Adidas Terminate Teyana Taylor Contract Following Rihanna Feud

Published: Wednesday 4th Dec 2013 by David

After a petition was launched to see her dropped from the company earlier this year, today has seen Adidas confirm that they have indeed cut ties with long time collaborator Teyana Taylor.

Details below…

During a ‘social media spat’ with Grammy winning Pop royal Rihanna, Taylor came under fire when she uploaded this image to her Twitter account, seemingly mocking Chris Brown‘s 2009 assault of the hit making star.

Hours later, this petition was launched on Ben Rattray‘s ‘Change.Org’ calling for Adidas to terminate their long running arrangement with Taylor, claiming her ‘joke’ had offended victims of domestic violence- making jest of an unfortunate matter.

Now, after a number of reports claiming the petition’s wish had come to fruition emerged, Entertainment website ‘Madame Noire’  reported today:

“We reached out to the sneaker brand for a comment and that’s when they told us Teyana has in fact been dropped from her deal. A Senior PR Manager for the corporation wrote to us in an email:

“We have ended our relationship with Teyana Taylor and do not have any upcoming product launches with her.”

When asked whether the decision was based on Teyana’s altercation with Rihanna and if the petition calling for Adidas and Reebok to eliminate the endorsement factored into the decision at all, the rep added:

“All I can say is that adidas partners with athletes and artists who blend well with our brand values.  We evaluate our relationships with partners based on the values we hold at adidas and we don’t condone violence of any kind.”


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  1. Kyle December 4, 2013

    I thought her rep already denied this?

  2. molly December 4, 2013

    Well thats what happens when you act like a HOODRAT and show off for twitter, dont feel sorry for you because you brought it upon yourself sis. Ciara would never get out her character for a trashy b**** like rihanna.

  3. Tash December 4, 2013

    I saw her at The Mrs Carter Show two nights ago. Numbing the pain with some Bey.

  4. Mark111 December 4, 2013

    That’s what her Nina Long’s little brother looking ass gets! Should’ve pulled a Ciara and admit defeat, lol, jk.

  5. molly December 4, 2013

    @Mark ciara didnt admit defeat she wasnt try stoop to rihanna childish ass level thats all.

  6. HOTSTUFF December 4, 2013

    LMFAO ! YAS Rihanna ending careers again….#GotSoMuchPowerInHerName #iconna #deal

  7. HOTSTUFF December 4, 2013

    Thats what u get when you’re a Rachet ass nobody and think u can even make fun of domestic violence. #backToTheGettoHOE

  8. riley December 4, 2013

    i hope she doesnt to cause harm to rihanna tho.

    but teyana only has herself to blame.

    • riley December 4, 2013


      • HOTSTUFF December 4, 2013

        omg you’re so right that animal is capable of harming the QUEEN.

    • Ballsy December 4, 2013

      She will be locked in Jail if that Pound Puppy lays a hand on Rihanna! She is a dummy.. She let Black Twitter boost her hoodrat self and now if you go online they are all laughing at her stupidity!

  9. Maya December 4, 2013

    So she defends herself against a cyber bully, fake thug and she’s in the wrong? Karma is a b**** and when it comes rihanna way. Watch out. Everybody catering and covering for her now, but her time will come.

  10. overload December 4, 2013

    And youre really over there bragging like that was an accomplishment.

  11. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez December 4, 2013

    Rihanna stop getting into fights. Teyana you had every right to defend yourself against Rih but you handled it in such a poor manner. The only thing you did wrong was upload that picture, if you had a picture that was more personal and towards Rih then your endorsement would still be valid.

  12. HOTSTUFF December 4, 2013

    LMAO the Z-SQUAD will never fail to make me laugh with their DELUSIONS. The Navy & Rihanna remain unbothered with her ICON AWARD. #STAYPRESSED.

  13. christinastherealtalent December 4, 2013

    I wonder how much Rihanna had to spread her legs to make this happen.

  14. KangBey December 4, 2013

    Who is the trade next to ha in that pic?? YAS!

  15. HOTSTUFF December 4, 2013


    Xtina should spread her legs wider tho…cause the hits are not coming her way LMAO.

  16. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez December 4, 2013

    I’m sure it’s way less than how much you and your fave swallow nut in the ATL pride parade. H** shut up and be humble, didn’t your fav s*** it up all the time in order to stay rev levant? Smh

  17. Ballsy December 4, 2013

    Teyana was the one that came in like a wrecking ball over some NON descript video that Rihanna ‘s hairstylist did that didnt even mention Teyana’s name! As a matter of fact no one would have thought that this was a jost towards her untill she Roared on twitter threatening Violence, Sandering Rihanna and Mocking DV …These are FACTS not Feelings or Opinions… Only hoodrats would defend her violent actions… Hi Hoodrat 🙂

  18. riley December 4, 2013

    omg black guy is hot right? whats trade tho?

  19. _Xtina_ December 4, 2013

    Rihannas time will come. She’s so evil. All the pain she has caused will come back and haunt.
    One way or another the tears of teyana will be answered by the lord who’s our savior.

  20. Dacia December 4, 2013

    “She has the body of a goddess but the face of the Chicago Bulls logo” A more true statement has never been uttered!

  21. Dacia December 4, 2013

    Why? Why would the lord answer this girl who is known for her violent tendencies… FACT SHE is the one that threatened Violence!
    FACT Teyana came on twitter and slandered Rihanna …
    FACT Teyana mocked Domestic Violence….
    FACT That video didnt mention her name nor was Rihanna in it!
    FACT Teyanna went on for a awhole day on IG and and other on TWITTER!…
    Like the statement says above.
    FACTS >>>>> than Opinions and Feelings! She does not gain my sympathy at all!

  22. ashley December 4, 2013

    That’s what you get when you act like a damn hoodrat!!! I jope she’ll change her attitude,but i doubt it.

  23. ashley December 4, 2013


  24. cocobutta December 4, 2013

    Time for my glasses!

    That was the nail in a due coffin.


    1. Where is she?
    2. What she doing?
    3. Where’s the music?
    4. Who is pushing her?

    I have more q’s but this will do!
    Jhene or/and Sevyn look like better bets to endorse.

  25. Dacia December 4, 2013

    Hunny are you a part of the HoodRat Rally that cannot see how Teyana’s own action caused this on herself????

    She GAVE adidas a reason to drop her by responding to a video that I hear didnt even call her name. She threatened, she slandered. Wake up , she knew what she had to lose and she still did it. She did say that she had lawyers on deck … so that tells me that she knew what was at stake!

  26. Tisha December 4, 2013

    She’ll be fine, she’s doing better than she even should be doing all things considering (an adidas endorsement) for someone not releasing music.

    Rihanna got the same shook from MAC but they decided to keep her.

    All I can say is Rihanna’s been e-thugging a lot less since Teyanana promised to meet her for a personal conference 😉

  27. XoMoDe December 4, 2013

    Minor set back. Not only is Teyana prettier than Rihanna, she also has more talent than her. Gimmicks always fail eventually; talent prevails.

  28. Lily December 4, 2013

    Nemesis caught up with Tayana.Fact Rihanna didn’t mention her name, Rihanna was not in that Video. Everybody knows Queen Rihanna always post any that make her laugh, funny,phuck up to Us her fans to see too. Her stylist Yusuf did that and it was funny and she post it to us her fans. Why will Teyana condole Domestic Violence and upload that pic. What a Hoodrat. What happen to Tayana is her fault and not Rihanna’s. I thought she says come Nov she’s gonna released a song to clapback at Rihanna. Nov have come and go but nothing. What Now climbing up that chart like a tornado. RiRi is not a trouble maker she only post funny things to her fans that’s all if anybody like Teyana found it insulting post yours too. RiRi will always Expect the b******* but she / we her fans will not Accept it.

  29. WTH December 4, 2013

    Kanye just signed a multi-million dollar deal with Adidas and Teyana is signed to him. What’s not to say that it was just liquidated under his sponsorship so that he has that control over GOOD Music?

    Anyway, poor Teyana if the above isnt true. But she did bring it onto herself. Had she just ignored the stupidity of Rihanna and her (paid) friends, especially Wesley Snipes, she wouldnt have to worry about this.

  30. Mike jones December 4, 2013

    I’m so lost and confused ! Regardless if ri ri didn’t say her name it took no rocket science to figure she was picking on teyanna!. You can Stan for ya fav which I actually like Rihanna but I’m totally against bullying and that’s exactly what she is. I don’t get why she think she can bully everyone then have her fans try and make excuses! Adidas only dropped her because they probably want to keep there relationship with Rihanna good that’s it! Facts is fact people and this Rihanna chick has bullied multiple people! Something tells me though Rihanna will not be near teyanna for awhile hell I’d be scared to!

  31. Ballsy December 4, 2013

    @Tisha You need to keep up. Rihanna been clocking on IG like she hasnt missed a step .. Also no way on earth that MAC shook Rihanna but it it makes you feel better carry on!

  32. Why So Jelly? December 4, 2013

    Karma will come for the fat forehead s*** starter.

  33. Ballsy December 4, 2013

    @ XOMDE I stopped at Teyanna is Prettier than Rihanna…. You got

    J O K E S O N J O K E S!

  34. christinastherealtalent December 4, 2013

    At least Christina didn’t need to screw her way to the top because we all know without that s** appeal, Rihanna would be nothing. Look at what happened to Fefe Dobson and Amerie. They refused to sell out.

  35. caribbean native December 4, 2013

    phuck you h** rihanna is already an icon and has done enough if god forbids, something happen so u tried now go kick rocks

  36. caribbean native December 4, 2013

    rihanna ha power!!!

  37. caribbean native December 4, 2013

    i only hear you talk about 3 flops and 1 icon which is indeed rihanna prioritize b****!!!

  38. Rihboy December 4, 2013

    Been killing careers since 05 …… sad tey let her one endorsement dwindle away over a video she could have easily ignored……moreover something about the situation seems planned…isnt she putting out a mixtape or something soon…..moreover the king of thieves told her she could sing…………lol she jumped out the window after that…and look where it landed her…jobless…guess its back to living off daddys royalties and living in the shadows of real celebs. Tey is just a hood rat with money, moreover look at her one video google me baby. that s*** was an epic fail. Just embarrasing.

  39. JEMINA NELSON December 4, 2013

    Teyana Prettier Than Rihanna, Watch It Sucker!

  40. tera December 5, 2013

    this is going to take more than a simple adidas and reebok deal to take sum1 down when there r bigger fish to fry i ave seen that many time and still the person rise above the occasion as long as they ave the ambition courage and desire to pursue in life

  41. credits December 5, 2013

    let’s not forget that Rihanna started this.

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