Columbia Records: ‘Beyonce’s New Album Will Be Monumental’

Published: Monday 9th Dec 2013 by David

Two years after watching Adele’s ’21’ take the label to the dizzy heights of commercial glory, Columbia Records now hope to achieve a similar result with Beyonce‘s forthcoming album next year…teasing the release in a new interview given to ‘Hits Daily Double.’

An interesting quote from Mr.Rob Stringer below…

Speaking to the outlet, he shared:

“At the beginning of next year we’ve got Broken Bells and Bruce Springsteen. Then we’ve got Lea Michele from Glee coming, and we’ve got Foster the People up next. Then we’ve got Pharrell and Solange, and obviously, at some point Beyonce will put a record out, and when she does it will be monumental. So we’re in really, really good shape.”

Exciting stuff!

If her campaigns with H&M and Pepsi were anything to go by this year, Camp Bey’s plan is to use her existing relationships with a number of brands to push her material to the general public from every angle.

On stage.

In commercials.

On billboards.

In videos.

Exciting, as her status as an ‘album seller’ can only continue to rise if a traditional album role out is accompanied with the same ‘here, there and everywhere’ approach used to sell tickets to the ‘Mrs.Carter Show.’

Indeed, one can only imagine just how monumental album #5 will be once its material is given the financial push that will see it become her most commercially successful era to date, achieving the seemingly impossible feat of outperforming herself!

Random: Back in ’95, British singer Des’ree saw her hit single ‘You Gotta Be‘ become the theme song for an ad campaign launched by ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’.

A campaign, that saw the cut played for millions of viewers every morning, helping to secure it a Billboard Hot 100 peak position of #5, glueing itself to the minds of the millions that have gone on to purchase it since.

justify;”>So,with her  household name status in mind, do you think B should plan something similar for her new single?


Weigh in below!

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  1. MrTooIncredible December 9, 2013

    Good I hope this monument falls …

  2. Special Delivery December 9, 2013

    Ooo. Are Britneys first week sales in yet?

  3. Tash December 9, 2013

    Told yall columbia wait on her. Not vice versa. HBIC

  4. pat December 9, 2013

    “at some point” ??? you girls will have grandkids first

  5. fatusankoh December 9, 2013

    yes queen bey we your fans can’t wait I love you

  6. Xocio December 9, 2013

    Beysic’s FARTS are monumental to the fleahive and Sam, but I wouldn’t hold my breath, b**** is about done already, this next flop will put the nail in her coffin FINALLY, MEDIOCRITY should not be rewarded or praised

  7. Absolved December 9, 2013


    Basically. Beyoncé is powerful enough to tell Columbia WHEN she’s ready to put out an album, and what it’ll be like. They wait on her and she makes the decisions. Rihanna, on the other hand, gets TOLD by Def Jam when to get her ass in the studio and what to sing. No power.

  8. My Forehead Tho December 9, 2013

    I agree …Let the music speak for itself. Every other Beyonce album is “monumental”, so what he’s saying is most likely fact.

    1.Dangerously in love: 5 Grammys 10m+ sold ww
    3. IASF: 6 Grammys 8m+ sold we
    5. [Insert Title] 7 Grammys,multi platinum, only artist in history to have 5 consecutive #1 albums since debut etc.

  9. Amanda Bynes December 9, 2013

    Another flop album in the making. Oh well!

  10. RICHIE_RICH December 9, 2013

    They waiting on the Queen. She can do whatever she wants

  11. Arie December 9, 2013

    There is no album coming out, if Shakira releases first the Beyonce’s fate is sealed. Expect news of her second pregnancy around that time.

  12. JOHNVIDAL December 9, 2013

    Well, that obviously means nothing. They said that for her last album “4” too, that it was going to be a 2 years long-campaign and all that (like they recently said about Katy Perry´s new album too). But that support doesn´t have to translate into huge sales. We´ll see, but I doubt it. Even someone like Adele my have it hard to sell HUGE way again when she decides to release.

  13. Bey Fan December 9, 2013

    I cant wait… People have been saying she was done since Bday… and she keeps coming harder.

    When this promo starts…its gonna be over.

  14. JOHNVIDAL December 9, 2013

    That´s true.
    That´s the sad truth all these puppets fans have to face everyday

  15. idgi December 9, 2013

    Let music speak for itself and the fans and supporters will decide. I like Beyonce and for me she always delivers but when words like that get spoken by people on her team or the label it turns people off sometimes. But I do believe it will monumental, after all its Queen B.

  16. Grump December 9, 2013

    All I have to say to this website is “LOL” cause I think beyonces camp has brainwashed y’all.

  17. baby i December 9, 2013

    @Johndival you act like GaGa is not a puppet tho Lmao sit down.

  18. Amanda Bynes December 9, 2013

    Beyonce COULD NEVER be on the same level like Whitney, MJ and Madonna. There’s nothing special about her music tbh.

  19. Lolz December 9, 2013

    @bey fan no they’ve been saying shes done since DIL lol

  20. RihannaNavy December 9, 2013

    Tbf…i respect this about bey. There seems to be a respectable understanding between columbia and her artistry. For example bey doesnt have to be deliberatly for shows tryna b boss like

  21. Molly December 9, 2013

    Beyonce was coo back in like 2003-2009 but honestly she does nothing for me she’s a great performer but her music isnt even that good i mean just look at her biggest hit its single ladies super corny. Her fans act like she has a Mariah type discography. Anyways hopefully she can deliver a solid album like the first one.

  22. Brazilian Beyonce!!! December 9, 2013

    Screw Colombia they are the reason why Beyoncé hasn’t released any album because they wanna eat her money. Hope B! Fought that contract they gave her when she was 20!

  23. QUEEN MARIAH >> ur flop fave December 9, 2013

    Taking a page from Lady FLOPga’s marketing schemes and HYPING to the GODS her next album. Let’s see about that….

    I hope this b**** really delivers, cuz if she “fours” again…

  24. RICHIE_RICH December 9, 2013

    Whenever Beyonce is ready I’ll be ready, but I must say I wish people would stop hyping this album up. I want to hear it FROM BEYONCE.

  25. Mrs. Carter December 9, 2013

    Bey is coming to slay. Y’all ain’t ready

  26. Super Cisus December 9, 2013

    “At some point” LMAO this b**** music is trash trash trash. Everything is about girl power or shaking her ass in stilettos. Even Keri Flopson makes better music (and doesn’t steal song writing credits)kiii

  27. Lolz December 9, 2013

    @molly her biggest hit was Crazy In Love darling

  28. oh December 9, 2013

    lmfao @ ‘at some point Beyonce will put a record out’…. they don’t even know what’s going on. monumental alright, just like they said 4 would ‘create a new genre’..

  29. Brazilian Beyonce!!! December 9, 2013

    Yall b****** know nothing!!

  30. Lolz December 9, 2013

    Beyonce fans love Beyonce because which is why shes their fav. She does somethibg for them that other artists don’t so if they prefer her music to Mariahs its their perogative. Not everyone has to love Mariahs music, she does not do much for me and Im from the UK and Beyonce has sold more than her here. No shade but everyone has different tastes.

  31. Lolz December 9, 2013

    because of what SHE does for them*

  32. Molly December 9, 2013

    Beyonces team please dont hype bey up like GaGa team does, it doesn’t end well especially if the music doesn’t live up to the hype.

  33. RICHIE_RICH December 9, 2013

    @molly That was a stupid comment …..What does Mariah have to do with this. First off why are you even here. Beyonce isn’t you cup of tea, but you took time to comment on the Tea from the cup that’s not you’re cup of tea. Oh the irony of it all. The kids be bitter about Mrs. Beyonce’

  34. Super Cisus December 9, 2013

    JOhnvidal stfu you stank old geriatric b**** and go buy some of celines flop ass albums. Request the art of letting go while your at it bum!!

  35. Sexx Dreams December 9, 2013

    Dont be pressed because Gaga and Beyonce have teams that actually support them unlike Ciara

  36. DOSSOME December 9, 2013

    I know i’ve been hard on her since Videophone,but honestly,if she can pick from where she left with BDay then it’ll indeed be monumental…No disrespect everything she’s put out since then has been waaay too ordinary for an artist of her caliber,well except Smash into you AND End of time which weren’t even singles yet she chose to release Videophone

  37. Molly December 9, 2013

    @Lolz im not saying everyone has to like Mariahs music, im saying that you people act like Beyonce just puts out the best music when she doesn’t 50% is good the other 50 is trash hell i think she’s to talent to be singing s***** songs like Run the world,Videophone,Diva, etc.

  38. cocobutta December 9, 2013

    As far as I’m concerned he could have stayed silent and talk the talk a month before the album comes out.


    I’m being patient though as i’m still enjoying my Kelly, Keyshia, Tamar, TGT, Kendrick, Drake, Pusha T & Jhene CD’s at this moment in time.

    Must get Sevyn I think also but as much as I like her voice i’ve not felt all her songs (Sorry to go off topic)


    King Bey just promote and choose WISELY the singles because the order the songs came out on 4 was wrong!!

  39. Molly December 9, 2013

    @Rich No its not a stupid comment just because its something you dont agree with i used Mariah as an example.

  40. Brazilian Beyonce!!! December 9, 2013

    They should stop creating hype…. Beyoncé doesn’t need hype anymore. 4 had little promo for first week Sales even though it was leaked a month earlier it dominated the BB 200. It also dominated UK charts. Beyonces aim is to top DIL and she has the ability to do that. IASF nearly snatched DIL. I feel like 5 will be her ultimate album.

  41. Lolz December 9, 2013

    @Molly you just justified my point even more, her music is 50% trash TO YOU. Your whole point is stupid and irrelevent to the point anyway.

  42. Molly December 9, 2013

    Btw i dont hate Beyonce i criticize her because i expect better from her, If she puts out a great album not full of album fillers and ghetto dance anthems i might actually buy a copy.

  43. Lolz December 9, 2013

    Since when where those few songs 50% of her discography anyway. Did you pass mathematics in school?

  44. Molly December 9, 2013

    Its only stupid and irrelevant cause you and the rest of the morons in the hive dont agree.

  45. Brazilian Beyonce!!! December 9, 2013

    I think it will be released in February.

  46. Lolz December 9, 2013

    Beyonce has about 7 intentionally ratchet anthems in her whole discography how is that making up most her albums?

  47. .. December 9, 2013

    Allegedly bey been trying to get out of her contract with columbia. something to do with TV rights, they make a killing and she doesn’t get that much. They aint wanna change some s*** on the contract, apparently, and that’s why she been holding off on releasing the album, that should have been out since last dec/early this year…
    she even stopped speaking to them. those n***** over at columbia haven’t had the slightest clue on what’s going on with her for a while. but s*** is finally falling into place, APPARENTLY. this is all talk though, that album might never see the light of day. lmfao smh.
    If any of it is true, then kudos to her for fighting those fat ass rich white executives who wanna steal off artists. Shame matthew isn’t around though, he would have handled all the s*** during her maternity leave and all these delays would have never happened.

  48. RICHIE_RICH December 9, 2013

    Music is music everyone has a choice to listen to whatever music they choose. Who’s to say how one music should be. If it’s not to you’re liking oh well, but just know someone will like it.

    It’s like I don’t care for madonna music, but millions others do. Maddona music is just not to my liking. Just because I don’t like it, don’t mean her music is TRASH.

  49. Lolz December 9, 2013

    Why is Molly coming l for ghetto anyway when Ciara the ATL drag queens general known songs are all ghetto besides body party. 1,2 step, Goodies, Oh, Like a Boy… Lets not. Beyonce has ghetto songs but shes known for a variety you need to stop reaching.

  50. Unbiased December 9, 2013

    I wish Columbia would shut the hell up, because they know just as the fans know about Beyonce’s project. The only person that knows about the album is Beyonce, and she doesn’t tell Columbia anything until she gets ready. Let the music speak!

  51. shawn December 9, 2013

    Beyoncé, I hope u flop will flying colors.

  52. Yeah I Said It December 9, 2013

    Ciara fans talking about ghetto music? Isn’t that a contradiction?

  53. Unbiased December 9, 2013

    I heard something about TV rights as well, Those greedy ass record executives. The good thing is that all of the money she grosses from her tour goes to her, and Columbia doesn’t receive one cent! I hope Bey gets out of her partnership with Columbia and start her own label soon.

  54. Finesse on this December 9, 2013

    Blue ivy will be 21 before this album comes the time she releases this album, all her fans will be dead

  55. Blue December 9, 2013

    Beyonce is just s name now, the music doesnt live up to that. She has one of the weakest discographies around. Which is sad cause she has mad talent, but what does that say about her when katy and rihanna have the better songs and bigger hits.

  56. Yeah I Said It December 9, 2013

    Im sure Columbia just said this casually people need to calm down.

  57. Blue December 9, 2013

    And lets be honest her next album will do less han 5mil WW

  58. Yeah I Said It December 9, 2013

    And the same people who down Beyonces music (which earned a whole theme on x factor) probably enjoyed Britney Jean which is getting TRASHED by critics

  59. RICHIE_RICH December 9, 2013

    People like to talk about 4 , but IMO it’s her best album. The lyrical content was very mature and showed growth. Then Dil, Bday and IASF.

    @… My boy that works for Columbia was saying something to that nature. Who knows!!!!!!!

  60. Jason December 9, 2013

    Can you for once wish everyone in this world would succeed instead of fail. What if someone kept wishing you would fail? Oh wait, then you would succeed. Just like how she did and WILL get those millions while you just SIT THERE. #ThinkBeforeYouType

  61. Marley December 9, 2013

    I just hope Beyonce gets a nice balance between 4 and the I am side of IASF. So its commercial but decent quality. These days people either have one or the other. Hopefully shes taking her time to try and figure this out.

  62. body ache (Britney stan) December 9, 2013

    Why you worried about Britney jean tho, at the end of the day Britney still has a better discography than Beyonce.

  63. Marley December 9, 2013

    Not quality wise she doesnt^^^^ sales =/= quality

  64. Grump December 9, 2013

    Lmao at the delusion of this website. An artist who can’t create their own music from scratch cannot grow. I’m not saying the album will be bad but it will be the same “pop your booty”, “love ballad”, “anthem based”, “ego centric” music. I really don’t expect anything new or groundbreaking. Just cute beyonce music, no risks. I wish her all the best doe.

  65. Brandys Starr December 9, 2013

    Beyonce has the best of the best wanting to work with her so I hope she delivers and the delay was for the best. Shes seems very in control of her stuff. So everything is her decision.

  66. Brandys Starr December 9, 2013

    4 was a brilliant album. I still listen to it. And even though it came out 10 years ago I can still play Dangerously in Love all the way through.

  67. Teacher December 9, 2013

    @Richie_Rich You werent sayin that when dance/pop was dominating….Obviously millions of ppl liked it..but you didnt like it so you called it ‘trash’ and generic music! #Fake #Hypocrite #Bye

  68. Teacher December 9, 2013

    And Johnvidal is nothin but an undercover Beyonce stan bcuz anything negative said about Rihanna he ALWAYS cosigns and he NEVER fails to mention her daily!

  69. Lovebird December 9, 2013

    And they are announcing this right after Amerie is back in the studio. This woman is so transparent.

    Anyway we’ll wait and hear/see but judging from Bow Down, I been on, Grown Woman, Standing on the sun, this album will be anything but monumental.

    Anyway good luck to you Bey, judging by Gags career at the moment, your stans will be the primary reason this era might flop harder than 4.

  70. kkkkkkkk December 9, 2013

    Lmaoooo what kind of delusion, she will never see Adele numbers. 21 outsold Beyonce’s entire discography without being re-release 234413543 times with 435435435 low-budget, ghetto and basic videos. Her music is nothing but generic, watered down pop with some r&b elements but her fans are the most delusional fanbase ever.

  71. Barb B**** December 9, 2013

    I been ready for new Bey music for a long time. Everything is so boring right now.

  72. Barb B**** December 9, 2013

    Beyonce has great music, which is why everyone tackles her songs and covers her songs. Stop hating.

  73. Lovebird December 9, 2013

    Beyonce has got OK music, she’s no Coldplay or Ed Sheeran, her music is not groundbreaking like Emeli Sande, it’s watered down pop like any other pop girl.

    Put a Beyonce song with a Ke$ha song and the quality is the same. Beyonce stans are so delusional.

  74. Barb B**** December 9, 2013

    Same with Rihanna tbh^ but ILOVEEEE your avi Lovebird yassss! Stan for Slaynika!

  75. Snow white December 9, 2013


  76. musicstan December 9, 2013

    I’m going to let her music speak to me… I don’t believe everything that is blogs put out about these celebrities… I like them all and I feel like all of them have put out some hit. Yes some albums has sold more than others but to call it a FLOP is getting old!!! ALL OF YOU STANS ON HERE Arguing about nothing yet you don’t have anything to show for.. bring someone’s else name into a article that has nothing to do with them tells me in realtiy you secertly stan for them also… cause if you didn’t you would pay them and the aritcle about them dust…. ( The Thristy is so Real in Other Countries No wonder why they need 10 CENTS a day to quinche their thirist!!) Yes I live in the United States and WE have some idoits that do it too but what benefits do anyone get out of hating people who are living their dreams and have a actual FANBASE (WHICH NONE OF YOU HAVE ON YOUR OWN) These artists can buy and sell you whole exist if they want to but yet ya’ll throw so much shade at them like they going actually reply back to you personal ( get Your Life and have a seat)… Now back to the article ( I have to get that off my damn chest) I’m a huge Beyonce fan just like a Rihanna, and Ciara and other R&B and Pop Divas…. I think she should come with something that we would never except from her…. The One thing I want her to do is to start working with more Female choreographers like Tina Landon ( Janet Jackson choreographer) fatima robinson ( aaliyah choreographer) or jamaica craft ( ciara choreographer) or even Danielle Ninja ( her choreographer on bday era ) to bring out the more softer and sexier side ( I’m tired of the overly gay and drag queens movments that she does) She can still be fierce and sexier at the same time in her dancing ( like Janet, Ciara, Jennifer Lopez)

  77. XXX December 9, 2013

    But you stan for Britneys music so you have no room to talk. That boring, lacklustre Britney Jean is getting bad reviews, I thought you said it was the best pop album of the year?

  78. XXX December 9, 2013

    Anyway let Beys music speak for itself already Columbia…

  79. Lovebird December 9, 2013

    Rihanna has got far better music because she has a team that writes for her. She adds her input sometimes like on Rated R.

    Producers and writers always give Rihanna their best work because she doesn’t force her name on the credits and always gives them props for the songs. Plus producers and writers enjoy working with her.

  80. Overdose December 9, 2013

    Britney jean isnt her best but its decent enough @XXX

    Problem with Bey is she never steps out her comfort zone she needs to reinvent herself in some way so the people will go crazy over her music again like “b4” ki

  81. XXX December 9, 2013

    Is that why Beyonce still has the best writers and producers working with her now? And trying to get their name on the album. Its the producers spilling the most tea.

  82. See! December 9, 2013

    My only question is why the Z-Squad still talking?
    Ciara is done and no amount of delusion will prove that to be false.
    I mean it’s a Beyonce post! Every loony troll comes out to spew the same lines.
    Beyonce got outsold by adele with one album would make sense if Beyonce only sold 23 Million records world wide! album wise and single wise, so stop the bs.
    Music is subjective,but the fact remains that Beyonce’s worst album shits all over the best of Ciara’s artistically and commercially.
    Gaga fans trying to drag? Gaga is flopping harder than the singles from 4 and that’s with a top ten!By the time Beyonce was on her 3rd album we got IASF. Also what does Amerie irrelevant ass have to do with Columbia Records announcing this? Amerie isn’t even signed! The reaches on this site when it comes to Beyonce are just ridiculous!

  83. RICHIE_RICH December 9, 2013

    @Teacher…I have never been A fan of dance or pop music so to say. I more of an RnB girl and Jazz.

  84. MuiMui December 9, 2013

    You made a good point, and I feel the Label will,
    be dealt with,because Beyonce and Jayz will not be even playing with them. Seem like she had to present some 70 or more singles to them when she was reading her last Album.
    And if the Label is acting a fool, I know Beyonce and her team will shut their foolishness down.

  85. XXX December 9, 2013

    So far Beyonce has declined Wrecking Ball by Dr Luke and Baby I by Babyface and work by Diplo. She has worked with Diane Warren, Ne-Yo, Pharell to name a few on this album already… Producers scramble to get a place on Beyonces album

  86. XXX December 9, 2013

    Oh and Ryan Tedder.

  87. Lovebird December 9, 2013

    Absolutely, the best writers and producers will work with Beyonce, but they’ll save their best work for Rihanna because Robyn Fenty will not appear on the credits unless she did something.

    Ask yourself this, why did Beyonce get standing on the sun when Rihanna got Diamonds? That should clue you in.

  88. kkkkkkkk December 9, 2013

    Honey, Adele has sold over 80 million records with just 2 albums, not to mention that her first album has sold 6.5 million and 21 over 26 million (more than DIL+BD+IASF+4 combined) so let’s not. Rolling In the Deep has sold more units than any Beyonce single worldwide. DIL is her best selling album and it managed to sell only 8-9 (not inflated 11 million) even when album sales were big (remember that Usher went Diamond with Confessions in 2004, why couldn’t so called King do it?).

  89. XXX December 9, 2013

    If a writer doesn’t want Beyonces name on the credits it doesn’t have to be, ask Diane Warren. And Sia wrote Standing on the Sun, Rise Up and God Made you Beautiful for Beyoncé her name is not on the credits (and a song which she personally said was her BEST WORK herself) so what’s the shade?

  90. RICHIE_RICH December 9, 2013

    lol at this…..All columbia did was make a comment, but since it’s Beyonce’ people feel the need to spew their hate, or BS.

    Damn I could see If Beyonce’ stated this, which she hasn’t stated anything about her album in the first place.

    I wouldn’t say Rihanna make better music cause she don’t make music @all. Her team of producers make music for her. Now I will say this, some of her music is more catchy than Beyonce’, but that doesn’t make it better cause it catchy.

  91. RICHIE_RICH December 9, 2013

    Why would Beyonce get standing on the sun and not diamonds?

    Diamonds isn’t a Beyonce type song, it was more fitting for Rihanna. I can’t picture Beyonce singing shine bright like a diamonds…..No ma’am

  92. DIGGER BEY December 9, 2013

    The Delusional lmaoooo @ Blue Chile please shut the fud up. KING B has one of the strongest discography of all these females out right now. DIL 12MILLION! BDAY 7MILLION! IASF 8MILLION! 4 3MILLION! That’s off 4 albums. U must bey mad ur favs can’t see a discography like that.

  93. Lovebird December 9, 2013

    ^^the inflation

  94. iamdiego December 9, 2013

    yes you did that math excelent! thats exactly what i was thinking. im thinking highest 1st week sales… 600,000-750,000.

  95. My Forehead Tho December 9, 2013

    “Rihanna has got far better music ”

    *wipes tears from my eyes* I should not be laughin this hard

  96. Tyler December 9, 2013

    I don’t even get a “Beyonce vibe” from Diamonds…Sranding On The Sun however, is like a Baby Boy 2.0. It has her name written all over it.

  97. DIGGER BEY December 9, 2013

    KING B has The World of Entertaintment on the edge of their seats. Waiting on her release. KING B 5TH album will see sales upward towards 12million or more. Its her time to produce that blockbuster seller. Watch and see. She’s already Iconic and living legend. Her peers and people older than her are saying she’s one of The Greats among performing. Oh and critics also. She’s The Heir Appointed Diva n Music! And also a Boss Bish! None of these pop tarts girls can run their career like THE QUEEN! They’re slaves to the record companies. #2013/2014… THE YEARS OF THE IMMORTAL KNOWLES

  98. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 9, 2013

    I love all these “beyonce will flop so hard” predictions just cause she had ONE underperforming era which had very little promo. Hive,don’t bother with these trolls. Let them have their moment. It will make the breakdowns even more legendary.

  99. XXX December 9, 2013

    @Overdose the critics disagree.

  100. Onika Slays A Bxtch (ASBEENISH) December 9, 2013

    The snippet Queens only redeeming point this year was the Mrs Clorox show.

    But the H** will do anything to say she is Gods gift to earth, but her R&B and Ballads are always solid so meh.

  101. Mya December 9, 2013

    Yeaaaa Bey *in my Jay Z voice* she is boss b**** man. How can you not rate this young black woman who has her huge record label waiting for her to make a decision and still licking her ass at the same time? Lol. That’s a boss b****.

  102. Mya December 9, 2013

    DEATH @ that fan 0:35

  103. Onika Slays A Bxtch (ASBEENISH) December 9, 2013

    my favorite track off Britney Jean is either Alien or Hold On Tight.

  104. Mya December 9, 2013

    Omg she looked so stunning in the fan video at 1:26

  105. ratedx(love is beautiful) December 9, 2013

    wasn’t 4 suppose to be the knockoff version of 21?

    the second coming of the thriller’s album?

    please let’s keep it real, beyonce didn’t release an album this year because the b**** ran out of people to copy and paste from….

    and what REAL songwriter is going to basically work for free, because we all know the b**** has to have her name on every song? beside the dream?

    people are calling gaga and britney flops, but at least the music they released charted on the charts

    where is grown woman, bow down(aka i love my so call haters more then the basic b****** who stan for me),
    something in/on the sun…

  106. Emeral December 9, 2013

    Im very ready, Beyonce probably had a change of heart. You can’t run out of ideas when you have the best writers and producers working for you and you are declining songs left right and center. She probably changed the direction she wanted to take. It happens but because its Beyonce its such a big deal. We will see…

  107. LOL December 9, 2013



  108. Yaz December 9, 2013

    She can take as long as she wants, I don’t understand the problem people have with her taking her time.

  109. ratedx(love is beautiful) December 9, 2013

    she has zero originality..everything she’s done has been done before….you would think after decades being in the game, the basic b**** would at least come with her own ideas, nope

    the funny and ironic thing are that, she has the same songwriters and music producers as the hell rihanna can pick a hit over and over again, and yet her dumb ass keep getting the basic songs?

    she doesn’t know what she wants to be, one minute she wants to be white, spanish, than when she want’s to sell something ghetto, that’s when she want;s to be black….

    21 had less promotion than 4, and we all see how that went..diamond..something beyonce will never see in her lifetime…I meant to say she can’t afford to buy 10 million and plus albums in one country…

  110. Rihboy December 9, 2013

    She had a few years off to gather stolen intel… sure it will just be another blah moment….nothing monumental has come out of her since single ladies…which 95 percent of that song belonged to someone else.

  111. Yaz December 9, 2013

    @Brandys Starr I agree 4 and DIL are her best albums

  112. Yaz December 9, 2013

    4 demonstrated her vocal ability on songs like ‘I care’ and DIL had her best R&B songs. I want her to have another Speechless, man I love that song.

  113. Yaz December 9, 2013

    I also never understood people who talk about her music as ghetto when her booty shaking bangers make up up about 10% of her discography. No more than the likes of Rihanna. You know you are just chatting s*** and don’t own her albums when you say that.

  114. Navibaby December 9, 2013


  115. sisqo is the king of R&B December 9, 2013


  116. Just Sayin December 9, 2013

    What you think of Beyonce’s music is subjective.

    I doubt people saying it sucks listen to her albums all the way through and enjoy the album gems that don’t get much exposure. Just basing it on her notorious singles. Her music is good.

    I own all of her albums.

  117. DeezHoes December 9, 2013

    Beyonce has missed her prime market this year after superbowl her single would have been the biggest single after the pepsi commercial as she had no competition. But Grown Women is a disaster it is all over the place.

    New teaser: Looks so cheap and horrendous like a leftover from BDay. As a fan I was expecting a new concept, style.

    When Beyonce selects good songs they are iconic ‘Say My Name, Crazy in love, Independent Women. She needs to return to RnB and produce another anthem maybe not about female empowerment this time..

    I don’t think anything will be released this year 2014 summer.

  118. DIGGER BEY December 9, 2013

    Lmao Rated H** seems so mad and pressed over someone she doesn’t even know. Gurl GET A LIFE! KING B don’t even know ur crusty ass exist but you’re steady behind ur rented laptop mad @ THE QUEEN bwahahahahahahahahahahahah

  119. quetta December 9, 2013

    I am not feeling this hype. But I love the way you all down her because every time you do she comes back swinging hard!

  120. quetta December 9, 2013

    Lmao @diggerbey okay! She stay talking reckless about beyonce with her undercover stan ass. And please that standing on the sun shade was WEAK!! like your other failed attempts.

  121. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 9, 2013

    I will say, Beyonce does a good job at keeping things private. It’s annoying at times since we’re in such a social media world and everything is now instant. But I will say this is building momentum for the album EVEN for people who “don’t like her.” She just better be able to deliver up to that momentum she has built, which I’m sure she will

  122. DIGGER BEY December 9, 2013

    U betta preach @ BEYHIVE MINAJI…….They act like one not so successful era has ruin her career. When in reality her under perform era performed better than some of the legendary women in music under perform eras. Mimi had a under perform era and she bounced back. Tina Turner experienced it also. KING B under perform era gained a critical acclaim album and garnered her awards. She also sold more in one week than others dropping during the Holidays and also went platnuim. Selling more albums in the US than others who had #1 hits. Just know this era will bey her biggest or one of her biggest. She’s not preggo, so she can promote and critics said the reason why the album didn’t sell more because of her not so radio friendly songs.

  123. Hmm. December 9, 2013

    Her albums are actually great but sometimes she doesn’t pick the right first singles to actually introduce you to what the album is all about and the quality of music it consists. Like for example , Run The World(Girls) never did 4 any justice cause once you listen to the whole album it leaves you clueless as to how Run the world fits into the album cause every songs in that album is lyrically and vocally great expect for Run the world (No lie). But i’m not gonna sit here and say Beyonce’s songs are trashy, and to say Katy perrys and Rihannas discography is much better than Beyonces then that’s a reach in itself and just take a song like “Listen” it never was #1 but you see people in talent shows singing it as if its one of her greatest hits.

  124. JER December 9, 2013

    With 1000 songs “written,” found on Youtube, bought, and recorded, I should hope so. They’ve been working on this album for 2 years on and off so there’s no excuse.

  125. put your EBT card away, and pull that STAn card out h**! December 9, 2013

    Not if she drops another 4. that s*** won’t even 4gotten tbh

  126. put your EBT card away, and pull that STAn card out h**! December 9, 2013

    Honestly i hope her album is good. I would love to hear some great music from beyonce before i my ass dies of old age, and i’m 27 at this moment. If she delivers than i will welcome it before if she drops some trash ass single like bow down or standing on my flop than i will come for her ass because WTF is the excuse this time??

  127. Haha December 9, 2013

    I agree with what @Hmm said, her singles choices often don’t reflect her albums as a collective. I look forward to seeing the direction she takes.

  128. ABC December 9, 2013

    I am Navi all day but I am waiting Beyonces “Miseducation” moment like I’m awaiting Ri’s “Ray of Light” moment.

  129. DIGGER BEY December 9, 2013

    Yea @Hmm…..I was confused when she released VP over other worthy singles like Radio. Anyway like someone said, her long awaited album will produce big numbers. Especially if she comes out with a smash. She has her SO CALL HATERS like LoveShit and Rated H** angrily waiting on new music lmao. I see her going gold n the first week. Its coming! #LIVING LEGEND

  130. loveides December 9, 2013

    Didn’t her record label say about the same thing about a year ago and still their was no album insight just snippets.

  131. NAVY COMMANDER December 9, 2013

    “and obviously, at some point Beyonce will put a record out, and when she does it will be monumental. So we’re in really, really good shape.”
    Not with her label not evening knowing when she’ll release music kiiii. And it will never reach Adele’s diamond status.

  132. Vee December 9, 2013

    I know the power of Beyoncé right?^ Rihanna would never have that kind of authority over her label because we all know they pull the strings.

  133. MC!!!!! December 9, 2013

    lol at the person saying beyonce sold more than Mariah in the UK kii. Mariah is the best selling artist in Japan we don’t even speak the same language!! and yea this album will be monumental until Adele decides she wants to realase something! the head birch of Columbia will always be Adele and Mariah yes honey Mariah is still getting them Columbia checks!! merry xmas!!!

  134. Lolz December 9, 2013

    @MC but she did sell more than Mariah in the UK. Im not from Japan so I could not care any less how much she sold there. Beyonce sold more than Mariah in the UK darling.

  135. 03-132020 December 9, 2013

    sure was! not SINGLE LADIES.

  136. Lolz December 9, 2013

    Beyonce has actually sold more than Mariah in many inernational countries actually. Just saying facts. Mariah fans wont like it but it is what it is. Mariah is not that WW outside of the US. Maybe thats why she doesn’t do world Tours either. Im not coming for Mariah but its the truth.

  137. Lolz December 9, 2013


  138. MC!!!!! December 10, 2013

    lol seriously I can’t at these stans saying beyonce sold more than Mariah she only sold 63 million in the us where the rest of the 200 million at?! and yeah so what if she doesn’t tour she still sold millions without a Damn tour less work for Mimi!! #dumbstans

  139. Skyfall December 10, 2013

    Why do I feel an Adele and Beyonce duet will be present on this album

  140. Lolz December 10, 2013

    @mc the receipts are out there darling. Majority of Mimis sales come from US and Japan. Beyonce has sold more than her in the UK, Austrailia etc just google bestselling female artists in these countries you will see.

  141. Lolz December 10, 2013

    I don’t know why you’re mad im just stating facts.

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