here to get yelled at. every one in the crowd wore earplugs

  15. Barbara Striesand stan September 2, 2013

    Her tone is unattractive and she screams too much. Beyonce slays her knock knee ass

  16. Blue September 3, 2013

    Only on her last album has beyonce learned the difference between screaming and singing…at least with jhud and xtina when they lose control they are tolerable bey is plain irritating, and she can never fully reproduce her high notes live…

    • Brandys Starr September 3, 2013

      Xtina screaming tolerable?

  17. Brandys Starr September 3, 2013

    I love J Hud but she is NOT a better vocalist than Beyonce ask any vocal expert. She just has the hearty sound to her voice that makes people assume shes better. But could easily sing And I am Telling You too.

    • Brandys Starr September 3, 2013

      But Bey*

  18. Maestro J September 3, 2013

    Some of y’all have delusions of granger… JHud and BeyHolyGhost fans …
    Beyonce fans have hated Jennifer Hudson since Dreamgirls and Jennifer Hudson fans have been defending her ever since.
    Lets face it, these two girls arent even in the same league. Its like comparing Diana Ross to Patti LaBelle, what the hell is the point when clearly one will out sing the other. Not to say that Diana is less talented or less of a diva or singer, just two totally different vocal capabilities.
    Jennifer Hudson has a voice like no other, and I’ve seen this girl like twice, she sangs her ass to the floor Im sorry, she is a SAAAANNNNGGGERRRRR….
    Beyonce, whom I’ve seen 4+ times live, is also a very talented vocalist, she definitely can belt a tune or two, however she’s no Jennifer Hudson lol… IJS. But it doesnt take from the other and BeyHolyGhost fans need to get over it….

    • Rellz September 3, 2013

      Diana ROSS? Are you serious Diana Ross is not a strong singer unlike Beyoncé, who can easily be compared to Jhud. Especially since she sang better than her when they both performed at the Acadamy Awards so please stop. No Beyonce stan said anything negative until people dragged her name into it (as usual) so stop being biased.

  19. eqvilim September 3, 2013

    jhud has a great instrument, always has. And almost no control over it, never has.

  20. Rellz September 3, 2013

    Of course Beyonces name would be plastered all over this. Beyoncé has a completely different tone to Jhud. What makes Jenifer Hudson so much better? Please tell me…
    Because they both have the SAME range. And when it comes to vocals I find more checks next to Beyoncé name more than JHud. Versatility. Better. Control. Better. Resonance. Better. Technique. Better. Range. The Same. The only thing JHud has over her is she can shout more and people may find her voice more soulful. But that’s doesn’t make her a better VOCALIST. She has a great voice no doubt but don’t discredit Beyoncé just because she has some delusional stans. Now comparing Beyonce and Jhud to Mariah and Whitney is another story….

  21. Rellz September 3, 2013

    And thank you @Omari that video alone shows how Beyonce can overpower Jhud with her instrument.

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