Reebok Asked To Terminate Teyana Taylor Endorsement Following Domestic Violence Remark

Published: Wednesday 25th Sep 2013 by David

She may have been the innocent party in their ‘Twitter beef’ last night, but an image posted by dancer Teyana Taylor during her run in with Pop singer Rihanna may have cost her an endorsement she currently holds with Uli Becker‘s ‘Adidas-Reebok’.

Full story below…

In retaliation to an image posted by Rihanna during their spat here, Teyana posted a photo shopped image of her face superimposed on that of a boxer’s, punching an image of Rihanna’s face snapped shortly after she had been assaulted by Pop star Chris Brown back in 2009.

It’s this image, that has seen web users take to Change.Org to sign a petition launched to see  AdidasReebok cut all ties with the ‘Google Me’ maestra, citing her decision to mock/ trivialise domestic abuse as grounds for their concern.

Now available to read and sign here, the petition has now garnered over 1,000 votes across the globe- with some of its endorsers telephoning Canton, Massachusetts head quarters to ensure their voices on the controversial matter are heard.

Founded by Adolf Dassler, Adidas’ arrangement with the ‘Christmas In Harlem‘ performer saw her serve as brand ambassador for the company’s adidas Originals Harlem GLC, which she launched in the February of this year.

This, marking one of many ventures she embarked on with the company,  who also endorse Chelsea football player Frank Lampard, Rapper Nicki Minaj, tennis player Andy Murray, and who enjoyed a long running arrangement with LA Lakers’ star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

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  1. FAF September 25, 2013

    Uh oh. If she loses her endorsement Rihaids is going down 😆

    • Ball So Hard September 25, 2013

      I doubt Rihanna market isnt Urban until PIU and even her haters love that song. Mainstream is going after the fact that Teyana made a mockery of Domestic Violence. You should here the parent on the NPR line in Charlotte NC

      • FAF September 25, 2013

        I didn’t type this but I agree 😆

      • JENNY JONES!!! September 26, 2013


    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) September 25, 2013

      Chiiiiile this s*** will never even getn 5k signatures. Its just sum bitter b**** rhi stan actn out cus rhi got hef p**** stompd in…and i love rhi! But T drug her fo da gods honey

      • This Isnt Rocket Science Kids! September 25, 2013

        I heard it on the radio today . A lady called in sooooo

    • K September 25, 2013

      D-mn this is getting nasty really really quick,they are hitting people were it hurts now,when someone says something they don’t like,if her deal gets terminated that,s going to hurt her,even if she have alot more stuff going on no one wants to get drop from nothing no matter what.

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  2. VSOP September 25, 2013

    I am sorry but that banner had me weakkk. Wrong or not.

    Shows how genuinely mad she was though, if she was just after publicity, she would’ve thought before she did that.

    • knuck September 25, 2013

      I mean that dumb b**** went back to her abuser multiple times.. Why are we still holding on to the incident when it’s CONVENIENT?!

  3. Ball So Hard September 25, 2013

    I signed it!!! They had a mom call in on my radio station and she was mad because her kid showed it to her laughing and she shut his twitter down. They dont care about Rihanna but they care about the mockery of Domestic violence!

    • Mariah Dahling September 25, 2013

      I saw this coming when she threaten bodily harm and posted that picture but when I saw one of the petitions and it had over 2k signatures in 3 hours and then the guy on the radio had a lady on raving about how that picture is unacceptable I knew this was SERIOUS. Since they don’t know who this girl is they are going after Adidas and Reebok. She let Rihanna get into her mental and possible murked up her wallace!

    • Karma September 25, 2013

      IDC how people feel about Rihanna, Teyana def crossed the line when she put that picture up. Not once did Rihanna @ Teyana or call her a b****, s***, etc. Teyana was the one doing most of the beefing online. So if she does get dropped thats her fault

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 25, 2013

        Rihanna didn’t call her out her name cuz she was intimidated by Teyana in the 1st place…

      • This Isnt Rocket Science Kids! September 25, 2013

        see that is the hoodrat logic that makes the likes of a Teyana unable to hold an endorsement. Rihanna played above the waist and Teyana hit below. Simple!

      • This Isnt Rocket Science Kids! September 25, 2013

        There is also another petition on twitter that made twititian of the day Copying and pasting

        “: Teyana Taylor started the day out by amusing us on 9/25/2013 when she came on twitter ranting and raving, demanding that one of the biggest pop stars in the world responded back to her. It was all fun and games especially since a lot of people had no idea who she was at the time. Many sat back in anticipation, because, this was just another day on twitter with someone trying to make a name for themselves. It was funny until Ms Taylor posted a picture of herself & world famous pop star Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Now this still had the potential to be funny, people make fun of celebrities all the time. This picture was not funny. I immediately recognised the picture that she used of Rihanna. It was the picture that shocked the world almost 4 years ago when Rihanna was beaten by her then boyfriend and pop star Christopher Maurice Brown.Rihanna and Chris Brown had both made amends and have tried to put that in the past. I watched twitter in shock as I now realize what was taking place. Ms Taylor was making fun of Domestic Violence in an attempt to “one up” on her alleged “nemesis” This was no longer about Rihanna or Ms Taylor, this was about me, the women I volunteer with and other victims of domestic violence both men and women worldwide. Domestic Violence was never funny, is not funny and will never be funny. Tweeting irresponsibly when you are fortunate enough to represent a known brand should have repercussions. I am asking her sponsor (Adidas and co.) Her label (Good Money) to send a message not only to the hip hop community but to the victims of DV that is it NEVER okay to make a mockery over such a serious issue that has resulted in the death of numerous men and women worldwide”

      • itsmecrystalr September 25, 2013

        I agree with your comment. Rhi may have poked her by posting the parody video. However, she was smooth with it by not @’n Teyana. Nor did she make any derogatory statements. She effectively got in Teyanas head causing her to behave in a reckless manner. I don’t care how upset you get when you have endorsement deals to protect you don’t allow yourself to lose self control. Teyana claimed she wasn’t going to allow Rhi to bully her yet she is the one that went completely berserk and attempted to bully Rhi. I personally feel like she should be dropped from Reebok not only for the photo but the overall language she used in addition to extending a street fight to Rhi & Melissa. Hardly the proper behavior for someone representing a brand.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) September 25, 2013

      Doubt the mom knew the whole story though. If she knew Rihanna’s bully like behavior on twitter, she’d probably would’ve turned the other cheek

      • This Isnt Rocket Science Kids! September 25, 2013

        The thing is that bish is slick she only responds when she is provoked and now her stylist is talking to the blogs saying they had no idea and Rihanna is going about her business unconcerned while Teyana meeting with Adidas to save her shoe line!

  4. HoneychildPlease September 25, 2013


    • K September 25, 2013

      Honey child this comment isn’t responding is for you i just don’t feel lazy to scroll all the way down,well we all know that Rihanna have a huge fan base,they are going to go to that site in droves,to destroy teyana they going to sign and get her drop..d-mn this is f-ckup…this is getting nastier by the second…none of they is going to go there because of domestic violence this is just a past for rihanna fans to vote like it,s an MTV award are something like i said this is getting nastier by the sec.

  5. Beyawnce September 25, 2013

    That was low of her for that picture, hope the b**** gets dropped 🙂

    • Jeff September 25, 2013

      Well if she gets dropped then TT will have nothing to lose now will she.

      • carl September 25, 2013

        Yep if she lose her endorsement she will have nothing to lose is right. Teyana claims that she really know Rihnna and I believe her. This is what happened when you hang with someone and they have the goods on you. Do you think Teyana knows the real story of 2009 among other things. Child if she lose that endorsement this is going to get real ugly.

  6. Beyawnce September 25, 2013

    She’s so ugly and dm aint nothing to joke about especially when you are a female

  7. #IndustryPussy September 25, 2013

    I’m about to go start a petition on for Riri’s endorsements to be taken away too! F***** cyber bully ho doesn’t need to be influencing today’s children and showing them how to talk s*** & get slapped up. Where the f*** is Breezy and WHY AINT HE KNOCKING RI AROUND again??? comeone call Breezy NOW!

    • FAF September 25, 2013

      She has no endorsements to lose 😆

      • SJ September 25, 2013

        Yes, Rihanna does. She’s just a money train right now. And ppl encourage and accept her drunk, high, w**** behavior. She could lose MAC and River Island if she plays that fake bad girl ish the wrong way. But she does all that twitter mess for attention with her insecure self.

    • Mariah Dahling September 25, 2013

      You have tp prove that Rihanna is a bully and let’s be honest.. Rihanna only responds when people talk smack. Not once did she threaten bodily harm on Teyana and not once did she slander. But let your hate get in the way of your logic. Mainstream is what matters and Domestic Violence is NO joke!

    • Karma September 25, 2013

      Rihanna is not endorsing anything sweetheart. She only has joint collaboration that are under contract for x amount of time. They can not get rid of Rihanna until she releases all of her collections. Plus Rihanna brings in too much money. Nice try tho

      Buy Riri heart MAC tomorrow online or in stores

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 25, 2013

        I’m pretty sure it’s outselling Nicki’s flop ass line too…

  8. #IndustryPussy September 25, 2013

    like anyone wears Reeboks anyways

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 25, 2013

      It’s street wear, tbh. Not everyone will like it…

  9. kaira September 25, 2013

    Rihanna is a no factor about this petition
    people are mad because Teyana joked about a Dv and said other things like “You know she (rihanna) like to press charges”

    DV is not a joke
    she needs tp learn

    • Jeff September 25, 2013

      WOW!! Rihanna will have a lot of her peers hating on her. I wish she would have nip this in the bud. No telling what will happened now. When you take away someone lively hood it’s going to get ugly.

      • This Isnt Rocket Science Kids! September 25, 2013

        Teyana stated she is no industry chick so best believe that the industry is not about her. She made her bed let her deal. As for the signatures and radio calls. It’s mostly mothers that are upset!

    • K September 25, 2013

      KAIRA that,s true but,Rihanna fans don’t see it that way,they are going to go over there to vote,this is getting nasty by the second.

  10. 2bad2bme September 25, 2013

    that is embarrassing

  11. Mark111 September 25, 2013

    Told y’all it was gonna backfire. But that’s what happens when your “about that life” aka ghetto hood rat.

    • Jeff September 25, 2013

      This s*** aint over I feel someone is going to get hurt big time.

  12. Jay Scorpio September 25, 2013

    When will dese bytches learn SLAYANNA will end your career if you come at her!!!!! Dumb ass h**!!!

    • Mariah Dahling September 25, 2013

      The thing is RiHerpes has nothing to do with it. It’s these women who are mad that she represents Reebok and openly makes fun of Domestic Violence. They are the same who got that rapper with the big titties dropped!

      • HERE’S TO NEVER GROWING UP September 25, 2013

        Pigriah is a homewrecking s***. You shouldn’t call someone names whne your fav became relevant thanks to her f*****.

      • K September 25, 2013

        MARIAH DAHLING you honestly sat there,and believe that Rihanna isn’t going to get the credit if Teyana gets drop don’t be surprise if she gets drop and Rihanna run on twitter to shade her,come on now don’t be naive.

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 25, 2013

      Ciara’s career didn’t end tho. Yeah she’s still a flop but body party went gold thanks to Rihanna making fun of her bathroom singing….

  13. Kisses Down Low September 25, 2013

    She was just MAD. And Rihanna promotes cyber bullying that’s not funny either. She has lots of young fans that will think its OK to mock people the way she does on social networking. You know how up in their feelings teens are, they commit suicide over that s***.

    • FAF September 25, 2013

      I signed a petition to stop Kelly’s laziness 😆

      • Kisses Down Low September 25, 2013

        And I signed a petition to stop Ciara flopping with maximum effort.

      • SLAY_HIVE September 25, 2013

        Death @KDL

    • Jeff September 25, 2013

      If the industry or any other persons have a petition for cyber bullying I will sign it.

      • This Isnt Rocket Science Kids! September 25, 2013

        Teyana gave a lot of proof to say that she is a bully so I wouldnt sign that ! ow the DV thing I signed!

  14. krystle September 25, 2013

    So it’s ok for Rihanna to cyber bully other artists but when someone retaliates then that person is wrong. The subliminal might be that Chris Brown was defending himself that night,and since she got her but handed to her she claimed victim. People need to let Teyana keep working and take down that petition.

    • Beyawnce September 25, 2013

      Teyana can defend herself but why do she need to bring up DM? She could’ve said anything else but why she need to throw a low blow?

    • Mariah Dahling September 25, 2013

      The thing is dahling they have proof that she made a mockery of Domestic Violence while repping a “clea cut” company that has recently been under fire in the news with the Rick Ross isssue. The goat only respond when she is spoken to . She never just ups and pops off!

  15. Nunofyobusiness September 25, 2013

    Dammm! What’s all fun and games should never take a serious matter into jokes. I do commend Rihanna for not answering teyanataylor directly. I did see the video but none of Rihanna fans thought it was directly related to teyanataylor. I watched teyanataylor rant and b**** and moan for a response yesterday and it was uncalled for. If you think something is subliminal and you thought she was making fun of you, a responsible thing would of been to DM her or call before blowing it up to pettiness. I think teyanataylor had some deep rooted feelings before this occured. My other question is, why not go after the person that mocked you supposedly( Rihanna’s hairstylist) . I would certainly like to hear from Rihanna’s perspective.

    • M. September 25, 2013

      Rihanna didn’t respond because she was shook. Her boyfriend Wesley did though. Rihanna posted the video on IG because she was making fun of TT. There’s no if and or buts about it. She meant to be shady but did not expect for TT to clapback. When TT escalated the situation and was talking about fighting (like any other hood chick) Rih quickly realized she was not about that life and retreated to let her Navy and Boyfriend do her dirty work. Rihanna is only a thug on the internet. The end.

      • SJ September 25, 2013

        Yep! RiRi didn’t expect TT to be basically like aye yo we can meet up. And it prob hurt RiRi that TT was like you got your ass beat and I’m still friends with the dude you wanna be with even though he beat you up. TT was saying she’ll beat that ass too. Go for TT. Teach that fake bad girl a lesson.

      • This Isnt Rocket Science Kids! September 25, 2013

        Seriously you guys take this thugging thing too seriously! I’m concerned bout my #$$$ first !

    • M. September 25, 2013

      Also why should TT take the high road and DM Rih??? If you disrespect me publicly why should I respond in private? Rihanna wanted a crowd and she got one.

  16. SLAY_HIVE September 25, 2013



    • MuiMui September 25, 2013

      You are so predictable.

      • SLAY_HIVE September 25, 2013

        And who are you?? DEAL! 😉

  17. Tried It September 25, 2013

    No one was checking for that banner to sign a petition other than the PUNK ASS Navy lol!!! They’re so weak.

    • Ballsy September 25, 2013

      that is not true it is on the station her and it was a woman who called in I doubt she was a navy because she sounded “mature” #no shade.. okay then shade.. She was mad her kid thought it was funny!

    • Mariah Dahling September 25, 2013

      It’s not the Navy .. The petition was picked up by a women’s group hun!

      • zania September 25, 2013

        If Teyanna is nobody how the heck did the womans group know about her endorsement with Reebok. Rihanna called Jay z and now they are going to try to hurt Teyanna with her endorsement. I bet they will try to put a gag order on Teyanna so she won’t spread any of Rihanna business. She said she knows her very well. I want the tea

      • lmao September 25, 2013

        yawn. ya’ll keep telling the same story about this one woman on this one station. in some town no one’s heard of. Talking about everybody is upset.over this picture of rhianna beat up and tt wearing the gloves. I didn’t get DV from that I got worldstar you keep talking s*** i’ll beat that ass. People need to stop talking s*** and thinking they can say and do whatever and no one’s going to do s***. F*** the industry. you can be in the suburb and get yo ass beat for half the s*** she did to people let alone doing that to a hood chick b**** it’s curtains. ya’ll talk about ghetto this and that. But I bet the last person you would want to fight is a ghetto ass b**** because she’ll f*** you up and then tell you off and dare your friend to jump in. #ghettoandproud

  18. Nunofyobusiness September 25, 2013

    Shading and cyber bullying are two different things. If that’s the case teyanataylor was also a participant in cyberbullying. What about those threats she put out there? She was not innocent. That girl let her feelings get the best of her.

    • lmao September 25, 2013

      no it’s called defending yourself. That’s like you bullying on some girl and the girl happen to f*** you up. How is she a bully because she happened to beat your ass. come on with s***. rhianna got out of pocket and TT put that b**** straight like a bad kid at church.DEAL

  19. FAF September 25, 2013

    LMAOOOOOO this fake FAF got me rolling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Jazzy September 25, 2013

    At least she aint no fake ass wannabe bad girl like Rihanna so of course she lost her temper! All thanks to Riherpes starting s***.

    And of course the Navy will encourage this s***. They don’t give a s*** about no damn domestic violence they just want one up on the chick who DRAGGED their fav for filth.

    • Ballsy September 25, 2013

      See that hood life behaviour will keep coins outt of your pocket

      • FAF September 25, 2013

        ^ but rihanna got dropped from endorsements too LMAO

        Teyana has already made the adidas money from the first release (which broke records) & she’s still signed to G.O.O.D

  21. NO September 25, 2013

    Monkey do monkey get dropped.

  22. Richie_Rich September 25, 2013

    Pay it TT I MEAN who really wears reebok or Adidas unless their Mrs. Jeremy Scott . Keep In mind when one door close another shall open. I mean I know I shade riri from time to time ,but I can no longer support her dude to her childish and immature acts. The sad part about it is your talent is sup-par and you have the Audacity to shade people when you should be nothing but humble. GIRL CHILE BYE……….

  23. Angel Haze September 25, 2013

    Teyana ate my pussie 😛

  24. mekaela September 25, 2013

    My problem with this is blacks promote violence too much u haters went for ri head on a platter laughing about chris should come and beat her again u think corporate america and womens groups going to stand for another woman mocking another getting beat up teyanna should have kept it clean she drag chris brown incident into it now its what she gets ri kept the war of words clean domestic violence is nothing to joke about alot of men hit women in the black community and some of u guys think its funny well white society dont accept this s*** she know better and stop calling rihanna a bully u dont know what these girls have done to her behind the scenes they all friends with chris dirty brown now they want to play innocent I. The public eye as if ri bullying them stfu

  25. M. September 25, 2013

    LMAOOOOOO!!!! Rihanna’s salty fans made this petition because they’re upset their fave got dragged. The people signing it are doing it, not for Rihanna, but because they think making fun of dv is tastless (which it is). Though I agree with TT standing up for herself and calling Rihs’ bluff, I didn’t like that she resorted to making fun of dv. Anyways I doubt TT will be dropped. Her shoes sold out the last time and made Adidas a lot of money so….

  26. Vee September 25, 2013

    DW Teyana. I think enough people rate you for clocking Rihannas tea anyway and putting her in her place.

    • Ballsy September 25, 2013

      the hood rats rate her yes but those with enough foresight and common sense know it isnt right to publicly threaten bodily harm and make fun of a very serious issue that results in the death of thousands annually!

    • Michelle September 25, 2013

      Typical hoodrat

      • lmao September 25, 2013

        hoodrat here YAAASSSSS honey. funny how it’s okay to support someone who hits fans with mics,smoke weed, twerk, do songs and hang with rappers who talk about trapping, gunz, and h***. but you draw the line at someone wanting to fight the very hoodrat you try to pass off as classy. Rhianna does everything a girl in the hood do, she want to hang around thugs, smoke weed, twitter beefs she need to be prepared to take that L. Real n***** know you talk that talk you better be ready for somebody to make you prove that tough s***. You suburb soft wack b****** wouldn’t know s*** about being real. ya’ll talk all the s*** in the world but when s*** get real you want to call time out. If you didn’t want s*** to get physical you should of tried that s*** with a punk, but everybody not a computer thug it’s people that will f****** kill you for a dolla. if somebody want yo head it’s nothing you can do about it. if they can shoot the president what makes you think you safe. but back to my point Ya’ll talk all that hoodrat s*** but be at all little wayne shows, wanna be around the baketball players witch most of them are from the hood, and defend a hoodrat wanna be but then say I’m classy, b**** f*** you mean.

  27. ash September 25, 2013

    It was a low blow to post that pic but i wouldve done it too, actually it wouldve been my FIRST response. Her getting dropped basically says domestic violence is more important than bully when more people die from that everyday but hey #imsleep. we were all curious why chris would even think of laying hands on her in the first place we can clearly see its that MOUTH SMH

    • Ballsy September 25, 2013

      The thing about the bullying is that if you actually look at it Rihanna only responds when she is spoken to. That video was not taken by her fans as a dis. Teyana allowed it to get into her head and came roaring . What the petition is saying it is not okay to make a mockery like that about Domestic Violence!

      • Vee September 25, 2013

        Girl/Boy Bye! We all know that was shade/a diss. Hence why she didn’t deny it.

  28. Lauryn Hill September 25, 2013


  29. LA LA September 25, 2013

    Rihanna SNITCHED!

    Sad for Teyana!

    Rihanna shouldn’t of started by making a random subliminal shot at her.

    • Ballsy September 25, 2013

      And Teyana should be smart enough to know better to directly threaten bodily harm , slander and mock Domestic violence .

      The thing is people dont look objectively on it because they dislike Rihanna but mainstream doesn’t!

      • lmao September 25, 2013

        RHIANNA A SSSSNNNIIITTTTCCCHHHH. HAHHAHA HOW YOU BAD BUT CAN’T TAKE A PICTURE OF YOU WHEN YOU GOT YO ASS WHOOPED. a REAL BAD B**** WOULD’VE WENT IN . A WHACK B**** RUNS TO GET THE PRINCIPAL. LOL YOU LAME SUBURB H*** KILL ME. WE ALL KNOW IF IT WERE THE OTHER WAY AROUND YOU NAVY LAMES WILL BE DEFENDING RHIANNA, PROBABLY SAYING SOMETHING LIKE SHE SAID NOTHING ABOUT DV SHE WAS SHOWING HOW HER FACE WOULD LOOK AFTER SHE BEAT HER ASS. but since it’s not the other way around we entertaining this petition and everybody got the same story of this one woman. If it was really a big deal it would be multiple stories of multiple people, and if there were these house wives need to get a f****** job and make themselves useful instead of following twitter beef and looking up people endorsements to get them dropped while in chicago there have been 375 murders this yr. and no petition to send the national guards there. So murder is cool but DV that happened yrs. ago is still not cool especially when you weren’t even referring to that incident. the reach is real. TT tell them to suck ya p**** with that weak sauce

  30. AzaleanArmy September 25, 2013

    Pathetic Rihanna.
    This was clearly her idea. She is punk ass b**** and she started this fight and Teyana was a fool to play into her trap with that header. Beyonce needs to snatch her wig so hard this next era.

    • Ballsy September 25, 2013

      Sigh~~~ Did you guys not here that a women group picked it up and ran with it. Rihanna on twitter promoting from Australia !

  31. Rellz September 25, 2013

    Teyana was angry your fav pushed her. And Rihanna will get her comeupance one day. Whether its when she starts flopping and people loose interest or what. She is too f****** cocky. I’m pretty sure Teyana was making a mockery of Rihanna not DV. We all know what its like to get mad and do/say untoward things.

  32. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 25, 2013

    The hive laughed at it and mock Rihanna for the domestic violence she suffered.

    The hive are demonic and demon possessed, they deserve a special corner in hell, all of them. Vile despicable disgusting human beings the hive are.

    • Rellz September 25, 2013

      Oh hush you sound dumb as f***. The same way the Navy comes for innocent children and wants a baby to burn?

    • KING RIH September 25, 2013

      They already suffering. No album. No single. All they got is that GH Tour.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . September 25, 2013

      As opposed to Rihanna’s ugly, pressed, vile, despicable, discusting fans saying she was never pregnant, making fun of her 1-year-old daughter and calling her the ugliest names ever ?

      • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 25, 2013

        Rewind back to Good Girl Gone Bad era and you’ll see that you insecure council estate/favela/ghetto insecure trash started this mess.

      • Vee September 25, 2013

        Does that change the disgusting, vile things the Navy have said, and continue to say about Beyonce and her baby daughter though? No.

      • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 25, 2013

        No it doesn’t, but the navy is just defending Rihanna from the disgusting, vile, evil, grotesque things you say about Rihanna (including you).

        And only some Rihanna fans shade Beyonce as opposed to ALL EVERY SINGLE Beyonce fan shading Rihanna and making fun of the incident that happened between her and Chris.

        Beyonce fans even made a twitter page specifically meant to shade Keri Hilson, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves, you’re disgusting.

      • Vee September 25, 2013

        OMG the f****** DELUSION! You Navy trolls are something else! Do NOT deny it. And Im not arguing over who is worse. BOTH fanbases troll. I have seen disgusting posts from Navies about Ciara, Beyonce and her BABY. There is no point trying to excuse either but don’t sit here and act like the Navy are not just as bad, if not WORSE at times. Do you WANT me to pull up the most RECENT of receipts by people like Sybil, Etone and that b**** who got banned Kate Middleton? Both fan bases troll. Pot calling the kettle black.

  33. JER September 25, 2013

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that’s what happens when you come for Rihanna. Another career crumbles. Another day, another wig.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . September 25, 2013

      No one was coming for her though …

  34. Judy September 25, 2013

    Rihanna posted a video, no names were written or called…Obviously Teyana felt insecure to think it was about her…she took it to the next level…Personally, I think there’s something else involved here as I know that Karrueche and Teyana are friends, both Chris Brown’s ex’s…Rihanna does not cyber bully anyone…what she will do is defend herself from some of the hate she receives on a daily basis..why, because she dares to live her life the way she chooses? She is bullied on a daily basis…I see some of the hate that people throw her way based on assumptions and not facts…What Teyana did was very wrong and low class…Chris Brown really hangs with some classless people which unfortunately makes him look bad…She’s his friend, why would she bring up that incident that he caused? She ranted like someone with so much pent up hate…maybe it’s jealousy, who knows but it was a despicable act.

    • LA LA September 25, 2013

      It’s funny to see fans go out of there way to protect their favorite artists but that funny thing is that artist don’t give a damn about you if your alive or dead! LMAO

    • Stranded September 25, 2013

      She isn’t a bully oh yeah right calling Karrueche RICE CAKE! The bathtub Body Party singing with Melissa…

  35. Sevyn Streeter stan September 25, 2013

    2 flop ass b****** arguing about nothing

    • KING RIH September 25, 2013

      -reads name- but………..

    • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 25, 2013

      I shouldn’t even be allowed to reply.

  36. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 25, 2013

    Anyway whoever this girl is is going to learn today, you have to pick and choose your battles.

    Rihanna did not mention any names in her post and this girl got insecure and tried her little publicity stunt, now it’s about to cost you greatly.

    If you don’t know you’re going to learn today.

  37. Michelle September 25, 2013

    This is what happens when you let hood mentality take over instead of common sense, that little crap they had going back and forth, did NOT warrant this behavior on her part, she is a woman, and she basically endorsed domestic violence and used it as a joke, the minute it went up I knew it would be her downfall, this really is not about Rih at this point but the millions of women and men who have suffered from DV, she should have known better, and my understanding is that it is not the first time that she has made fun of this situation,people were calling Rihanna a punt for not addressing her directly and for saying what she had to say and rolling but Rihanna is no fool, she knows how to protect her paper. I don’t feel sorry for her 1 bit and I signed it. ANYONE who thinks this is ok, have issues.

    • carl September 25, 2013

      You fans are so dumb. Those sneakers were for those living in Harlem NY alot of them are Rihanna fans. If Teyana lose her endorsement she and her lawyers should go after Rihanna also. Also the dumb ass went back to her abuser twice SMH.

  38. Time to get a grip September 25, 2013

    It’s a petition doesn’t mean it will work. All she has to do is apologize. This is backlash orchestrated by her adversaries camp allegedly.

    Maybe she will and maybe she won’t. I’m not going to count her all of the way out with her career. It may stall but that other girl isn’t as beloved as she once was either.

    • KING RIH September 25, 2013

      wtf has she done anyways? (serious question)

      MTV Sweet 16.
      some dance movie

    • This Isnt Rocket Science Kids! September 25, 2013

      it’s the same group that went after Rick titty Ross hun

    • Time to get a grip September 25, 2013

      You people are too invested in celebrities lives that don’t give a damn about you.

      This was some twitter crap that was entertaining for those that were bored at the time, however juvenile by both parties.

      Rihanna explicitly said she hated broke b****** (her exact words) which encompasses most of you that are no where near her tax bracket but continue to make her rich.

      I don’t care for Rihanna, did she deserved to be dragged? Of course.

      I’m only sorry Teyana took it that far for her sake but oh well….

      Teyana will still millionaire, and not my worry.

  39. Kingstown ju don’t even know September 25, 2013

    Ya see what happeneds when you mess with the king b****! Lmfaoo d*** ass monkey lost her damn endorsement. What goes around comes around.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . September 25, 2013

      King ?

      Yeah maybe of singles

      Everything else tho ……………………..

      • Kingstown ju don’t even know September 25, 2013


        your life<<<<rihanna

  40. Barb B**** September 25, 2013

    LOL at the Navy now trying to use the fact there was no names mentioned. This is becoming weaker and weaker by the minute on Rihannas part.
    And yeah, yeah the banner was wrong, Teyana lost it and acted ghetto (the ghetto Rihanna wishes she really was). And she wasn’t fake about it. Whether Teyana gets dropped from Reebok or not, Rihanna should be seething shes loosing all her ‘bad gyal’ cred she tirelessly promotes with every new instance. And don’t give me all that ‘but she got money’ s***. Rihanna clearly feels some type of way about people of recent. And people with less than her. You worth how much but your sitting picking fights, slaking ‘lessors’ on IG?

    • Barb B**** September 25, 2013


    • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 25, 2013

      But she ends careers though.

      • Barb B**** September 25, 2013

        And shes being exposed for the fake, d*** polishing wannabe she is in the process.

      • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 25, 2013

        And who is doing that exposing?

      • Barb B**** September 25, 2013

        Let me think there is a long list! Teyana most recent example.

    • HERE’S TO NEVER GROWING UP September 25, 2013

      Shut up s***, you stan for Dicki garbaj. That ugly flop peacock h** is ugly as f*** and she became relevant thanks to Lil Wayne d***.

    • Dicki GARBAJ September 25, 2013

      B**** go tend to your fat pekok nose stretchy face overweight a*** infested c** guzzling industry w**** s*** wanna be white ugly ass gimmick ass basic trashy and s***** basic raps and her flop roman reflopeded kiiii

      • lmao September 25, 2013

        how is rhianna ending careers when the people she’s picking fights with have no career to begin with no shade but. really let’s see her fight with someone in her net worth like pink( nope pink would beat her ass, out sing her, take her man give him back and get back to her CHILD and husband) or beyonce( but bey is way out of her net worth) or gaga. She stay arguing with people she already has more money than that’s what makes her a bully because she’s bigger than them and still she picks on them, and in america we always root for the under dog. That’s why people respect TT because she don’t care how much you got she still will smack fire out yo ass. Straight hood, and say what you want I rather be a hood rat who say what I mean beat that ass when needed while living comfortable than be rich corney and fake. 500,000 sound cool to me. I can sit back raise my family with no worries. IDK where ya’ll from and how much ya’ll make but I bet everybody on this b**** could use 500,000.

  41. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 25, 2013

    I want to know which fight Rihanna has started without someone shading her first. I really want to know.

  42. Sevyn Streeter stan September 25, 2013

    The G**** are really intimidated by SLAYven Streeter. She shits on Dykeana and Rindustrypussyanna

    • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 25, 2013

      Whatever Sam.

      • Sevyn Streeter stan September 25, 2013

        You wish chlamydia bottom

  43. HoneychildPlease September 25, 2013

    They took that monkeys shoes!! They said no rebooks for animals, Now back to the zoo!

  44. FAF September 25, 2013

    LMAOOOO aint Teyana say “We all know Rihanna likes to get lawyers involved” How y’all defend Azealia tho? Its like y’all want Rihanna to win every battle. she lost this one. DEAL. don’t cry now. 😆

    • bffx September 25, 2013

      Lmao. .. the fact still remains that tyrone monkey taylor is still a flop b**** & aftrr all her thuging yesterday she is still a flop b**** & mainstream media are still and forever will keep paying her & her monkey face dust. She got urban n***** on her side but its been proven that urban fans don’t buy sh! t. Look at fistoher blow & cierror they got all the African Americans riding both their balls but when their album drops it flops. Fistoher still hasn’t reached gold with his first single & his album still didn’t reach the minimum success which is gold, meanwhile the number 1 barbados queen who urbans love to hate has sold 3+ million WW with her last album & thats with lio promotion. Tyron, fistoher & any other flop b**** that that tries rihanna never succeed .look at all the flops, only flop b****** try her. Mad because she is on top and they are flop and only have food stamp lovers as fanswhyyoumadwsxx

      • zania September 25, 2013

        Actually it wasn’t just the urban fans siding with Teyanna, reade Us magazine, ET, and all the mainstream blogs, they are all calling Rihanna a Cyber bully. If they can come at Teyana about DV then they should come after Rihanna for Cyber bulling. Someone kid just died this year in my city beecause he was being bully online.

      • carl September 25, 2013

        There will be a lot of people siding with Teyana the reason is she went back to Chris and he was the one whom supposedly beat her ass. She went back not once but twice so what kind of example was she showing to her young fans. Oh it’s ok to get beat and go back to your abuser. Now Teyana shows a photo shop picture of Rihanna’s face which is not the same picture from the “Police Station”. It was said that Rihanna was in a car accident and those lip pictures were probably from them and they put all together. I’m thinking Teyana knows and if she lose that endorsement it’s will come to lite.

      • lmao September 25, 2013

        Black people created the genre you love so much. there’s more whites than blacks, so of course if you sell out i mean cross over you will make more. Like who cares about white people they the whole reason every country in the world is f***** up. ya’ll better be thankful for the hood n***** because if it wasn’t for us creating rock and roll, blues,pop,and r&, and hip hop ya’ll will only have country and opera.ya’ll better bow down. we created the style you pale faces stole to exploit and fake like whites invented it. I rather be loved by a small group of people than a large group of flip flop ass b******. they all millionaires so they aint hurtin. at the end of the day if the hood support you that mean you good but if the non blacks supports you they do it until you f*** up. but white ppl two faced like that. then call us hood rats and ghetto but exploit us for our style slang and talent. that’s why I say f*** a pig skinned cracker. Yup i said it they aint never did s*** for nobody without a price and only support the black artist that they choose. rhianna is just a token black girl people support so they can say they not racist. she acting out because she tired of being the white mans puppet. she just happened t orun into the real b**** she’s pretending to be. like the girl who talk sjit in class but scared to meet you outside when school out.

  45. Molly September 25, 2013

    Teyana dumb yall claim she has nothing to lose id disagree… Alot of woman go thru domestic violence not right to mock any one who go thru it.

    • carl September 25, 2013

      Rihanna marked herself when she went back to her abuser not once but twice. There were a lot of Domestic Violence women upset with her for that. This is going to get REALLY ugly. So yes Teyana will only lose her endorsement and what else do she have to lose, but if TT does I believe she will tell the information for the world about things she knows about Rihanna & company

  46. valrie (barb) September 25, 2013

    Yall gassing up this girl teyana when now she’s looking stupid.. HIT THE B**** WHERE IT HURTS IN HER POCKETS .

  47. John dee September 25, 2013

    If someone famous joked about miscarriages the hive would be doing the same thing tbh.

    • Loyalty September 25, 2013

      Some Navy members already have

  48. Stranded September 25, 2013

    Okay all of this is nice , and don’t get me wrong I’m a ” fan ” but Rihanna is a cyber bully! Making fun of celebrities like Ciara , Teyana , Beyoncé , Nicki , HER OWN NAVY FANS ON IG…she went with Teyana this time and she got a response . She needeed that ! Y’all acting like her and Melissa aren’t sitting on G5 talking who’s next huh

  49. carl September 25, 2013

    Yep if Teyana lose her endorsement she will have nothing to lose is right. Teyana claims that she really know Rihnna and I believe her. This is what happened when you hang with someone and they have the goods on you. Do you think Teyana knows the real story of 2009 among other things. Child if she lose that endorsement this is going to get real ugly. I am a fan of Rihanna but I’m not signing any petition for someone to lose their job. Listen Navy you should let Teyana & Rihanna handle this themselves like Drake & Chris just did.

  50. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) September 25, 2013

    Regardless of the outcome, Rihanna will reap what she’s sows. You can’t bully people around and curse b*tches out, then wanna have your navy call it a “low blow” when someone drags your skeletons out the closet. Rihanna should’ve learned from that situation and grew up and tried to do better and be better. No, she’d rather cyber bully, brag about her net worth and say she doesn’t wanna be a role model….

  51. lmao September 25, 2013

    yawn. ya’ll keep telling the same story about this one woman on this one station. in some town no one’s heard of. Talking about everybody is upset.over this picture of rhianna beat up and tt wearing the gloves. I didn’t get DV from that I got worldstar you keep talking s*** i’ll beat that ass. People need to stop talking s*** and thinking they can say and do whatever and no one’s going to do s***. F*** the industry. you can be in the suburb and get yo ass beat for half the s*** she did to people let alone doing that to a hood chick b**** it’s curtains. ya’ll talk about ghetto this and that. But I bet the last person you would want to fight is a ghetto ass b**** because she’ll f*** you up and then tell you off and dare your friend to jump in. #ghettoandproud love it

  52. ratedxxx(bitter b****** always first) September 25, 2013

    as much as I cannot stand beyonce..but what the f*** does she has to do with this post?

    and some of you even went as low as bashing her child?

    so rihanna bullied somebody for no reason, and f***** with the wrong bish..

    you see how delusional some of the rihanna stans are…so now teyana is the insecure one for thinking a video rihanna made mocking her..the same song teyana was singing

    get the f*** out of here..the majority of the time when rihanna attacks people, she never name names, but she always say something that gives you a clue to who she’s attacking

  53. Fibers September 25, 2013

    This is ridiculous if anything Rihanna’s ass she be under fire for bullying ppl. Stop picking on ppl and get a life her and that horse face Melissa

  54. ratedxxx(bitter b****** always first) September 25, 2013

    rihanna wants to act like some tough chick, but when people responds to her attacks she wants to mention how much money she makes and so on

    bish you’re worth 90 million and you’re wasting your time attacking some broad whos worth 4 million…I’m not understanding how some bish who ask so damn tough,

    cares about what a broke bish enough to attack her..and her dumb ass stans defending that s***….

    she has to much damn time on her hands, her main focus should be is to hop off chris browns nuts, and stop the drugs and drinking , and learn to to shut the f*** up….

    and fyi, when rihanna said she doesnt deal with broke b******, her ass was also talking about her broke ass fans too…

  55. MISHKA September 26, 2013

    Like, how many people are going to lose their doublemint or sneakers endorsements because of Rihanna?

    If Teyana loses anything because of this childish beef, Rihanna is done as well. She can keep that domestic abuse excuse for the mainstream audience but we are done with her constant bullying and messiness.

    With those $90 million, how about you get busy working on your vocals and your insecurities, Rihanna? You’ve been doing too much and ish is about to hit the fan on this one, for real.

  56. Arie September 26, 2013

    This is not gonna end well for both parties, the fact that audiences are split in half tells a bigger story. Rihanna’s standing in American society is on shaky ground. She could win the battle because of the backing she has but whether she realises it or not the consumers have the final say. Domestic violence is not to be joked about but it is not meant to be used as a tool too. it would be very interesting if the people against bullying would get involved in all of this.

  57. truth September 26, 2013

    if tey gets dropped another door will open!

  58. Mocha_Amore September 26, 2013

    If you don’t want no one to come for you, then you might not wanna send for them!!! I LOVE RiRi and Teyana, but RiRi is ALWAYS BULLYING PEOPLE, and throwing shade…and she got someone that will and did clap back!! Why isn’t anyone speaking on RiRi’s Bullying? Hell, RiRi knows what transpired between her and Chris Brown, that ish still hot in the streets (hell, maybe it didn’t happen like everyone believes), since she’s so quick to start drama!! Maybe she was the instigator, agitator, initiator of the whole ordeal!! So if she ain’t learn from that situation, why is everyone else suppose to walk on egg shells, and treat her better than she treats others. So it’s okay for the Comedians, and Talk Show host to make jokes about her situation as well as any and everything else, but as soon as someone stands up to a BULLY and gives them a taste of their own medicine….Y’ALL GET ALL IN YA FEELINGS…and conjure up a LAME WAY to get at Teyana?!? Cause she shut RiRi down, oh, yes…she SLAYED HER A*$!!! GTFOH!!!….that old saying goes, people in glass houses….need to STFU!!! Before someone comes through and ROCKS THEY A*$!!! Teyana didn’t do anything wrong. I personally wish we as women, rather it be in the industry or out, would support each other and form a true sisterhood…cause all this childish, stunner stats, and thug tweet’n…is FOR THE PIGEONS!!!

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