Arabian Pop Princess Labels Rihanna An ‘Infidel’ Following Mosque Controversy

Published: Saturday 26th Oct 2013 by David

Arabian Pop Princess Ahlam has billed US Pop sensation Rihanna an ‘infidel’ today, hurling a barrage of insults at the entertainer for the disrespect she allegedly showed an Abu Dhabi mosque, when she took to its entrance to engage in an unauthorised photo shoot.

Full story below…

After touching down in the United Arab Emirates to deliver her ‘Diamonds World Tour’ to fans in the market, Rihanna took to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and – without permission from the establishment itself- used its courtyard as the set for a photo session she subsequently shared on Instagram.

Now, after being accused of violating moral codes by doing so by the Mosque itself, the ‘Pour It Up’ performer has found herself targeted by ‘Kaif Artha’ singer Ahlam, who took to her personal Twitter page to share the following:

“I wish you had broken your legs and were unable to enter the mosque.”

This matter is prohibited, Rihanna. You ugly thing.”

Minutes later, the above messages were deleted from the star’s official page, but not before they were spotted by her 2,663,302 million followers.

Soon after, she reignited the attack by calling the Def Jam beauty an ‘ugly infidel’.

Rihanna is yet to respond.

Your thoughts?

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  1. JER October 26, 2013

    Honestly nobody f****** caressss! You can’t bring down Rihanna. This is the heaux that titled her album UNAPOLOGETIC. There’s nothing you can say or do to her. BYEEEee

  2. Amanda Bynes October 26, 2013

    Moderator: Comment deleted.
    User faces permanent ban for sharing inappropriate remarks under several usernames.

    • Amanda Bynes October 26, 2013

      Why did you delete my comment? SMH

      Moderator: We deleted your comment to enforce the permanent ban we have placed you on. This, for posting inappropriate comments under several usernames under the same IP address. We have also taken note of the new IP address you are now using to comment with and will delete any content shared by their address as soon as it is detected.
      Please refrain from commenting on That Grape Juice.Net from this day forth.

      • BeachHouseBritney October 26, 2013

        TGJ please, you could have warned me before you made me choke on my cereal. I can’t even deal with the way you’ve been scalping the trolls this week.

      • LaLopez October 26, 2013


      • Touché October 26, 2013

        lmao! TGJ you just made my day(:

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013


      • Lana Del Slay October 26, 2013

        LMAO! What kind of professional drag!

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013

        I LIVED all week with TGJ clocking the sh*t outta these trolls hahahaha!! I’m waiting for @WhiteGirlMob’s exposure and permanent ban lol

      • FutureCIARA October 26, 2013


        The girls wont be running to their 10 other usernames stanning for every other current female artist under each different name and starting stan wars.

        TGJ said they have #HadIt with you cuntz!

        Hopefully he exposes Rosie next with her several Lana del ray stan usernames all under the same library IP address.

  3. Molly October 26, 2013

    Rihanna is the most fearless pop star out there at the end of the day she doesn’t let s*** get to her and she continues to do her thing you gotta respect that IMO.

  4. LALA October 26, 2013

    Muslims are so sensitive
    Its only pictures!!
    She wasn’t naked in the pictures
    She wore a black bag from head to toe Just for you
    So shut your mouth!!!

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013

      You walking on thin ice…I’d refrain from taking shots at different cultures..

    • Educated October 27, 2013

      watch it

  5. Arie October 26, 2013

    Actually it would be in Rihanna’s best interest to respect other cultures and religions, especially if you consider the fact that she is more successful internationally than in the US. If Rihanna looses her international fans she becomes nothing but a liabily to Rocnation and Defjam. Contrary to what you Navy believe Rihanna cannot rule anything without the backing of those two companies. It is ok to be controversial but being offensive is a whole new ball game.

    • ok October 26, 2013

      Thank you, yes finally someone with sense.

    • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 26, 2013


    • Applause October 26, 2013

      And u know this how exactly???? :s some of you’ll just do and say the most f$$king most… Shut up you sound dumb as f$$k. Who do u work for defjam or rocnation?? Ur an idiot stop hating and go read a book. After 8 years can’t believe ppl still trying to bring rihanna down, isn’t it clear that the rihanna reign just not gon let up??? Moving alone….

  6. Amanda Bynes October 26, 2013


    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013

      Bye!! lol!

  7. Lil Mo Stan and trey burkes husband (Kendricks d*** game wasnt on point) October 26, 2013

    Don’t you have a male chauvinistic society to obey, give up your basic rights, and basically make sweet love too, girl? Don’t you EVER come for Rihanna when you look 45 trying to have a flop music career. I’m sick of you overly zealous Muslims thinking your grandiose, and at times ostentatious, religion is the only way of life. B****, goodbye.

    • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 26, 2013

      H** Sit Down somewhere, you still have that s*** in your 1st world too.

      MEN own this World, Sadly there’s no equality anywhere, Bye.

  8. SLAYAGE October 26, 2013

    Not in anyway discriminating here BUT….’arabian pop princess’ IS WISHING Rihanna broke her f****** LEGS JUST BECAUSE OF A PHOTO O_o this is why the western world can easily be manipulated in accepting that all Muslims etc have the potential to become extremists? Not tryna be funny but I’m sure God would rather someone take a picture outside a Church or a Mosque, then humans to wish hate and ‘broken legs’ etc or someone. f****** hell. People need to seriously get with the times **no offence*

    Anyway, Rih slayed them pics tho! #fashionkilla

  9. TLC *The Most Successful girl group* October 26, 2013

    Damn let her ass live. btw those pic were fierce as s***.

  10. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013

    Well d*mn…Rihanna might as well deem that her last visit over there lol! They hate her a*s now.

  11. h2o October 26, 2013

    Wow, TGJ has reached new lows of d***-riding with this one.

    Samantha, honey .. I am Arabian, and Ahlam nowadays is pretty much nothing but an mentally retarded, arrogant woman who criticizes everything in sight, not to mention being a has-been and her relevancy being limited to Idol and irrelevant TV shows.

    This whole thread doesn’t make enough sense to even call “cringe worthy”.


    • SoGone4Monica October 26, 2013

      Who are they d*** riding though? From what I saw they only reported what happened without giving their opinion.

    • PhuckYoTour October 26, 2013

      H20, you should try reading the article before you comment.

    • mr.m October 26, 2013

      Am arabian too! Am no a fan of Ahlam
      BUT she’s one of the successful Arab singers!
      She’s a gulf arab music legend and you have to DEAL!

      • TIsForTarkan October 26, 2013

        Successful because she has no real competition.

    • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 26, 2013

      her Opinion is still to be respected though, she knows what she’s saying, coming for her Career won’t do a Thing, That b**** is so rich, she probably shits Gold. 😆

      you called her “mentally retarded” ? :roll :

      you know it is not that Serious after all.. 😕

  12. BeyBeyKing October 26, 2013

    I wonder if Ahlam would be so brave as to attack the sick and horrific traditions STILL carried out in Islamic nations. Children being forced into adult marriages. Whipping women for wearing trousers. Cutting people’s body parts off if they’re accused of a crime.
    Why do so many people think it’s ok to overlook the fact that Islamic law (not Islam itself) is hypocritical. How many times have we heard about honor killings. What kind of culture thinks killing someone is better than sleeping with someone outside of their marriage? Or being with someone against the will of their parents.

    Ahlam should worry about THAT and NOT what Rihanna decided to wear to a mosque she did not even step inside of.

  13. rih rox((U mad Bro?)) October 26, 2013

    This old hag thing looks like a man anyway… it’s probably jealous of Rihanna.

    • A October 27, 2013

      ok i agree with you that she looks like a man but please till me if rihanna looks like a women ?

  14. TruthBeTold October 26, 2013

    So interesting. Is it me or is there a trend occuring here. Extreme Islamists are offended by the smallest things but always suggest BIGGER things are the way to handle them.
    I’m all for respecting other people’s religions but I find it so sad that I’ve seen more muslims complain about homosexuality, fashion and ‘western sin’ than I have persecute the terrorists that have destroyed so many lives.
    Hypocrisy with a capital H.

  15. Molly October 26, 2013

    I do agree with these commenters there’s worst things goin on in that country but all there worried about it Rihanna.. there priories are kinda of f***** up and back wards.

    • Molly October 26, 2013


    • A October 27, 2013

      plz i do want you to tell me what is goin on the united arab emirates worst than dis respecting holy place
      i’m going to tell u something and don’t take it personally muslims do respect the church more than any one else cause its a holy place
      lets go back to our main subject you told us that there is worst things goin on the country so what is it if you do know 🙂
      with my all respect

  16. mr.m October 26, 2013

    نفسي اعرف من كتب المقال!
    واضح اللي كتب المقال شخص عربي
    كفوأحلام .. تستاهل ريانا القبيحة ههههههههه

    • Molly October 26, 2013

      Gur bye…

    • H2O October 26, 2013

      ههههههههههه مدهرَن الأخ هون ..

  17. TruthBeTold October 26, 2013

    @RihRox This has got nothing to do with jealousy boo boo. What she said would be b******* even if she looked like Queen Shilpa Shetty. At the end of the day, people have to wonder why Muslim people turn a blind eye to all the bad things in their culture but are so quick to call everyone infidels.

    Has Ahlam ever said anything about female circumcision?
    Or the plight of women in Arabic nations.
    Or the fact that Malala was shot in the head by the Taliban just because she wanted an education.

    Rihanna is a lot of things but she meant no harm when she posed for the pictures, but Ahlam does do a lot of harm when she defends a culture that doesn’t even respect HER rights as a woman.

    • rih rox((U mad Bro?)) October 26, 2013

      Ummmm…. female circumcision is not not just native to Muslims… this also takes place among Christians/ Orthodox in Africa and elsewhere around the world… so yeah.

  18. rih rox((U mad Bro?)) October 26, 2013

    Honor killings has nothing to do with Islam… it’s just a tribal custom among certain people… some just so happen to be Muslim who can’t let go off their ways.

    Stop the generalisation of Muslims/ Islam.

    • rih rox((U mad Bro?)) October 26, 2013

      This comment was for that beybeyking

  19. cake like lady gaga October 26, 2013

    YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS at Sam cleaning up his site!!! The trolls have every reason to worry. So @Molly, @TROLLbird, @Slut_HIV+, @HOEsie and @Kmart_TROLL better watch their backs 😀

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013

      I don’t think @Molly or @Bey_Hive are trolls. And I know that Kmart name wasn’t aimed at me!

      • Molly October 26, 2013

        Well atleast she showed respect the b**** knew not to degrade my name lol

      • cake like lady gaga October 26, 2013

        so you do agree that @HOEsie is a troll?

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013

        I’m not speculate sh*t as I have no receipts. The only one I know for certain is @WhiteGirlMob. Everyone else will eventually expose themselves lol!

    • H2O October 26, 2013

      بركي كسّا لأمّك بينضف من حليب البقر كمان

      • cake like lady gaga October 26, 2013

        jou ma is ‘n h**

      • H2O October 26, 2013

        كالعادة, محاولة فاشلة.

  20. BEYHIVE_MINAJ October 26, 2013

    I understand where she’s coming from,but was there any need of name calling or wishing someone harm?

  21. shauwndapooh October 26, 2013

    Moderator: Comment deleted.
    User faces permanent ban for sharing inappropriate remarks under several usernames.

    • Molly October 26, 2013

      Okay! Is this girl supposed to be someones beauty Queen?

  22. rih rox((U mad Bro?)) October 26, 2013

    Anyways Rih confirmed that the previous story about her getting kicked out of the mosque etc was a lie on insta gram. Anyways this is just another pointless useless topic.

    Ta, Ta.

    • Micks October 26, 2013

      Damage control

  23. Mark111 October 26, 2013

    I thought women don’t have a say so over there. I’m sure the man that 2 fet in front of this girl typed this. They’re so ass backwards over there.

    • H2O October 26, 2013

      United Arab Emirates =/= Saudi Arabia.

  24. Mony T October 26, 2013

    As a muslim. I took offense to her complete disregard to the sanctity of the place. She disnt even have the curtisy to get premision for the photo shoot. i would never walk into a church to temple and provocatively pose because I felt like it! I appreciate that she was covered but the way she was posing was provocative. I get that she “unapologetic” but there is such a thing as respect of others culture and beliefs. I take no offense to how she lives her life but I would hope she would have have the decency to respect other in order for them to respect her.

  25. Mony T October 26, 2013

    Moderator: Comment deleted.
    User faces permanent ban for sharing inappropriate remarks under several usernames.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013

      Wow…this is just pathetic hahaha! So many trolls!! What is the point of having so many usernames??!!

  26. cake like lady gaga October 26, 2013

    and yes at you guys reading the arabs again today.

    Arab = muslim = terrorist

    • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 26, 2013

      There are Arabic People Who are Christians.
      There are arabic people who won noble Prize in Peace.

      Generalization is a Sign of Severe Stupidity and Ignorance.
      There are Arabic people Who Contributed amazingly in the Development of Humanity, check your History Please.

      Funny you are Stereotyping Because that is What a gay person Like you should avoid doing. 🙄

      And THEN there are RACIST ignorant Ppl like You who sit their Loose asses on their computers all day doing nothing for Humanity but spread Negativity and Consume rather waste Oxygen. 😕

      • ATM JAM October 26, 2013

        the ottoman empire was nothing but a pain to european and asian trade, they set up traps along the Mediterranean sea and stole goods from european merchants. the ottoman empire also held russia back from modernizing the way that asia, europe, and the americas are by denying them access from warm water ports for all season sea trade. they were defeated for and later named saudi arabia (and haven’t changed much if anything) moral of the story is ancient arabic culture influenced religious extremist and the fall of a once great empire.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013

      Mmm I can tell you’re next to go…

      • ATM JAM October 28, 2013

        suck several d**** sir.

  27. Micks October 26, 2013

    You cant take shots at a culture just because you like the popstar lol. She probably offended a lot of muslims for trying to glamorize the place and thats their perogative. Grow up people.

  28. Micks October 26, 2013

    And Rihanna should have apologized out of respect whether she agreed with it or not. Shes not Muslim so its not your place to judge their beliefs and standards. If she offended them (which she did) she should have held her hands and at least said it wasnt her intention to cause any offense. But then again, Rihanna is not professional like that so its wishful thinking.

  29. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 26, 2013


    Stop it @SAM, I know You Love Playing With me but “ahlam” though ? Ahlam ?!!!!!! Shadiest B**** on the planet ?

    There’s Ghetto, there’s ratchet, there’s Shady, there’s mariah’s Shade, and then comes Ahlam!!

    😆 😆 😆

    Like Her though, But she Loves Drama and Always Shady To Everybody.

    I’m Glad @SAM don’t understand Arabic because he will have New material From there to Enhance his Shade.

    OMG ! I’m Dead Over This Post, I’m sorry, that Is a dream right There. 😀

    Thx Sam 😉

    I Just Can’t.


  30. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 26, 2013

    Simply if you’re in Rome…….

    Also Rihanna Should Avoid getting Herself In Situations Like that, Doing Poses In a Mosque Though ? laying on the floor ? 🙄

    That was insensitive Tbh.

    I don’t know about you Guys, But in the MENA region Religion is taken so Seriously, so so so seriously, you won’t understand it, I don’t expect you to get it, but do you have to show your ignorance ? you hate everything that is not “normal” to you ? 🙄

    if you are in a place of a different culture, respect the culture and keep your motherfuckin’ feelings and opinions to yourself please, and I speak in General.

    anyway I do respect ahlam as a person because she’s a Legend, never understood her music” i don’t speak in that accent or that language!!!! ” , but I respect her shady ass Still and she’s entitled to her opinion.

  31. DEM LESSORS October 26, 2013

    Girl respect their land or get your foot chopped off.

  32. Just me October 26, 2013

    Oh my god. How can she say such a thing like that.
    And you guys critisizing rihanna, and sparing this girl will be such a joke.
    Most muslim laws should seriously be adjusted.
    One thing is for sure, this girl is jealous of rih

  33. Lucia October 26, 2013

    Moderator: Comment deleted.
    User faces permanent ban for sharing inappropriate remarks under several usernames. Please take the hint, you are no longer welcome on this website.

    • Micks October 26, 2013

      OUCH @ the clock!

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013

      Hahahahaahaahahahaha!!!! Goodbye!!!

    • Touché October 26, 2013

      ROFL!!!!!!!!! TGJ is just killing me today:D

  34. Lucia October 26, 2013

    Inappropriate comments and several usernames WHERE?????? 😯

    Moderator: While we usually refrain from going back and forth with commenters, we thought it best to explain our decision to ban you. On Tuesday October 22nd, you uploaded a comment under the article titled ‘Kanye West Bares All On Illuminati And ‘White Voice’ In New Interview’ under the username ‘Mc The Place To Be!’. Upon receiving several complaints due to the content of your remark, we made the decision to ban you as comments like the one you left was both horrifying and disturbing.

    Alas, despite being aware of your ban, you attempt to comment under various usernames and and a new IP address, confirming your identity to us by asking why a comment left under your usual address was deleted, under your new IP number.

    Foolish, to say the least.

    We encourage all of our readers to share their view point and engage in active- and sometimes heated- discussion. However, in a bid to create a fun filled and musically inclined environment, we now employ a zero tolerance policy when faced with a message akin to the below. A message, posted by you.

    “Beyonce kills virgin African little boys for her satanic s** rituals. She allows her daughter to be used sexually by record executives while her and jay eat grapes n sip whine. They are evil and disgusting! Rihanna is just an innocent pawn in their evil schemes. Rihanna showed her true pious humble conservative self while she went to worship God in The UAE. Beyonce has to much blood on her hands to even enter such holy places without bursting into flames. I pray Rihanna is able to free herself from the Evil that is Beyonce and Jay Z I found a piece of paper that had all Roc Nations evil plans. Luckily for music lovers Ora will be sacrificed for Beyonce sympathy sales Beyounce will pretend to be distraught but she’s gonna be the one who slits her Albanian throat.”

    • AubreyOSlay October 26, 2013

      LOOOOOOOOL clocked.
      You exposed yourself when you asked them why they deleted your comment but forgot to use the same IP address you usually did.
      You clearly pissed them off with one address and then used another to ask why they were pissed but they can obvs see both comments were from you.

      • Lucia October 26, 2013

        Anyway, I’m over defending myself and please use one username when addressing me. Thanks!

        Thatgrapejuice commentators: Please know that Lucia is not or has never been a troll. I am really an innocent bystander who is confused as heck right now!

      • BeyWhoUWanna October 26, 2013

        F*** OFF you horrible c***. I’m so proud that TGJ is being so tough on you right now. They want you gone and won’t stop until you do.

    • Lydia October 26, 2013


    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013

      I can’t take it anymore!!! TOO much clocking in ONE week!! hahahaa! These trolls!!!! AND you a sick b*tch @Lucia. Now that you have nothing to do in your spare time as your permanently BANNED! You can get the psychiatric care/treatments you clearly need! BYE!!! LOL!!!

      • Lucia October 26, 2013

        Lol please…they know that wasn’t me making those comments. That’s why I wasn’t banned.

  35. HOTSTUFF October 26, 2013

    Rih should just ignore this cause Muslims are just way over the top …

    ““I wish you had broken your legs and were unable to enter the mosque.” -__-…

  36. Lucia October 26, 2013

    Lol WHAT!!! Are you seriously trying to make an example out of me????? I am NOT trolling as a Mariah Carey fan!!!! I live in TN I’m sure two different IP addresses. I only post under Lucia and I never post any negativity!!! Seriously you guys need to re check IP. I post from my MacBook wifi and I know it’s impossible to have the same IP as someone else. I hope you can get this confusion cleared up because I actually like posting here!!!!!

    • KatyKadet October 26, 2013

      Girl bye. Did your read what they said. They banned you because of your IP not your name, but your dumbass didn’t know that so you asked them to unban you under your NEW ip even though they banned you for the old one.

      Alas, despite being aware of your ban, you attempt to comment under various usernames and and a new IP address, confirming your identity to us by asking why a comment left under your usual address was deleted, under your new IP number.

      • Lucia October 26, 2013

        And it’s not possible because that’s not me! I am well aware of how IP addresses work, now why don’t you run along and mind your business and let thatgrapejuice handle it?

  37. Lucia October 26, 2013

    What the hell lol seriously that’s not me!! I asked a simple question…it may have been a little controversial but I didn’t deem if offensive……

    • VisionOfMimi October 26, 2013

      I was about to defend you until I read what they said twice. If it wasn’t you, you wouldn’t have known that the comment was deleted because it wouldn’t have been YOUR comment.

      I can’t wait till Cake Like LGG sees this.

      • Lucia October 26, 2013

        What are you talking about? My comment was deleted and they replaced my comment saying I faced a permanent ban for something I didn’t do. I don’t post under several different usernames or troll like you. So please mind your business like I told you under the Katy alias sheeeessshhh!!!!!

      • MarinasDiamonds October 26, 2013

        I’m confused, they have been banning the same troll for the entire week because they obvs recognise their IP so why would they single Lucia out and say she was the troll.

        Lucia I like you, but you need to explain why you have the same IP as the troll. Don’t make them screen shot your comments like they did to ABC girl.

  38. KissesForKelly October 26, 2013

    Trolls getting clocked left right and centre.

    • Touché October 26, 2013


  39. QueenBeyonceIsKing October 26, 2013

    NOT the iconic screen shots of DOOOM!
    So let’s get this straight. Someone has been trolling and TGJ banned them. TGj deleted their comments on this thread and knows who the troll is because of their IP. So if the troll isn’t Lucia why did she ask why her comment was deleted when the comment that was deleted didn’t have the same IP as hers. Sweetie, if you’re not the troll, why did you ask why your comment was deleted INSTEAD of asking why someone was using your username.

    How convenient that the troll also knows the same email ad Lucia comments under. Lol, all this exposure is too much for me.

    • BarbzRUs October 26, 2013

      I’m crying.

    • CiciCiciCici! October 26, 2013

      His/her dumbass should have pretended like they were a brand new person instead of asking why they ass got deleted loool. I can’t even breathe right now.

  40. BeachHouseBritney October 26, 2013

    Yes at the screen caps. Lucia, you got some ‘splainin to do.

  41. GagitaMaraj October 26, 2013

    Kudos to TGJ for cleaning up their site.

  42. Lucia October 26, 2013

    That still didn’t prove that I was trolling under different usernames? I am right here on my same macbook as I type. How does that prove that I was trolling as someone else?

    • Lucia October 26, 2013

      I wasn’t banned for having different IP’s (which I can’t explain) I was banned for leaving “negative remarks under several different usernames”. Where is the proof in that statement? Honestly…

      • Draggin4MrsCarter October 26, 2013

        Lol. You were banned for being horrible about BIC under the same IP address and then being dumb enough to ask why you were banned with a DIFFERENT ip address. Not only are you crazy you are also really stupid. Like you have to know that, you have to know stupid you are. You have to know that you’re a f****** idiot for what you did and not thinking they would expose you.

      • Lucia October 26, 2013

        But who are you? Are you a team member or something? There were no receipts to prove that I posted any negative stuff under another username…only receipts for me posting under two IP address (which I don’t have a reason for). Again I ask, WHO are you? Clearly there was an error and I wasn’t banned. Enjoy your weekend!

      • FutureCIARA October 26, 2013

        The children are in denial hunntee!

    • XXX October 26, 2013

      LOL not Mark111 trolling aswell.

      • GangstaLuvin October 26, 2013

        LOOOOOOOOOOOOL THE EXPOSURE. NO NO F****** NO. I CANT DEAL RIGHT F****** NOW. NOT the dreaded screen caps!

    • Nana Yaw October 26, 2013

      loooooool thank you TGJ. Expose them all.

    • Touché October 26, 2013

      BWHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! TGJ, I can’t take all this banning!!!!!! lmao!

  43. mark jones October 26, 2013

    See, this is Mark111 and it was auto as Mark Jones. But the ip address kinda got me wondering.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013

      You must be on a mobile device??

      • Mark111 October 26, 2013

        I was.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013

        Yeah TGJ needs to get on that mobile glitch…

    • TeenageDreamer October 26, 2013


      • MalikOnMyMind October 26, 2013

        *Throws body to wall and slides down slowly.

    • AllPinkBarbieDreamHaus October 26, 2013


    • RitasLipstick October 26, 2013


    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013

      Oh my……bahahahahaha!!!

    • FutureCIARA October 26, 2013


      WHO TF PISSED OFF TGJ team???

  44. Sisqo is a legend October 26, 2013

    Her whole statement is invalid just for the simple fact that she believes Rihanna should have broken her legs, hypocrite much.And dead @ her topic. by calling Rihanna ugly. B**** you look like a t*****

    • FAF October 26, 2013

      But sis if someone disrespects your God, you’d be upset too..

  45. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez October 26, 2013

    Moderator: Comment deleted.
    User banned for sharing offensive comments under several usernames.

    • XXX October 26, 2013

      Ahaahahahha! Death the diplomatic Blue is banned! Tgj aint playin with these trolls!

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013


  46. Tisha October 26, 2013

    Daaammmnnn at TGJ clocking people.

    This is better than all the Rihanna drama, lol.

    I think Rihanna was wrong for the photoshoot. I wouldn’t want her running into the Cathedral in Rome and trying to pose it up as a Nun. The reality is if you offend people on a spiritual tip they get very heated very quickly. That being said the chick doesnt need to have her legs broken, lol.

    What Rihanna needs to do is keep it cute for the sake of her business. Azealia already revealed she lost her MAC partnership because of her antics and Rihanna has been acting ugly publicly side the Teyana fight. She’s going to end up with more companies distancing themselves from her and her chaos.

  47. FutureCIARA October 26, 2013

    No Shade, But this Arabian artist is giving me FULL Ru Paul’s Drag Race contestant

  48. realnegro October 26, 2013

    RESPECT! She’s had plenty of photoshoots in her days. She could have gone without this one. Simple.

  49. Mark111 October 26, 2013

    I see I got banned too for telling you that your site is flawed and gone to s***. Like I said, I just posted under Mark Jones and that a different person account.

    • 212Thuggin October 26, 2013

      No boo. You have been exposed and I know it hurts because you never thought it would happen. So all this time you’ve been posting under random names playing both sides of the fence?

    • QueenCeline October 26, 2013

      I’m disappointed in you.

    • XXX October 26, 2013


    • BrandNuStar October 26, 2013

      I can’t even believe what I’m seeing. ALL this time! Lmao I live for TGJ’s shade.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013

      I would refrain from leaving comments via iPhones…the comment section is glitchy. I feel that what’s going on here with SOME individuals…

      • Lucia October 26, 2013

        I was commenting from my Macbook (I comment from my iphone as well at times but with the same IP) and they tried to pull the same stunt with me. I don’t post negativity nor do I use other names but whatever smh!!

      • FutureCIARA October 26, 2013

        The children are being dragged Left and Mutha F-N RIGHT!

  50. BanjeeRiri October 26, 2013

    LOOOOL, wait a moment. That means that TGJ have been banning the same troll over and over because it’s the same IP address. What kind of unsuspected twist? What kind of expose? What kind of shame when they screen cap your comments and give you no choice but to admit that you’re a troll. LMAO. Ain’t no denying it now fool. Your ass has been CLOCKED and everyone here can see it. Go away. Go away and never return!

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013

      Ok I DIED and came BACK with those screen shots!!! LOL

  51. XXX October 26, 2013

    I live for all this clocking.

  52. AllPinkBarbieDreamHaus October 26, 2013

    @XXX No girl, it’s the SAME person. Mark111 is the same troll that they’ve been clocking all week but he keeps coming back with different names. The kiii is that they can tell it’s him because of the Ip lol..

    • XXX October 26, 2013

      Well I dont know but I mean in terms of them clocking CiCi Slayys aka Twerk For Miley and Kingstown/Ju Dont Even Know a while back aswell. That was funny.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013

        Ok those were TRUE trolls!!!! LOL! Especially that Kingstosn one who admitted doing it for WEEKS to start stan wars. He was a bi polar b*tch lol!!! I lived for his exposure hahaha!!!

  53. Draggin4MrsCarter October 26, 2013

    You learn something new everyday, that pathetic person left that horrible comment about Blue Ivy has been trolling us all for weeks. At least now we know who they are.

  54. Nana Yaw October 26, 2013

    Today is one of my happiest day ever! Thanks to TGJ clocking the trolls asses.

  55. Mark111 October 26, 2013

    I can’t speak for the other trolls, but there’s no need for me to make different user name. I don’t even stan for anyone, so I wouldn’t dare stoop low enough to toll or pretend to be different people.

    If you ban an ip address, no one in that house can post on here.

    Plus, no one has the time to make 100 different emails just to troll on here.

    Anyone with a once a brain can tell the truth.

  56. Mark111 October 26, 2013

    Just seen the screen shots. Clearly it’s the site, I just explained that the mobile site auto fill random users in. Also, it says right under my email box that emails will NOT be published. You’ll be hearing from my lawyer for posting people privacy.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013


    • Teacher October 26, 2013

      LOOOOOOOOOOOL I’m cryyiing! Not your lawyer b****?!?!

    • Teacher October 26, 2013

      But you’re right! When posting comments on a mobile device random ppl’s username and email are shown

    • Lucia October 26, 2013

      Lol that’s why I don’t use my real e-mail address.

    • XXX October 26, 2013

      Its got nothing to do with your email its IP address they can see and clocking you with

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013

        Well if you read TGJ response above, some people start posting under a different IP with the same username and banned them too. So it could very well be the phone glitch. That’s what I think is going on with a few people.

      • XXX October 27, 2013

        Well whats the problem with just deleting that persons details before? Its happened to me many times I just DELETE and put in my own details, and the person exposed themself by asking why did they banned her first IP address anyway. She tried to post from a new one.

  57. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013

    TGJ!!!!! PLEASE I CAN”T TAKE THIS MUCH LONGER!!! MY SIDES HURT!!!!! LOL!!!!! What in the hell is going on around here with you trolls???!!!!! I can’t anymore lol!!!! I’m in too much pain from laughing!!

    • Touché October 26, 2013

      ROFL!!!!!! I know right, me too!!! This is the best post I’ve been on in a while lol!

  58. FAF October 26, 2013

    This thread is a Scooby Doo MESS! Sam & David better Cloqq it!

  59. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013

    OK TGJ. I do need to say that when you go to this site via iPhone, you can sometimes see others usernames and emails in the “leave a reply” area. Why people decide to actually post under someone else is beyond me but it is possible and very easy (and scary for the above examples). I KNOW there are a lot of trolls on this site posting under various accounts just to say off the wall crazy sh*t but some people I feel are just victims of a glitch thats been around for awhile.. Maybe you guys should disable leaving comments on mobile phones until this is better investigated.. #RealTalk

  60. hhhhhh October 26, 2013

    rihanna was wrong for doing that… yet ahlam is not a pop princess. she is an attention seeker. i wouldn’t take her comments seriously if i were rihanna.

  61. Mark111 October 26, 2013

    I believe you. I got into this mess by defending you and stating that the mobile site auto fills the boxes with random users. At the end, there’s a small amount of trolls, but MOST of them might not of post, but a random person with a phone went to town with it.

    Think about it, why would a troll trying to act like other users post the SAME comment over and over?

    Thank you, glad to see I’m not the only one.

    • XXX October 26, 2013

      But it must still be YOUR IP address coming up under all the names. Do you have a sibling or something who uses and comments on the site?

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 26, 2013

      I am not @Lucia hun…… I’m just stating what I’ve notice as I’ve seen other peoples screen names when I use my iPhone to visit TGJ. Why people think its ok to post under others names I will never understand but clearly there’s a troll issue on this site. I think you and maybe a couple others have experienced someone taking advantage of the mobile glitch which is ridiculous. I highly encourage TGJ to investigate the mobile issue and disable the comments for the iPhones until it’s cleared up…

  62. Applause October 26, 2013

    If you’re looking for some publicity plz just rihanna , she really is the industry p**** but not cause she slept around but because everyone wanna use her to get their name out there…. The s*** was a week ago why are we still talking about it….. Seriously tho… Gaga has new music out go purchase that

  63. noflyzone October 26, 2013

    Love RiRi she did nothing wrong. This is my first time posting on here in months the last time I posted was on my droid and when i comment there was a random email(kelly***@gmail)in my reply box, im guessing its something to do with your security protection its one of the worse of all the sites & blogs i visit, im now commenting from my home computer so hopefully ill be safe

  64. FutureCIARA October 26, 2013

    These exposeés are giving me complete fulfillment!

    I wonder how long these draggings will be going on…. Its totally like the Salem Witch Trials. PERFECT HALLOWEEN!!!

    NOW PLAYING – #WalkingOnAir

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 27, 2013

      LOL!! It really is lol!!

  65. abi October 27, 2013

    oh dear!

  66. #StankSheikREALNESS October 27, 2013

    Moderator: Comment deleted.
    User faces permanent ban.

  67. omar Ali October 27, 2013

    Really , ahlam is a very big star in the middle east and million s of people love her sing and personality. In fact , she is a great women and her voice is very unique of other singer. Ahlam’s voice is pure and wonderful.
    ahlam is the immortal queen in the art and life.
    we can’t lat’ s any person take a bout her.

  68. Rihanna # 1 Fan T October 27, 2013

    I understand that she is mad, but calling rihanna names aint gonna do nothing cause best believe she still gonna do what she want ! , but i do think rihanna should respect other people cultures cause they support you more than the U.S

  69. souhila October 30, 2013


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