X Factor UK’s Tamera Foster Faces Shoplifting Shame Following Assault Drama

Published: Saturday 19th Oct 2013 by David

Weeks after apologising for attacking a 15 year old girl and allegedly demanding that she ‘kiss her shoe’, X Factor UK contestant Tamera Foster finds herself in fresh trouble this morning, after she was reportedly caught shoplifting at a ‘Boots’ healthcare store.

Full story below…

According to Paul Dacre‘s ‘Mail Online‘, the 16 year old starlet was caught attempting to leave the store with goods she hadn’t paid for in the July of this year, one month after she auditioned for the hit show’s 10th season.

After being held by its security staff, local police claim bosses decided to deal with the alleged thief with ‘restorative justice’, asking her why she stole the goods and requesting an apology instead of involving the authorities.

Unfortunately, that did very little to stop the alleged incident from making its way to Lloyd Embley‘s ‘Daily Mirror’, forcing the entertainer to issue an apology to X Factor bosses, in a reported attempt to keep her place in the competition.

While none of the above takes away from the gem that is Foster’s voice, we’d be willing to bet this won’t be the last time the troubled performer lands herself in hot water.

For, while ‘sources’ have cited her marijuana use as the route cause of her woes, we’d say her real problems lie in the fact that she’s inherently bad- a fact that’ll take a whole lot more than false eyelashes and a well applied concealer to mask.

Truth be told, it’s a little disheartening that the first Afro-Caribbean female act to be championed by the British show since Alexandra Burke is an alleged bully and a thief.

An alleged bully and thief, who ticks the stereotypical boxes the likes of Kanya King, Eternal, Mis-Teeq, Jamelia, Gabrielle and now Emeli Sande did away with when showcasing what it truly meant to be a positive Black British woman in the public eye, as they soar(ed) in their respective arenas.

It would seem, that like former judge Tulisa ContostavlosFoster’s ‘Cheryl Cole makeover’ counts for all of nothing when her all too apparent ‘hood rat’ persona serves to expose the flaws she may have hoped her talent could conceal.


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  1. Lydia October 19, 2013


    • KatyB 4 Zayn M October 19, 2013

      Chav isn’t the word babe. CLASSLESS is.

      • Lydia October 19, 2013

        Thats exactly what chavs are

    • bcxberyghk679 October 19, 2013

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  2. Love Life October 19, 2013

    She looks like a cross between Beyonce and young Whitney Houston

    • TheFemaleBoss1996 October 19, 2013

      Erm no TGJ, please don’t compare Tulisa to Tamera. Tula would never steal from Boots.

      • NataliaThrills October 19, 2013

        Because selling coke is so much better.

  3. Damo October 19, 2013

    Its not fair to say that she’s inherently bad, please be careful what you say about a teenage girl as that gives off an image that she has no hope in actually growing and blossoming. She has been very honest about her past even on the show and she is trying to improve herself and her life, she got herself this far and its people like her that deserve a break more than anyone else and can inspire other youths, who may not have the best up bringing in London, and across the world, I pray for her and hope that good things happen for her in the future so that she can be a role model to others

    • SandySande October 19, 2013

      Just no. Being 16 isn’t an excuse to beat people up or steal. At 16 I worked in a shop just like Boots (superdrug) to help look after my family so spare me that excuse.
      At the end of the day, it’s not like she did any of these things five years ago, she literally did this three of four months ago and is ONLY saying sorry because she was caught. I’m so over her at this point.

    • MarinasDiamonds October 19, 2013

      I grew up and still live on a council estate and have never stolen or physically hurt anyone a day in my life.

      • T-Shine October 19, 2013

        Dang, 16 years old, a few forgivable mistakes and you guys are already trying to feed her to the wolves as if she can’t learn and move on from her mistakes. And these comparisons are a joke. It’s great that you had a job and helped out your family at a young age but I think it’s pretty safe to assume that her upbringing, experiences, mindset and growth doesn’t mirror yours. Until you’ve walked a mile in her (or anyone’s) shoes, pipe down on the crazy judgements. I’d be willing to bet that your life’s story isn’t that of a saints. There are things that you’ve done, or will do that many can turn their noses up at.

  4. Kisses Down Low October 19, 2013

    16!? She could pass for 26!

    • PhuckYoTour October 19, 2013

      I can’t get over the fact that b****** out here dressing like Rihanna but can’t even afford basic cosmetics. The struggle to imitate the queen is so real.

      • nitram October 19, 2013

        Your comment is really sad.

  5. Anon October 19, 2013

    I couldn’t have put this any better myself. I am so happy that TGJ recognised Kanya King’s work in the media in this article because she doesn’t get enough credit for it imo.
    This horrible little girl gets away with her evil deeds because people say she’s young, but I wonder if people would be so quick to overlook them if it was their sister she attacked or their shop she tried to steal from.
    ATEOTD I think she’s one of those girls who likes being in trouble and the only one she’s going to hurt in the end is herself.

  6. YorkshireRiri October 19, 2013

    That is not a 16 year old face. Then again, all those sleepless nights worrying about being arrested must have aged her about ten years.

  7. DagenhamDavina October 19, 2013

    If a white blog said these things they’d be called racist so you don’t even know how pleased I am that TGJ are the ones to have called her out. You made an excellent point about Jamelia and co to be honest, they were never involved in any kind of trouble and were actually liked just as much as the white singers.

    • wow October 19, 2013

      I hate how people act like others are just sat around waiting to call people racist for fun.

  8. QueenOfTheNavy October 19, 2013

    Can we stop comparing her to the Queen now please. The Queen has class and integrity and from what I can see this gutter b**** does not.

    • Mee October 19, 2013

      Class and integrity? Is that why she bullies people online and releases stripper videos?

      • BeyWhoUWanna October 19, 2013

        All bullying is bad but I don’t think Rihanna would ever hurt a girl or steal from a store 2bfair.

      • MEE October 19, 2013

        How tf do you know? She acts like she would. She wouldn’t now shes in the spotlight but she smashed her younger brother over the head with a glass bottle soo…

  9. OVOBarbie October 19, 2013

    Typical poser. She wants to dress like she gets paid on the regular but can’t even afford to buy the makeup on her face. Yall keep that s*** over in the UK.

  10. K.Rebelle October 19, 2013

    So let me get this straight. She beat up a girl, made her kiss her shoe and stole from a department store? Girl, if this was AI her ass would have BEEN fired. What kind of low class h**?

  11. BanjeeRiri October 19, 2013

    She’ll never pop off because of this. I first heard about her on another forum and they were saying that TGJ would probably get behind her like they did for Rita and Alex so I am sitting here shocked that they exposed her like this.
    This blog is notorious for helping British flops boost their profile over here and I know that because the only reason I know who Rita, Alex or those GLS boys are is because this is the only blog i read that writes about them. S*** must be bad as all f*** for this Tamera girl if the biggest and most biased black blog in the UK has turned their back on her.

    • 1D>>>YourLife October 19, 2013

      That’s very interesting, I never even saw it like that.

      • BanjeeRiri October 19, 2013

        A friend of mine was saying this to me but I didn’t get what she meant until she broke it down.

        The other blogs are based over here so they’re counted as American blogs but TGJ is the biggest r&b blog over there and that’s why the stupid ass record labels give them access to all the black singers they want to start doing well over here.

        It’s almost like if Perez decided he didn’t like a white singer and decided not to write about her because he knows that singer needs his audience to get popular.

    • wow October 19, 2013

      Maybe other black uk blogs don’t give rita, alex, jls and co. airtime. But mainstream media in the U.K. definitely do, go to the daily mail and they will usually have them covered. I definitely would not say that grape juice has that kind of power JUST yet to boost anyone’s profile in the U.K., although they are definitely making really great moes and hopefully that might soon be the case. HOWEVER considering the majority of the buying public in the U.K. is white, I don’t think that the main content of this site would appeal to them and I also don’t think it’s currently even on their radar.

      • wow October 19, 2013


  12. MEE October 19, 2013

    Silly little b****. She does not deserve to be there. Vain little cows like her need to be knocked down a peg.

  13. LORDE WHO NOW?? October 19, 2013

    Calm down TGJ…we get the race stereotype pointer…despite the subtly…HOWEVER she and Emeli Sande are not black…they are mixed race. Don’t try jump in my comment either because people are too comfortable with the whole “hide the mixies” act…we exist…we are here…we are not white…or black…light…or dark…we are what we are and I would appreciate that we are properly represented. It’s complete ignorance

    • Nubia October 19, 2013

      Why are you acting as though some mix raced people don’t assimilate one culture or another. This girl is seen as being a black girl whether it’s fair or not and that’s the point. Emeli Sande is seen as a BLACK singer. Obama is seen as a BLACK president and Halle Berry is seen as the first BLACK actress to win a Best actress Oscar.

      On paper they are mix raced, but in the eyes of the media they are thrown in the same pot as other black people.

      • C October 19, 2013

        Nubia read that Lorde who trick who hasn’t read up on the one drop rule, SMH uneno.

    • JanetXone October 19, 2013

      @LordeWhoNow I see your point, but let’s dust away the political correctness and get straight to the facts. A biracial boy wearing a hoodie outside in the middle of the night is seen as just as much of a danger as a black wearing a hoodie outside in the middle of the night.

      A white boy isn’t seen as as much of a threat because society tells us that white people are unlikely to commit the crimes black people commit and vice versa.

      At the end of the day, even though is biracial, Tamera is looked at as a bad representation of black girls BECAUSE most people don’t differentiate the difference between black and biracial UNLESS the biracial person grew up in a predominately white home and DOESN’T belong to urban culture, ie speak slang.

      • Dev October 19, 2013

        Do you mean Leona Lewis? I think the same is to be said for Emil Sande, but if the xfactor continue to show her whit relatives she can turn it around my the end of the series.

  14. Nadine/Natalia/Florence October 19, 2013

    I don’t want to overplay Sam’s influence and I hate to bring race into , but you guys DO know serious it is if a urban website ran by black people takes such a negative stance a black singer who white mainstream people already hate.

    • Damo October 19, 2013

      I agree with you totally!

  15. YOOSONDALOOSE October 19, 2013

    Oh whatever colour has nothing to do with it!
    She is just TACKYYYYYY end of!

    • Draggin4MrsCarter October 19, 2013

      Color has EVERYTHING to do with it. You clearly need to a course in media studies hun.

  16. LEA October 19, 2013

    All Black-British people are persecuted against, especially in the mainstream. Its so sad that every Black contestant on the X Factor has had something bad written about them. Check for yourself. A MESS.

    • MCThePlaceToBe October 19, 2013

      Just no. JLS are black and nothing bad was written about them and Hannah is loved by the press. Don’t play the race card because the media is seeing Tamera for what she is.

      From what I understand, the owner of this website made it onto a ‘most influential black men in britain’ list last year, so why would his website write an article like this? Unless you want to tell me they’re racist too.

    • SandySande October 19, 2013

      Yes honey and thats why Black-British people have a duty to prove their persecutors wrong and NOT play into their hands like Tamera does.

    • Anon October 19, 2013

      What’s ‘a mess’ is that YOU are disrespecting the plight of black people by wanting everyone to ignore what this b**** has been doing just because she has black in her.

  17. KissFromARose October 19, 2013

    ‘All Black-British people are persecuted against’. That is very true, but that doesn’t explain why anyone should forgive this girl who clearly likes to hurt and steal from people.

  18. MrsMerrygold October 19, 2013

    Wow. TGJ are known for supporting all the X Factor acts so wtf happened here.

    • ItsCheryl2Bh October 19, 2013

      It’s actually serious when you think about it, I would have put money on her being their new Rita or Elijah.

    • StaceyBeaker October 19, 2013

      I spent all morning debating this with my sister and she said its because they probably know more stories are going to come out about her. Imagine how bad it looks if they make her their Rita 2.0 if she has criminal past. I am worried for her now though, the entire media is turning against her.

  19. SellOuts October 19, 2013

    Dissapointed that TGJ wrote this artical 2bfair. You are a huge website with millions of readers and instead of supporting a young black girl you tear her down. So what if she beat someone up ages ago, it’s in the past and weve all done things were not proud of so let it go.

    • Angel & Misha Sittin In A Tree October 19, 2013

      You be disappointed that you stan for someone who steals from Boots.
      You should be disappointed that you stan for someone who told someone to kiss her shoes.
      I hate when TGJ shades Rihanna but I have to give them props for this article because they said nothing but the truth. From when they go out of their way to show love to Misha and Alex you should know something is wrong when they decide not to support Tamera.

  20. RitasLipstick October 19, 2013

    I don’t get it, are Tgj supposed to support all black/bi-racial singers by default.

  21. Mee October 19, 2013

    Why the f*** would TGJ support her just because shes black? What kinda B*******? Shes steals, shes been done for assult and a bully. So now they have to give her a pass because shes black? NO. Shes been given the opportunity of a life time other acts would die for and value and shes taking advantage.

    • The truth October 19, 2013

      Agree with you and im. Glad they said it like it is why should we champion trash… Young people get enough bad press no need for another rotten apple. Especially a black one.. Reaffirming negative stereotypes kmt…plus at16 she should know better especially after already auditioning

  22. The truth October 19, 2013

    I think she s beautiful talented ..just a shame about the history to be fair Nicole wasn’t sure whether or not to put her through.
    Think she’s got 3/4 yrs of growing up before she’ll be ready for this type of opportunity.
    Fame has a lot of pressure and temptations. Wouldn’t want her to become a train wreck and end up sniffing coke like shola ama

    As Sam said, class is so important in the UK a black girl like tamera unfortunately doesn’t move us forward she holds us back to negative stereotypes which we need to distance ourselves from.,,,

    Just sayin… The truth.

  23. Dev October 19, 2013

    Okay, i think her attractiveness s the main focus, because although she can sing her voice (to me) isn’t all that.
    People make mistakes at the start, during and after their careers but i do agree that behaving like this and being black has made her situation worse. The british public damn near hate Alexandra Burke and she hasn’t done anything wrong

  24. MISHKA October 19, 2013

    Tamera is an amazing raw talent but fame and fortune will chew her and spit her in a blink of an eye.

    X Factor should send her home and take her back in a couple of years, she’s not ready for the whole thing and Jay-Z is way too busy to babysit another adoptive niece.

  25. Gravesender October 20, 2013

    So she is a bully, thief, cheat and drug abuser…knowing xfactor their going to make this b**** a star

  26. the voice October 20, 2013

    I luv this blog but why pull out the race card???

    Sounds a little like self hate to me… I mean look at Lindsey, Miley, Britney, Demi, Cher Lloyd, and Lindsey… these girls have all don harder drugs than weed.

    Why make it a racial thing??? Confused

    So then Beyonce, Brandy, Monica, Kelly, Ciara, and Leona’s “good” behavior must be related to the fact that they are black too right??

    Let’s stop the self hate in the black community

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