Shocker: Lady GaGa & Christina Aguilera To Perform Together On ‘The Voice’ Tonight

Published: Tuesday 17th Dec 2013 by Sam

If Beyonce’s album had you wondering whether 2013 saved its best moments until the end, tonight’s finale of ‘The Voice’ confirms it.

For, in a surprise (quite literally) no one saw coming, it has been announced that  Lady GaGa and Christina Aguilera will be taking to the stage together in a mere matter of hours.

christina aguilera

Details after the jump…

Although it had previously been announced that Mother Monster would be hitting the stage on the penultimate episode of the NBC show, much of the buzz surrounding the performance centered on the reaction (or lack of) from supposed rival  Aguilera – who serves as a judge on the series.

Few, if anyone at all, would have foreseen that the ‘Beautiful’ singer will actually be taking to the stage with the very act so many had pit her against.

The shocking revelation came courtesy of a new TV commercial that has just gone into rotation. Check it out below…

Needless to say, we are kinda sorta hyperventilating. Exciting!

Your thoughts?

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  1. fame monster December 17, 2013

    Can’t deal

  2. Sexx Dreams December 17, 2013

    That’s great

  3. fame monster December 17, 2013

    Real divas United

  4. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 17, 2013

    This should be interesting. Can’t wait to see it though. Two amazing voices combined

  5. Navy Nick December 17, 2013


  6. Dark horse December 17, 2013


  7. Super Cisus December 17, 2013

    Lmao two flops sharing one irrelevant ass stage nahga this still ain’t gonna make Artflop push any units b****

  8. Nice December 17, 2013

    I don’t think there was ever a beef between them. It’s bloggers who were hyping fans up to make them believe that. And the whole story about Gaga sabotaging Xtina’s career during BIONIC is dumb because the album already had bad reviews. But anyway, I like them both

  9. Queen Brit (IamBritneyJean) December 17, 2013

    Aww the lessors had to team up in the Beyonce,Britney and rihanna world

  10. Queen of shade December 17, 2013

    the biggest mess in pop music history im sorry but Christina should have done a duet with legendary Celine dion this is gonna be so messy the hypocrisy of it all! Christina lowering herself!

  11. cocobutta December 17, 2013

    ooooh Xtina heard those “Do What You Want” vocals and wants to show Gaga hot to hit the Xtina notes lol…

    Nah but on the real that’s should be a really good duet. Wonder what song?

    As for not so Super Cicus where is Ci?
    Last I checked she was drowning in the SEA searching for her FUTURE and I don’t mean musically.
    Bish best part her Partition and get preggers as that’s the only saviour to her lazy musical promos.

  12. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 17, 2013

    @SuperCisus the irony of that comment

  13. BeyHive December 17, 2013

    Has- beens night out… 🙁

  14. Lady BlahBlah December 17, 2013


  15. PlumPeach December 17, 2013

    Hahahahahahaha NoW everybitch on springing surprises but i’m not mad at this one.

    God damn, god damn, GOD DAMN!!!

  16. Yawn December 17, 2013

    Why Christina ….why????

  17. Riri4Ever December 17, 2013

    Xtina better teach the delusional Gaga….

  18. Molly December 17, 2013

    Two desperate queens.

  19. Lolz December 17, 2013

    Gaga BEEN trying to sound like Xtina this era.

  20. Molly December 17, 2013

    Xtina must think if she does this she’ll be popular again Lmao nah sis.

  21. Meh December 17, 2013

    Xtina has just diluted her standard….RIP


  22. Ballbags December 17, 2013

    They should so a ‘Your Body’ / ‘Do What you want’ Mashup (After all, ‘Do what you want’ is a blatant rip off of ‘your body’ anyway)

  23. FCUK BIONIC December 17, 2013

    Sad year from Christina…she should refuse it.

  24. Hivy December 17, 2013

    Ciara should do a duet with Cassie tbh. Whispering flops.

  25. christinastherealtalent December 17, 2013

    I feel like Gaga is only using Christina for free publicity. Perez even said that Gaga uses people…this could be proof.

  26. Gaga is desperate December 17, 2013

    Gaga, sis..take a seat and stop the Artpop era. It is not working.

  27. mitch December 17, 2013

    Um, Britney is a flop.

  28. Runnnnnn December 17, 2013

    Im sad….I hate Gaga. Xtina shouldnt do it. Not looking forward. Xtina is better off with this wannabe.

  29. ARTFLOP December 17, 2013

    Middle finger for Gaga…she is so desperate beyond words !!!!!

  30. CherylSoldier December 17, 2013

    How is Gaga desperate for performing with Christina when Rihanna hops on everyones track acting like their hers?

  31. FutureCIARA December 17, 2013

    When will the gimmicks and bafoolery end????

    They are really trying to shove Lady Gaga and Artpop down the GP’s throats!

    And since when have rivals began dueting with eachother???
    Honey #iCant

  32. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 17, 2013

    And Xtina looks stunning in that photo.

  33. CherylSoldier December 17, 2013

    Ciara needs so of those gimmicks. She hasn’t been relevant since Goodies.

  34. ThePeachSpeaks December 17, 2013

    That was a stupid feud anyway. Im glad they getting together for once. Hopefully, it’ll stay that way.

  35. JFB December 17, 2013

    2 QUEENS

  36. Lana Love December 17, 2013

    Christina is so merciful. I would never forgive a girl who made it her mission to make me look bad just because I said I didn’t know she was. And don’t say it’s not true, why would Perez implicate himself for no reason when he admitted that he helped Gaga do it.

  37. Robin December 17, 2013

    Strong woman being united…

    Press trying to create a beef… Let’s hope they bring there best !!!! 😀

  38. King December 17, 2013


  39. Suicide Blonde December 17, 2013

    After all she did to her, people like Christina will always be the victim of others because she never learn the lesson, this works for Gaga cuz she need the good girl card now, Gaga is smart, she wouldn’t do this, if her actual situation would have been diferent, no here for it, i don’t like people who let others use them, over and over again.

  40. BeyWhoUWanna December 17, 2013

    ForgiveStina PeaceGuilera.

  41. Nicki is queen other b****** take a seat> December 17, 2013

    Hang on to your wigs bytches your about to get slayed!

  42. GREEKGOD December 17, 2013


  43. Stop the drama start the music December 17, 2013

    Christinarealtalent u r so delusional it’s pretty sad. We can all see ur jealous Gaga took the place of Xtina and the Xtina became XTINCTA after Gaga blew up in 2009. And y the f*** would Gaga need to use Xtina? That b**** ain’t even popular anymore. She’s not at beyonce or Justin timberlake’s level. Just shut the f*** up. U always sound stupid.
    And I’m glad someone sees that Xtina and Gaga have no beef. I have been saying that for the longest. Her dumbass fans are mad cuz Xtina is a failed flop from 2010 onward….I like Xtina as an artist and singer but just just spilling some tea. Deal with it h***.

  44. danyboo6 December 17, 2013

    Dont do it gaga she gone embarrass you… have you heard that b**** open her mouth. She dont play with that microphone

  45. BlackOut2.0 December 17, 2013

    Christina this is a mistake. That witch INTENTIONALLY set out to hurt you and now wants to be your friend because nobody cares about her anymore.

  46. Stop the drama start the music December 17, 2013

    @futureciara a Ciara Stan shouldn’t be talking about shoving s*** down ppl’s throat seeing as tho that b**** Ciara has forced 3 projects with promo and flopped hard. Ciara can’t catch a break cuz of Stans like u.

  47. MalikOnMyMind December 17, 2013

    If you can’t see what’s happening here you are a fool. Gaga’s image has totally been ruined because everyone now knows that she DID try to ruin Christina because Perez told us so. Because AP is flopping and her public image is in tatters she wants to use Christina to make herself seem likeable because The Voice is the biggest talent show over here and Christina is well loved by its viewers.

    Gaga, keep your cheap tricks because we know what you’re about and nobody likes it!

  48. Stop the drama start the music December 17, 2013

    Just like no one cares about Britney. That b**** is just shy of selling under 100k copies first week and she supposed to be a legend. LOL stfu b****.

  49. BionicGlam December 17, 2013

    Please don’t blame bloggers for the beef when it was Gaga and Interscope who were behind it all.

  50. idgi December 17, 2013

    Hate Gag and Xtina is lowering herself. Not here for that s***. But I did lol @ cierror stans coming for both gag and Xtina, I don’t even think they know what a ciara is tbh

  51. Stop the drama start the music December 17, 2013

    Malikonmind STFU u sound so f****** stupid that it’s hurting my brain. Gaga has admitted she loved christina before artpop was even released and Xtina already said she was a fan of Gaga. BYEEE

  52. TheVoiceWithin December 17, 2013

    All the performances in the world won’t change the fact that Gags, Akon and Perez wanted to ruin Chris and they almost did. You wanna play nice now that everyone knows that you’re a coldhearted snake?! F*** OFF.

  53. 212Thuggin December 17, 2013

    Christina probably wants to move on with her life so forgiving her is the best thing to do.

  54. Its Gaga Ya Bish December 17, 2013

    Gaga obviously regrets what she did so let’s just let it go.

  55. Its Gaga Ya Bish December 17, 2013

    That was to 212.

  56. Aguilera’sHeart December 17, 2013

    So nice of the Queen to help those less fortunate than she is.

  57. Stop the drama start the music December 17, 2013

    Haha b**** u tried. Gaga’s networth is more than Xtincta’s at this point. Less fortunate? Have a seat….Gaga’s endorsements and royalties alone get her more coinage since she topped forbes.

  58. Common Sense December 17, 2013

    Albums sales speak quite a different story though…
    Xtincta is still ways above Gaga, and it’s quite unfortunate she’s performing with such a reductive performer. What next, Mariah dueting with J.H**?

  59. BeyonceOutNow December 17, 2013

    Xtina shouldn’t lower herself to the flop, that is GaGa.

  60. BeyonceOutNow December 17, 2013

    Beyonce shiтs all over Gaga. So does Xtina, her gimmicks got old quickly.

  61. willie rush December 17, 2013

    what blatant rip off? think before you speak. DWUW is more R&B and the composition is so different. And R Kelly is there to spice up the whole song. Its just that the way they belt is similar in these 2 songs. Otherwise, the only similarity is the word “Body”. That’s all i guess.

  62. willie rush December 17, 2013

    y’all are the reason why pop music today is so dirty. they have never been into a fight. stop commenting like perez. it’s not about the competition. it’s not fifa. and there is no such thing as being a queen or whatsoever. we’ll wait and see whether this performance is good or not. if it isn’t, you’re allowed to complain.

  63. NICKIIS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT> December 17, 2013

    i can’t with you ppl talking about how perez. the idiot runs a gossip blog wtf is wrong with you! take some seats bytches!

  64. J.E December 17, 2013

    I see Xtina wanting some PEACE OF MIND. Let There Be Peace.

  65. J.E December 17, 2013

    Xtina is in a Loss Loss Situation. If she refuse the performace she is a B****. If not? She lowered her standard? People.. People.. People…

  66. dokuzmany December 18, 2013

    you know by being hatefull like this you are not helping katy perry at al.. you think you are a fan but you are simply bringing her down…cause of people like you other people start to dislike katy perry so if you really love katy perry and think she isso amazing which i think she is …you dont need to be insecure katy has her own lane! so quit this nonsenseand i hope i wont see you hating here again :s causeits just sad

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