Justin Timberlake Plots Return To The First ’20/20 Experience’ For Future Singles

Published: Thursday 12th Dec 2013 by Sam

Despite the Platinum flavoured success of ‘The 20/20 Experience (2 of 2)’, one glaring fact remains – the LP has failed to yield hit singles in the way its processor has.

Indeed, while the first instalment of the album series generated smashes such as ‘Suit & Tie’ and ‘Mirrors’, the second has struggled to replicate the model – with singles ‘Take Back The Night’ and ‘TKO’ faring poorly in most territories. A fact some argue is due to the cooling of JT’s initial comeback buzz, while others point to ‘2 of 2’s point-black inferiority.

Whatever the case, it appears the 32-year-old is listening to the feedback. For, it has been revealed that the singer is currently toying with idea of re-visiting ‘1 of 1’ for future singles.

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In a new interview with Hits Daily Double, Tom Corson, the President/COO of Timberlake’s label RCA, said of the singer’s plans for the project:

“It’s a double album. That’s another concept that people are still grasping right now, and here’s a guy who’s doubling down on his concept. And he’s not done. He’s talking about follow-up singles and maybe going back to the first part of the project. We’re gonna be in the Justin business for a lot longer. There are no rules here.


We’ve long felt that the industry too often skews towards uniformity and routine. Hence, JT’s “no rules” approach is one that warms us (regardless of whether both albums were a bit “meh”). Here’s hoping the sublime ‘Let The Groove In’ is afforded the single treatment before the campaign wraps.

Your thoughts?

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  1. 2bad2bme December 12, 2013

  2. Molly December 12, 2013

    I forgot all about suit and tie that’s how forgettable his so called comeback single was.

  3. stephy tha lambily December 12, 2013

    Yasss MOLLY HOLLY that song & comback was so FORGETTABLE!!! Ugh so OVERRATED. I bet he got one of those penieses that is real PINK at the tip YUK

  4. Antonio December 12, 2013

    Let the Groove In, Pusher Love Girl, That Girl and Spaceship Coupe can all be singles. Tbh, 2 of 2 could’ve been shelved. It was so unnecessary and at points boring. Hopefully, he and his team push the album more on the international front, because about 60% of the sales are in the US

  5. Molly December 12, 2013

    @Stephy extremely overrated. I honestly only like 2 songs from both albums combined idk i just cant get into his new music.

  6. FAF December 12, 2013

    But isn’t the point of singles to promote its supporting album? Why would u put singles off the first part of an album thats already platinum, he needs to focus on the 2nd half It wasn’t a good idea to do 2 in 1 yr bc ppl thought it was a re-release he hasn’t nearly done the amount of promo he did w/ his first

  7. NAQU December 12, 2013

    He should have kept on promoting part one and held off on the second part until next year (and released it under another more original name). “Tunnel Vision” was shafted badly to push “Take Back the Night.” There are a bunch of songs on part 1 that had single potential more than the ones on part 2.

  8. FAF December 12, 2013

    Spaceship Coupe should’ve been remixed w/ a female artist and released this summer a’la “End of Time” w/ beyonce

  9. Mrs. Carter December 12, 2013

    No one is here for that garbage Justin. If he were release another album like the 20/20 albums he would flop.

  10. 2bad2bme December 12, 2013

    how exactly did he flop tho, when both of his album sold more than all of your faves put together, grammy nominations and other awards throughout the year…separately at that and went platinum in one year…you delusional children

  11. 2bad2bme December 12, 2013

    lol why would you guys change my comment because I told you all your writing sucks

  12. ADC December 12, 2013

    No matter what kind of album Justin releases, it’s a pretty safe bet that he’s still manage to sell better than what the average has become. His 20/20 sequel produced no hits, and yet it’s technically outselling many of the albums that the token pop stars who emerged in the mid/late 00s and relay on singles to get by, while their album sales stink like a ripe diaper. Sure, it might be because of his celebrity status, but so what? It says something when your star is big enough that the GP believes that you’re worth it, sound unheard.

    Justin’s been too focused on touring and making money from that over promoting and pandering to radio and Twitter 24/7 like the rest of the lemmings. If he decided to hold back on road work and resume a vigorous promotional campaign for his album(s), he would wipe the floor with the vast majority of who your morons come here trying to “rep.” Hell, he already has. Timberlake IS the biggest selling artist of 2013. It’s great when you can outperform everybody with 1/2 the work, while the rest have to work like slaves and not achieve 1/2 of what you got.

    Instead of coming here and playing some wack ass music critic, your time would be better spent supporting whoever it is you favor, who probably is in some way struggling at the moment.

  13. NAVY COMMANDER December 12, 2013

    Suit & Tie is forgettable tbh .

    I like TKO, buts it’s an urban song, and nowadays most urban songs don’t do to well on the charts. Not here for any of his other songs

  14. ILOVEJAMESDEAN December 12, 2013

    He should’ve put more effort in promoting Tunnel Vision. It is a potential hit.

  15. CzarM December 12, 2013

    Agree that the lack of effort put into “Tunnel Vision” is criminal, since it’s one of the best songs on the album. I almost want him to re-release it.

  16. Mark111 December 12, 2013

    Oh BS! Don’t try to call 2 0f 2 a double disc cause it flopped. It reminds me of Gaga with FAME Monster, “It’s a re-release, but it feels like an album.” Until it was huge then “It’s a 2nd album.” and with the fans, when you bring up the fact that Rated R out sold it, oh then it’s a re-release. Stop!

  17. Kerry Mack January 28, 2014

    “SPACESHIP COUPE” should be released as a single.

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