Watch: Sevyn Streeter Performs ‘It Won’t Stop’ On ‘Good Day NY’

 The folks over at ‘Good Day NY’ were joined by R&B royalty yesterday, graced with the presence of seasoned hit maker Sevyn Streeter!

There to promote her brand new ‘Call Me Crazy,But…‘ EP, the former ‘RichGirl’ performed her R&B #1 ‘It Won’t Stop’ and explained the record to the show’s hosts, who were recently joined by ‘Unfoolish’ belle Ashanti, here!

Watch Streeter work below…

New York News

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  1. Molly December 3, 2013

    Love her shes coming for Kelly’s wig guuuuurl!

    • Lovebird (Britney Jean – OUT NOW) December 3, 2013

      Kelly is too LAZY to put on a wig.

      • Molly December 3, 2013

        Kelly is nothing but a worthless w**** tbh sis.

    • Chillin December 3, 2013

      She is great & Kelly actually shows love for her..stop the b******* …She is coming for no one but trying to make a mark in the industry

  2. RoyalKev December 3, 2013

    I like this girl! Great stage presence!

  3. Lovebird (Britney Jean – OUT NOW) December 3, 2013

    I absolutely love her EP, she has the best RnB release this year. Looking forward to seeing more from this girl, she’s something special.

  4. ABC December 3, 2013

    I love this b****** EP! “BANS” and “Shattered” are my favorite tracks!!!

  5. Spinelli December 3, 2013

    Kelly is Sevyns mentor sit the f*** down! Anyway Sev is great I have liked her since the TG4 days. Her EP is hot and I can’t wait for her album! I hope she releases “nEXt” as a single 😀

  6. iconic cici December 3, 2013

    Even the skorpion show said sevyn is like kelly twin it would be ashamed if sevyn makes it huge as a solo artist while kelly failed.

  7. iconic cici December 3, 2013

    i hope sevyn truly finds solo success so she doesnt have to cling on to group sales and success unlike others.

  8. Kassius December 3, 2013

    She’s an Aaliyah-Brandy-Kelly hybrid. I’m listening, gurl…

  9. Chillin December 3, 2013

    I would be happy for her as well if she surpasses 24 million records sold worldwide as a solo artist..,,BTW how many records has Ciara sold worldwide?

  10. Chillin December 3, 2013

    Oh right…7 million…

  11. Kassius December 3, 2013

    Lmaooooo #shade. I pay the silly squad no mind. They are stuck in 2005. Kelly and Sevyn are both great. Sevyn is not even in Kelly’s bracket. Her contemporaries are Tamar, K. michelle and nem……

  12. Skyfall December 3, 2013

    I love her, her ep is everything I love Call Me Crazy, nExt, and Bans.

  13. Check Your Lipstick Before You Come & Talk To Me December 3, 2013

    Love this girl! She is very refreshing. “Call Me Crazy But…” is a great EP, have been playing it all morning – go get it in iTunes it’s only a few bucks! Nice to see some real talent succeeding!

  14. Mark111 December 3, 2013

    This is my fave new artist right here. She can sing, dance and write. Triple threat already. She has a CoCo from SWV voice with a splash of Aaliyah.

    She even said don’t compare her to the other brown girls. I think she’s everything Keri Hilson could’ve been if she didn’t diss Bey and Ci.

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