She’s Back: Kylie Minogue Announces New Single ‘Into The Blue’

Published: Friday 10th Jan 2014 by Sam

Kylie Minogue is back!

Roc Nation‘s latest signee has officially revealed the title of her new single ‘Into The Blue’. Details on the track, its parent album, and more after the jump…

In a press release issued minutes ago, it was confirmed that the “dancefloor” track will receive a UK iTunes release on March 16th. (Editors note: With British release schedules operating differently from most territories, it may mean that the song will actually receive its radio premiere up to six weeks prior)

Produced by Kelly Shehan (who has crafted hits for the likes of Beyonce, Rita Ora, and Mary J. Blige), the cut serves as the lead effort to be lifted from Minogue’s hotly anticipated new album.

Recorded in both the US and UK over the course of 2013, the as yet untitled LP features a host of producers including, Pharrell Williams, Greg Kurstin, Metrophonic, Cutfather, MNEK and Ariel Rechtshaid.  The project, due later this year, is the diva’s 12th studio record and the first album of new material since 2010’s ‘Aphrodite’.

Speaking on her return to the spotlight, Minogue gushed: “2013 was a year of big change, planning and preparation for me and I’m so excited that 2014 is finally here so I can share this new music .  Into The Blue is really special to me as it encapsulates a lot of what I’ve been feeling – I can’t wait for it to be out there.

The announcement comes almost one year after the singer’s signing with Jay-Z‘s juggernaut management imprint (which also houses Rihanna and Shakira) and one day before Mingoue’s stint as a coach on The Voice UK begins airing.

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  1. Molly January 10, 2014

    People compare her to Madonna but i really know nothing about her i can’t even name a song from her.

  2. The Boy Toy January 10, 2014

    @Molly I remember that Outta My Head song she did years ago but that’s it. I hear she’s popular in Australia or some s***

  3. Molly January 10, 2014

    @BoyToy Hmmm interesting well if she releases good music ill give her a shot.

  4. Shaytan January 10, 2014

    You lack music knowledge. People compare her to Madonna because Madonna has taken lots from her. She may lack success in the US market but she’s iconic around the world! She been around since 88″

    Madonna stole Kylie and Mylene Farmer style in the 80’s and made it mainstream.

  5. Sleazy January 10, 2014

    She sold over 70 million records and she didn’t even need the Us although she had a few hits there!!! Don’t come for queen kylie she is way better than Vadge plus Vadge Superbowl performance was a rip off from her Aphrodite tour she a WW icon

  6. AubreyOSlay January 10, 2014

    We’re not even worthy.

  7. BeyHive Soldier January 10, 2014

    Lady Gaga is apologize for ARTFLOP…


  8. Molly January 10, 2014

    @Shaytan Well i was born in 94 and im from America not my fault she didn’t have a impact on my generation.

  9. madgesty January 10, 2014

    Utter bullsh*t!!!

  10. applause January 10, 2014

    Don’t know her but hopefully she actually has talent unlike Shakira Katy Madonna and Rihanna

  11. Loyalty January 10, 2014

    Sounds cool. I respect her a lot. And actually Kylies biggest impact was in 2000s. I was born in 93 and know about her.

  12. ABC January 10, 2014

    She’s totally irrelevant in America lol. Lack music knowledge my ass!

  13. JOHNVIDAL January 10, 2014

    Looking forward to it!
    Her last lead single “All the Lovers” was great and enjoyable, and was a hit all over the world except the USA, not just Australia, and I really liked the parent album Aphrodite.
    There are so many ignorant people here. Some comparing Rihanna to Madonna in other posts, when if somebody is really comparable to her in many aspects that´s Kylie Minogue.
    I´ve never been impacted by her, but she has been winning me cos of her long career and reinventions. I first knew about her in 2001 and “get out of my Head” (well I think I knew from her cos of her previous album to that one (“On a night like This” was the single) but she was already well known since the 80s. It´s just that I was discovering the whole music industry around that time.
    Her visuals and videos are great too, and she does amazing tours.
    Dead at a Rihanna and a Ciara fan trying to throw shade when Kylie has sold way more albums everywhere than them.

  14. Molly January 10, 2014

    @ABC thank you! i live in America i have no need to research or to know about this b**** when ive never seen her around.

  15. Molly January 10, 2014

    @Johndival im not trying to throw shade you dumb faggit. I honestly don’t know anything about her besides the fact that people compare her to Madonna.

  16. JOHNVIDAL January 10, 2014

    Although I have to say that the comment telling us Madonna stole from Kylie… that´s so wrong. Madonna has always been ahead of Kylie (much respect to Kylie)… until the 00s, when Kylie really became her own brand and sound, rivaling Madonna musically many times. Even Madonna was so impressed by Kylie´s video “get out of my head”. I remember that. But for many years Kylie was like a second rated Madonna, following her sound.

  17. JOHNVIDAL January 10, 2014

    If you know you ignore something why comment then? Did I insuly you btw?

    This is like when the other day some ignorant people were really believing Shakira is only kind of successful in Latin America, when the girl has sold more albums than Rihanna just to give an example, including the best selling album of 2002 worldwide!

  18. Molly January 10, 2014

    @John so im not allowed to comment i wasnt saying anything ignorant towards her i even said id support her album if its good, its like you people can’t fill people in without trying to disrespect them or think there being shady.

  19. audreyherbsburn January 10, 2014

    Please stop speaking so blindly. She was uber successful in the 90s. She may not have impacted your region, but she definitely impacted your generation.

  20. audreyherbsburn January 10, 2014

    She definitely impacted the 90s and your generation. I believe what you meant was your region

  21. Rosie January 10, 2014

    LMAO at all these gays claiming she has impact. No one knows her ass outside of Australian gay bars.

  22. really January 10, 2014

    cmon now. dont lie.

  23. Sean January 10, 2014

    The most underrated pop princess in the US. She’s consistently put out amazing albums since she embraced dance music with Light Years in 2000. Fever was a masterpiece and should have launched her to superstar status in the US in the early 2000’s but sadly that music style wasn’t popular at the time. Aphrodite was amazing dance pop so I will buy this record as soon as it drops . I’ve been fortunate enough to see Ms Minogue live in the US twice and she can actually sing very well live ( way beyond expectations) and puts on a spectacle of Madonna/GaGa /Bey caliber. People forget she’s at Britney’s level ( behind Mafonna still) in every country aside from America

  24. YONCE AKA BEYONSLAY January 10, 2014

    Whos grandma is this?????????????????????

  25. TC!!! January 10, 2014

    “I can’t get you outta my head” ultimate party song!!!

  26. FutureCIARA January 10, 2014


    I hope her new label helps her out tremendously !!

  27. Shaquinisha-rose January 10, 2014

    All that shows is your ignorance.

  28. Navy Commander January 11, 2014

    this is the first time I’ve seen her…..

  29. FutureCIARA January 11, 2014

    @Molly and the rest of you who dont know what she gives, Watch this video from her. One of my favs

  30. ummm January 11, 2014

    Her “Aphrodite” album was good, but it was a blatant attempt to make a “Confessions on a Dancefloor” Volume 2. Same producer, same sonic ambitions. They’re both good albums though. Aphrodite was definitely a lot more poppy whereas Confessions was more dark/brooding. But Madonna won the Grammy and Kylie didn’t…so yeah.

  31. Jack2 January 20, 2014

    She hasnt had a hit in years! Last number 1 was in 2001!! She remains purely an Australian success dear

  32. Jack2 January 20, 2014

    Ok, in the real world its the other way round and everybody knows it! Kylie was a manufactured artists who came out late 1988, by then Madonna already had 70 million album sales under her belt, 5 UK & US number 1’s and 2 tours to her name… Get real, joker! Kylie stole Madonna’s blueprint and to remain relevant she ALWAYS uses Madonna’s ideas a few years later so not to draw too much comparison. She also uses Madonna’s producers after Madonna popularises them! Stephen Bray, David Guetta. Bloodyshy & Avant, Stuart Price and oh, she’s now working with Pharell! Lol poor Kylie

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