US University Offers ‘Politicising Beyonce’ Course / Lecturer Weighs In


Celebrated by some for her contributions to fourth wave feminism, Beyonce‘s long-running spot atop debates surrounding empowerment in Pop has brought with it an honour set to part opinion as Moses did the Red Sea this year.

Full story below…

Designed to analyse the performer’s lyrics and videos and their relation to Women and Gender studies, ‘Politicising Beyonce’ is now available to pick up by students attending New Jersey’s Rutger‘s University.

BSKYB‘s Sky explains:

“Kevin Allred, a doctoral student who is teaching the class, told the university’s online news site that he is using the star’s career as a way to explore American race, gender and sexual politics.

The classes will analyse Beyonce’s videos and lyrics along with readings of work by black feminists.Mr Allred said he hopes to help students think more critically about media consumption.”

News of the potentially controversial course comes as sales of the entertainer’s latest album ‘Beyonce’ surpasses sales of 2.5 million units worldwide, and four years after she developed the ‘Beyonce Cosmetology Centre’. 

Offering seven month training courses for men and women, the centre has welcomed an annual donation of $100,000 from the ‘Story of Beauty’ performer.


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  1. NT January 31, 2014

    i thought this was very interesting , and a good idea.

  2. My Forehead Tho January 31, 2014

    Isn’t this the second university to study Beyonce?

    Her impact and legacy is slowly creeping up there with Madonna and MJ. She’s definitely the most iconic and influential artist of her generation tho.

  3. Bey Fan January 31, 2014

    Well this isn’t something new….

    Seems like it would be an interesting course.

    Now I wonder if people actually read what the course entails before they start hating…. I doubt it.

  4. FutureCIARA January 31, 2014


  5. NT January 31, 2014

    I’d actually be very interested in studying the class , black feminists has always been a topic of interest to me. I can’t think of many other feminist who are as vocal about being feminist.

  6. Del Bey January 31, 2014

    The influence of ms knowles honestly, the b**** has created a blueprint like no other, I don’t think there’s something beyonce hasn’t done, she literally runs the game, now get yo education on the queen b******

  7. HOWYOULIKEIT January 31, 2014

    Only legends get recognised.
    Long live to the Queen

  8. S****** Blonde January 31, 2014

    What will they learn?…How to shake your booty, I like Beyonce, I think she is very talented but she’s so overrated in almost every department in which she’s has been praising.

  9. KenKen January 31, 2014

    She’s not the first artist to have a college course. The REAL Queen B, Lil Kim and The Beatles were.

  10. Slay_hive January 31, 2014

    I think I may have seen a video of this course on facebook! It was a video of a class watching Destiny’s Child soldier video.

    They were all sitting so calm just watching. Hun i would have been dancing and rocking in my seat. kii

  11. Jay Scorpio Navy General January 31, 2014

    i hope they are studying her to enlighten the masses of how much of a liar and thief she is!

    She can’t even teach herself how to have an interlectual interview much less students at the university level…

    Hahahahahahaha this is such foolery… I’d hope the tax payers dollars ain’t funding this madness…

    No shade just FACTS!

  12. Can’t remeber yonce January 31, 2014

    US iTunes
    26. Shakira – Can’t Remember To Forget You (feat. Rihanna) [+4]

    To bad peaches can’t form a sentence ,let alone take her own course !

  13. Slay_hive January 31, 2014

    “She can’t even teach herself how to have an interlectual interview much less students at the university level…”

    “interlectual” kii

    I guess Rihject and her drop-out fans don’t fall too far from the tree! STOP!

  14. RICHIE_RICH January 31, 2014

    I’m not a teacher, babe
    But I can teach you something
    Not a preacher
    But we can pray if you wanna
    Ain’t a doctor
    But I can make you feel better
    But I’m great at writing physical love letters
    I’m a freak, all day, all night
    Hot, top, flight
    Boy out of sight
    And I’m crazy, all day, all night
    Who needs a degree when you’re schoolin’ life?

    Oh oh oh
    Schoolin’ life…
    Oh oh oh…
    Schoolin’ life…

  15. Del Bey January 31, 2014

    Beyonce serves more relevance in her sharply perfected hair flip than any of you lessor heauxs, A booty roll, or hand flip can teach the most godly of things to learn, bey is being rewarded wether she has 5th grade education or not, she will still school you with her elementary school self

  16. RICHIE_RICH January 31, 2014

    “She can’t even teach herself how to have an interlectual interview much less students at the university level…”


  17. KangBey January 31, 2014

    Only a Queen….only a queen y’all…

  18. Slay_hive January 31, 2014

    I think Jay Scorpio is Rated XX kiii

  19. christinastherealtalent January 31, 2014

    I hope they focus more on literacy than of anything else because this heifa is as illiterate as Beybonics can get.

  20. Can’t remember yonce January 31, 2014

    US digital sales: @rihanna’s Stay (feat. @mikkyekko) tops the 4 million mark. It’s her 6th song to sell 4 million downloads.

  21. RICHIE_RICH January 31, 2014

    @Slay_Hive Say it ain’t so…..

  22. Rihanna forgot to close her legs January 31, 2014

    F*** outta here with singles sales. where are her album sales? BWAHAHAHAHA

  23. slay_hive January 31, 2014


    I think so. Just look @ the writing style and all of his/her comments be so pressed. LOL

  24. RICHIE_RICH January 31, 2014

    It’s just so comical too me how you people claim she’s this and that but always, I mean ALWAYS find you’re way to make a comment.

  25. Slayretha Franklin January 31, 2014

    Baymatics 101

    1 + 1 = 2

    Beyonce is NOT a feminist.

  26. RICHIE_RICH January 31, 2014

    That thing be super pressed chile…..I find it comical….You didn’t get stuck Tues night did you.

  27. RICHIE_RICH January 31, 2014


  28. My Forehead Tho January 31, 2014

    How isn’t she a feminist?

  29. Naomi January 31, 2014

    Her impact is REAL though.

  30. Naomi January 31, 2014

    But this actually was revealed in 2012, I don’t know why the media are suddenly jumping on it again.

  31. RICHIE_RICH January 31, 2014

    @Slayretha Franklin
    1+1= aretha franklin NECK LMAO

  32. RICHIE_RICH January 31, 2014

    This is the 2nd school to do so.

  33. Naomi January 31, 2014

    And Rihanna fans stay shading Beyonce when it’s a well known FACT Rihanna dropped out of school at 15.

  34. OverRated B January 31, 2014

    If Beyonce didn’t look the way she did or perform the way she performs – she would be just like everyone else – no I’m not hating I just feel she is overrated and the last thing that I want to be taught in a College course and keep in mind she didn’t even graduate from highschool is anything about her music and s** appeal. If you want to talk about her work ethic, business decisions, her money books, how to market yourself, her accounting records, ect…..then okay but just as far as watching her videos that’s foolery and talking about what she has faced!!!

  35. Bey Fan January 31, 2014

    Just as i suspected…. people didn’t read what all the course entails….

    Anywho, before trying to call someone unintelligent… i would suggest you spell and grammar check your post. It makes you look silly. Kinda like a fat person calling someone overweight…. it’s quite comical

  36. Kyle January 31, 2014

    Scaptia beyonceae is a species of horse fly found in the Atherton Tablelands in north-east Queensland, Australia.[1] Discovered in 1981 but not scientifically described until 2011, the fly is named after American recording artist and actress Beyoncé Knowles

  37. TC!! January 31, 2014

    No its was Rutgers its always been Rutgers the same school its just the professor at the school talking about the course! #dumbstans

  38. Kyle January 31, 2014

    -A new species of insect named after her
    – A Boulevard named after her
    – A University course on her

    And they want to deny her impact on the world.

  39. My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) January 31, 2014

    Lord what is the world comin to? Smh teaching folks how to steal and get away w it!

  40. Mya January 31, 2014

    Its actually quite interesting.

  41. PRESSED January 31, 2014

    Atleast they aren’t teaching students how to w****, p**** pat and suck c**** for a record deal 🙁

  42. PRESSED January 31, 2014

    In other news 🙂

    Beyoncé 113,000 (2,526,000 total)

  43. Can’t remember yonce January 31, 2014

    WW iTunes Singles Chart: #CRTFY jumps to no.3 (+8) after the release of the music video!

  44. TRUTH SERUM January 31, 2014

    @s******, you say that Beyonce is overrated but Madonna is not? Pound for pound talent wise Beyonce will come out on top. According to Madonna’s peers, she is overrated; ask Elton John or Billy Joel.

  45. slay_hive January 31, 2014

    YAS @ Beyonce slaying album sales 😀

  46. Can’t remember yonce January 31, 2014

    US iTunes
    79. Rihanna – Unapologetic [+235]

  47. Can’t remember Yonce January 31, 2014

    Diamonds officially became rihanna’s 1st music video to reach 400 Million views on @VEVO!

  48. ratedxx(love is beautiful) January 31, 2014

    you know what? I’m starting to appreciate beyonce’s hustle

    how I mean this woman has managed to fool so many people, making millions off a bunch of morons, I mean people,

    she has managed to turn selling a** for album sales to being a feminist

    she has managed to act like a wh00re on national tv, and have a bunch of morons, I mean people defending her

    so I cannot be mad at beyonce

    I would be doing the same ish..if I had a bunch of morons, I mean people thinking I’m the ish with basic a** songs and performances

    more power to you beyonce, you are the king

  49. ratedxx(love is beautiful) January 31, 2014

    as for this beyonce is a true black woman feminist for selling a** class,

    were do I sign for this class…

    there is so much beyonce can teach me….

    who gives a fugg about talent anymore..just show off your flat naked a** and your beef curtain on tv,

    and they will teach a class about you

    sign me up

    I wonder how much it cost the carters for this?

    like I said sign me up

  50. Can’t remember yonce January 31, 2014

    Well everyone is king to Keri hilson. Including Ciara

  51. Stephy Tha Lambily January 31, 2014

    Yas, slay BeyGODce!

  52. Kerry Johnson January 31, 2014

    Beyonce sucks, Rihanna wins 🙂

  53. Just Sayin January 31, 2014

    Young legend.

  54. The Great Lacefronce. January 31, 2014

    2.5 million for THIEFonce lol! The flea hive inflating sales to 3 million 😉

    The flea hive said it would be diamond lmao not with those flop sales!! Haha

  55. TheezyKnows January 31, 2014

    Her music is the perfect platform to study.

    There’s a class about Jay at Georgetown.

    In today’s day and age we break down songs and videos. Why not break it down in academia??

    Check out my blog post about this too:

  56. Theezyknows January 31, 2014


    I don’t know if you remeber me but I use to have this blog kick the ear drum a year back that you always commented on. I made a new on you should check out.

    There’s a lot of Rih love on there just like the last one haha

  57. Lilogree January 31, 2014

    You can do a feminist reading of anyone or anything but I think its actually quite a good idea to use Beyonce as the subject (although this is nothing new) as she is instantly recognisable, her music is universally known, and she is currently on of the worlds most talked about women. A university in Australia did something similar, they used Destiny’s Child, and Katy Perry Lyrics.

  58. Lovebird January 31, 2014

    I guess now, all parents should encourage their little girls to spread their legs and be cheap hos; it’s what the role model is teaching after all.

  59. Lovebird January 31, 2014

    Not only will the women learn how to be cheap hos, they can learn how to steal and fraud the system.

    How to claim someone else’s intellectual property as your own at no consequence; how to bribe committee’s and get away with false advertisement.

    The riff Raff and scum of society will surely enjoy this course.

  60. Special Delivery January 31, 2014

    Queen. When will your faves tbh.

  61. RICHIE_RICH January 31, 2014

    It seems as if the course is focused on race, gender and politics and using Beyoncé’s career as the engaging/relatable topic. Will they be in class learning the Oh-Oh dance or how to move their hand from side to side….most likey not. The content will push their thinking and most likely have the students’ grappling with what, when, whys, hows of this artist and the influence on pop culture and feminism.

  62. fatusankoh January 31, 2014

    you go bey you are talented smart hatters are mad their so call favorite have norting going on they are support her only because the hate they have for you not to do well thanks Sam for posting

  63. areyouserious January 31, 2014

    are you dumb enough to think s** kitten c** girl is a good thing? bunch of retarded stans

  64. TRUTH SERUM January 31, 2014

    Just when I thought I would be able to visit the queen’s post without the lunacy styling of the “hatebird” AKA the “african booty scratcher”, he shows up with a vengeance… I Can Not with this queen.. lmao

  65. Shaytan January 31, 2014

    How do you study someone’s lyrics when they don’t write them. Have fun with that University of Phoenix degree!

  66. TheezyKnows January 31, 2014


    I’ve been trying to find you. I don’t know if you’ll remember me, but i had that blog Kick The Ear Drum you use to read about 2 years back.

    I started a new one, I’d love for you to check it out!

    Let me know what you think bud. Lot’s of Rih love going on there like before lol

  67. rih rox((U Mad Bro?)) January 31, 2014

    Will they be teaching how to speak in Ebonics?

  68. rih rox((U Mad Bro?)) February 1, 2014

    Will they also be giving lessons on how to eat 12 buckets of Popeye chicken in one sitting?

  69. ***A*** February 1, 2014

    You know I love her but news like this just make me embarrassed …..

  70. Hadley February 1, 2014


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