Weigh In: TLC’s Chilli Suffers Twitter Attack From #Beyhive

Published: Wednesday 1st Jan 2014 by Rashad

Things got pretty ugly yesterday for ‘Unpretty’ star Chilli (of TLC) after the singer’s 2014 ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ ruffled the feathers of members of Beyonce’s dedicated fanbase “the Beyhive”.

Indeed, after the Atlanta star implied that referring to the pop superstar as “Queen B” be “forbidden” in the new year, fans instantly went on the attack causing the 42-year-old to quickly issue a statement regarding the backlash.

Did you miss the action?  See it all below and weigh in:


The original tweet (now deleted):


The backlash following the tweet was so great, the singer not only deleted it but also stated:


It may have been too little too late (from our friends UrbanBelle):

Screen shot 2014-01-01 at 1.18.26 AM Screen shot 2014-01-01 at 1.19.12 AM


This isn’t the first time a member from TLC has been in hot water with a “stan-group” regarding Twitter comments. Just last year T-Boz suffered similar attack from Nicki Minaj fans “The Barbs” after she made disparaging remarks about the rapstress.  Read more about that here.


Your thoughts?

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  1. HoneychildPlease January 1, 2014

    They go off their medication, and this is what happens. You can’t expect people with illness to understand CHILLI..

  2. dark horse January 1, 2014

    bully hive

  3. Ciara is everything January 1, 2014

    Death at the Tamar calling the hive sickening i couldn’t agree more the Twitter hive is so jealous and insecure.

  4. MC!!! January 1, 2014

    its the new year and they still at it after chilli said she didn’t mean nothing by it

  5. King B Agent (Blue Ivy Brother) January 1, 2014

    Not a Ciara stan trying to come for the BeyHive. Ciara is s*** not everything. If Ciara had a loyal fan base she wouldn’t have to respond to people for example she respond to Rihanna dissing her. Beyonce never have to respond to haters because she know the BeyHive is there to protect her at anytime.

  6. Ahahahaha January 1, 2014

    Chilli and tlc have sold as many records as beyonce so she nor the group has to bow down to anyone..they gave beyonce and destiny child a big break on their tour…but this stanning gone too far

  7. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 1, 2014

    Messiest fan base in history. Someone needs to come and collect all these ratchet h*** and rid them of all their sins.

  8. Stephy Tha lambily January 1, 2014

    Yasss The Beehive dont play. They will shut your f****** account DOWN

  9. I am above U January 1, 2014

    The beastlyhiVe are nothing but little punks who use social media to bully everyone. It doesn’t matter who they are they even bully legends. A bunch of children, mentally retarded outpatients, and flamboyant gay guys who dress who think they are beyonce. Their IQ resembles the height of Kendrix Lamar. I wouldn’t even let these bums bother me.

  10. Rosie January 1, 2014

    Pretty much every fanbase on Twitter are a mess except for a few like Team Lana and the Marina stans. Still, I wouldn’t mess with the Beyhive if I was a popular black female artist, or any artist for that matter. I still remember when the Beyhive basically ended Keri Hilson’s career.

  11. Stephy Tha lambily January 1, 2014

    Slayriah!!!! You funny as s***. Everytime I see your name I burst out LOLOLOLOOll…

    I respect you. Even when everybody be dragging Mimi you still stand by herside all by yourself…

  12. I am above U January 1, 2014

    Why do people still think Keri Hilson career is ended? She ended nothing, and people have the right to say what they want!

  13. Stay Triumphant January 1, 2014

    Beyonce fans are so annoying sad and all around pathetic.

  14. Stephy Tha lambily January 1, 2014

    @I Am Above U…

    B**** you said “Their IQ resembles the height of Kendrix Lamar”…..


  15. Stay Triumphant January 1, 2014

    @Rosie your bitter ass gives team lana a bad name by yourself your the reason why everyone drags that tone deaf b****.

  16. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 1, 2014


    Of course I’ll defend Mimi, she’s THE QUEEN, These Lessers will act up but they will eventually bow down to the one and only.

    Happy new year lamb! Wish you the best.

  17. Taylor Swift January 1, 2014

    I salute the beyhive they are the baddest stan base eveeeer….

  18. ratedxxx(bad chick) January 1, 2014

    the behives didn’t end keri’s career…delusional much..if you follow keri you would know she’s working on her new album and still writing for other artist…

    anyway…the bey stans are so stupid and mental…they will attack if you say bey’s hair look dry as hell..

    they don’t scare me..please…if your queen is so great and all why would you care what people say…like i said mental

  19. Stephy Tha lambily January 1, 2014

    Anyways, I agree with the HIVE.

    Dont come for the QUEEN unless you are ready to get that ass snatched out of bed & DRAGGED for your dear life… LOLOL Chilli Stupid!

  20. 9 January 1, 2014

    The beyhive are a bunch of welfare recipients who spend every hour of the day defending a b**** who wouldn’t even let them touch her country bumpkin ass with wet wipe.

  21. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 1, 2014

    @Stay Triumphant

    Death @ that username. Triumphant is a drag fest within it’s self. Lol still liked the song though.

  22. Sleazy January 1, 2014

    Lives are needed!!!!! Does the hive life off being negative and disgusting ? They disgusting human beings I do NOT want to be classed in the same category as them they not human they something disgusting Not all but most of them are barbarians Now I see why they the HIVE are ratchet h*** who didn’t finish school damn I can’t at them sickening

  23. ratedxxx(bad chick) January 1, 2014

    I always laugh at the other stan bases who are so scared to get dragged by a bunch of morons, so suddenly they jump on the bey is great bandwagon….

    notice how they are quick to attack ciara..when ciara ain’t got s*** to do with this post..the obsession is real….

  24. Stephy Tha lambily January 1, 2014



  25. Sleazy January 1, 2014

    Beyonce doesn’t respond cus the bish can’t read and write

  26. Stephy Tha lambily January 1, 2014

    Hi RatedXXX

  27. Nancy January 1, 2014

    Im sorry but the hive is to much there very negative and its sad Beyonce is such a sweet person you guys make her look horrible.

  28. I am above U January 1, 2014

    The hive are the people who fail G.E.D testing, and the ones who Maytag is an actual game. A bunch of low life who feel threatened by another black women success. People shouldn’t back down from a bunch of people who score on the very low left end of the bell curve. # get a life

  29. THEMAN January 1, 2014

    But the thing is no one does anything to Mimi, because her receipts don’t allow it. U need to stop being a fraud like u are a supporter, when u are everything but..

  30. Nancy January 1, 2014

    @Stephy Lmao

  31. THEMAN January 1, 2014

    They are pathetic, they make a big deal about anything, just to get blog headlines. It some how gives them validation. They diss everyone, but get salty if u even mention Beyoncé, as though she pays their bills, and actually gives two shyts about them lol.. They are a bunch of clueless fucktards. Chilli stick to what u want.. They lurk around twitter, and try to play “Beyoncé Twitter Patrols”. Lol those HEATHENS !!!!

  32. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 1, 2014


    Are you talking about me? I’ve always supported queen M.

  33. Amanda Bynes January 1, 2014

    Thiefyonce stans are bullies, insecure and ugly like their trash fave. #NoShade

  34. I’m a nut bxtch i stay salty! January 1, 2014

    Just in beyonce response to the hive”

    Hi Hiive

    I is soap concernt wipe how you treats mines fellow activist. Pleaze tank abowt your actoins beastcuz it bottles me to see your connecticute attiude.

    farm King B

  35. Amanda Bynes January 1, 2014

    Same goes to Mariah Carey and T***** Caca fans.

  36. anonymous January 1, 2014

    More like Bully hive. these psychotic stans must have missed their meds this morning. they sit around worshiping a woman who doesnt even know they exist. smh. Now dont get me wrong, I like beyonce but not to an over obsessive level like them. she’s a singer not God, and Chilli and TLC have sold just as many albums as Beyonce if not more so she aint gotta bow down to nobody.

  37. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 1, 2014


    McDonald’s let you off that shift a little early today dear? I’d like a Big Mac with large fries and a diet coke.

    Btw, I hope your new year resolution is to secure a higher paying job so you can sleep well at night knowing that those Gonorrhoea treatments are paid for.

  38. ratedxxx(bad chick) January 1, 2014

    it’s only the stans who acts so damn mental all the damn time.

    her fans are not that bad…the ones who can have a smart conversation, knowing not everybody is not going to be a fan of beyonce..

    they make a comment and keep it moving..the stans has to act a damn fool

  39. Stephy Tha lambily January 1, 2014


    Slayriah, he is talking about me. Listen I love Mariah Carey with all my heart & will always. But My Queen Vocals are gone with the wind…

    I am not delusional. I call it like I sees it.

    I will still be checking for Mimis new record tho … I will always check for Mariah broken vocals & all..

    Her song OUTSIDE gave me hope when I was going threw alot…

    Anyways, back to the BEE HIVEE IN THIER HABITATE!!!!


  40. Brazilian Yoncé!!! January 1, 2014

    She’s lucky the Brazilian Beyhive didn’t say anything… Only USA hive there

  41. britney stan January 1, 2014

    Outta all the fan base the hive are really the worse there so embarrassing im sure beyonce doesnt find this funny and yall wonder why she doesnt go on twitter yall so messy and mean.

  42. Amanda Bynes January 1, 2014

    Gorilla-Z and Chimpyonce @Stephy

  43. tits mcgee January 1, 2014

    all the completely hateful language is so crazy. people have a right to express themselves without being cursed out. debate like adults and not rabid beast. people talk trash about my faves all the time(including beyonce), and i manage to not go a** s***. but thats the difference between a fan (like me) and crazy ass stans. #calmdown #notthatserious

  44. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 1, 2014


    I don’t know about the Gaga Stans but the lambs are very peaceful. We celebrate our fave’s success and keep out of these petty Stan wars that the hive and Barbz are involved in.

  45. B”ROCKA SLAYs January 1, 2014

    Im pissed at the behive…they attacked her for no reason and she deserves respect….she is legend in her own right and doesn’t need these b****** telling her to bow down …#TLCIS4EVA

  46. britney stan January 1, 2014

    this rachet crazy ghetto hive makes the sane ones like (beyhive_minaj richierich & bey fan) look so bad there really is some nice mature hive members out there but they get overshadowed by ones like Digger bey slay_hive besus over jesus etc

  47. Real Talk January 1, 2014

    Beyoncé and all of DC infact Idolise TLC so shes right!!
    Yall Stans need to
    do your homework and check yo delusion mother fuckn
    selfs into a mental facility.

  48. Brazilian Yoncé!!! January 1, 2014

    Come for Beyoncé and you will have to quit Twitter…

  49. THEMAN January 1, 2014

    What u are saying is all opinion. It isn’t a fact. U repeat the same shyt over and over . Get over it already. No one gives a f*ck… Also, others aren’t delusional either. We know she has it, it may be different but she does. Do u see how that works? U are on every blog/twitter trying to preach the same tired broken record. When really u ain’t saying nothing. TO U FROM EVERY BLOG AND ACCOUNT U MADE UP JUST TO WRITE THE SAME SCRIPT OVER & OVER >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> “ZERO F*CKS GIVEN” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>………….

  50. FutureCIARA January 1, 2014

    Like wild animals caged at the Zoo….

    People need to pay attention to the sign that says


  51. Stephy Tha lambily January 1, 2014

    B****, who the f*** you talking too… @THEMAN

  52. THEMAN January 1, 2014

    Y do people give simple shyt like this so much attention? The “Beyhive” are a bunch of useless/unpaid/idiotic groupies. Who takes them seriously? Even Beyoncé doesn’t, she takes their money, and vacations in lavish places lol, while they sit back drooling over tumblr outtakes…. The F***** Foolery !!!!

  53. FutureCIARA January 1, 2014


    And shes such a sweet girl. This is cyber bullying, I couldve sworn Bey stood up for a cause such as Bullying. Shes stood up for almost about every got damn thing.

    I dont see why she allows it, She could stop it with a few word tweet, After all She is the queen to the little worker bees.

    YET, I dont know what why Chilli would even think to put that in a tweet, Part of me thinks “Publicity Stunt”

  54. THEMAN January 1, 2014

    @Stephy U Bytch Boy is that better !!!!! U stood correct the first go around..

  55. FutureCIARA January 1, 2014

    Oh yeah,


  56. You done lost your damn mind January 1, 2014

    The beyhive think they are running things LOL. They just looking stupid. I don’t understand how all these people who never spend personal time with beyonce defend her like that. I baffled by their stupidity

  57. Molly January 1, 2014

    Embarrassing tbh. There always so quick to get outta character. Its not that serious the hive needs to find another hobby stop bullying everyone.

  58. Molly January 1, 2014

    @FutureCiara Happy New Years babe hopefully this will be an amazing year for The c squad

  59. You done lost your damn mind January 1, 2014

    Beyonce likes when her fan base bullies people. That’s why she hasn’t written anything on a napkin to ask them to chill. Think about it she likes when her hive act like bullies!

  60. Tea4Dayz January 1, 2014

    1st off they didn’t drags her really…I was expecting worst. Secondly, last time I MFing checked Chilli (with TLC) paved the way for Beyonce (by way of Destiny’s Child). Furthermore, didn’t Destiny’s Child open for TLC on their sold out record breaking arena tour. Not to mention sold more than DC & Beyonce solo…sooo I’m gonna need the Hive to calm down before I post that clip of a Girls Tyme aged Bey talking about about going to Atlanta to see TLC. kii

    *Sips Tea & plays ‘Drunk In Love’ on full blast*

  61. FutureCIARA January 1, 2014


    Happy New Year @MOLLY, Love, peace, and Prosperity in your 2014.

    I feel like it will be a awesome year for Csquad!

  62. Molly January 1, 2014

    The hive still bullys Keri hilson to this day aswell they take stanning so serious.

  63. Molly January 1, 2014

    @FutureCiara Thanks hun (:

  64. You done lost your damn mind January 1, 2014

    They do beyonce dirty work. So she won’t be asking them politely to chill out at all. She can sit and act innocent while they drag for a b****! Oh HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! Goodnight!

  65. Molly January 1, 2014

    Atleast GaGa tells her fans not bully she puts the effort out there, Beyonce on the other hand acts colorblind to the b*******.

  66. Molly January 1, 2014


  67. What??? January 1, 2014

    Okay, I’m going to assume that these “beyhive” member telling Chilli to bow down must be too young to remember TLC. Their group is the most successful American girl group of all time. These people are disgusting.

  68. Stephy Tha lambily January 1, 2014


    F*** U N*****!!! Like I said I STAN FOR MARIAH CAREY but she cannot SANG anymore. If you give Mimi a mic without autotune her voice would sound like s***. Its the truth. Now maybe she can improve it but her LVE vocals for the past 16 years or since 1996 has been pure struggle! And you know it. She has had maybe 7 good performances since 1996…. Now Mariah Carey can still hold a tone YES. In the studio she can sing as well BUT her raw & powerful vocals ARE GONE!

    Also, stop fuckingggg stalking my twitter page mother fuckerrr!

  69. Molly January 1, 2014

    Damn @Stephy lol Happy New Years sir (:

  70. Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) January 1, 2014

    These stans/fans need to come down and grow up. It’s ok to love a singer but to go insane and all bent out of shape because of a singer is just plain nuts. And yes I am apart of the Beyhive but still cut out the madness. This statement is not only meant for the Beyhive but to all the other stan bases. Focus on your life and what you need to do. Enough worrying about these singers personals life’s and what not. Chill out, so not that serious.

  71. MC!!! January 1, 2014

    slayriah do be there until the end!!! i wish i had as much energy!!! mimi slayed on new years though!!

  72. THEMAN January 1, 2014

    @StephBytch Bullshyt. U are nothing to stalk. U and your bullshyt is everywhere. It’s right there. U don’t talk about shyt but the same broken record. MC has plenty of performances, plenty where she did a great job after that date.. She can definitely sing, now is it different yes, but she can. Save that stan shyt for somebody else, when all u do is criticize.. Infact she is much much better when she isn’t trying to be perfect. She is the standard, she did it,done and still does. There may be some inconsistencies but she still has it just in a different way. By the way your silly a** name is plastered every damn where, and u say repeat the same shyt. It’s that easy. 1+1 = 2. (Common Sense @ShyttyLambily

  73. xtinaalovee January 1, 2014

    Top 5 trash stan bases
    1.) EBTHive
    2.) C** swallowing Monsters
    3.) R****** Navy
    4.) Patheic Belibers
    5.) Lazy Lambs

  74. tits mcgee January 1, 2014

    @beyond amazing

    Everything you said, and your right it’s not just the hive. i have seen several stan bases tell people things like, kill yourself, etc. So some folk have no room to judge…

  75. LA LA January 1, 2014

    These are the same fans that have the audacity to make fun of Aaliyah’s death and post negative photos of her on Twitter.

    SMH! People that are required to take meds every hour for their mental illness should not be allowed to have access on a computer nor the internet. People don’t have any morals. They acting like Beyonce or any of these other artists know them personally. SMH!

    And plus, a bunch of these stans are just little kids.

  76. Queen of shade January 1, 2014

    omg this is sad and pathetic really? is the new years and this fan bases already picking on artist? yall people need to get a life! these ratchet fan bases need to sit there ass down is sad because yall acting childish and stupid! Beyonce is a great artist and but its the fan base that ruins these artist careers with there bullying and messy talk! yall beyhives are gonna be the end of beyonces career! the same s*** that happen to lady gaga because of those bullying little monster yall fan bases need to relax and let the artist have her success!!geeshhh

  77. xtinaalovee January 1, 2014

    beyonce fans act like shes God and its pathetic get help hive please.

  78. Stephy Tha lambily January 1, 2014

    Happy New Years Molly!!!

    @THEMAN… Dont talk nor reply to me ever again. Just act as if im not even on this website or twitter.


  79. fatusankoh January 1, 2014

    thank you my fellow behive for standing for our bey that talc and Tamar and most of singers hate bey and their fan bace may god continue to bless and proteict bey for life long live queen bey all this hatters are coming for our queen

  80. Bey-Minaj January 1, 2014

    The question you all should be asking yourselves is if it were your fave, wouldn’t you have gone in on her?Yes you would, don’t even bother to deny it. the Navy would have still been dragging Chilli. The Monsters would be up in arms and the C Squad would have gone in. Why did Chilli post something like that, telling ppl not to talk about Bey in 2014?? Looks like she was looking for some attention and she got it.DO you think she doesn’t know the backlash she would have received? Calculated move.

  81. Lite January 1, 2014

    This is why I can’t stand coming here sometimes.
    The same ones trying to go in on the Hive do the same thing they say the hive do.
    The C-Squad,Lambs,Navy,Monsters, and any other basic ass stanbases do the same thing. That’s why I don’t get all the hype about The Hive doing what you guys aren’t brave enough to do,unless you’re on this site. All stans are equally terrible, its just the hive for some reason gets under people skin way too easy. They are mental,dumb,welfare receivers but they got YOU mad…see the irony there people?

  82. fatusankoh January 1, 2014

    Bulling you all want us to sit as all Tamar tlc and all the fan base bulling bey and her fans every day in and out because they hate bey no way we are going to love and support bey she thouse noting to you all but use her god given talente she don’t ask you all to sit on your lazy behind long live queen bey god will proteict ou from this hatters shame on you talc Tamar and rest of the hatters

  83. Bey-Minaj January 1, 2014

    Oh please if Chilli’s little note had Mariah on it, these Lambs would be pissing mad. Now they sitting up here acting as if they would not have dragged that b****. You aint fooling no one Lames! And let that be a lesson to other imbeciles who think they can come for Bey just like that. No B****, you will be put down. Hard! Take your jealous asses elsewhere.

  84. Cierror January 1, 2014

    Look at all the b****** coming out the wood work project homes to trash on Bey. Did you read the article? Beyonce fans, not Beyoncé said it. Why does it make it right for other people to hate on Beyoncé? Because ghetto h*** are jealous a successful woman that doesn’t need to address you.

  85. Cierror January 1, 2014

    Look at all the b****** coming out the wood work project homes to trash on Bey. Did you read the article? Beyonce fans, not Beyoncé said it. Why does it make it right for other people to hate on Beyoncé? Because ghetto h*** are jealous a successful woman that doesn’t need to address you.

  86. THEMAN January 1, 2014

    @StupidLambily U must be off of your rocker, no one follows u, just happen to come across your redundant tweets/posts which aren’t completely factual.. That is all..

  87. RoyalKev January 1, 2014

    I like TLC, but she had no business … Sorry, Chilli was asking for it!

  88. RoyalKev January 1, 2014

    I can’t with some of these stans pretending that their so above defending their fav when they’re bully people on this site everyday! If an artist basically said to stop referring to YOUR fav in 2014, many of you would find a problem with that. I don’t think it was anything pleasant about it (I can’t see anything respectful in it either). If Bey said that about TLC (or anyone for that matter) this whole thing would have completely gone the other way around. Everything the Hive does to defend Bey is blown out of proportion. Nobody was calling Chili out her name and some people were being reasonable and questioning her logic in putting something like this on a list. Yes, some went too far with the #Bowdown remarks. Still, the backlash was justifiable imo. Lambs, Monsters & several other stans wouldn’t have found this acceptable. They protective their fav with the same passion. It’s so hypocritical …

  89. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) January 1, 2014

    But doesn’t Rihanna actually tell her followers to go after innocent people on twitter when she feels offended??? I have receipts if I need to pull them. The navy members have no room to say a got d*mn thing lol!

  90. Beyhive January 1, 2014

    Queen bey queen bey , I love chilli but what the f*** is she trying to say , and Tass beyhive have the right to defend bey , the real bullies are Rihanna’s fan , I guess the apple doesn’t fall fro from the tree , because rihanna her self is a bully

  91. Yonce Ivy January 1, 2014

    The radical beyhive Stans don’t speak for all of us I don’t have a problem with what chili said the only issue I have with the whole thing is this so called beyhive are so rude that they make the one they say they love look bad and even she has they go to far it needs to stop the real Beyonce fans like myself sit back and laugh at these children making a fool of themselves she does not need us to defend her at all she had a bodyguard the only thing you killer beys are doing is bashing people and using Beyonce name to cover your backs which is wrong a real member of the beyhive would do the same thing she would look laugh and keep it moving

  92. fatusankoh January 1, 2014

    Go away you are not fan yency ivy

  93. Lolz January 1, 2014

    Loooool I love how everyone is commenting here but the Hive. Look at these people worried about the Hive on New Years, looks like we know who really do not have lives.

  94. Yonce IVY January 1, 2014

    I don’t have to prove I’m a fan because i show (decorum: behavior in keeping with good taste and propriety.) i must not be a fan right or this proves that you don’t have to be ignorant and support your fave as i said before the real members of the beyhive don’t bash other people for stupid reasons
    now you have a nice day be blessed hun

  95. Je’Twahn January 1, 2014

    What I don’t understand is why when Celebrates
    say negative things about Beyoncé & the BeyHive reacts, why are they considered the Bully?

    That’s Ass backwards!

    Beyoncé NEVER speaks negative about other artist!! Beyoncé dont bother nobody.
    So in my humble opinion artist such as

    Keri Helson
    Krishna Cole (who all are intitled to their own opinions) & who ever else got what they deserved.

  96. iconic cici January 1, 2014

    The hive is so embarrassing. get a life b******

  97. iconic cici January 1, 2014

    I said this before and ill say it again the hive is a joke.

  98. Yonce IVY January 1, 2014

    I like how some of the people in this post said that some hive members are not at all like the ones who attack people i beyonce is my number one so i just don’t want to be associated with the ignorant ones all of us aren’t bullies and

  99. Nicki Is Queen Other B****** Take A Seat January 1, 2014

    It’s like u ppl forgot about directioners and beliebers the true animal fan bases that need to have several goddamn seats? Am I wrong?

  100. Daniel Teflon January 1, 2014

    I go in for Beyonce’s music & I’m sorry I wasn’t a fan of TLC in general although I do love T-Boz Voice & also Left Eyes Voice Rest In Peace…All Beyonce Fans Aren’t ghetto & Rude I Dig her sound THAT IS ALL!!

  101. LOL January 1, 2014



  102. applause January 1, 2014

    The hive is definitely the worst i have no respect for that garbage fan base.

  103. FAF January 1, 2014

    King b agent she responded bc she not a punk b**** she a hood chick from atl f*** a pr team… And happy new yr Hun why u mad? 😆

  104. Hivy January 1, 2014

    I can’t and some of these in here playing innocent when @iconic cici tells people in here about their moms and s***. Any fanbase would have done the same.

  105. Its all about TALENT. January 1, 2014

    Really Chilli?? What kind of bull s*** was that, b**** please. All this from a known industry h**. B**** worry about trying to bring that nonexistent career of yours into the new year.

  106. tera January 1, 2014

    happy new year !!!!!!!!! i ave no buisnes with pple who god is anger with these pple make a deal with the devil ????????? god dont like devil worshipers !!!!!!! luv tlc team tlc

  107. It’s all about TALENT. January 1, 2014

    Smh @ all of these hypocritical c****. Now if this industry h** would have said something in reference to “Rihanna, Mariah, Gaga, Britney”…,or who ever” the same back lash would have been given out. Side note……BEYONCE is indeed THAT CHICK, Aka LEGENDARY ICON. You know everyone wants Bey to respond to the haters,..but in actuality, she is,..by being SUCCESSFUL!

  108. DIGGER BEY January 1, 2014

    I dont know what happen and i certainly don’t like bullies. For idiotic dumbass people like @Rated H**, @Flopiah, @Sleazy and a couple of others. That said ALL Beyonce fans. Its not ALL Beyonce fans. Some are over the top and rabbid like wild wolves. Some are polite, quiet and don’t say much. Some are like u start sh*t, well I’m gonna finish it and that’s DIGGER BEY! Rated S*** and @Flopiah doesnt like KING B and those h*** start s*** everyday with THE HIVE. 90% of THE HIVE on TGJ don’t start s*** or bully no one. When u b****** bring it to us. We will finish it. These hateful bum miserable h*** seek out everyday s*** talking. Its not THE HIVE.

  109. DIGGER BEY January 1, 2014

    Sleazy i bet she can write u a check and help ur Struggle Lifestyle f**. I luv how these h*** who comes to TGJ and hate all the time on KING B are playing innocent. Mooriah dried up stans. R**** bum Rihc*nts and those no life”no friends miserable h*** like @Rated S***.

  110. Hivy January 1, 2014

    ALSO LETS NOT when the navy made teyanna lose her adidas endorsement. LOOL The navy are the ones who end careers.

  111. Trust Issues January 1, 2014

    What you expect from a bunch of fools, this site here is one of many of their playgrounds. Beyonce ain’t got no f*ucks to give about their asses, she just want their money. Believe me they are buying her albums in bulks, rooms cover with her pictures, everything Beyoncé they got it. Sick sad f****

  112. DIGGER BEY January 1, 2014

    Every top pop artist has crazy stans. I can omit that THE HIVE is one of the craziest stanbase. That’s some not all but Lady Caca, Hoeianna and Justin Bieber has crazy stans to. Those are the top ones. Caca stans bullied Sharon and Kelly Osborne for awhile. Some of Justin stans sent death threats to his own then girlfriend Selena Gomez. Some Hoeianna stans still bully Karreach and Ri and Chris aren’t even togather. And for u h*** that said THE BEYHIVE are dropouts, GED carriers, ghetto, and all of that other lame s***. TWO WORDS. FAWK YOU! Its real easy to judge behind a computer and the whole base of fans for some action.

  113. Anne January 1, 2014

    I honestly don’t see how Chili could not know that it would be viewed as a dis. What is she trying to say? Seems she is in part at least saying that she doesn’t want people to call Beyoncé by the title Queen and who is she to make such a suggestion. Beyoncé has earned that title, and Bey is just a natural short for her name so it would be stupid to suggest that people stop using it. Sounds like is just sick of hearing about Beyoncé period and in that case she needs to go crawl under a rock and never come out.

  114. DIGGER BEY January 1, 2014

    People need a fawkin brain. We know everybody isn’t going to like KING B. We know she isn’t GOD. But when u open ur mouth and spew out hate or anything negative. Just know some people will not take it with a grain of salt. Keep ur opinions to ur self. Unless u are ready for a fight. Free speech my ass. Mind ur damn business. I just can’t go up to someone and say i don’t like ur hair. I can but that’s starting sh*t. Everybody isn’t going to bey all its cool. Chilli knows how Derange some of THE HIVE are. Why would she do anything that would make someone say something. Keyshia ass said what she said but what if KING B didn’t like what she said. and slapped her for that comment. Keyshia can say whatever she like. Just know sometimes there are actions to what u say.

  115. K January 1, 2014

    That,s b**** got what she deserve one of then in the set was talking sh!t about Nicki minaj too, but sh!t got away with it now this one feels she can do the same sh!t too. now she f-cked with the wrong fan base, yes nice sting the sh!t out of her.

  116. Cassie lover January 1, 2014

    The hive is so pathetic.

  117. Cassie lover January 1, 2014

    They have no respect for no one.

  118. quetta January 1, 2014

    You people need to seriously stop putting us in the same box. I don’t go around attacking people. I don’t do it on here. I’m not a high school drop out, ghetto, and all this other blah blah s*** you people are saying. And just because the hive defends beyonce doesn’t mean they’re insane. You have the navy/Chrianna fans bullying tf out karrueche but no one is saying anything. **in break room…and hears standing on the sun playing on the radio O.o**

  119. Bey Fan January 1, 2014

    So about 10 ppl say something and tryin to go in…sit down fools…

    As a Hive member, Im well aware that they are some people who are freaking CRAZY. But thats in every fan base.

    I dont understand why Chilli wanted to repost that anyway. Let Beyonce had posted something like that about any artist (whether it was a saying or a joke)…she would be getting dragged for filth ….I don’t see anything wrong with what Chilli posted. I just don’t know why she posted it….I mean everybody has nick names “CHILLI”…. but I digress

    Last, I know a Ciara fan didn’t say it’s embarrassing??? Remember Ciara and Rihanna going back and forth. Thats more embarrassing. GTFOH

    Happy New Years…

  120. Bitchplease January 1, 2014

    I wonder what’s going to happen to the @Beyhive when this bytch is put in here final rest? and I dont give a f@ck about the beyhive! Blahhh blahhh blahhh lol

  121. Bey Fan January 1, 2014

    These people are jokes….

    Beyonce literally hasn’t said one negative thing about any particular artist. Even when artist say s*** about her. I guess thats why some fans get upset because they know Bey isn’t going to say ANYTHING….

    I really wish we as fans would take the “Beyonce” route and pay these people dust. But we all know how bold ppl get behind the computer screen…

    I still don’t understand why Beyonce’s nick names were included in a list of words that should be left in 2013??? It just comes off as shady as hell to me. But I really like Chilli… so .

    I do wish people would stop calling her Beysus…. and that goes for EVERY fan base that merges their fav name with Jesus…. “god” with a little “g” I dont mind. But stop with the Jesus stuff man….

  122. eric January 1, 2014

    People are quick to look for a fight. Chilli was talking about VARIATIONS of the name Beyonce; not the name itself. She’s basically saying call her Beyonce and nothing else. Whether you agree with it or not, it’s no reason to start a fight. Keep your opinion and let Chilli have hers. Move on.

  123. Loyalty January 1, 2014

    LOL look how pressed people are writing paragraph upon paragraph on the Hive in here smh

  124. WINTZ January 1, 2014



  125. Mark111 January 1, 2014

    This site don’t apply, but I will not be going back and forth with people with (place your fave here) in their AVI, nor will I with people with QueenBeyBey, NAVIBoat, GODGA as their name (expect for @Slayriah, I love our battels.) It’s sad and border line religion. They can’t even come up with their own name, lol. And this is to ALL stan bases, I stated time and time again that I don’t stan for anyone. Beyonce is just an artist, so is Rihanna, Gaga, MJ, Janet and so on. And people are free to have an opinion, rather you agree with it or not. I know we all have fun on this site, but that’s just us having a good time on HERE, I’m sure non of us are on twitter bashing others over it. Sad, just sad, #NotIn2014 #StopIt

  126. Rosie January 1, 2014

    Mess at the pressed Mooriah stans trying to drag me at three in the morning. No one mentioned you all or cares, no life having f******.
    Slayriah, I hope you enjoyed the burnt fries they left for you in the dumpster last night.

  127. MusicStan(Aaliyah Bey Ciara Janet Kelly Rowland Mary J. Blige etc) January 1, 2014

    Now I’m a fan of Beyoncé and I’m part of the hive but I know she isn’t god or anything else like that!!! I’m apart of all the divas (Ciara Aaliyah Janet Mary Kelly Jazmine Janelle Brandy etc) fan base along with the guys too but one thing I know is that they all are human beings and are entitled to their mistakes!!! Now some of the hive are outta of control and this is why it took me so long to join cause yes Beyonce is a great entertainer and singer in a complete package but if u ever think to break her down in each caterogy you will find and see there are people who actually come out on top of her for instance Dance the top five dancer are Janet Ciara Aaliyah Britney(old school) and Mya and when it comes to singing well y’all can pick the top five off the top of your head !!! But the hive can’t accept that cause all they see is her and no one else and it is sad!!! For example Yes Ciara isn’t the greatest singer but she can sing and Also can command a stage!!! If she had the right ppl behind her she would give Beyonce a run for her money( you can get mad all u want but it is the truth)!!!! The hive need to realize that the same way you don’t like ppl coming for her that is how others feel about their fave everyone has a right to like someone else!!! Gays and black ppl just don’t f****** get it and it is annoying as hell that is why I don’t get into these Stan wars cause in reality you don’t know these ppl personally and u don’t know what or who they don’t like or do like stop listening to damn gossip blogs and just enjoy the f****** music!!!!

  128. iiikkbb January 1, 2014

    Every *SweetBoy* loves to be in “the hive” they wish they can wear her camel toe body suit but they have bananas&oranges down there. They are so ‘sweet. They wanna dress like her. Lady Boys are %98 of the hive. Only young girls respond to blogs. Real b-tches ain’t taking up for some random girl who just sings and dance. Sweet boys are the meanest? No just little girls with male faces.

  129. iiikkbb January 1, 2014

    Lady Boys are %98 of The Hive. The Rest are just teenage girls who wear their first weave
    and wants a boy to think she can be just like her on you tube.

  130. Owzie January 1, 2014

    Y beyonce nAme on errbody lips??? Let beyonce live…

  131. TinaMinaj January 1, 2014

    If Beyonce had done this you hypocrites would be chewing her ass out. This ho was just trying to be shady

  132. Rick January 1, 2014

    These other artists flop fans think we the HIVE does take on HYPOCRITES with talk of us being horrible.. who gives a s*** about you all
    what they say about THE QUEEN BEY and her Stans is paid dust..
    That B**** got what she was asking for end of story..
    Beyonce don’t have to clap back she knows we GOT THIS ON LOCK FOR HER..

  133. SLAY_HIVE January 1, 2014




    WEAK B******!!! SMH


  134. Karen January 1, 2014

    YES!..@SLAY_HIVE..Read these b****’s!!

  135. Really January 1, 2014

    Chilli La.Reid called, he said you missed a couple of c** drops around his C*ck, and can you please come finish what you started.

  136. DIGGER BEY January 1, 2014

    YESSSS @ SLAY HIVE! DRAGGGGG THEM H*** LIKE THE FILTH THEY ARE! They all commented when THE HIVE wasn’t here. And lmfao @Seeeething Crusty B****** not commenting n THE QUEENS WINNING/DRAGGING/WIG SNATCHING POSTS! #THE QUEEN ON U

  137. DIGGER BEY January 1, 2014

    TLC is known for shading people. I remember that time when DC was just scoring hit after hit n the early 2000s. They threw shade @DC bac then saying, we aren’t passing the torch to nobody. THE BEYHIE didn’t exist back then. She should of used her words wisely. THE HIVE don’t play that sh*t! She want try it no more.

  138. cocobutta January 2, 2014

    Bey know her beyhive are messy especially the twitter ones.
    She described them to a tee on her website.


    Pull her baby hairs own but that’s all she needed. TLC gurls always drop a messy comment.

    Navy & Beyhive goooo hard on twitter, especially the inexperienced your fools of life

  139. FromTokyo January 2, 2014

    What about the Barbs? They do the same stuff.

  140. FromTokyo January 2, 2014

    All the stan groups have people who are annoying in them (note: I’m NOT taking up for the Beyhive). They make gods of these artists who don’t even know them, don’t pay their bills, don’t keep them employed, etc., just because their music “gives them life” and because they fantasize about either being them, being friends with them, or having s** with them. It’s pathetic and desperate as all get out that they have to live vicariously through an artist just to feel like they have a life. FFS.

  141. tera January 2, 2014

    i dont wrong tlc for not passin the torch they dont deserve it

  142. JokerBey January 2, 2014

    It’s this simple “Don’t start non, it wont be non” WHY IS SOME LA RIED C** SUCKER NAME CHILI WORRIED ABOUT WHAT WE CALL OUR QUEEN BEY? And anyone who think Keri career wasn’t knock out by Beyoncé you are delusional. She will never have a number 1 single, let along album. People in the industry no longer f** with her… including the Dream. NO ONE CARES ABOUT CIARA!

  143. LE✪N January 5, 2014

    Damn FLEAHIVE. Leave Chilli alone.

  144. Cindy mo January 5, 2014

    Prove that you aren’t scared of the hive. Post your comments on twitter hashtag Beyhive or QueenB hahaha

  145. Ashli January 6, 2014

    I’ see what you mean and I love tlc but chilli did not have to cosign that mess but that does not mean they had to say vile things about her son or her s** life or jokes about lisa lefteyes lopes car crash so I don’t think she deserved it in any way you are entitled to your opinion but they had no reason to say the things they did

  146. Ashli January 6, 2014

    U are really ignorant for that FYI beyonce is a grown woman who can fight her own battles does not need a whole crew behind her and i saw the tweets they made about her son and lefteye death that was not even called for so what do you mean I like beyonce too but there is no way in hell I’m going outta my way for that mess and the “queen” don’t even pay my college fee once again chilli did not need to push the retweet button but it’s her opinion and hers alone and btw it wasn’t even a diss to beyonce she could care less and let’s not forget tlc was and still is the biggest girl group in America she paid her dues nuff said

  147. Oseite February 23, 2014

    True, Beyoncé is not a god…bt she has sold far more albums than TLC, and that is not including album sales with Destiny’s child. Get ur facts right before commenting

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