Nicki Minaj Pours Fresh Details On New Album / Responds To Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Control’

Published: Sunday 3rd Nov 2013 by David

Almost two years removed from its April 2012 release, little can be said to deny the impact ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ made on Nicki Minaj‘s career, and positioning in Contemporary Rap.

Boasting a versatility that wowed some while irking others, it was the LP’s lack lustre promotional plan that saw it fail to reach the levels set by its ‘Pink’ predecessor.

Now peep the Grammy nominated MC spill new details on its follow up in a new interview given to Power 105.1, the same outlet who quizzed her on her feelings towards Kendrick Lamar‘s controversial ‘Control’ verse.

Watch below…

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  1. Nilla Malik November 3, 2013

    Artpop that leaked…sucks. Nicki remain un-bothered. 😀

    • vbnvbner6577 November 3, 2013

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      • LADY GODGA November 3, 2013

        Artpop is a masterpiece. It will outsell T***** Friday and its T***** Reloaded with ease b****. Nicki is a flop.

  2. thatone November 3, 2013

    Yassss bishh let em know!

  3. Love is Love November 3, 2013

    She wants King Kendrick, that is all !!!

  4. Jay November 3, 2013

    Thats Nice and all!…..But Ummmmm WHERE IS UR GRAMMY!?????? Oh

    • Milan November 3, 2013

      f*** a grammy, she is still a multi-platinum selling artist without one. when will you or your fav?

      • FAF November 3, 2013

        Kendrick doesnt have one either, sis…

        do u know how many rappers dont have grammys? Nas neither..

        Sit your ass down 😆


        “I know you like to lieeee, but I did four” LOL 😆

        FOURRRR Nominations! Kiiiiiiiiii and will win in the next 2 yrs

        just watch

  5. Townes November 3, 2013

    Did she say Tragedy was like ether ? Bol she is ill and dope coming from a fan of hip hop but that track was plain garbage.. Kim Black Friday and her Romans revenge is like ether etc… Kendrick is king and @lilkim is Queen she still has more platinum albums then nick..

    • Milan November 3, 2013

      love kim but Nicki is the new queen, she out sold kim with one album.

    • nicko November 3, 2013

      kim only has 5 certified solo hits(in 15 yrs) Nicki has over 15.(in 3 yrs) kims highest charting SOLO hit is lighters up which peaked at #31, which means she has no solo top 10 or even top 20. Kim is trash, all the singles from ‘the notourious k.i.m” flopped and the naked truth still aint gold after 8 yrs . *sips Myx as the most charted female rapper of all time aka Nicki Minaj keeps slaying the Billboard Hot 100 :-D*

      • Dev November 3, 2013

        I have to say quality over quantity. Nicki is talking about number 1 albums and platinum status but these are based off of songs like startships. I think she is feeling herself too much, she isn’t groundbreaking or innovative as she would like to think and is just a knifed up, bleached up heifer who needs keep it completely real before i pay it any notice.

      • smasher November 3, 2013

        ‘umm dev dauhling, no one knows or cares about you or your flop opinion….

      • jAMILAA November 3, 2013

        ummmm! sorry ma you straight up lying! most of nickis hits a collabs kim has 3 top ten hits and crush on you was num 23,jump up was 19,ladies night was 20 u fool and has so many other hot 100 entries….nicki is doing her thing and holding it down !! ama give her that but the b**** has got not 1 classic rap song? shall i proceed? kim has several hunt! u cannot take away kims accomplishments just to make nicki look more successful

  6. Bey-Minaj November 3, 2013

    That’s right, yall bishes will speak her name only when you can get number 1n in so many countries atone time. You bishes including Kendrick need to bow our asses down! Real LOW!!!!

    • Onika my Queen Other B****** Take A Seat> November 4, 2013

      you give meh LIFE!

  7. nicko November 3, 2013

    Queen Nicki M !!!!!

  8. Realest November 3, 2013

    Pink Friday Roman reloaded had lackluster promo? Hahahahahah a video for every song is hardly no promo.. Bish please

    • FAF November 3, 2013

      By that standard 4 had ultimate promo bc beyonce was pregnant and released over 5 singles… Tell me which one of those vids were singles off Nicki album? Stupid h**, Starships, BITT got her to gold & by RBMS & PTA she was platinum and 1.6 mil WW
      Half of them were not promoted (The Boys was never performed live) – videos =/= singles with promo

    • smasher November 3, 2013

      @ realest flop, You tried…

  9. Noah Zolanski November 3, 2013

    “I’m the queen of New York & I’m the king of New York, let me tell you why, PLATINUM ALBUMS!” Tha Kid is to ill!

  10. Mark111 November 3, 2013

    I don’t recall her 2nd album going plat, but whatever. I think Missy the only lady rapper that all her albums went platinum. The Kid can’t take the truth.

    • opd2 November 3, 2013

      the album sold over a million world wide,and spawn gold and multiplatinum singles,i think you are a the one who can’t take the true,platinum world wide is same money..are mybe you just don’t understand that,and only counting the usa only.

    • smasher November 3, 2013

      Nick is a global success though. Was Missy?

    • KEV November 3, 2013

      Platinum doesnt automatically mean shes referring to US certifications.

  11. opd2 November 3, 2013

    Well nicki tweeted ofter the interview and said she is going to put up the full interview, and said in her opinion Hov/jay-Z is the king of new york,and i want to see the performance hear she did her thing, what grape didn’t get a video are something.

  12. realmusicfan November 3, 2013

    ready for her new album.but the way she acts sometimes is just stupid..whats so special about new york,that everyone wants to be the king and queen,what about being the king or queen of the favorite diss from her was romans revenge,tragedy was just blah to me(no ether) and kim killed the stage to last night with kendrick!!good job ladies last night

    • ,. November 3, 2013

      well it,s a thing people loves to be recognize at home too,even though Nicki is world wide in my opinion and recipes is there too,you just can let anyone sh!t on you in your own house….and yes the ladies did there thing last night.

  13. BarbzRUs November 3, 2013

    Let’s not forget that Fly, M4 and Your Love are all Platinum boo boo. Her Hip Hop singles were slaying BEFORE Starships.

    • nicko November 3, 2013

      exactly, haters actin like starships is her first global hit.. SMH

  14. Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) November 3, 2013

    Wow, this was funny. Nicki girl who cares how many platinum albums you have, let your music speak for itself. Let that be quality and not not quantity.

    • ,. November 3, 2013

      Lol,don’t act like if you an’t selling you are the sh!t,no matter how good are bad your music is,check out all the blogs news twitter fb all media outlet,and tell me if sales isn’t the 90% if not 100% of the convo of people who is in this music entertainment game,the fans of any artist make sure that sales is the primary part of the convo,if you don’t have a 1# are a 1# it,s like you commited the ultimate crime,artist are under pressure for that 1#,that,s the way sh!t is it,s sad and i wish it wasn’t like this but it is,so you be knocking nicki for talking about her accomplishments like she is doing something bad is bias in my opinion,because others talk about accomplishments too and you probly gave them props for it..just saying.

  15. grump November 3, 2013

    LMAO. You have two platinum albums that have barely sold 5 million worldwide and you’re making so much noise? I cannot.

  16. grump November 3, 2013

    and no boo boo Kendrick didn’t call your name cause he knows who the real queen is as he already proved yesterday.

    • nicko November 3, 2013

      you’re a delusional krimlin lmao. kim aint been on the charts since the naked flop !!! she seriously needs help 😀

  17. cocobutta November 3, 2013

    Nicki is super turnt up right here.
    She talking some real s*** but being humorous at the same time.

    B**** be feeling herself so do you ma lol.

  18. channel_ROMAN November 3, 2013

    All she said was it was ether and it was but it wasn’t even finished. It was just 15 seconds of ether

  19. channel_ROMAN November 3, 2013

    TBH she released the wrong songs or too little songs. RR could’ve been extended till 2013. Champion, Whip It , Gun Shot, Marilyn Monroe and Fire Burns would’ve slayed. She could’ve left Stupid H** and I Am Your Leader alone

  20. Navy Nick November 3, 2013

    Say it boo, hahaha love NICKI!!!

  21. Missy Fan November 3, 2013

    Missy has 6 platinum Albums that Sold over 1 Mill each in USA , LilKim has 3 platinum Albums that Sold over 1 Mill each in USA! As for nicki minaj has 1 platinum Album that Sold over a Mill in USA cause PFRR is still at 860k in the USA! Keep calling your Self Queen of New York or People are calling Lilkim And missy Queens of hip Hop!

  22. Missy Fan November 3, 2013

    Oops missy has Grammys too eat that bitc.

  23. HOWYOULIKEIT November 3, 2013

    Big ego

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