Report: OutKast Face ‘Nude’ Allegations During Big Boi Divorce Deposition

21 years after their ground breaking debut, Hip Hop duo OutKast have found their usually clean cut brand pulled through legal mud today…faced with a ‘nude’ scandal whipped up the soon to be ex wife of Antwan ‘Big Boi’ Patton.

An unconfirmed report below…

After filing for divorce last month, Patton‘s wife Sherlita M. Patton cited the pairs “irretrievably broken” relationship as her cause for doing so.

Alas, in what saw the story surrounding their separation take a disappointing turn, today brought with murmurings from their deposition- murmurs that prompted the International Business Times to report…

“Big Boi, a member of hip-hop group Outkast, is said to have sexually explicit photos of Andre 3000, his former bandmate, on his phone. This could be a major reason why the 38-year-old musician’s wife, Sherlita Patton, filed for divorce last month.”

Unfortunately, despite being both confirmed and otherwise baseless with proof, the allegation gained a fresh pair of legs when Patton’s sister allegedly took to her Twitter account to share the explicit message below:

“So you mean to tell me he’s gay AND has a tiny–weird penis. I’ma need him to pick a struggle.”

The Grammy winning duo is yet to respond.


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  1. Molly November 8, 2013

    A mess like Tamars face :-/

    • KANYE KARDASHIAN November 8, 2013

      Bish, you slay me with that comment. LOL

    • A mess like molly’s face November 8, 2013

      What that gotta do with Tamar? Why you mad?

    • Gregg November 9, 2013

      LOL, i so agree with the Tamar comment. But this sounds like this chick is mad and trying to get back at big boi by starting these rumors….after this i think im team big boi….and for the record…her ratchett ass sister should stay out of it.

      • Davins November 9, 2013

        Go eat a d*** b****!

    • cbxcbxcbrey November 9, 2013

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  2. Judas November 8, 2013

    A mess like your ass b****… there’s nothing wrong with tamar’s face stop lying, yours is probably ugly just like precious is.

    • Molly November 8, 2013

      The reply section is on my comment f**

      • Judas November 8, 2013

        Kiss my ass b****

      • Molly November 8, 2013

        Eat my p**** s***

  3. Draggin4MrsCarter November 8, 2013

    Stories like this don’t pop out of thin air. It’s true.

    • Gregg November 9, 2013

      when someone is mad at you and knows that they can hurt your rep by lying to get back at you they do pop out of thin air.

      • blackdude November 9, 2013

        exactly ! what she is doing is ruining his reputation, we all know women think the way they can hurt a man deeply is in the sexuality department (penis size, downlow and so on)

  4. Woman2Woman November 8, 2013

    Makes perfect sense to me 2bh. Where this could from if it wasn’t real?

  5. RiriRoyale November 8, 2013

    His poor wife.

  6. Judas November 8, 2013

    You don’t need my help for that, you’re laying down your p**** because everybody is getting into your panties b****. #getyourmoneyup #w**** #h***** #aintnobodygottimeforthat

  7. Baduizm05 November 8, 2013

    I developed a new respect for this website after reading this, all the other websites were horrible and were saying it was true without even having the facts to back it up.

  8. JER November 8, 2013

    I don’t see the issues. Straight guys send each other ridiculous raunchy pics all the time. And those niggros are two buffoons if I’ve lived a day.

    • SolAngels November 8, 2013

      Not everyone is a w**** like you. She doesn’t want ANYONE sending her husband pictures like that. And who are the guys you know that send each other raunchy pictures. Would you be willing to make excuses for him if it was a woman and not a man who was sending those pictures?

    • OVODasher November 8, 2013

      Why would a man who says he is straight feel the need to send nude images to his married friend who also says he is straight?

    • Keyshia Del Rey November 8, 2013

      And this is the problem with s**** like you. You don’t understand the concept of marriage and LOYALTY.

      Not because you sleep with any man who seems right at the time means Sherlita should just accept that a so called friend has been sending her husband pictures of his front and backsides.

  9. KissesForKelly November 8, 2013

    Most of the stuff we read is true but we don’t believe it because it’s so shocking. Where could a story like this have come from if it’s fake?

  10. Bey Fan November 8, 2013


    ppl make up ish all the time. Must i list ALL the ridiculous rumors that have been spread about celebs.

    Im not sayin it couldnt be true…. but tryin to make every black man gay seems to be a trend.

  11. LaDiva November 8, 2013

    This is so tired.. Yes there are men on the downlow, but the in thing to do these days if you are a scorned wife is to call your man gay and say he likes men or is on the DL. It’s true in many situations obviously (Hello Terry McMillan and Stella Got her Groove Back), but now it just seems liek the thing to do to try to take down their exes or tarnish their reputations. Portia Stewart, this heffa.. I could go on..

    Next Up- Tameka saying that Usher creeped with men, and (insert name here)….

  12. Not Suprised by Andre November 8, 2013

    Who’s surprised at Andre 3000? Dr. Dre wore makeup in his early years too and then Easy-E wound up with a***. Hmmmmm. Don’t be stupid.

    For those who are stupid, here is a list of the popular DL brothers (have s** with men but don’t want to live a gay lifestyle): 50cent, Lil Wayne, Diddy, Eddie Murphy, Omarion.

  13. HOWYOULIKEIT November 8, 2013

    Playing Party feat Andre 3000

  14. Cons November 8, 2013

    All rumors are not true just because they are being said.. Yet everyone is so easy to believe it without knowing facts…

  15. carib boy November 8, 2013

    They both bi. point blank no excuses.

  16. TwerkTeamCap November 8, 2013

    Chiiiiiiiiiilllllle. . . . .

  17. Loki’d November 9, 2013

    shiiiiit i’d go gay for Andre tbh

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