Must Read: Beyonce Makes Grammy History

Published: Saturday 7th Dec 2013 by David

…another day, another record set by Beyonce.

Yes, while many an R&B diva celebrates news of their Grammy nominations today, the genre’s reigning champion Beyonce has welcomed a new record that pens another chapter in her long running success story.

Phenomenal news below…

After Jay Z‘s ‘Part II (On The Run)’ scored one nomination last night, Beyonce‘s contribution to the number has seen her secure her 46th Grammy nomination to date.

This, making her the highest nominated female artist alongside Dolly Parton, as is explained below:

01. Beyoncé Knowles – 46 nominations

02. Dolly Parton – 46 nominations

03. Allison Krauss – 40 nominations

Your thoughts?

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  1. Molly December 7, 2013

    Congratulations i see Tamar is following after her foot steps by buying grammy noms that’s cute.

  2. Molly December 7, 2013

    I dont see how this singing stripper has more nominations then Whitney and Mariah Smh.

  3. JOHNVIDAL December 7, 2013

    To be honest a lot of Beyonce´s or Rihanna´s achivements (like grammy nominations in one case and #1 singles in the other) are due to others work. Too much features that mean nothing. In what world Beyonce is such an amazing musician to deserve the most nominations ever? And I´m not shading, so don´t attack me.

  4. h2o December 7, 2013

    What is a C-Error stan doing on a thread about a 17 Grammy winner?

    Shouldn’t you be working to help “C-Error” climb back the Top 100 on iTunes Nigeria now?

  5. TheTruth December 7, 2013

    Here the haters come. Pathetic

  6. DOSSOME December 7, 2013

    Seeing how randomly they’re nominating things like Taylor Swift,I think Grammys are as good as VMAs and AMAs…Those with brains,ears and common sense know who deserves and doesn’t deserve a trophy

  7. Arie December 7, 2013

    I’m still trying to figure out why this song is nominated in the first place.

  8. Lamb 4 life December 7, 2013

    The Grammy kiss beys ass nothing new, she doesn’t deserve majority of the nominations she gets tbh.

  9. RICHIE_RICH December 7, 2013

    Well, well, well she always prove you haters wrong. Congrats motha Bey. Millions might hate her, but a Millions + more loves her.

    Off Topic R.Kelly new cd is real cute. Yasss ma’am R.Kelly you did that, well he is the King of RnB.

  10. Brazilian Beyonce!!! December 7, 2013

    KING B..

    Really disappointed John & DOSSOME.. Like if it was your faves you guys wouldn’t be this critical. I’m so disappointed. Black Folks all Degrading each other that’s why we are not successful.
    A Black girl is making history but we are busy hating and I bet all these people are blacks.

  11. Rach December 7, 2013

    QUEEN. I already know what the broken record haters will say. But the FACTS remain

  12. leon December 7, 2013

    thats a good question people who work for it dont get it thats y i never support grammy. them full of shhhhhhh

  13. body ache (Britney stan) December 7, 2013

    Just because beyonce black dont mean people have to praise her. she doesn’t deserve majority of her noms.

  14. Lydia December 7, 2013

    Good for her. Looking forward to the BEYONCE theme on X Factor tonight

  15. Lydia December 7, 2013

    Omg the dangerously in love performance>>>>>>>

  16. smh December 7, 2013

    The Grammys just kiss her ass. There is absolutely nothing special about Beyonce or her music. It’s a shame to see poor quality music win Grammys of all things!!!!

  17. RICHIE_RICH December 7, 2013

    Who is anyone to say what one deserve? No-Damn-Body that’s who. You people are comical, had it been you’re fav it would be no issue nonwhatsoever. Anything to tear down this successfull BLACK woman. She has been that bessh since 1997 and it’s nothing you haters can do about that, as we ALL see. Keep making HISTORY King BEYONCE’.

  18. Dreamlover December 7, 2013

    I love Beyoncé as much as the next person, but I don’t really think the quality of her music/talent justifies being the most nominated female in the history of the Grammys. There are so many female artists who are FAR more deserving than her. I think it is because she is most often nominated in R&B categories which are a lot less competitive than the general/pop categories. Regardless, congratulations to her. Truly a remarkable and historic achievement!

  19. RICHIE_RICH December 7, 2013

    Now watch we about to get a 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000….EXCUESS. She bought her nod, the grammy kiss her a$$, etc. Give it a break. Don’t matter what you say nor think still isn’t going to change the fact she’s making History. I love how she pays you haters DUST, but shade y’all with things like this to upset you haters more. I live for KING Beyonce’ SHADE. Classy shade is the best shade hunty. PAY IT

  20. Brazilian Beyonce!!! December 7, 2013

    She’s a black girl making history. Mariah , Whitney and Janet they all had they chances and they broke and created records but no one hated. Let this girl live. Yall are pathetic. She’s representing Black people and yall still hating ugh

  21. Unbiased December 7, 2013

    Congrats! This is an amazing she achievement. She has also been nominated for a grammy every year since 2000. People will continue to be mad. Nothing new.

  22. body ache (Britney stan) December 7, 2013

    She doesn’t represent black people she represents herself she doesn’t give two f**** about the black community.

  23. manuel December 7, 2013

    GOD knows I looove Beyonce but when it comes to the grammy she is overrated, most of her work is not even close to the brilliant work Mariah and Whitney create back in 90s and thry were ignore by the academy a lot of times, specially Mariah.

  24. mr.m December 7, 2013

    and 70% of it are other artists work 🙂

  25. ratedx(love is beautiful) December 7, 2013

    how much did this achievement cost her?

    so now we are bragging about being nominated?

    I swear this basic b**** cannot stand when other people are getting attention…

    it never fails…

    this news was released by her people of course….

  26. mr.m December 7, 2013

    And that will not make her any better, SORRY!
    Whitney, Mariah & Xtina >>>>>>>>>>>>

  27. Jamie December 7, 2013

    Beyonce music really has no substance, she’s a great performer but her music is very lackluster and i see this as an insult to other artist that really have phenomenal music.

  28. Fran December 7, 2013

    Congrats. She is deserving in majority of her categories. You have to weigh up the categories she is nominated in and who she is against, majority of Beys grammys are deserved. And people said she can’t win without her dad, yet she has. And if she buys her grammys don’t you think she would have bought the most coveted one (album of the year) by now?

  29. Jamie December 7, 2013

    @Mr.M beyonce is better than xtina and thats a fact .

  30. 5 December 7, 2013

    The grammys lost all credibility YEARSSSS ago
    Beyonce’s wins mean nothing when you know artists like Whitney, Michael and Celine have less than her and it’s not being jealous, it’s being real

  31. Fran December 7, 2013

    You people have no sense of logic, the amount you accuse of buying she puts more back into the industry than she gets out. If you could just easily buy grammys the why the f*** would Beyonce be the only guilty one?

  32. Yaz December 7, 2013

    The haters seethe with no receipts as usual. Congrats Beyonce.

  33. mk December 7, 2013

    ITunes what? Oh u guys know how to make my day.

  34. RICHIE_RICH December 7, 2013

    Who ever stated that Beyonce was greater than Whitney, Mariah, or any of them other girls? Beyonce is Beyonce. Nobody is greater than the next. Whitney has broken record as well as Mariah and some others. Why can’t Beyonce’

  35. Molly December 7, 2013

    Someone like Mariah Whitney and even Madonna and Janet deserve that amount of noms they were true artists beyonce cant even write a damn song.

  36. RICHIE_RICH December 7, 2013

    Beyonce is the only artist I know that get people MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! “It’s so much power in my name” Beyonce’.

  37. Yaz December 7, 2013

    Erm no it was released by the grammys since the grammy noms have come out. Its ironic how much power you haters believe her and her team have even moreso than fans.

  38. MISHKA December 7, 2013

    If Beyonce was relying on others to get Grammy nods, she would have 100 nods by now since everybody and their mom wants a collab with her.

    I do agree for Rihanna, but let’s admit she does great on hooks.

  39. RICHIE_RICH December 7, 2013

    Don’t get me wrong Whitney and Mariah can sing down(so can Beyonce), but so boring live. Janet and Maddona are great LIVE, but can’t sing for s***. Beyonce on the other hand can do BOTH at the same damn time with 6+ in heels on. So many excuess to hate on Beyonce, and she still winning. Joke on YOU.

  40. Brazilian Beyonce!!! December 7, 2013

    Why can’t this girl win?
    She’s representing Black people and we should embrace that. White folks are successful because they don’t hate on each other like the Black folks.
    Black people are just ugh…

  41. Applause December 7, 2013

    Beyonce is honestly the most overrated celebrity.

  42. Ken December 7, 2013

    In what world is mariah carey such a great musician to have 18 numner one single and millions of record sold? Bey and mariah deserve their sucess so because yo feel one is superior to the other doesnt mean she has to be the leader of all accomplishment and bey and mimi hardly competed for a grammy in a category.

  43. Ken December 7, 2013

    Just because for fave wasnt nominated for an award doesnt mean it is not credible.

  44. Ken December 7, 2013

    Just because for fave wasnt nominated for an award or the greats of past eras we adore doesnt mean the award is not credible

  45. ha December 7, 2013

    Hating like normal.If it was that easy to buy a Grammy then Diana Ross and countless others would’ve brought one by now. The only thing people can do is bring up Whitney and Mariah as rebuttals. Christina Aguilera is s*** compared to Beyonce. So please stop at @ Mr.M
    Its interesting that people on a blog think they actually know better than a committee deemed qualified to nominate and award.
    @ratedx you personify the word basic! Your fave is a failure so you’re mad at Beyonce. Pick a number and get in line with the others.

  46. Dane December 7, 2013

    Congratulations on many levels. But dolly only have 45

  47. Linda McCuff December 7, 2013

    Congrats Beyonce! the Carter household is happy one today.

  48. JOHNVIDAL December 7, 2013

    @brazilian beyonce!!!
    Who told you I´m black? I´m white and from Europe. Anyway, you can´t tell me my comment didn´t make sense. I was respectful, you can´t seriously believe she´s the best thing ever musically, can you? Plus I compared these achievements of hers to Rihanna´s, so that nobody could be offended. Just trying to be neutral. Both had a lot of help from others, Beyonce´s nominations are not that inportant for the most part, while several of Rihanna´s #1´s are handled to her by others, too much FEATURED artists these days.

  49. Rach December 7, 2013

    @Johnvidal where did anyone say she was the best thing musically?

  50. JOHNVIDAL December 7, 2013

    Nobody. but we are discussing grammy nominations, which are supposed to be about the best musically, so hmm yeah she should be one of the best ever to deserve as many nominations… do you get it now?

  51. Rach December 7, 2013

    @Johnvidal The Grammys never said she was the best musically either, I would think people like you wouldn’t be so black and white.

    If the Grammys thought she was the best musically she would at least have the most prestigious ‘Album of the Year’ by now don’t you think? There are many factors that contribute to all these nominations one of the main ones being the fact she mainly thrives in R&B not pop, which is why her and Alicia do so well. It doesn’t take away from their credentials but Pop is way more competitive. And this is coming from a Beyoncé fan.

  52. SLAY_HIVE December 7, 2013

    18th Grammy on the way! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Beyonce is always making history, while fans of flops are seething.. kiiiiiii

  53. KING B December 7, 2013


  54. Marcel December 7, 2013

    That is great news for Bey I am sure next year she will blow the record…. I am kind of shocked that on the run was nominated was it even a single?

    Check out “Dare” by new artist Marcel

  55. RoyalKev December 7, 2013


    She’s a black girl making history. Mariah , Whitney and Janet they all had they chances and they broke and created records but no one hated. Let this girl live.
    Very true! It’s not even so much that Bey’s a black woman making history, I’m grateful that an hard-working, talented artist is accomplishing this feat in the era that we’re living in today. The quality of music is lost and people are beating up on certain entertainers that acquire “too much” success even when they’ve work hard for it. It really is a crab in a barrel mentality.

    Let’s get all the recycled bs out the way! I love how Bey’s critics often blame Bey stans for their hate due to her following supposedly coming across “too cocky”. I find that the root of this stem from the insecurity that stans of SOME other divas feel. They’re the ones that feel it necessary to compare Bey’s success to their favs. Bey stans are not taking shots at Whitney each time she wins a Grammy (I stan for Queen Whit, so I’d never excuse any bullsh*t). Btw, I’m not accusing Nippy stans of hating either (it’s just an example). The Hive’s also not taking any shots at Janet and Madonna every time Bey earns a #1 album. It just seems like anything positive going on with Bey brings all her haters to the yard! .. Now, there’s a group of stans that will swear up and down that their moving legendary divas over with every victory (small or big) that they can claim and I notice that it frequently gets ignored (perhaps it all depends on how big of a threat people perceive that particular artist to be). Anyway, the Hive is not beefing with these legends (we’re happy that doors were opened for Bey), we’re enjoying our fav’s moment! This ongoing hate for Bey is brought on by what so many people think up in their heads. The few over zealous stans that are over stepping their boundaries need to be dealt with, stop making every hateful troll represent the Hive (same with Ciara, the Navy, Monsters, etc). Every group has stans that are full of drama!

    Enough with all the scrutiny and lies about Mathew buying Grammy’s, etc! We’d be very wrong to speak of certain legendary diva (and then some that aren’t so much) that married into fame, used payola, inflated sales and a whole list of dirty acts to get to where they are now! … and there are many!!!

    My focus is on B! Congrats to Beyonce! She’s a woman that takes her craft seriously, always have and seems to always want to in the future! That deserves to be honored.

  56. Amanda Bynes December 7, 2013

    Since when did this b**** become a King or Queen? She doesn’t even have a castle. Some of her fans praising her like she is GOD.

  57. Amanda Bynes December 7, 2013

    Since when did Beyonce become a King or Queen B? This b**** doesn’t even have a castle. Her fans needs to stop praising her like she is GOD. Beyonce is more like the EVIL QUEEN.

  58. Tash December 7, 2013

    Well done BeyBey 🙂

  59. JOHNVIDAL December 7, 2013

    I know all that. You´re pretty much agreeing with me 🙂

  60. Rach December 7, 2013

    Lol no you weren’t because you wouldn’t have asked that question and be complaining about it. You were implying the opposite to what Im saying.

  61. coolness December 7, 2013

    Congrats to Beyonce. I agree with everything RoyalKev said. Spot on. I am a Beyonce fan (though my interest has reduced over the years)but I support her all the same and it’s lovely to see her break records etc. The greats, Whitney (I stan for her), Janet (her too) and Mariah (not so much but I appreciate her body of work did their thing years ago and made their mark. No matter what happens, they are the standards and opened doors for so many. I truly get your point with Bey stans not really coming for anyone else (though there are some crazy ones) as they’re just celebrating her. People should just move on.

  62. RICHIE_RICH December 7, 2013

    @RoyalKev you couldn’t said it better. I SEE NO LIES………

  63. Finesse on This December 7, 2013

    I abso-f*****-lutely agree with you. I think the number of Grammys and noms an artist has should go hand in hand with the greatness of the work, and the impact the music has made. Im not a Mariah fan but as great as her music was she should have a trillion Grammys. Mj, Whitney, Madonna, Mariah all have less Grammys than beyonce. Her music ain’t all that. I am a fan but c’mon. And then rihanna has 6 but only 1 Grammy that isn’t a collaboration. Hmm that explains itself. Anywho I believe jay z or someone is buying nominations because his music isn’t always that great, but every time he releases an album he gets nominated in every rap category. I think it’s all about who’s paying the most cause their losing their credibility as it is. It costs to spend money on a fabulous ceremony every year huh? The billboard awards IMO is more credible because at least they go by the charts. I see theyre on Kendrick Lamar’s d*** now smh. And they think justin timberlake is an r&b artist. They are just a mess

  64. Finesse on This December 7, 2013

    I abso-f*****-lutely agree with you. I think the number of Grammys and noms an artist has should go hand in hand with the greatness of the work, and the impact the music has made. Im not a Mariah fan but as great as her music was she should have a trillion Grammys. Mj, Whitney, Madonna, Mariah all have less Grammys than beyonce. Her music ain’t all that. I am a fan but c’mon. And then rihanna has 6 but only 1 Grammy that isn’t a collaboration. Hmm that explains itself. Anywho I believe jay z or someone is buying nominations because his music isn’t always that great, but every time he releases an album he gets nominated in every rap category. I think it’s all about who’s paying the most cause their losing their credibility as it is. It costs to spend money on a fabulous ceremony every year huh? The billboard awards IMO is more credible because at least they go by the charts.

  65. Kyle December 7, 2013

    Royal Kev you preached!

  66. quetta December 7, 2013

    This woman is seriously underrated. Sad that she’s putting in all this hard work just for people to say she doesn’t deserve anything. Like seriously, you people put this woman down for anything. And @rich don’t even waste your time with these lessors.

  67. RealNegro December 7, 2013

    Beyonce’s winning percentage is 36.9 . That’s not bad but isn’t incredible. Man I swear this site is the pits. Damn near every comment section is about the same s***. F****** trolls. Worldstar and Mediatakeout aren’t this bad. Atleast they have some funny comments.

  68. RoyalKev December 7, 2013

    @ Coolness
    The greats, Whitney (I stan for her), Janet (her too) and Mariah (not so much but I appreciate her body of work did their thing years ago and made their mark. No matter what happens, they are the standards and opened doors for so many.
    ^Mutha F**king This!!!

    I feel the exact same way! I’d never try to take anything away from any of the women that is in this league…Unless we’re comparing them. That’s different! You don’t have to like Bey’s music. That’s fine! You can hate the tour too! Rolls off my back! I just don’t like anyone downplaying her hard earned success. I’m not into Madonna (and I may say a lot of things about her talent, especially when Janet comes up), but I won’t randomly tear down the woman every time she makes history… There’s an opinion and then you have others that just get caught up in their feelings! People don’t seem to know the difference.

    @ Richie_ Rich

    People doing too much on Bey. Their favs lip, it’s overlooked. Bey sings along with a track it’s a disgrace! Bey says bit*hes! It’s the end of the world … but it’s accepted if you phrase it, Work Bit**. The double standards go on and on with Bey! It’s ridiculous! I’m not trying to convert people. I can understand it if you don’t like RTW (which seems to give so many haters life), but I’ll be damn if you sit and tell me Bey didn’t at least deserve most of her Grammy wins. TF!

  69. Bey-Minaj December 7, 2013

    Cause she baaaaad!!! U mad? Stay mad.

  70. King b , beyhive sting December 7, 2013

    Bow down , bey is making history , fuckers don’t hate , if that grape juice reports about bey and if u don’t like her then don’t f****** click on her reports wtf ,haters f*** offfffffffff , let queen bey make history , a least beyonce gets writing credit for her songs , at least she puts some words into her songs ,

  71. I Will Adorn You December 7, 2013

    Wow thats a great look. Go girrrl!

  72. musiclover December 7, 2013

    notice the haters are saying she doesnt deserve it…the people who never heard whats inside beyonces actual album…they only know those commercial singles. 36 solo nomination and 10 with DC3.equals 46. like micheal jackson has 2 noms with jackson 5 and 33 solo. let this woman have her sucess. beyonce has yet to win the big awards such as record of the year and album of the year so stop with the excuses…..and yes matthew knowles was in the committee for the 2003 grammys award but neither beyonce and DC3 were nominated that year and the committee change every year and on top of that since beyonce was nominated in 2004 for DIL he had to step down from the committee….need proof?? check the rules on or CBS/Grammys

  73. hadd December 7, 2013

    Queen Bey!

    Rih has OUT Million songs and cant get a nomination or win in the Major categories! Go Bey!

  74. hadd December 7, 2013

    No the Most Overrated Celebrity is Rihanna!

  75. nivea December 7, 2013

    you commenters are freaking pathetic!

    how dare you question, rather or not beyonce 46 gram noms are acceptable! b******, beyonce has been the most consistent & talented solo artist to do this shyt!

    she works hard for her coins & she deserves everything that comes her way! granted she doesn’t have many number one singles, its not about number one singles, its about your music, and the path it leads! and beyonces music touches alot of people! and congrats to her being young with 46 noms…good work beyonce!

    its a shame people hate you for no reason, and all you do is make good music & mind your business!

  76. metzo December 7, 2013

    Of course they’re black. Black people are known for being the most pathetic jealous people ever. And I’m a black male and it’s a shame specially black girls; they just can’t be happy for other black people’s success. SMh

    P.S: This is for all the people who say “Oh how come Beyonce has more Grammys than Mariah and Whitney”. Well it’s because during Whitney’ and Mariah’s prime in the late 80’s and early 90’s, there were lots of competition and it was very tight (Exp: Tina turner, Patti labelle, Celine Dion, Chaka Khan, Madonna ect…) therefore it was very hard for one to score a Grammy win, because the competition between these phenomenally talented women was very tight.
    However, one of Beyonce’s only competitions in the early 2000’s were Alicia keys and Ashanti. Beyonce lost 3 grammys against Alicia keys and Ashanti (when she was the s*** back in the days). But NOW, BEyonce really has NO Competition but her own. She deserved all of her grammy wins and nominations, and people should stop discrediting other artists success, especially females. Beyonce’s DIL album (which scored 5 grammys) was a fantastic RnB album, so was B’day ( 3 grammys) and I am..Sasha ( 6 grammys). And if you noticed, all of beyonce albums have scored more than 2 grammys except “4” which only scored one grammy. And some might think the album was a “flop” or it wasn’t as good as its predecessors, but in reality it was one of her best body of work, lyrically and vocally, it’s just not for everyone’s taste.

    I wish people could stop hating on this woman like she did something to ya’ll in another life or sum. She’s one of the most humble celebrities out there and every celebrity has praised her ( including Tina turner, Michelle Obama, Madonna, Mariah, Celine Dion, John legend and toni braxton..)

  77. fatusankoh December 7, 2013

    congrats queen bey you earn it you are talented hatters have noting on you thanks Sam for posting long live queen you are loved

  78. dezi December 7, 2013

    Ya’ll always think it’s black people hating on her when it’s a lot of white people who don’t even like her. White america dragged her by her weave for lip-syncing and made fun of her super-bowl performance by passing around unflattering pics of her and yet and still bytches like you will still find a way to throw it back on backs FOH!

  79. dezi December 7, 2013

    That goes to brazilian beyonce.

  80. dezi December 7, 2013

    Meant*Blacks* Sorry for leaving out the L

  81. Rico December 7, 2013

    She can have all the Grammy nominations in the world but the simple fact is she will never have the cd sales of Michael and Janet Jackson,Whitney,Mariah and Madonna amongst other icons these are true legends…And most of her nominations are based on having featured guests. And she jacked the style of all the artists listed above.

  82. ILOVEJAMESDEAN December 7, 2013

    Her album ‘4’ definitely deserved those nominations. But ‘I am.. Sasha Fierce’ is just so overrated.

  83. Vee December 7, 2013

    Both of you need to stop generalizing^ You go to a Beyoncé show, the majority is white. That’s a fact. Her stans online are mainly black. But we can both agree that both races love and hate her and both can be ruthless just like MJ, Whitney, Janet even Madonna and so on have all suffered but back then there was no Twitter and blogs to drag on.

  84. Vee December 7, 2013

    And anyway this is great congrats Bey this is great you need to stop trying to bring up other people to discredit her. Especially people in a totally different generation, totally different competition and climate. Its her achievement, not anyone else’s.

  85. Cameron December 7, 2013

    I like Beyonce and we know the girl is great on a stage..But let’s be real here…A Grammy does not hold the same weight as it did in Aretha, Whitney, Celine and Mariah eras…Whitney, especially, sold 13 million albums each in the US on her first albums, slayed with vocals all around the world that still haven’t been matched, and had seven back-to-back Hot 100 hits, and she only had like 5 or 6 Grammys in total. So in my opinion, Grammys don’t mean much to me because we all know who the greatest is. Beyonce has more Grammys than Whitney, Mariah and Janet put together and that is a joke and an embarrassment if you ask me. However it not her fault that she is being rewarded in a terrible era of music. She is not a musician or a real artist and I don’t mean to be mean but it is the truth. Mariah and Janet single-handedly crated their own work and were not rewarded so it is what it is.

  86. FutureCIARA December 7, 2013

    TGJ needs to post about Beyonce new video teaser for #GrownWoman….. And how it looks very similar to Rihanna’s Rude Boy

  87. Ha December 7, 2013

    Do people realize how much competition there was for Grammys in Whitney and Mariah’s day? Gah let the girl have her shine the only female r&b contender Bey was consistently up against throughout the years is Alicia and she has lost to her few times. Bey is deserving. You can’t compare two different generations does not make sense.

  88. Ha December 7, 2013

    And also stop using Mathew he was only on the committee in 2003, the year Beyonce was not nominated. They change the committee members every year. Reaching for the gawds.

  89. MC!!!!! December 7, 2013

    difference between grammys now and grammys then is that the grammys then had serious talent and competition grammys now is nothing but a popularity contest the way be ariana should’ve been nominated at least or hell bad by wale !! her album was the most critically acclaimed this year. that’s why I know the grammys are a joke!! and who cares if beyonce is black!! there’s still more deserving people black and all!! But I do think power trip is gonna win

  90. Rebecca Black > Lady Flopga December 7, 2013

    The TRUTH . com

  91. Patrick December 8, 2013

    She deserves every Grammy. She is a triple threat and a wonderful person.

  92. Arie December 8, 2013

    I thought the Grammys were about musical excellence and as much I enjoy to watch her perform, I am not convinced she has an album that would be considered that. This brings me to my question in this day and age what is the criteria to win a Grammy and what exactly are they rewarding more so in the RnB and rap categories?

  93. Georgie December 8, 2013

    Beyonce deserves the Grammys she won in all her categories.

  94. Rossi December 8, 2013

    you can’t buy nominations. that’s pure talent that got her there.

  95. m December 8, 2013


  96. beyonce COPIED Ameriie December 8, 2013

    Exactly. You’re talking about the same person who said “I wish I was born Latina” and unlike the other Loreal women who all proudly listed their heritage as 100% Puerto Rican (JLO) Ethiopian/African (Liya Kebede) beyonce had the nerve to say “native american, french and black” LOL yeah sure. You’re native american AND French and yet the full blown African beauty Liya has fantastic full head of hair no weaves or wigs and no plastic surgery.

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