TGJ Remembers: Aaliyah – ‘One In A Million’

Published: Thursday 16th Jan 2014 by Rashad

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Today marks what would’ve been Urban pop songstress Aaliyah‘s 35th birthday.  Introduced as R&B ringleader R. Kelly‘s protege at the young age of 14, the New York native precedented an R&B teen movement, leading the way for fellow female divas-in-training Brandy and Monica to share chart success.  By the time she reached sweet 17 the ‘Hot Like Fire’ singer’s rise to prominence was imminent as she turned up the heat in her videos and on the charts.  With then-little-known super-producer team Timbaland and Missy Elliott at the helm lacing the accompaniment for her angelic falsetto, Aaliyah found herself in a league of her own with substance, sass, and style.

Just two multi-platinum albums, a host of hit singles, and the respect of her peers, the millennium’s end saw the ‘Journey to the Past’ singer’s journey really just beginning as, at the ripe age of 21, she’d already more accomplished than many musicians achieve their whole careers.  And, after an extended break, the pressure was on to see if the singer could match her 90s success.

Enter ‘Aaliyah’ – her self-titled 3rd album.  Preceded by the #1 single ‘Try Again’, the singer was about to do just that in a whole new way.  ‘At her best’ indeed; sophisticated lyrics, ‘grown woman’ sexy, while staying true to her signature sound, the new millennium was introduced to a new Aaliyah.  And, fans’ embrace was immediately evident.

With the album’s lead single ‘We Need A Resolution’ making a splash on the charts and its successor ‘More Than A Woman’ completed and ready for take off, Aaliyah thought to make a splash herself and took off to the Bahamas to shoot the visual for island-groove ‘Rock the Boat’.  Joined by BET’s ‘Access Granted’, the usually private starlet let fans into see the makings of what was sure to be her next hit on the charts…

None of us would’ve guessed it would’ve been our last time seeing Miss Haughton.  And, to say a void has been left in music since her departure, specifically Urban Pop, is unquestionable.  While we’ve seen some come close, those who grew up with and love her music know there is no duplication.

She was ‘One In a Million’ indeed.

Your thoughts?

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  1. iconic cici January 16, 2014

    A true angel a true musician that didn’t need to cheat and steal her way to the top. R.I.P Aaliyah your truly missed.

  2. GREEKGOD January 16, 2014

    She was also very humble when she was at the top. She never switched up or tried to be Hollywood by joining forces with one of the biggest families in television just to be relevant. That would’ve only led to them not f*cking with her and her having 4 flop albums in the long run. Aaliyah unlike other faded stars could sing and dance.

  3. Navy Commander January 16, 2014


  4. UTOPIA January 16, 2014

    Anyone that knows the REAL tea on Aaliyah when she was alive, knows that she was far from an Angel. People overhype her just because she’s dead. Look at videos of her old performances and its clear that she couldn’t sing live. Igaf about what anyone thinks. Don’t make me spill the tea on her getting around the industry.

  5. Brazilian Yoncé!!! January 16, 2014

    She’s an angel now! Such beauty and talent ..

  6. Reeses January 16, 2014

    Aaliyah was a known industry hôe, even celebrities put her on blast back in the day.

  7. Bey Fan January 16, 2014

    Beautiful….gone way too soon. RIP Baby Girl

  8. Molly January 16, 2014

    Aaliyah was more of an Angel then Rihanna and Beyonce thats a fact she was humble wasn’t telling people to bow down to her she wasnt dancing on stripper poles in cheap videos. Aaliyah had real class and grace about her shes was truly beautiful inside and out.

  9. Rihanna Lately January 16, 2014

    Thank god she died….

  10. Touché January 16, 2014

    Yaaaaaaaaaaas babygirl!!!!!!!! I will always cherish her music and legacy. R.I.P

  11. Golden January 16, 2014

    Unfortunately Aaliyaf wasn’t a part of my faves in the 90s, instead I leaned toward Brandy, Monica, Mariah and Mary. I didn’t get into Aaliyah’s AMAZING artistry until after her death. She was so ahead of her time and carved her own lane. May her beautiful soul RIP. *plays At Your Best*

  12. Britney stan January 16, 2014

    I don’t get why Beyonce fans are so pressed by Aaliyah is it cause she had jay z first?

  13. Touché January 16, 2014

    I see a desperate troll made it on here just fine *cough, Rihanna Fakely, cough*

  14. Navy Commander January 16, 2014


    And some one please spill the tea on aliyah

  15. QueenCeline January 16, 2014

    Iconic Cici, you could have made that comment without your low key shade. You don’t know what Aaliyah went through behind the scenes so to say her journey to the top was simple is incorrect.
    God bless her soul and the family that TRULY loved her for who she was, not her Uncle who failed to protect her from R.Kelly.

  16. Golden January 16, 2014

    Why must you shade other artists? Aaliyah loved Beyonce and DC. What’s a Ciara?

  17. Reeses January 16, 2014

    Classy isn’t sleeping around the industry.. Lmao and a cierror stand talking about dancing on poles? I think you need to go look at some of ci-error’s old videos were she is clearly dancing on poles and doing old stripper moves.

  18. BeyBeyKing January 16, 2014

    Instead of moaning about Rihanna Fakely’s comment let’s do something about. Let’s show this b**** how much we love Aaliyah and thumbs her horrible comment down as many times as possible to send a message to people who think it’s funny to make jokes about her.

  19. BEYSUS OVER JESUS January 16, 2014

    Take it to another level, No passengers on my plane.

  20. SLAY_HIVE January 16, 2014

    R.I.P. Aaliyah. I used to like her during my childhood years, back when DC was slaying. She wasn’t the most talented or most successful, but she seemed to have a beautiful spirit. 😉

  21. Britney stan January 16, 2014

    that’s definitely not a real Rihanna fan.

  22. Gabby January 16, 2014

    You C-error stans are soooo pressed by Beyonce and Rihanna LMAO!!! Aaliyah > Ciara strong jaw ass b**** boom

  23. HONEYCHILDPLEASE January 16, 2014


  24. Number1k9 January 16, 2014

    RIP Aaliyah.

    I do agree with what someone once said. Had Aaliyah been alive she would be more into and a bigger actress than singer but her music was great. A moment in time.


  25. HausMuthaAdele January 16, 2014

    Aaliyah was a angel who was troubled by men who were supposed to be helping her but instead took advantage.Damn you R Kelly.

  26. iconic cici January 16, 2014

    I said no names yet my comment has so many dislikes Lmao a certain stan base is feeling guilty i see.

  27. iconic cici January 16, 2014

    Ciara is far from a cheap mc donalds eating w**** like Rihanna and a Overrated Thief yonce…… Ciara actually has class.

  28. Gabby January 16, 2014

    Ciara is a flop!!!! @delusional cici

  29. AALIYAH STAN January 16, 2014

    If Aaliyah was alive, Beyoncé and Rihanna wouldn’t be as big as they are now.

  30. iconic cici January 16, 2014

    @Honeychild b**** who are you? and dont you stan for Moo? f*** outta here.

  31. Just Sayin January 16, 2014

    Iconic Cici always being disrespectful and trying to start mess even in dead stars posts smh!

  32. BeySting January 16, 2014

    The reason some people can take such an ignorant approach when talking about her is because they’re too young to even remember her when she was alive.

    If you were alive or were conscious of her artistry when she was releasing it you would understand why her passing was so tragic and why the comparisons to Beyonce are really silly.
    Even if Beyonce and Aaliyah hated each other behind the camera, one of Beyonce’s first interviews as a solo singer was done by Aaliyah at the MTV Movie Awards and I’ll never forget how happy I was watching two beautiful black women laughing and joking with each other the way that they were.

    I only pray Aaliyah’s true family can find peace at this time, and hope her evil Uncle knows he will never find peace for the part he played in R.Kelly’s systematic manipulation of her.

  33. Navy Commander January 16, 2014

    i really how that wasnt lowkey shade on alyiahs death, @beysus over jesus.

    you call beyonce classless, but atleast she got married before having a baby , and atleat bey and rih didnt have a baby by a man with 867596 baby mamas already

  34. Mileys movement January 16, 2014

    Aaliyah > Beyonce > Rihanna. Aaliyah wasn’t fake like Beyonce and Rihanna people had a real connection to Aaliyah she wasn’t a manufactured artist like them. R.I.P. baby girl you’ll never be forgotten.

  35. DEAD LIKE AALIYAH January 16, 2014

    Aaliyah’s career was on FIRE. Her music career BLEW UP. She came CRASHING into the music industry will iconic song. RIP to Aaliyah.

  36. My Forehead Tho January 16, 2014

    The reason I believe Aaliyah is celebrated is because she represents waisted/stolen potential.

    Not to take anything from her, but if Ashanti, Jlo, Monica, and especially Brandy died in, or right before, their prime, then it is my belief that they too would have been called legends.

    R.I.P though. Still one of my favorite artist.

  37. Gabby January 16, 2014

    Lies! Beyonce was already more popular than Aaliyah when she was alive!

  38. RoyalKev January 16, 2014

    Wow, why are some of ya’ll going in on Aaliyah? Who she slept with was her business. She was grown and her private life wasn’t something she flaunted. It just doesn’t matter. She was always very sophisticated and classy. That’s how she always carried herself and that’s all we needed to know about her (not what she did in her bedroom).

    People may exaggerate her success (to bring down other artists or whatever), but all of the names of people that tend to come up in these conversations are very talented (including Aaliyah). That’s why their superior to so many in the industry! … and always will be! R.I.P Aaliyah

  39. UTOPIA January 16, 2014

    Aaliyah was Superhead back when Karrine was eating ramen noodles in a pîssy Bronx apartment. Don’t believe the hype about Aaliyah, she fawked Rodney Jerkins partner named Sean and was messing with R Kelly when she was a t***. R Kelly paid off her family and they were to ashamed about it & didn’t want it to get out.

    I don’t know why people act like Aaliyah was so innocent when even people in the industry said she wasn’t. She was a manipulative hôe in the industry and she got down with males and females mainly for her career. I mean Mary J blige wasn’t hating when she said that Aaliyah had done a lot of stuff when she was alive. She was sleeping her way to the top just like the rest of these industry hôes

  40. Draggin4MrsCarter January 16, 2014

    If Aaliyah died at 21/22 how could she have been an industry h**? Did it not occur to you that that industry may have been using her youth to get what they wanted from her.
    I’m always suspicious when I hear people say a girl that young was a ‘h**’ but never stop ask how old the men she was ‘hoeing’ with were.

  41. NOSHADE January 16, 2014

    If Aaliyah was alive Beyonce would still be as big as she is. Destiny’s Child had more #1 singles and was more successful than Aaliyah while she was alive. Beyonce is unbothered. R.I.P. to baby girl tho

  42. Mileys movement January 16, 2014

    Please Aaliyah was way more popular then Beyonce Aaliyah had hits and movie roles while Beyonce was having Tina make them tacky Vegas girl outfits.

  43. Katy Perry aka Legend K January 16, 2014


    While we encourage healthy debate, abusive comments will not be tolerated.

  44. Molly January 16, 2014

    Beyonce own father pimped her out to the industry tho. Ciara parents weren’t greedy like Beyonce family who only looked at her as a meal ticket.

    Anyways happy bday angel

  45. FlawlessBey January 16, 2014

    If Aaliyah died at 21/22 how could she have been an industry h**? Did it not occur to you that that industry may have been using her youth to get what they wanted from her.
    I’m always suspicious when I hear people say a girl that young was a ‘h**’ but never stop ask how old the men she was ‘hoeing’ with were.

  46. Touché January 16, 2014

    I don’t see how this Aaliyah post has anything to do with Riri or Beyonce. Also all these “sleeping around” comments are a mess. Stop spreading b******* as truth and get on with your lives.

  47. Mrs. Stephy Tha Lambily January 16, 2014

    She is NOT a legend. But I do miss her. I remember going to see her in the movie ROMEO MUST DIE!!

    RIP Aaliyah…

  48. Molly January 16, 2014

    @Touche i don’t believe Aaliyah was a industry h** she had class and morals unlike others.

  49. Gabby January 16, 2014

    You must be 10 years of because destinys child reigned supreme from 2000-2002!! Beyonce had movie roles and was popping like crazy at that time. I’m not saying Aaliyah sucked because she was very talented but she was Brandy and Monica’s lessor in terms of success! Sorry it’s the truth but RIP to her (now playing 4 page letter)

  50. NOSHADE January 16, 2014

    Aaliyah was not more popular than Beyonce. Destiny’s child were superstars breaking into the industry. They had more #1 singles and sold more albums. Aaliyah only had one #1 single.

    Beyonce was one of the most popular stars even at that time. Even while being the lead vocalist of a group!

    Beyonce starred in movies as well, Carmen: Hip hop opera, Austin Powers Gold member which grossed 296.6 million WW

  51. BarbBey January 16, 2014

    People who think making jokes about her is funny are actually exposing how mentally insane they are. I know you think it’s ok because you think no one can see you as you type your comment but let me tell you that something is wrong with you if your mind think it’s alright to crack jokes about someone’s horrific death.

    Real talk, you can lie to yourself and tell yourself that it’s not that deep, but I can reassure you that you will struggle in life if you go on thinking that you are sane when you are not.

    I feel bad for you.

  52. Unbiased January 16, 2014

    R.I.P Baby Girl, this is why I think Beyonce is own her way to legendary status, or she is there already. They girl gets compared to EVERYONE dead or alive, by haters and fans. Beyonce name shouldn’t even be on this post. Let’s not act like Brandy wasn’t the most sucessful in the 90’s out of her contempararies. I love Aaliyah, but people need to stop.shading other female artists and saying the wouldn’t be here if she was still here. She is an icon, no doubt.

  53. Krista January 16, 2014

    Yall need to stop with the annoying ‘if Aaliyah was alive Beyonce, Rihanna (even Ciara) etc would not been big…’ B*******. You do NOT know which direction her career could have gone down. She hadn’t crossed over to white mainstream properly and you don’t know if she would have been successful breaking away from R&B. Destinys Child had already crossed over they had massive hits known by everyone not just black R&B. So Beyonce was already known on a bigger scale. Aaliyah may have gone more into acting as oppose to singing. Who knows? Its not fair to keep comparing her just let her RIP. Gone too soon but great while she was alive.

  54. Kim Kardashian stan January 16, 2014

    @STEPHY she is a legend tho its been over 10 years since her death and yet she still gets praised and respect.

  55. Kim Kardashian stan January 16, 2014

    I liked Aaliyah she was beautiful and humble wish her life wasn’t taken away so soon R.I.P Queen.

  56. SLAY_HIVE January 16, 2014

    Chile, I go eat a sandwich and come back and this post has turned into a complete MESS!

    As usual the CIERROR fans are more concerned with Beyonce! SMH


  57. Touché January 16, 2014

    @ Molly, Exactly.

  58. LaLopez January 16, 2014

    First I was mad at the ignorance now I laugh because the idiots commenting clearly don’t know the first thing about Aaliyah. DC, Aaliyah and JLO were slaying at the same time so I always remember that era fondly because my friends and I would learn all the routines at each other’s houses.

    The only people who talk s*** or laugh at her or compare her to Beyonce are the ones who are PRETENDING to know about her.

  59. PRINCE CARTER FENTY January 16, 2014

    When Aaliyah was alive. Independent Woman was slaying the charts at #1. Destiny’s Child blocked Aaliyah from going #1. Kiii

  60. UTOPIA January 16, 2014

    Aaliyah was an industry hôe and was called out multiple times. Everyone behind the scenes knows the tea. She’s overhyped because she’s dead. She couldn’t sing live for shît. She was sleeping around the industry after she got turned out by R Kelly’s ugly aśś..

  61. Let’s Be Real January 16, 2014

    There’s nothing iconic about Ciara except that tired ass matrix.

    If anything ciara stans should breathe a sigh of relief that Aaliyah is at peace. Because if Aaliyah was around ..she’d be a poor man’s Aaliyah. The way she is a section 8 Janet impersonation artist today.

    I like ciata but chile….please!!”!

  62. Krista January 16, 2014

    And I don’t know why Ciara fans always feel some type of way about Beyonce and Rihanna. Have several.

  63. Navy Commander January 16, 2014

    a katy perry fan calling anyone pathetic?
    whats pathetic is her vocals when she screams unconditionally and roar

  64. ABC January 16, 2014

    What the F*** does Rihanna and Beyonce have to do with anything? You b****** are so vile and disgusting and the mods do nothing about it!!! Just pay your respects, reminisce and move on!

  65. ABC January 16, 2014

    The only person that wouldn’t be around if Aaliyah were alive is Cierror!!!!

  66. Touché January 16, 2014

    @ Navy Commander, That “Katy stan” is definitely a troll. I’ve only seen two legitimate Katy stans that come on this site.

  67. RG2 January 16, 2014


  68. Rihanna Lately January 16, 2014

    She was better than Ciara and Beyoncé even though she’s dead she’s still better than them combined.

  69. kimbella January 16, 2014

    @abc you dont kno that Ciara style of music was different she was crunk n b while aaliyah sung regular rnb they offered different music .

  70. Music Stan ( ya’ll know who I stan for ) January 16, 2014

    @UTOPIA stop reaching and stay off gossip blog and listening quote unquote freind of a soucres…. cause what you are spitting is false….. I have friends who knew her from detriot and went to school with her and they personally said she was a very shy and quite person and very humble and smart student…. and she was dating dame at the time jay-z had a crush on her but respect his friend…. and for ya’ll saying that Aaliyah careers wasn’t going anywhere you are wrong… Her third Studio efforts was rave in review It was a Master piece according to ya’ll favorite site and info spot Bilboard… Have many accolades and was influence to many artists including your fave Bey, Rihanna, and Ciara…. I love Aaliyah Bey and Ciara and like Rih and all three said themselves that they were inspired by Aaliyah cause her originality and creative control she had in her career… she was a trendsetter for many… Her music is original and never been copy by anyone…. happy bday Aaliyah

  71. kimbella January 16, 2014

    @rihannalately girl sit tf down

  72. kimbella January 16, 2014

    Chili and Rihanna are industry h*** not Aaliyah.

  73. UTOPIA January 16, 2014

    Comment Removed:


  74. Rihanna Lately January 16, 2014

    She used to sleep around and that’s disgusting

  75. Treys Angel January 16, 2014

    But Aaliyah couldn’t even sing. Her live performances on video prove it. Kiiii
    There’s plenty of singers out today that would blow her out of the water singer.

    The only thing that Ci-error and Aaliyah have in common are their whisper voices. Y’all act like she can hit notes kii

  76. Touché January 16, 2014

    @ Utopia, Right, because those other celebs where clearly with them when it happened lol. You are truly demented.

  77. Bey Fan January 16, 2014

    Im soooo tired of the Beyonce vs *insert name* ….

    Aaliyah was Aaliyah…Beyonce is Beyonce…. Rihanna is Rihanna. Ciara is Ciara.

    If we can live in a world with legends like Mariah, Whitney, Celine, Madonna, and Micheal. And ALL of them can be successful and break records. And have music out at the same time. What in the hell makes yall think that Beyonce or Rihanna or Ciara wouldn’t still be as successful if baby girl was still alive?

  78. Ciara Squad January 16, 2014

    Thank god Aaliyah is dead. Ciara is queen, now deal bîtches

  79. Touché January 16, 2014

    @ Treys demon

    “But Aaliyah couldn’t even sing. Her live performances on video prove it”?

    “The only thing that Ci-error and Aaliyah have in common are their whisper voices”?

    Yes because her songs “Journey to the past” and “The one I gave my heart to” (etc.) where she BELTS properly equates with whispering a whole song lol. You stans kill me.

  80. UTOPIA January 16, 2014

    Comment Removed:


  81. Kim Kardashian stan January 16, 2014

    So many disrespectful comments towards Aaliyah smh you guys are pathetic.

  82. CIARA SQUAD January 16, 2014

    That b**ch Aaliyah is dead, you hôes need to deal. Thank god her plane crashed.

  83. Music Stan ( ya’ll know who I stan for ) January 16, 2014

    Let Me said this, the reason why Aaliyah career was going to new heights because she signed up to star in the Matrix ( which Huge Box Office hits) she just released her self titled album with rave reviews, her artisty was going to a futuristic sound with latin, indian, rock, pop, R&B, and neo-soul influence if you listen to “Aaliyah” you can point it out.. She didn’t write but her lyrics have depth to them she talk about subjects at the time some singer didn’t want to go.. beyonce was with destiny’s child at the time so comparing her to aaliyah is very stupid cause at the time beyonce was in a group and aaliyah was a solo act… yeah Brandy was a big star in the mid 90’s but Aaliyah wasn’t lessor as some of you claiming she was her have a Huge hit with “Are that Somebody” which a lot of Bey’s stans don’t know was original a Destiny’s Child song…. Her movie Romeo Must die wasn’t great to critics but the rave about her acting in the movie… around the time she passed her label was going to plan a big tour… and to some that is saying she isn’t legend ummmmm yes she is…. What make Aaliyah a Legend well she was afraid to try something different hence “ONE IN A MILLION” that album yet alone open up to alot of the music you hear today and was the jump start to TIM and Missy careers… if it wasnt’t for her, tim nor missy would never work with Janet, JAY-Z, BEYONCE, RIHANNA, AND ETC all thanks to AALIYAH THAT IS WHY SHE IS A LEGEND….. Awards don’t make you legend cause a lot of ppl before her and after would be consider what make her a legend is ORIGINALITY like Michael, JANET, WHITNEY, AND ETC

  84. Hivy January 16, 2014

    RIP Aaliyah. 🙂 I love all of her music. “We need a Resolution” , “Try Again” and “Are you That Somebody” are still my songs.

  85. Touché January 16, 2014

    @ Utopia, Gossip doesn’t equate with fact. Nice try.

  86. Music Stan ( ya’ll know who I stan for ) January 16, 2014

    @Bey Fan this is why I love you, @Rosegold and @futureciara cause ya’ll have common sense

  87. MuzikLuv January 16, 2014

    Aaliyah was dope in her prime years and she was unfortunately taken. What was excellent about her was she was sweet, hint of street and relate-able to the public. She had a shy side but was growing into her womanhood.

    So what if she had a thing for older men like Dame Dash and Kels (he used his industry power to lure her). He bedroom life is not what we cared for.

    Aaliyah has smooth moves, cool easy on the ear songs, quite a few hits & she was getting into bigger movies like Matrix (which she unfortunately couldn’t be in due to passing).

    Beautiful to look at and known WORLDWIDE.
    Salute to the Brandy, Aaliyah, Monica & Usher influx to R&B. All came out young & popping @ the same time.

    I got ya back Babygurl:

  88. CIARA SQUAD January 16, 2014

    Aaliyah was trash. She was getting golden showers from R.Kelly when she was a t*** and even had abortions from him. She was a nasty b**tch. kiii

  89. Hivy January 16, 2014

    Why is people disrespecting the dead? We don’t know the outcome of Aaliyah’s career if she was alive. Every year when this time comes around people always talk about “What ifs”. Just enjoy Aaliyah’s music and if you are young do research there is no need to involve the artists personal life. Her music inspired other R&B acts that is why she is an ICON. I wouldn’t call her a legend because her life was cut short be she was definitely an ICON who inspired others.

  90. GREEKGOD January 16, 2014

    Don’t act like the Promise, Like A Boy and Ride video doesn’t exist.

  91. Alexis January 16, 2014

    A lot you bîtches on here are disrespectful. STOP disrespecting Aaliyah & putting her against other singers. Go somewhere else with that sh**

  92. Alexis January 16, 2014

    Stop bashing Aaliyah if you don’t like her then gtfo. You don’t have to put down other artists either.

  93. Rihanna Lately January 16, 2014

    She’s no Icon… How many US #1s she got? Her Tour grossed $100 Million + ? Nope.
    She was overrated but she’s still better than Beyawnce and Ci error

  94. Ciara Squad January 16, 2014


    While we encourage healthy debate, abusive comments will not be tolerated.

  95. Music Stan ( ya’ll know who I stan for ) January 16, 2014

    Some of ya’ll are sooooo damn stupid 90’s kids don’t s*** about good music… and tours and having numberous #1 single that sales for $1.29 doesn’t make you an icon neither… she (aaliyah) have number #1 album before itunes was popping and that was when you actual have to buy the physical copy…

  96. Lovebird January 16, 2014

    Love Aaliyah, she was getting bigger and bigger and better and better.

    Her music sounded like no other at the time, she was a pioneer.


  97. Rihanna Lately January 16, 2014

    Rihanna is what you call Legendary and Iconic .. A unknown girl from barbados comes and ends every Female African American musician including Beyawnce. Rihanna is that biitch ended everyone even if this basic dead biitch couldn’t stop Rih.. No one can stop her! Dying @ these random Aaliyah stans popping up randomly from the dead.

  98. Mark111 January 16, 2014

    I think the Beyonce hate Aaliyah because in her cut short 7 year career, she’s a legend and we’ll respected while Beyonce is going on 16 years and still can’t grab the title legendary. Ciara fans (all 27 of them) hate Aaliyah cause she had 3 successful albums while Ciara had 3 flopping failures. The fact that she’s still remembered 11 years after her death says a lot when most can’t even reach the 10 year mark without flopping or going crazy.

    No need for “what if” or “could’ve been”, Aaliyah legacy is already written, 1 #1 and countless top 40s. Something that R&B singers and her peers can’t do today. There was no downward spiral of her career, all 7 years was a success with assuccessful film. Let them try to tarnish her career, she’s already the Queen of Urban Pop.

  99. Ciara Squad January 16, 2014

    She meant to die in that Plane crash. No more Aaliyah. Rest in Pîśś Aaliyah

  100. Music Stan ( ya’ll know who I stan for ) January 16, 2014

    @UTOPIA Mary J never said that I’m a huge Mary Stan and actaul they were friends so stop trying to put word in someone’s mouth who didn’t say it… #wherearethefacts i will wait……

  101. Rihiconna January 16, 2014

    Aaliyah would have been huge!! She would have been the Pink of urban music. And CI-ERROR wouldn’t have been signed since they are similar. Nobody would have been checking for her or Cassie. They just wanted someone to replace her but that’s never gonna happen.

  102. molly January 16, 2014

    @mark ciara fans dont hate aaliyah correct your statement thanks.

  103. Beyonslay Carter January 16, 2014

    Aàliyah’s slût àss wouldn’t be as overhyped if she was still alive. People wouldn’t be calling her a “legend” if she was still alive. She is not the best live singer, now deal.

  104. Music Stan ( ya’ll know who I stan for ) January 16, 2014

    @mark11 I’m a fan of both ciara and beyonce and probably along with some other that has common sense aaliyah was/is my idol and still love her music… Ciara and Beyonce both said they were inspired by her …. so don’t say all ciara fans cause i’m not one of the crazy fan without common sense I’M THE ONE WITH IT

  105. Aaliyah’s #1 January 16, 2014

    screw the haters that disliked this post cuz IT WAS FULL OF TRUTH!

  106. Fran January 16, 2014

    RIP! Rock the boat is still my jam.

  107. SLAY_HIVE January 16, 2014

    “I think the Beyonce hate Aaliyah because in her cut short 7 year career, she’s a legend and we’ll respected while Beyonce is going on 16 years and still can’t grab the title legendary.”

    Completely false and ridiculous! Aaliyah is no legend. She’s only considered that because of her death. Beyonce is already considered an Icon and budding legend now, so wtf are you talking about?

  108. anonymous January 16, 2014

    @flopconic cici b**** please. are you kidding me? flopara is the biggest Aaliyah wannabe out there. everybody was saying that back when she first came out but she will never be as great as Aaliyah. f*** outta here.

  109. Aaliyah’s #1 January 16, 2014

    the first post /\

  110. Fran January 16, 2014

    @Mark111 Beyonce is very respected outside of these hating ass blogs and has technically she has grabbed the title shes the youngest artist to ever receive a legend award so try again. Beyoncé fans have no reason to be mad Aaliyah wasn’t seen as a legend the 7 years she was alive no shade. And shes still not totally seen as one now. She was an R&B icon. I like Aaliyah but don’t go there.

  111. Fran January 16, 2014

    7 years she made music**

  112. Lovebird January 16, 2014

    Oh gawd Beyonce fans are so stupid.

    All these Beyonce fans hating on Aaliyah and her legacy are so retarded; you guys are functional vegetables with little brain processing power.

    You better loom Aaliyah up and maybe you’ll be enlightened at how her influence eclipses whatever form of authenticity Beyonce clings to.

  113. DOSSOME January 16, 2014

    How are you honouring Aaliyah with this article when you allow comments full of stupidity be posted on this particular thread?This is such a shame Sam.Whatever the motive for posting this article was,it shouldn’t have deterioriated to this.SMH

  114. Fran January 16, 2014

    ‘All these Beyoncé fans hating on Aaliyah’ Um where? I only see one distasteful comment and multiple from Rihanna fans and Ciara fans. Please be seated.

  115. Jojo January 16, 2014

    Comment Removed:


  116. SLAY_HIVE January 16, 2014

    Lovebird stfu. You probably didn’t even know who Aaliyah was until this post!

    Go listen to katy perry b****

  117. Vee January 16, 2014

    Rest In Piece I love her music but @Unbiased I agree with you totally.

    @lovebird Your brain functions like a vegetable if you only chose to focus on the few Beyonce stans to your convenience in here out of all the really nasty disrespectful comments. Apply to everyone if you care about Aaliyah so much. Not here for hypocrisy.

  118. Lovebird January 16, 2014

    I really don’t understand how Beyonce fans go through life being this dumb and artistically retarded.

    Anyway let me stop; Aaliyah is a legend and her legacy is solid. She’ll forever remembered for her unique style and sound in the industry.

    R.I.P Aaliyah

    Now Playing: 4 Page letter

  119. anonymous January 16, 2014

    Bitter Flopera stans are pressed as usual because they stan for a irrelevant flop babymama. They mad Cause Aaliyah is better and was out first, and Ciara is a low budget copycat of Aaliyah LOL. Rihanna Lately shouldnt be talking either, I like Rihanna but she cant sing to save her life and Aaliyah had more class than Rihanna.

    Aaliyah > Ciara,
    Aaliyah > Rihanna

  120. Savannah January 16, 2014

    The comments on this post are absolutely disgusting. You trolls ruin everything!!

  121. Music Stan ( ya’ll know who I stan for ) January 16, 2014

    I have a question for all of you!!!!! Ya’ll love throwing the word “FLOP” Around to people who has a fanbased bigger than you and who is living their dreams while you stuck on your miserable jobs, whose life is more intresting than you, and have more money than all of you… My question to you is how many records have any of ya’ll sold, how many concert tixs have you sell, how long your career has been, how many stadiums, concert venues, or festival have you played, how many awards do you have ( perfect attendeance and high school diplomas and college degrees don’t count) how many people scream your name everynight and ask for an encore??? when all of you can answer this then have the “FLOP” CONVO until then SHUT UP…… Kudos to all the Celebs ( even the one I don’t really care for) for living their dream and accomplishing their goals

  122. Lovebird January 16, 2014

    I saw that pic of Beyonce kissing a c****; I was thinking to myself “she’s kissing something smarter and much more respectful than the average Beyonce fan”.

    I now see why she pays them dust, who would want to acknowledge that?

  123. Rihanna Lately January 16, 2014


    While we encourage healthy debate, abusive comments will not be tolerated.

  124. DOSSOME January 16, 2014

    Well RIP Aaliyah.You would think with the tonnes of Ciara,Beyonce and Rihanna posts this site puts up everyday that these fools will be too booked to spill-over to such a meaningful post with their shitloads of stupidity

  125. Lovebird January 16, 2014

    I’m pretty sure there are many indie artists who’ve sold more records than Ciara’s 3 previous albums and have probably booked more stages too.

    If Lisa Lavie, a YouTube star can go on a World Tour, why can’t Ciara?

  126. Lovebird January 16, 2014

    Anyway RIP Aaliyah, she needs to be honored adequately.

  127. Vee January 16, 2014

    Lovebird you are disrespectful. Trying to rile up Beyoncé stans on post like this. Stop making this about Beyoncé when it doesn’t need to be. This is Aaliyahs post and you’re talking about Beyoncé with a c****? How disrespect of you! Shame on you!

  128. Savannah January 16, 2014

    Anyway happy birthday baby girl and QUEEN Sade! Can we get a Sade post too?? 🙂

  129. Rihanna Lately January 16, 2014

    Comment Removed:


  130. Aaliyah’s #1 January 16, 2014

    GABBY, UTOPIA & NOSHADE should really be considered by TGJ to be banned. They are not adding anything of value to the responses on this article and continue to bash an Icon whom is no longer amongst the living or capable of defending herself! The 3 are CLEARLY from a generation that was not blessed enough to have witnessed Aaliyah’s life or career on a personal level. The 3 CLEARLY haven’t even researched the woman’s career with enough depth to justify just harassing remarks. Aaliyah was BRILLIANT and contained talent that was DECADES ahead of her time. Pop music as a whole changed because of Aaliyah’s influence on the industry; look to your favs Bey-Ci-Ri whoever the f*** you want to see the proof of what i’m writing! Aaliyah’s lower register is STILL the vocal standard in today’s Pop Music industry; WITHOUT A DOUBT! And that was just her lower register cuz she had a voice & her range surpassed your favs; prove me wrong! I dare you to prove me wrong! There are enough of her live performances and unfinished tracks available to everyone on youtube that displays her vocal range beautifully! And last but certainly not least; its Aaliyah’s birthday people. Seriously show the woman the respect that she earned in life and most definitely deserves in the after life! If you choose not to than I send a very sincere F*** YOU to all of you hater’s dead parents, friends & grand parents and even your dead pets!

  131. SLAY_HIVE January 16, 2014

    It’s a shame how pressed Beyonce’s fans have you. The article is clearly about Aaliyah. If you don’t like us or what we have to say, then focus on praising Aaliyah. Even though i know that is difficult for you to do. SMH

    BTW she is no legend. 😉

    She would have been in the same boat as the Monica’s, Brandy’s, and Ashanti’s, as far as impact and commercial success! They would have been called “legends” if they tragically passed, as well.

  132. Aaliyah’s #1 January 16, 2014

    Happy Birthday Aaliyah! I miss you terribly and can only hope to meet you on the other side. You were and still are a true Angel and I am thankful to have witnessed your life, music and impact on the world. I love you Baby Girl, rest peacefully.

  133. Aaliyah’s #1 January 16, 2014

    stfu Slay-Hive, you’re full of s***

  134. Music Stan ( ya’ll know who I stan for ) January 16, 2014

    @Rihanna Latley let me school you…. Umm yea Rih is from the Island but her original people are from Africa ( originaly) some of the slaves where ship to america and other were ship to the island… and don’t think living on a island is much easy… learn their history before come for a entire ethnic group cause not all african american are trash boo…. you are trash for even saying that and the last time I’ve check there isn’t a slot for you to check carribean on any job apps so according to white american rihanna is african….. black…. learn idoit!!!!! #Damn90’skidsdon’tknowSH!T

  135. Ciara is everything January 16, 2014

    Tbh Aaliyah is a legend by default she didn’t really get that title for really accomplishing things like Michael and Janet did Beyonce is on her way there in a matter of 3-5 years from accomplishing legendary achievements. Aaliyah was a great artist but ever since her death people have hype her up so much then what she really was i feel like if you weren’t considered a legend before you’re death you aren’t one after death. @Slay_Hive

  136. SLAY_HIVE January 16, 2014

    And you’re an asswipe 😉

  137. Aaliyah’s #1 January 16, 2014

    Rihanna-Lately has no f****** idea about the African S**** trade so how the f*** can they be taken seriously about a deceased music artist?

    Take your ass to google and do some learning please; blacks already have enough of a problem with ignorance….

  138. LOVE January 16, 2014

    You Ci-error stand are PATHETIC. Your fave copies Aaliyah. You bîtches are delusional!

  139. Ciara is everything January 16, 2014

    @Hive @Navy @CSquad @AaliyahFans what was so special & different about Aaliyah that she would have affected Ciara Beyonce and Rihannas career?

  140. Ciara is everything January 16, 2014

    I see no similarities between Aaliyah and Ciara except that they have light voices and were black

  141. Music Stan ( ya’ll know who I stan for ) January 16, 2014

    ummm I like you at time but you are def wrong Aaliyah is consider a Legend because of her originality and unique in music…. she along with brandy and monica path the way for many young artist today…. While Whitney, Mary, Mariah, Janet, and Toni were dominating the 90’s Aaliyah, Brandy, Monica and Mya were right behind them…. They all influence Beyonce she said it numberous of time… and MATTER of Fact Beyonce and Aaliyah were good friends… Yes Aaliyah didn’t get grammy’s for her work but she was nominated 5x for grammy’s she has 4 out of 6 american music awards, and 6 bilboard awards 3 mtv music awards, journey to the past was nominated for an Academy award and a Golden Globe award, she had sold 32 million records (worldwide), She had been Name The Princess of Urban a POP and R&B, she has redefine the sound of contemporary R&B and Hip Hop… She had 3 #1 albums… so that does make her a legend… Yeah beyonce has more than her and everything but.. Aaliyah is a legend in her own right…. She has influence Beyonce and many other R&B and POP divas out now, with Her Lyrics, Music, Style and Artisty…
    Love ya but just have to point that out

  142. ROSEGOLD January 16, 2014

    The amount of trolling on this website is absurd, but I digress…

    Aaliyah was in the process of going mainstream around the time of her demise. She is most definitely an R&B icon and legend, whether you want to admit it or not. Of course she wasn’t “America’s sweetheart” like Brandy or “Sassy baby Whitney” like Monica, but Aaliyah always stayed in her lane and never strayed from her signature style. I cannot say how the industry would be if she were here, simply because she’s not…but I don’t think things would be any different than they are now.

  143. Aaliyah’s #1 January 16, 2014

    CIARA IS EVERYTHING.. there difference you seek is PURE TALENT. soon as your favs can generate their own and stop dropping hits based on the industry standards put in place after Aaliyah’s passing and WITHOUT needing to steal the ideas of other talented musicians; i’ll listen to whatever garbage you chose to put out into the universe.

  144. anonymous January 16, 2014

    @cocobutta street thing was my favorite song off her first album too.

  145. ROSEGOLD January 16, 2014

    Fav Aaliyah song – “At Your Best”

  146. Ciara is everything January 16, 2014

    @Aaliyah Ciara and Beyonce definitely have more talent then Aaliyah now Rihanna thats debatable Lmao. Like Aaliyah wasn’t all that of a dancer and her vocals weren’t nothing special to me just being honest (:

  147. Valerie January 16, 2014

    Aaliyah is an r&b icon not a legend. Yall need to distinguish the difference.

  148. Truth January 16, 2014

    This thread is messy and sad. How do you say thank god she is dead? This site I swear you peoe make me sick. Sam should have turned comment section off because this has gone way too far. Sad people

  149. anonymous January 16, 2014

    @Rihanna lately b**** your fav is the trashiest artist out there. How can you call Aaliyah trash when your fav is singing about strip clubs and posing n*** on the front of her album covers to get people to buy it?

  150. Music Stan ( ya’ll know who I stan for ) January 16, 2014

    @Rosegold heyy

  151. Sandra January 16, 2014

    I love Aaliyah!! She is really a legend, she made such a big impact in the 7 years she was musically active, and one can only imagine all the music she would have made if she was alive. Aaliyah was such a good singer, with a unique distinctive voice, a great smooth dancer, and great perfomer. She had a special charisma and seemed like a nice person. She was also so beautiful. I love her songs. If she was alive she would have evolved and become even better. She was also a good actress, I wish she’d had the chance to make more movies. Happy Birthday Aaliyah <3

  152. ROSEGOLD January 16, 2014

    Heyyy Musicstan! Finally a SANE person! Lol

  153. ciara squad January 16, 2014

    Comment Removed:


  154. Aaliyah’s #1 January 16, 2014

    CIARA IS EVERYTHING; I could give a rats ass about your ignorant opinion. You most likely weren’t around when she was and you most likely haven’t researched her enough to make a valid opinion and thats fine. I’m just making sure OTHERS like yourself don’t just listen to some little kid’s opinions and decide not to discover her artistry and remain ignorant; like you have decided to. You’re spreading crap propaganda that only serves to keep people from discovering Aaliyah’s music if they’ve never listened to her. Real fans of hers aren’t stans like you are you for talentless acts like Ciara & Industry P****. She is an Icon and deserves respect; regardless of what some pimply kid like you has to say about it.

  155. Music Stan ( ya’ll know who I stan for ) January 16, 2014

    @rosegold yeaa me and couple of other these damn children from the 90’s are sooo disrespectful

  156. Music Stan ( ya’ll know who I stan for ) January 16, 2014

    @Aaliyah#1 I agree with you but I also like Ciara too and she herself said numberous of time she was inspired by Aaliyah that is why Tim and Missy deem her as somewhat like Aaliyah, she reminds them of her…. don’t argue with 90’s children… cause a real ciara and bey fan can said that they love and respect her ( aaliyah)

  157. FAF January 16, 2014

    @Gabby ciara strong ass jawline is having a REAL baby LMAOOOO! A “real” WOMAN COULDNT EVEN CARRY HER OWN! KIII

    Rip bbygirl 🙁

  158. Revolution January 16, 2014

    Rest in peace she had a lot of potential. But if Aaliyah was a true legend, we would not be having a debate over it. Yes she had a cute career and decent legacy but I would not class her as a legend. Icon maybe, legend no.

  159. Music Stan ( ya’ll know who I stan for ) January 16, 2014

    Aaliyah’s work has influenced numerous artists including Adele,[142] Ciara,[143] Beyoncé Knowles,[144] Monica,[145] Chris Brown,[95] Rihanna,[146] Azealia Banks, Sevyn Streeter,[147] Keyshia Cole,[148] J. Cole,[149] Kelly Rowland,[150] Zendaya,[151] Rita Ora,[152] Omarion,[153] Canadian R&B singer Keshia Chanté who is said to play as her in her pending biopic, complimented the singers futuristic style in music.[154] R&B singer and friend Brandy said about the late singer “She came out before Monica and I did, she was our inspiration. At the time, record companies did not believe in kid acts and it was just inspiring to see someone that was winning and winning being themselves. When I met her I embraced her, I was so happy to meet her.”[155] Rapper Drake said that the singer has had the biggest influence on his career. He also has a tattoo of the singer behind his back.[156]

    There to shut all you up

  160. TRUTH January 16, 2014

    THIS IS NOT FUNNY AND I FIND IT TO BE VERY DISRESPECTFUL. I wont even go into this stupid war over who is better. You all should really really be ashamed and if you are not then that is your own KARMA that you are bringing to the ultimate low and NOTHING GOOD WILL COME TO YOU BECAUSE OF THIS HATE.

  161. truth January 16, 2014


  162. ROSEGOLD January 16, 2014

    @Musicstan It’s so sad that they didn’t grow up in the 90’s. We had the best of everything! MUSIC, tv, candy, fashion lol. I can’t believe how left-field this post went…but then again, this is TGJ. I’m used to it lol.

  163. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014

    When Aliyah died people (did) try to make her bigger than she really was before she died. Aliyah was never a big star or a really big star. Aliyah had just 2 hits and they weren’t that big here in EU, and her childish singing voice wasn’t a great. Aliyah became a little bit more famous after she died BECAUSE SHE DIED, not because of her music. I hate it when ppls died ppls try to make them bigger or nicer person than they really were in life, music etc before they died. The same thing they also did or they did try to do with Amy Winehouse after she died, Amy was more know for her drug alcohol problems than for her music’s, and her drugs alcoholic voice wasn’t all that. Amy was a bigger drugsalcoholicSTAR than a music star.

  164. Mrs. Stephy Tha Lambily January 16, 2014

    How is this woman a legend? People has to stop THROWING that word at every person that has success…

    Aaliyah was a superstar NOT a legend.

    Madonna, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson etc… ARE LEGENDS!!!

    Aaliyah’s style was a carbon copy of hip hop & Janet Jackson.

    Her music was only special due to her affiliation with Missy Elliot, R Kelly & Timberland.

    R Kelly mad her first album.

    Timberland & Missy Elliot are the ones who made ONE IN A MILLION not Aaliyah.

    Aaliyah was great & cool but to call her a legend like a Madonna or Michael is absurd!

    I dont even consider Beyonce a legend. And she has had a bigger impact than Aaliyah has ever had even when she was the LEAD singer/performer of Destiny’s Child.

    Aaliyah never had big hits like Survivor or Independent Women…

    Aaliyah was a better actress tho…

    Her stage performances was nothing special but a Janet Jackson downgrade. Her voice was cute.

    Janet Jackson really inspired alot of these girls. I see more inspiration from Janet Jackson than I do with Madonna for these lil girls that has come after Janet/Madonna era.

    Janet Jackson is what you would call a true legend.



    3.) Been working in show business since Goodtimes.

    Janet Jackson been working since the 1970’s

    But that does have alot to do with the fact that she was a JACKSON. But still she is a real Legend NOT Aaliyah.

    RIP Aaliyah…

  165. Music Stan ( ya’ll know who I stan for ) January 16, 2014

    @Rosegold Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss 80’s babies rules the world… we was the first to learn how to do everything… I wish TGJ would ban some of these stans cause it is pitful how they call ppl out their name and be sooo disrespect like on a ciara post they were wishing harm to her unborn child… sicking to my stomach

  166. ROSEGOLD January 16, 2014

    Ciara does not give me Aaliyah at all. If anything, Sevyn Streeter gives me Aaliyah. When Ciara first dropped, her style was hood-tomboy meets Janet. She’s a much more aggressive dancer than Aaliyah. Aaliyah was more smooth-s***-street-mysterious.

  167. Sandra January 16, 2014

    @Antigarbage voices
    Aaliyah was a big star, and she would be even bigger if she got to live and release more albums. I live in Sweden and I’m a Aaliyah fan. She didn’t even get to reach her full potential so you talking about hits and sales is irrelevant. Aaliyah sold over 35+ million records, was nominated for an Academy award, and won many awards.
    Her songs are classic, her videos are great. Artistically Aaliyah is miles ahead of Beyonce, beyonces videos and songs are trash compared to Aaliyah’s. R.I.P Aaliyah she’s a legend.

  168. ROSEGOLD January 16, 2014

    @Stephy Aaliyah is INDEED an R&B icon/legend. The people you named are MAINSTREAM icons & legends. Her writers and producers are irrelevant to her iconic stature…

  169. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014

    Like This Comment Dislike This Comment
    January 16, 2014 at 3:38 pm
    Aaliyah’s work has influenced numerous artists including Adele,[142] Ciara,[143] Beyoncé Knowles,[144] Monica,[145] Chris Brown,[95] Rihanna,[146] Azealia Banks, Sevyn Streeter,[147] Keyshia Cole,[148] J. Cole,[149] Kelly Rowland,[150] Zendaya,[151] Rita Ora,[152] Omarion,[

    …… What a BS. None of this ppls sing the same as Aliyah or their music voice sound the as Aliyah did. None of them call Aliyah their hero or the one that did influenced them, you are just trying to score with BS, you clearly don’t know what you are talking about. In Beyonce bio about who influence her, Aliyah name isn’t in it.

  170. Sisqo is a Legend January 16, 2014


  171. Sandra January 16, 2014

    And for you people saying Aaliyah can’t sing, are you serious?? She had one of the most versatile voices, she could hit falsetto notes and also sing very low and her transitions were great. Just listen to songs like The one I gave my heart to, If your girl only knew and many more

  172. Music Stan ( ya’ll know who I stan for ) January 16, 2014

    @Stephy she was because of her Originality and artisty in music…. she always step outside the boxs, if that was the case then Janet would be in the same boat cause Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis Made Control, Janet , and RN(Rhythm Nation) quincy jones made off the wall, thriller and bad and so and so… yeah janet and michael are songwriter but alot of those song on those albums i just listed were already written from someone else… them along with aaliyah did one thing that most artists couldn’t do and that was to make the song theirs and put feeling and uniqueness to it… accolades does count but if you going to go there then that would make a lot of ppl after her a legend cause of awards and sales…. but that isn’t the point… AALIYAH along with Mary J Blige redefine Urban music that what makes them a legend… they have path the way for some of the older and newer artist today… people were follow their format to sucess…. that is why I would consider her a legend she had an impact before her death… in fashion and music people dress like her and want to look like her just like michael in the 80’s…..

  173. Revolution January 16, 2014

    @Music stan well then I guess that makes Beyoncé a legend time 10000x since she has her own wiki page of artists influenced by her.

  174. I love the 90s January 16, 2014

    Most artists in the 90s didn’t write their own music! S*** I wish I was a songwriter back then because they were probably making bank! Aaliyah was a classically trained vocalist and actress! She took her crafts seriously! She is an icon!

  175. Music Stan ( ya’ll know who I stan for ) January 16, 2014

    @anti just cause it is in her bio ( which you can edit on internet) doesn’t mean she wasn’t inspried of influence by aaliyah she said in interview and you can see and hear it in her music… Beyonce and Aaliyah were very close.. they hung out alot google pic there are worth a thousand words….. I’m going to said this if you were born in the 90’s don’t @ me cause ya’ll don’t know s*** about music and how it was redefine… all yall do is talk about pop music which is bland and generic at times… and think ya’ll know a thing or two about artisty and uniqueness…. please…. alot of ya’ll faves are and still is inspired by this woman and they said it out there own mouth since ya’ll love googling chart placement google interview about your faves and listen to what they have to said about other artists instead of dissing them you would know that your fave have respect for the one you are dissing… BYE

  176. Boldblond January 16, 2014

    She is no legend material just a basic r&b chick one hit onder. I still listen try again and more rhan a woman but legend or icon is somethin different and that girl is none of them just a vocalist. And that ciara thing is an aaliyah and janet mix and u can see hıw successful she is:) so stop calling aaliyah something special. But of course her death is just too sad RIP. I dont have anything to say about her humanity cuz I dont know her and people here need to stop commenting about her personality like they knew her

  177. dark horse January 16, 2014

    if aaliyahs a legend then so is katy!

  178. anonymous January 16, 2014

    @Alexis I agree with you. The internet really does bring out the ugly true colors in people. these Ghetto low class b****** are trashy and souless for saying such horrible things about a dead woman, sadly this is the highlight of their day to talk trash on a blogsite all day about and sweet innocent woman who’s dead, WOW. but dont worry one day they will have their payback day because God dont like ugly.

  179. Music Stan ( ya’ll know who I stan for ) January 16, 2014

    @Revoultion, I would said she is, I never said Beyonce wasn’t so stop putting word that I didn’t say in my mouth… Beyonce has earn her spot as a Living Legend… I never said she wasn’t…. I love and Respect her she is one of my favorite females along with Brandy, Monica, Mary J, Toni, Janet,Jazmine Sullivan, Jill Scott, Ciara and many other in r&b I don’t really listen to POP so I can’t really name some in that genre too but I have much respect for her

  180. Navy Commander January 16, 2014

    Sam please block rihanna lately’s ip Adress

  181. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014


    When I did copy your name, i did give you a + and that is a mistake. So not 3 but just 2.

    And You said it all with your post, YOU ARE A FAN. Aliyah was a upcoming star, she’s wasn’t a big star and i live in Amsterdam-Holland. And IF she did stay alive blah blah blah, but she didn’t, didn’t she? So i don’t care about the IF cuz the IF in your case is fantasy and it has nothing to do with the reality before she died. Before she died she wasn’t a BIG STAR (not in the EU), she was a upcoming star that got more fame after she died. Know the difference sweetheart.

  182. ENOUGH January 16, 2014

    People kill me overhyping Aaliyah. Yes she was talented and had a promising career, but to call her a legend is going overboard. People tend to pay more attention to stars once they are deceased. She didn’t have much of an impact on the music industry. I would say she is an R&B icon at the least.

  183. anonymous January 16, 2014

    @Revolution well if you look on Beyonce’s wikipedia page it says that Aaliyah was one of Beyonce’s influences

  184. ENOUGH January 16, 2014

    I dont take all of those influences list seriously. They tend to always list artists that came before current artists whether there is a similarity or not.

  185. Music Stan ( ya’ll know who I stan for ) January 16, 2014

    @anonymous thank you

  186. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014

    Keep creating fantasy about a person because she’s dead. I prefer the truth, the reality. Aliyah singing voice wasn’t a great singing voice. Never liked her weak childish voice, cannot handle the sound of it. I don’t like Rihanna voice either but I prefer Rihanna voice than Aliyah voice.

  187. NAVY COMMANDER January 16, 2014

    these “KatyCats” must be trolls

  188. cruz January 16, 2014

    @Utopia – You aren’t even worth a rude response, I feel bad for you.

  189. I love the 90s January 16, 2014


    O/T what do you think of fantasia? I think she’s well on her way to becoming an Aretha/Patti type legend!!

  190. Revolution January 16, 2014

    @Anonymous I already know. But thats my point. Rihanna has also had influence on artists. I guess that makes her a legend too? And all of those people who said they were influenced by her are not even like her really. And if they are similar its VERY likely they took from JANET JACKSON originally. Who is the real legend.

    I said, Aaliyah is and remains and r&b icon. Icon =\= legend.

  191. applause January 16, 2014

    Aaliyah voice was basic and her dancing was average she wasn’t all that sorry.

  192. applause January 16, 2014

    But she was prettier than Beyonce and Rihanna

  193. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014


    Exactly. Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley etc, those were Big Star. And she wasn’t even a R&B icon either, and when did she ever received a iconic prize when she was alive? All that Aliyah hype is for money. She’s dead but she doesn’t sell. BIG STAR??? hahaha.

  194. RobynBIM January 16, 2014

    So Aaliyah’s a legend for 7 years in the game, but Rihanna can’t be iconic when she’s done more in 7 years

  195. applause January 16, 2014

    Gaga Rihanna Katy and Miley have all done more then Aaliyah yet no one calls them a legend was Aaliyah even international?

  196. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014

    … the ripe age of 21, she’d already more accomplished than many musicians achieve their whole careers….


    THE LIE, THE HYPING, MAKING HER BIGGER THAN SHE REALLY WAS ALIVE, the fantasy that they want you to believe. In EU Aliyah was a upcoming star and became a little more famous thanks to that movie “Romeo must die”, but she wasn’t a BIG STAR or extremely famous like today Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley, Katy Perry etc.

  197. TheBrooklynBombshell January 16, 2014

    Forever Relevant.

  198. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014



  199. Mrs. Stephy Tha Lambily January 16, 2014

    There is no such thign as MAINSTREAM LEGENDS!!!

    Its either you are a musical legend or not.

    Aaliyah is NOT a legend like Mariah Carey or Janet Jackson.

    Her music was not made nor writen by her. Her style was not original at all. Her swagger came from hip hop. Xscape, TLC, SWV & many other girls dressed in that same ol’ baggy cloths style. Her voice is nothing but a Janet Jackson copy. Her dancing is a downgrade of Janet Jackson. Her albums never had anything legendary.original about them. Except the fact that Missy Elliot & Timberland GAVE HER THEIR SOUND!!!

    She was never bigger than BEYONCE.

    Beyonce has huge international hits with her background singers.

    2000: Independent Women stayed @ nmumber 1 for over 10+ weeks & went number 1 in many countries worldwide.

    Beyonce & her background singers had already outsold Aaliyah with just 2 fuckingg albums.

    Survivor was gonna outsell Ciara’s oops I mean Aaliyah’s 2001 album regardless if she lived or died.

    Also, last but certainly not least Aaliyah could NEVER step to Beyonce when it came to performing.

    Beyonce has always been a better performer. But Aaliyah could dance better but not overall perform/put on a show better.

    Aaliyah was great but her life was cut to short. If she would’ve lived & stayed relavent like Beyonce has for the next 13 years. Then maybe we can start DISCUSSING whether or not she is legend material.

    But 3 albums that you did not write nor produced does not make you a legend. That would not be fair to real legends like Prince, Madonna & even behind the scene legends like David Foster, Diane Warren, Walter Afanasieff & Babyface.

  200. anonymous January 16, 2014

    @Applause no one calls them a legend because they are basic t*** pop stars and nothing more. outside of teenagers and early 20 something year olds, nobody else is listening to their music. they’re only considered legends to teenagers.

  201. Navy Commander(R8 – November) January 16, 2014

    Her 1998 oscars performance was amazing

  202. Navy Commander(R8) January 16, 2014

    OMG NOT “background singers” though stephy? NOOOOOO

  203. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014


    STFU. Men only need to look at their concerts to see grow ups above the 35 at their concerts on YouTube. You are as young as you feel and that has nothing to do with age. (and at a Beyonce concerts you see and will see all ages, young and old above the 60 and im a eyewitness).

  204. LA LA January 16, 2014

    When it comes to Performers (Singers/Dancers) in the Black Female R&B Genre that were ruling. The timelines shows.

    Janet Jackson (1990-1999), Aaliyah(2000 – 2001), Beyonce (2003 – 2009), Rihanna (2010- 2013) and Beyonce (2014 – Present).

    Aaliyah was at the top during her two years when she released “Try Again” and the “Aaliyah (Album).” In my opinion.

    Can we please just take the time to celebrate all of these women! And quit arguing, geeez, and get some p***y to relieve your madness.

    Ever since Beyonce released “Single Ladies” and than released “Ego.” I don’t know but that song was like a celebration of her career!

    Aaliyah did so much during her 7year (YOUNG) career. That should be respected. A lot of people fail to achieve that.

  205. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014

    January 16, 2014 at 4:49 pm)


    1000 thumbs up for you.

  206. FutureCIARA January 16, 2014


    Although VERY HAPPY, they made Drakeisha scrapp that Aaliyah album!

  207. ROSEGOLD January 16, 2014

    @Stephy certain genre’s indeed have icons/legends. Artists like Anita Baker, Patti LaBelle, Phyllis Hyman etc are considered iconic in their respective genres (R&B/soul/Quiet Storm) but they aren’t generally cared about/known in the mainstream like MJ, Mariah, Whitney etc. Don’t get me wrong, Miss Patti has been getting her flowers and respect but she doesn’t have a platinum album under her belt. Would that make her any less legendary? Anita has sold millions, won Grammys and is considered the “Queen of Quiet Storm,” but she isn’t a household name. Would that make her any less iconic/legendary?

    Aaliyah is iconic (I’m iffy on the legendary thing) because she had legions of girls trying to be her (including some of these new aged artists who cite her as an inspiration). She pretty much trademarked that swoop hairstyle. I like you because you have a lot of musical knowledge, but whoever created her sound is irrelevant! We do not know how much input she had in regards to her brand. She may have dressed in a 90’s tomboy style, but she still put her signature Aaliyah spin on it! She didn’t reach iconic status until after death, but she is still an R&B icon nonetheless.

  208. ROSEGOLD January 16, 2014

    I’m sorry, Patti has 2 platinum albums.

  209. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014


    Beyonce is 1997 till now, she never stopped or left, she was touring in 2013, she did supper bow etc. She never left, so how do you mean Beyonce this year but not that year etc? AND do not forget Rihanna took a year of in 2013. So why are you taking years of Beyonce but don’t do the same with Rihanna 2013? And Beyoncé album is December 2013. Your “that year this one or that one list ” is just a big BS. Every year was a Beyonce year, she won prizes in the years that she didn’t make a album, she took many prizes in 2011 and in 2012. Wikipedia sweetie. And sweetie don’t forget the movies that she played in. Beyonce never stopped.

  210. anonymous January 16, 2014

    Anit Garbage actually you need to STFU and calm down. most of those people who go to them concerts have zero taste in music. all their music is generic over produced/Autotune pop. I dont consider people who use autotune to be legends. and I dont know many older people who talk about their music. You sound like you’re young too. Im young as well but I know good music when I hear it. todays singers dont sing as good as the older singers used to. whitney, Mariah, and Michael are true legends. Aretha, Celine. they have memorable music. sorry but todays singers and music have nothing on the 80s and 90s music. just my opinion.

  211. Chic soul January 16, 2014

    Aaliyah became an icon after her death, yup. She has plenty of iconic videos and looks. She wasn’t the best singer or performer but I would say she’s iconic. It’s really sad because she was on the verge of really blowing up.

    @LALA don’t forget Janet slayed in 2001 with the Nutty Professor movie and the “All For You” album which went 5x platinum in America….

  212. Chic soul January 16, 2014

    Aaliyah kept her tomboy image up until 2000. TLC, Xscape and SWV dropped that image after their debut albums. Aaliyah was blossoming into a beautiful woman.

  213. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014

    Aliyah sold more singles (not albums) after her dead thanks to her dead and was a upcoming star. Yeah dead she sold more than when she she was alive, but did she sold a lot? No. Aliyah became is a big hype after her dead. The way they were hyping Aliyah, you would think that alive she was a bigger star than Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston etc.

  214. anonymous January 16, 2014

    and I never said anything about Beyonce. I like her music too. Im just not a Katy perry, Lady Gaga or rihanna fan. again thats just my opinion. I was more of a Aaliyah fan maybe because I prefer R&B Music.

  215. Aaliyah Fan January 16, 2014

    OH, is that because she would slay your fav both on stage and on the charts? Lol I mean you fav is the h** Rihanna who sounds like a goat when she sings live… have a seat.

  216. LA LA January 16, 2014

    Yes! @CHIC SOUL

    Janet Jackson is another one that doesn’t get much credit.

    I’m just saying to people to respect Aaliyah for doing so many memorable things in her career. She had a distinctful voice in the 90’s. She sang her songs in falsetto over hard hip hop beats and made it sounds S*** like you were having an eargasm lol.

    And people Aaliyah and Beyonce are different artists with different appeal. Comparing Aaliyah to Beyonce is like comparing Sade to Tina Turner. Their both uniquely different. Sad thing is Aaliyah didn’t get the chance to hone her artistry more.

    I’ll forever love that young lady.

  217. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014

    And thanks to way she died, ppls will always keep hyping her. I’ve seen in my live people’s hating, dislike someone or each others but when that person DIED, suddenly he or she is a hero, great in their eyes. Fake human beings.

    Me if I did hate dislike you before you died I will still hate, dislike you after you died, NOTHING WILL CHANGE BETWEEN ME AND YOUR DEAD A**.

  218. Aaliyah’s #1 January 16, 2014

    @MusicStan- i’m an 80’s baby and the rejects who are on here bashing Aaliyah are all kids from the 21st century with COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT & BASELESS OPINIONS. I was there going hard for Baby Girl from day 1! She changed the game and all of your favs have her to thank for their fame including those you mentioned earlier….

    @Anti-Garbage Singing Voices, you clearly didn’t start listening to music after she passed and you haven’t researched her enough to make a valid opinion. Go to google and stop eating so much s***!

    @ROSEGOLD- stfu already. First, learn the definitions of Icon & Legend and then google/youtube Aaliyah before talking so much s***.

    @TGJ- can you PLEASE go after these disrespectful little gits who are constantly commenting & joking about her death!?! WTF are you waiting for??? Allowing that type of filth in your comment section is not indicative of a reputable media company, AT ALL!

  219. Aaliyah’s #1 January 16, 2014

    @Anti-Garbage Singing Voices, you’re such an ignorant piece of internet trash. Learn how to spell & write! You must sound so ridiculous in person with that horrible ass speech. I wish I could smack your simple ass with a Rosetta Stone disk! My pitbull speaks English better than you. WTF

  220. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014

    Dislike This Comment +1
    LA LA
    January 16, 2014 at 5:43 pm
    Yes! @CHIC SOUL
    I’m just saying to people to respect Aaliyah for doing so many memorable things in


    OMG the hyping. Name the many memorable things that Aliyah did, accept dying in plane crash? If you name Aliyah name to people that ever heard her name, many will remember her name with a plane crash and not thanks to her music. You get the answer “wasn’t that the girl that died in a plane crash”. Ask them to name a Aliyah song and 9 out of 10 can not give you answer. But name for me the memorable things that Aliyah did? 98.99 % in EU doesn’t even know who she is.

  221. Georgie January 16, 2014

    It has nothing to do with when you were born I was born in the 80s and I am not from the US and Aaliyah is NOT a musical legend where I am from. She was a solid R&B star with some good R&B music.

    She didn’t stretch far enough to be a music legend. She wasn’t considered a legend when she was alive, not even close and her impact has not been that strong. Aaliyahs style was predominantly Janet Jackson infused with hip hop. Legends are people whose name spans across all ages, races and households. You can ask many people in a different demographic to you about Aaliyah and they be like ‘WHO?’ And they would not be classed as that musically uneducated.

  222. Touché January 16, 2014

    Stephy, while I do understand somewhat, you still made a terrible point. By your own logic, singers like Whitney Houston and Celine dion aren’t legends because they didn’t write or make the majority of their material. They weren’t 100 percent original either along with Michael, Madonna, or Mariah for that matter. What makes someone a legend is due to their legacy ( their impact) that will be remembered and used for years to come. I usually like your comments but this one you’ve gone too far on.

  223. Touché January 16, 2014

    Whoops, I used the wrong email.

  224. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014

    @AALIYAH’S #1


    Trash is between your legs. I can write English, you try to write Dutch. And I wish 2 that you can smack my ass so that I can put your ass 7 feet down with my Watson.

  225. Aaliyah’s #1 January 16, 2014

    @Georgie- you’re absolutely correct. That is why thousands of people from all around the world commute to her final resting place in NY every year to pay their respects on her birthday and anniversaries. That is why everyday; she has visitors at her tomb from all around the world. Because as you just stated, she wasn’t a legend and is fairly “unknown” outside of the US. Yup. Every year candelight vigils are held to honor the legacy that she didn’t leave behind… Right? Yea- how about you sit your ass down and stfu?

  226. Georgie January 16, 2014

    @Aaliyahs #1 fan just stop. You are a biased FAN. And the people who go to see her dedicated fans she is NOT that big internationally. Period.

  227. Aaliyah’s #1 January 16, 2014

    Hey @Anti-Garbage Singing Voices

    H** zit je leren h** je goed Engels spreken en stoppen met het verspreiden zo veel haat over Baby Girl als je niets van haar carrière of leven te leren kennen!

  228. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014


    I don’t even gonna waist my time on your BS. Take a look in the mirror. And you can kiss my ass.

  229. Baby Girl January 16, 2014

    Shame on you !!

  230. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014

    @AALIYAH’S #1

    Jij moet je smoel houden. Jij bent een zielige fan, ga ergens anders huilen idioot. Weet je wel h** oud ik ben? Rot toch gauw op.

    And now this, STOP USING GOOGLE TRANSLATE cuz this is “als je niets van haar carrière of leven te leren kennen” <<< WHAT IS THAT? Me SWEETIE, I DON'T NEED A TRANSLATE
    , my father is a afro American, and my English writing isn't 100% but my talking sweetie is 100%.

  231. KLM January 16, 2014

    Aaliyah will ALWAYS have a special place in the hearts of those of us she touched. Always be loved! Bibygirl, r.i.p

  232. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014

    PPLS “AALIYAH’S #1” doesn’t know Dutch. Nice try B****.

    Google translate b****.

    “als je niets van haar carrière of leven te leren kennen”

    Huh? Lmaoooooooooooooo Hahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahaha

    “carrière of leven te leren kennen”??? Hahaha hahahaha my belly hurts hihihahahahaiiiiiihohhohahaha bwhahaha sooooo funny.

  233. BEYONCÉ January 16, 2014

    Brandy was the icon of Aaliyah’s generation.

  234. Sandra January 16, 2014

    @Anti garbage voices
    You’re a beyonce stan so of course you’re stupid. Fact is, Aaliyah was a better singer and dancer than bey, has better music, better videos and is not a thief like beyonce. That’s why you’re pressed right.
    Aaliyah will always be better than beyonce. Happy Birthday Aaliyah, you’re a legend, icon and your style is being copied even today by todays artists. Still relevant almost 13 years after your death!!

  235. Sandra January 16, 2014

    Anti garbage voices,
    Aaliyah has many memorable songs, and they’re all better than beyonce’s trashy garbage like Run the world, Diva,Ego and the rest of her meaningless nonsense.
    Try again, Are u that somebody, Rock the boat, More than a woman, One in a million, The one I gave my heart to, We need a resolution, etc >>>> Any of the trash “music” beyonce has ever done. Deal with it
    And the only reason Beyonce is more famous today than Aaliyah is cuz shes alive and making music, Aaliyah is not, she never got to reach her full potential and prime. Beyonce’s album sales have steadily decreased with each album, while Aaliyah’s album sales increased with each album. She was not even near her sales peak when she died, she would probably go on to sell more on her next album

  236. Sandra January 16, 2014

    Now I’m done with you idiot beyonce fans, you people are the reason everyone hates beyonce. I try to like her but you guys make me dislike her, good job. Aaliyah will always be the queen of urban pop and R&b, you being pressed about her 13 years later just proves it’s true.

  237. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014


    Aliyah better than Beyonce etc etc blah blah? Hahahahaha haha, my belly hurts,help me, bwhahaha hahahahahahahaha. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Sandra, you full with sh!ts, Sh!ts belong in your ass but you clearly have it where your brains be. Sandra keep eating your own sh!t, stupid.

    (Ooo and go change your name again, double face.) Sam do something about the double accounts here. Same people with different names here.

  238. Sandra January 16, 2014

    You need a grammar class, you can neither spell nor form a proper sentence.
    Maybe you’re angry but beyonce is the one who’s overhyped, she has some talent but she has no classic albums and she has stolen way too much to ever be a legend. Aaliyah did not cheat or steal, and she had real beauty and talent. Good night

  239. anonymous January 16, 2014

    @Anti Garbage. and you can kiss my ass too. you jumped into my conversation. what I need to look in the mirror for. Im entitled to my own opinion and I wasnt even talking to you I was originally talking to Applause. so I dont give 2 shits about the BS you’re talking about. I still dont think Miley, Katy, Lady Gaga, or Rihanna can sing and my opinion remains the same. Dont like it then too bad. like I said they are generic, over produced, and filled with Autotune and I dont consider them legends.

  240. Mrs. Stephy Tha Blondie January 16, 2014

    Listen, im not gonna bash nor put down Aaliyah’s career anymore. But I do not consider her a legend. Its said cause she could have very well became a legend but she died too soon.

    Someone with only 3 albums under her belt & just a trademark hairstyle does not make you a legend. Aaliyah was a R&B superstar that’s it. She is only relevant because the BLACK community will not let her die. They have done a very great job honoring her every year & keeping her memory alive. But without black people Aaliyah would be history.

    Her music was not strong enough to cross over. As for Patti La belle, Anita Baker & Aretha Franklin. They didn’t need platinum selling albums or big albums sales number because they were vocal POWERHOUSES. Their voices is what made them legendary.

    Also, Miss Patti, Aretha & Anita been singing for over 3 decades. That alone will qualify you as a legend. But Aaliyah is NOT in the same boat as those REAL legends. Aaliyah was a superstar in the urban community during the late 90s/early 00s THATS IT…

    People like Patti & Aretha has reached EVERYONE OF ALL RACES with their POWERFUL VOICES. They will be remembered off the power of their god given voices & performances not for an hairstyle & a few hits…

    Patti was a larger than life singer. Her voice alone was legendary. White people was in awe when Miss Patti got on stage. She really did not even need hits to survive. She just needed that voice & a stage!

    Aaliyah was not blessed with that type of talent so there for you cannot compare her to those ladies. But she was a great late 90s/Early 00s star. She was something like Brandy & Monica but never like a Mariah/Whitney.

    Now someone that can be called a legend for their GENIUS but very little contribution to music is Miss Crazy Asss Lauryn Hill. The fact that she PRODUCED & WROTE & POSSED ONE THE BEST FEMALE TONES EVER IN MUSIC MADE HER A INSTANT LEGEND IN MY EYES…

    Now if you wanna talk about legendary contributions to R&B/Hip Hop music The Miss Education was IT!!!

    That woman made a masterpiece NOT just was told what & how to sing but actually did EVERYTHING!!!

    She made HISTORY with that album. She sold 8+ million copies in America alone with that album & won the most Grammy Awards for a female ever during that time (before Beyonce’s s***** asss album I Am… Taking A S*** beat it) 5!…

    That was huge. Lauryn also, was apart of the most successful rap album ever The Score which paved the way for rap music WORLDWIDE…

    Lauryn Hill is a legend in the R&B/Hip Hop community to me Not Aaliyah.

    Aaliyah simply did not do anything ground breaking to be called a legend. But I do love her music…

    RIP. Aaliyah… She was suppose to be the one in that video singing with Miss Elliot “Lose Control” Not C-Error… SMDH… Oh Well

  241. Sandra January 16, 2014

    @Stephhy the blonde
    It’s not true that only black people like Aaliyah, I am not black and I love her. people of many races are fans of her. She is indeed a young legend in my opinion because she made music that stood the test of time, she had real talent and inspired many and she is still being talked about over a decade later.

  242. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014


    Again Sh!ts belong in your ass Sandra but you clearly have it where your brains be

    My angry? Hahahahaha. But is hahahahahahahaha big smile on my face angry…? Hahaha. Why don’t go and play with your pu**y? And I’m done with you, you can keep screaming bs here about Beyonce behind your pc in your dark s*** world. Ha.

  243. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014


    BS, Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, you are air to me.


  244. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014


  245. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014

    AND BEY (double accounts puta(s))

  246. anonymous January 16, 2014

    @Sandra I agree I like Beyonce, but her fans make it hard to like her. They live in dullusion. I mean we are on a Aaliyah post and her crazy ass stans are on here patrolling the articles trying to make everything about her yet again. If the Illuminati and all this talk about media mind control is true then they are surely victims. I feel like If you like her fine but don’t try to downplay all other artists to make her out to be above every other singer on the planet cause she’s not. All of these stans are pathetic.

  247. anonymous January 16, 2014

    @ Anti Garbage music blah blah blah blah you are air me too. #BYE.

  248. ratedxxx(bad chick) January 16, 2014

    to be honest I wasn’t a huge fan of Aaliyah until after she died..when she was alive her voice irked the fuggstick out of me…

    Aaliyah was a performer, not really a singer…

    as for the so called tea..rolls eyes..Aaliyah was fugging both jay z and damon dash at the same time..

    Aaliyah married r kelly at a very young for she was passed around, b*******….

  249. tay January 16, 2014

    Dude u are fine as hell

  250. ratedxxx(bad chick) January 16, 2014

    people throw around the world legend too darn much…legends are born never created…it’s not easy to become be a legend…anybody can be an icon..

    you don’t have to write your songs to be a legend…

    people like madonna, britney, janet, michael, celine dion, mariah carey, whitney houston all are legends, why?
    they actually made an impact in the music world..all of them had their own style, styles that people today are imitating never duplicating…

  251. Mrs. Stephy Tha Blondie January 16, 2014


    You seem like the type to give out ass whoopin’s when a child is out of line…

  252. ROSEGOLD January 16, 2014

    @Stephy exactly! To you! Your opinion lol. Tons will disagree with you. Aaliyah made an impact especially after her death. She is an icon in the R&B world. We’ll just have to agree to disagree. xoxo

  253. YONCE AKA BEYONSLAY January 16, 2014


    This post was made in her memory for her 35th B-Day!!! You people are crazy!!!! I Miss the 90s!!!!

    Brandy – 90’s T*** Queen/Pop Princess
    Monica – Miss Thang/Sassy Sangin Diva
    Aaliyah – S*** Hip Hop Angelic Voiced Thuggish Chick

    THEY were our t*** idols in the 90s and I miss Aaliyah because she made some dope ass music and she was so beautiful! REST IN PEACE BABYGIRL your music and spirit will live on forever!

  254. Back 2 J January 16, 2014

    I can’t believe she’s been gone almost 13 years. Happy 35th Birthday Aaliyah. Even though she’s gone her music & legacy will always be here & will always be remembered. I also saw the hashtag #HappyBirthdayAaliyah was trending earlier today on Twitter. RIP Aaliyah Dana Haughton & Michael Haughton.

  255. TristA January 16, 2014

    Beyoncé was more popular than Aaliyah when Aaliyah was alive?!!! May I ask just how old are you??
    I am 40 yrs old and I know Aaliyah’s music. Also, I remember when Destiny’s Child first came out. I remember when Aaliyah would host TRL on MTV. Aaliyah died in August 2001. She definitely was the s*** in those days. Everything she did was influential. We looked forward to seeing her music videos and loved her style. I remember first seeing her in the video with the snake on her. Next thing you know Britney Spears comes out with a snake around her neck at the MTV awards.

  256. Mark111 January 16, 2014

    Beyonce wasn’t BEYONCE when Aaliyah was here, she was Beyonce Knowles of DC. She was in a group, so yea, Aaliyah was that chic simply cause there wasn’t a Beyonce at that time. That’s like JT fans dissing Usher cause of his group was huge during the late 90’s. In that case, Kelly Rowland is bigger than Bradny and Monica since y’all want to give members of a group credit. Sounds silly does it? Well that what the HIVE sound like everyday.

    Now let’s break it down:
    Aaliyah had a successful solo career before Beyonce (Bey didn’t go solo til 2003, 2 years AFTER Aaliyah’s death.)
    Aaliyah had a solo #1 before Beyonce (2000 Vs 2003)
    Aaliyah had a successful film before Beyonce (2000 Vs 2002, unless you want to count Carmen, still 2000 Vs 2001. And may I add that Bey f***** the director of Carmen.)
    Aaliyah perfromed at the Oscars before Beyonce (1998 Vs 2004)
    Aaliyah threw up the ROC before Beyonce, hell might’ve had Jay Z before Beyonce.

    Beyonce is a force NOW, but I remember very well that she wasn’t s*** in DC. They couldn’t even keep members in the damn group. At the MTV awards in 2001, who was interviewing whom on the red carpet? Beyonce was INTERVIEWING Aaliyah and I quote “Here with one of the HOTTEST singers out here, MISS Aaliyah y’all.” Right out the cow’s mouth.

    So I don’t want to here the HIVE say s*** else. There’s is one thing that Aaliyah done that Beyonce can NEVER do…… graduate with a 4.0 GPA. Now come at me when your fave does THAT! See ya.

  257. YONCE AKA BEYONSLAY January 16, 2014

    Britney Spears ‏@britneyspears 1h

    #HappyBirthdayAaliyah! We miss your beautiful voice!

  258. YONCE AKA BEYONSLAY January 16, 2014


    Tread Lightly sweetie! I love Aaliyah but Bey’s Solo receipts from the first 7 years of her career slays Aaliyahs!!!!!!!!

    Aaliyah: 1994-2001 6 million albums sold
    Beyonce: 2003-2010 12 Million albums sold

    && Those are just albums sales. Sorry

  259. LA LA January 16, 2014

    Beyonce was inspired by Aaliyah people and also Aaliyah was one of the first people to embrace Destiny Child first. And Beyonce just posted a photo of Aaliyah on Instagram!

    Love these two. Celebrate these women!

  260. BrownSuga January 16, 2014

    The messy Sh1t’s who try ruin this post FAILED!!

  261. MC!!! January 16, 2014

    “i gave it all to youuuu….with no questions asked…I wanted a future who cares bout the passsstt”- For all the AALIYAH fans out there!!! we miss you aaliyah!!!

  262. MC!!! January 17, 2014

    aaliyah last album sold more and still one of the most brilliant r&b records of all time!!!! and tbh aaliyah didnt have time to grow i know she accomplished more than what beyonce accomplished at 22 and thats just being honest and she passed away over 10 years ago and still managed to be relevant shes not even here anymore and still slaying!!!

  263. Legendtina January 17, 2014

    This post is an absolute mess. The trolls, haters and Aaliyah stans alike should all be ashamed. Sam needs to remove more comments tbh. Aaliyah was a great R&B artist but cut the delusion. She is not a legend or an icon outside the black community. She was a basic singer and great performer. All this hype about her “sound ahead of time” can be contributed to the producers and songwriters who did the work for her. And lets be real, she was just the tomboy version of Janet, one of many girls crafted from Janet’s mold. Anyone influenced by Aaliyah was influenced by the original: Janet Jackson. Now that doesn’t take away from the fact that she was a great actress and performer. I refuse to entertain the “If she were still alive” theories but these Beyonce and Rihanna comparisons are a mess and shouldn’t be entertained either. Honestly, I’m disappointed this had to turn into a stan war/troll fest with nothing but delusion posted from both sides. R.I.P Aaliyah

  264. R.I.P Aaliyah January 17, 2014

    The very fact that this post turned into Beyonce vs Aaliyah is just a damn shame.

    I respect Aaliyah’s legacy and refuse to disrespect her, but trying to discredit Beyonce to make Aaliyah seem like this superstar is wrong.

    1.So what if Aaliyah was solo and Beyonce was in a group,Beyonce while in Destiny’s Child was still a bigger force than Aaliyah.
    2.Aaliyah wasn’t the first artist to embrace Destiny’s Child.SWV,Wyclef,and TLC were actually the first major artist to show support to them not Aaliyah.
    3.The members changed twice and Beyonce was still the focal point of the group.
    4.Maybe some of you weren’t alive during that time or some of you didn’t own computers,televisions,or an actual radio because they tell the same tale.
    5.Beyonce was in fact Beyonce while Aaliyah was still here and was only getting bigger at that point while those of us living know how Aaliyah’s last album was under performing until her death.

    I say these things not to discredit Aaliyah,but simply to tell the truth. Most of the people making this about Beyonce aren’t giving facts just opinions. The truth of the matter is that Destiny’s Child were bigger than Aaliyah and that’s even with her coming out 4 years before them.Even if we are talking Beyonce vs Aaliyah solo,Beyonce wins…
    Aaliyah was never as huge as Beyonce and that’s the simple truth. The whole JT vs Usher argument is stupid…Usher>JT..Why? Usher has sold more as a solo artist.

    Aaliyah left a legacy of great,innovative,sonic like R&B and should be respected.For people to say she deserved to die is heartless.

    R.I.P Aaliyah

  265. bam bam January 17, 2014

    Was she the most magnificent singer? No, but she wasn’t without talent. Was she the this off the wall crazy dancer? No, but she was smooth and made simple steps look cool. Aaliyah might not have been this bombastic entertainer, but to deny her influence on a majority of artist today is a bold face lie. R.I.P. Aaliyah

    *Sidenote- To me towards the end of her life it looked like she was moving away from music a bit and getting more into acting. She did say she admired Sade and how she could be gone for years and come back with great albums. So, maybe if she was alive we’d have more Aaliyah movies than albums…

  266. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 17, 2014

    AALIYAH’S #1 and SANDRA are the same people.
    She’s a double account..

  267. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 17, 2014

    Aliyah is hype, she wasn’t all that. When Aliyah was alive, she was one of the weakest singers ever with a few hits. Always hated and will always hates her 5 year old child singing voice. And After stars dies, most of them goes platinum, dead sells.

    AALIYAH’S #1 and SANDRA are the same people.
    She’s a double account..reading her comments, she’s is clearly mentally ill. Try to make Aliyah important, more important than Beyonce. Hahahahaha. Aliyah wasn’t a Angel, in fact she was a trash, a little cheap H0. But she died and suddenly she’s is this. Huh, GTFOH.

  268. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 17, 2014


    She accomplish more than Beyonce at age 22 before she died? Really? Beyonce at that time accomplish more than Aliyah with Destiny Child. And with Aliyah voice, she would last long in the Music business but hey nobody can really knows that, cuz she died.

    I am the way I am. HATE ME, I DON’T GIVE A F. I will never gonna lie or make a person a legend, of all that, just because that person DIED. I don’t do ‘LET’S LIE HYPING THE DEAD, LET’S MAKE THEM BIGGER THAN WHEN THEY WERE ALIVE’ . THE TRU NEEDS TO BE TOLD AND ACCEPT AND NOT THE HYPE AND LIES.


  269. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 17, 2014

    Aliyah wasn’t a SUPERSTAR OR A BIG STAR, SHE WAS JUST A UPCOMING STAR, a star that only got what extra shine thanx to her dead and not thanx to her music’s.

    Aliyah isn’t even in the top 100 best selling death famous people’s. Marilyn Monroe is 6 if I’m not wrong in that list, cuz she was a Big famous Star. When Beyonce died she will be in that list between 1 and 10, Beyonce is huge something Aliyah never was and never will be now she’s dead.

    Funny that double account, same person fighting for Aliyah.

  270. Mark111 January 17, 2014

    If Usher has of died in 2001, 8701 would’ve been his last album. He would’ve been just about to cross over and never got to his best album to date, Confessions. JT and Chris Brown fans would’ve sais he was overrated and was only huge after he died. USher and Aaliyah were the next gen MJ and Janet in the 90’s, yet did their OWN thing. Confessions is what made Usher a superstar and not just an R&B artist.

    You can’t count a GROUP success as a single member’s. Clearly Bey didn’t those other girls to be known or she would’ve gone solo from the get go. She didn’t, why? because she sucked. Look at the star search tapes and tell me who was more a star, Aaliyah or Beyonce with 20 other girls? The HIVE will deal, facts are facts. Counting her groups success as hers is weak, even JT fans doesn’t count Nsync’s success. So like I said, there wasn’t a Beyonce during Aaliyah days, face it, you guys already lost.

    (Oh and by you counting their first 7 years, then Rihanna is bigger than Beyonce, cause she done a lot more in her 7 years than Beyonce has done.)

  271. NOLO January 17, 2014

    Not to take away from Brandy or Monica, but Aaliyah was carving her own lane and style. Most of the producers Aaliyah worked with had their first taste of fame doing so. Name one Brandy or Monica song that even compares to the artistry of One In A Million. That song was a game changer for the sound of R&B.

  272. Sandra January 17, 2014

    I agree with you

  273. Sandra January 17, 2014

    @Anti garbage voices
    No sorry this is my only username. That other person is not me, but you can stay paranoid though. You’re still pressed by Aaliyah? If you don’t like her why are you on a Aaliyah post?

  274. anonymous January 17, 2014

    @Anti Garbage Blah blah blah blah actually you need to STFU nobody on this post gives a f*** about what you have to say. at the end of the day Aaliyah was more relevant than your ass ever will be. and who are you to call someone trash F*** OUTTA HERE. You call her a cheap ho, but earlier you considered Rihanna and Miley cyrus to be better. Aaliyah was way more classy than then that rihanna and Miley cyrus. They are the REAL trash. singing about strip clubs and posing n*** on her albums and videos to get people to buy them. Aaliyah never did those type of things .thats REAL Trash same with Lady caca and Miley Cyrus they are trashy s**** too. Miley has to twerk and pose n*** in her videos to sell music. You consider that to be classy then your stupid.

  275. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 17, 2014

    January 17, 2014 at 2:20 pm
    @Anti Garbage Blah blah blah blah actually you need to STFU nobody on this post gives a f*** about what you have to say. a

    Blah blah? Copy cat, try to find your own words. First HO is that B**** you call at home mom. And stop about that you don’t give a f*** about what I have to say, cuz you does, you really do give a f***, CLEARLY. If you didn’t, Why do you respond? And I didn’t bother to read more than that above. You can kiss my ass and eat my s***. FY.

  276. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 17, 2014




  277. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 17, 2014

    (cuz you do)

  278. Jasmine January 17, 2014

    @CIARA SQUAD and everyone trying to air Aaliyah’s past, should be ashamed. I am not a fan of Aaliyah’s (although I do like her style and some of her songs, she was very talented and innovative) and I do feel that people over hype her because of her passing. But airing out her past is not only mean, but stupid, everyone has something or somethangs that they have done that they are not proud of. And talking about a t*** being with a grown as* man, is disgusting. She was obviously taken advantage of. Lastly, for everyone saying that she was an angel & a legend, you didn’t know her, you only knew what you saw on the t.v., get real and stop being delusional. She could have well been a legend, no doubt, but she wasn’t when she was alive. She could have been a nice person, sure, but stop acting as if you knew her, just because she has passed.

  279. anonymous January 18, 2014

    @Anti Garbage singing voices blah blah blah no b**** thats you mother thats a low class HO just like you and your trashy idols Miley and Rihanna. Go tell her to get back on the corner and make my money b****. I’ll say whatever I want and I will say it again BLAH BLAH BLAH. Stay pressed. #DISSMISSED.

  280. tera January 19, 2014

    both in live and death aaliyah was and will always b a class of a woman no1 can compare to her she is a singer not tryin to sing i mean a singer left eye is a real rapper aaliyah and left eye will always b 1 person in my site

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