Gary Barlow: ‘I Don’t Let My Kids Watch Rihanna Or Miley Cyrus Videos’

Published: Tuesday 8th Oct 2013 by David

He’s the Brit Pop icon with fan base that includes ’21‘ singer Adele and ‘Next To Me’ darling Emeli Sande.

We’re talking about Gary Barlow of course, the well loved X Factor UK judge readying the release of his fourth solo album, set for launch on November 25th.

This week, well before the LP is unveiled, he has shared his thoughts on Pop Princesses Rihanna & Miley Cyrus, revealing that he has banned his children from watching their music videos.

During an interview set up to promote the release, he shared:

“Music is an expression and an art form and however they want to express it is fine. If you don’t want to watch it or listen to it, there’s an off button.These singers are young, sexy girls – of course they are going to express themselves like that, but I don’t let my kids watch it.”

“I probably wouldn’t let them watch anything like that, it’s too sexual for them.”

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  1. Rosie October 8, 2013

    It makes sense though. You know when people say “stop blaming ______ for your slutty kids?” To me he’s just being a good parent and is probably waiting for them to get older to watch it.

    • doubline47 October 8, 2013

      Miley Cyrus album is the Worst album i’ve ever listen to in a very long time,there is only one song on that album(I adore you)

  2. KeyNavy October 8, 2013

    It’s his problem ,we don’t care

  3. Tash October 8, 2013

    His kids are young which makes it easy, wait till they get to 12 and upwards.

  4. Teacher October 8, 2013

    Great parenting! I’m a Rihanna stan and if I had kids I wouldn’t let them watch some of her videos either! *Gives him a standing ovation*

  5. TKO October 8, 2013

    Lol what has Beyonce’s video got to do with this Sam? Hmmmm… 😉

  6. LA LA October 8, 2013

    who is this?

    • A. October 8, 2013

      the question would be who are you who doesnt know him, lol

  7. Teacher October 8, 2013

    Great parenting! I’m a Rihanna Stan and if I had kids I wouldn’t let them watch some of her videos either! *Gives him a standing ovation* Don’t complain or b**** about it…just turn it off! Simple.

  8. LDN Chick October 8, 2013

    I like Gary but his speaking voice drains me on X Factor

  9. pat October 8, 2013

    Rih and Miley are clearly the it girls. Stay getting that press. I definitely see a new Rihanna single dropping in the near future.

    • LDN Chick October 8, 2013

      They’re getting press because they act controversial. Thats their aim.

      • pat October 8, 2013

        your point being??? lol

      • LDN Chick October 8, 2013

        It girls? More like controversial attention seeking girls. My little sister is 15 neither her nor her friends want to be slutty like them.

  10. jake.ubb October 8, 2013

    Yes, because we all care how you parent your children. Not sure why celebrities think the general public needs to know what their children are and are not allowed to do…

    • Teflon Boy October 8, 2013

      Lol u do realise that celebrities get asked topical questions during interviews don’t u? Do u honestly think he has just volunteered that information, like called up the Sun and said ‘here are my thoughts on Rihanna and Miley’…, I’m sure u are a lovely guy but u sound really naive.

      • jake.ubb October 8, 2013

        Sorry was just in a mood this morning, had a midterm. I realize he didn’t volunteer this information, all the comments on the images of Miley and Rihanna and other’s like them just get old and tired. My bad though thanks for checking me, I can admit when I say dumb stuff!

    • Teflon Boy October 10, 2013

      No worries man! Hope you are Ace-ing those midterms!

  11. Career Ender October 8, 2013

    Wise Parent!

    Those 2 slutty singers aint good for no one’s kids

    • Dray October 8, 2013

      Too bad he couldn’t protect them from seeing Bey’s crotch shots that were thrust upon everyone Superbowl night. . . . .now there lies the shame

      • XXX October 8, 2013

        He doesnt want to protect them from Beyonce though. Hence why he didnt mention her name.

      • DIGGER BEY October 8, 2013

        What about Britney p**** shots??? I’ve seen that s*** more than Kevin. She showed it off show much. I think something crawled n her c****** and that was what ran her ass crazy.

  12. Dirty Laundry October 8, 2013

    Do Rihanna fans not feel some type of way that Rihanna is officially in the same bracket as Miley Cyrus now? Lol

    • Dray October 8, 2013

      . . there are a lot of things in the “adult only” bracket. .sooo what’s the problem?

      • Dirty Laundry October 8, 2013

        LOL you think grown ass adults are getting their life from Cyrus and Rihanna videos? Nah. Its just the desperate whores of the industry bracket.

      • Dray October 8, 2013

        I don’t group Miley with Rihanna. . . .try again TRY HARD

      • Dirty Laundry October 8, 2013

        Let me guess… Thats because you’re a Rihanna fan? Sorry boo boo, but the rest of society does.

      • Dray October 8, 2013

        . . and you are the rest of society huh. . ..your delusions. . .they have meds for that now. . . .

      • Dray October 8, 2013

        . . you should be a Rihanna fan considering your fav stay getting paid dust. . . .maybe Bey will let her serve on one of their provate planes. . . she always was her loyal servant like Dobbie in Harry Potter

      • Dray October 8, 2013

        . . .and how long has she been in the industry trying? What’s her excuse? She sings about getting her c*&t ate and still gets paid NO ATTENTION

      • Dirty Laundry October 8, 2013

        The headlines are self explanatory ‘Miley AND Rihanna’

    • RICHIE_RICH October 8, 2013

      Hence the reason they loose their minds ALL THE TIME.

      • Dray October 8, 2013

        . .did you detect any lies in what I said? No. . . . .so before you want to label my fav a w**** read the lyrics of your sad fav. . . .my favs not the one singing about c******* which still kept her basically. . . .basic and on the fried chicken circuit Beyonce has designated her to . . . . pulease

      • Dirty Laundry October 8, 2013

        @Richi Rich IKR!

    • Teacher October 9, 2013

      Is Kelly in anybody’s bracket tho?

  13. Chic soul October 8, 2013

    Duh. Stop letting the tv raise your kids. Rihanna’s videos aren’t even that sexual when you think about it. Other than “S&M” and PIU, what uber sexual videos have she had?

    • FAF October 8, 2013

      Its not just sexual, its drug references (See WFL) slapping her tattooed ass naked in a thong, popping pills, the lyrics in some of the songs, too “As we moonshine & molly” they do not censor those words on the radio

      its not all about parenting, u can not watch ur child 24/7 and if they have internet or a phone they can go watch Rihanna w**** herself on social media, too

      I hate when ppl say “dont let them watch____”

      • Chic soul October 8, 2013

        You’re right. You cannot watch your child 24/7 but you can instill values/morals into them. I grew up watching Janet, Hot Boys, No Limit, Madonna, Lil Kim but I came out fine because my parents RAISED ME CORRECTLY….and I am hoping the same for my son!!!

  14. Third Ward Trill (aka quetta) October 8, 2013

    clap, clap!

  15. NT October 8, 2013

    A lot of parents do stuff like that it’s there business , His children will probably see them at some point.

  16. Dray October 8, 2013

    Now that’s parenting. . . .I wouldn’t let my kids watch some of those videos either. . .so what’s the problem, Sam? They are kids. .Rihanna isn’t for the kiddies. . . . . more or less. Some of her songs are ok. . like Diamond but for the most part, she’s for the grown and s***. . . . .

    • DIGGER BEY October 8, 2013

      U mean for the dirty filthy drug headed s**** like her. You’re so damn delusional b****. Its actually funny lmfaooo

      • Dray October 8, 2013

        You need your meds fast. . . Amanda B #2

  17. Career Ender October 8, 2013

    I just saw that JJfan what what b****’s real name on its e-mail

    Its called Ajaja ? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha. The fuque is AJAJA ?? Hahahahahahah!

    Basic Bitche with MOST basic name ever!!!!!! AJAJA!!! Hahaaaaaaaaaaa!

    • Lana Del Slay October 8, 2013

      Loooool. How can you diss someone’s name?

    • DIGGER BEY October 8, 2013

      LMfaooooooooooooooooooo. Bwahahahaawahahaahahahahahahhaahahahahahahhaahahahahahahaha

    • Micks October 8, 2013


    • Touché October 8, 2013


    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 9, 2013

      Hahahahahahahahahahaha! OMG you’re a b*tch

  18. Krista October 8, 2013

    Good for him, its his problem how he wants to raise his kids. But I feel like if your kids have good enough morals, stability and boundaries instilled in them then it doesnt need to be made an issue. Sometimes, the more you hide, the more intruiged they become. Obviously, I wouldnt want my niece watching PIU but we dont go out of out way to turn off the TV everytime a Rihanna video comes on. And you wont be able to hide them once they using the internet. And the older they get, the more space they are entitled too. And thats the even more impressionable age because they are knowing of s** and drugs. Theres no way, no matter how in control you think you are. People will talk at school, use their phones and so on.

    • Chic soul October 8, 2013

      THIS!!!! I loved Lil Kim as a youngster/teen but I didn’t grow up to be a w****. It’s all about good parenting. BE A PARENT. Your are supposed to be your child’s first role model. Talk to your freaking kids. They may roll their eyes or huff and puff but they wiiillllll listen…..

  19. mekaela October 8, 2013

    Its funny how society is up in arms about s** but push gays up in our children face wow rihanna have nothing to do with you all acting like white society is so pure go worry about going to hell when god come for his world pushing gayism in our face leave rihanna alone and stop grouping her with miley montanna

  20. Bey Fan October 8, 2013

    Kids shouldn’t be watching some of Rihanna’s video (all of them aren’t sexual and drug related)…and Miley is just too wild now. It’s not a shade or a diss…if most of you had children I would hope you try to mentor and filter what they watch.

  21. CHINEYWHALE October 8, 2013

    I am confusted as to why Sam posted Beyonce’s video…Ummm I’m pretty sure she prances around in a leotard with her ass, tits, cand cooch out!

  22. Naomi October 8, 2013

    Good! Miley Cyrus and Rihanna are on another level of nastiness. But the difficult part is, its the KIDS mainly who are into them.

  23. UMo October 8, 2013

    Uhoh Rihanna. I sense a backlash brewing!

  24. Stop the drama Start the music October 8, 2013

    Ppl arnt dragging Gaga about being naked cuz she actually has talent…just saying.

    • Dray October 8, 2013

      Oh she gets dragged. . .rest assured. . but right now she’s an industry joke and no one’s paying her dust. . . . .kiii

      • DIGGER BEY October 8, 2013

        Just like that empty head walking of the dead b**** u stan for

      • Stop the drama Start the music October 8, 2013

        She gets dragged by ppl that don’t understand her art. Rest assure they don’t drag her for her talent. Many artists have gimmicks to stay relevant so that fact u only drag one person in the Industry when there is many is also a joke. Plz save it.

    • Dray October 8, 2013

      Don’t you have a calendar to buy or an education to catch up on?

      • DIGGER BEY October 8, 2013

        No honey. I’m good but the real question is? Don’t u have some tickets to buy to someone’s Las Vegas show? I hear the s*** is FLOPPING gurl.

      • Dray October 8, 2013

        . . my fav making movies. . selling out cosmetics lines. . fashion lines. . .setting trends. . .breaking records. . . . .and keeping those other gowrls pressed and scurred. . . .

        that would be Rihanna

  25. RICHIE_RICH October 8, 2013

    Good for him.

  26. XXX October 8, 2013

    Hes got the right idea. As long as he doesnt make it too much of an issue. Kids never bounce off parents that talk AT them rather than WITH them.

  27. HOTSTUFF October 8, 2013

    “Music is an expression and an art form and however they want to express it is fine. If you don’t want to watch it or listen to it, there’s an off button.”


    • Stop the drama Start the music October 8, 2013

      Lol at u saying amen when u have dragged Gaga for expressing her art. Hypocrite. But I’m sure if it was Rihanna doing what Gaga is doing u would call it art as well.

      • HOTSTUFF October 8, 2013

        I’ve dragged Gaga because she won’t let her music speak for itself , she literally takes a shovel and try to shove down our throat that everything she does is so revolutionary and artistic , when she’s just a copy cat thieving generic obnoxious bafoon.

      • Stop the drama Start the music October 8, 2013

        Not true. It may be that u don’t find her type of music appealing. But doesn’t matter. She’s sold millions and actually writes her s***.

  28. Career Ender October 8, 2013


    Both have short hair

    Both have flat cakes

    Both like showing their naked bodies to the whole galaxy (including Rih’s native E.T.’s)

    Both include their daily pornstar positions on they suck, shake and swallow Performances.

    Legends! Our favs could never

    • JOHNVIDAL October 8, 2013

      You forget they are talentless.

  29. sorry, Im Booked October 8, 2013


  30. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 8, 2013

    I have read the article twice and I’m struggling to see where Gary has mentioned Rihanna or Miley. Smh, someone is thirsty for hits.

  31. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 8, 2013

    Nope, your fav is too busy making Ass shots for a local fireman calendar.

    How do you go on a world tour only to promote a calendar, I just can’t, I really can’t.

    • DIGGER BEY October 8, 2013

      Rihc*nt u mad its out grossing R****’s FLopiamond Drunken Tour. #SEEEEETH FAT B****

    • JER October 8, 2013

      FINISH HA!!!!!

      • DIGGER BEY October 8, 2013

        B**** u just continue to seeeeeeth over their bwahahahhaahhahaha

      • Dray October 8, 2013

        . . . chhh the reach of the Hive is real just like their fav with that calendar. . . .

    • Micks October 8, 2013

      But no one is complaining about beyonce tho #PawDat.

    • Micks October 8, 2013

      And he was asked specifically about Miley and Rihanna if you read the full interview, he is refering to them.

    • DIGGER BEY October 8, 2013

      U mean the calender that will outsell Shitneys new album????

  32. JER October 8, 2013

    But I’ll bet he let’s himself watch Seancody and Corbin Fisher videos. Giving me repressed white f** T’s

    • DIGGER BEY October 8, 2013

      Bwahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahaha U mad huh b****??? Gary don’t give a fawk about u being pressed over some 2 cents h***. #STAY MAD C*NT

      • James October 8, 2013

        Why are British people on here trying to sound American?

  33. Lydia October 8, 2013

    Good for Gary!

  34. jas October 8, 2013

    That’s the operative word…a leotard. She has yet to twerk in a damn GSTRING, on camera.

    • Dray October 8, 2013

      . . she was twerking, p-poppin in a dominatrix outfit on a Sunday night. . . . .I mean. . .I mean. . . ._/ _/ _/

    • Dray October 8, 2013

      Or did you forget the lap dance she did on stage. . .a married woman. . . _/ _/ _/. .if that wasn’t twerking. . .or at least an attempt at it then chhhh

  35. Mark111 October 8, 2013

    Good for him, yes, it’s HIS job to make sure HIS kids doesn’t watch these kind of videos. Other parents should take notes, not just in music and entertainment, but take charge of their children schooling, behavior and so on.

    With that said, I’m a grown man, don’t censor my entertainment because you have dumb kids and lacking parents and they don’t know the difference from tv and real life.

    Rihanna was never targeted to young kids, so she’s doing nothing different from J.p, Janet, Beyonce and so on. What makes Miley so bad is just a few years ago, she was targeted to 5 to 14 yr olds and I can see a child still seeing her as Hanna. It’s really a case of be a bad girl, take a chance of being the next Lohan and have press or be a good girl, have no press like Duff. But you can tell she’s just doing it for show, I actually believe she does have it all planed. We’ll see I guess.

    • Dray October 8, 2013

      PREACH. . . .CHUUURCH. .. .

  36. Jess October 8, 2013

    I think that Rihanna’s PIU video release was a bad idea smh. The fact that she is now competing for this “ratchet attention” with Miley is sad. It just proves that this “reign” that her fans speak of is up for grabs. And why tf do you guys keep bringing Beyonce into this? C****** shots? Ass shots? The woman wears a damn leotard with multiple pairs of stocking under…like a lot of dancers. As for dancing, well at least her routines consist of actual footwork and challenging choreo, like Run the World, End of Time or Single Ladies, as opposed to merely walking up and down the damn stage while p**** patting. Does Beyonce take s*** pics? Yes. Does she have sensual performances? Yes. As does Jlo, Janet, Madonna, Shakira…hell! Mariahs a straight up vocalist and she even has s** appeal. They are all s***. They have yet however, twerked in a damn GSTRING…for all to see. Rihanna is officially in the same boat ass Miley and that’s sad as f***.

    • YeaWhateva October 8, 2013

      @JESS, U and MARK111 are the same person, its obvious! Stop trying to get your point across using different user names!

      • Mark111 October 8, 2013

        I won’t take the time to tell you how wrong you are. I bet you think that MJ and Janet are the same person as well. I’m not gonna free you, I’m gonna let you and Digger B**** sit you y’all delusion.

    • DIGGER BEY October 8, 2013

      Yessss Spill it. They trying to drag THE QUEEN in this because they don’t want R**** to look like the only s***. But she is. THE QUEEN take s*** pics but they never go to far. Her outfits on stage are the same way. The dancing stays street but s***. Now Rihoeanna screams SLUUUUUUUUUUUUT! P**** pat downs. Acting like the mic is an d*** on stage. Attention Whoring on Twitter and Instagram all the time. And fawkin 10 to 20 men daily. The W**** is Straight C** in the Alley.

      • HOWYOULIKEIT October 8, 2013

        King B stays flawless and she inspires people.
        R**** only knows how to be a s***

  37. Jess October 8, 2013

    “That’s the operative word…a leotard. she has yet to twerk in a damn GSTRING, on camera”

    • Dray October 8, 2013

      . . but a bdsm outfit is ok?. .Two times has she actually wore such things–the second in this calendar when she a** poppin (the photo used to promote the calendar). . you do know the bdsm lifestyle is where rubber or vinyl panties come from, don’t you?. . . . .but you have issues with faux g-strings. . . .chhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  38. Jess October 8, 2013

    “That’s the operative word…a leotard. She has yet to twerk in a damn GSTRING on camera”

  39. James October 8, 2013

    These stars like Rihanna and Miley should be ashamed of themselves. Its disgusting the s*** they’re subjecting kids to. Stuff for adults should stay for adults and stuff for kids should stay for kids. The line is being blurred way too much nowadays.

  40. Navy Nick October 8, 2013

    I do not agree with this style of parenting, but to each it’s own. We all know how the preacher’s kids, and little catholic school girls turn out..u hide things from them, it makes them want it more…b real, and open with your kids…it works actually, b/c u have trust, and they want to let you in more…BUT hey, its his life…

  41. HOWYOULIKEIT October 8, 2013

    Why would he? Which parent would let his child visually abused by slutanna???
    We need real artists like Beyonce to teach young girls to be proud of them.

  42. HOWYOULIKEIT October 8, 2013

    And OH! Miley has better vocals than r****

  43. mc the place to be! October 8, 2013

    s*** they probably already watched it

  44. DEZI October 8, 2013

    Rihanna has been doing raunchy s*** for the longest so why is everyone acting brand-new all of a sudden? What he said really don’t have nothing to do with rihanna it has more to do with him feeling embarrassed by miley cyrus VMA performance — so as a way to ease the embarrassment “Lets call out rihanna too” Right? GTFOH Dude. Miley started her own fire so let miley put her own s*** out and leave rihanna out of that mess and out of your mouth just because miley shamed you. Miley was on that stage – Not rihanna so stop using rihanna as a DEFLECTION.

    As a matter of fact LADY-GAGA have her ass out on display more than rihanna that’s how i know dude is full of s*** but he tried to play it strategically which is why he purposely didn’t mention Lady Gaga but mentioned rihanna. Miley shamed a lot of white people and she caught a lot of heat for it so he wasn’t about to put another white girl under the micro-scope that would be a bit too much … Right? So who does he mention out of the bunch? Rihanna A “BLACK WOMAN” FOH DUDE – Miley made her bed so let her lie in it.

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