Did You Know: No African American Artist Had A #1 Hit in 2013? [Weigh In]

Published: Sunday 12th Jan 2014 by Rashad
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With digital downloads and online streams becoming two of the more dominant ingredients in the recipe of most of Billboard Hot 100 hits today, critics started to argue that topping the chart had become easier than ever to achieve.  But, despite the likes of Jay Z, Drake, and Beyonce making headlines in 2013 for moving some of the year’s most impressive numbers on Billboard 200, they have another commonality – no Hot 100 #1 singles.

In fact, they join a bevy of African American hitmakers (i.e. Alicia Keys, Kanye West, J. Cole) who delivered chart-topping albums in late 2012 or 2013 without the aid of a similarly successful single.

Even this generation’s Hot 100 queen Rihanna, whose #1 single ‘Diamonds’ was dethroned two weeks before 2013’s beginning, did not see her name stamped atop the tally [as a leading act] for a song she released this year…


“According to writer Chris Molanphy, who surveys the pop charts, this is the first time this had happened in the Billboard chart ‘s 55 years. It represents a huge contrast to 10 years ago when a person of a color recorded every chart-topping hit. 

In a similar role reversal, Molanphy also cited that white artists topped the No. 1 spot on the R&B/Hip-Hop chart in 44 out of the 52 weeks last year.”


The feat is all the more eyebrow-raising when one considers that most of 2013’s biggest hits (i.e. Justin Timberlake‘s ‘Suit & Tie’, Robin Thicke‘s ‘Blurred Lines’, Eminem‘s ‘The Monster’) all had African American co-stars in the form of usual chart-toppers Jay Z, T.I., and Rihanna.

Does this shift mean anything or was it just an isolated circumstance?  Sure, many-a-theorist would reignite conspiracies of popular White artists resorting to musical looting from artists of color for their own gain (see:  Elvis Presley, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Eminem, Macklemore, Justin Bieber, Robin Thicke), but that has never stopped artists of color from at least notching one chart-topper over the course of 52 weeks.

Some argue the absence is just a sign of hip-hop completely losing its grip on charts to EDM, but others could easily refute that with the likes of tunes like ‘Thrift Shop’, ‘Blurred Lines’ and ‘The Monster’s firm grip on charts.  Even Lorde‘s ‘Royals’, one of the year’s biggest hits, was hip-hop driven.

So, we turn to you – That Grape Juice faithful – to share your opinion.

Is it a fluke or a sign of the times?

Tidbit:  In 2004, nearly a decade prior, no White artists hit #1 on the Hot 100. Every single act that topped the chart that year was African-American [source].

Your thoughts?

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  1. Katy Perry aka Legend K January 12, 2014

    People are over Black peoples music
    Rnb/Hip Hop is sooo 90s and Eary 00s
    Black people make shitty music

    • FutureCIARA January 12, 2014

      Girl have several seats…. People aren’t over Black peoples music. Black people are over the racist, thievery ass industry.

      You must live in a box, Majority of the music being played in the top night clubs around the world is rap and hip-hop/R&B. Ask any socialite or A-list celebrity that go to the most exclusive clubs, what type of music is being played???

      White Artist been Jocking Black people style for years, but Black community always reinvents and is very creative in that aspect.

      Reason why you have wannabes running around here like (Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus) that were created to be a product for the generation that they serve.

    • the truth honey January 12, 2014

      In other words Rhi doesnt have all those number ones. She’s a feature. Janet, Whjtney, dinorsaur madaam puppet face Madge still rule and r unbothered by Rhi being featured on OTHER ARTIST NUMBER ONES. Sorry navy, those R the facts hoez.

    • RIP Billboard January 12, 2014

      Thats why Billboard fired Bill Werde……he is always promoting Gaga and hip hop is dying thanks to him.


  2. Anon January 12, 2014

    This is not the audience’s fault. It’s because labels don’t want to spend money on black acts unless they’re already established. It’s not because labels are racist but because they feel that it’s harder to market ‘black music’ by a ‘black person’ to middle america so they’d rather support someone who looks like a Pop star but makes urban music.
    This will only change if a record exec makes up his or her mind to make sure a black singer slays in the same way LA Reid made sure Justin Bieber slayed when he was at iDJ.

  3. rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxih January 12, 2014

    Now you wanna cry racism? You, as black man, took the side of Rita Ora, and white girl and wanted her to END Rih’s career ( black woman ) You attack many black artist, even when they have done nothing wrong. Dont get mad when black artist ceased to exist in futures years/

    Blacks, unlike the other races hurt anf destroy each other, yet get mad when whites do something wrong.

  4. Del Bey January 12, 2014

    I’ve always noticed this, race is still a problem in today’s world, maybe not the most pressing of issues of today but none the less still a major issue. Though we like to think the world is completly equal the truth of the fact is media and most peoples perceptions are still passively racist. although media likes to say it how comes the beautiful women that grace Vogue monthly are WHITE, I’m mixed race half BLACK half WHITE and I’m not racist I’m just stating facts! In the movies everyone is white with the occasional black beta character AND can you belive Kerry Washington is the first black lead in television in HOW long? I can’t wait for scandal btw – Feb 27th And the fact that Justing timberlake is a phoney excuse for R&B but yet is receiving acclaim, like I said the industry is passively racist and at the end of the day it’s Old money that runs the world, and old money is from those who dealt heavily in slave trade. Also I’m sick of all these ‘black’ movies that are coming out eg: madea films, think like a man etc etc we call this BE television SO does this mean that mainstream tv is White? Also I’m a mixed race boy from Europe (London UK)

  5. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 12, 2014

    I Know No Person who Listen to Music based on race or Skin Color.

    I don’t like Discussing Race, But I will say Black artists need to work harder for many reasons, when you are repressed or feel you are treated less than, you do 200%, not just 100%. 😕

    Big part of US is racist and filled with ignorant+judgmental People,No one can deny that, and MOST OF Black People who are successful kinda “sold out” to be where they are, but What Else is New?
    Also the Black Community Need better public Figures To be honest, they need to be represented in a better way, Not here for People supporting Black glorified strippers and gold-diggers as their idols. 😕

    • FutureCIARA January 12, 2014

      Tell that last part to the person you stan for sweetie… Just sayin…

      • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 12, 2014

        Stop Being Pressed baby. 😉
        I know What i’m talking about In every Word I just typed, i meant those glorified people in reality Shows who are basically Ex-strippers or Gold-diggers, hard working Artists were not meant by what i said, hope that helps.

        And You can Say whatever about Rihanna, but that girl works hard and Do the best she can in this sick industry, she is not lazy like your fav.

      • FutureCIARA January 12, 2014

        No pressation here babe.

        Im just pointing out how hypocritical you sound when typing Doll.

        And the only thing that is lazy is the lack of your favs effort into practicing easy 1 2 step choreography and training those vocal cords for live shows.

      • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 12, 2014

        You talk as if your Ciara Even has a voice let alone vocal cords or has a Janet type of career.
        Ho sit down Now.
        Rihanna can Tour, your lazy “social-elite” fav can’t even book a stage.

        don’t “Babe” and “doll” me.. 😕

      • FutureCIARA January 12, 2014

        Ms.Thing your clearly a band wagon stan… You know, one of the girls that jumped on after GGGB or during the LOUD era.

        And its obvious my comment upset you. You cant even drag correctly.

        Worry about Rihanna going to rehab next following Kesha for her hard drug dealings and “eating disorder”

    • TRUTH SERUM January 12, 2014

      You can work a million times harder than a white counterpart and it still won’t matter… ITS A SIGN OF THE TIMES…

      People forget that unless you’re Beyonce or Rihanna, no one wants to hear a black female on the radio or see one youtube or anything of the sort…

      Alicia Keys is even feeling the wave of it…

      She no longer can sell a million albums…

      Labels do have to switch the gear and make people more interested in urban music than anything else in order for acts to prosper…

      But will they???

      • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 12, 2014

        Beyonce and rihanna Worked hard and gave their 200%.

        I may be not a big fan of beyonce, but that b**** work so hard and never took it for granted, she takes no breaks and always working, she knows what’s up, the same with rihanna, those women work so hard, and no other Black females in this industry work as hard as those 2, Especially Compared to Rihanna.

        you act as People go “EW” everytime they see a black female, that is absolutely false, If Black artists worked hard on their crafts things will be so much better for them. They just think they will work hard as white artist and everything will be Ok, hell No babies, that is not how the real world works. i come from a minority, I know this s*** and how to deal with it, WORK HARDER and Suck it up.

    • dl January 12, 2014

      Racism? However, Michael Jackson managed to cross over to all .. gender, age, and race.
      No, Black folks don’t make good music today.. Look at the Female R&B releases last year. Kelly Rowland, Ciara, K. Michele, Tamar Braxton.. Only Tamar manage to sell over 250k albums (not by much).

      Where’s the Sade’s, Jill Scott, Eryka Badu, Lauren Hill’s, Janet Jackson, early works of Alicia keys?

      All we have now is Beyoncé and Rihanna who think gyrating on stage or touching their pooch is entertainment.

      Beyoncé or Rihanna music isn’t going to resonate with middle age white folks like Adele.

      I went on a business trip several years ago with some of my white co-workers and they had no idea who Usher was. But yet, they know of Prince, MK, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder..

  6. CallMeMaybe January 12, 2014

    @Anon, Such a good point. I think we’ll see more variety on the charts as far as race goes when the labels find a way to bridge the gap they think is there. Ie, where are my Native American Pop stars, or my Japanese-American chart toppers? Let’s not act like people from different races can’t sing, it’s just that they’re not being signed.

  7. rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxih January 12, 2014

    It is the sign if time for blacks in general. Add black on black crime, incarceration, high levels of interracial relationships ( I am mixed, but 70% OF UK black men with white women? …..THAT IS TOO much when blacks make up 2% of the uk Population ) lack of education; lack of economic power, OOW, colorism etc…..You really think blacks have a future?

  8. BeyBeyKing January 12, 2014

    “I don’t like Discussing Race, But I will say Black artists need to work harder for many reasons, when you are repressed or feel you are treated less than, you do 200%, not just 100%.”

    Truth upon truth upon truth upon truth. If you feel like you’re being treated unfairly you can’t put in 50% because someone is being treated fairly put in 50%, you have to put in 100 just to get the SAME as them and 200 to be BETTER than them.

    • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 12, 2014

      Exactly To Be honest. 😀

  9. Robin’s Thicke January 12, 2014

    Not some ignorant people screaming ‘what about features though.’ FEATURES don’t count because when a record label puts out a song they put it out with the hopes of pushing the lead act even if the featured act wrote or produced the song.

  10. Stephy Tha Lambily January 12, 2014

    There was no WHITE artist with number 1 hits in 2004!

    So whats your point. Black people aint gonna be number 1 all the time.

    Exspecially now that EUROPEAN DANCE SHITTY MUSIC has taken over.

    Also, stupid songs like Royals that spends 10 weeks @number 1 dont make better.

    This year has been the worst year ever in pop music charts. So im glad BLACKS were not envolved!

    Anytime You Need A Friend by Mariah Carey is better than any song that went number 1 last year…

    Rihanna is not african american, she is african island girl…

  11. FutureCIARA January 12, 2014

    Without black artist, The industry would be worthless!!

    Diversity is everything and the big wig corps better learn to embrace it, and notice that the black community Isn’t going anywhere, nor has it gone anywhere… Lack of acknowledging the diverse talent is whats hurting the music industry so bad anyway.

    Racism is still very much alive in this day and age, Its totally like a shift changer. While hard to point out, its still very apparent and sickening.

    And the community as a whole needs to get rid of the mentality of “If white artist are going to steal anything, let it be from the black community”

    People need to take ownership for their craft and origins, and stop selling their souls for a quick buck

  12. Realest January 12, 2014

    Eh whatever. Who cares? most of the top ten hits are pretty shitty I’d rather my fav artists stay more true to their craft then have a “hit” of edm/pop fluff garbage. I will leave that to the Katy Perry’s, Rihanna’s and __________ (insert heavily rotated generic artist here) of the times *shrugs*

  13. rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxih January 12, 2014

    Know No Person who Listen to Music based on race or Skin Color.
    I don’t like Discussing Race, But I will say Black artists need to work harder for many reasons, when you are repressed or feel you are treated less than, you do 200%, not just 100%.
    Big part of US is racist and filled with ignorant+judgmental People,No one can deny that, and MOST OF Black People who are successful kinda “sold out” to be where they are, but What Else is New?
    Also the Black Community Need better public Figures To be honest, they need to be represented in a better way, Not here for People supporting Black glorified strippers and gold-diggers as their idols

    Black men need man up:

    They need to stop this light skin / dark skin thing; they need to stop mocking or mistreating dark black women

    They need to be husbands, BEFORE fathers

    THEY need to stay out of crime and get jobs – or go to school.

    They need to put money black in the black hands; Look at Jay investing millions in that Kosovan girl from the UK.TI wastign dollars on that Blonde with fake booty from Australia – a country that destroyed the natives.

    Many other black men in the music indsutry hate dark skin women. Dont come for Macklemore or JT, when BLACK MEN ARE EVEN MORE RACIST.

  14. Gwen Slayfani January 12, 2014

    People who aren’t from a ethnic minority can’t see the problem but as an Eritrean girl it hurts that I am yet to see a single Eritrean female singer picked up by a major in my lifetime. Executives don’t owe anyone deals but am I to believe that none of my sisters want to be professional singers or have at least tried to get deals?

  15. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 12, 2014

    but @sam, this “racism” s*** coming from you and your Blog is Rich, I just can’t with you anymore, i just don’t know what you stand for or what are your standards anymore.

    You yourself Shade and hate on many Black women and black artists For a Buck, That is part of the problem.

    *sigh* Leave it for most Black People to Self-destruct, Whites and such have nothing to do with it anymore, most of Black People are tearing apart each other already, and they are so good when it Comes to The Blame Game.

  16. Elijah January 12, 2014

    Watch your f****** mouth OKAY. I’m Black. Before you start running your mouth think you dumb B****. SO DISRESPECTFUL

  17. Rihanna Navy or Die January 12, 2014

    Did Rihanna & Eminem not have a #1 with ‘The Monster’ in 2013? Or does that not count?

    • the truth honey January 12, 2014

      No sweetie that what i been teln yall hoez. Rhi, altho im a fan, she’s nkt getn number ones like that…OTHER ppl r and she is a ft on their song. Altho she may rock a song it NOT her song. She doesnt have HALF the number 1’s shd credited for bcus she’s a ft. She prolly hav 6-10 numbers 1’s total on her own. How many does Janet, relic Madge, Whitney, Beyonce etc have? Mkre than Rhi. Honey those r just the facts so dont come for me unless i cl.

  18. Kim Kardashian stan January 12, 2014

    black people love to play victims.

    • rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS January 12, 2014

      White people love hiding behind that, oh and the race card and race baiting. Anything to not be held accountable. Carry on….and try harder.

  19. FlawlessBey January 12, 2014

    If you know what REALLY goes into making a song #1 you would see why this is a problem. On the real, this is why I’m not mad at Grape for promoting, Ciara, Brandy, Sevyn and Elijah as much as they do cos at the end of the day it’s not as though the other mainstream websites are gonna tell us when they got a new single out or how much they sold or when their tour’s begin.

  20. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 12, 2014

    ^ That was For People Like @Sam. 😕

  21. J. V January 12, 2014

    I never reply to comments on here but YOU ARE RIGHT! Shut it down! Smart person you are…

    And not to mention.. Kerry Washington is the first black lead on TV … but at the same time, look how they portray her (a black h** who’s sleeping with a married man).

  22. BionicGlam January 12, 2014

    No Pop Royalty, that’s stupid. So Sam is supposed to praise and support every black act even if they’re whack. This is his site so if he wants to call a black singer whack he can do that all day everyday if that’s what he really thinks. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

  23. Kim Kardashian stan January 12, 2014

    Rihanna the only black girl getting hits period..

  24. Stephy Tha Lambily January 12, 2014

    The music standerds has taken a all time low…

    The poison was allowing the EUROPEAN s*** enter the USA.

    Now thats all people want to hear. Fast food, brain washing, no sunstance REAL MUSIC. People just wanna hear a bunch of LOUD noise!

    Music started going don hill in 2008..

    I blame Lady Shitstan!!!

    Boom Boom Pow by Black Eye Peas WAS HORRIBLE!!! But that song stayed on top for like 14 weeks WTF!!!!

    I Got A Feeling was nice tho…

    Rihanna is the only Pop star that can do dance music, ballads, GHETTO MUSIC & Pop s*** and still be successful! Everyone else is terrible/

    Also, the good music that is still being made does not see the day of light !!

    Adele is the only REAL artist radio allowed to be successful. They played her stuff on the clock arounf the clock every five minutes. Im starting to think Adele’s record company (same company ran by Tommy Matolla) used PAYOLA for Miss Adele. Her stuff was played AROUND THE CLOCK!!!

  25. Lana Del Bey January 12, 2014

    I will also say it’s due to the lack of backing by label executives, like someone above me said, they market what they think sells and apparently that’s not black people lol, can we please get atleast ONE fully black, not green eyes or light skin like Riri, I mean a fully BLACK person as a glamorous pop star? I’m talking the fully fledged cute, mainstream pop black girl, and rihanna doesn’t count

  26. AlsinaLuvah January 12, 2014

    You can thumbs be down if you want to but this is the very reason I love coming to the web site. Yall debates always got me thinking about stuff I never would have thought of before and even though I don’t agree with every thing some of yall say I feel like this is the only black music blog who has commenters who only talk about the music which I like a lot.

    I don’t wanna sound corny or nothin but I just had to say that. Love yall.

  27. BeyWhoUWanna January 12, 2014

    Even our biggest black singers are ACTUALLY white on paper or have European features. Where is the diversity?

    Think about it, if you had to describe Beyonce, Rihanna and Nicki as accurately as possible would they match the description of the average Black/African American girl walking down the street.

  28. christinastherealtalent January 12, 2014

    For me, it’s not about numbers. It’s all about whether I think an artist is still bringing the tea. I could care less if their album and singles flop. If I like what they deliver, I will support them.

  29. JT>>>JB>>>JC January 12, 2014

    To say TGJ should lie about black singers and say they’re good when they’re not would be ADDING to the problem. We should aim for fairness and equality NOT racial bias.

  30. Stephy Tha Lambily January 12, 2014

    Rihanna is NOT African American SHE DONT COUNT..

    Also, her 13th number 1 was a feature! NOT HER SONG..

    The song was written & made by Eminem..

    All Rihanna did was go in the studio, was told what to sing & sung the song. THATS IT!!!

    The Monster is an EMINEM song FEATURING Rihanna not a duet!!!

  31. Apologetic January 12, 2014

    Rihanna IS NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN…. -.-”

    She is from Barbados, not from the U.S…

  32. HOTSTUFF January 12, 2014

    Great article, i’ve been saying this for a long time, it seems like the industry is more racist than ever but in a more disguised way. it’s like black people can’t sell anymore. Fans are racist and only connect with their ‘own’. You see this clearly with Justin Bieber and his whack attempt at being black with mediocre rnb, if that was a black boy he would be a hot flop. Maybe Black people are not buying music anymore ? long gone are the BET days where every artist on that countdown was a platinum seller.

    Music is one of the few things where african americans were shinning,showing their power, showing their unbelievable god given talents to the world,making people wanting to be black around the world…it almost feels like a white conspiracy to take that shine away from black people in order to make black people look like they’re good at NOTHING ( music, acting, education…).

    • Apologetic January 12, 2014

      It’s not racism. You need to see that African American musicians burnt out and can’t make fresh and not a-million-times-heard-before-typical-black-music in the past few years.

      It’s not racism, they just stuck into a genre that has it’s highlight a decade ago, and they can’t move on, they can’t make progress in music. It’s their responsibility to find new sounds, themes, ways of expression and not to repeat the same boring beats that was fresh and popular 10 years ago.

      • HOTSTUFF January 12, 2014

        Yes i agree, GREAT POINT. Because when u listen to Brandy’s album or Kelly Rowland, the music is so STALE.

  33. Keyshia Del Rey January 12, 2014

    Y’all say this now, but look at how mad you get when you think Sam and David are overly promoting new black singers. If Perez can help Gaga but why can’t they help August or Elijah or Sevyn or Rita (I know she’s not black but you know what I mean).

    • MalikOnMyMind January 12, 2014

      Good point, I’m from the Netherlands and didn’t know who Elijah Blake , JLS or August Alsina was until I started reading this webpage so I do agree with you there.

    • BeachHouseBritney January 12, 2014

      What kind of truth tea is this b**** spilling though? I never looked at it that way.

  34. TuffLove January 12, 2014

    You stab for Katy Perry. Hiw about instead of worrying about black people, worry about your fave stating on pitch

  35. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 12, 2014

    @Lana Del Bey:

    “Kelly rowland” had every F*****’ thing to be this unstoppable Black B****, But she’s just…. *Double Sigh*

    she can give you R&B and can Give you Dance-pop records that are masterpieces, but she’s just…. OMG 😕 *Triple Sigh*

    Black artist need to work Harder, not like white artists, No Harder, when you get lazy and comfortable, that’s why you know you will become a flop. (See: Keri, Ciara, ashanti, Kelly, etc..)

  36. Stephy Tha Lambily January 12, 2014

    Nicki Minaj use to look black but she slowly turned herself into a puppet for the WHITES !!!

    Also, Nicki is not AMERICAN she dont count.

  37. Jamie January 12, 2014

    Katy perry Miley and GaGa can slay with urban tracks but out blacks can’t

  38. Jamie January 12, 2014

    Nicki bleachs just like Beyonce they have to appeal to whites to sell.

  39. HOTSTUFF January 12, 2014


    actually nothing in Rihanna is white, she’s only light skinned …her nose, and lips are to huge….that’s a nigg* right there…so it’s kind of great that Rih is promoting a different kind of beauty that the world is loving which is phenomenal beauty without having fine/caucasian features.

  40. AubreyOSlay January 12, 2014

    The hypocrisy in these comments is so authentic though. You complain that black performers don’t get equal attention but like someone above me said, look how mad some of you get when you think TGJ is overpromoting Ciara or one of their other black faves. You’re so used to black singers being put on the backburner you don’t know how to deal when you see a R&B/Hip Hop website promoting actual R&B/Hip Hop singers.

  41. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS January 12, 2014

    That is not white men fault. White people have taken in dark skin women in hollywood: Lupito Nygon, Naomi Harris from Skyfall, Kerry washington. Black men in the music game ARE COLOR STRUCK

  42. Stephy Tha Lambily January 12, 2014

    Rihanna is the only black person PERIOD to get hits these days not just female.

    I cant wait for Rihanna to break Michaels, Mariahs, Elvis, & The Beatles record for most number 1 his.

    It will show how horrible the music industry has fallen..

    From REAL artist like THE BEATLES/MARIAH CAREY too
    Illuminati puppets with no RAW talent like Rihanna..

    Who just sing over other peoples beats & not to mention has no input in the writting proccess unless its dumb as songs like RUIDE BOY or Cake..

    Rihanna goes into a studio & just hire all the best producers & writters and just choose the songs she wants… What kind of arist is that///

    Whitney Houston made up for her lack of original material with her SUPERB VOICE!!!

  43. CallMeQueenBey January 12, 2014

    Nicki doesn’t bleach but what she does is worse. She literally covers herself in foundation two tones lighter than her own and has the cheek to call that her natural look. She doesn’t see that she lost the full support of some people because she literally looks nothing like the girl they used to know when her make up is on. The irony is that her natural skin tone is one of the most beautiful shades of caramel I’ve ever seen in my life.

  44. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS January 12, 2014

    Rih is part Irish and her mixed looks ( light skin, green eyes ) is why JAY Z SIGNED HER.

  45. Its Gaga Ya Bish January 12, 2014

    Sam stans for my fave more than he does for Royalty’s, but you’re saying he should stan for Rihanna or lie about her being able to sing or perform just because she’s black. THAT is racist honey.

  46. HatazLine January 12, 2014

    So wait if a person from asia lives in the u.s. is that person not asian american? Citizenship is a matter of semantics. If rihanna is of african descent and currently residing n the U.S., she is african american.

    Newsflash…where she was born is irrelevant

  47. FutureCIARA January 12, 2014



    There are flaws in every aspect or industry of this world.

    (Banking, Economy, Hollywood, One World Government)

  48. Brazilian yoncé!!! January 12, 2014

    I’m half White and half Black but I do think blacks have to work extra hard to be successful in this world not only in USA but all over the world. Not only in the music/entertainment scene but in other ventures too.

    In every qualification a black man needs to work extremely hard and the other race doesn’t really work hard tbh

    Even with #1 a black artist can’t push a number #1 alone he/she needs to feature a white person to get that.. Only Rihanna can get that no #1 alone

  49. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS January 12, 2014

    Blacks don’t get hist anymore. Blame the white man! UMMMM???? Blame JAYZ, has he EVER SIGNED A BLACK WOMEN ( UNMIXED ) TO HIS LABEL?

    Bridget kelly – white mom

    Rita WHORA – WHITE

    Some girl from the UK – MIXED

    Some new singer from Philly – mixed

    Aleixis jordan – mixed

    IF a rich powerful black man like JAY, DOES NOT GIVE CHANCE FOR BLACK FEMALE SINGER…… then how can u come at the white man? WE know dark black girls can sing, jay z is not signing them cos he thinks black women ar ugly, unless they are mixed.

  50. h2o January 12, 2014

    what a pointless thread

  51. G-DragonIsMyLove January 12, 2014

    I live in Kiyose and it makes me so sad that a lot of my friends don’t even know who some of my favorite singers are. I only know of them because I read this internet site for five years and a few others.

  52. ATuffLove January 12, 2014

    Shut up. Please because you sound dumb. Why is it up to black people to work harder to please white America? Why is it that black artist have to fly to get somewhere a white one can walk? How about instead you ask people to broden their horizons it’s not the artist it the public

  53. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS January 12, 2014


    Beyonce would not agree. Even she has faced racism. If Obama can be racially abused…what makes u think beyonce cannot?

  54. HOTSTUFF January 12, 2014

    Nobody is mad at TGJ promoting these black flops ( no shade lol). It’s the way they do it. They either shade bigger and more talented artists for non singing h*** like the glorified dancer Ciara or their articles are so delusional that u cant deal. Oh and last but not least, when Sam is hungry for that interview, Lord have mercy, they’re like 10 articles on that same artist in a DAY.

  55. Jiovanni January 12, 2014

    Rihanna’s not African American though……

  56. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 12, 2014

    He can Call them Wack all he wants, it is not like he is reporting for the Times, But I hope he won’t get Mad when he see The White people or labels do The same to Black artists Who @sam think they should be recognized.
    You reap What you Sow.

    Not here for Double standards or hypocrisy, That is Why you Guys have problem, You do not preach what you Say, you can all Scream “racism” but you are practically racist to other races yourselves. 😕

    and If you don’t like something, don’t post on it, Simple.

    @Sam Mostly Like Artists who Will Sell out to Be where they are and Trash Black artists Who Stick to their urban roots.(see Their nicki Minaj Vs Lil Kim B*******)

    And if any black woman look up to nicki minaj as her idol for black women need to have more confidence and self-esteem because Nicki minaj is a living Example of a “Sell Out”, Just look at her pics now, She’s White, But she will claim her blackness when it is convenient, or should i say when she flop and need her Black ppl again? 😕

    they are always do that……..

    I Like @Sam and how he’s Smart, so let me not…… 😛

  57. Del Bey January 12, 2014

    though I agree with some of what you said @poproyalty I do think lack of enthusiasm to create that BLACK megastar is lacking, kelly don’t know any better she just getting what she’s given lol, but someone needs to sign and mentor a azealia banks kinda black girl with a chameleon voice and good marketing! Kelly has the biggest potential but the wrong vision/team behind her, anyway this tiny drop in the ocean (me) will be trying to make waves in the massive ocean by being a revolutionary mixedrace gay singer/rapper watch out for it 😉

  58. Brazilian yoncé!!! January 12, 2014


    Rihanna has African features in her face and yes because of her eyes it does tell that her Grandfather was part Irish..
    Rihanna doesn’t even considers herself mixed. She states that she’s black same applys to Nicki and Yonce

  59. Stephy Tha Lambily January 12, 2014

    Pop Royalty…. You make me speechless…. You are such a diva … Always trying to be right about something….

    tooo serious???

  60. Brazilian yoncé!!! January 12, 2014

    Beyoncé, Rihanna and Nicki are not mixed! They parents are black but they do have European Genes because of slavery.
    Leona Lewis, Jordin Sparks & Alicia Keys etc are mixed BLACK and WHITE parents

  61. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS January 12, 2014

    Rih tol allure magazine that she was bullied for being mixed. Even if they sayt black, they clearly have EURO looks which makes it easier to crossover. It is not like they look like Kelly rowland i

  62. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 12, 2014

    Either Way, You Will Deal.

    is a “Divo”. 😉 😆

  63. Brazilian yoncé!!! January 12, 2014

    People who say Rih,Bey & Nicki are mixed are just crazy and retarded

  64. Del Bey January 12, 2014

    I agree with Jay-Z not thinking that through enough, he has countless resources, he could market and mentor a few fresh black female pop stars, but not just jay-z the whole industry. AND I’m not just all for this, I like all sooal structures and norms to be broken, I would also like to see a genuine marketable white female rapper NOT Iggy please and perhaps a few black indie/rock artists could be marketed, we have no problem with Caucasians crossing over into hip hop and r&b. Ohhhh and more gay artists please, a lot more diverse gays, not the stereotypical adam lamberts or completly still I’m hiding frank ocean, I need a confident pop edgy gay male to make a splash and some lesbians to pleasee especially a pop lesbian

  65. Lovebird January 12, 2014

    It is because of Clear Channel, they control radio.

  66. Stephy Tha Lambily January 12, 2014

    Anyways, stop complaining and just hope music will be better in 2014…

  67. Del Bey January 12, 2014

    Agreed @Pop Nicki has taken the ‘white wash’ look to far, that blonde has been dragged out and death at the comment saying she uses foundation two shades lighter! it’s true though enough white washing in Hollywood please. Can any of you recall a time when Onika made a public appearance not wearing her blue or green contacts? I don’t think I’ve ever seen Nicki’s deep brown eyes on a mainstream screen

  68. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 12, 2014

    In real life, You should not depend only on others, You should have Everything Planned in your head prior to anything…. mainly a VISION, is not only Talent I swear, It is hard work+Passion+Dedication+Drive+No arrogance as well.

    AB is Talented, but she has a terrible attitude, a bad representation for bad girls if you asked me, her music is good tho.

  69. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS January 12, 2014

    RIH – Blonde ( sometimes ) green eyes, fair skin

    Beyonce fair skin, blond hair

    Nicki – Blond wig, blue eyes

    People who cannot see they are more closer to Euro look are sad and blind.

    Call me when a singer like Alek eek or 12 years slave actress can get signed and blow up-

  70. Lovebird January 12, 2014

    You just have to look at the charts overseas, Pharell, Jason Derulo and Emeli Sande and smashing in the UK, even Will.I.Am smashes in the UK.

    Jason Derulo’s “talk dirty”, which is an urban song, was a smash in the UK; Clear Channel won’t allow their pop radio to play that.

  71. Brazilian yoncé!!! January 12, 2014

    You stupid b**** you can find a woman who looks like rihanna in cape town or even in new york. They still consider themselves black.
    Rihanna is black and dates black men and loves black people and has black best friends and calls herself a n*****. You’re stupid she’s black

  72. Lovebird January 12, 2014

    It is a sign of the times, a sign that we need to take songs away from the Corporatocracy that radio has become, and put it back into consumers hands.

    This is why iTunes is important to today’s industry, that and YouTube, Spotify, Pandora..etc; they give consumers the power to decided what is hot and what is not, seeing that radio has been taken over by a conglomerate.

  73. Stephy Tha Lambily January 12, 2014

    fuckkk youuu

  74. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 12, 2014

    People always In here go “@Pop this and @Pop that!” But I’m saying what’s on my mind, Just That, I speak based on what i know, and from the looks of it i’m doing good, people just need to Leave it just like that.

    that is my truth, take it or leave it.

  75. Stephy Tha Lambily January 12, 2014


  76. Lovebird January 12, 2014

    The way Nicki Minaj built her career, by taking music directly to the consumer; the way Beyonce dropped this album; the way Jay-Z dropped Magna s***…that’s the direction that music should be heading, taking music directly to the consumer and not letting radio of which is now run by a Conglomerate decide what is and isn’t hot.

    Hopefully iTunes radio, Last FM, Spotify, Google Play Music gain some traction and release radio’s hold on the industry.

    But then again that requires generational change. Just like some people are too ancient and primitive to create an iTunes account and opt to buy physical CDs, it’ll take a while for people to switch off their radio and opt for a different medium.

    • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 12, 2014

      Will Be hard for Underground artists to gain popularity if they did what you say.

      Those People you talked about have their already-established fanbases who may check for them.

      and not everyone is here for iTunes, especially adults or Old-skool mentality kind of ppl, me myself I buy CDS of ppl who make timeless music like “mariah carey” for example, nothing wrong with it. 😛

      • Lovebird January 12, 2014

        If Nicki Minaj managed to do it in her underground days, so can any other underground artists.

        The internet has provided a wealth of resources, time to get to work.

      • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 12, 2014

        Do Not EVER give me This Nicki W**** as an example, that plastic silicon washed up arrogant b**** embodies whatever is wrong about people Nowadays, think about it, not only for black Women, but no, the entire human race as well.

        she’s a Walking representation of Insecurities. 😕

        she mainly has her label’s Full support, Don’t know what kind of struggle she has, she isn’t underground anymore.

        The internet is the future i agree, but people need to know how to use it to benefit them.

      • Lovebird January 12, 2014

        Nicki was recognized from her underground days. She may not be underground anymore but that is where her fan base came from, from her underground days; so yes she is the perfect example.

        She spent her own money on studio time, she wrote her own verses, was releasing cheap videos, releasing mixtapes and pretty much worked hard until she got her big break.

        She is the perfect example because most of her Pink Friday fan base came from her underground days.

        She may have sold out, you may not like her…etc, but she’s the perfect example of how to beat the system.

  77. Lovebird January 12, 2014

    It is also ironic that this site, which pits the two big black artists against each other is covering this.

    Too much irony on this site.

  78. Brazilian yoncé!!! January 12, 2014

    LOL! Whitney Houston had no “European” features to appeal to European Markets but she slayed everywhere..
    Nicki doesn’t even have blue eyes you’re stupid I’m done with you. 🙁

  79. Lovebird January 12, 2014

    Didn’t Sam support Rita Ora over Rihanna?

    Didn’t Sam want Rita Ora to end Rihanna’s career?

    Doesn’t Sam pit Rihanna against Beyonce on a daily basis?

    And this is in addition to the countless black artists Sam enjoys slamming and now you want to post this? gurlllll

  80. Lovebird January 12, 2014


    Can you believe Jay-Z wanted her out of the Sugababes? She is so talented and such a good song-writer


  81. Lovebird January 12, 2014


    Rihanna is not from Africa, she’s from the Caribbean.

    Akon = Africa
    Rihanna = Caribbean

    There’s a difference.

  82. stephy tha lambily January 12, 2014


    She still black. Thats like saying Japan people are different from Chinease people.. THEY ALL STILL ASIAN

    Rihanna still has AFRICAN BLOOD

  83. Lovebird January 12, 2014

    You said “African island girl”, that would be like Seychelles or Mauritius; Rihanna is not from there, she’s from the Caribbean.

    The correct term is “Afro-Caribbean”.

    African American =/= Afro-Caribbean =/= African.

  84. RoyalKev January 12, 2014

    I refuse to think that 2013 was accidental. It’s actually been going on since 2010! There’s plenty of white successful artists that mirrored what black artists produced and saw better results. Justin Bieber was imitating Chis Brown’s sound and winning on mainstream radio (same with Miley/Rihanna)! Justin Timberlake did a throw back traditional R&B album (very 2006 flavored), but it was hyped up to be this mature, classic masterpiece (when all he did was reinvent the wheel to succeed). Usher’s Looking 4 Myself was 10x better and much more innovative! Even his traditional R&B songs was better! Let’s not even go there with Adele! Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Janelle Monae, Ledisi, Jazmine Sullivan, Emeli Sande & Chrisette Michelle all do the artsy, jazzy, bluesy music that’s “heartfelt”. All these women could have recorded “21” and it still would be greeted with lukewarm success!

    Sure black people should work harder than their white counterparts, but why should blacks adopt an “I’m inferior to whites – so I’m grateful to see 50% of the 250% hard work I put in” attitude. This is ONLY the way black artists should go about countering the obstacles. If you accept everything thrown your way without asking for change, you don’t serve a purpose to anyone (including yourself or future generations). BTW, I’m not oppose to anyone succeeding that deserves it (white or Black). I’m turned off by favoritism/privileges not given to all individuals. Adele & JT were shown favoritism. Madonna was shown favoritism (how was/is she the last standing after Prince, Whitney(before death), MJ(before death), Mariah and Janet)…This will be a book if I go there. All I’m saying is that history repeats itself.

    Bottom line, I think JT and Adele are talented. I actually think Gaga’s Artpop is even more decent than will people admit! I don’t have any hang up’s, I look forward to great music by great artists. BUT I just want everyone (that deserves it) to be given the same opportunities to win. We need Fairness. Equality. Diversity. I don’t want to be grateful that Bey & Rih are the only 2 black divas winning. Two is not enough for me (not when 20 are still slaying)!

  85. realness January 12, 2014

    I don’t think that any of us can define success for another individual. I believe these artists work their behinds off to reach the level of success they desire. Unfortunately some people deserve more than is being givenm I listened to melanie fiona’s album today and realized Adele has nothing know her besides she’s white. What else can these artists do if they aren’t given chances? You can’t just. onto the grammy stage and perform. You can’t tell Ellen you’re coming and just expect to get in. So you perfornn where you can and change definition of success. These artists(brandy, Monica, Ciara, Monica, etc) are performing on a modern day chittlin circuit. They can only do so much. White America got tired of being outdone.

  86. Daniel January 12, 2014

    Sounds like racism.

  87. RoyalKev January 12, 2014

    The way Nicki Minaj built her career, by taking music directly to the consumer; the way Beyonce dropped this album; the way Jay-Z dropped Magna s***…that’s the direction that music should be heading, taking music directly to the consumer and not letting radio of which is now run by a Conglomerate decide what is and isn’t hot.
    Great points! I couldn’t agree more. Radio is corrupt! Clear Channel has way too much power! The reality is that more artists will have to find away around this unfortunately.

  88. Keri Krew Kween January 12, 2014

    Why do people always exclude Alicia Keys when they mention current successful singers of color? Who cares if she’s mixed? I think the problem had to do with labels and the artist themselves. Music taste changes every generation. Hip-Hop and R&B aka urban music was popular in the late 90s/early 2000s. Even pop acts like Xtina, Britney, JT, and Pink had urban flavored hits. But that was over 10 years ago. Today music is run by EDM and country. R&B doesn’t sell much anymore and hip-hop is barely hanging on. The only singers of color selling are the ones who don’t confine themselves into a box. Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki, and Alicia don’t make strictly urban music. Alicia fuses R&B with Adult Contemporary, Beyonce and Nicki incorporate pop in their music, and Rihanna can do just about every genre. The problem is that black artist feel obligated to make urban music to relate to a specific audience to give them credibility. Notice how all the artist I mention still incorporated urban music in their sound. In A Perfect World was a success because Keri blended pop with urban music instead of sticking to pure urban. Music taste changes and unless you have an establish fan base, you have to adapt or you’ll flop. Black artist confide themselves to box that labels don’t know how to market. Alot of black artist lack label support even when their music is diverse. Keri blends pop and R&B together well. If she had a better team, she could easily be as big as Katy Perry or Rihanna. Ciara’s career died because of poor management and Kelly and Jason Derulo are suffering from weak teams too. When labels tried pushing one commercial track then an urban one to sell albums but fans called those artist “sell outs” and abandoned them *see Ne-yo after Libra Scale*. This puts labels in a bad situation: if they go full urban they don’t sell, and if they go full commercial they’re branded sell outs and get hate.(It doesn’t help that the ones who stick to pure urban music have a stale sound). In todays industry when music hardly sells, labels aren’t willing to fund a new artist who may never catch on. Black artist need to make diverse music and find a team that will back them.

  89. Emma Kelly January 12, 2014

    I am a white European and I can’t tell you Rihanna and Beyonce are bigger than many white artist in Europe. I was in Paris when Rihanna came to the Paris, it was insane. I come here because I love R&B even though I grew up with pop, EDM etc. Personnaly I think Afro artist need more support. Any time I come here looking for the latest Hiphop news I end wasting my time defending Rihana or Ciara or Beyonce from vicious smears.

    Ciara’s letter couldn’t have been more correct. When I go to Pop blogs they praise and promote white artist even when we all know they are lot of Afro artist that are far better.
    I wish urban blogs like this will spend more time promoting Afro/ urban/ hiphop acts rather than cheap Stan wars.
    Why do you guys always have to put Beyonce against Rihanna? This two are one the most sucessful black acts in the world, they should celebrated together.

  90. Keri Krew Kween January 12, 2014

    Sorry for the block of text lol. Getting rid of radio isn’t the solution imo. Music taste always changes and radio plays what the general public is into. Artist just need to be more diverse with their sound. In order to sell, artist have to adapt. If Macklemore were making Yelawolf (white rapper) type of music, they wouldn’t sell. Macklemore isn’t doing anything that B.O.B didn’t do before them. They both sold well because they incorporated more then just hip hop in their sound and their music reached a broader audience. Same with Nicki. Very few hip-hop artist are selling based solely off hip-hop. When B.o.B stopped incorporating other sounds, he stopped selling. Those white artist are selling with urban music because their music isn’t pure urban.

  91. Shquinisha-Roase January 12, 2014

    The majority of people commenting on this article seem to believe that racism is the reason behind no african America Artist topping the Billboard Hot 100 this year…

    We really need to take a look at the facts before we blame the white man.
    There were a total of 11 no.1 songs last year (some repeated).
    The Billboard charts do not only represent African American’s and White American’s but also the most popular acts around the world. It represents what is considered to be the most popular music in the United states, by the people living in that country…

    With that in mind these are the people would held the no.1 positions;
    Two of these no.1 holders were white American women; Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry
    One was a BRITISH White Woman; Lorde
    One by a white American Man; Baauer.
    One by a white American Woman; Pink, Feat. a white American Man, Nate Ruess
    One by a white American man; Macklemore FEAT. a BLACK AMERICAN Man
    One by and American white man Eminem feat a BLACK BARBADIAN female; Rihanna.
    One held by an HAWAIIAN American Man; Bruno Mars
    And One was held by a White American man feat. 2 Black American men T.I and Pharrell.

    So overall out those with a number one of there own, 2 were white american women, one was a british woman, one was a white american man, and the other was a Hawaiian man.
    The wrest were songs with featured artists, the majority of those featured artists being black.

    What I am getting at here is that the article can be very miss leading, which has resulted in a lot of racial tension. Before us commenters get all pissed at what we think we are reading we need to be appropriately informed. African American are not being under represented on the billboard hot 100, and are not less successful that white artists. AND who’s fault is that anyway? It’s not through any fault of their own but its because the US public obviously didn’t identify with them last year enough to make their songs number one. Turn back time to 2003 and people didn’t identify with white artists.

    Sorry for this essay but this had to be said! All this site is doing is creating racial tension and we are all buying into it by commenting and giving this blog hits…

  92. haha January 12, 2014

    Half of the songs that hit no. 1 are produced by black people like Blurred Lines.

  93. Aisha January 12, 2014

    Well, Sam, what do u want? First of all, Rihanna isn’t African American, and when she’s number one, you’re always complaining about her “lack of talent” and how she doesn’t deserve number one in the first place. Choose. Because among these black artists, she’s the one who’s more likely to be number one, time to face the truth.

    • the truth honey January 12, 2014

      If she not AA then what is she u funky h**?!

  94. Bey Fan January 12, 2014

    Drake did the same (although he had a little fame a tv show)

    This is the way most rap artist did it. Gained a fan base from mixtapes and club appearances.

    I agree with everything @lovebird has said on this topic

  95. MuiMui January 12, 2014

    And all this time we we have been led to think
    that when Ri got #1’s it didn’t mean nothing.Seem
    like getting # 1’s is a hot topic.

  96. dl January 12, 2014

    I meant MJ, not MK for Michael Jackson

  97. Jeff January 12, 2014

    I knew that this would happen one day just by watching the charts. Blacks have a lot of issues with their own race. You have Beyoncé & Rihanna,
    Cara and other blacks female artists being put against each other by their fans and the white love it. Laughing all the way to the bank. Example Justin Beiber gets a pass with all the crap he’s doing and no white person media wise in on TV/radio talking about him. I see it in black blogs also going after blacks in order to destroy them. Some have nothing nice to say. Now there is one thing I learn about this story is that if you are a features on a song, the song is not theirs.

  98. MuiMui January 12, 2014

    This is really a hot topic,since Ri has gotten into the Hit making mix really good.
    When she can make History getting her firstand being able
    to get her first 12 hits at a shorter time ,than Mariah.

  99. Jeff January 12, 2014

    I 100% agree

  100. Jeff January 12, 2014

    And American Blacks are Black Americans

  101. JOHNVIDAL January 12, 2014

    From what I´ve read only a few things:
    – Sam or any other person shouldn´t support a girl just cos she is black when she doesn´t deserve it (Rihanna). – I agree in the last few years blacks have been disappearing from the charts (singles charts mainly). They don´t allow them to have a big promo campaign and to cross over to other genres which are not R&B. Blame the labels the most. It has got worse, remember racism is supposed to be disappearing more and more but 20 years ago the biggest worldwide stars were people like Whitney motherfucking Houston and Michael Jackson. Labels are just afraid of supporting the best talents and also the too black looking artists cos profits aren´t what they were, so they keep it save, and it´s ruining everything.
    – Music didn´t go downhill in 2008. It started around 2000 or so. Mainstream started to get worse cos of illegal downloading, the result was that labels started supporting more and more talentless and instant artists for mainstream, especially singles artists. Leaving some of the best albums and artists of every year on a side. Radio is to blame too.
    – Say what you want about Adele but she deserved that. Sorry she´s like the most beautiful new voice I´ve heard in the last 3 or 5 years. And her album was that epic combination of quality and commercial appeal we used to see from true greats more than a decade ago. Don´t tell me Jazmine Sullivan and other black artists are on her level cos they aren´t, they have not made songs like her, it´s not only the voice. That epic combination is hard to find and she did it.
    – If there´s one black lady who should be everywhere and praised to the high heaven that is Janelle Monae, great voice, incredible performances and brilliant musician-songwriter. No no-damn gospel oriented singers with big voices. Having a big voice doesn´t make you better than Adele. Janelle is better than all of them. Big voice doesn´t mean you are Whitney Houston (Jennifer Hudson).
    – Overall, I can´t understand racist people. I wish labels would spend time searching for black artists who are that perfect combination too, so they could become universal, like Whitney or Michael were.

  102. Jeff January 12, 2014

    What I see is many of white artists are using blacks famous artists to get their #1’s. Radio stations are corrupt. Nicki, Beyoncé, & Master mind Jay-Z took their music directly to the consumer and they did very well. Example look what Target did to Beyoncé. Makes one wonder it all of this crap in these stores corrupt also.

  103. Mark111 January 12, 2014

    But when a black chic does get a #1 hit, you haters call her generic. When some a black artist becomes big, “they sold their souls.” The ONLY time I’m ashame of being black is when your own people beat you down more and fast than “the enemy”.

  104. Real music lover January 12, 2014

    I don’t think it has anything to do with racism, honestly and I’m black. Ever since they started factoring in iTunes, soundcloud, youtube and other digital stuff, urban music has suffered a steep decline. For one, blacks depend on the radio. Idc what y’all say. We illegally download, and could care less about soundcloud & watching music videos youtube. Our artists ruled the top of the charts back when it was mainly based on airplay. If we want our artists to experience chart success, we have to support them on all mediums. I’m guilty of not purchasing stuff from iTunes or buying albums, but it is what it is. As long as WE don’t believe in our artists, labels will do the same….

  105. Real music lover January 12, 2014

    As for Rihanna, she’s on of the most UNIVERSAL black artists I’ve seen in a very long time and I applaud her for that. She isn’t the most talented, but everything about her is totally suited for the pop world.

    I feel like a lot of blacks on wanna support what’s hot at the moment (JT, Adele, Lorde), while ignoring our talented artists. I love love LOVED Adele btw. We have crazy talented artists like Jhene and SZA but blacks will ignore them unless they get pops stamp of approval.

  106. JOHNVIDAL January 12, 2014

    Well I also want to say the biggest racism in America seems to come from a part of the media: look how they treat or treated Whitney, Michael, Chris Brown (not that he doesn´t deserve it) and many more and look how they treat Charlie Seen, Eminem, Justin Beiber, etc when they do the same things. Beyonce doesn´t have anything they can jump into. But I tell you if it happens at some point (hey everybody can have a rough time, get a divorce, develop an adiction, I don´t know, something from where they can start to ruin your mental health and make everything worse until you can´t recover) they will destroy her. I´m sure that part of the media is so ready in case that happens. I´m not saying Rihanna cos she´s not even American and they don´t take her that seriously either.
    You can think that can´t happen (probably not cos Beyonce seems to have such an stable life) but Whitney Houston was the f****** sweetheart and most respected lady in American music ever and look what happened just cos she got married to Bobby Brown. I´m not talking about when the drug adiction started to show, I´m talking about 1992 when she simply got married, there was nothing else there. But a part from the media started the campaign from that very moment.
    And all of this I´m saying it from Europe, I´m not even black nor American.

  107. Real music lover January 12, 2014

    @JohnVidal you’re so right about that. CB is almost to the point of no return, and it’s sad.

    I can’t even be mad at black artists not having a #1 single this year. We used to top the charts based off of airplay alone. We had so many crappy songs topping the charts just 10 years ago…from Goodies to Crank That Soulja Boy, Laffy Taffy, Hot In Herre…now it’s white ppls turn to top the charts with generic s*** lol.

  108. MuiMui January 12, 2014

    Now after all the #1’s with Mariah and Ri breaking Mariah Record a a younger age ,this #1 Business has got people talking.
    You did not hear the African Americans are no one else weighting in, when the Grammys gave Beyonce Grammys for
    Contemporary R&B Album “I AM,,,”
    Traditional R&B for Etta “At Last”
    Best Female Pop “Halo”
    Best R&B “Single Ladies”
    thats Contemporary, Traditional, R&B, and Pop
    Now Three Different Songs
    Single Ladies
    At Last
    Album “I AM SASHA,,,”AND all of her Singles and the album still dropped behind many others sales and chart performance.

    I will let the Grammy talk go,because i know that people are tired,because i am tired of hearing myself talk about the Unfairness of the music Industry and these different chart company giving to those, who don’t sale as well and giving to their Favorite, that is wrong. Billboard is know for creating a Award and giving to some, to keep them feeling great,and their fans dogging the hell out of others.

  109. Don January 12, 2014

    Well I just want to voice my opinion on this topic. Chris Brown is a walking genius that made ONE misstate. The media/blogs/radio and the haters will not leave this man alone while his other peers can do no wrong. J. Cole is struggling and he’s a great artists so is many like him. Drake is another one whom I believe bought his own albums just by watching that video of him buying up all J. Coles albums in Best Buy so he can out sell Kanye.

    We can get a grip on this if we just stop the illegal downloads or maybe the artists should just send their songs to iTunes like Beyoncé did.

  110. Real music lover January 12, 2014

    ^You can buy as many albums as you want but if you don’t pay for each album SEPERATELY, all of those albums will count as ONE sale. All of those j Cole albums that drake bought counted as ONE, so he did more damage than good.

  111. MuiMui January 12, 2014


  112. FAF January 12, 2014

    I’m getting my life to this post! Finally an insightful debate! The issue is digital piracy caused the industry to cut budgets when budgets were cut labels like jive wanted everyone to do pop and sell 5 and 6 mil each era… Well R&B was strong during that time but it was going 3x plat max so they gave black ppl an ultimatum.. Sell out or release R&B and we won’t promote u.. And that’s why we have R&B acts who are talented vs high selling pseudo singers bc they have the labels full support and 360 deals etc!

  113. MuiMui January 12, 2014

    So with that being said what do it matter if you are black,purple are polka dot when there are dead cats on the line and who u r plays the biggest part in who get Awarded for hard work.
    Sales and Chart success seem to not mean jack any more UNLESS U R BEYONCE KNOWLES CARTER!
    who gives a rats ass if there was no number ones given to black, that just means that Rihanna isn’t the only One with GENERIC,FORGETTABLE MUSIC ON THE AIR WAVES, BUT THE FINGERS ARE ALWAYS POINTED AT HER.

  114. Don January 12, 2014

    How come when other artists have ft. on a song the ft don’t call that song theirs. But whenever Rihanna do it then the song is her 13#1 song. I just don’t get it.

  115. MuiMui January 12, 2014

    What different do it make if Ri has a Hit
    song with the Cookie Monster.
    She has a Hit with Eminem, and you are Bitter.
    She has one of the Best selling Singles in the Us and World with Eminem and you are still Bitter
    Yall are mad because Rihanna has tapped into what makes a Hit and you are Slobbing at the mouth,.

  116. Matthew Charlery-Smith January 12, 2014

    People seem to forget the Caribbean is America. It’s not the USA but the Americas contain several regions: North America, Central America & the Caribbean islands and South America. In the UK we just tend to say “black”.

  117. MuiMui January 12, 2014

    Since you want to talk about Ri Collabs, Beyonce is singing
    with JAZY so why is it a Problem for Rihanna,but its okay for Beyonce too.
    Beyonce has been in the Industry far longer than Rihanna has ,and its not Ri fault that none of the other Musicians,have got the Mind to Widen their Horizions.

  118. Trey January 12, 2014

    Although i think it is a combination of all the above (racism, labels, hard work), I think it also comes from Black people not making HIT SONGS anymore. The reason you had songs 10 years ago crossover is cuz they were immediate and dance worthy like “crazy in love”, “goodies”, and “in da club”. Nowadays black people either wanna do the “love and wars” and “trust and believes”, or the normal trap beat and think they’re gonna get a number one song but they’re not. White people ain’t f***** with trap or dry slow jams. They want black artists doing stuff like “Hot in Here.” But ijs

  119. Beyonce’s 17 Grammys January 12, 2014

    The ONLY Caribbean islands that are “American” are Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. You don’t need a passport to visit those islands. The rest are European territories.

  120. royalkev January 12, 2014


    You deserve a standing ovation for that last comment about the media. Every time I think about the abuse that Whitney suffered I could punch a wall. She had such a great spirit (anyone would know this if they’ve studied her). The media was relentless! After she died she was titled Queen of Pop for a week and then shortly afterwards they couldn’t wait to tear her down! You’re so right, as soon as they get any excuse to ruin your name/reputation they do it without fail.

    Same thing with Janet (I’d need another wall for her). It’s like these stars pissed off people with their success. It’s like all of these black mega-superstars were loved/used up for 15 years because they made the industry wealthy, then after they crossed the decade & a half milestone they want to give them a hard time. Then when their “time is up” they downplay everything they’ve accomplished. It happened to just about all of them MJ, Whitney, Janet, etc …

    People don’t realize that history repeats itself! I hate that these radio stations/media(esp, TMZ) seemed to only blacklist/punish/target black artists in recent years(Kanye/Chris Brown). People are still rooting for Lohan &Charlie Sheen throughout their troubled times! I know they want something on Bey. they’ve been trying her in the last couple of years (Inauguration, her use of B*tches in Bowdown, the pregnancy rumors). Everything is supposedly “controversial” with Bey now all of a sudden. It’s something about that 10-15 year mark. If your a black artists that’s still successful after that time, beware!

  121. MuiMui January 12, 2014

    Now let the fireworks,began because as we know Ri is a Hit Maker.Let us watch and see who get the next Hit,and let the fire workd began,and keep the hate going for Ri because it help to keep her stock going through the roof.

  122. imBooked January 12, 2014

    So Everyone Is Just Gonna Ignore The “TIDBIT” At The Bottom Of The Article?! A Decade Ago No White Artist Topped! Its Not That Serious People, Dont Push This As A Racial Issue…

  123. Beyonce’s 17 Grammys January 12, 2014

    MuiMui please shut the hell up with your pointless rambling that has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

  124. Beyonce’s 17 Grammys January 12, 2014

    Rihanna is NOT African AMERICAN idiots. She is Afro-Caribbean. Even if she were from an American territory, she STILL wouldn’t be African American. Barbados was a UK territory up until the 60’s I believe.

  125. That Dude January 12, 2014


    Black people have a way of dragging each other down and when it becomes a trend where everyone joins in they cry racism.

    This site makes money off throwing shade at Rihanna in every way. Even unnecessary posts that have nothing to do with Rihanna. Just the mention of her name will ensure over 100 comments.

    Rihanna is the flag bearer of her musical generation. Give the girl her props and stop trying to discredit her achievements.

  126. Casual January 12, 2014

    Beyonce, Rihanna, Usher — the most likely black artists to top the Hot 100 — didn’t have major solo projects out in 2013, Beyonce’s year-end surprise notwithstanding. Plus, r&b was only being reintroduced to pop radio through Justin Timberlake in 2013, after being ignored for several years.

    Overall, the lack of black artists topping the 100 was more incidental than anything else.

  127. MuiMiu January 12, 2014

    People r keeping a close eye
    on Ri Hits, u can bet on it.

  128. realtard January 12, 2014

    racism aside…I think music is meant for consumers and if you wanna chart make what people want to hear…if its what people want then you will definitely go straight to the top…I still totally agree with you royal kev…however,i think blacks make it easier for them to destroy black artistes by putting their own against each other instead of celebrating them together…

  129. mrTooIncredible January 12, 2014

    this was the best reply I ever read.

    instagram: mrtooincredible

  130. royalkev January 12, 2014

    @ Realtard

    I definitely agree with your point about the lack of black unity. It’s a shame that the hate won’t end until we all get a serious wake up call. I’m sure at this rate the music industry’s going at (along with the problems that are ignored in the black community) that will happen by 2020.

  131. JOHNVIDAL January 12, 2014

    Thank U! And yes I know. I agree with your whole comment too. Although Whitney´s case is the saddest thing ever to me. I swear. They were prepared. They couldn´t stan such greatness (and I´m saying a part of the media and public, not everybody obviously) and brilliant image. She broke many barriers too. They were ready since the 80s. She was the true first black female global superstar, in the league of only some men and Madonna, nobody else before.
    Not saying she didn´t have problems, she had, but it all started before anybody could see what was going on with her and her problems. It just started cos they wanted to burn her, like with Michael.
    Beyonce probably won´t fall cos as Celine Dion has said many times you need to be so damn balanced and have a home where to return every night, and Beyonce seems happy, like Mariah now (not before, the poor thing has suffered a lot too). But if Beyonce did anything… she would be the next one.

  132. Truth B Told January 12, 2014

    And you see why Beyoncé is getting whiter and whiter to appeal to a larger audience…

  133. Tee January 12, 2014

    Black people can make EDM music like Florida or Jason Derulo but then they won’t sell albums. Ushers last album didn’t even go gold. It’s like blacks get mad when artists “sell out” but they don’t support their albums either way. I’m white & Korean and I probably support black artists more than their own people do!! R&B is my favorite type of music and Brandy is my favorite singer. The media destroyed and black listed her.

  134. royalkev January 12, 2014

    Yea, Whitney was the first black global sensation! *sigh* Everything was brilliant about her(from her voice to her beautiful smile). Her talent was UNREAL and her success was as well! That’s why it pisses me off that she was reduced to something beneath the royalty she was. Whit did nothing to deserve the ridicule, but be human.

    I know that she had her issues in the late 90’s, but I never thought she would be degraded on the level she’s was. MJ either! I realized the bigger you are the harder you fall. They went through hell. I mean pics were published of their dead bodies. That didn’t even happen to terrorist.

    Bey’s very leveled headed, but the things they love you for today is what they hate you for down the line. I’m not big on Rihanna, but I think she should keep more of her business private. You’ll be surprised what they use against you as ammunition later. I just wish nobody any pain that the legends suffered.

    Bran’s so underrated now and that is beyond sad! I think she hasn’t been given the play she deserves since Human! That woman makes masterpiece albums!

  135. MuiMui January 12, 2014

    See how Jayz jumped into the
    mix with Justin, see how good
    that album did? How many other
    R&B Artist has he did that with.
    There r countless Black Musicians,who
    can saaaang, and r Undrated.
    Ri get Black balled all the time,
    and u nappy headed h*es r the main ones
    trashing her everything, u dirty
    birds t a trip.

  136. Avi January 12, 2014

    People kill me acting like black artists making black music need to “step outside the box” because black music is so stale or whatever. Does anybody tell Katy Perry she needs to step outside the box and do something other than the stale and generic pop music she does that is anything but innovative or varied. F*** all that. These pop acts aren’t doing anything that hasn’t been done a million times over for decades on end. From 2010 thru about 2012, you had black artists selling out to pop and doing “what the market wanted,” and yet few of them acheived much success going that route. In fact, many of them saw their core fan bases abandoning them and in turn selling less than ever. The pop demographic didn’t pick up the slack and give them a substantial new fan base to make up the difference. So null & void on that mess. No, what black artists need to do now more than ever is stick to their guns and make black music…then put together slick teams to support them.

  137. FreeBreezy January 12, 2014

    Stupid Post , and Rihanna is not African American Sam

  138. FREEBREEZY January 12, 2014

    oh yeaa, Drake isn’t African American either .. guess what Sam , neither are you!

  139. YES January 12, 2014

    so why was EVERY number one from a black person in 2004?

  140. FREEBREEZY January 12, 2014

    Everybody is at one point of African Descent

  141. Skyfall January 12, 2014

    Justin bieber has never had a #1 on billboard hot 100, so he’s dismissed

  142. Rosie January 12, 2014

    I honestly think the reasons so are
    1. Hip-Hop/R&B are no longer as popular as they used to be (said 800 times in this post)
    2. …even though it is making a resurgence, especially in indie music. Acts like The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Solange, and Miguel getting all types of acclaim, even Jhene Aiko (whoever that is). The problem is, they aren’t selling enough, I don’t even think Frank went gold, even though he had THE most critically acclaimed album of the past few years.
    3. The current trend was mainstream EDM, now it’s mainstream/faux wannabe “indie” music. In 2010, acts like fun., Gotye, and Lorde would’ve never gotten a #1. And now we have all types of ALT/CHR crossover hits. Unfortunately most of the alternative songs that make it big are trash (most of the good ones don’t stand a chance on CHR/pop radio, and end up peaking in the 70’s/80’s of the Hot 100, if they ever chart. In fact the entire iTunes top 20 right now is an absolute mess. I would much rather have the music from the mid-2000’s back.

    Sorry for the long ass essay.

  143. Mark111 January 12, 2014

    How is this about Crack Brown again? I’m sure Britney Spears had got it worse than ANYONE, so stop it.

  144. Skyfall January 12, 2014

    Janelle Monae is a perfect example of having a bad team, her album was
    Everything amazing vocals, mixing genres, quality music but she was met with
    Low sells and little promotion, Hell she was even snubbed from the Grammys.
    See Ariana Grande although she makes quality pop music and had an amazing album
    But her team and manager stop promoting her strongly after the whole “new Mariah” fad blew out
    And instead of promoting her latest two singles, Scooter went back to trying to get Justin Bieber
    His number 1 hit, and his movie

  145. roxi January 12, 2014

    But what you fail to realize is that Rihanna is a hitmaker who has managed to get many hits on her own. And still a lot more hit than many in the game. They call on Rihanna because they know with her onboard they stand a good chance to go to no1. Why you think emenim worked with her again? He wanted to get that no1 again, which he did. Drake never had a no 1 till he collaborated with rih. You could say what you want, but she brings the hits its not just her no1s but all of her hits top tens included. Right about now ain’t nobody touching rih in the hits department.

  146. Skyfall January 12, 2014

    People based Tamar Braxton for buying her own albums, live performances, saying
    She’ll never be Toni, discrediting her when her two singles (Love And War and The One)
    Went platinum and Gold and she’s been on tour with john legend, promoted Her album on every
    show and is still promoting, and at one one point was promoting two albums at once
    With busted vocal chords and received 3 Grammy noms, and I believe her album now sits
    Less than 200k away from being gold. But all she receives is hate and backlash and for what
    Many other artist can’t even sing live PERIOD, most artist/labels buy their own albums. People are quick
    To call these artist flop, and write them off

  147. roxi January 12, 2014

    @don every artist is credited on a song when there is a collaboration, not just Rihanna. Its just that Rihanna has more hits than most, but hers tend to be discussed more.

  148. Stephy stan January 12, 2014

    @Rosie, Frank sold 600k+ but with his hype you would think he could go platinum. Him and Miguel got platinum singles in 2012, but Miguel hasn’t even gone gold. Jhene signed a major deal with def jam and her EP sold 40k first week which broke a lot of records.

    People are bored with mainstream music in general. Most of the top 20 acts are singles artists who can’t sell an album for s***. Look at the current #1 (Pittbull). Most Black people don’t buy singles or albums. That’s why most R&B artists can’t even sell 200K. It’s sad when people rejoice Fantasia selling 280K and Tamar 310K.

  149. Jess January 12, 2014

    Idc what nationality Rihanna is, her ethnicity is still black. She is still of African descent.

  150. Stephy stan January 12, 2014

    People complain about R&B but what about rock/punk? Most rock bands can’t even sell 500K these days or get a top 40 hit unless they add some electronica or dub step.

  151. Stephy stan January 12, 2014

    Rihanna is Afro-Barbadian or Afro Bajan. People outside of USA don’t really refer to themselves as “Black”

  152. Rosie January 12, 2014

    @Stephy Stan At least Frank went gold, but you’re right. He should’ve went platinum with all that hype and promo. That’s also good for Jhene, selling that much first week with a debut EP, no previous major album out.
    I also agree with everyone being bored with mainstream music. Most of the people I know at college, even high school, really, don’t listen to top 40 anymore. They all do their own thing. Some are like me and listen to indie/alt (although alternative radio is currently a mess with these trash mainstream indie songs), others listen to rap, some listen to underground EDM, some listen to stuff like metal. I don’t blame them. You know it’s bad when the only good song in the US iTunes top 20 is the song from Frozen. Canadian iTunes is only slightly better. No wonder digital single sales are so low right now.

  153. MuiMui January 12, 2014

    Beyonce 17 GRAMMYS
    Ray & Stevie can both see that
    those 6 Grammy she got in.one night
    was not Warrant.
    There is no way she deserves to have
    more Grammys than Mariah, Whitney
    and Celine put together,u dummy.

    Rihanna “Umbrella” did better on the charts and since
    Jayz has the industry on lock,make
    one think, he don’t have no pull for no one
    other than the booty shaker.

    Chris Brown has 10 songs on iTune
    R&B charts

    @17 Grammys
    You and your EBullies,r the main
    people who r cut throats, who bashes
    other Musicians, Especially Ri
    You Dirt Bag.
    sales then any

  154. JOHNVIDAL January 12, 2014

    Yes Janelle Monae´s album is like the best album of 2013. She has it all. I understand public doesn´t buy her music cos she is not promoted enough and cos peopel don´t even know what´s good and what´s not at this point, so brainwashed. But what I can´t understand is how the grammys ignored her this way? I knew they weren´t going to nominate her in the big one Album of the Year cos they also want some popularity, they play with some quality but also with popularity (which gets on my nerves) but how the hell didn´t she get tons of nominations in the other categories???? Worst thing about the grammys this year.

    Again, I agree 100%. It makes me emotional and all. And btw, like you, I´m not into Rihanna either, but I would never attack her personally, like so many people also do in this very blog with all artists. She better be prepared. Although she may be lucky cos like I said she´s not American and they don´t feel her as big over there I think. It´s not comparable to Michael, Whitney, etc. The bigger you become the more they want your downfall. Beyonce would be the next victim, absolutely.

  155. FAF January 12, 2014

    @Real Music Hater
    so a song about abstinence is garbage? 😆

  156. MUImui January 12, 2014

    Rihanna entire life, career and
    her existence is trashed, bashed,
    and beat into the ground on a
    regular,and the haters don’t stand
    a chance up against the hive who
    are recruiting daily new Hatemongers.

  157. FAF January 12, 2014

    @MuiMui hun everything is not about rihanna nobody cares about that h** in this post, we’re talking about REAL black musicians

  158. Mark79 January 12, 2014

    Lets be honest, the music business went to s*** ever since the emergence of the digital scene. No ones buying music anymore, which has forced the industry to restructure itself in a way that will allow it to be somewhat profitable…as a result its clinging to whatever it thinks will make money and not giving support to artists that don’t fit inside the box or they think won’t be profitable. It’s very unfortunate, but it is what it is. Things were much better when only radio and retail dictated the scene. All this YouTube/iTunes/Spotify/streaming nonsense has mucked it all up.

    Before 2005, artists like Rihanna/Katy/Kesha wouldn’t have lasted a day on the charts when people had to make an effort to go out and buy or request music, which made people ponder what was worth it…but because now all you have to do is push a button on your handheld device to get it, foolishness is allowed to thrive. Inane, guilty pleasure type songs by those who should be novelty acts now thrive. Kill digital and go back to a radio and retail dictated scene, and things will improve.

  159. TinaB January 12, 2014

    What people are not understanding is that true enough these black artists have sold a lot of records.BUT,the singles are not hitting number one status.Singles that are number one get the royal carpet treatment..It’s not about race.It is about who has number one singles on the charts.

  160. Mark111 January 12, 2014

    So the last AA person to have a #1 hit was Rihanna with Diamonds.

    Fun fact, Rihanna had aleat a top 2 hit with all of her albums. #2 on her first, #1’s on the other 6.

  161. QueenRih January 12, 2014

    RIhanna Has 10 #1’s as a lead artist. don’t try that s***. beyonce only has 5. Rih has the same amount as janet and madge only bests her by 2 and whitney bests her by 1. bout facts #BeyonceFans

  162. Croqque January 12, 2014

    yeah, it’s definitely a statement about pop music, but many black artists had #1 albums and top selling albums of the year so it possible that it’s a good thing?

    Also there has always been a disproportionate amount of black musicians vs. population so maybe post-Obama there are more black people going to into all types of professions. I’d be interested to hear some facts on that.

  163. Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) January 13, 2014

    Well that’s to be expected when you have white people running and taking our s*** putting their stinch on it and people going gaga over it like it’s the best in the world. While their are good talented African American singers/rappers with outstanding music we get overlooked for them. Oh well. The industry is trash anyways.

  164. Wow January 13, 2014

    I guess i’m not really surprised, to cosign the above comment 2013 really was the year of the modern elvis presley’s, aka taking what would be considered black music and putting a white face on it.

    We had Miley pretending to be Rihanna, that macklemore trying to become the face of rap and Ariana handling the RnB. The VMA’s was a prime example of black people having to sit down and watch white people imitate them (badly).

    I wouldn’t take it personally, in terms of the standard of music in 2013 – it was pretty s*** lol. The fact that no black person topped the chart is almost something to be proud of.

  165. Marts January 13, 2014

    THATGRAPEJUICE…you should correct that collage of photos you used for this post……you need to remove Rihanna from this……yes Alicia…&Drake are mixed but they have African American Fathers…..Rihannas blood has nothing to do with being African American….She is Bajan with a half irish and half bajan father. Post things correctly please. not eveything is RUN by America.

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