Hot Shot: Ciara & Future Share Festive Fun With Fans

Published: Thursday 26th Dec 2013 by David

Well loved and respected for her cool manner and even cooler music, the last year has seen Ciara win over the hearts of many a music lover with a self-titled album she called her most personal yet.

So, with the new year set to bring more news of its follow-up, one’d be right to assume her relationship with rapper Future will take centre stage on a thematic tip.

However, before that release drops, tonight saw the couple share the snap above with their respective fan bases, celebrating the Holiday’s together months before the entertainer celebrates the 10th anniversary of her debut album ‘Goodies.’

More from our favourite  the R&B royal below…

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  1. BeyRihStan December 26, 2013


  2. lucky8 December 26, 2013

    damnnnnnnnnn! 57Kara looks like a gremlin!

  3. beyonslay December 26, 2013

    whatever sam can u talk about the endless slayage that that is beyonce 5th era??? 2nd week 374k(still better than all other female 1st week) DIL debuted at #12 hot100 #2 hiphop&rnb and #1rnb i thought that song was flopping???

  4. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 26, 2013

    Cute pic. You can tell these two really love each other. Anyway,Sam do you mind posting about that beautiful and touching video of beyonce singing to a terminally ill girl? It was her dying wish to dance with bey and she made it come true

  5. Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) December 26, 2013

    can we get a post on the QUEEN’s continued slayage?? yet another top 20 from Bey and a number 1 album second week running with sales of almost 400k(991k IN THE US in less than 2 weeks,10 days to be precise! slayyyy *turns up BOW DOWN/FLAWLESS*

  6. KING B December 26, 2013

    nobody cares about this lessor post about Slayonce i mean is there any end to her power??? don’t she have a lil bit of mercy for her stans cuz even we can handle that much of slayage in such a short time

  7. birthdaycake December 26, 2013

    Gawwddd they are ugly, but they are in love so that’s all that matters. I hope Ciara and Future live a happy life, Ciara can put their engagement as an achievement on her resume.

  8. GOD MADE SLAYAGE BEAUTIFUL December 26, 2013

    But wait i tought beyonce would never have another hit in her career???

  9. Rowlandstonez December 26, 2013


  10. tits mcgee December 26, 2013

    they look very happy, and Ciara is glowing! #congrats #happyholidays

  11. FutureCIARA December 26, 2013


    “Be sure to let us know what you think of this year’s nominees, as well as who you predict will win. The commenter(s) with the most correct picks will win a festive gift courtesy of That Grape Juice!**”




  12. Rosie December 26, 2013

    Screaming at that pic. She looks like a beast.

  13. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 26, 2013

    Ciara looks better than a lot of people’s fav’s without a bunch of make up though. and @FutureCiara ok now you coming off desperate ho, d*mn. They’re probably gonna send you a iTunes gift of Ciara’s album..

  14. Dirty laundry December 26, 2013

    @FutureCiara b**** you look like a thirsty bum asking about a damn gift.

    and Ciara looks tired glad shes giving up on her career to become a housewife.

  15. FutureCIARA December 26, 2013

    like I said, IDGAF about the gift. Trust

    But TGJ thinks t went by unnoticed, and I would like to see if they are going to fulfill what they said seeing that I’m providing receipts!!!

    You chidren need to calm down, the comment is not towards you, but towards TGJ team! OH SOMEBODY HAS ALREADY SEEN IT! TRUST!


  16. FutureCIARA December 26, 2013

    Anyway Ciara gives GORGEOUS washed face!!

    Your favs could NEVAH!!! Especially the b**** addicted to lunchtime injectables! If Lana ever gave washed face in public, we would really be able to clock her surge scars!

  17. Yonceliqua December 26, 2013

    That lace wig is awful, and the predator looks scared. He just realized Ci-error’s career isn’t going anywhere. Not everyone can get a Beyonce that’s for sure. Goes back to reading Bey’s accomplishments

  18. Rosie December 26, 2013

    And that “b****” is more relevant and beautiful than Cedric ever will be. Stay mad.

  19. molly December 26, 2013

    Lana and beatutiful should never be in the same sentence lol

  20. molly December 26, 2013

    Rosie wishes Lana looked this good without makeup.. Ciara seems so happy shes truly a Queen.

  21. Rosie December 26, 2013

    Ask the millions of men who find Lana gorgeous, then.
    The majority of them also probably have no idea who Ciara is.

  22. molly December 26, 2013

    Boo you swear like lana is popular ciara obviously prettier then your insecure botox fiiled duck lip fav and your a damn liar born to die hasnt sold 5 million

  23. Rosie December 26, 2013

    And you wish Cierror sold even half of Born To Die’s total. Death at 166K.
    Mediatraffic doesn’t even count half of the world’s markets, their numbers are inaccurate. I’d rather trust Interscope than an amateur German website that looks like 2003.

  24. molly December 26, 2013

    Rosie and Lana = White trash whores

  25. molly December 26, 2013

    Goodies sold 5 million worldwide dumb d*** and her 2nd album sold 3.5 Lanas ultra s*** wont even do 1.8 million

  26. Rosie December 26, 2013

    Obviously jealous of Lana’s smooth, white complexion.
    The inflation. Not even Cierror’s label has Hoodies at 5 million. But keep clinging to those 2004 receipts! You do know the album market dropped 50% since then.
    Ultraviolence will outsell Ciara worldwide in one week, just like Born To Die outsold his last three albums combined.

  27. Navy Commander December 26, 2013

    The c-squad stay clinging to them old album RECIEPTS

  28. Navy Commander December 26, 2013

    Why don’t CIERROR Stans cite her sales from her last two albums? Why just her first two? Oh yeah, CAUSE SHE FLOPPED. BTD is more creative and artistic than anything CIERROR has ever released , & it outsold her last two albums combined! So I would sit if I was a member of the c-squad tbh.

  29. anonymous December 26, 2013

    But @Molly I bet Ciara will never be able to pull those numbers sold again. Yall sure love to cling on to them OLD album reciepts.. Goodies and the Evolution were her only 2 platinum albums and that was 7 YEARS ago. Goodies is irrelevant these days. nobody cares about those album sales. how about you tell us how much Ciara has sold of her last 3 albums. has the “ciara” album even sold 200k yet??? why didnt she release a video for overflop? its nobody elses fault that she’s a flop but her own. she dont even give a damn about her own music career so why should we? Face it her career is dead now, especially now since she’ll become Flopture’s 10th baby mama. Im predicting her next album will probably open up with 15k sold in the first week.

  30. Iconic cici December 26, 2013

    Alot of haters on here mad cause cici happy while they lifes is miserable and worthless.

  31. Iconic cici December 26, 2013

    Btw She looks fabulous without make up.

  32. Kisses Down Low December 26, 2013


  33. CARMEN December 27, 2013

    she looks nasty as hell without make up. almost the same as Tamar Braxton without make up

  34. Ashleigh December 27, 2013

    Yall are rotten! I’m not a fan but they look so happy and Ciara is glowing! I love love! Peace & blessings…

  35. Ju don’t even know agian December 27, 2013

    LMFAOOO idk what’s worse her career or her tiered looking monster face. AMESS

  36. alex December 27, 2013

    oh sweet C!! you look so ugly baby! “and this is just the begining” as you say hahaha

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