Azealia Banks Announces ‘Broke With Expensive’ European Tour Dates

Published: Sunday 29th Dec 2013 by David


With or without the mess that saw her make many a Pop enemy, Azealia Banks stands tall as one of the best live performers to grace music’s scene.

Fact, not opinion.

So, with stamina that see her lyrics delivered flawlessly each and every time and stage shows that are just as enthralling as they as engaging, it’s no wonder the Rapper continues to pull in audiences all over the globe with every stage venture she launches.

She’s just that good.

Now, with her debut album ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ fast approaching, the Rap siren has announced the launch of a European tour today…birthed to support the hotly anticipated release!

Dates below…


Exciting times!

Yes, though a number of ‘social media stunts’ pulled by Banks went a long way to damage her brand, one has to remember that these ‘stunts’ aren’t to thank for the numerous gigs she booked in the last year. Her talent is.

For, while Iggy Azalea has opted to take the ‘tabloid regular/ fashion show staple’ route to keeping her hype alive, the quality of Azealia‘s music and stage presence is what has seen her monetize her hype and build a career with artistic bricks and mortar.

Will this be enough to see ‘BWET‘ avoid the cruel and twisted place that is ‘Flop Lane’?

Weigh in below…

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  1. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT> December 29, 2013


  2. B’ROCKA SLAYs December 29, 2013

    pretty good to see her back to performing…i just thought the album needed to be released before you could go on tour for it

  3. Truth December 29, 2013

    shes doing the right thing, Beyonce re-cnncted with her audience by touring for a year beofre dropping her stunning new album, Azealia needs to re-cnncet with her fans and then drop the album

  4. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 29, 2013

    It’ll flop…no ones interested anymore. It’s been what?? Five years now???

  5. D December 29, 2013

    Your first statement is absolutely an opinion. It’s not fact just because you italicized the word not. I like opinion based blogs but you seem incapable of objective reporting.

    Now onto azealia. Call me when she has an album on shelves containing song that sound nothing like yung repunxel.

  6. iconic cici December 29, 2013

    Who cares?

  7. Navy Commander December 29, 2013

    Where’s the album though?

    And it is no longer highly anticipated TGJ. It was highly anticipated after 212 dropped , and that was in 2011. It’s almost 2014, people have stopped checking for her and anticipating her a long time ago. She needs a new smash hit if she wants to get people to buy her album. Otherwise she’s going to sell less than kreayshawn numbers.

  8. IGGY GODZALEA December 29, 2013

    Kiiiiiiiiiii!!! I cannot with y’all trying to hype her unwatched performances and unseen stage presences!! I’m not surprised,seeing that the queens love the over the top gimmicks. Bankrupt’s stage presence doesn’t exist, the end. And not y’all trying to downplay Iggy. She’s releasing music that actually charts, presenting at the VMAs, performing & presenting at the EMAs, selling out shows in LA, landing magazine covers, and she just got off tour with Beyonce (which y’all refused to post on). Honestly I don’t get this site. Your quick to post on bad press about her but when she’s killing it you ignore her and then try to degrade her at every turn. Messy. We all know damn well this tour will flop unless she sales the tickets low. Don’t be salty cause y’all bandwagoned for the wrong “Azalea” 😉

  9. Queen Brit Brit December 29, 2013

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Flopzealia is a performer? Since when? Her album will avoid the flop lane because it will never see the light of day. Interscope probably put her on this tour to earn back the money they blew on those videos she did early on. She’ll be shelved and ghostwriting by next year. Iggy remains unbothered. LOLOLOL!!

  10. anonymous December 29, 2013

    @Iconic cici thats what people say about CI-FLOP. Do you know if she has sold 200k yet.

  11. Common Sense December 29, 2013

    Someone failed high school English and is confusing facts with opinions.

  12. mutha January 2, 2014

    LOL Y’all are so hype.

    Not saying anything that hasn’t already been said here but come-on….despite all of her twitter-trolling and other drama this girl has failed to put out anything that has even come close to the minor success she has with her first song in 2011. And people, she has released a boat load of tracks and a number of videos. Check the views on YT and watch as the counts decline with each video.

    Sorry but its not about her BS on Twitter. Sure that has played a major part in her loss of credibility but, the real reason that this girl has not gone anywhere is because her music is just not that great. She has had all of the looks and people were checking for her before but now they aint’ because she didn’t deliver the goods.

    The people have spoken and clearly they aren’t interested anymore. Her album? It will flop. Her tour will do ok number numbers but these are small clubs. so what.
    If Azealia Banks had a hit single in her, Interscope would have released it at this point in a desperate attempt to salvage this over-hyped-underperforming mega-signing.

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