Power: Beyonce Album Set To Return To #1 On Billboard 200

Published: Friday 10th Jan 2014 by Sam


In an era filled with countless propaganda Pop stars, authentic megastars are a hard  find.

However, shining bright like a diamond above all is Beyonce.

Currently riding high following her surprise return to the charts last month, the diva’s fortunes looks set to increase this next week. Find out why after the jump…

According to Hits Daily Double, the “visual LP” – which arrived with 17 videos upon release on December 13th– is on course to return to the top of the Billboard 200 with sales in the ball-park of 80,000 -85,000. A feat it’s set to achieve in as it heads into its fifth week of availability.

#1 for three consecutive weeks, the album took a momentary vacation from pole position this week, dropping to #2 – allowing Disney’s discounted ‘Frozen’ soundtrack to rocket to the top of the tally.

To date, ‘Beyonce’ has sold 1.43 million copies in the US alone – besting the total American sales of 2011’s ‘4’. A figure that’ll likely trend upwards as the singer’s promotional campaign intensifies.

More power to her.

Peep a preview of what next week’s Billboard 200 is shaping up like below…

Beyonce (Columbia) 80-85k
Frozen (Walt Disney) 70-75k
*Kid Ink (RCA) 45-50k
Eminem (Shady/Aftermath/Interscope) 35-40k
Lorde (Lava/Republic) 30-35k
One Direction (SYCO/Columbia) 23-26k
Katy Perry (Capitol) 19-22k
Miley Cyrus (RCA) 18-21k
Drake (YM/CM/Republic) 17-19k
Imagine Dragons (KidinaKorner/Interscope) 17-19k
Now 48 (UMe) 16-18k
R. Kelly (RCA) 15-17k
Florida Georgia Line (Republic Nashville) 14-16k
Justin Timberlake (RCA) 14-16k
Luke Bryan (Capitol Nashville) 14-16k

*Indicates A Debut 

Your thoughts?

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  1. Greg January 10, 2014

    Yonce’ all on his mouth like liqcka! Man Beyonce deserves all the posts this time. She really brought it with this CD! I have no complaints….great CD.

  2. RoyalKev January 10, 2014

    Bammmm! I guess that damn soundtrack couldn’t over take “Beyonce” for long! This boss diva King woman is slaying! Any Questions?

    Now what? … Ya’ll want to start complaining about week #5? Why end there, do it to week #70! The album could go diamond and those same people(that will be arriving to this post momentarily) will downplay the success worst than Pebbles did TLC’s accomplishments (probably by using Whitney’s Bodyguard just as she did). It’s going to be a loooong year for some of you!

  3. BEYONCÉ January 10, 2014


  4. BadGyalRita January 10, 2014

    Stay Pretty>>>Pretty Hurts.

  5. Robyn January 10, 2014

    Fifth or sixth post on Beyonce in less than 3 days micromanaging her receipts….Is her team funding TGJ?

  6. Robyn January 10, 2014

    Where’s my comment???
    Anywho projections & printed receipts are two different things.
    Considering her real numbers, she did well. Congrats & all the best to her.

  7. TamartiansUnite January 10, 2014

    Maybe she can use the money she makes to buy herself a new wig. #DustyMcCrusty

  8. Icons$Only January 10, 2014

    *Sips on tea unbothered*

  9. Matthew Charlery-Smith January 10, 2014

    Congrats to Beyonce. The only thing I’m not getting right now is why there’s been no real promotion. After the 3rd week she should’ve at least done a live sit down interview and a performance of Drunk or XO. Strange, she was all over the 4 era. I like how she dropped the album by surprise but if there’s nothing live to go by in terms of performances it’ll die down. How well is the album doing in the UK?

    I have to say, Mathew Knowles KNEW how to handle promo. Those DC girls and B in her early career were up on TV all the time.

  10. MuiMui January 10, 2014

    Good for her,and while some one is saying when will other Musician,less just say She gives Musicians something to look forward too.She make those who feel like sitting on their asses will get them everything See they need to get up and at least try. Now she work like Crazy and its fine and good, But let You Know who drop a album a year then its a Fricking problem or they don’t
    look Beyonce like Siamese Twin, and they get Slandered because of the way God made them,that is
    Very dam Scary!

  11. Jake January 10, 2014

    I know she’s going to do a re release with 6 new songs in 7 months or so. I just can’t wait. #BDB

  12. Tasha32 January 10, 2014

    @GREG, couldn’t have said it better! She’s SLAYING so effortlessly! She hasn’t even fully started the promo trail on this yet and not too sure how she will seeing as though her tour starts soon. Either way she’s WINNING and I’m LOVING it, cant wait to see her completely SLAUGHTER the stage with performances of these songs whether it’s award shows or when she’s back on tour! And she’s currently in New Orleans living her life while “BEYONCE” continue to fly off the shelf………LOVE IT! FLAWLESS~

  13. fatusankoh January 10, 2014

    Congrat bey well done you deserves it all hard work and talente will take you far may god continue to bless proteict you jay blue and your family for life mor success in all you do long live queen bey

  14. FutureCIARA January 10, 2014


    And Not ‘Frozen’ coming for the wigz, Disney got a lil taste! (Cute movie, go see it Ice Queen wins!!)

  15. b**** please January 10, 2014

    Idk if that’s a good or bad thing. I mean she only selling because she has a huge fan base. Not really because any of the music is good. I just sold my copy of her album for 5 bucks on amazon. It was terrible. I think her last album was better. Boring but better

  16. Loyalty January 10, 2014


    *Files Nails

  17. Absolved January 10, 2014

    At this point, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the majority of Bey’s diehard fans have already bought the album…so now it’s the casual fans and GP that’re keeping her album at #1.

    Also want to point out that in less than a month, Beyoncé’s album has outsold Unapologetic, which took 6 months to sell a million copies in the U.S, and stalled a few hundred thousand copies short of this. 😉

  18. Mark111 January 10, 2014

    Where’s Gaga? Where’s Britney Jean? And why is Beyonce ‘ self titled 5th week sale out sold Ciara ‘ self titled first week?

  19. Career Ender January 10, 2014

    Waits for hatebird, flop like gaga , pharaoh and the likes to come in hating

  20. bossnavy January 10, 2014

    She should return to 1 there is no new music dropping and she has the latest album of all on the charts…..so good for her still selling close to 100k again in the 5th week

  21. SdotB January 10, 2014

    well in that case, she’ll sell more…if you were paying attention you would’ve known she has been selling way more than her projections!!

  22. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    To be fair, there is no one releasing an album next week.

  23. SdotB January 10, 2014

    The above comment was @ Robyn

  24. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    The performance of this album has been great though, I’ll give her that.

    I find the music stale though TBH. It has been a couple of weeks and I’m already over it.

    Congrats to her team anyway.

  25. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) January 10, 2014

    Why do the haters even still try at this point?? There’s nothing that can be said or done to change that FACT that she has WON and you haters MUST find a way to deal cause you have NO CHOICE!

  26. DonG January 10, 2014

    BEYONCÉ – Best LP Ever, A Timeless Masterpiece!!!

  27. the truth honey January 10, 2014

    PURE SLAYAGE B******!!! EAT ME!!

  28. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    Wait a minute, I just noticed Artpop is not on the list.

    OK Gaga, time to dump the stale not happening do what you want and release the Electronic awesomeness that is DONATELLA.

  29. Oh Yeah!!! January 10, 2014

    When will rih? Never! Not even with a 777 tour, she couldnt’t Hahahah! Bey runs the World!

  30. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    Rihanna is too busy winning. Face of Balmain, can you even afford that? Of course not.

  31. Bey Is Grown January 10, 2014

    Go Bey

  32. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    On that’s cute, I have a stan. Hi Career Ender. I didn’t receive your fan mail, might have binned it.

    Cute you’re always thinking about me though. That Lovebird slayage though.

  33. Biting Truth January 10, 2014


    Basically. Just reconcile that Beyoncé came back hard and be grown enough to accept that if you predicted she’d fail, you were wrong.

    It’s a desperate move to say that she had no competition this week, as if she’s the only one with a new album out. Katy, Eminem, Gaga, Britney, Miley all have fairly new albums out and so all had an equal shot at the #1 spot next week…so…

    I don’t know why naysayers even bother to comment. Nothing you can say here will diminish her returns. It is what it is. Accept it and move on.

  34. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    @Birch Please

    TBH 4 is boring. I don’t think anybody is listening to that. Beyonce is most definitely better than 4.

  35. Bey Fan January 10, 2014

    Again… Beyonce is great body of work. The lyrics, production, and deliverance of each song is masterful.

    I love how she does something different vocally every era.

    The visuals were really the icing on the cake.

    (and lets not forget this album is selling at full price…not discounted)

  36. MuiMui January 10, 2014

    Bytches please,Rihanna isn’t the
    only Artist who has dropped Albums,
    And, just so you know, name Dropping
    Her name, is to Try and get a fight
    U mean Ri is the only Artist she has
    out sold this year.
    See told u Ri Owned yo busted behinds.

  37. Loyalty January 10, 2014

    Shes proved the real definition of effortless slayage, I can’t wait to see some performances now Bey.

    And what happened to people gloating about Frozen knocking her off last week? People forget that Beys album is more expensive than everything else on the chart, it could have easily fallen down a few spots especially in the January sales slump had it been someone else. But she is just proving her star power as the weeks go by.

  38. h2o January 10, 2014


  39. Lovebird January 10, 2014


    It’s because Rihanna is the biggest pop star in the world; this is why they always name drop her.

  40. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    Beyonce is slaying! She deserves all her success.

    The hardest working woman in showbizz FOR THE PAST 13 YEARS!!!

    Anyways, as for people saying “WHEN WILL MARIAH” bye gil Mariah Carey already spent over 20+ weeks atop of the billard 200…

    When are people gonna stop comparing LEGENDS to wanna be legends!

    The question is when will Beyonce get her 6th number 1 hit.

    Beyonce is still winning tho.

    17$ albums >>>>>>> 1$ singles tbh

  41. it’s godney b**** January 10, 2014


  42. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    I boxed my way in here and I didn’t square in on any comment mentioning Mariah.

  43. h2o January 10, 2014

    “when will Beyonce get her 6th number 1 hit”

    Beyonce has 9 #1 hits, read more at:


  44. h2o January 10, 2014

    “when will Beyonce get her 6th number 1 hit”

    Beyonce has 9 #1 hits, read more at:


  45. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    Turn the place upside down flip me around gravity’s left the building

    I’ll be on top really I’ll be on the bottom because we gone be having s** on the ceiling

    Take me higggheeerr take me highhhhheerrr

  46. QUEEEEEEEEEEN aka DB January 10, 2014


  47. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    Rihanna is NOT the biggest pop star in the world.

    She is the biggest SINGLES artist in the world.

    The biggest pop star is still MADONNA!!

  48. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    Beyonce DOES NOT have 9 number 1 hits…

    If thats the case then…

    Michael Jackson has 17 number 1 hits…

    Paul Mccartney has 25 number 1 hits…


  49. Alex January 10, 2014

    It debuted at number 5 in the Uk but notice how the top 4 all had vigourous promo on x factor etc. Still with no promo beyonce is at number 2 and drunk in love is #8 on itunes.

  50. QUEEEEEEEEEEN aka DB January 10, 2014

    OMG! OMG! SLAY ALERT! SLAY ALERT! SLAY ALERT! If THE QUEEN performs @ The Grammys and The Brit Awards. ITS FAWKIN OVER!!!!!!! The album will close n on 2X n the States and she will head towards 3 million WW! ITS COMING!!!! THE QUEEN IS THE QUEEN OF SNEAK SLAYAGE ATTACKS! Bytches will seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeth n their dreams bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha. BEYONCE = Another Multiplatnuim album n the States and WorldWide sales over 8 million.

  51. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    If you add Destinys Child’s success to Beyonce’s then you must add…

    The Jacksons to Michael Jacksons sales which would push him up to 500+ million records sold

    The Beatles & Another Group Paul Mccartney started would push his sales up to over 750 million records sold

  52. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    Im so happy for the HIVE members… Congrats BEYONCE DESERVES ALL HER SUCCESS!!!

  53. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    Nope, Rihanna is The biggest pop star in the world.

  54. AMMIE LEANN January 10, 2014

    She can’t do promo for the album, cause she’s been overexposed the last year. Doing more promo would be overkill. This is one of the most promoted projects ever, everybody knew a new album was coming but they didn’t knew when. The singles are already underperforming so if she push more this project people will vomit.

  55. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    LOVEBIRD, Rihanna is a singles queen. If she was the biggest pop star in the world wouldnt she be making more money than Beyonce & Madonna

    Beyonce still makes more money than Rihanna every year without even trying

  56. h2o January 10, 2014

    @ stephy

    I think she meant “the most famous” artist in the world.

    Single sales may not generate as much money as other categories, but singles’ AI numbers are in billions and billions around the world, while popularity of albums has been dropping like rocks every year.

    So when it comes to commercial success fame, exposure and impact, singles >>> albums.

    With that being said, Rihanna is the biggest radio artist worldwide.

  57. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    “Making Love In The Rain Cant Believe The Joy It Brings Me.. It’s just the little things that mean so much to me…”

    That song is better than any song on Beyonce’s & Rihanna’s last album kii

  58. h2o January 10, 2014

    And I never disagreed these artists you named deserve credits for their group sales lol

  59. QUEEEEEEEEEEN aka DB January 10, 2014

    LoveShit is so damn slow and rihtarted. So THE QUEEN doesn’t have competition n album sales???? Doesn’t Em, Katy, Lorde and Gaga have albums out??? Don’t they have popular songs dominating the charts??? That means that their albums should bey flying off shelves and competing for number one. U seeeeething H*** will find anything to discredit THE QUEEN’S SLAYAGE!!!! But bwahahahahahahahahaha U will continue to fail lmaooooooooooo

  60. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    Exactly, Rihanna is the biggest RADIO artist in the world.

    The Music Industry Is A Money Hungry Industry.

    In terms of money & tours: Madonna

    In terms of radio: Rihanna

    In terms of albums: Adele

    MONEY >>>>>>> RADIO & ALBUMS

  61. The Boy Toy January 10, 2014

    Stephy is CRAZY! Just the other day you were calling Rihanna the biggest popstar in the world and shading Beyonce. Take your meds boo!!!!!!

  62. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    But Rihanna has got at least 7 years ahead of Rihanna in the industry, plus Beyonce started off with Destiny’s Child and was managed by Matthew who has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

    It is expected that she should make more money than Rihanna.

    Rihanna on the other hand is playing iconic stadiums, is making brands global (River Island) and is the face of big name brands like Balmain.

    Rihanna is the most recognized artist in the world, most played, most streamed…etc. She’s the biggest artist in the world.

  63. The Boy Toy January 10, 2014

    •now playing Brandy Do You Know What You’ve Got•

  64. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    Singles are marked up by at least 70% to 100%, it’s BS to think they don’t generate as much money.

    Plus it’s not about singles but impact, ask Mariah about singles, she’ll tell you.

    Mariah has had the biggest impact of this generation. She’s the biggest pop star in the world.

  65. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    Money is power. Madonna is STILL the most profitable artist in ENTERTAINMENT MUSIC

    So there for she still deserves the title as THE BIGGEST POP STAR IN THE WORLD!!!

    She made 125+ Million dollars last YEAR…
    She made 100+ Million dollars in 2010…

    She will make another 100+ million dollars maybe even more in 2014 but I think BEYONCE will make even more!!!

  66. QUEEEEEEEEEEN aka DB January 10, 2014

    Stephy MJ sales are over 700 million . Elvis is somewhere near or over 900 million. The Beatles have sold over 1 billion records. So MJ and The Jackson 5 sales are togather. One reason why THE QUEEN received that Millennium Award. Billboard reported she had sold 29 million albums n the States. That’s her and DC sales. Diana and The Supremes sales are together.

  67. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    Endorsements: Rihanna
    Singles: Rihanna
    Albums: Rihanna (she sold 6.7 million albums in the last two years)
    Tours: Now Rihanna (live Nation wants her next tour to be bigger)
    Impact: RIHANNA
    Fashion, cosmetics, trends: Rihanna
    Beauty: RIHANNA
    Radio: Rihanna

  68. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    But what Rihanna has made at the age of 25 with 7-8 years in the industry is more than what Mariah, Madonna or Beyonce were making at that age with that much time in the industry.

    Rihanna’s impact.

  69. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    Mariah Carey WAS NEVER the biggest pop star in the world.

    Mariah Carey is the biggest FEMALE artist in america & Japan BUT NOT THE WORLD!!!

    She sold 100+ million albums & singles in America.
    She sold 30+ Million albums & singles in Japan.

    Mariah Carey was HATED in EUROPE because she did not make DANCE music UGH *CRIES*

    Also, Boy Toy I did infact say that Rihanna was the biggest pop star but after doing some research its actually still Madonna & Beyonce AS OF RIGHT NOW

  70. h2o January 10, 2014

    @ stephy

    Money > all … maybe to some artists and their labels, but to sure not music listeners.

  71. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    Rihanna’s BEAUTY & FASHION is OPINIONS!!!

    Fact of the matter is Rihanna does not make the most MONEY!!!

    Someone that has 13 number 1s, 7 albums & 5 WORLD tours and still thier net worth is under 120+ million is wierd…

    She will never be a powerhouse in money cause all HER money goes to the writters & producers & VIDEO DIRECTORS & CONCERT DIRECTORS… No shade tho…

  72. h2o January 10, 2014


    Please, we all know Rihanna doesn’t rule at touring. She can’t even tour Latin America or Asia properly.

  73. The Boy Toy January 10, 2014

    The GP does not give a f*** about money! In terms of IMPACT, Rihanna is the biggest popstar in the world right now! Madonna is still queen, but the average person is not gonna know or care about how much money she made last year. Spare me.

  74. Tash January 10, 2014

    Rihanna does not win in enough fields to be the biggest star in world alone. She shares the title with others. Unlike Madonna, who did.

    BEYONCE is currently the biggest Touring act amongst her contemporaries. She can go on Tour WITHOUT an album and still outgross Rihanna.

    Beyoncé has also had bigger endorsements than Rihanna in her career.

    I’ll give Rihanna singles (even though Katy is hot on her tale) and radio currently, but what will happen when radio turns on her? People like Beyoncé are smart because they have backups like their talent so they can Tour off acclaim.

    And fashion is not really relevant, this is about music.

  75. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    Also, why isnt Rihanna selling huge in Japan & Hong Kong like Mariah Carey did…

  76. The Boy Toy January 10, 2014


    Adele is one of the BEST selling artists of THIS generation, but she wasn’t even on the Forbes list so I’m not trying to hear about MONEY!

  77. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    Live nation wants her to tour South and Latin America on her next tour.

    When she touched down in South Africa, they even dubbed it Rihanna day. Her impact makes her the biggest pop star today.

  78. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    How can you deny her touring power when she was selling out STADE De France, FNB, Cape Town, AVIVA, stadium of light…etc? These are iconic stadiums.

    Were Madonna, Mariah or Beyonce selling out Twickenham at the age of 25 with only 7 years in the industry.

  79. h2o January 10, 2014

    Oh, by the way.

    Sony Music Singapore confirmed on Twitter that “BEYONCE” has now moved over 2.5 million copies worldwide in the first 3 weeks 😀

  80. Tash January 10, 2014

    No one is denying her Touring power, but she is not the biggest Touring act like you listed.

    And also you can keep using age but Rihanna at the age of 25 has SEVEN eras to her name to achieve that.

  81. MuiMui January 10, 2014

    I heard that,and you are doing a great Job of Keeping
    Them Roasted & Toasted to Perfection, Effortless.At
    this time in the game ,if they give Ri a hard time for dropping a Single that is a Feature, Notice how Her Singles keep them going around in Circles, and yet when Beyonce get a Single to rise just a little bit,they are dancing in the streets,
    Ri is still doing what Musicians are Supposed to do. Then It begs the
    Question, WTF is wrong with RI haters on this Blog.
    You know like ,do they want Rihanna to work and be Productive are do they want her to be a Lazy ASS,Which is it.
    Notice How they often time say When will Ri ,ever, these Dang Test Tube Babies. With Rihanna it’s dam if she do, and dam if she don’t a lose,lose situation here
    with these Sewage Dwellers.
    For Ri to be bashed for trying, with the Mind Set many have its a Dead Cat on the Line (Sewage Dwellers) some place, some where.

  82. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    Also, dont forget Miss FAT ASS ADELE!!

    Her last 2 Era’s SLAYEDDDDD!!!!

    21: 2011 (Sold 26,000,000+ Albums)

    19: 2008 (Sold 10,000,000+ Albums)

    Rolling In The Deep: 2011 (Sold 12,000,000+ Singles)

    Someone Like You: 2011 (Sold 7,000,000+ Singles)

    Set Fire To The Rain (Live): 2011/2012 (Sold 5,000,000+ Singles)

    She has won 8 Grammy Awards, Golden Globe & Oscar awards less then 7 FUCKINGGG YEARS !!!!

    Also, her last 2 era’s has made her sell atleast 70+ million records WORLDWIDE

    Also, dont forget about ADELES live concert DVD which sold 4,000,000+ units…

    You are f****** crazy if you think her Fat Ass aint gonna sell another 20+ million albums & slayed ONCE again SHE GOT WHITE OLD PEOPLE BUYING HER RECORDS!!!

  83. The Boy Toy January 10, 2014

    Anywayyysssss congrats to Beyonce.

  84. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    She’s still a big touring act.

  85. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    Adele is going To slay everybody tbh.

  86. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    Record labels count shipments as sales.

  87. The Boy Toy January 10, 2014

    I don’t even consider Adele a popstar. She’s on another level. She’s up there with the Sade’s of music. Hopefully her career will last 30+ years like hers and that’s no shade because I like Adele.

  88. MCTBRIH4LIFE January 10, 2014

    can we just point out that her success comes as there is NO competition on the charts. NO COMPETITION WHATSOEVER! B**** waited till all the Pop girls released their albums so that she could have the last quarter to herself. Im sure she wouldn’t be seeing these numbers had she had competition. Poor H** can’t afford her a #1 single in 6 years. And when all is said and done Rihanna outsells Beyonce on a WORLDWIDE front. Hurricane Rih is COMING…..

  89. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    Also, how the f*** are we gonna call Rihanna the biggest pop act when she cant even sing live.

    She is 25 years old & sounds like s*** live.

    Her dances moves are just above average & her songs are not even written or produced by her.

    What makes Rihanna a true artist. Or is she just an example of what a nice face, nice body, cute voice & ILLUMINATI MACHINE (Smoke & Mirrors) can get you…

    Rihanna is in her prime & all you can say is HER IMPACT.

    Yea, she has all yall BRAIN WASHED!!!

    That b**** cant dance nor sing. She has a cute face & cute voice with a machine behind her NOTHING MORE..

    Beyonce is an illuminati puppet too but SHE HAS TALENT!!! RAW TALENT!!!

  90. Tash January 10, 2014

    Anyway Beyoncé is doing amazing selling a $16 album at FULL PRICE in January and still top of the charts. How can you say there is no competition. What chart are you looking at?

    She has also done nearly 300k in the UK. Congrats.

  91. The Boy Toy January 10, 2014

    @Stephy now you’re just pulling s*** out of your loose ass now. Madonna was the biggest popstar back in the day and people called her talentless/a s***/w**** etc back then…soooo what’s your point?

  92. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    Rihanna is cool. She makes feel good ADDICTIVE pop music.

    But im not BRAINWASHED I know whats REAL TALENT & WHATS SMOKEin Mirrors…

    Rihanna has sold more records than WHITNEY FUCKINGG HOUSTON… THATS A DAMN SHAME!!!

  93. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    The Boy Toy…

    MADONNA COULD NOT SING everything else she slayed!!!

  94. The Boy Toy January 10, 2014

    @Stephy just shut up. At the end of the day, MUSIC speaks…and Rihanna’s music has been SPEAKING for nine years now!

  95. The Boy Toy January 10, 2014

    My older family members have said that Madonna was an untalented tramp….but who cares…. Look at her now. She’s LEGENDARY. One mans trash is another mans treasure.

  96. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    Also, my booty is nice & tight! I have not been FUCKEDD since 2011 BYE GURL

  97. Overdose January 10, 2014

    Omg Stephy is such a flip flopper.

  98. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    I like Rihanna but stop comparing her to people that are way more talented just because she sells does not make her a GOD!!!

    Also, Boy Toy dont tell me to shut up!!! I hate you & your controlling wayss.. UGH

  99. Overdose January 10, 2014

    And didn’t she get dethroned by a Disney soundtrack?

  100. Bey Fan January 10, 2014

    “This is one of the most promoted projects ever everybody knew a new album was coming but they didn’t knew when.”


    What kinda logic is being used? How did she promote a project that had no release date nor a lead single. Ppl knowing that she had an album coming out is NOT promotion. Now we all know Beyonce is a brand…hell she’s the BRAND. And all she does helps to promote that brand. She cuts her hair, it makes national news. She released a snippet “Bow Down” it makes national news. she goes to Cuba, it makes national news. Her brand is powerful. But to say that this was the most promoted project is just plain ludicrous.

  101. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    But Rihanna got a standing ovation for stay at the Gtammy’s. How can you say she cannot sing when she has proven time and time again that SHE CAN SING?

  102. kim Kardashian stan January 10, 2014

    @Stephy only stans for people when its convenient for him which i find pathetic.

    Anyways happy for Beyonce she finally knows how to sell albums like a boss.

  103. The Boy Toy January 10, 2014

    I’m a Leo boo that’s how we roll 🙂

    BTW whatever happened to Rih’s replacements? Rita Ora? Kat Dalia? Miley? What are they doing right about now?

  104. QUEEEEEEEEEEN aka DB January 10, 2014

    The Rihc*nts are so delusional. Please exit R****’s rotten wore out c******. The only thing R**** is bigger n is n single sales and being a World Class H**. Shes only mention with legends and icons due to singles going number one. While THE QUEEN gets n those sentences with Talent. R**** is not an album pusher. Majority of the top sellers who have sold over 100 million records. Are the?ir mostly due to high album sales over 70 million. Hoeianna has barely sold 30 million lmao. And she’s a Lesser B**** n the US. Eight albums combined hasn’t passed 10 million lmfaooooooooo

  105. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    LOL Wendy Willaims just called Lady Gaga a flop & said Gaga is firing all her people that made Art/Pop flop…

    Lady Gaga is crazy talented tho..

  106. QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN aka DB January 10, 2014

    The top b**** n the game. Must control every aspect of pop culture and Hoeianna only controls single sells. THE QUEEN controls albums sales out of the two. She also controls tour grossing. She control popularity. She control endorsements. Hoeianna is only worth 90 million. THE QUEEN is worth near 500 million. Ask music critics and their peers who run this s***. #WON’T BEY HOEIANNA

  107. Molly January 10, 2014

    Gaga ruined her own career she may be talented but she built her career off of gimmicks not talent.

  108. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    Child please, EVERYBODY GET STANDING OVATIONS these days..

    Back in the 80s people would’ve just clapped in thier seats & said “Wow she is pretty but her voice is terrible”

    The industry has fallen EXTREMELY low on thier standerds of whats called talent..

    Anyways… WE ARE NO LONGER IN THE 80s this is 2014 so I shall act like Rihanna is sometype of GOD when in fact she is Smoke & Mirrors just a step above Justina Beiver!!

    I still like her RECORDED music tho.. BACK TO THE WENDY WILLAIMS SHOWWW

  109. The Boy Toy January 10, 2014

    Digger Bey shut your ratchet retarded ass. Rihanna surpassed 10m in the states and R8 is gonna boost that. Sit all the way down on a bed of rusty nails in a CLASSROOM.

  110. The Boy Toy January 10, 2014

    I knew Gaga was gonna crumble after 2011. People are bored of her gimmicks. They’ve moved onto Miley, who the GP is also growing tired of. Gaga will never see another Fame era.

  111. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    She got a standing ovation at the Grammy’s and it became a major worldwide hit after that.

  112. Molly January 10, 2014

    “@WendyWilliams: HOT QUESTION: Who’s to blame for @ladygaga’s album flop?”

  113. QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN aka DB January 10, 2014

    Even the Legends say THE QUEEN is that Top B**** n the game. Bwahahaha Madonna called her Queen. Legends have been praising THE QUEEN, while the only people praise Hoeianna are her delusional sick fans or some man who wants his d*** sucked by her. Lmfaooo I can’t @ these sa,d delusional fawkers .

  114. Molly January 10, 2014

    @Theboytoy i agreed she focused on gimmicks more then making good relatable music atleast Miley music is good, Gagas is pure trash.

  115. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    Tbh the single choices were bad.

    She should have released Artpop instead of Applause

    Donatella instead of DWYW

    Those are the only two good songs I can think of, the rest is trash.

  116. ROSEGOLD January 10, 2014

    Wow! Beyonce is slaying! I can’t wait to see some performances!

  117. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    OMG Wendy had this white dude on her show from that show on HBO hmmmmmmm YASSSSSSSSSSS…

    Anyways, Lady Gaga music is not trash. She just did and/or brought nothing new with this album. Art/Pop sounded like B Sides for Born This Way Singles…

    Janet Jackson is giving me life right now!!!!!


    “I was on a airplane, sitting next to this guy & he wasnt too shy & he looked real nice UINTIL I FOUND HE WAS GAY THATS SO NOT MELLOW!!!!!!!!!””” YASS JANET

  118. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    Gaga can have another Fame era if she focused on music and music first and alone.

    WTF is Swine? Horrid construction noise. I’m glad this is happening to her, it’s a much needed reality check so the Gaga who makes good music can come back.

  119. Lovebird January 10, 2014


    Most of the stuff on Artpop is trash, that’s the only reason it didn’t sell well. That and the tired gimmicks.

  120. JOHNVIDAL January 10, 2014

    Beyonce will be #1 for more weeks.
    It´s January and there are no releases. Her sales are very good, but even if they weren´t that good she would be #1. Albums don´t sell in January. She and her team were really smart this time. Congrats.
    Lorde is doing really good btw.
    PS: Did I really read a comment saying “when will Mariah”??? LMAO And also I can´t believe some people think Milye Cyrus or her mucic is good at anything lol

  121. Molly January 10, 2014

    @john Mileys music is better then GaGas trash that’s a fact

  122. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    Lovebird, remember our convos on that other bloggers website!!

  123. LTM January 10, 2014

    19-22k for Prism? Not bad. I’m more impressed with Beyonce’s numbers. Doing a tour before the album release seems to be the best promo. I expect to see her perform at the Grammys, hopefully Drunk In Love.

  124. JOHNVIDAL January 10, 2014

    Yeah yeah right Artpop is trash but Milye is good LMAO
    Artpop is a better album than Milye´s and Katy´s, easily better. Tracks from 1 to 8 are amazing. Then it loses steam (can´t belive a few people say Donatella (track 10) is the good one lol). In the other two albums there are only 2 or 3 songs kind of good, but they still can´t sing, so they are not too enjoyable artistically. I agree with @stephy that Born This Way was better though.
    But both are better than The Fame. Even in Artpop are very The Fame type of songs if you like that. That´s just an excuse for bandwagoners. The Fame was her first and you liked her cos she was new, but it´s not a better album at all. It´s so basic compared to what she has offered after its release, vocally and artistically.

  125. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    Gaga does not need another FAME era!

    She simply needs to go back to her school called THE MADONNA SCHOOL.

    Take some more classes & she will find out how to REINVENT HERSELF!!!

    Her next album needs to be nothing like her last 3. She needs to be more…. NORMAL!!!

  126. JOHNVIDAL January 10, 2014

    B**** please. Tell who you stan for or who you like cos your taste doesn´t look good: the only trash here is Milye Cyrus herself. I don´t even have to discuss the music she releases (not good except for a bearable Wreking Ball) cos she doesn´t make it and she can´t sing, so…
    I mean, Beyonce is a Michael Jackson compared to all that TRASH who can´t sing, perform, dance, songwrite… nothing.

  127. JOHNVIDAL January 10, 2014

    Do you have any favorite songs on Artpop?

  128. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    Donatella is a good song, the electronic production on it is genius, I haven’t heard anybody mix like that in a while, and I do my own mixing too but the mixing on it is complex.

    And the way she fuses the production with the drop and just slams DONATELLA out of nowhere is production at its finest.

    If you produce music, you’ll like Donatella because it is just a song every producer would love to make. Where Gaga says LAY ALL YOUR IDEAS ON THE TABLE AND LET’S MAKE SOMETHING. That is what makes Donatella so amazing to me.

  129. Molly January 10, 2014

    @JohnDival i stan for Ciara b**** dont act like you don’t know, Gaga music is nothing but f****** construction noise im so glad Miley came in like a wrecking ball and destroy Gagas career you will deal

  130. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    I say Gaga’s next album should be somewhere around Jazzy Blues and Old school Rock, mixed with some out of this world production.

    She did something amazing with Fame, time do do something else that is amazing.

  131. The Boy Toy January 10, 2014

    Gaga’s music was FUN and CATCHY during The Fame. She needs to get back to that place then maybe she wouldn’t be such a laughing stock.

  132. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    The Madonna School Graduates!

    1.) Rihanna: A+

    2.) Lady Gaga: Not Graduated Yet! LOL

    The Janet Jackson Gradutes!

    1.) Britney Spears: A


    3.) Aaliyah: Tragic Death But She gets an A for effort


    5.) Kelly Rowland: Still in School

  133. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    The fact that Bangerz has got Drive and Wrecking Ball makes it better than Artpop.

  134. JOHNVIDAL January 10, 2014

    Guys please, focusing on what Wendy Williams says is like giving what Perz Hilton says any type of credibility. She may be funny, but the b**** lives from mocking people. She happily joined the Whitney Houston stoning to death in the early 00s. Of course until Whitney called. And then she was crying in her show when Whitney died. B**** stop treating people like trash and maybe you can get some credibility when you start acting like you care.

  135. Molly January 10, 2014

    She takes herself to seriously like she really thinks she makes art when her music is just as basic and generic as Ke$has.

  136. Mark111 January 10, 2014

    To the lamb up there, I don’t think selling 35 million albums makes you a singles artist. If so, what the hell is Ciara, Kelly and others right now? And if singles are so easy, why can’t Bey crack the top 10 with a #1 album?

    To the Hive, so y’all counting DC sales now? Lol! Even JT don’t count n sync sales. So you’re telling me that Kelly Rowland has 4 #1’s? Stop it.

  137. JOHNVIDAL January 10, 2014

    When are you guys going to understand Rihanna is nothing like Madonna???????? How???????????????????????????????????????????????

  138. The Boy Toy January 10, 2014

    I used to think Aaliyah was overrated (after her death), but I researched her a little more outside of her singles and she was a baaaaad b****! She was so s***, mysterious and progressive. Her last album sounds NOTHING like 2001. That album could be released today. She wasn’t the strongest singer but she was a hell of a lot better than mouse voiced Ciara.

  139. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    JohnDival AKA Johnnyboy…

    I refuse to count Art/Pop as an actual GAGA album. So I didnt even buy it. I just listened to it online & I honestly HAVE NO FAVORITES! But its not trash just a bunch of FILLER songs.

    She was missing that MAJOR HIT

  140. Molly January 10, 2014

    Like Beyonce Will always be better then Trashanna @Bitchtoy

  141. JOHNVIDAL January 10, 2014

    Apart from Ciara I mean, it´s not like I usually check your comments…
    But if you really think Milye>Lady Gaga then there´s not too much to explain I suppose…

  142. CzarM January 10, 2014

    MCTBRIH4LIFE wrote:
    “can we just point out that her success comes as there is NO competition on the charts. NO COMPETITION WHATSOEVER! b**** waited till all the Pop girls released their albums so that she could have the last quarter to herself. Im sure she wouldn’t be seeing these numbers had she had competition. Poor h** can’t afford her a #1 single in 6 years. And when all is said and done Rihanna outsells Beyonce on a WORLDWIDE front. Hurricane Rih is COMING…”

    When Beyoncé’s album was released, did all of the others albums suddenly go out of print and become unavailable for purchase? *Snicker* Idiot. Beyonce released her album in the midst of other big releases this fall, and most certainly has competition. That most of her contemporaries albums are underperforming by comparison has nothing to do with her, or when she released her album. The buying public simply isn’t as interested in theirs as much as they are hers. So it goes.

    And “Hurricane Rih is coming,” you say. Heh. Coming for what? Another album with a sad first week sales, that won’t debut album at #1 if there is any real competition that week, and will take a year to hobble to platinum? Uh-oh, folks. Take cover! Typhoon Forehead is about to wreck crop circles.

  143. The Boy Toy January 10, 2014

    @Molly and both slay He-Ara!!! Next.

  144. Molly January 10, 2014

    @BitchBoy learn to keep it cute thanks

  145. The Boy Toy January 10, 2014

    After you learn to buy your faves albums DYKElly. 🙂

  146. JOHNVIDAL January 10, 2014

    Not having a mojor hit on your album doesn´t mean anything.
    All the best albums from last year don´t have one. Beyonce´s album doesn´t have one but it´s a solid body of work. Janelle Monae´s is the best album of the year and it doesn´t have any hits on it. It´s the experience of the whole thing.
    ALBUMS>>>SINGLES in every possible way.
    PS: I bought Born this Way and Artpop, never bought The Fame or The Fame Monster (TFM was good don´t get me wrong). During The Fame era I thought she was talentless, somebody like Kesha, she didn´t use her voice and everything was basic, fresh but basic. She won me later on, showing her talents and improving her music and production. Not to mention the spectacular vids she brought back to music industry.

  147. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    Listen I’ll admit.

    Rihanna is the biggest pop star in the world & is an icon but it just irritates me that she is that big but with so LITTLE talent…

    Ugh.. I hate seeing untalented b****** slay.

    Rihanna’s voice is average. But she knows how to pick/make great pop albums & songs.

    Her songs are fuckingg addictive! Its like I have to listen to it.

    But I hate it because she is not talented. Its wierd but yea thats the truth!

    Anyways, I did go see Rihanna in concert last year in NYC and she was beautiful/s*** but her voice & dance moves were LAZY AS F****.

    I have seen Beyonce 6 fuckingg times. & Every fuckingg time I GET MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! Imma try to make it this year… She needs to add more dates in AMERICA!

    Rihanna is huge but I refure to except it due to lack of talent sorry. But thats just me…

    Beyonce is 2nd to her but SHE IS THE MICHAEL JACKSON PERFORMER OF THIS GENERATION that baffles me!!!

  148. Jamie January 10, 2014

    Stephy if she has no talent then stop supporting / listening to her music and maybe she’ll go away.

  149. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014

    And the SLAYAGE continues!!! 😀

    Can’t wait til the grammys! It will be OVA!!!!!!!!!

  150. JOHNVIDAL January 10, 2014

    Wow a decent comment from you talking about music. Can´t believe it!
    I´m not saying Donatella is not a good electronic song with great production. I´m saying at least other 8 songs on the album are better for a common listener, more appealing. Don´t you like appealing and not complicated songs? I mean, you like rihanna. Manicure, Do what you Want, Aura and more are more appealing and most people would agree that they are better. A song is not better only cos of the production, it´s many things.

  151. Jamie January 10, 2014

    I bought ARTPOP and that’s only because it was 5.99 the album is decent but nothing special.

  152. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    The reason why I compare Rihanna to Madonna is because both are SUCCESSFUL on all markets.

    Both are the less talneted of thier generations.

    Both are the most successful of thier generations.

    Both have that dont give a f**** attitude

    Both have dominated EROPEAN markets like no other pop FEMALE

    But Madonna has wayy more talent

  153. Molly January 10, 2014

    @Slay_Hive she’s performing?

  154. Molly January 10, 2014

    @Bitchboy and Rihanna needs to learn how to stay on key.

  155. Molly January 10, 2014

    actually the less talented is Katy @Stephythelambchop

  156. ABC January 10, 2014

    Who is GaGa? I’ve never heard of her!

  157. JOHNVIDAL January 10, 2014

    I´m no Beyonce fan, but aren´t you seeing Beyonce´s current slayage? How is Beyonce second to Rihanna? Just cos of the singles thing? Just cos her label decided to use her that way until she turns 30? Rihanna doesn´t make songs and only spends 2 weeks “making” her album cos everything is already done, that´s why she always has the catchiest singles, she is focused on that. Doesn´t prove anything.
    So Beyonce is better like you said, but she is also more successful in every possible way. I was doubting it cos Beyonce was having less commercial success lately (which is normal after more than a decade) but with this new release… it is just clear.

    Who has sold 35 million albums??? I don´t recall any of these girls selling that. Oh wait I think that´s the number of copies Britney and Eminem have sold in the uSA more or less. If anything it must be that.

  158. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014


    You already know she’s performing. She hasn’t done an award show since 2011 sometime. She will be the last person they announce. She has an album and tour to continue promoting! The people want to see her. It will be EPIC!

    Just don’t know if she will perfom DIL or XO, maybe both. We shall see 😉

  159. ABC January 10, 2014

    Not a Cierror stan talking about staying on key! Why is Cierrors favorite key Z-flat?

  160. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    I cant stop listening to Rihanna’s music!

    Its fuckingg ADDICTIVE..

    She is like UNHEALTHY JUNK FOOD but its so addictive & good but its not good for your body!!

  161. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014

    Where is ArtFLOP??? kiii

    DEATH@ Drake outselling IT! The t***** is DONE! LOL

  162. ABC January 10, 2014

    That’s because Rihanna’s music is universal! Her music has even gotten spins on country radio

  163. Molly January 10, 2014

    @Slay_Hive that’s coo she should perform XO it would help its chart position #NoShade

    @ABC Ciara is always on key, plus she’s a way better performer then rih

    @Stephy your weird.

  164. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    UGH I freaking hate winter!!

    I am sooo ready for the spring/summertime!!!

  165. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014

    Yeah, I would love for her to perform XO too. BUT DIL has risen two spots back up the Hot 100 to #15. It would be smart to help boost it’s position, but whatever she chooses, I’m here for it!

  166. applause January 10, 2014

    But sis why is XO and Drunk in Love flopping?

    Gaga had two top 10 hits already. Do what you want is slaying drunk in love and it doesnt have a video,@ShitHive worry about getting XO to the top 40 and leave Gaga alone.

  167. Jess January 10, 2014

    Beyonce 2nd to Rihanna? What the f***? Who the f***? Why the f***? How the f***? You’re crazy lol. Beyonce’s obviously the bigger and BETTER ENTERTAINER of the two. Oh, and I hope she releases “Standing On The Sun” on this re-release 😀

  168. Bey Fan January 10, 2014

    when i saw her sitting naked in front of a christmas ornament … I knew Artpop wasn’t going to slay.

    I think Gaga is really talented. And because of her talent i know she will have longevity. I just couldn’t get into artpop…

  169. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014

    “And “Hurricane Rih is coming,” you say. Heh. Coming for what? Another album with a sad first week sales, that won’t debut album at #1 if there is any real competition that week, and will take a year to hobble to platinum? Uh-oh, folks. Take cover! Typhoon Forehead is about to wreck crop circles.”


  170. applause January 10, 2014

    Artpop has better songs then unapologetic Beyonce and bangerz

  171. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014


    How is DIL flopping when it’s #15 on the Hot 100! Beyonce is slaying 2.5 Million WW!! yasssssssssss

    Where is GAGS?? I thought she was going to slay Beyonce’s album? Top ten singles not enough to sell albums? LOOOOOOOL

    The t***** is being outsold by rappers! R.I.P.

    BYE BYE!

  172. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    Molly girl bye!

    Ciara is one of my girl crushes tho. I dont know what she see in Mr. Future but she is soo beautiful.

    Beyonce is still the best looking woman due to he fact I have seen her in person SHE IS BEYOND GORGE!!!

  173. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014

    Well why isn’t it selling?? kiii

    SHITTART is TRASH! The GP has spoken! kiiii

  174. QUEEEEEEEEEEN aka DB January 10, 2014

    I see that Rihc*nt @The Boy F** is mad i told the truth. Bytch R**** barely reached 10 million n the States. U mad that disease infested h** is an Lesser n the States bwahahahahahahahahaha. 5 ALBUMS 14 MILLION >>>>>>>>>>>>> 7 ALBUMS 10 MILLION. THE FAWKIN STRUGGLE. And bytch please….her 8 th album won’t go gold n the States. #CAREER ON DECLINE

  175. ABC January 10, 2014

    DB has the IQ of a rotten tomato.

  176. QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEN aka DB January 10, 2014

    Hoeianna might as well wait till next fall or winter to drop. Even her Rihc*nts know that s*** will flop. If its released this winter, spring, summer and early fall.

  177. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    Slayhive, do you have a twitter? I must follow you cause you be dragging honey!!

  178. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014

    DEATH ONLY 10 Million with 70 albums??


    Wasn’t Beyonce over 13 Million with just FOUR albums?

    Chile what would SHE do without bulk albums? Obvioulsy those “hits” aren’t enough to help sell her albums. SMMFH

  179. Molly January 10, 2014

    Stephy i don’t care.

  180. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014

    Yas i have a twitter. What’s your name. I don’t want these whores stalking me and sending me death threats!

  181. Molly January 10, 2014

    @Slay_Hive DIL is to ratchet for the Grammys Bey gotta keep it classy on that show lol

  182. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    Digger B is dragging LOL Tha HIVE is dragging hahahahahahahahahahah

  183. LTM January 10, 2014

    You couldn’t resist throwing Katy’s name in there, could you? You’ve been obsessed on TGJ for almost 3 years now, doesn’t it get old? Prism is a better album then Artpop, just accept it.

  184. Molly January 10, 2014

    How is Katy Miley and R.Kelly all outselling Gaga (the supposed biggest popstar ever) @Slay_hive

  185. Molly January 10, 2014

    Ciara > Bangerz> Beyonce> Prisim>Sailout> BritneyJean>Talk a good game> Love and War> Artpop

  186. R Kelly stan January 10, 2014

    R Kelly is outselling Ciara also with no hit single lmao

  187. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    SLAYHIVE!!! My twitter is @StephyThaLambly… ITs the one with my pic not Mimis FOLLOW ME SO I CAN GET 104 followers! Im getting close to my goal YAYYYY

  188. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014

    @Molly yes it is VERY ratchet! LOL I can just imagine the audeience’s(white people) faces when she says:

    “Graining on that wood, graining, graining on that wood
    I’m swerving on that, swerving, swerving on that big body Benz
    Serving all this, swerve, surfing all of this good good!”

    I will be getting LIFE though! kii

    Gags is done honey! and you think you’re slick too! 😉 😉 😉

  189. Molly January 10, 2014

    It just shows how f***** up society is they rather support a p******** instead of a hard working young woman.

  190. R Kelly stan January 10, 2014

    mad because Cierror career lasted 4 years and R. Kelly’s lasted 25? LMAO MOLLY MAD

  191. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014

    @Molly i know you stan for Ciara, but how dare you put Shitgerz ahead of SLAYonce?!

  192. R Kelly stan January 10, 2014


  193. DEZI January 10, 2014

    @ STEPHY THA LAMBILY. Rihanna is the biggest pop star of her generation hence why she was chosen for the icon award LOL. Also you said the biggest pop star is still madonna as if she was always but i don’t ever recall her being bigger than michael jackson even though he’s no longer here.

  194. QUEEEEEEEEEEN aka DB January 10, 2014

    I hear Sony Singapore said Beyonce has sold 2.5 MILLION Globally n 3 weeks. #HMM

  195. Jess January 10, 2014

    Do u honestly think that Bangerz is better than Beyonce Molly?

  196. Stephy Tha Lambily January 10, 2014

    Molly shut the f*** up before I stick my diick 8 inches BALLS DEEP down your throat DISRESPECTFUL BITCHH

  197. molly January 10, 2014

    @Slay_hive i really like bangers that doesnt take away from Beyonce being a great album those are my 3 fav albums of 2013 and why am i slick? lmao

  198. molly January 10, 2014

    @Jess yes i do but its just my personal opinion i connect to alot of songs on that album, Beyonce is still an amazing album tho

  199. molly January 10, 2014

    ugh @stephy get some class thanks.

  200. QUEEEEEEEEEEN aka DB January 10, 2014

    Dezi Bytch what please STHU. Hoeianna got that Icon award due to number one singles and being an Attention Seeking W**** every year. Nobody takes that award serious but u Rihc*nts. That S*** will never ever be an true Icon. No one but untalented lessers look up to her. The BIGGEST STAR IS MRS. CARTER!

  201. cocobutta January 10, 2014

    These post bishes are doing the most with their 20-30 comments in one post. It ain’t that deep people.

    Song of my week: Rocket (Rock It til water faaaalls)
    Runner up: Jealous

    Congrats on still getting decent sales numbers 🙂

  202. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014

    @Molly you know why!

    “you actually do crack me up on here especially when you go in on Gaga lol.”

    lol 😉

  203. QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEN aka DB January 10, 2014

    Lmfao How can Hoeianna be bigger than anyone??? When Taylor and Caca has been n the music industry n less time. But both has demolish the h** n tour grossing. Money making. And album sales. Oh and also Justin Beiber just dragggged The Fake Diamonds n grossing numbers. Suck it up h***. The only best R**** wins is Biggest Cumbucket n the music industry.

  204. JB102 January 10, 2014

    Funny how they try to call Rihanna “the biggest pop star” when she’s probably earning the LEAST of all of ’em. When I think BIG, I think of who is the most PAID and it ain’t her. Rihanna is just a product of Def Jam, nothing more. She’s a very low budget Britney.

  205. JOHNVIDAL January 10, 2014

    Any reasonable critic would tell you Artpop is better than Prism give me a f****** break. If only for the vocals…
    Legendary Lovers and Dark Horse are the only good ones (and still corny and autotuned since we know she can´t sing live).
    And Britney´s album better than Artpop??? LOL That one is way worse than Prism, I mean, that´s a disaster.

    And please stop it, Artpop has sold more copies than Bangers in less time and with no #1 hits on radio!!! If Artpop is a flop what the f*** is Bangers? Can you imagine Mylie´s sales when she doesn´t have all the attention and hit singles? Oh wait! We already saw that: 300,000 copies from her previous album lol total sales…

  206. JOHNVIDAL January 10, 2014

    I don´t think we should focus on the money they earn. JLo earns a lot of money thanks to business but she´s obviously not one of the biggest stars. Plus, that´s their money, not ours. Adele is not one of the biggest earners, but she´s definitely the biggest thing in the last 3 years.
    We should focus on sales and hits and all that, and let me tell you, you are right, Rihanna is not the biggest, as proven by beyonce just now 🙂 (well we should focus on talent, music and art first, but we were discussing success now).

  207. Super Cisus January 10, 2014

    Who cares

  208. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014

    you care 😉

  209. MC!! January 10, 2014

    um didn’t Mariah first album spent 11 consecutive weeks at #1 these stans better go sit down somewhere!! what beyonce doing now Mariah already did!!! the record beyonce tries to break are the records made by Mariah! not broken MADE!

  210. QUEEEEEEEEEEN aka DB January 10, 2014

    SLAY HIVE…..I think Super Citranny meant…..Citranny announces she will be performing after The Grammy cermony. The Public response “WHO CARES & WHO ARE U”? #SHRUGS POOR THANG

  211. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014

    DEATH@ Digger Bey! She is so pressed chile! The b**** might commit suicide soon. The Queen is coming!!!

    Look here come the other pressed lambchops, trying to “remind” us of Mooriah, like anyone gives af! looooool

  212. Bosslady January 10, 2014

    Both ladies are good, but Rih is consistent with her album sales.

    Beyonce US Sales:

    DIL – 4.82 Mil
    B-Day – 3.32 Mil
    Sasha – 3.01 Mil
    4 – 1.39 Mil

    Rihanna US Sales:

    Music of the Sun – 609,000
    Girl Like Me – 1.349 Mil
    Good Girl Gone Bad – 2.8 Mil
    Rated R – 1.110 Mil
    Loud – 1.761 Mil
    Talk that Talk – 1.118 Mil
    Unapologetic – 1.203 Mil

    Now while there is some slippage in Rih’s sales, for the most part she’s been consistent with her albums sales…there was never a really huge slip in sales…and I’m not going to even match up their single numbers…..Rih would win hands down….so case in point****thread close**** let’s move on

  213. anonymous January 10, 2014

    @Super Flopsus Who Cares about Ci-flop??? anyways congrats Bey.

  214. LTM January 10, 2014

    If you’re going by critical reviews, Prism and Artpop have the same reviews. If we’re going by the general publics opinion, Katy wins. You obviously haven’t listened to the full album if you find those two to be the best. This Moment, Unconditionally, By the Grace of God, Spiritual, Choose Your Battles>>> BTW those songs aren’t even auto tuned. And lets not act like Gaga doesn’t use auto tune either.

  215. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    You left out double rainbow

  216. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014

    How tf is rihanna’s sales consistnent??

    “Now while there is some slippage in Rih’s sales, for the most part she’s been consistent with her albums sales”


    So going from 1.349 to 2.8, BACK DOWN to 1.110, UP by a little to 1.761 then BACK DOWN to 1.118 and 1.203 is considered consistent?

    When Bey’s sales are MORE consistent with ONE major drop and NOW she’s heading back to 3x platinum territory!

    The Salvation Army kills me! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    There was never a huge slip in sales, because her sales were NEVER huge in the first place. BYE!

  217. Super Cisus January 10, 2014

    N***** Bey dont u stan for Kelly Horseland too? When will she perform b****

  218. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014

    and then you just provided a receipt of how Beyonce outsold Rihanna in the U.S. with LESS albums! SMH kii

    What are those “hits” good for? LOL

  219. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    I guess if you don’t know the difference between sales and sells, it should be expected you won’t know what consistent is.

  220. Super Cisus January 10, 2014

    Anonymous when will Tamuppet get a platinum album b****

  221. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    Weren’t Janet, Mariah, Celine, Whitney etc selling more albums than Madonna in the 90s? Guess who’s still here.

    Impact > album sales.

    And if you want to know what hits are for, ask Mariah and Madonna.

  222. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014

    One major drop after THREE releases and that’s considered to not be consistent?? #REACHING!

    We all know 4 underperformed but to say she is not consistent is ridiculous!

    How are Rihanna’s sales consistent? What’s consistent and acceptable about those WEAK sales with all of her “hits”?

  223. QUEEEEEEEEEEN aka DB January 10, 2014

    BossHoe Byeeeeeeee. Hoeianna albums are declining each era she drops a album. Her next album will struggle to go gold. She def won’t see another platnuim plaque. THE QUEEN WINS HANDS DOWN. Hoeianna is an Lesser Bytch.

  224. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014

    What impact has Rihanna had other than single charts? Ya’ll love to compare her to Madonna, when there is NO similarity other than fashion, singles, and the fact that she can’t sing! kii

    Please make a list, and i will make mine! 😉

    Facebook, vevo, youtube and all the other FREE s*** doesn’t count! kiii smh

  225. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    For starters, Beyonce decided to be a video who.re because of her.

    Secondly, IASF and this album wouldn’t exist without Rihanna. Beyonce went from using Amerie’s producers and writers to Rihanna’s producers and writers (impact).

    Beyonce didn’t even know Sia existed until Rohanna used her.

    Let’s not even go to the labels Beyonce NOW wears after RIHANNA made them popular and trendy. Still denying her impact?

  226. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014

    Beyonce is the closest thing to Madonna in this generation, as far as longevity, impact and STAR POWER!

    Rihanna couldn’t release an album tonight, without a lead single and expect anyone to spend their coins on it! kii

    She can barely cross the 300k mark with a “hit”!

    She is nothing more than a glorified singles artiste!

    Her TRUE singing voice is horrible!

    Her stage presence has yet to be found!

    Her music dies within 6 months, forcing her to release new material!

    Without all of her albums, she would be a nobody and Katy Perry would be more popular! 😉

    A model with a mic!

  227. Lovebird January 10, 2014

    But Rihanna is selling out stadiums and making brands global.

    When Rihanna wears something, it sells outs (designers have admitted this) and Beyonce goes to buy it.

    How can you say she has had no impact when Beyonce is using certain writers and producers only because they have worked with Rihanna.

    Beyonce only worked with Sis after Diamonds, not before.

  228. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014

    The only similarities between GGGB and IASF

    Is The Dream AND stargate, other than that. Their writers and producers were COMPLETELY different! SMH

    You stay reaching. check wiki 😉

  229. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014

    I remember when the Navy was saying beyonce was a video w**** and desperate when she released video phone video in 2009 BEFORE TTT and UNA, when Rihanna decided to “embrace” ratchetness! Rihanna didn’t invent anything!

    Beyonce worked with Rich Harrison on CIL BEFORE Amerie. Amerie was inspired by Beyonce #IMPACT
    Secondly producers and songwriters are just that. No singer/artists owns them!
    That’s like saying Rihanna was copying Beyonce when she decided to work with Neyo/TAB after Irreplaceable
    Or how she used sean paul for BIO after Baby boy

  230. Truth January 10, 2014

    lol Sia admitted that she’s been trying to work with Beyoncé since BEFORE she had to settle for Rihanna.

  231. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014

    “But Rihanna is selling out stadiums and making brands global”

    Because her tickets are cheaper. If Beyonce was desperate to break records she would be doing stadiums too, instead of being smart 😉

  232. anonymous January 10, 2014

    @Super Flopsus b**** dont worry about Tamar go worry about Citranny struggling career and why she’s the flop of the decade. Tamar’s over 311k sold. Cierror isnt even at 200k LOL.

  233. Bey Fan January 10, 2014

    Thank you Slay_hive…

    I’ve tryin to figure out this Rihanna “impact” for the longest. Other than those tumblr fashions Rihanna sports, what impact has she had musically?

    She has singles that go to number one…i’ll give her that. But the bucks stop there

  234. Jess January 10, 2014

    I’m sorry @Bosslady but what u just said makes no sense. Despite the fact that 4 wasn’t much of a commercial success, Beyonce’s albums generally sell better than Rihanna’s. Not only is Beyonce the better tour act, she’s the better album seller as well. Rihanna is a good singles artist though.

  235. Jess January 10, 2014

    Oh I see @Molly

  236. Jess January 10, 2014

    Rihanna’s sales always fluctuate.

  237. Bosslady January 10, 2014

    this was no shade towards any of the ladies…they both are good at what they do, just in different aspects…Beyoncé=albums sold….Rihanna=singles sold…

    but they both sell…so what gives with you ppl arguing all the time…shheeesh cant we all just get along???

  238. Jess January 10, 2014

    Of course we can get along! U said that Rihanna was the more consistent album seller, when she’s not. That’s all that I was saying hun.

  239. L21480 January 10, 2014


    All your list did was prove that despite her own sales decline, Beyoncé’s album sales average is still higher than Rihanna’s. Rihanna’s best, worse and average sellers are still lower than most of her contemporaries. Her album sales only barely meet current market standards, and she’s never had an album that exceeded it. It’s Rihanna’s yearly releases that act as a smoke ‘n mirrors buffer to her generally underwhelming numbers, which is why unlike virtually all her competitors, Rihanna has the least room to take a break. Beyoncé averages a 2.5 year hiatus in between albums and still manages to always meet current market standards, no matter how much its shifted since the album before it. I doubt Rihanna could do that. A solid two years off would be very dangerous for her career. Just look at what happened with RR after the break from GGGB. It proved that her audience is fickle and killed any chance of her ever being able to maintain without always having something in the market at all times. She basically ~has~ to be present at any given moment, even if just as a feature on somebody else’s record, or she she’s in trouble. Her ONLY saving grace are singles (and her prowess in that area is largely helped by her constant presence). She’s weak in all other areas.

  240. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 10, 2014

    The Struggles in This Comment Section. 😆 😆 😆

  241. Bey_on_ce January 10, 2014

    When we see rihanna name on the list for best selling albums???????lol lmao 7 albums and the struggle is real to reach num one … Y’all called 4 a flop but it was num 1 doing it’s own thing …navy get your album sales up then holla at us????? Until then stick to singles that means your cheap and have no money for a full album lmao!!!! Last time I checked drunk in love has outsold unapologetic lmao so now what’s the excuse cuz she rachet lmao the girls be trying to pull it!!! Beyonce woke up like this !!!!! #flawless

  242. RICHIE_RICH January 10, 2014

    The Navy be trying it chile. Don’t get me wrong Rihanna is hot and she gets them #1 and sales singles. That’s it . She doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to Beyonce’ , and that’ IT.

    Overall Beyonce is the biggger and better artist.

    Rihanna got them #1 and singles on Lock doe.

  243. RICHIE_RICH January 10, 2014

    No the Stuggle is real that the navy Thinks Rihanna is a better artist than Beyonce. The irony of it all.

  244. ***flawless bitchesssss January 10, 2014

    ysssssssssssssssss QUEEN!!!!!! back at da top! im sick of these lesssors comparing Bey to that tramp rih. everybody knows Beyonce is better!!!!!!!!!!! Come on now, there’s no debate

  245. TAME January 10, 2014

    Is Bey gonna perform at the Grammys? I really hope she does!

  246. SLAY_HIVE January 10, 2014

    Pollstar just reported their North American tour #1’s!

    Beyonce is @ #5 with 76.4 Million

    While the “Biggest Pop star in the world” (kii) is @ #28

    Under Drake, Beiber, Pink, Bruno Mars, ETC!!

    a MESSSSSSSSS! What are her “hits” good for? LOL


  247. Bey_on_ce January 10, 2014

    slayhive I live for you and richierich y’all be slaying lovebird and the navy lol they be delusional !!! But they can have the singles !!! We will stick to tours , albums ,singles , and movies!!!!! Lol

  248. TinaMinaj January 10, 2014

    Death at the navy going on about Rihanna being in the business for only 8 years but they “forget” she has also released SEVEN ALBUMS going on 8/9!! Let’s not play dumb!

    And some of these ramblings about Rihanna’s stadium tour. In South Africa people were generally DISAPPOINTED with her lame excuse for a concert. Feel free to look up articles that were written all over SA publications.

    And the ignorance at saying Rihanna worked with Sia first. DEEEAAATTHH!!!! Beyonce was in studio with Sia MORE THAN 4 MONTHS BEFORE diamonds came along!

    Go on about impact, if memory serves me right, Beyonce wore a pair of earings saying Obama that sold out the next day and had orders in the thousands! BEYONCE HAS THE STATS TO BACK IT UP showing how lucrative she is. The companies she associates with have all shown increments in profits. Not just hear say like the navy like. Where are the numbers/articles to prove????

    Please know what you’re talking about before dishing out tonnes of misinformed b*******, and enjoy those number 1 singles.

  249. Bey-Minaj January 10, 2014

    If u counting Rihanna’s features as #1’s then why not count Bey’s number #1’s with DC? Hypocrite much? U think because she was in a group that those #1’s don’t count?

  250. Mark111 January 10, 2014

    ^Because RIHANNA is featured on those songs, Beyonce is 1 of 5 in a group. Y’all bugs are trying the most. Is Paul McCartney the highest selling artist of all time? No, the Beatles are. Gte over it.

  251. Just Sayin January 11, 2014


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