Hot Shots: Beyonce Sizzles In Jamaica

Published: Wednesday 4th Dec 2013 by David

Before her new album puts the heat on many a Pop princess, Beyonce sizzles in brand new snaps shared with the world today, taken during her time in Jamaica and the Republic of Costa Rica.

Hitting both spots for time away from the ‘Mrs.Carter Show’, her time there came shortly after she dominated the globe via her lucrative ‘H&M’ arrangement, which saw her showcase that body in ways only she knows how.

Check her out below…

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  1. Tash December 4, 2013


  2. Lydia December 4, 2013

    I saw these pictures earlier, she looks gorgeous.

    • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) December 4, 2013

      STUNNING QUEEN! still haven’t gotten over seeing her live earlier this summer <3 best year ever 2013 has been!

  3. riley December 4, 2013

    I thought this wack h** was releasing a single on the 3rd? well that came and went and still NO NEW MUSIC, HAHAHAHA To scared to release new music because gaga miley ciara katy and pink out here slaying for the gawds?

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

      kiii Bxtch what exactly are they slaying?? and the nerve of you to say for the “gawds” kiiii Cute joke bxtch!

      Receipts of Beyonce OR her team, claiming a single was to be released on the 3rd?…………………

  4. SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

    YASSSSSSSSSS.. Nothing but BODY! Not flat asses, huge foreheads, or none of that mess kii

    I’m loving the Platinum blonde she’s be rocking lately!

  5. Lydia December 4, 2013

    Dec 3rd? Who said that? Not her because I never heard that and Im a fan. You deserve a legion in the Hive sis.

  6. riley December 4, 2013

    lol she trying to be a s** symbol like britney to

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013


      She’s been a s** symbol since 2003 bxtch! Britney has been a f****** nut job since 2007 kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  7. Yaz December 4, 2013

    She has great balance between work and play and looks brilliant! You go girl!

  8. riley December 4, 2013

    Grapejuice said she would release the same day as Slayney Jean dropped.

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

      Honey they were misinformed, like you 😉

      Be patient hun, the single will come kii

  9. Yaz December 4, 2013

    I hope thats not you in your avi talking about s** symbols because I see why you are mad. No more needs to be said…

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013


  10. riley December 4, 2013

    @Slay_hive sit down boo them b****** are killing the game like beyonce never could ok f*****? you got it ghetto girl?

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

      Killing the game how?? provide reciepts kii

      I’m far from ghetto , you trailer trash hooker

  11. Lovebird (Britney Jean – OUT NOW) December 4, 2013

    All I want to know is where those radio tested singles ended up.

    How embarrassing to have songs tested and not release them

    How embarrassing to have songs radio tested at all.

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

      How embarrassing to be a so called “legend” and have both of your GENERIC singles FLOP AND only debut with less than 200k!!! A MESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  12. riley December 4, 2013

    No i can tell your a ghetto hoodrat h** who sells her trash box p**** for 5 dollars.. My girls run the industry ok

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

      LOOOOOOL Just like i can tell you’re a Meth addicted trailer trash, fish smelling bxtch, who’s been FOOLED into thinking her “girls” are running something!

  13. Yeah I Said It December 4, 2013

    WERK B****!

  14. riley December 4, 2013

    B**** please im hotter than bey

  15. Lydia December 4, 2013

    @Lovebird Im still waiting for LEGIT receipts of the radio testing darling.

  16. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez December 4, 2013

    I’m not surprised that she’s NOT wearing a two piece. I like the short black haircut. It makes her look refreshed and her features pop out more.

    @Slay_Hive your fave looks nice here but let’s not pretend that she’s not covering her fat in the first picture and sucking in her belly in the second looking like she got an invisible corset on. Sit down and stop being pressed

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

      B**** post a pic of yourself, so we all can see what fat really looks like. If anybody is pressed it is you. Beyonce looks nice, considering she had a baby, her body will not be perfect! Quit being a hater and go sit on some d*** you lonely bxtch

  17. Lolz December 4, 2013

    Can you put up the rest? She looks fantastic.

  18. Lolz December 4, 2013

    @Slay_Hive I love your dragging!

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

      Thanks honey! I was born to make these bxtches pressed! You see you have four dislikes already. My fans love you kiiii 😉

  19. Lily December 4, 2013

    I have seen this pics months ago. How come its now that Sam saw it. No gist so she has to recycle agin and again. She always look Hot.

  20. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez December 4, 2013

    Everything but a single. I think Beyoncé is going to release her music around Feb-April. I have a feeling

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

      When she releases the single it will SMASH. too many pressed h*** waiting on it, including you!

  21. riley December 4, 2013

    @Slay_hive your a funny little c*** roach dont you have a c*** to s*** you little hoodrat all beyonce fans are ghetto hoodrat H***!

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013


      Girl remain PRESSEDTT… I love to see you trailer park h*** SEETHE! kiiii

  22. _Xtina_ December 4, 2013

    I hate her but She looks Hot! Can’t fight you guys on that.

  23. Naomi December 4, 2013


  24. riley December 4, 2013

    Trailer park? Me? Brick shaped b**** please im living good h** know that.

  25. Lovebird (Britney Jean – OUT NOW) December 4, 2013

    Beyonce cannot even go #1 in 60 countries just by posting on Facebook and Twitter like Britney did.

    Beyonce has to have her songs RADIO TESTED and refuse to release them after the radio tests, I cannot.

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

      LOOOOL TOO MF BAD ALL of that did absolutely nothing for her album sells… 190k kiiiiiiiii

      Receipts of Radio tested songs please…still waiting looool

  26. My Forehead Tho December 4, 2013

    Not with that long thick ass neck you ain’t, b****.

    Better than Beyonce?

    Girl stahhhp…

  27. Touché December 4, 2013

    Yaaaaaas Fraudonce! You better werk them thunder thighs 😀

  28. Lovebird (Britney Jean – OUT NOW) December 4, 2013

    They said;

    – New music by the end of the year
    – New music before the SB
    – New music before tour
    – No, not official singles, BUZZ singles (buzzing what exactly??)
    – No, the EU market didn’t get a taste of “4” tour, new music North American leg of tour
    – New music by the end of the summer
    – No, the tour is to support “4”, new music by Dec 3rd
    – Wait a minute, we’ll get back in touch with you, we are still coming up with a new excuse.

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

      You said all this to say what?

      That you are impatiently waiting for new material?

      That she has remained relevant the entire year without new music, or any scandals.

      That her “buzz” single made national news?

      That she had the 2nd highest rated superbowl perormance?

      That her tour is to gross 200 million off of the so-called “flop” album 4? (Which is more than any of your faves this year)


  29. put your EBT card away, and pull that STAn card out h**! December 4, 2013

    Honey she is giving me hamhocks on Sweetie pies specialty menu list! Other than that i guess meh

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

      I think you have her confused with you oversized mammy 😉

  30. Lovebird (Britney Jean – OUT NOW) December 4, 2013

    And let’s not forget the infamous “the tour is SOLD OUT”, NOPE, Billboard already clocked that rumor, lots of half empty stadiums in Latin America and South America.

  31. Naomi December 4, 2013

    I know these trolls behind the computer are ugly. And one can’t even show its face on Twitter its so scared.

  32. Lovebird (Britney Jean – OUT NOW) December 4, 2013

    And the so called “queen” selling less albums than;

    – Britney’s 1 album
    – Xtina’s 1 album
    – P!nk
    – Alicia Keys
    – Rihanna

    oh, and let’s not forget her last hit was Telephone some 500 years ago.

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

      How repetitive of you! Yet none of the bxtches you named have been able to get a hit lately.. *yawns*

      beyonce always wins.. you know this, that’s why you are the most pressed 🙂 kiii

      • Beyanca December 4, 2013

        Lmao, not you clinging on to old ass 90’s receipts,
        First off, Rihanna has 3 more albums than bey, and on average they sell less than what beyonces do WW.
        Facts show that beyonce has BEEN Outselling britney since 2003. Alicia’s latest album isn’t even platinum, and pink’s only sold 300K more than 4 in the US with a number one hit.
        And not to mention, all of them having more albums than her. Let’s not.

  33. Csquadrepresenta December 4, 2013

    Still no single. She’s a joke at this point.

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

      No honey the joke is not being able to get a gold album after fifty tries.. poor flop 😉

  34. Sass December 4, 2013

    Ahhhh the life she leads. (Side eyes certain commentators lack of a life). Irony lol.

  35. Sass December 4, 2013

    Not someone stealing Rosies email. She never comes for Beyonce unless the Hive come for Lana.

  36. Lovebird (Britney Jean – OUT NOW) December 4, 2013

    “That her tour is to gross 200 million off of the so-called “flop” album 4? (Which is more than any of your faves this year)”

    Wait a minute, didn’t Beyonce add 34846465 more dates than P!nk, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Madonna, Celine’s tours??

    $200 million for 3 times the work? OK

    *Files nails*

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

      But she was outgrossing them on average BEFORE she added the extra dates. Try again hun

  37. Sass December 4, 2013

    Hahaha I just watched Kevin Heart getting his life at her show.

  38. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* December 4, 2013

    She Need To Stop BLEACHING her Skin, She Looks Like a White Caucasian lady Now, this Can’t be her Real Skin Tone, she was darker than that.

    her face in the 2nd Pic is just… 🙄 🙄 🙄

  39. put your EBT card away, and pull that STAn card out h**! December 4, 2013

    Side eye at the people who always talk about how much money this bish has! I call them wishabitch, because we know those h*** are broke! any way here thighs are massive i can’t deny that it giving me romp roast with a side order of chitlins realness!

  40. Sass December 4, 2013

    She surpassed the 100 mill mark from just 59 dates. Try again.

  41. Kyle December 4, 2013

    This Lovebird persons fingers must be bleeding lawd!

  42. Kyle December 4, 2013

    Nice pics Bey she looks pretty and her body is snatched!

  43. FAF December 4, 2013


  44. Marley December 4, 2013

    Omg she was in Jamaica 🙁 Of all the times I fly out there I miss her.

    Get that tropical sun girl, and ummmm what person who bleaches spends all their time in the BRIGHT tropical sun? You people are dumb.

  45. put your EBT card away, and pull that STAn card out h**! December 4, 2013

    LoveBird is a legend on TGJ, and b****** will deal. Keep doing what you do @ lovebird a lot of us love you!

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

      kiiiii GIRL PLEASE!

  46. Marley December 4, 2013

    You can be a legend on a blog? (chuckles)

  47. Marley December 4, 2013

    You know you lack a life if you feel some type of status and importance proclaiming people as legends who just and spend their time commenting on blogs all day.

  48. Molly December 4, 2013

    Lmao we all knew Rosie was apart of the c squad Lmao dumb b****.

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

      Girl that was your failed troll account,

      there are only 3 CSquad members in the world. You and your other two personalities BYE

  49. Molly December 4, 2013

    Basic b****** get blocked comments Lmao.

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

      No weak bxches who cant take my reads resort to blocking!!! I enjoy reading all you lame h*** *blows kisses*

  50. Starships December 4, 2013

    She looks s** af I can’t lie!

  51. Molly December 4, 2013

    But bey looks basic as always.

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

      But not half as Basic as cierror’s career hun kii

  52. put your EBT card away, and pull that STAn card out h**! December 4, 2013

    You know you have impact when people take the time out to write all this about you LOL:

    “You know you lack a life if you feel some type of status and importance proclaiming people as legends who just and spend their time commenting on blogs all day”

    LOL thanks for noticing me boo, keep checking for me! oh and LOVEBIRDS A LEGEND! keep hating!

  53. put your EBT card away, and pull that STAn card out h**! December 4, 2013

    For a star of her supposed caliber she sure is basic more than often! Meh..

  54. Marley December 4, 2013

    Yeah I read the comment, you seem hurt. Just like you read mine and dedicated that comment to me. Are we square?
    Still, a legend on a blog though kiii…

  55. SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013


    And you need to know that im living BETTER bxtch!

    with that hideous pic you have on display, i’m more inclined to believe that you are the one with a brick shape body and a wide flat ass to match! FOH trailer park h**

  56. OB2 December 4, 2013

    She’s so pretty. She looks very fresh faced and revitalized in all these pictures.

  57. Molly December 4, 2013

    Its already a known fact Ciara looks better than Bey b****. @SlayHive

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

      Receipts… What polls has Cierror topped honey?? i cant remember kiiiii

  58. put your EBT card away, and pull that STAn card out h**! December 4, 2013

    B**** don’t try it ” I seem hurt”, and you can tell this how? Anyway you read my post, and left a comment first girl so square? Hell no!, and so please lets not! yes a legend on a blog get over it sis.

  59. Yeah I Said It December 4, 2013

    You can’t compare a man to a woman though^^^^

  60. Molly December 4, 2013

    Honey them polls are nothing but a popularity contest next. @SlaySlut

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

      We all know Cierror isn’t popular, but still she has topped no polls!

      So how can it be a “known FACT” that Cierror looks better?

      That’s just your opinion and you are in the minority doll 😉

  61. Dreamlover December 4, 2013

    Stunning. She is literally glowing. She looks so healthy and clean! Haha I can’t even describe it. Beautiful.

  62. Marley December 4, 2013

    *Files nails* I can tell with every pressed, ratchet response . Carry on…

  63. put your EBT card away, and pull that STAn card out h**! December 4, 2013

    Yawn b****! I can tell a whack h** a mile away! or in your case a few post away. For Just stop girl you are really getting obsessed with me SMH. Have some pride in yourself, and walk away!

  64. Marley December 4, 2013


  65. SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

    Death@ Marley dragging and having this bxtch write long pressed essays kiiiii

  66. Blue Ivy Carter- Rodriguez December 4, 2013

    Beyonce is bleaching her skin since DIL era, that’s no secret. Sam needs to avoid making dumb Beyoncé posts like this and just focus on her new music which seems to not exist.

    • SLAY_HIVE December 4, 2013

      Receipts of her Bleaching…..

      Sam isn’t the one who needs to avoid. You need to avoid Beyonce’s post, if they bother you that much. Clearly it’s for the fans, but there are more wasps than Hive as usual!

  67. Marley December 4, 2013

    You don’t bleach your skin and then go burn it in the carribean sun. The rumor is no secret… the fact is not there.

    Being light skin myself, I know how it is. Beyoncé has been the same color since she was kid.

  68. RoyalKev December 4, 2013

    Wow B’s body is in fighting form! Bey’s looking nice and lean! She’s s*** either way though (I like the curvy Bey too)!

  69. Why So Jelly? December 4, 2013

    Beyonce looks stunning I love her Tumblr its so classy and intriguing.

  70. fatusankoh December 4, 2013

    omg bey looking so hot hate mongers are mad their favorite will never look like bey hatters lay off bey album why worrie you are not her fans we her fans not worrie we know what she is doing thanks Sam for posting

  71. Amanda Bynes December 4, 2013

    She looks like a ghetto t*****. Ew

  72. Mya December 4, 2013

    Bey looks fabulous dahlinggg! Glad she’s taking well deserved breaks

  73. wintz December 4, 2013

    The ICON has people so phuqin madddd 🙂 I’m just taking it all in… kiiii

  74. wintz December 4, 2013


    There are people who bleach their skin in Jamaica, which i’m sure you know (since you travel to JamRock so often) is a real and serious epidemic.

    They LIVE on the island… so why can’t a tourist or any international super star/celebrity who comes to Jamaica /Caribbean for vacation resume bleaching in their cool, cozy and luxurious grand hotels/suites?

    What’s stopping them? They will just double up on Sun Blocking Creams when visiting the beach.

  75. Tasha December 4, 2013

    Oh please, she doesn’t bleach her skin. Any light skinned person would understand how it is in photos. Under different lighting you look fair. You can clearly see the brown in Beyonce, she is in the bright sunlight and has VERY fair hair which also makes her look fairer. But peoples complexions change anyway with age but thats not even the case with Beyonce. Rewind back to pictures of her aged 7 and try and tell me her color is any different to the above photos. Its not. Why on earth would she bleach her skin when shes always been fair anyway.

  76. Summa December 4, 2013

    These are nice pics she enjoying the fruits of her labor good for you honey!

  77. BEYSLAYING December 4, 2013

    Tired of this…release the f****** album already

  78. KingB_lover December 5, 2013

    The Csquad is so funny while ur fave is flopping to the ultimate
    150k ? Lol u really have the nerve to come for B?
    It doesn’t take a r***** to kno that Ciara is over and thanks to
    Her so cal fans lol ur always doing our dirty work
    Keep being mad . U have all the reasons in the world I would be
    Just as mad if my fave would. Have flop that way 3 times in a row.
    I just saw beyonce on the 3rd .
    She was incredible I don’t need a new single she gave it a 110%
    Best tour so far.
    When will Ciara? She rather ride a d*** than promote her wack
    S*** for her 3 fans that Are left.
    So now I understand why u b****** are mad .

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