Exclusive: Kevin Hart & Ice Cube Talk Beyonce Vs Rihanna (And New Movie)

Published: Thursday 16th Jan 2014 by Sam

Tomorrow (January 17th) brings with it the release of Kevin Hart and Ice Cube‘s new comedy, ‘Ride Along’.

The hilarious movie, which also stars Tika Sumpter, sees fast-talking security guard Ben (Hart) join his cop brother-in-law James (Cube) on a 24-hour patrol of Atlanta in order to prove himself worthy of marrying Angela, James’ sister.

That Grape Juice caught up with Hart and Cube to discuss the movie, their musical tastes, Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and more.

Peep our boy Patrick‘s interview with the Hollywood stars above…


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  1. YAAAZZZZ MZ HUNTY January 16, 2014



    You will do anything for hits Samantha -_-

  3. Yazmine January 16, 2014

    Kiiii @ Beyonce looks expensive and Rihanna looks like hit the McDonalds

  4. JJFan1814 January 16, 2014

    Y’all really judging Rih for eating at McDonald’s? When y’all cheap birches be stocking up from taco bells 79, 89, 99 cent menu lmaooooo

  5. KING RIH January 16, 2014

    I dont take the hive seriously after they let 4 flop. Hell, more Navy members brought 4 than hive members.

    a mess

  6. mya January 16, 2014

    Ice Cube said “Beyoncé looks too expensive.. Rihanna looks like the girl you’d take to McDonalds” LMAO!!!

  7. 2bad2bme January 16, 2014

    thatgrapejuice even got the trade getting messy lol…Samantha is reaching honey!

  8. Lolz January 16, 2014

    @King Rih. Rated R though. Do the Navy forget that happened when they shade 4? Didn’t it come out 5 years ago?

  9. Unbiased January 16, 2014

    I know I eat me some Mcdonalds, but if that wasn’t shade idk what is.

  10. MusicStan(ya’ll know who I stan for) January 16, 2014

    Slow Day Huh??????

  11. KING RIH January 16, 2014

    But Rated R hit 3 million WW and is a Masterpiece.

  12. KING RIH January 16, 2014

    stop spreading lies

  13. whocares January 16, 2014

    Rihanna and miley are the two w personality and would actually be fun to be around. Bey to mechanical. She look like she thinks her s*** don’t stink. But she’s trying these days. Give her a few more years of motherhood before she finallt down to earth like the rest of us humans.

  14. Bey Fan January 16, 2014

    Nothing wrong with eating Mikey D’s…. it just aint for everybody.

    And dead @ somebody bring up “4” sales…. Rated R…after 5 years and a hit single and scoring her highest m-score… Perhaps the Navy should be focused on albums and not so many singles…seeing as how yall let Rihanna go 7 eras…and only 1 #1 album….for 1 week. LMAOOOO

  15. Bey Fan January 16, 2014


  16. MusicStan(ya’ll know who I stan for) January 16, 2014

    This Stan wars between the Hive and The Navy is too funny thank ya’ll for keeping me entertain during this long thrusday at work….

  17. whocares January 16, 2014

    You can have fun w rih and miley. Beyonce a robot

  18. Navy Commander January 16, 2014

    lol at an irrelevant actor and a flop rapper trying to come for the queen

  19. Lolz January 16, 2014

    @king rih Self clock. So why is 4 flop when its already hit three mill and came out 3 years after?

  20. Chineywhale January 16, 2014

    He didn’t mean it derogatory..because I was definitely about to drag him if he did….he was just saying Rih is more down to earth and not too uptight, which Bey is percieved to be….and its an image that Bey is obviously trying to shake based off of her latest album #Rihinspired

  21. Navy Commander January 16, 2014

    “Beyonce Stole Kanye’s Visual Album Concept?

    Sources claim Kanye West is furious at Beyonce for ripping off his idea for a visual album…

    From Radar Online
    Beyonce‘s surprise album has sold nearly 1.5 million copies so far, but not everyone is a fan: RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that her over-the-top success has put pal Kanye West in a serious funk. According to an insider close to West, it’s hard for him to watch her album do well because he claims he had the idea to do a visual album first!
    “Kanye is feeling really defeated over Beyonce’s album doing so well,” the insider tells Radar.
    “He wanted to do a visual album for his ‘Dark Twisted Fantasies’ album, but everyone around him convinced him it wouldn’t work,” the insider explains. “That’s why he ended up doing one long movie to go with it [the 35-minute short film, ‘Runaway’].”
    Now that the mix of songs and music videos on Beyonce’s album has proved a successful formula, “He’s kind of annoyed, but he doesn’t want to talk about how he came up with the idea first because of how he got slammed for saying he invented leather jogging pants a few years ago. Plus, he needs to stay on good terms with Jay Z.””

  22. Navy Commander January 16, 2014

    Thanks for explaining @chineywhale , from the looks of the comments i thought he dissed rihanna

  23. My Forehead Tho January 16, 2014

    Did he lie though ?

    Beyonce= Gorgeous, super talented, independent, wealthy, respected – wifey

    Rihanna= decent looking with make up and bangs, no talent, s*** reputation,- side ho

  24. Hadley January 16, 2014

    Sorry that was DEFFO shade!!!! And @Navy Commander do you believe that boo? Lololol.

  25. Hadley January 16, 2014

    I am sorry but as female that is not a compliment. Ice Cube tried it.

  26. SLAY_HIVE January 16, 2014

    I spot NO lies Ice Cube. Rihanna is a cheap b****!


    Everybody knows it 😉 time for the Aidsvy to catch up!

  27. Molly January 16, 2014

    He’s basically saying Rihanna more down to earth then Beyonce (who thinks shes above people) And what’s wrong with mc Donalds? i hear Slayriah and Rosie work there.

  28. Hadley January 16, 2014

    You people act like you know her but any celeb that has been in her presence always says she is down to earth sweet and humble. Same can’t be said about Rihanna @Molly you should know since you have that avi.

  29. SLAY_HIVE January 16, 2014

    LOOOL kii @ them trying to turn an insult into a compliment! smh!

    How would you feel if someone said you’re only good enough for a McDonald’s date? kii

  30. Britney stan January 16, 2014

    You can’t be down to earth when your telling people to bow down to you.Britney still goes to 7/11 so does it matter? atleast ice is saying Rihanna didn’t let fame get to her head like Beyonce who thinks shes better then all you peasants.

  31. Just Sayin January 16, 2014

    Translation: Rihanna is trashy enough to fit in and Beyonce is too clean/wifey material, I know which one I would rather be.

  32. Music Stan ( ya’ll know who I stan for ) January 16, 2014

    Question I really want to know some of yall gender (the names on your avi) tells me different… no disrespect just wondering???? What I got from it was a little shade but I think it was more joking shade…… and @ some of ya’ll Rih’s stan dissing a Hip Hop Legend how can you come for Ice Cube who is probably worth more than Rih… Let’s see He was in the most dangerous hip hop group ( N.W.A) He had a successful solo career with a couple of hits, and He is now a big name movie star, with his own production company with a tv show… he has 5 #1 albums ( which no shade Rih only has 1) and he didn’t all that before Itunes was even popping… I like Rih but some yall coming for a Legend in Hip Hop is reaching

  33. Bey Fan January 16, 2014

    Beyonce doesn’t come off as stuck up. Just because you smoke weed and curse people out doesn’t mean you have the better personality.

    maybe men view Rihanna as the “homegirl” type and Beyonce more as the “wifey” type IDK…

    I think both Rihanna and Beyonce could be “fun”…but just in different ways.

  34. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014

    That girl took Chris Brown back…. That say more than enough. Beyonce all day.

  35. Mileys movement January 16, 2014

    Rihannas a s*** and Beyonce feels entitled.

  36. Bey Fan January 16, 2014

    You can’t be down to earth when your telling people to bow down to you.Britney still goes to 7/11 so does it matter? atleast ice is saying Rihanna didn’t let fame get to her head like Beyonce who thinks shes better then all you peasants

    Ohhh so now we not gon use the “Popeye’s” chicken shade? Or the fact the Beyonce has been seen shopping at Wal-Mart and Target.

    And lets not forget who tweeted “I hate broke b******” …

    Im not gon even say anything about Britney… yes she still goes to 7/11…barefoot Im sure.

  37. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014

    Every man knows woman like Rihanna (especially when they are high on drugs) low self-esteem no self respect are easy to f*ck. Rihanna is easy. If you hear what they are saying about Rihanna in the video, you only can concluded that they don’t have respect for Rihanna of are thinking high about her. About Beyonce, they are respectful cuz they know that is a diamond woman, she deserves the Best. Beyonce a woman that was first in love with one man many years before she became his wife and than the mother of his child. RIHANNA IS CHEAP BRONZE, BEYONCÉ IS EXPENSIVE DIAMOND.

  38. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014


  39. candace January 16, 2014

    why compare bey and rih? they are both popular, have great fanbase. Bey seems to be more appreciate in usa but rih is more popular outside usa. Bey selle more in usa, but rih outside usa ( uk, france, germany, spain, asia, australia, africa…) thats why she can fill stadiums in many country outside usa. It’s normal that’s rih music doesn’t please many black usa people, because they don’t have the same root music, but rih is very very smart for having various music that people all around the world can appreciate! She knows that the world is not limited to usa, and it works for her. In usa black people are so obsessed by bey and you dont see other talented black women,you bashed every time other black female singer, you are frightened that someone can exceed bey,why? You killed your own other talents because of preserving bey leadership, thats why you can buy her cds even you didnt listen before! Outside usa, people take the time to appreciate music, artists aren’t imposed to them. That’s why, despite rih boycott in usa, this one can sell twenty million only in england, but only ten million in usa!

  40. ABC January 16, 2014

    The f*** on this site can’t even get mcdonalds. They get f***** in alleys and parking lots kii.

  41. Krista January 16, 2014

    But wait, Beyonce doesn’t go around tweeting her Net Worth to put someone down and saying she hates broke b****** and coming for celebs with less power than her. Yall need to get into the real tea. Not just s*** talking in songs. Just because someone is more demure and comes across more reserved does not make them stuck up. Their answers were a perfect depiction of mens attitudes and associations with certain types of women.

  42. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014

    Rihanna is the kind of woman man want to f*ck and leave, Beyonce is the kind of woman they want to marrrrry with and having children with. Listen Navy’s, Chris Brown didn’t go for nothing back to Tran.

  43. candace January 16, 2014

    rih has one #1 in usa, but four #1 worldwide, loud album remains at the #1 worldwide during four weeks, and he sells 2 millions worldwide in 6 weeks. It’s also a good score!

  44. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014


    Stop writing down BS, in US and outside US Beyonce is 10 more popular than Rihanna. In EU Beyonce is second Michael Jackson, she’s like a GOD here a status that Rihanna will never get/have. And we both know who sells more albums in and outside US. Candace take your head out of Rihanna a** and you might see the tru/reality. Who was first and how many years? The time that Beyoncé became extreme popular extremely famous (something that she still is and GLOBAL) SWEETIE, nobody, really nobody not even you didn’t heard about Rihanna. Rihanna isn’t more famous or popular… than Beyonce. Didn’t you get the message in December 2013. STFU and BOW DOWN.

  45. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 16, 2014


    Beyonce sold more than that and in 4 weeks, and all her albums were #1 albums in US and outside US. And as far I know Rihanna didn’t sold more than 2 million in 6 weeks worldwide, you just lying.

  46. Rihanna Lately January 16, 2014

    Not this midget f****** with the queen.. Beyawnce who??

  47. h2o January 16, 2014

    There’s no Beyonce vs. Rihanna.

    They’re both beautiful, talented, successful, and they love and respect each other. Just because both are Black doesn’t mean they can’t be successful together.

    Please just stop.

    S T O P


  48. jen January 16, 2014

    Journalism at an all time low. What a dumb f****** question.

  49. JER January 16, 2014

    Patricia trying to butchen up the look and the voice I see. Typical f**

  50. FutureCIARA January 16, 2014

    Yall fall into these stan war traps every single time!

    Gotta give it up to TGJ!!!!!!!

  51. trese January 16, 2014

    Who said her fans are low lives? That was Beyoncé so don’t be coming for rih when Beyoncé be talking smack too. Not to mention calling other females *itches and telling them to bow down.

  52. FutureCIARA January 16, 2014



  53. trese January 16, 2014

    Rihanna has 7number 1 albums in the UK 1 in the US and Several #1s in European countries, Canada and across the globe. She is not American, so its great that she has solidified an international following. She also had no 1 album on the world charts. Say what you want, but besides Beyoncé there is no other black female doing it on that level but Rihanna.

  54. Ldn Chick January 16, 2014


  55. FutureCIARA January 16, 2014


    The Navy be inflating like hell!!!

  56. frazeenxzv January 16, 2014

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  57. Jay Scorpio Nay Commander January 16, 2014

    So I don’t know why these illiterate freaks on here said they were throwing shade at Rihanna when clearly they were expressing she’s more down to earth and easy to hang with…. Can take her to McDonald’s and that’s the truth no shade!

    Beyoncé is fake as hell everyone in the industry knows this… Ain’t no body wanna hang with that b****

    Miley just out of control and over the top but I could see them hanging with her before B as well

  58. Bad Gal January 17, 2014

    Clearly some didn’t watch the clip.. Ice Cube picked
    RiRi out right saying Ri will be more fun Kevin Hart
    was trying to let B down easy
    Basically making excuses for not picking B.

  59. OHBABY! January 17, 2014

    I would rather be called expensive than a cheap b****. Just sayin…
    And Yess R**** is a Cheap b**** and everybody knows that. She a side ho too kiiiii. Navy I feel bad for ya’ll stanning for a basic b**** with no class and no talent.

  60. Eyecandy January 17, 2014

    THE FACT THAT THEY BOTH PICKED RIHANNA!!!! QUICK QUESTION IF YALL WAS STARVING HOW MANY OF YALL BASICS COULD/ WOULD GO TO AN EXPENSIVE RESTURANT TO BUY A 200 DOLLAR MEAL?? YALL TAKE YALL THIRSTY ASSES ON OVER TO MD CAUSE THATS ALL YOU GOT. McDonald is more favorable I rest my case y’all know what I mean and at the end of the day y’all know what they meant #queen #imdone #yallmaditsok

  61. Rih stan January 17, 2014

    Lol Beyonce might have 5 #1 albums but in sales Rihanna still sold more within 7years to Beyonce 12 year… Rihanna having 7 albums just show how hard she works… Beyonce is not on Rihanna level… Beyonce seems to be trying to be d new badgal, that doesn’t fit her, she’s just fake n confused, she’s already falling off the charts after a month, her 5mins is up Beyhive take u all seats, and recognize who is on top, get ur facts… I like Beyonce… but love me some riri

  62. @fashionjunkiee January 17, 2014

    “He Monica Lewinsky on my gown” Girl sit.

  63. FomerlyFromTokyo January 17, 2014

    EXCELLENT points and you PERFECTLY described why I stopped checking for Rihanna. I really liked her up to a point, but when she started doing all that (I hate when people excuse on being young/rich/wild) I was like “Nevermind.” As a mature woman, I can’t with immature grownups. I would have kept on being a fan of hers if it wasn’t for the fact that she continually shows how nasty (as in mean) she is. Same thing with Nicki Minaj. Also, appealing to the lowest common denominator gets boring after a while, and since it does nothing for me, I move on. Beyonce comes across as humble and still in awe, at times, of her own fame. She’s smart (read: professional) enough to realize that an important part of her brand is to keep negativity to herself/her family she can trust. None of these celebrities are like gods to me, so I’m easily done.

  64. FomerlyFromTokyo January 17, 2014

    ^ That was in agreement w/Krista.

  65. realtalk January 17, 2014

    Cube stated what it truly is, Rihanna that chick that would bring the weed and go to Mickey D’s as a cheap date, whereas Beyoncé would also have weed but be a little more classy with hers and the date would not be cheap. Also Kevin basically was saying the same thing but respecting Hov as Beyoncé’s husband.

  66. Gagnerdelargentbourse.fr December 16, 2014

    On en redemande !!! de mon cote vous etes maintenant dans mes bookmarks, a tres bientot.

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