Lil Kim Faces Fresh Legal Drama Following Image Theft Claims

Published: Tuesday 12th Nov 2013 by David


Is Rap kitten Lil Kim gearing up for fresh legal drama today?

Unfortunately, if one Canadian fan of the ‘Black Friday’ star has their way…yes.

Find out why below…

Two years after the release of her ill fated EP ‘Black Friday’, the Hip Hop lioness announced the arrival of its follow up ‘Hardcore 2K13‘, a release that’d pay homage to her debut album of the same name, but boast brand new material and artwork from the icon.

Unfortunately, in what’s landed her in scolding hot water, the performer has come under scrutiny for allegedly stealing a piece crafted by another artist and using it as  the EP’s cover art….without seeking their permission to do so.

Taking to Steve Huffman‘s ‘Reddit‘, user ‘Sssamanthaa’ revealed:

“So, this is a thing that’s been happening. Lil Kim took my photo and is using it as album art (might I add she took the liberty of adding her watermark over it on instagram). I have spoken with a lady on her team as well as her manager, which has done a whole lot of nothing. I’ve reported the photos on Facebook and Instagram multiple times, but they are continually posted. Anyone have any thoughts on what to do here? I live in BC, Canada.”

Indeed, after numerous attempts to have her image removed from the project, the artist has seen her pleas ignored by the Rapper’s camp, prompting the creator to share their story on social media.

A story, that’s angered so many, some have urged them to take legal action against the alleged copy cat.

Peep their messages below…

Here’s hoping the ‘Queen Bee’ finds a way to claw her way out of this one!

Your thoughts? 

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  1. Mwah November 12, 2013

    Damn. I still f**** with old the Kim. She was that b****. Just the other day I was watching Ladies Night video.

    • Mwah November 12, 2013

      The old kim*

    • knowerxdg547 November 12, 2013

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  2. Blue ivy stan November 12, 2013

    LMAO lil Kim Wong Chung is such a fail!!!

    • truth HONEY…JUST THE TRUTH. y you mad November 12, 2013

      ok sam this is reeeeally a joke.

  3. TruthSpeaker November 12, 2013

    but…. she didn’t release a single and isn’t making any money on it. i don’t get it- she calls herself a fan and then gets mad when something she created for her is used by her? f***** hoodrats always trying to make coins.

    • STOP IT LILKIM!!! November 12, 2013

      The problem is the makeup artist DID NOT make the art for Kim she was doing a tutorial for Halloween and Kim STOLE it and used it as her single cover without asking Sssamanthaa’s permission.

  4. Tisha November 12, 2013

    Smh, so many years in the game and still doing amateur s*** and fuckery.

    I KNEW that photo looked familiar but I couldn’t quite place it.

    How you gonna be on Instagram looking for album cover art and then have the nerve to put out a song called ‘Look Like Money’? Do you WANT to fail? Did you think the girl wouldn’t find out you’ve been using her picture?

    Now child could sue you because ONCE AGAIN you made a dumb fcking move. You barely have money to fund this comeback and here you are once again about to lose what little change to another bad business decision. Too thru.

  5. OVOBarbie November 12, 2013

    What kind of deceptive b****? She deadass acted like that was her face in the picture too.

  6. FentySoSnatched November 12, 2013

    So what you’re saying is that this cat looking clown went on IG, saw a picture she liked and STOLE it from the person who made it? LMFAO. #BasicBitchProblems

  7. BarbzRUs November 12, 2013

    Did anyone else clock how many ‘cat’ references TGJ made in this post? The shade is too thick.

  8. RiriRoyale November 12, 2013

    Instead of delivering my order of two crispy spring rolls and Harajuku fried rice she was stealing people’s art work. #ShameOnYou

    • cde November 12, 2013

      U are DEAD #ss wrong for this order of Flawfree shade

  9. EasyBREEZYBeautiful November 12, 2013

    Kim Jong None strikes again.

  10. OVODasher November 12, 2013

    Sorry, but where is my Won Ton Soup and Chicken Flaid Rass.

  11. BanjeeRiri November 12, 2013

    Teef. TEEEEF!

  12. HomeTownGloria November 12, 2013

    Oh Kim. Your surgeon no love you long time?

  13. MarinasDiamonds November 12, 2013

    She looks like a Oriental Siamese Cat.

    • CiciFinnaBeABride November 12, 2013

      Mee to the f****** ow b****.

  14. Krista November 12, 2013

    Death! The f****** struggle.

  15. Joseline SlayNandez November 12, 2013

    Home girl bought a one way ticket to StruggleVille and never looked back.

  16. FAF November 12, 2013

    Not her trying to steal & trying to drag Nicki for “stealing” her image.. Poor thing

  17. GoldenBoy J November 12, 2013

    I can’t at this site making up lies about Kim! If you’re gonna report something like this, at LEAST stick to the facts and don’t add your imaginary shady stories!
    First of all, the image was in no way used to promote the mixtape, she used it on Twitmusic as a default picture for “Dead Gal Walking” which was released on Halloween and is NOT a commercial single but a free download, it was NOT used as a cover for “Hard Core” (which by the way is a mixtape and not an EP – you know there’s a difference, right?)
    Second of all, I doubt that Kim was even aware of the image’s origin to be honest.
    Third of all, stop with the Asian jokes, it’s really old and not even remotely funny anymore.

    • STOP IT LILKIM!!! November 12, 2013

      BUT, MORE IMPORTANTLY… KIM STOLE THAT GIRLS ARTWORK!! There’s no excuse for that.

  18. ARTFLOP WILL FLOP November 12, 2013

    But fraudyonce has been stealing peoples art all her career.

  19. STOP IT LILKIM!!! November 12, 2013

    The Annoying Gnat’s A*K*A Kim’s fans swear Kim’s a multimillionaire but she’s stealing other peoples art work and pretending that the photo is of herself when in fact it’s a photo of the owner. The b*tch can’t even afford to buy a legit single cover. Kim been a fraud her whole career from B.I.G and others ghostwriting for her to her lying to people about being free from her lawsuits to pretending that that white girl in that photo is her just because of the (Mole). Til this day Kim is still under lawsuit and forbidden to record and sell new material, But she’s still lying and deceiving her fans. She won’t be free to record and sell new material until 2016 but by then nobodies gonna be checking for her not even her most loyal minions who are still aboard Kim’s sinking ship. But have no fear minions, Nicki is here to throw y’all a lifejacket and hoist you onto her ride in the sky but Kim will NEVER get to ride on Nicki’s Starship EVER!!! So she’ll go down as the girl who sunk to the bottom. LITERALLY!!

  20. Nicki Minaj November 12, 2013

    Lmfaooo Yass sis I’m dead!!!!!

  21. Shaytan November 12, 2013

    Actually if this went to court it would be a landmark case. Reason being is that artist do not currently have rights to content they upload on social media sites.

    You cant copywrite tweets or steal photos uploaded to instagram. If you read your legal information when you sign up you are signing away your rights. Thats why Instagram can use your pictures as they deem. Several artist have sued for images on Twitter, Istagram etc and all of them have never made it to court.

    Rights regarding social media are pretty non existence.

    We are currently studing this in one of my classes right now. If a decision was made in a case like this it would probably be made by the Supreme Court because it would redefine the law as we know it.

    • GoldenBoy J November 13, 2013

      EXACTLY! You can’t upload a photo on the internet and then complain when people re-use it, that’s just naive and stupid.

  22. Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) November 13, 2013

    Damn Kim,why?

  23. THATRUTH.COM November 13, 2013

    People are stupid af! If she isn’t profitting from it, therer is absolutely no case. If that was the case alot of fans who post pictures of the faves online would be in the same situation. STOP BEING A F****** IDIOT. IDIOTS! STUPID ASSES. SHEEPLE

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