Lady GaGa Secures Top Ten Spot With ‘Do What U Want’

Published: Tuesday 29th Oct 2013 by David

Shortly before Hurricane Beyonce swirls towards the Billboard Hot 100, Lady GaGa eyes a potential #1 single in her latest release ‘Do What U Want’…in the competitive market that is the United Kingdom.

How the British public have shown their support for the Urban number?

Good news below…

Perhaps the older and far more brave sister of 2008’s ‘Eh Eh‘, ‘Want’ has now soared to the Top Ten of iTunes UK, doing so days after the performer rocked the ‘X Factor UK’ with the very first live performance of the single.

Indeed, while reviews of that performance have ‘varied’ to say the least, it did more than enough to secure the support of the British public, who have taken the number to #8 on the digital tally, as pre-order sales of its supporting LP ‘ARTPOP‘ have pushed it to #13 on the albums chart!

…and that isn’t all!

For, while ‘Do What U Want’ continues to do for the star what ‘Applause’ simply couldn’t, ‘Venus‘ finds itself on the end of Italian commercial support. Support, that now sees it holding a #4 spot on the nation’s iTunes singles chart!

#NowPlaying: Lauryn Hill & Tanya Blount – ‘His Eye Is On the Sparrow (Sister Act 2)’…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Molly October 29, 2013

    I had to stop reading after hurricane Beyonce… Lol the delusional is real.

    • Rellz October 29, 2013

      Said the Ciara stan

      • Molly October 29, 2013

        Enjoying that calender sis?

      • The Edge of Coffin October 29, 2013

        RIP Gaga (2009-2011) 🙁

      • Rellz October 29, 2013

        Yes. Probably more than you are enoying Ciaras sales.

    • Rip Gaga (2009-2013) October 29, 2013


    • Slaty Perry October 29, 2013

      What’s a big deal.

      Can’t even remember when Gaga last hit #1 in the UK and US.

      Oh well….

      • Stop the drama Start the music October 29, 2013

        She’s not a singles artist like Katy perry so idk y this is exactly news. All of her albums have performed commercially better than her singles.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 29, 2013

        Have you noticed these trolls have been posting under our names for a couple of days? Sad people.

      • Stop the drama Start the music October 29, 2013

        LOL. I saw that. My impact for an anonymous person online must be pretty effective.

  2. Rellz October 29, 2013

    Oh its for the UK. That’s only because of X Factor.

    • K Bye October 29, 2013

      She paid tribute to Lil Kim and Miley 😉

  3. Biting Truth October 29, 2013

    lol whatever man…

  4. Ms92 October 29, 2013

    I actually like Do What You Want. Its better than the other 2 songs.

  5. #Beyindependent October 29, 2013

    It will struggle in America mark my words but knowing her she’ll probably suck R.Kellys d*** in the video to get them YouTube views .

    • QUEENHANNA October 29, 2013

      And whose d***, I wonder, is Floponce gonna suck to get her next hit?

  6. JOHNVIDAL October 29, 2013

    So excited for Artpop, Loved me back to life and new Mariah´s music coming in a matter of days. I just want to enjoy music (this blog was once about that) and Janelle Monáe´s September release is getting on my nerves cos of how much I´ve listened to it LOL (so great). Have you guys seen how spectacular Celine looked on Jimmy Fallon?

    • Molly October 29, 2013


    • Goddessyonce Knowles October 29, 2013

      the definition of bad taste is ^^^^^

    • JOHNVIDAL October 29, 2013

      Can´t believe how much this blog´s comment section has gone downhill. People used to have great taste or at least used to talk about talent and music. Now it´s full of kids who think supporting real talent is having bad taste and Rihanna, Katy Perry, Mylie or Justin Beiber are the ones making great music and singing well, not legends or from this generation Gaga or Beyonce at least, I don´t know.
      If you talk about real talents like Florence or Janelle Monae they will call them flops and vote you down. It´s in moments like this when I miss @suicide blonde. Or @MC, or @Dossome and a few others. Can´t get for that other blog to come back and enjoy music world the right way, great information and people supporting real talent for the most part.

      • Molly October 29, 2013

        B**** you got it f***** people dont support Gaga because her music is garbage you have bad taste and you are a disgrace to Mariah fans by supporting someone like Gaga.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 29, 2013

        Yeah yeah right!
        Look Gaga is not on true greats level (Mariah), but she is definitely better than most of her peers, both vocally and artisticalle. It´s so obvious even @suicide blonde couldn´t deny it.

  7. Artflung October 29, 2013

    Lady Gaga- Queen of Generic Mess and Moderate Hits !


  8. Moderate Like Lady Gaga October 29, 2013


  9. Riri4Life October 29, 2013

    Lady Gaga is a pathetic self-absorbed overrated singer of this decade.

    She think she’s using reverse psychology but is actually proving what everyone says about her to be true.

    She’s desperate for attention. She has to use Twitter to tell the world how relevant she is. That’s Gaga. Cheap and phony with no class. Would Rihanna? Would Madonna? Would Mariah? Would Beyonce? Would Katy? Would Miley?

    She thought she could get away with this Fartpoop and trying to sabotage by Roar by pushing Applause out on the same day but it backfired and Katy outsold her. Now she doesn’t know how to react and she’s going to get even more pressed if her sales aren’t what she wanted either.

    Lady Gaga is the best example of cheap and vile pop star in the world. And Monsters are the most universally despised fans in the world.

    Lady Gaga is the most famous Xerox machine who stole people ideas and art. She should be jeered not applause.

    • Molly October 29, 2013

      Drag her R******

  10. Goddessyonce Knowles October 29, 2013

    Gaga- a pop singer on life support. Please retire soon… 😆

  11. The Edge of Sewage Pipe October 29, 2013

    Artpop——Lotus—-Fantasy Ride—— 4

  12. The Monster Slays iTunes Today October 29, 2013

    B**** licked and rimmed 9 asses just to be in the top 10.

    That’s too funny.

  13. Joke of the year October 29, 2013

    Someone just called a radio station and asked “Can you play the new Gaga’s song?” and the DJ said, “Never heard of her” and hung up..

  14. Shelly October 29, 2013

    With applause maybe? Your dumb.

  15. Rosie October 29, 2013

    Don’t songs usually shoot straight to the top 3 at least with an X Factor UK performance? Mess.

  16. JohnVidal October 29, 2013

    Gaga is SO 5 years ago. K bye..

    • JOHNVIDAL October 29, 2013

      Please leave my user name alone. Seriously this blog is s*** now. Retarded people showing their basicness 90% of the time.

      • JohnVidal October 29, 2013

        Who stole your nickname ?????

      • JOHNVIDAL October 29, 2013

        Your retarded self!

  17. Flake Like Lady Gaga October 29, 2013

    Lady Gaga’s artistic expressions seem to copy & researching other people’s ideas and work. She is a flake.

  18. Lamb4Life October 29, 2013


  19. TRUTH October 29, 2013

    Perhaps your thinking of Rihanna. She’s the one who f**** people for number 1’s not Gaga. I can’t with the ignorance. No wonder a black artist hasn’t seen the Top Spot in ages you people make mainstream hate anything urban due to the ignorance on hereS

    • ok October 30, 2013

      This comment is ignorant. Bye

  20. Rosie October 29, 2013

    Sam where’s the post on Prism’s first week? 287K.
    Below the second prediction. ChartFlop will probably do the same.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 29, 2013

      You talk as if your faves sell like Michael Jackson in the 80s. That said, of course Katy Perry is underperforming, she had all the good press this year and a big (ridiculous, but it is what it is nowadays) hit.
      Love Lana by the way. Summertime Sadness was always one of my very faves by her. From the start. Cos I´m not a flip flopper, like most people in here.

      • #Beyindependent October 29, 2013

        John stop trying to kiss peoples ass that’s not gonna change their opinion on GaGa lame ass.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 29, 2013

        I know that LOL I´m just trying to talk about music. This person is supposed to be a Lana del Rey fan, and I like her music, so is it bad if I ask her (or him) about it? I used to do it all the time with @suicide, @pop royalty, @MC, @Dossome and many more who left this blog. Now it´s like you can only talk about music with @bitchcantevenspell and @stopthedrama (the real ones of course, not the sad people using other people´s names).

    • JOHNVIDAL October 29, 2013

      Which is your favorite Lana´s song btw?

      • Rosie October 29, 2013

        All of her songs are great but I’ll go with Gods & Monsters, American, Cola, Bel Air, Video Games, Summertime Sadness (original, no one on Team Lana uses the remix), Dark Paradise, and Without You.
        Sorry. It’s hard to choose.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 30, 2013

        Those are basically my favorites too. And yeah I don´t even know how that remix sounds 🙂

  21. Navy Nick October 29, 2013


    • JOHNVIDAL October 29, 2013

      You are one of the few who seem to really like music too. Sorry I forgot to mention you. Artpop sounds amazing as a whole. Loved the snipped for that last song, Gaga´s rock voice was showing in that one.

  22. CAKE LIKE LADY FLOPGA October 29, 2013


  23. Meet S≜∞ (Sterling Infinity) October 29, 2013

    Her first album had elements of r&b.

  24. #Beyindependent October 29, 2013

    @JohnDival crys about the same s*** all the time. B**** go to a site that caters to your old ass then if you have such a problem with the commenters.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 29, 2013

      How am I old when some of my favorite artists are as young as the basic 30 years old Katy Perry or the young Rihanna and Mylie Cyrus? Difference is my faves really have talent: Janelle Monae, Miguel, Florence, Hurts, etc.
      Btw, Beyonce>>>most of this sad generation (or at least the mainstream part) if that´s what is bothering you.

  25. Stop the drama Start the music October 29, 2013

    But where’s the ppl that said Venus was such a horrible song and would do worse on the charts than DWUW and Applause? And of course a stupid bubblegum pop boy band would outsell Lady Gaga. 1D has received massive unnecessary hype by Tweens since day 1. I could care less if they out peaked Gaga cuz she didn’t even promote Venus anywhere other than X factor and it still peaked the top spot on US iTunes….

    And am I actually hearing this? 287k for Katy’s first week sales? LOL. She will never have the EPIC 600k full priced Gaga sold first week with BTW.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 29, 2013

      More than 600,000 I think. And if that deal hadn´t existed, she´d probably have sold more full priced copies.
      Anyway, this time around maybe she won´t do specially better than Katy, but it doesn´t mean anything, since Katy has been getting all the sweet love the whole year and Gaga has been getting the biggest hate since Xtina´s horrible last couple of years. I mean, if despite this, she ends selling more copies than Katy first week… it would be hilarious and the ultimate slayage and proof that these basic artists won´t prevail.

      • Stop the drama Start the music October 29, 2013

        Yeah I don’t think Gaga’s music is capturing ppl’s attention this time around cuz it just isn’t as appealing as her earlier stuff. I think her antics this time like getting completely naked in front of ppl have rubbed most ppl the wrong way. Only open minded ppl will see that she’s staying true to herself and making music that she wants and not the typical Britney type of music.
        I’m going to pre order ARTPOP by the end of this week though and pick up a physical copy if I’m really impressed by it.

      • Slayty Perry (Legendary Lovers) October 29, 2013

        I can’t with the LittleSuicides clinging to 1st week sales. Did you guys forget that Plagiarize This Way with its 600k+ got outsold by Katy’s 192k Teenage Dream? First week sales are irrelevant, and that’s a fact. Katy Perry’s music has longevity and sales in the long term, also a fact. A Lamb should already know this. Artflop will open with bigger 1st week sales but will drop off the following weeks just like the album before it did. A record 88% second week decrease if I remember correctly.

      • Stop the drama Start the music October 29, 2013

        It didn’t outsell BTW WW tho so technically it didn’t. If I recall BTW was 6 million ww. TD was 5 million. Only recently has the success her Katy’s new singles helped TD sell more tho if that really happened like u say.
        Even tho I have a hard time believing anything u say seeing that u blatantly lied about Prism not having any negative reviews. What a joke.

      • Slayty Perry (Legendary Lovers) October 29, 2013

        So prove me wrong. Find me a negative review about Prism on Metacritic. They’ve all been average to positive. I’ll wait.

      • Stop the drama Start the music October 29, 2013

        Death at u thinking Katy will have longevity. She’s no where near Mariah’s league so that won’t happen. She’s gotta do more than make cute songs and look pretty on the red carpet to gain respect. Those number 1’s are disposable consumer bought music. Most of them won’t even be standards like MC’s music years to come…..

      • Stop the drama Start the music October 29, 2013

        I had posted the link but TGJ held it for moderation. And what makes u think 63% metacritic rating will have no negative reviews?? No logic there.

      • Slayty Perry (Legendary Lovers) October 29, 2013

        B**** what? What does Mariah have to do with anything? I know that delusion is required to stan for Gaga but please get it together. You’re delusional if you don’t think Katy’s music has longevity. The proof is on the charts. She spent over a year in the top 10 on Billboard consecutively. No other artist has done that. All of her singles from California Gurls till now have lasted over 5 months on the Hot 100. Hell Roar hasn’t left the top 10 since its debut and isn’t even slowing down. How do you explain Teenage Dream lasting a few weeks shy of 2 years on the Billboard album 200? Not to shade others but Gaga hasn’t done that since The Fame. Rihanna has never done it. Neither has Taylor Swift or any of todays top female artists. Its still to early to say whether or not her singles will stand the test of time but your deluded to deny that I Kissed A Girl isn’t already there. And I’m still waiting on a negative review for Prism on Metacritic. Hell even Slant who hates anything pop gave it an average rating.

      • Slayty Perry (Legendary Lovers) October 29, 2013

        63 isn’t bad fool. If you actually go to Metacritc it tells you how many were positive, how many were mixed/average, and how many were negative. Prism has 7 positive and 16 mixed. I don’t need a link, tell me the name of the reviewer.

      • Slayty Perry (Legendary Lovers) October 29, 2013

        And like I said, reviews=/=sales. Ask Ariana Grande.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 29, 2013

      @slayty perry
      Well your user name alone… lol But seriously, I just want to tell you that you don´t know the meaning of longevity. It means which artists will prevail as decades go by, not how long a single perfect for radio during a certain period of time stayed on the singles charts. look at Paula Abdul, I´m pretty sure her numbers were impressive for 2 or 3 consecutive years around 1990. Did she have any longevity and does anybody remember those songs? NO. That´s Katy Perry for you.

  26. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 29, 2013

    YOU know The Comment Section is Sad When the Actual Fans Of gaga get Attacked for showing Love to Their fav.

    I just Can’t With gaga posts anymore. 🙄


    The hate level Became Ugly In TGJ. 😕

    • JOHNVIDAL October 29, 2013

      I know!
      Do you miss @suicide?
      Have you checked the songs from Janelle I told you the other day? 🙂

      • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 29, 2013

        ofc I miss him. 😕

        yes, They are good.

    • Slayty Perry (Legendary Lovers) October 29, 2013

      Its really not when those same fans get off by throwing shade every damn comment. Don’t try to paint them as victims. They’re just as responsible for the hate levels.

      • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 29, 2013

        I didn’t blame anyone, The hate level became ugly AF, Even for katy for example, but the gaga one is just straight ugly.

  27. FutureCIARA October 29, 2013

    Girl, Not top 10… Cute hook, But this number will never reach #1

    Sorry Muhnstaz!

    • One in a million October 29, 2013

      I could say the same for Ciara…

  28. LOL October 29, 2013


  29. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 29, 2013

    OMG! Those drinks that guy has on the right are ssssoooo good!! That sh*t is amazing! *leaves post as there’s nothing else to say*

  30. JER October 30, 2013

    Hurricane Beyonce GTFOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! That s*** is a tropical DEPRESSION at best

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